Friday, 25 April 2014

Okay! Musume Digest #96

This Digest may not contain an Idol group that you like, or that you follow. If this post does not contain an Idol group you yourself actively follow, then my deepest apologies, but I cannot follow each and every Idol group on the planet. I am one person, and whilst I do post about groups that I like as well as groups that I barely even follow (read: BABYMETAL) that does not mean I will also actively look for news on the Idols you may follow. If I do not have the resources, I will not be able to post much or anything about them. Please respect this, as I don't have the time to go scouring across the internet for Idols that I know next to nothing about, or that I have little to no resources to. Again, I am ONE person; if I had a team behind me it would be a lot easier, however this is something that I do for me, in my own free time, because I want to. I could just as easily not do this, however I do it because I want to, and I find it fun. Thank you.

This week, in Idol News and Digest...

The Hello! Project site gets an update, finally! Koha gets nekkid from the waist up!? Obaasan Musume? Terrible Fashion choices for Berryz yet again! Akimoto Sayaka to star in a super-cool looking psychological thriller movie! Labrador Retriever covers revealed! E-girls lose another member! Attack on Titan sell 30 million copies of volume 13! And a bit more! Are you ready to Digest?

Okay, confession time guys... I kinda forgot to do this. Like, I was simply mulling around on the computer today, when I thought to myself '... what day is it today?' checked my computers date and time, then went 'AH CRAP, IT'S FRIDAY!!! I HAVEN'T DONE MY DIGEST!!!" which is funny, considering I actually frequently checked the news this week. You'd think I would remember...


I guess I've had a week of 'going at my own pace' XD Though I was tired for a bit after last week, as I did extra shifts at work that meant aching feet, sleepy Chiima and also a very grumpy blogger xD Still, whatever... extra money... and all that jazz XD

So, my apologies for a late-evening Digest post. I hope you all forgive me ;w;

SO! As always, now that the apologies are out of the way, be sure to navigate your way through the page with ease and safety by using ctrl + f! ENJOY~~~~

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Weekly Happenings

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Video of the Week

S.O.W. Sense of Wonder by Idoling!!!

Jesus, this takes me back. You know, all the way to 2010 when my sister was addicted to Fairy Tail, and when I gave no shits about Anime at that point. Still, she forced me to listen to this song, and what can I say? I was kinda hooked. S.O.W. was addictive, and it still is. It was a wonderful tune for my 17 year old brain.

Oh Christ, it has been a while since the first time I heard this o-O I was a TEEN!!! D8

Still, sweet song. It was one of the first 'big group' songs I experienced, and whilst the PV is very simple with a pink overtone, it's still fun to watch, especially now that I know like, one or two of those faces and how they have changed (or not changed). It's a sweet video, full of these awkward yet fresh-faced cuties.

... Yeah, I'm gonna go down Nostalgia lane now. Whee~

Picture of the Week

Aari, oh Aari, let down your legs. I want to climb up them!!!

Damn, that gurl is HAWT! It pains me that she's kinda underage... ;____;


Hello! Project News

The up-coming Summer Hello! Project concerts have been titled Hello! Project Summer 2014 ~KOREZO!~ and ~YAPPARI!~


Can we please have the Kananananananana solo version of Yattaruchan during the YAPPARI! concert? PLEEEEASE???

Hello! Project Event News | Tokyo Girls Update | J-Pop Idols

The Hello! Project website has had a redesign! What do you make of it?


The redesign looks a lot less childish, and far more professional if you ask me! It's also really refreshing and makes me want to update my banner again... oh my XD

Hello! Project Official Website

Morning Musume

Morning Musume '14 have reached the Number 1 spot on the Oricon for the 5th time consecutively, marking the first time for the group to do so! The group sold 119,000 copies of their 56th single.

The group has also renewed their record for the total number of singles in the Top 10 since their debut.
"I am truly happy since I always try my best to keep updating our record. While succeeding the history from our seniors, we also want to evolve even more, and to step forward, as we are currently holding an audition for new members! We will continue to show you Monrning Musume '14 with love!" - Michishige Sayumi (Tokyohive translation)

I don't think that this is a very surprising achievement, in fact given their current status and how well they have been doing, I would be more surprised if they came second, but it's still a great announcement and a wonderful achievement! I am proud and happy as a fan. I'm really glad!!!

MoriMusume look back at the past in their latest au CM, set 60 years in the future! Wait, what!?


... Holy shit, this is Gold XD HELLO, OBAACHAN MUSUME!!!

The Making-of for the latest au CM, which takes place 60 years into the future, has been revealed! Be sure to have a look and listen to the comments of the members!


... So, is Sayu still going to be in Morning Musume this long? PLACE YER BETS!!!

Wani Books have revealed the cover for Ishida Ayumi's second photobook, shine more!


Generic cover, one that I will look at whilst humming the theme tune of Jaws to.

Both Kudo Haruka and Sato Masaki have graced the cover of Cool-up Girls magazine!


Jesus they are adorable ;w; <3

Tower Records

Morning Musume '14 will release a group photobook titled Michishige Camer '13-'14, to be released on May 30th! The photobook will contain pictures taken by Sayumi of the Morning Musume members from the past year.

Pictures will be from behind-the-scenes, and include images taken from Tanaka Reina's graduation in May 2013, until April 2014.


Oooooh, that sounds pretty fun! I love the idea and concept behind it! Sayu, the multi-talented Idol! Cameraman, Variety persona, terrible singer and cutie-pie!

Hello! Project News | J-Pop Idols

Berryz Kobo

Berryz Kobo's profiles have been updated!!!


... Did I step into an era of The Desperate Housewives: Shit Fashion edition? Granted, Momoko, Yurina and Saki look damn good, but the rest? Maasa is wearing a potato sack that's frumpy, someone stole the curtains and table cloth off of grandma for God Knows what Chinami is wearing, Miyabi hacked at a raincoat and stole some poor Scotsman's beret, and Risako probably blindly went into her wardrobe and came out with whatever she could grab. Granted, that shirt is super cute, but what it's paired with = BLURGH.

Also, whoever did Risako's make-up has made her look high as a kite!

I'm no fashionista or whatever, but ew, them costumes. Someone in wardrobe hates Berryz, and it's not me weirdly enough.

Up-Front Promotion News

Kusumi Koharu models for a rather, ahem, revealing photoshoot in the latest is of CanCam magazine!


... Welp, I've got a boner in my mind now. Thanks Koha, thanks!

Jesus I love you, Koha, in all your breastiful glory ;w;

AKS News

Former AKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka will star in the up-coming movie Doreiku Boku to 23-nin no Dorei, which is based on the manga of the same name. The trailer has already been released, and an official site has opened as well.

The story of the film is about 23 people participating in a game, who can use a special item in order to turn the other players into their slaves.

Sayaka will act alongside Hongo Kanata, who stars as a main character in the movie as well.

The film will release in theatres on June 28th this year.


From the trailer, the movie seems to be horror-based, and it leaves me feeling rather uncomfortable xD Still, it looks like it will be great for many Ayaka fans to see! It looks rather interesting, admittedly! If you're a fan of psychological, dark films, this may just be up your street!

Still, be warned; from what I have read the manga is mature and probably contains sexual scenes in it, all against a persons will given they *have* to be a slave, so if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, maybe the manga and film will be a miss.


On April 22nd, AKB48 member Uchida Mayumi announced via her Google+ that she will be opening her very own yakinuki restaurant! The restaurant has been named Yakinuki IWA, and will open in Shinjuku on April 29th.
"I've been thinking about owning my own restaurant from way back. As a matter of fact, I've been getting ready for it since last year." 
"From now on, I will do my best to manage both my activities as AKB48 and as a restaurant owner. Everyone, please continue to support me." - Uchida Mayumi (Tokyohive translation)

It's nice to see AKB members going on to do other things, even when they are still in the group! It kind of shows what their desires are for the future and also allows us to see their progress in both their Idol and Professional lives. Hopefully Mayumi will be able to balance both being an owner and an Idol well, and will take after her parents, who also own a yakinuki store, too!

Good luck Mayumi! I wish you well.


(Top Row: Type A, Type K Centre Row: Type B, Type 4 Bottom Row: Theatre edition)

The covers and track list for AKB48's up-coming single, Labrador Retriever, have been revealed! There will be five different cover types, and nine versions of the single from Limited to Regular editions, as well as the Theatre edition, to get!

This will be the groups 36th single,, set for a May 21st release!

The Track List is available in the source link!


Oooooh look, Mayu solo cover! Are they pushing her? I have no clue, they are so subtle about it all! Oh and look, it's for the Type 4 edition! She isn't even in Team 4, but oh well!!!

The sarcasm is dripping a tad here, isn't it? Apologies~

J-Pop Idols

Iriyama Anna of Team A will star in the up-coming movie Aooni, it has been revealed. The movie is a Horror and based on a popular game in Japan.

The film is set for release on July 5th. A special website has also been opened for the release of the movie.


It's awesome that Anna was given the lead role, however I find it funny why Idols are used so much in horror movies. I mean, unless they are Oshima Yuko, most Idols are crap at acting (Hiiii, Dawa) and fail to express the 'horror' through their expressions at what they see (Hiii, Dawa). Hopefully this isn't the case for Anna.

Still, I hope her fans go to see it and enjoy!

J-Pop Idols | Official Website


It has been revealed that Ikuta Erika will be going on Hiatus. The announcement was made by Erika herself on April 20th during a handshake event for the groups 8th single, Kizuitara Kataomoi.
"Until now, I have managed both Nogizaka46 and my high school life, but there are a lot of things I'm missing out on. If I go on like this, I feel that I won't be able to move forward. This summer, I will put in all my efforts to concentrate and prepare for the next stage of education." 
"I will continue my regular activities for the next two months, and I will return right after I'm done, so please support me!" - Ikuta Erika (Tokyohive translation)
Erika will participate in the groups up-coming stage, 16-nin no Principal: trois, which runs from May 30th until June 15th, and will then halt her activities with the group afterwards. Furthermore, she will not participate in the groups newest single (yet to be announced) or the events surrounding it.


This seems like a smart move on Erika's part, given that not all Idols can handle the pressure of both school and Idol activities like some girls can. Until she returns though, I do hope that she does what she needs to do, and enjoys being a normal girl for a while. For the next two months, I hope the fans treasure Ikuta Erika's presence until she leaves for Hiatus, and then treasure her more when she eventually returns!!!

Misc Idols and Groups News

E-girls member Takeda Kyoka has announced that she will be withdrawing from the group in order to achieve her goal of becoming an Actress.

Kyoka commented via a message uploaded to LDH's Official website;
"As a result of thinking about what I really want to do in the future, acting was number one. The path that I am planning to take will not be an easy one. It may be series of painful and sad things. However, I want to utilize what I learned during my 3 years in E-girls, and move forward little by little in my own way." - Takeda Kyoka (Tokyohive translation)

I'd seriously surprised by the sudden increase in girls withdrawing from E-girls right now. I know it isn't much, but for a rather big group that hasn't had many drop out, the sudden surge is still a bit of an eye-opener. Still, at least Kyoka knows what she wishes to pursue right now, so good luck to her!


Idoling!!! #3 Endo Mai Sotsugyou Live~Sayonara wa Wakare no Kotoba Janakute Futatabu Au made no Tooi Yakusoku ng!!!~ will be released on Blu-ray on April 30th. This is the final concert of Idoling!!! member Endo Mai, who graduated from the group on February 14th.


I like the way the cover is laid out, however I hate the tints used. Still, our main focus on the cover is Endo Mai, no one else... and that's all that matters xD

J-Pop Idols

Rev. from DVL, Hyadain and other artists including Funasshi, Ryusei Ryo and Takei Sou have been revealed as the second artist lineup announcement for the MTV VMAJ Awards 2014!


The group that rose to popularity because of one girl, and an acclaimed composer! Wow! I'm delighted that Hyadain is going! Somewhat pleased for Rev. from DVL too, however I'm not overly... overwhelmed by them yet xD

I guess only time will tell with them, but heeey, HYADAIN *^*


The trailer for Tokyo Girls' Style's up-coming movie, Gakko no Kaidan -Noroi no Kotodama- has been revealed! The film is a horror story about ghosts in a haunted school.

The film will be released in theatres on May 23rd. TGS' song Jujika will be the theme song for the movie.

Be sure to take a look!


I have no clue how TGS are as actresses, so I hope they're good, because I swear, most Idols suck as actresses XD But I seem to have high hopes for TGS... o-O

That said, I love the trailer for this movie! The use of music and how silent it is, building up throughout, is wonderful. Really well-made trailer. Let's hope the same applies to the trailer!

Miscellaneous News

The popular manga Attack on Titan has broken the 30 million seller milestone! It is the third manga series to do so, after popular manga series One Piece and Naruto!

Congrats to Isayama Hajime!


This is an amazing milestone, and obviously a hard one to achieve! Still, from what everyone says about this manga, it deserves it! I may not have read it myself, but it's a wonderful achievement and very deserved I suspect!


PV/Song Previews

Idol group Karat have revealed the short music video for their new single, Dot Aozora, which was released on April 23rd! The song is the first for the group since becoming young teenagers. It is their first love song, and is a cute pop tune.

Be sure to check it out!


It's a very sweet song, though they all look very young... but eh, whatever, they seem to hold a decent tune XD That said, it is a cute refreshing video, very simple but bright and airy. It's sweet! I actually want to hear more of it!


The preview for AKB48's 36th single title song, Labrador Retriever, has been unveiled! Check it out to see what you think!


I've not seen the video, nor do I care to until the full thing is out. That said, I've heard it, I've forgotten it, and I probably care little about it. From what I can recall of it, it was bland and dulled down, but cutesy and very Mayu. Either way, the fact I can't remember it speaks volumes for how awesome I find it. Meaning no, it's not awesome.

Oh, AKB, you and your terrible A-sides~

Press Release/Promotional Videos


Maki Goto makes an appearance at CapCom's Monster Hunter 10th Anniversary event! Be sure to take a look!


Wow, she's still so beautiful! Maki!!!! We have missed you!!! ;W;

Oricon | Tokyohive

Tokyo News Service, Tokyo MX, JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage from Suzuki Airi's press release event for her latest photobook, Kyomei! Be sure to check it out!


Performances and TV Appearances

Haru! Sta #2 has been uploaded! Are you ready for some refreshing Kudo Haruka loveliness??? I SURE AM! HIT IT, JO!!!

Who the feck is Jo!?


Gets barely any solo lines if any and barely any close-ups... GETS HER OWN Hello! Sta corner 8D YAAAAY!!! Seriously though, I do love it. Kudodo is so cute! ;w;

And seriously, Haruka's rendition of Moshimo is so sweet ;w; She is such an adorafluffed little girl! I want to hug her ;w; SHE NEEDS MOAR SOLO'S, DAMNIT!


AND that will be all this week, my darlings! Hopefully this small morsel of Idol News will sate your hunger this week, but until next time you may have to wait! Don't starve though! MORE SHALL COME! But until then, dearies... Tata and good night!



  1. These digests are such monumental undertakings, I'm surprised you have time to do anything else! Thanks for the summary and the thoughts.
    I think the real winner this week (whatever that means) is Kudo Haruka. Between her cover with Masaki and Haru Sute, she comes off as a real peach.
    And, I think you know what to expect from the AKB single.

    1. I find the Digests tiring sometimes, but they're easy enough to do... unless I leave it to write on the very day I post it, that is! Then I basically spend 7+ hours on it getting news, depending on how much of it there is... >o>

      Haruka is amazing, I love her. She is a diamond and I just wish UFP would use her in singles, rather than give us Mizuki or Riho all the time. I like those two, but Mizuki bores me a lot of the time and Riho just sounds bad in singles (live she sounds a LOOOT better as of late IMO)