Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Further Information Regarding the Closure of the Digest

Further regarding the decision to close my Digest, I would like to apologise for the sudden post on such an important matter. I realise that I haven't taken your feelings into consideration, and I sincerely apologise for choosing to close the Digest so suddenly. However, this is my final decision and I want to stick by it - it is simply for the best, for both the blog and myself.

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There is of course the chance I may take the Digest up again, however it all depends on time and the desire to do it, both of which I don't have now. I know its unfair to everyone to do this, but right now my focus is on other things. Be angry at me, hate me - I don't blame you, but please remember that I am only one person, and I can only do so much. Sadly, the Digest is no longer a part of what I can do.

Also, it must be said that it was rather silly of me to post such an important announcement regarding the Digest on April 1st. One would think it was a cruel joke, were they to realise the date it was posted!

Happy April Fools!!! ;)

(To those who noticed the date, congrats XD) I suck at making April Fools... XD


  1. You're a cruel, cruel person Chii. I'm unfollowing your blog. *makes dramatic exit*

    1. I really want to like, fave, follow and love this comment XD XD XD I love you <3