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Okay! Musume Digest #91

M-M-M-Minna! it's Time to Digest! Are you ready for this Weeks Idol Inferno of News? Let's go!

This week, in Idol News...

Many Single releases and covers unveiled, from NMB to Yumemiru Adolescence! HouPri's Nene and Rin to act in a stage play! Berryz celebrate their 10th Anniversary! Momoko to graduate University this year! Three NG46 members to star in three separate horror movies! Gasp!!! Rev.from DVL to major debut! Kimoclo??? And PV Previews galore! HEY!!! Are you ready to Digest, yo?

Hullo thar, everyone, I am back with another late Digest! And yes, I have a legit reason this time, so please forgive me once again for not updating at the right time! Apologies beyond!!!

So, the reason behind this late Digest is because yesterday, my mother slipped on the staircase and has badly bruised her ankle. I was, once again, up late at night doing whatever I do, so I had gone to bed at around 6am, but at 9am my mother was calling my name in distress, as I was the only one in the house other than my baby niece who was downstairs at the time of the accident. It was a bit of a flurry of panic for both me and my mother, as she was trying to get off the staircase and down the stairs, whilst she asked me to look after my niece and find a bag of frozen peas for her ankle (which was not easy to find, because in my haste I didn't put my glasses on, and I'm as blind as a bat with them anyway!). Now, my mother is pretty stubborn, so when I offered to call my father or my sister, she refused to let me because she didn't want to cause any trouble until she was down the stairs. Sadly I have no upper body strength, so all I could do was look after my niece, but my mother made her way down the stairs safely (we have a very small staircase, and it's sectioned into two, so her fall wasn't anything dire, thankfully!) and eventually let me call my older sister to come round. After a while, mum told me to go back to bed because she knows I have a horrid sleep pattern, and so I spent a good many hours snoozing until 8pm, and basically stayed up the rest of the night either doing some laundry, making cups of tea and writing this Digest.

All of my family who live close by have been helping mum to do the jobs around the house and such, like Laundry and cooking and putting things away. Luckily she didn't break anything, however her foot is badly bruised and she can barely walk on it, so uses the aid of a crutch right now. Luckily we have a very big family, and we all live close by, so we can all pitch in and help my mother with what needs to be done. She doesn't like sitting down all the time, so she isn't too happy with her situation, but we're all very thankful that her situation isn't anything worse than what it could be. Still, it worries us a lot, and I'm constantly asking her how she feels, but she's fine and well, other than the fact that she can't walk.

This is the reason behind the post being a day late, so for that, I apologise deeply. It's an extremely worrying situation to be in, for both my mother and my entire family, but we're doing what we can for her. I don't like seeing her in pain, much like the rest of my family don't like seeing her in pain either, but I am so glad that she is safe and that it wasn't anything worse.

Again, I apologise for this weeks delay, but in life we must focus on other things sometimes, rather than what we do for our own happiness. I love my mother and I am so thankful that nothing worse happened to her, and this bad incident has made me realise just how much she does for us and how much I take her for granted sometimes.

That all said and done my dears, I will now start the Digest. Thank you for your patience, as always.

To navigate through the Digest with ease, be sure to use ctrl + f and the contents table below to find the news you want to see! Have fun, and have a great week ahead!

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Weekly Happenings

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Let's Talk about Babymetal - Nia's Wonderland

Video of the Week

Waracchaou yo Boyfriend by Berryz Kobo

Remember when Berryz PV's were good? Yeah, I know, loooong time ago, and though people can fight with me and say 'but this is terrible!', I have to disagree. Sure, the CGI is very kiddish and the PV is that typical H!P affair, but it has distinct personality and is just so fun to watch! I love the additional scenes where the girls are floating in the fky or falling with balloons. It's cute, fun and just... well, very old-Berryz! It has so much quirkiness in it as well as matches the song perfectly! It's the Berryz that many people fell in love with I think. Cheerful, bright, and an amazing song!

Admittedly this is my favourite Berryz song because of that bright fun sound it has! I doubt that I could ever get tired of this because it's so true and pure to Berryz. There are no fake voices (Hiii modern day Ri-Suck-Oh!) and the girls are just so invested in it all! You can see they love it, you know they're having fun, and you can see the quality that is the old Berryz Kobo. Why can't they be like this now?

Oh yeah... they grew up. That's why. Still! This is a classic and it's just so beautiful. It is innocent Berryz, before they just became a shadow of what they once were. Yes, I still like their music now, but image wise they pale in comparison to how they once were. Ahhh... Berryz, why did you have to go down the mature route? What a shame :/

Picture of the Week

Is it Summer Time already, or is it getting hot in here?

Good Lord, look at Sakurai and her Riho's o-o No wonder she's the Gravure star of Houkago Princess... Hnnnng!!!


Hello! Pro Station #57 has arrived, headed by Hello! Project's face and leading lady, Suzuki Airi! What will the show have in store for us all this week? Tune in to find out!

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

Juice=Juice reveal the short MV for Arekore Shitai, with Uemuu as the centre! Love Take it All, dance shot time! C-ute perform their latest song Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shite mita at Kanazawa Eight Hall! Berryz perform Otona na no yo! and Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL! MM '14's Sayashi Riho and Oda Sakura explain dancing! And the Weekly Smiles return! Are you ready for this weeks Hello! Pro Station?


Admittedly I skipped through this video a lot, though I did of course watch the preview for Juice=Juice's new song and MV! It's cute, very generic and overly filtered, but cute. Also, that Uemuu centre! Hnnng...

I did also watch the Dance explanation, and it's really fun to see Dayashi in her element, she looks really happy and excited to be explaining the dance alongside Sakuranbo! It's great to see them both so happy and hyperactive over dancing. It really melts my cold heart... <3

Of course there is also the S/mileage segment, I know a lot of people are totally in love with it, especially when they play in the snow! It's really thrilling to see these girls so energetic and youthful in something as fun as snow! Ahhh, they are cuties! It really makes me love S/mileage more again~

Hello! Project News

It has been revealed that all of S/mileage, Morning Musume's Fukumura Mizuki, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ishida Ayumi, Sato Masaki, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura, as well as Hello! Pro Kenshuusei members Tanabe Nanami, Kaga Kaede and Sasaki Rikako will all perform in a new musical, LILIUM ~Lilium Shoujo Junketsu Kageki~

The musical has been written and directed by Suemitsu, who also wrote and directed the musical Warera Jeanne, and will start from June 5th until the 15th.


When I saw the announcement for the new musical, I got really excited... until I saw that Eripon and Harunan wouldn't be acting, that is. I'm glad that Zukki and Haruka and Oda and everyone else is acting, but Harunan and Eripon are fantastic personalities on stage... unless they have something else going on...? >o>

Also, whenever I see that Rikako is in another play or musical, I get excited! She reminds me of when Haruka always got put in stage plays or musicals, and then she ended up in MoMusu! When will this happen to Rikako!?

Namasama English TwitterTicket Information

It has been revealed that Berryz Kobo, C-ute and Up Up Girls will perform at Chou Kaigi Nico Nico 3 on April 26th and the 27th!


I'm amazed to see all these three names pop up together, because they all have amazing history with H!P and are all great in their own rights as groups, so it's wonderful to see that they will perform on the same stage (though not necessarily the same days)! Hopefully they will deliver stellar performances on the days, and wow many fans attending!

Chou Kaigi Website

Morning Musume

The covers for Morning Musume's 55th single Event V's have been revealed!


I personally prefer the Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai cover, because it actually looks diverse and different from their 55th single covers. The Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa cover just has different swirls but the same image. Lazy photoshop.

... Oh wait, it's H!P, of course it's lazy!

The cover to Sayashi Riho's up-coming solo DVD, Riho's Fashion Archive, has been revealed!

The Solo DVD is set for release on March 12th.


Those are actually some really cute outfits! I wonder how many of them other members picked out?

Sayashi Riho, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura comment on the up-coming Forest for Rest ~SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he ikou 2014~ event, so be sure to take a look!


Good Lord, the Wardrobe Department hated Sakura that day, didn't they? Then again, I think they hated everyone, cos they gave them raincoats for stage costumes... idiots.

A DVD preview of Hello! Project FC Event 2013 ~Hello! Xmas Days~ Morning Musume has been revealed, so be sure to take a look!


Good Lord, I want it to be Christmas again just to hear those lovely Chrimbo songs... oh wait, I can do that anyway regardless of the seasons... >o> But Jesus Karin, these girls... their legs, their beautiful costumes... AHHH IT'S TOO MUCH!!! <3

By the way, why sing a song like One Two Three for a Christmas event? SING CHRISTMAS SONGS, DAMNIT!!! D8<<<

Berryz Kobo

Tsugunaga Momoko will hold a Birthday Fanclub event on March 6th.


And there everyone will have to bow down to the Horned-King, and then partake ina  ceremonial burnign of the pigtails!!!

UFP Fanclub News

This year, Momoko Tsugunaga will graduate from University, it has been decided. This was revealed during the press conference for the PS3/PSVita game Sengoku Muso 4.

Also, this week it was announced via Momoko's official blog that her radio show, Puri Prui Princess, will be ending at the end of March. The radio show has been going on for five years, and has had over 250 episodes.


Congrats to Momoko for finishing University successfully! I know that Momoko has worked hard as both an Idol and a student, so I'm really happy that she has been able to confirm her graduation with a smile on her face! Hopefully even after she has stopped being an Idol (which won't be any time soon) she will continue to work with the vigour she has now!

On the news of her radio show ending, I know a lot of fans are sad. I'm amazed that it has gone on so long, so it is saddening to know that a show that seemed to do well is going to end, but I know that Momoko will still do other amazing things, even when her show has ended!

Well done Momoko, and I hope you find something else as exciting as radio when Puri Puri Princess ends at the end of the month!

Tokyohive | Tsugunaga Momoko Official Blog | JPlop

A special website dedicated to Berryz Kobo's 10th anniversary has been created, so go check it out to see what it offers!


... Actually, it doesn't off much currently, but then again the H!P sites never offer much other than profiles and CD covers.

The CM for Berryz Kobo DVD Magazine Vol.34 has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


Why are they all in white? I highly doubt most of them are as pure as the colour they wear... also, why does Risako look like she needs to be in the Kitchen? She looks like a chef. RI-RI! MAKE ME MY SANDWICH!!!! NOW! Chiima hungry!!!

The CM for Berryz Kobo DVD Magazine Vol.36 has been revealed, so take a look and enjoy!


... God, I wish I could eat something right now. These girls make me hungry. Also, what the fuck is wrong with Miyabi's hair? It's as if she stuck her finger into a plug socket.

... I have found a hairstyle worse than Momoko's o-O

Berryz Kobo's Natsuyaki Miyabi, Tokunaga Chinami and Sugaya Risako leave comments about their 10th Anniversary and their auditions and debut on De☆View, so be sure to check it out!


Oh, wow. Miyabi's dress is a train wreck. I actually really liked it on the album cover, but on camera it's... well, it's horrible! I'm surprised that Risako's dress covers so much though o-o


It has been announced that C-ute's song, Love Take it All, has been assigned as the theme tune for a BS-TBS CM!

It was also revealed that the group will also have a TV Show titled C-ute no Challenge TV, and will contain six episodes as a part of their collaboration with BS-TBS, and will be broadcast on Thursdays.


Holy fudge cookies and cream... OH MY GOOOOD!!! This is freakin' amazing!!! C-ute are not just promoting Reebok now, but they're also joined with BS-TBS currently!? HOLY CRAAAP!!! This. Is. Amazing. NEWS!!! EEEEEP IT'S SO EXCIIITIIIING!!! ARRRGH I WANT  TO SCREAM SKCNKJSOZNVKJOSDNVSDKJNSDJ <3

-screams inwardly and cries happy tears!!!!-

C-ute show us how to design our own shoes with well-known trainer/sneaker brand Reebok! Be sure to check out the official website and the video for more information!

Currently three videos are available to view, so be sure to check the source for the second and third videos!


I think that the collaboration and site is just to promote the idea of customising your own shoes to give it a personalised touch, and C-ute are simply there to demonstrate what you can do... but if they actually brought out specialised C-ute trainers, I would be SO happy!!!

The DV preview for Hello! Project FC Event 2013 ~Hello! Xmas Days~ C-ute has been revealed! Do you want to see C-ute in sexy Santa girl costumes? Then be sure to check it out!


Good Lord, Maimai, how did you get so HOT!? Please, shimmy down my chimney any day!!! <3


The cover to Wada Ayaka's book, Maiden's Guide to Paintings, has been revealed!

Furthermore, there will be a release event for the book on at Fukuya Books in Shinjuku on March 18th!


I love it when managements and editors think that an Idol looking high will make a great cover for any form of book. So classy. So innocent. Now give me the weed cake!

S/mileage News | S/mileage Info

S/mileage's 16th single has been titled! The single title is Mystery Night!/Eighteen Emotion.

Mystery Night! is said to be quite sexy and different from the current S/mileage we know, according to Fukuda Kanon's blog.


... So a skirt that shows off the panties quite a lot isn't considered sexy now?

Fukuda Kanon's Blog

Fukuda Kanon, Takeuchi Akari and Tamura Meimi leave their comments for the up-coming Forest for Rest ~ SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he ikou 2014~ event! Be sure to take a look!


None of them care, you can see the disinterest written on their faces xD I just see 'I don't care, get me away from here' on their faces... but Akari is too cute either way! Meimi just looks bored XD

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

Taguchi Natsumi, Ogawa Rena, Ichioka Reina, Kishimoto Yumeno, Inoue Hikaru and Funaki Musubu will all take part in Berryz Kobo's spring tour, it has been revealed!


Okay, these are a serious bunch of cuties! Especially Yumeno, ikaru and Musubu! Good lord, with so many cuties at the Berryz spring tour, all of the fans will turn into KSS wota and think of Berryz as old hags!

Ahhh, the power of youth!

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been revealed that LoVendoЯ will release their CD+DVD Bukiyo on April23rd. The CD will include five songs.


I keep forgetting that this group is all about the performance aspect, rather than release singles... which is actually nice, because then it makes ignoring Reina and her terrible voice a lot easier! ^^


LoVendoЯ and Bitter & Sweet will make guest appearances at the up-coming Hello! Project Hinamatsuri, it has been revealed.

Furthermore, it has been announced that both groups will hold a joint concert tour from April 15th until July 19th.


I was really surprised to see this piece of news pop up, because I really didn't imagine either of these groups touring together, however it is an interesting mix! You have the quality vocals of Bitter & Sweet, and then the Squirrely squeaks of Idol-like Reina! Weird, weird mix, but I bet it will be fun!!!

LoVendoЯ News: Hinamatsuri | LoVendoЯ News: Joint Tour

Mano Erina is revealed to be featured as a part of Wanibooks Gravure Collection for March, so be sure to take a look at the sample images!


HELLO Erina with your Mano's! My oh my, I do love it when you bring the girls out to play!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU, MANO!!! <3

Seriously though, she's been getting some work lately! Like gravure, that film, singing the theme for the film... LOTSA STUFF!!!


Mano Erina has graced the cover of Young Jump magazine!


What did I tell you about her getting more work!? AMAZING!!! And damn, she looks HOT!!!

Young Jump

A new UFZS interview featuring members Mori Saki and Saho Akari has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out to see what the girls say about their make-up, dancing as a man and above all, to see what they look like when dressing in drag!


I'm happy that UFZS are doing this, but I... I don't like their make-up for some of the girls XD They look a little bit like they are too done-up, so it's less convincing... still, it's fun to see them like this haha!

Fudanjuku are still the Kings of Idol Drag, though!


Maeda Atsuko will hold live concerts at Zepp Tokyo on April 3rd and at Zepp Osaka on April 4th, it has been revealed.

The concerts are being held to commemorate the release of Maeda's new single, Seventh Chord, which will release on March 5th. This will also be the first time that Maeda will perform at the Zepp venues alone.


I wonder if she has grown a personality by now? She may amaze her fans with emotion and depth at the concerts, you know?


On February 28th, AKB48 Team B member Nonaka Misato revealed that she will graduate from the group. The announcement was made during NOTTV's AKB48 no Anata, Dare? on February 28th.

On February 27th, Nonaka had rejected her transferral to Team K after she had been assigned the transferral at the event AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri that had been held on February 24th at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO.
"I was thinking about graduating from a little while ago. I had been discussing it with Akimoto sensei and the manager. It's not that I decided on graduating after the team shuffle, but consequently, I have created a stir among my fans due to this sudden announcement. I'm sorry." 
"My graduation hasn't been scheduled yet, but until the day of my graduation, I will spend every day with care and fun as much as I can!! Please continue to support me until the end." - Nonaka Misato (Tokyohive Translation)
Further details concerning Nonaka's graduation will be revealed at a later date.


I swear, these AKB girls drop like flies when they think the time is right... but, with a group so big, and so many girls under-used, it's to be expected. Process of elimination, I guess.

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols

Takajo Aki has produced a pet-clothing brand called Vivre. During the event, held at Venus Fort in Tokyo, March 1st, Aki carried in her two Chihuahua's and talked about the brand.

The Products are on sale in Japan nationwide at Pet Paradise stores, as well as being sold at Ameba Yumeijin.


I saw this article and thought it was weird, because I find dogs or cats in clothes a weird concept in itself, but it's an AKB girl being an entrepreneur outside of her Idol job, so I wanted to include it. I'm glad this girl is doing something she loves for the pets that she loves, but dogs in clothes is... weird...



(Top Row: Type A, Type B Bottom Row: Type C, Type D)

SKE48's new single, titled Mirai to wa?, will be released on March 19th. The covers and track list have also been revealed.

There will be four versions available for public purchase, as a well as a Theatre edition available.

The Track List is available in the source!


Okay, those are some damn pretty covers! Seriously, just looking at how cute those images are makes me want to buy this single!!! So. Freakin'. PRETTY!!! *^*


NMB48 member Shimada Rena has announced that she will be graduating from the group on February 27th.
"There were times when I would tremble and hesitate, after having discussions with my family and thinking a lot about it, I decided to graduate from NMB48."
"Until now, we've climbed over many walls, and the members are really wonderful people. I feel that they will continue to shine no matter where they go." - Shimada Rena (Tokyohive Translation)
Shimada will be active in the groups activities as a part of Team M until March 20th during their final performance of their tour at Orix Theatre. Details regarding her graduation concert and future plans will be revealed at a later date.


Given that she hasn't said anything as to the reason why she is graduating, I am guessing that she's found another Idol activity to pursue that does not include a group? It would be funny if she ended up joining the H!P Kenshuusei, actually.

She's cute... so it's kinda a shame to see her go when I never noticed her before hand ;w;

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols

On March 3rd, NMB48 Kenkyuusei member Nakagawa Hiromi announced that she would be graduating from the group.
"It's been 2 years and a half since I entered NMB48. As I carried out my activities, I saw the work of people who maintain the stage. I started to find that work attractive and an yearning to study that has budded within me." She continued, "After thinking a lot about what I really want to do, I decided to go to a vocational school starting in April, and graduate from NMB48." - Nakagawa Hiromi (Tokyohive Translation)
Hiromi will graduate from NMB48 on March 13th at the NMB48 Theatre, and her final job as a member will be a handshake event on on March 15th for NMB48's single Kamonegikkusu at Intex Osaka.


Translation: "I have worked my ass off for two years and not debuted into one of the Teams. Fuck this, I'm out bitches!"


(Top Row: Type A, Type B Bottom Row: Type C)

NMB48 will release their 9th single, titled Takane no Ringo, on March 26th. The covers have been released as well as the track list, and there will be three editions available to the public, as well as a Theatre edition available.

For this single, Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka have been chosen as the centres.

The Track List will be available via the Source.


I swear, these covers are so pretty, too! I know they're simple and everything, but I love the poses and how the girls look on the covers. It feels quite magical in its own way, and not tacky at all! Ahhh, NMB, you keep surprising me and making me fall in love with you...~

J-Pop Idols


It has been revealed that Nojo Ami, Nakado Kana and Ito Nene of Nogizaka46 will all be starring in three horror movies that will be released consecutively in theatres between April and June. They will star in separate movies.

Nojo Ami will play a part in Shi no Jikkyou Chuukei, Nakada Kana will star in Death Blog, both movies to eb directed by Jindo Masaaki, and Ito Nene will star in the movie Sugisawa  Mura Densetsu, directed by Yasutake Torii.


Whenever I think of Idols and horror movies, I always think of terrible acting, mediocre scripts and meh storylines... which is great, because then I have an easier time actually watching it!!! Seriously, I'm useless with good horror movies!!!

Misc Idols and Groups News

Rev. from DVL have announced that they will be making their Major Debut this April! The group, based in Fukuoka, has gained recognition thanks to the popular member Hashimoto Kanna, the Idol who has been dubbed the 'Once in a thousand years Idol'!

The group will release their first major single LOVE ~arigatou~ on April 16th.


I didn't follow this group before, but I knew of them from Serenyty, because she adores them. It's great that they are debuting, though I don't really like the reason for their debut; the popularity of one member causing such a commotion nationwide, that they are picked up for it. It's great that they get this deal, but it is a little unfair to the other members... especially when Kanna is pushed more in the MV.

That said, I am happy for them. Hopefully the next MV will be a little more evenly divided in terms of visual scenes, hm?

It has been announced that Houkago Princess members Sakuragi Nene and Hayamizu Rin will both appear in the stage play Hana yo... Cho yo... this coming April!

The story of Hana yo... Cho yo... is set in Edo period Japan and is about a girl sold to a brothel, and a man who fall in love, even though the two were never supposed to meet.

The Stage play will run from April 9th until April 13th, with 9 performances.


I'm pretty sure that Nene and Rin's roles are quite small, however it's amazing news to hear that they are performing in a stage play, and a historical one at that! I know when I posted this news on facebook, it really surprised everyone because we are so used to hearing announcements that girls are leaving HouPri, but for once this is not the case!

I am really happy that Nene and Rin have been given this amazing opportunity. Congrats girls, and good luck in rehearsals and in the up-coming play!

Yamaguchi Miran of Houkago Princess will hold a one-man live on March 21st to celebrate her birthday! The event will be held at Shibuya Ruido K2.


I like that HouPri do one-man lives for the members for their birthdays, and I am sure that fans will enjoy the event of Miran, the Soccer Chairman! I wonder if she will show off her football skills on stage?

It has been announced that Palet's song, You are My Miracle, will be used as the theme song for the DVD Anime Kobayashi ga Kawaisugite Tsurai!! which will be included with the Volume 6 copy of the Manga. The song is the coupling track for the groups new single, Keep On Lovin' You, which is set for release on April 23rd.

The Manga and DVD will be available on March 26th.


That's actually really damn cool!!! However, I have zero high hopes for Palet and their lacking songs... but if this new on surprises me, then by damn, I will eat my, er... -looks for hat, finds none-... erm... cheese sandwich... >o>

Also, I think I've read that manga o-o

Tokyo Girls Update

It was revealed on March 4th that actress Kitagawa Keiko and Idol group Momiro Clover Z would form a special unit called Kimoclo together. The unit was created as a limited formation for Keiko's starring role in the special NTV drama Akumu-chan Special, which will premier in the spring.

Kimoclo will perform the drama's theme song Saraba, Itoshiki Kashimitachi yo. Keiko will take on the colour black for her role in the group, and is undertaking dance and vocal training.


I'm amazed that this collaboration has happened, mostly because Kitagawa Keiko hasn't done anything so Idol like since the Sailor Moon live action series. I know she only sung a bit for character songs and what not, but still... it's been a while, and she's older now, so I wouldn't have expected this!

We shall see how this plays out I guess, but it seems really fun and cute!


On March 2nd, Akanishi Jin announced that he had left the agency Johnny's & Associates via Twitter. An official statement in both Japanese and English was written.


... I thought he had left the agency a while ago o-O


(Top Row: Type A, Type B Centre Row: Type C, Type D Bottom Row: Type E, Type F)

Yumemiru Adolescence will release their first nationwide single, titled Mawaru Sekai, to be released on April 22nd. This will be their third single release overall.

As opposed to their cute Idol-like image that we are used to seeing, the girls of YumeDo take on the appearance of cool and tough looking schoolgirls.

There will be six editions of the single available for purchase.

In additional news, Yumemiro Adolescence will also make their first live appearance overseas in Thailand this May at Comic-con.


Holy cow... YUMEDO O-O What... I... you were so cute, and now you're so... cool... o-o so shiny...

The song for the new MV is really cool too! It's quite thrilling actually, to see YumeDo like this. I mean, I liked Junjou Marionette and thought that it was a well done song, but this one sounds so different and mature... I'm amazed! Please, YumeDo, keep amazing me!!!

Tokyo Girls Update

Tsuribit's new single, titled Tabidachi Kirari, will be released on March 26th. This is the third single from the fishing-themed Idol group and will be available in three versions, each version containing a different b-side. The covers have also been released.

Tabidachi Kirari is a collaboration between Tsuribit and Mini-Stop, a convenience store franchise.

Track List:

1. Tabidachi Kirari
2. Koi no Magical Sweets ~Anata no Koi wo Kanaemasu~ Type A)
2. Sushi Paradise (Type B)
2. Hajime no Kimochi (Limited edition)
(+ Instrumentals)

DVD Track List:

1. Tabidachi Kirari
2. Bonus footage


Ahhhh, this looks so cute, and the song is quite refreshing to listen to, very Spring-like and sweet, but a typical Idol song too. Still, I'm so happy to see a new Tsuribit release! These girls are adorable and just fun to watch, they have great chemistry together... ahhh, and it's a Drama MV too! I wonder what the full MV will look like???

J-Pop Idols

BABYMETAL have made a little bit of History this year, as they are now the youngest female artists to perform at Nippon Budokan. On the same day, the girls announced that they would hold their first overseas live in Europe this summer.

BABYMETAL have been gaining popularity among overseas metal fans with their first album, titled BABYMETAL, which snagged the Number 1 spot on the iTunes store Metal Charts for the UK, US and Germany.


Firstly, congrats to BABYMETAL for not only snagging the title of youngest artists to perform at Budokan, but also for gaining Number 1 spots on the iTunes Metal charts for three different countries! It's amazing the power of Metal Music and international fans, and I'm really happy for these girls!

Hopefully many people will attend the overseas live and come together in Japanese Idol Metal!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls Update

It has been revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will release her 9th single, and that it will serve as a the theme song for the new Crayon Shin-chan movie! The single has been titled Family Party, with the title song matching the movie's worldview and theme of a family bond. It is said to be a pop song that is warm and sentimental.
"I am very happy that I will be in charge of the theme song for my favorite 'Crayon Shin-chan' once again! This time, it's a song with a family theme, so it's a song that the entire family can enjoy together." - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Tokyohive Translation)
The new Crayon Shin-chan movie, Eiga Crayon Shin-chan: Gachinko! Gyakushuu no Robo Tou-chan will be released in theatres on April 19th.


I don't follow Kyary a whole lot, but it's great to see that she's singing for the new Crayon Shin-chan movie! Hopefully this song will appeal to me... but if it doesn't, oh well!!!

PV/Song Previews

The short music video for NMB48's up-coming single, titled Takane no Ringo, has been revealed!


Okay, those dresses are cute! And it actually looks to be a pretty damn solid PV... oh wait, this is NMB. They always have pretty damn solid PV's! And hey, are the Idols dressed up in such a way that they represent stars???

The short music video for LOVE ~arigatou~ by Rev.from DVL has been revealed! Be sure to watch it to see the group in action!


Indeed, Kanna is a real cutie, but ahhhhh I wish I could see the other girls more... how can one make favourites when she barely sees the other girls? ;w;

Also, this song is gorgeous! And the dance is rather damn cute. I want a full MV!

The un-finished Music video for Tsuribit's new single, Tabidachi Kirari, has been revealed! The new song features the acting skills of Tsuribit once again, but this time in a Drama-style MV! Be sure to take a look!


I love how Tsuribit enjoy capturing the image of the girls running... Oh, and they have fishing in it again, though only briefly. But also, the best part? Acting, and really REALLY cute Idol costumes!!! Ahhhh, the cuteness is overwhelming!!!

SKE48 have released the short music video for their up-coming single B-side, Machiawasetai, so be sure to check it out!


Admittedly I found the video itself rather boring to watch for me personally, but I do like the idea behind it. I don't think that the song and how dull it is helps with how I feel about the MV, but again, the video has a great idea behind it and it's very creative and fun! It would just benefit from a better song, one that isn't so dull or lifeless.

Another short PV for oen of SKE48's new single B-sides has been revealed, this time showing us a glimpse of the song and video for S Ko to Usohakkenki! Be sure to check it out for some fun and cuteness!!!


This is certainly a step-up from the other PV in terms of sound, plus I do like the idea behind the video... however, that song is very generic. I swear, I've heard it somewhere before in the 48's, it's just where...? Hmm...

Also, I love the costumes. It's so Two-Faced in a way, ya know?

A third MV, performed by Team S, has been revealed from SKE48! The MV is for the B-side Neko no Shippo ga Pin to Tsutteru yo ni... and features Bose in the soundtrack. Be sure to check out the light, refreshing music video!


Okay, out of the three MV's we have seen so far, this song is by far the one I like the most. It includes rap, it's refreshing, light and gentle to listen to, and it sounds so beautiful! The video is very cute too and fits the tone of the song... ahhh, this is really a happy medium here! xD

Finally, the MV for SKE48's new single Mirai to wa? has been revealed! Watch as the girls perform in a style where they have performed the video backwards, but edited it ina  way so it moves forwards! Have fun watching it!


I do love these typesof videos, where they simply perform it walking or doing things backwards to create a really surprising but fun effect! It's so simple but it really is great to watch it all like this, and add all that with concert footage, it makes for a really great looking MV! A simplistic style, but one that really catches your attention! I think I'm in love!!!

The short music video for Dear my hero by Yuuka Ueno has been revealed! The song is the theme tune for the movie 1/11, which Yuka also acts in. Be sure to check the video out!


It's wonderful to see a promotional video promoting a movie again. I don't see them much any more, because most videos are used to just promote the artist, so to see this PV go back to the roots of most PV's is great! Okay, so I found it slow in the beginning, but I love the added scenes from the movie. Also, this song is gorgeous! Emotional and beautiful, just like Yuuka's amazing voice. Oh gawd, I am falling in love all over again... ;A;

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Oricon and JIJIPRESS have provided footage from Berryz Kobo's 10th Anniversary celebration, and seem to be infiltrated during the conference!!! Who is it? Be sure to check it out to find out!


Good Lord, these girls have been around 10 years now? They're all old hags! Hags I say!!! And really, when will Risako get out of her mid-life crisis and learn to sing properly without false vibrato? I liked her voice when she actually sang, rather than warbling her words...

MAiDiGi TV report on the press conference for C-ute and BS-TBS' collaboration! Be sure to check it out~


... What the Hey is up with Chissa's hair in this!?

Performances and TV Appearances

A video featuring Okai Chisato singing C-ute's newest song, Kokoro no Sakebi wo Utani Shitemita, has been revealed! Listen to this solo version by one of C-ute's star vocalists, and above all, enjoy!!!


I saw a comment on my Facebook about how flat and un-enthusiastic Chissa sounds in this, and I agree that her voice is somewhat dulled, and I don't know why. I have a feeling it's more to do with the song or how Chissa wanted to sing that day, but regardless she sounds really pretty, even if her voice isn't as full and lively as it usually is. It's a nice medium I think... and yeah, her voice is pretty calming this way. It's strange to hear it so toned down and calm, actually!



Aaaaand that be all the time we have for Idols in News this week! Hopefully this Digest has been helpful for you all in catching up with what has been happening in Idoldom, but until next week I shall bid you adieu in Digest Times! Until next time me lovelies, take care, Love Idols and Live for J-Pop! Ta ta!




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    OMG OMG OMG Berryz wit da fadeout! Not a week goes by where I hear a song end jarringly and I think to myself "whatever happened to the fadeout?" Who will make headlines by bringing it back, I wonder? Giddy?

    "Dogs in clothes is weird" Should be right at home in Japan, then!

    I don't usually comment on this sort of thing, but those SKE48 covers are perfection!

    Don't mean to dis her or nufink but the prig in me asks: if Hashimoto Kanna is such hot shit why isn't she fronting AKB where da big bux is to be had?

    The last good song I heard out of Japan was Give Me Choco!! so I'm heartened by the news for Babymetal. I bet the other girls in Sakura Gakuin are sooo jelly.

    Sorry to hear your hero Tsunku got diagnosed. Lost one of mine a couple years ago to that bugger of a disease. Hope things work out for the best.

    Thanks for the digest as always, Chii. Be well, be well, be well... ommm.


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      Things for me in my life are fine, other than my mother hurting herself, that is! Honestly, I am very happy with life as it is, despite the things that have happened like losing the job (I have a Saturday job now, but only Saturdays... still, it's something!) and I am still planning on going to University! Also, I don't want to ask for donations of any kind from my dear readers unless I have to, like if I really need something and needed the help, but right now I seem to be doing fine! So yay!

      It is quite weird how groups have no fadeout for their songs now... it's annoying xD It's like song, then DEAD!!! D8

      Hahahahahahaha very true, weirdness and Japan fit together really well it seems!

      SKE do have really cute covers this time, I am just so used to seeing them with something cool though o-o

      I think many fans have questioned why this one-thousand year Idol isn't in a big group like AKB or something, but I think for now she is staying in her roots, plus in a group like AKB she would possibly be swamped and everyone would dislike her for getting a front position quickly if it ever happened? Who knows o-o Questions, questions...

      Hahaha I am sure that Sakura Gakuin girls are rather happy for the success of Babymetal... after all, that group is technically a branch of their creation, so I think the others are pleased, but a little jelly :p

      It's sad to know he has cancer, but really all we can do is pray and hope. He is in my thoughts, I really hope he gets well soon, but he needs to take it in his own time and come back when he is ready to give us his full force of amazing talent again. Also, I am sorry for your loss. Life is harsh towards people...

      Be well, sir Sonda, be very well indeed... NOOOOOM!!!