Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Chii's got some 'Splainin' to do!

... Is it safe to come out yet? It is? Phew...

Wait, what's that... rumbling...? ARRRRGH!!!! -is trampled over by all 3 of my angry readers, brandishing burning torches and pitch forks-I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WAS SAFE!? STOP SNICKERING!!!!

Oh, stop looking at me like that! I know, I've not blogged in a while. I know, I didn't update you, and worst of all, no... I didn't post any Digests. And yes, I do feel stupendously guilty, because you guys deserve better than some stupid girl who doesn't update and let you all know what the heck is happening in her life, and why she isn't updating.

I. Am... SORRY!!!! ;____;

... Wait, why are you now looking at me like this?:


Actually, it does feel like forever since I wrote, which isn't correct because whilst I haven't exactly been blogging here (or anywhere, for that matter, except for Selective Hearing) I have actually written, just not review-based pieces. However that was more a form of relieving stress, because story writing has always helped me to sort out my feelings for some reason, but no... no review based pieces as of yet (at least on here) and yet again, I do apologise.

Have I been forgiven yet? ;w;

Hmmm... Only if you GROVEL! Like a BUG!!!
Okay, before I actually ask for forgiveness, I kinda need to dish out the details to as why I haven't been blogging recently. What happened to me? Why did I suddenly fall off the face of the planet and roll off that cliff to the depths of nothingness? Who stole my brain? WHERE DID I GO!?

To put it bluntly, life just got in the way.

Yeah, I know. Go cry myself a river and all that jazz. Waaah, life is hard!!! Boo-hickety-hoo!

Seriously speaking though, when life gets in the way I do need to focus on it, and whilst I hate putting my blogging life on the shelf for a bit, I knew that I needed to start sorting things out. Things to do with University, that is.

... Yeah, I didn't expect that I would be this busy with sorting stuff out, or worrying so much for that matter, for my up-coming University life. So, for the past few weeks, I have basically been trying to get together my loans for University and planning Open Days to see said University, as well as trying to plan a trip to Amsterdam (saving up is hard, damnit!!!) and also planning to do the Race for Life that happens in June or July this year. To say I am planning a lot this year is an understatement, and because of said plans, I have neglected my blogging and writing for a bit because it has been rather overwhelming and has made me realise just how much I have to do before I actually get to University.

However, it has helped me to realise I am becoming an adult too, and that I shouldn't take things like loans or booking things lightly. It's stressful, and it worries me a lot as well as excites me, but it has taken its toll. It's still taking its toll if the sleepless nights are anything to go by, but knowing that I am getting things done now is assuring me a little that I am one step closer to being less of a worry-wart about the simplest of things... but yeah...

Admittedly for the first week or so, I did actually procrastinate from blogging because I felt like I was useless or something, however the rest of it is purely down to worrying and preparing for University. I still have a lot of preparation to do, granted, but with the important bits out of the way (money and booking stuff) I can at least relax a bit now... or at least, as much as a person who worries and stresses over the small stuff constantly can relax. Still.

And that is essentially what has stopped me from blogging, hindering my writing slightly in the process. I feel really bad about it and I am very sorry, but as most know when life gets in the way, you need to face reality and prepare yourself for what it throws at you, and whilst blogging is ultra important to me, my life is especially important, especially when it comes to my Academic future. I do hope that you all understand that, and I know you might be angry at me, but I am not the sort of person to be able to face problems or situations in life whilst still happily blogging - I need to choose one or the other, and at this time, I chose my personal life and situation in order to make the next few months a little less stressful, and to save me from doing a butt-load of paperwork, too!

That said, I am very happy to be back to Idols and blogging! I won't be doing a big Digest of News that I have missed, so my apologies, though I hope to touch on a few things that have happened in the Idol Universe that are important and big events for groups or soloists and so on, because really, they must be talked about! Hopefully you understand and forgive me for not updating my Digest with the past few weeks of News... though I don't blame you if you hold a grudge against me for my lack of posting, either...

Until my next post my Lovely, beautiful Readers, I will bid you adieu!

Much Love,


  1. Iz okay, Chiima! <3 I understand that life happens. It's a necessary evil. XD Although it sounds like you have a lot of big and exciting things ahead of you!! You'll do great! <3

    1. Marthaaaa, Kayaaa ;w; <3 Yes, life is an evil big meanie butt! XD But we live with it, and I am glad I took the time away from my blog to do important things, as I knew I couldn't procrastinate on life XD Thank you for your kind words ;O; I LUFF YOU!!!

  2. ” Admittedly for the first week or so, I did actually procrastinate from blogging because I felt like I was useless or something” Wh-what do you mean? Why do you feel useless, Chii? That line made me really sad to read.... I hope I just missed some kind of joke or something because if you actually feel useless I think I might cry...

    Please don't apologize for taking breaks when life gets in the way. It's totally normal to do so, and if it makes you feel any better, I often go months without updating before I get off my lazy butt and get back to it. XD Right now I'm having to constantly remind myself that my education is more important than my online life, and I guess you're probably doing the same thing. And that's good!

    So you just keep being awesome, online or offline; either way, you make me smile. :)
    (fyi if I'm being really cheesy here it's because it's past midnight and I need sleep. :P)

    1. I will sadly have to confirm that I really did feel useless, even if it is sad to think about it. During my procrastination period, I felt like I shouldn't do my Digest, like I was being a terrible update-person because I didn't always look at every group - after a while I realised I am only human, I can't always write about each and every group a person likes, but for a while it did make me feel useless thinking that I wasn't catering to everyones fandom.

      Also, thank you very much for being so understand ;w; I know it's harder to tell yourself you need the break, so I am thankful that when I do take breaks, it's because I know I need it. It's hard not to write, but it's also hard to try and return... I tried to get back to everything last Wednesday, never happened XD

      And thank you ;w; I love you Shayna, you are always so helpful <3