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Okay! Musume Digest #89

Minna, what time is it? IT'S DIGEST TIIIIIMEEEE~

This Week, in Idol News...

A whole fucking bunch of Single Announcements! Sasshi opens a Twitter account! MoriMusu to hold their first performance! UUG vs. TGS!!! KojiHaru STRIPS!!! And a tad bit more! Are you ready to DIGEST!?!?!?

... Weirdly enough, I am actually on time with this post. Which is damn scary, because I am so used to running late with it. However, I have become annoyed with myself and, despite the fact that I only posted Digest #88 a few days ago, I told myself that I had to post today, no matter what, because I needed to get back into my routine of posting on a Wednesday. No ifs, not buts. Just post it, damnit! AND POSTED IT IS!!!

Of course, the downfall with me posting the Digest today, about 4-5 days after I posted #88 in the Digest series, it does mean that there is a lot less News than I would normally accumulate, and I swear I have not had this little in terms of news in a long time, probably since just after I started doing the Digests... but still, the little news we do have here has made me quite happy, especially the good amount (4) of Single Announcements that I have found! YAY, SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!

Now where the fuck is my Ono Erena announcement!?!?! Seriously, I am waiting on Ono Erena to announce a new single! It's been a while since Fighting Hero, and I need my boost of Erepyon cuteness to tide me through the year! I am deprived right now. I am not kidding.
 What;s worse is that I now have to wait (impatiently) for the new Yuuka Ueno single to come out. That will also kill me, as Yuuka Ueno is an Angel in the disguise of an adorable Japanese girl. I want PV previews of her new single. And soon. Trailer music can get only get me so far...

Okay, enough blathering, I am sure you want to get onto the very minuscule amount of News I have foraged for you all today. So, what are you waiting for? LET'S GO~~~~~

As always, please be sure to use ctrl + f to navigate your way through the post! Easier access = A happier Digest! Have fun!

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Weekly Happenings

This weeks Weekly Happenings is brought to you by Jaffa Cakes...
Jaffa Cakes is not actually my Sponsor. SAD FACE!!!

This Week I will actually be typing here, instead of putting links to whatever I have written (I have written nothing) or what I have read (in terms of blogs, I actually haven't read anything) so instead you get me. Rambling. As always. THIS SHOULD BE FUN!!!

So this week I seem to have finally taken to Twitter like a bee to a flower, or a moth to a damn flame if you will. It's nice to finally feel like I am using Twitter properly actually, though it's not been very good for my sleep pattern. In fact, I was on Twitter most of last night. And I have yet to sleep. Yeah, don't do what I do kids, and sleep at a decent time every night. Do as I say, not as I do as one of my parents used to tell me!

I have also been reading fanfiction, which isn't a surprise because typically if I want to read, it's either fanfiction (typically not very good fanfiction, sadly) or Manga, and either way if I get into one of those two, I end up staying up all night as well... and Twitter helps in me not feeling lonely as I read fanfiction or Manga, so my reading habits are possibly helping to fuel my new-found adorance for Twitter. That, and the people on Tweet-Hurr are lovely souls. Though sadly I have no clue what half of those lovely souls are saying, as what they write is in Japanese.
 Yeah, I follow a lot of Idols...

Other than that, this week I really have not been up to much. It's all been basically screwing up my sleep pattern, playing Virtual Families 2: My Dream House, Twwet-Hurr'ing, reading fanfiction and also collecting Disney Princess Trading Cards.

This, people, is the eventful life of a 21 year old Idol blogger. Eventful? Indeed. Worth screwing up your sleep pattern? Not one bit.

The moral of this story kids; Go to sleep. It's nice to have the rest instead of staying awake and praying for 6pm to hit so that you can sleep until 6am the next day. Seriously... don't do what the Hell I do!

Though Twitter and Harry Potter Fanfiction is totally worth staying awake for, but again, don't listen to me. EVER!!!... Well okay, listen to me sometimes, like now.

Video of the Week

#Yuflight by Terashima Yufu

I've actually been listening to a lot of English songs. Mostly Disney and the OST from Legally Blonde: The Musical, so I actually had zero clue as to what video I would use as my Video of the Week (though I did contemplate Kasai Tomomi's Illumination, until it fucking annoyed me after a day of listening to it) until I saw THIS little gem. Okay, so I just saw it pretty much, but I enjoy it. And it has embedded itself into my brain. And it is just so. Damn. SWEET!!! Really, how could you hate on that sweet and innocent face that is Yufufu? She portrays the innocent, demure Doll so well in this and looks adorable, a bit like a Princess at parts, but always this adorably pure girl.
 Which I admittedly didn't think was possible, given she was in BiS after all. But I like this look for her more. It suits her a lot more, though her pure and innocent look was refreshing for BiS when she was a part of the group.

Anyway, #Yuflight is a sweet song and a cute PV, though the song does have a few issues, such as how Yufufu never changes her tone despite the sudden hitch in tempo. That said, at certain points of the song her vocals suit it perfectly, but every time the tempo goes up, I just... well, I want her to bring more life and emotion into her vocals. But she doesn't. Also at times she sounds a little flat, but really, who am I to talk about vocals and singing? I don't have a degree in music. Plus she's an Idol, and Idols typically don't need to sing well to get by (Hi, Kanako, Riho, Koharu... most red-coloured Idols) so yeah... still, I like her voice. It has a cute and calming sound, and it's very pleasant.

... Okay, I'm done now. BYE!!! <3

Picture of the Week

She is truly the one that will get away...

She's graduating soon, and I wanted a hot Idol in a bikini staring at me this week. Can you blame me for my perfect choice? Nope, didn't think so~


Hello! Pro Station #55 is here, and this week we are graced with the presence of Berryz Kobou's beautifully leggy Kumai Yurina! Shame we don't really see her legs in the video, aye? STILL!!! I wonder what we will see in today's episode?

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

The dance shot for C-ute's Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita! The dance shot for Berryz Kobou's 1 Oku 3 Senman Sou Diet Oukoku! Morning Musume sing A B C D E-cha E-cha Shitai live! C-ute perform Bagel no Ham and Cheese live! Berryz perform Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi live! Juice=Juice perform Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru (MEMORIAL EDIT) live! S/mileage perform Watashi, choi to Kawaii ura Bancho! The H!P Kenshuusei perform Ten Made Nobore! And Backstage at the Hello! Pro Concert with Nakajima Saki! Will you see anything you like this week?


I do wonder why UFP constantly decide to give the weaker vocals of MoMusu the lines, especially in lives. Then again, it's not like MoMusu has many strong vocals aside from Mizuki, Haruka, Zukki, Sakura and Mizuki... Oh well, I really liked the performance of A B C D E-cha E-cha Shitai sans the really bad vocals from most of the main vocalists.

... Also, dat C-ute song. Actually, that C-ute in general. Good Lord, I do hope they change my mind about them this year, cos even though I love them, they really did not change my impression of them, so I hope with such a strong start this year, they change my impression more. Also... HOT. DAMN!!!

The rest of it is pretty forgettable... XD XD XD #Shameless Chiima!

Hello! Project News

'Tsunku' announces the setlist for the up-coming HinaFes to the leaders of Hello! Project. Be sure to check it out!


I have to say, whatever miracle anti-wrinkle cream Tsunku has been using lately, it makes him look like a really cute young girl... actually, he looks a little bit like Hamaura Ayano!

Morning Musume

It has been revealed that Morimusume will hold their first performance together at LaForet Museum Roppongi on March 9th. There, they will perform their song Password 0.

On the same day, Morning Musume ('14) are set to hold a release event for their 55th single. Morimusu will perform during the 3rd event on that day.


It will be nice to hear the song in full, finally. I am pretty sure that many fans are anticipating this event... I know I look forward to it, even if I won't be there!!!

A video of Ikuta Erina trying to get to a handshake event all by herself on January 13th held at Kyoto has been uploaded. Be sure to take a look!


Ahhh, I do miss the videos where they show Eripon with her camera doing... well, travelling or infiltrating events that aren't her events. It's nice to see that management focuses on Eripon and how much of an individual she is when it comes to doing what the heck she wants to do. These videos... they're kind of weird in the fact that it's just travelling, but it's so refreshing and nice to see this focus on Eripon. Ahhhhhh, I do love Eripon! ^o^ <3

Another video of Ikuta Erina travelling to a handshake event has been uploaded! This time we see Eripon travel to Aichi for the event with her companion. Be sure to check it out!


Even though she has a strange voice... her vocals are oddly soothing. I love her voice XD But really, how did her travel videos become a point of interest for people!? That said, it was sweet to hear some girls fangirl over seeing her and how she reacted to them happily. YAAAY!!!

Berryz Kobou

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou will participate at a special Family Mart campaign with their song Otona Nanoyo! from February 18th until the 25th!


It would have been funnier if they campaigned with their song about diets, because you know... It's a convenience store... Okay, so maybe only I would find that funny... >o>

Campaign Website

Berryz Kobou have been featured on the cover of Idol Frontline 2014!


Oh look, there's a fucking Gremlin in the front centre... let's grab our pitch forks and torches, kay guys? BURN THE HORNED KING!!!!

Hello! Online Twitter | Amazon


C-ute will hold their first performance in Taipei on May 24th it has been announced! The performance has been titled C-ute Cutie Circuit ~First Trip to Tapei~!


Holy crap... OH MY GOD, THIS. IS. AMAZING!!!! I am seriously HAPPY! Now, announce their England tour!!!


Katsuta Rina will hold her birthday Fanclub event on April 7th, it has been revealed.


And there she will dominate the stage, further proving how good her voice is, and how under-used she is in S/mileage...


It has been revealed that Juice=Juice will perform at LiVE GiRLPOP Vol. 3 ~Flowery~ to be held on April 27th! More artists to be announced soon.


It's nice to see that Juice=Juice are still a rather popular choice for these random but fun live events. Hopefully many of their fans will attend. If I could, I would. Hell yes, I would totally be there! Sadly, only my thoughts can be there... -sobs-

Up-Front Promotion News

A UFZS Interview titled Before the Stage / Konatsu Furukawa has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to take a look!


A fun little interview with the cute and humorous leader of UFZS, I think this is a pretty interesting take on small interviews. It's nice to hear their thoughts on set, without any prompt or script for what to say. I like that sense of being suddenly asked, with no refinement in how they speak after being asked a question suddenly. It is really refreshing XD


Mano Erina will hold solo performances in June, it has been revealed. The event has been titled Again ~Live House de Moetsukiyou!~ and will be Mano's first solo live performance since her graduation from Hello! Project last year.

There will be two shows on each concert date, with the first concert on June 8th and the second performances to be set on June 29th.


Where is her solo single announcement? I want that to kinda happen... even it's only a one-off thing. BUT HEY!! Woohoo, CONCERTS!!! <3 Doki Doki... BABY!!!

J-Pop Idols



On February 16th, Sashihara Rino opened up her official Twitter account!


... I will be seriously surprised if you didn't know this already. And if you don't... Well, what are you waiting for!? GET GOING AND FOLLOW HER!!!

Misc Idols and Groups News

Ueno Yuuka will release her third single, a Dounle A-side titled Diamond Days ~Kokoro no Tsubasa~ / Dear my hero on April 23rd. There will be two types available, Type A and Type B, with Type A coming with a DVD containing the MV and making of for the song Diamond Days ~Kokoro no Tsubasa~ whilst Type B will come with a DVD containing the MV and making of for Dear my Hero.

Diamond Days ~Kokoro no Tsubasa~ will be used as the theme song for the movie Setouchi Kaizoku Monogatari whilst Dear my hero will be used as the theme song for the up-coming movie 1/11 which is out on April 4th.

Both songs are being used as the theme tunes for the movies Setouchi Kaizoku Monogatari and 1/11 (Dear my hero).

Yuuka Ueno will be a part of the cast for 1/11.


This. THIS is the news I have been waiting for ever since Winter Kiss came out. Yuuka-sama's 3rd fucking single. THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!! 2014, YOU ARE COMPLETE!!!

But whhhhy is it April for a release date!? WAAAAAH!!!!! I need it nooooow!!! Yuuka!!!!!

Also, just so ya know, Dear my hero sounds so effing beautiful I almost cried. Then again, we all know that I have a bias with Ueno Yuuka... BUT STILL, SHE IS AMAZING, AND I AM SO HAPPY NSCIKJCJSDNCIKJSDNVKJCXN <3

Type A | Type B

YuiKaori will release their new single, titled LUCKY DUCKY!!, on April 9th. There will be two editions available, a Regular edition and a Limited edition that comes with a DVD.

This will be the first single of 2014 for YuiKaori, and the first single release in over a year since Shiny Blue was released back in March 2013.


Holy. Fuck. YES!!! First Yuuka-sama's single is announced, and now YUIKAORI!!! BEST. DAY. EVER! And that fucking title, it makes me think of their album names (Puppy, Bunny...) but let's damn well hope that LUCKY DUCKY!! isn't as ear-deafening as Puppy was... @.@

Regular Edition | Limited Edition | King Records Release Information

(Top Left: CD+DVD Top Right: CD+Mini Photobook Bottom Centre: CD-Only)

It has been revealed that Endo Mai, who recently graduated from Idoling!!! on February 14th, will be releasing her second single titled MUJINA, to be released on May 14th.

The single will be available in three editions.


And the best-looking cover for a single goes to...

No seriously, she looks fucking HOT O-O I see why you like her, Steve


It has been revealed that Tokyo Girls' Style and Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) will share a live stage together for one night. On April 24th, at SHINJUKU BLAZE in Tokyo, the two groups will join together for DOUBLE COLOR session. 1, a project that aims to bring two groups together to create satisfying live events for both the groups featured.


Initially when I saw this announcement, I was really surprised. TGS is a group now known for a more mature and cool approach, whilst Up Up Girls is known for really amazing performances, fun songs and bursting energy that is unrivaled. It will be really interesting to see how well these two groups bounce off of each other if you ask me, because they could both be serious competition for each other, and it could make a pretty fun and competitive live event.

Needless to say, this is a rather interesting duo of groups going on here.

Tokyo Girls Update

(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, B, C & D versions, Magi Limited Pressing and Regular Edition)

It has been revealed that 9nine will release their new single, titled With You / With Me, which set for release on March 12th. The title song is currently being used as the Ending theme for the TV Anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

There will be six editions, with the special Limited Magi pressing being available until the end of June this year.

Limited A, B and C versions of the single will include a DVD's with footage varying from the Music Videos (Type A) to Live event footage (Types B and C). Limited D edition will come with a photobook.

The track list for the single has also been released.

Track List:

1. With You / With Me
2. Positive
3. Party9
(+ Instrumentals)

DVD Track List:

Limited A:
1. With Me / With You (MV)
2. With Me / With You (Dance ver.)

Limited B:
Evolution No.9 Summer Zepp Diver City
1. OPENING DANCE ~ Shoujo Traveler (live)
2. Anemone mo ne (live)

Limited C:
Evolution No.9 Summer Zepp Diver City
1. One Kiss (live)
2. Evolution No.9


Those are some seriously cute covers... too bad I kinda don't give a fuck about the song, though admittedly, the song is pretty too. And the PV. But it's just... bland...

It is kind of sad that I don't care much about 9nine now, I admit that... ;w; <3 But what can ya do, aye?

Tokyo Girls Update | Comtrya Sugoi | J-Pop Idols

(Top Left to Bottom Centre: Regular edition, Limited edition & Limited edition with DVD)

The jacket covers for Terashima Yufu's debut solo single, titled #Yuflight, have been revealed! The single, which is set for release on February 26th, will come in three editions.


I am going to be serious here and say that I only like the Regular edition cover. In a way, Yufufu (that's what I will call her...) looks a little creepy... Like Paruru, but not as creepy as Paruru is. It's that smile. And those moon-crescent eyes. And her hair reminds me of a traditional Japanese Doll. In a beautiful, weird way.


Tokyo Girls Update | J-Pop Idols

It has been announced that the Idol group Palet will hold a special event titled Palet Hide and Seek ~Akihabara~ on February 19th. The event is a part of a campaign for their second single release, Keepon Lovin' You, which is set for an April 23rd release. The group will play hide and seek in Akihabara with the fans.

Two of the group members Saki Takeda and Mizuki Kimoto will be the participants for the campaign, and will run and hide in Akihabara as well as tweet fans (roughly) every 10 minutes with clues of their whereabouts. Fans who manage to find the idols will be given a hand-written certificate and will also be able to shoot a souvenir photo with the Idols.


The event will be long dead by the time this article is up, but what the heck? I think it's an interesting idea and I want to write about, so damn it, I will! It's cute, childish and refreshing... and I bet the fans will LOVE IT!!!

Tokyo Girls Update | J-Pop Idols

PV/Song Previews

The trailer for 1/11, set to release on April 4th this year, has been revealed! The trailer includes a preview of Yuuka Ueno's new song, Dear my hero, which is featured in the movie and one side of her 3rd single.

1/11 is the film adaptation of Nakamura Takatoshi's manga of the same name, and follows the story of Andou Sora, a boy who plans to give up soccer after his middle school graduation when he feels he has reached the limit of his talent.


I really love mangas or films themed around sports (even if I don't seem like the type, actually) because they are so inspiring and usually have strong characters and embody the idea of energy even though it's something you are reading (watching it further fuels that energy, mind). I would actually watch this movie if ever it was released in the UK or given subtitles, because it looks so interesting! BRING. IT. ON!!!

Also... OMFG Dear my hero is so beautiful and perfect and OMG... #sobsplentylikeanidiot

The PV preview for Ieiri Leo's a boy has been revealed and shows the collaboration between the singer and the protagonist 'Leo' from Kimba the White Lion. The animation for the music video was done by Tezuka Productions Animator Nishida Masayoshi.

The collaboration came about when Tezuka Productions learned that Ieiri's stage name 'Leo' came from Kimba the White Lion.

The album a boy will be released on February 19th.


I never really put much thought into looking into Ieiri Leo's works, despite hearing such beautiful things about her from others. And now I kind of regret that decision. A LOT.


Press Release/Promotional Videos

JIJIPRESS and MAiDiGi TV have released press footage from Fairies' release event for their new single Run with U. Be sure to check it out!


I love it when Idols sound a lot worse live than when they do in the single. I especially like it when they yell instead of sings. Kind of like what Fairies are doing here. It's so cute, how they attempt to sing.

They still dance great, though.

MAiDiGi TV have released a new commercial for PEACH JOHN, featuring AKB48's Kojima Haruna sporting their underwear. Check it out and watch KojiHaru strip down after winning the Horse Race!


Yes, KojiHaru, because a woman's bra is the reason for her victory in a damn horse race... @.@

Performances and TV Appearances

On February 16th Morning Musume members Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon and Ishida Ayumi appeared on the show Panel Quiz Attack 25! Here they asked a question based on the Winter Olympics!


Good Lord, who styled them? Seriously, the only one with style and cute clothes is Ishida, and isn't she supposed to be the most un-stylish member? XD Someone on JPlop said that Fukuhime looked like she was wearing a potato sack, which is actually quite fitting for her, since she is a Potato Idol and all...

It's a bit late for Valentines, but here is a fun video from H!P's resident Gremlin, Momochi, as she gives chocolate to and thoroughly annoysthe Marines baseball team! Be sure to watch if you like this... person... XD


I want to hit her. So bad. In an affectionate way. Like, you know when you smack someone with a light-hearted nature? Yeah, that's what I want to do to Momochi. And then I want to bury her. In a light-hearted, affectionate and non-murderous way, of course.

... Who has a shovel I can borrow?



AAAAAAND THAT, folks, is all we have time for today! The Dinner of Idol News, whilst small, feeble, weak and a bit on the chewy side, is all I could rustle up for you all today. I apologise, BUT we must be thankful for the Idols and News that we have received, for one little piece of this news will be great for someone, and hopefully there was something nice to learn here today.

Until next time though, I shall say goodbye, tata and Ja ne. CHACHA!!!



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  4. Just to let you know, Furukawa Konatsu is the leader of UFZS not UUG.

  5. Crud muffins, thanks for letting me know! I always just think of her as the leader regardless XD XD I guess its because she has that aura?

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