Saturday, 15 February 2014

Okay! Musume Digest #88

Chiima, you're late! -slaps round the face with a frying pan- DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!

... Happy Post-Valentine's Day, yo!

This week, in Digest Times...

Graduations from READY TO KISS and Prizmmy☆! Design costumes for Morning Musume '14's concert! Iikubo Haruna starts a Manga column in Top Yell magazine! Wada Ayaka to release an Art Review Book! LinQ's Himesaki Ami to become a Vocaloid Idol! X21 TO FINALLY DEBUT!!!!! AKB48 star in a Zombie game! Kyary to hold a student-only event! Yokoyama Rurika to release her first Album!!! AND MORE!!! Are you ready to Digest!?

... I have a giant headache, and I want to sleep. But I need to finish this Digest first... -dies-

HELLO EVERYONE, AND WELCOME BACK TO THE DIGEST!!!! How are you? What, I'm late? Erm, no... I'm not... -shifty eyes- YOU ARE IMAGINING THINGS!!!! YEAH, that's it!!!!

Okay okay okay, yes, I am tremendously late with this post, and I actually have no excuse other than that I'm kind of still in 'Holiday' mode if you will. I mean, after taking that break from blogging I still seem to have the idea that I don't need to update with a Digest. Which I do. But I just haven't thought about it... and I am an idiot for thinking that way.

Don't forgive me, I must be seethed at!!!!

Anyways... yeah, other than that I really have done nothing of importance this week other than laze about, have a sleepover (YAY!!!!) and rest a bit more. I even took a day off from the internet, yipee! And that's actually my aim for myself, to try and have one day a week at least away from the laptop and internet in general, to detox and relax and just fix my mind up a bit. It's a plan I hope to keep up, because I think it will benefit me plenty. What do you all think, hmm???

OKAY! Enough chitter-chatter, let's get on with this DAMNED Digest, aye? LET'S GO!!!

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f to find your way through the post! Have fuuuun~~~~

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... Gawd I sound like a Commercial right about now, don't I? :/


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Video of the Week

Sakura Countdown by Otome Shinto

When I think of Sakura/Graduation songs, I think of dull or pretty ballads. Mostly dull thanks to AKB48 killing them with too-high, down tempo songs that they release every. Damn. Year. So of course, I half-expected a ballad-like song from Otome Shinto. I say half-expected, because this group is so high on energy and sugar I kind of expected a fast-paced, up-beat song full of crazy energy and terrible vocals.

... I got the terrible vocals, but the song really isn';t that high, so yes I am a little surpised, because I never in a million years thought that Otome Shinto could pull it off, and they can. Still, it's nice to see this side of them, and the video is really sweet too. I really enjoyed it and found it lovely to watch. Once again, Otome Shinto have managed to impress me, which always amazes me because I am so against groups with shrieking children in them. Ah, well.

... However I have to stop listening to them now, because whilst the instrumental for Sakura Countdown is lovely and all, their shit vocals and lack of pitch or tune is making my headache worse. Until I can handle you girls, I will be leaving off on a low note. Damn, a low note would be sweet from you one day. Alas, that will never come... Love you, though <3

Picture of the Week

"It's not Valentine's Day any more, but I still want you to know that I love you all... <3"

Eripon sent me a heart <3 I am in love with her more now!!! <3


Hello! Pro Station #54 is here, and along with it comes our MC Tamura Meimi! Let's hope she's not hungry, aye?

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

The PV for C-ute... REVEALED!!! One of those dance shots from Berryz Kobo! S/mileage perform Ii yatsu at CLUB CITTA! Morning Musume '14 perform Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashina at CLUB CITTA! Meimi does a fashion check! And backstage scenes at the H!P concert, courtesy of Nakajima Saki! Be sure to check it out!


Holy shit fuck chicken nuggets, that PV and song for C-ute... HOLY COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO IT'S GOOD!!! What. The. Fuck? It has... substance. A theme. It... Has... BRILLIANCE!!! Holy. Crap.


Who cares about anything else in this!? THAT PV!!!! DAT. P.V. HOT. DAMN!!!!!!


Hello! Project News

Berryz Kobo, Hello! Pro Kenshuusei and THE Possible have all graced the latest covers of Anican R Yanyan!!!


So, er... yeah, when are we announcing that Rikako is a soloist?

Country Musume will be holding auditions for new members. Applicants must be between the ages of 10-17, and have an interest in farming or agricultural activities. The auditions started on February 12th, and will end on March 31st.

A website for the auditions has been created.


I decided to write about the auditions here because I wanted to add the start and end date, as well as the age restrictions and blah. Of course I have already written about it, so my thoughts on it can be found somewhere on here... I'll use my own blog as a source! YAAAY!!!!


Morning Musume

It has been revealed that Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa/ Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai/ What is LOVE? has been certified GOLD by RIAJ!!!! Congratulations to Morning Musume!




Morning Musume '14 members Michishige Sayumi, Fukumura Mizuki, Sayashi Riho and Kudo Haruka have all graced the cover of Weekly Shounen Sunday!

See all of the beautiful images via JPLOP!!!


It's weird to see barely-given-any-lines Haruka there o-o but it's refreshing to see that they are actually promoting her along the likes of MM '14's weakest vocalists... wow.

Weekly Shounen Sunday Website | JPLOP

J-MELO and Morning Musume '14 have once again launched a collaboration project together, but this time it is for Costume Designs! The Project wants YOU, the female fans (sorry guys!), to design new performance costumes for Morning Musume '14's concert stage! What will you create?


See this made me excited, because whilst I could have easily submitted videos of me singing or dancing, and making a fool out of myself in the process, this is an idea that is easier for me and also fun for me to do! However, it's also tricky XD But as Aim said, if we have already seen the monstrosity of what H!P staff call stage costumes for MM '14, then this may be easy as piss to pull off. Oops, I mean pie.

Either way, GET DRAWING, PEOPLE!!!!


A new au CM featuring MoriMusume has been revealed! The CM features the music of Password 0, the groups own original song, in the background! Be sure to listen out for it!

Other CM's will be featured in the source and on the official au website!


Surprisingly, the first time I heard the music for Password 0, I just couldn't help but think 'Oh for FUCKS SAKE' because it is more EDM crap. But I like the CM, it's funny, with weird dance moves.

JUMP!!!! 0!!!!

A short preview for MoriMusume's original song Password 0 has been revealed! Hear the clearer quality and see if you like it!


Again... I don't give a fuck about it much right now.

au Music Store

It has been revealed that Top Yell magazine will feature a new series titled Harunan no 365 Manga Days.

There is also an article featured in Top Yell magazine where Haruna and Ayumi talk about Manga, and how Haruna influenced Ayumi to read Manga.







(Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited A, B & C and Regular A & Regular B)

The HQ covers for C-ute's up-coming single, Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta no Shitemita / Love Take It All have been revealed! Check them all out!


Holy Fuck me Mai o-o

C-ute's profile images have been updated, so go take a look!


Holy crap, Mai is... well, she's perfect o-o <3 MY HAARTO!!!!

The DVD Digest for Suzuki Airi's ~19 no Utagoe~ Futatabi fanvcub event has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


A delicious Digest... Why delicious you ask? WE HEAR AIRI SING, THAT'S WHY DELICIOUS!!!! Also, she wears a Union Jack dress. HOLY CRAP YES!!!! Now fly to Britain, girl!!!!

It has been revealed that Yajima Maimi will appear on the TV Tokyo Comedy/Drama show Urero mi Taiken Shoujo season 3, which stars Hayami Akari. The episode will air on February 21st, so be sure to watch out for it!

The preview for the episode is up, so check it out!


Oh look, Maimi in Seifuku! BASK IN THE PURENESS, PEOPLE!!!!!


It has been revealed that Wada Ayaka will release a book containing the reviews of her 10 articles on Art, along with additional reviews that have not been released. The book has been titled Maiden's Guide to Paintings and is set for a March 15th release.

Furthermore, an English-written article has been released about Wada Ayaka's life as an Idol as well as her love for art, and how she studies it and balances both her love for the subject and her life in S/mileage.

Be sure to check out the article, and look forward to the release of Ayaka's book!


When I saw the news that Dawa would be releasing her review articles on paintings as a book, I was really surprised and happy for her. It's great that she will be able to contain these reviews of the paintings she has enjoyed so much in a book to share with fans, so I am really happy for her.

The article on Dawa and her life as an Idol and love for Art is interesting and really well written. It takes a great look into Dawa's life and lets us see what got her into Art and how it can be difficult to put emotion into both her career and her enjoyment. It's an interesting read, so please do check it out on The Japan News!


The cover for Juice=Juice's first official photobook, titled Juice=Juice's 1st OFFICIAL PHOTO BOOK, has been revealed! The photobook follows the history of the group from their debut in February last year, and will include unreleased photo's of the members from their UTB photoshoots, as well as images taken during their performances, backstage, at release events, during MV filmings and more. The book will also contain interviews with the members.

The book is set for release on February 27th to mark their first anniversary.


Wozaers, has it really been a year? Time sure does fly by, why, it was only yesterday that they debuted with... with...

OH MY GAWD, AINA!!!!! -blubs and blubs-

The DVD Digest for Miyamoto Karin and Uemura Akari's fanclub birthday event DVD has been released! Be sure to bask in the loveliness of these two girls and enjoy the video!


Good Lord, they really brought out the legs of Akari in this one o-o I want to see her in shorts more... <3 Ahhhh, my Akarin~ And d'awww, Karin is so cute. I love that little ear peeping though!

AND OMG!!! THEY SANG BALLAD-LIKE SONGS!!! Yes, my life is COMPLETE!!!!! YES!!! <3 Hot dang, Hare Ame Nochi Suki by Karin is perfect... #sobs

Up-Front Promotion News

Sengoku Minami graces the cover of Young Animal magazine! Be sure to ogle, you're allowed!


Wait, is she even legal yet?

Hello! Online Twitter | Amazon

On February 14th, Takahashi Ai and Abe Koji registered their marriage and held a press conference at Yokohama Marine Tower.

During the press conference, when asked about children, Takahashi Ai explained that they had no plans as of yet for any children, however in the future they would like three children. She also expressed that if she ever had a daughter, she would like for her to be a part of Morning Musume.
"I came out to Tokyo from the countryside, so I faced homesickness and many other difficulties. However, I am planning on living in the Kanto region, so I don't have to worry about that. I'm sure there will be hardships, but I hope she will be able to join in the future. Although that's something Tsunku♂-san decides."
"I've received a lot of advice from Fujimoto Miki-chan. Also, Nakazawa Yuko-san contacted me saying, 'Today is possibly the last night you're going to be single.' Everyone is watching over me warmly."
"He really took care of me. Tsunku♂-san and I talked about how he also had comedian friends." - Takahashi Ai (Tokyohive Translation)
Abe added;
"There were things to consider. Wherever we go or wherever we appear, we will be criticized [by the press]. It was rather scary."
"However, after we announced our engagement, we weren't criticized or lashed at, we were given blessings by people of the same sex and of the opposite sex." - Abe Koji (Tokyohive Translation)

Ahhh, it's so surreal that Ai-butt is now married... Oh, wait, I heard something. It's weeping, I think. Or maybe the shattering hearts of many Wota? Yeah, that's it! OH DEAR!!!!

Congrats, Ai-butt!!!! Pure no more you ain't! HAHAHA -cackles-


(Top Left: Type A Top Right: Type B Bottom Left: Type C and Bottom Right: Theatre Release Commemorative Special edition)

The covers for Maeda Atsuko's up-coming single, Seventh Chord, have been revealed! The single is set for a March 5th release.


I am loving these covers! That sepia hue and the use of block colours gives off that feeling of old-school photography as well as an 80's vibe. Admittedly Type B looks awkward as fuck, but what can ya do? The Theatre Commemorative Special edition is pretty damn flawless though. Love the idea of using the image of a black room there.

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls Update | J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that Kasai Tomomi will release her first photobook this coming March. The photobook was shot in Hawaii, and will include images of the former AKB48 member shopping, enjoying a barbeque, surfing for the first time and strolling.

Kasai's first photobook was originally planned for a 2013 release before she left AKB48, however it was cancelled due to scandal and because of the photobook containing an image classed as inappropriate.


So, Kasai. Does this one contain any children in it?

J-Pop Idols


(Top Left: Type A Top Right: Type B Bottom Centre: Type C)

The covers for AKB48's 35th single, titled Mae Shika Mukanee, have been revealed! There will be six editions available; Types A, B and C in Regular editions, and Types A, B and C in Limited editions.


I really like these covers, they are probably the best from AKB in a while I think. They have a very energetic, positive look to them and just look all around cool and lively. I especially love the expression of Yuko on Type C, it's very expressive and out there. Nicely done, and just so... amazing!

MAiDiGi TV have released the trailer for AKB48's new arcade game Sailor Zomie ~AKB48 Arcade Edition~. Be sure to check it out!


Holy crap, I want to play it! It actually looks like a lot of fun, I want to see AKB as Zomies!!! Hahahaha this would be so much fun!!!


On February 8th, HKT48 finally revealed the title and senbatsu members for their 3rd single! The single, titled Sakura, Minna de Tabeta, will be released on March 12th. The centre position has been claimed by Tashima Meru and Tomonaga Mio.

The senbatsu is as follows;

Anai Chihiro / Oto Aika / Kodama Haruka / Sashihara Rino / Nakanishi Chiyori / Matsuoka Natsumi / Miyawaki Sakura / Murashige Anna / Motomura Aoi / Moriyasu Madoka / Akiyoshi Yuka / Fuchigami Mai / Tanaka Miku / Yabuki Nako / Tashima Meru / Tomonaga Mio.


At times like this, I really wish that HKT, or AKB and their sister units in general, had a similar system to what Nogizaka46 has; switching out the centre position with every single to give the girls, or at least the senbatsu, a fairer chance to shine. Oh well, I'm not Aki P, so I can't say what goes.


Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols


It has been announced that NG46 member Wakatsuki Yumi will make an appearance in the drama Shitsuren Chocolatier on February 17th. In the episode she will play as a college student rivalling the affections of the character Koyorugi Matsuri, the sister of the leading character played by Matsumoto Jun.

This will be Wakatsuki's second Drama, after Bad Boys J in 2013.


I really like seeing news pop up about the NG46 members acting in Drama's. I don't know why, but it makes me really like them more and gives me hope. I guess I just like seeing Idols act in a way...

Then again, I like acting myself, so I guess that's why XD CONGRATS, GIRL!!!!


On February 7th it was announced that Cindy Gulla of JKT48 will graduate from the group. In her explanation for her graduation, she cited that she has learned a lot from being in JKT48 these past two years, however has fulfilled her dream. She hopes to go on to gain new experiences now.

Cindy is a first generation member and a part of Team J.


She looks so sweet... it's a shame that she's graduating, but hey, if she knows that she has fulfilled a dream and wants to find a new one, then good for her! She knows what she wants to do, and she's smart enough to leave behind a dream she has fulfilled already. You go girl, and good luck!

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been announced via the official READY TO KISS staff blog that members Nagafuji Aoi and Kobayashi Rena will be withdrawing from the group at the end of February and in March due to circumstances regarding their families. The announcement, though sudden, hints that the girls had planned to withdraw, however their plans were moved forward to unforeseen circumstances.

Aoi will leave at the end of February, whilst Rena is set to leave during the middle or end of March.

Aoi's Twitter account has already been deleted, and Rena has not updated her Twitter account since February 9th due to instructions from the groups Officials.


I was really shocked to see the announcement, mostly because this group has only just started out and also because Aoi and Rena have just returned to the Idol world. It's such sad news too, but we can't stop it. I have no clue what the girls' reasons are for leaving (they don't have personal blogs any more) other than that Rena stated it is something to do with her family, and I can only speculate that the same goes for Aoi too, as it is the only reason given.

All we can do is wish both Rena and Aoi luck, and hope that they are successful in their every day lives. They had a short time in RediKisu, but it was nice to see them back in the industry for that short time they were with us. I will miss them.

... I wonder if RediKisu will stay as a 3-nin unit, or if they will audition for new members? Who knows!!!


It has been announced that Sema Ayami of Prizmmy☆ will graduate from the group on March 30th. The reasons are currently unknown, but may be made clear at a later date.


Holy doodle-dip, this was unexpected o-O If anything, Prizmmy☆ was the group I never expected to have a graduation. A mass graduation of, like, the entire group. Yes. One person? NOOOOPE!!!!

Surprised. SERIOUSLY surprised ._. AND I DON'T EVEN FOLLOW THEM!!!

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that Idoling!!! member Yokoyama Rurika will release her very first album on March 19th! The album has been titled lapis lazuli and will be released on March 19th.

The album will include her singles Walk My Way, Your Voice, My Life and her latest single Mega Raba. Eight new songs will be included in the album and will be available in 3 versions; Limited Edition, Complete Production Edition and Regular Edition.

The Limited Edition will come with a DVD including the making-of footage for the album, and interview with Yokoyama commenting on the songs and also a studio session video of two of the songs. The Complete Production Edition will include a photobook and original towel.


This was news that really surprised me, but pleased me greatly. I may not be a fan of Yokoyama Rurika (only time will tell), but I am really happy that she will be getting her first original album! This will have made so many fans excited, and I'm excited too! Hopefully everyone who enjoys Rurika's music will anticipate it greatly, and hopefully I will get to listen to it and see if I enjoy it... please look forward to it!!!


It has been revealed that the latest group from JE, Johnny's WEST, will now be a 7 member unit! The new members have been revealed to be Hamada Takahiro (25), Kamiyama Tomohiro (20) and Fujii Ryusei (20).

The 7 members have been together since their junior days, and according to member Nakama, it felt right that these members were together as a unit after performing with the three new members during the Kansai Johnny's Jr. Concert. The group members at the time went directly to Johnny Kitagawa and asked about adding the members to the group, and received an approval.

The group changed their name from Johnny's WEST4 to Johnny's WEST, and will make their CD debut this April.


My first reaction to the News: MORE HOT MEN!!!!! Or, hopefully-Hot-Men.

Second Reaction: YAAAAY, MORE MEN!!!!!!

I want to follow this group and get invested in them. Help me, Thennary-sama!!!! XD AIM-SAMA, HELP MEEEE XD XD XD

Tokyohive | Never Ending Music Power

It has been announced that NEWS will release their Tokyo Dome Concert live on DVD and Blu-ray! The up-coming release has been titled NEWS 10th Anniversary in Tokyo Dome and is set for a March 19th release.

The DVD/Blu-ray will include 3 discs, with discs 1 and 2 including the live footage and disc 3 including special footage as well as footage from the groups reward trip.


I don't follow NEWS, but I saw that image of them and though Hot Damn, I need to update about them because they look gorgeous. No joke, that was my reason for even updating you all on them.

Who is that Hot-ass in the pink, and the Hot-ass in purple? HOT. DAMN!!!


On February 25th, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will hold her student-only event at SHIBUYA-AX it has been revealed! This will be her first student-only event and has been titled Kyary Pamyu Pmayu Goukan Goudou Sotsugyoushiki. The event will commemorate the release of the strange Idol's first graduation song, Yume no Hajimarinrin. The single will be released on February 26th.

In order to attend the event, students must wear their school uniforms, and the event will feature a mini-live from Kyary herself as well as feature a surprise stage that is related to a graduation ceremony.


The idea of a student-only live is really interesting, much like children-only or girls-only lives. When will there be a beards-only and bald men-only live event, aye?

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls Update

On February 1st, it was announced that LinQ member Himesaki Ami would make her solo debut as the Vocaloid Idol amihime. This is the first time for T-Palette Records to have a Vocaloid Idol within their company.

amihime also has an official Twitter account, so be sure to follow!


HOLY CRAP-A-DOODLE THAT IS AWESOME O-O Though I obviously don't listen to much Vocaloid... BUT STILL! AWESOME!!! <3

Tokyo Girls' Update | amihime Twitter

It has been revealed that Momoiro Clover Z will release a new single in May! The crack-pot group announced the singles release during their Valentine's Day live on February 11th, and the single will include the coupling track Doudou Heiwa Sengen, the theme song for the movie Idai Naru, Shurabon.

The single is set for release on May 7th.


Another MomoClo Z single I won't listen to. Or will I? If it's anything like that awesome Furby song, I WILL BE THERE!!!!

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls Update

(Top Left: Limited edition, Top Right: CD+DVD and Bottom Centre: CD only)

On March 19th the Idol group X21 will finally make their debut! The group was formed back in January 2013 and is made up of finalists from The 13th Japan Bishoujo Contest. There are 21 members, with an average age of 14 years old.

The group will release their debut single titled Asu eno Sotsugyo, which will be released on March 19th.

For the groups first CD release, only 12 of the 21 members were chosen as the senbatsu.


It's great that an Idol group is debuting, however my question is this; Why in HELL'S BELLS are you only showing off 12 of them? 21 isn't a big number (Hi, AKB!!!!) and I am pretty sure that you could wedge another 9 of them in the freakin' video or recordings!!!!

... Now, I need to listen to the song... when I can be bothered.

Tokyo Girls Update | J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that SUPER☆GiRLS will release their first Best of Album, titled Chouzetsu Best 2010-2014 on March 26th and will include all of the groups hits from when they debuted until now. There will also be a DVD containing all of the groups MV's as well as bonus footage on the DVD and Blu-ray editions.

The CD only edition will also contain two bonus tracks.


And just how does this group warrant a 'Best of'? Then again, how did MM warrant an ~Updated~ best of? We shall never know...~

Eh, congrats SG!

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that will release their new single, Sakura Apparition, on March 12th! There will be 9 editions available, with six of those editions available as special types that include solo's from each of the group members! The other 3 editions include a Type A, Type B and a Regular edition.

The single also includes the collaboration song Fancy Hoppe Ufufu with candy-lolly company Chupa-Chups!


I love the name of the Chupa-Chups song, but the song Sakura Apparition makes me think of a calming, soothing sound... but nope. This is I doubt calm and soothing is in their dictionary of squeakyness.

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that songs from Morning Musume, AKB48, SKE48, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Momoiro Clover Z, Dream5, C-ute and other artists will be included in the new JUST DANCE game for the Wii U.


Impressive lineup there in terms of Japanese songs. But of course, the one I am the most ecstatic about being in there is DREAM45! HOLY CRAP YEEEEEEAH BABY D8< MY BABIES ARE IN IT!!!! WHOO!!!!

Inside Games

STAND-UP! Project is here! Chiyomaru Shikura, the executive company director of 5pb, Mages. Inc and also co-producer of AKIHABARA Backstage Pass has now created STAND-UP! Project under Mages. Inc, and is looking for girls to audition for two new Idol Units! The two new groups that girls can audition for will release songs for Anime, games and more!

The auditions are open from February 14th until March 10th, and requires an age limit of 12-25 years old! Girls who are auditioning must not be signed to a Talent agency, Theatrical company or any other organizations or entertainment systems.


O-O This was unexpected, like... really unexpected! Given that Shikura has 5pb, Afilia Saga, Bakusute... you would think this would be enough, right? But wow, he's ambitious and has made another company... that's amazing XD Hopefully this works out, and he creates a great new Idol unit or two out of it.

Let's see some cute girls!!!! YEAH!!!

STAND-UP! Project Audition Page | Facebook (IDOLS IDOLS IDOLS)

Afilia Saga are looking to recruit new members! Much like the STAND-UP! Project auditions, the age limit is between 12-25 and starts from February 14th until March 10th.


I expected auditions for Afilia Saga to start up again, however... AUDITIONS!? First and foremost, Afilia Saga usually takes on members from the Afilia Saga Kingdom, so this is rather strange to see that they are allowing girls to apply for a position in the group. (It also explains why the age limit is 25, though) That said, it's nice to see that they are opening public auditions for Afilia Saga. Why? Because fresh meat, that's why! Also, it states on one of the information bubbles that if you audition, you must be happy with being an 'Idol that is employed', which basically means an Idol who is willing to do work, like the Afilia girls do. They are, first and foremost, Maids. Idols is their secondary job, a pass-time if you will, but serving customers is their first job above anything else.

This is interesting to say the least, and yes I am looking forward to what may happen. Hmm....

STAND-UP! Project

PV/Song Previews

The PV preview for Mae Shika Mukanee, Oshima Yuko's final single with AKB48, has been revealed! The song is upbeat, fun and loud with a live setting for the PV and plenty of movement! Be sure to check it out and enjoy!


I heard this song once and then forgot what it sounded like, but listening to it again it's really upbeat and lively, and it reminds me of AKB48 when they actually did different sounds and amazing compositions. Yeah, before they got a bit shit. It's nice to see that the preview offers a simplistic PV as well for such an intense song, but it fits it well.

I look forward to the entire thing, actually! Weird o-o

The PV preview for Maeda Atsuko's new single, Seventh Chord, has been revealed! The music video was shot in Vladivostok, Russia and directed by Kurosawa Kiyoshi. The new music video combines scenes from Maeda's up-coming movie Seventh Code and scenes of her singing.

Through this preview, we also see scenes from the movie starring the popular Idol. Be sure to take a look and anticipate the release!


A true movie-made music video, aye? The song sounds pretty nice too, and I swear, I am liking Maeda more ever since she graduated AKB. It seems like she has learned the art of expression and emotion. How she acts now though is a mystery.

Press Release/Promotional Videos

The official trailer for THE NEXT GENERATION PATLABOR/ Episode One has been revealed! Be sure to check it out!

THE NEXT GENERATION PATLABOR/ Episode 0 will be released on April 5th. Look forward to it!


I SEE MANOOOOOO!!!!!! And that is seriously all that matters~ MANOOOOOOO~~~

Youtube | Tokyo Girls Update

The TV CM for AKB48 Stage Fighter has been revealed! The CM was made to promote the video game of the same name. The game is a card-system battle game, where the player aims to help their Oshi become the centre girl to save the world.

In the MV, we see the girls challenge long jump to see who can jump the farthest. Be sure to check the CM out!


The CM does not really make me want to buy the game... it just makes me want to run and jump!

S/mileage members Wada Ayaka, Nakanishi Kana and Katsuta Rina comment on the event Forest for Rest ~SATOYAMA & SATOUMI he ikou 2014~ so please check it out!


I wonder when those wasted SATOYAMA x SATOUMI groups will release new singles? Please release new singles. Except Peaberry. We don't need any more Peaberry, though they had nice songs despite the lacking vocal quality of the members.

... Yeah...


The DVD Digest for for Forest for Rest ~SATOYAMA he ikou~ Vol. 1 has been revealed, so take a look!


It would have been nice to see performances that weren't performed by two vocally inept children. Oh wait, an adult and child* Sorry. OH WELL!!!! At least they sound pleasant singing these sorts of songs. They kind of need to sing more of these, and not the high pitched screams that they perform now. Please.

Tsunku, take a fucking hint ._.

Oricon have released footage from the Marriage Press Conference of Takahashi Ai and Abe Koji! Be sure to check it out!


So they got married on a snowy day? How romantic and beautiful! Though they look like human chocolate bars... Oh crap, I'M CRAVING CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

MAiDiGi TV have released Press event footage of AKB48 members promoting the release of the Arcade game Zombie Sailor ~AKB48 Arcade Edition~! Be sure to check it out!


I like that it shows us the process behind the game, such as obviously using the members as the models and reconstructing the girls into 3D. It's pretty cool.

Performances and TV Appearances

Okai Chisato makes an appearance on P.night on BOMBER-E along with Yun*chi and another Tarento, so be sure to check it out!

The video is restricted from Playback here, so be sure to watch via the links given! Thank you!


It's amazing to see Chisato talk with other Idols/Tarento's rather than other H!P members. The variety is amazing, so I was really happy to see her talk to and hang out with other young women. I really like that she has taken a route in variety as an Idol, it's refreshing for her and her fans. It's actually amazing to see this side of her!

Part 1 | Part 2


Aaaaand that is all I have for you this week! Once again, my apologies for the Digest being late (again). Hopefully it won't happen next week... though I can't promise much more than that XD Hopefully what is here will Digest well with you, but until next time Dear Darling readers, I will have to bid you adieu! Ja ne, Tata and Bye bye~



  1. I'm always happy to help!

    For who is who with NEWS, the one in purple is Koyama Keiichiro who is the leader of the group. The one in pink is Tegoshi Yuya, whose name you might recall from a couple of AKS dating scandals. And to do the other to for completion's sake, yellow is Masuda Takahisa the other half of Tegomass with Tegoshi. Then the one in green is Kato Shigeaki who also writes novels and is BFFs with Koyama since their Junior days.

  2. Please, don't beat yourself up over being late. It takes time to get back into the blogging mood. (I'm one to talk.)

    #Weekly Happenings
    "Gawd I sound like a Commercial right about now, don't I? :/"
    Advertising, marketing, "image boosting," and just plain promoting involves sounding like a commercial. Don't worry about it.

    #Picture of the Week
    "Eripon sent me a heart <3 I am in love with her more now!!! <3"
    Thank you, Eripon! (You and me both.)

    #Hello! Project News
    "So, er... yeah, when are we announcing that Rikako is a soloist?"

    About the Country Musume auditions, I can't wait to see who will be chosen among the volunteers.

    Wada Ayaka likes art? As much as I have a love for all of the girls in the H!P banner (some more than others, but I barely hate anyone), she had just earned more points for me. I'll check out the article when I have the time.

    #Up-Front Promotion News
    Congrats to Ai Takahashi. Wait...

    "...if she ever had a daughter, she would like for her to be a part of Morning Musume."

    Wondering if Morning Musume will still be a thing when that comes aside (unthinkable to think that!), that might be an interesting scenario. Mark your calendars and synchronize your watches, wota!

    Anyway, nicely written digest! Again, don't worry about getting the blogging mojo back. If you try to force it, you'll throw off your groove.

    1. Awww thank you for saying that! Even though I have been posting quite regularly now, I don't feel like I am back in the blogging mood, though I want to be back in it soon. It's weird just... writing and basically being in a bubble of not realising I have written o-o It's seriously weird.

      I love your little comments about certain things, especially the Rikako one. It would be nice to have her as a soloist XD

      And yeah, I can't wait for Country Musume's auditions to see who would be chosen, though given that Tsunku views 'talent' as 12 year olds screaming down a microphone, I am also very very scared...

      Yeah, I was surprised to find out that Dawa likes Art, and it does earn respect points for her with me, as I used to really love Art as well. It's nice that she is so appreciative of Art and its beauty, and to have tried to study it for the leisure rather than the fact she knew she wanted it as a potential career.

      I would like to think MoMusu would be around that long, but one can never tell! It would certainly be interesting... Ai-butt the second!!!

      Thank you again, thank you!!! ; A; <3

  3. THANK YOU THENNARY <3 If it's Johnny's, I know I can truly turn to you! ;) <3

    Ahahaha thank you very much for letting me know this, and Yuya, I will not like you. Stop scandalising my Idoru's!!! > A< AND OMG TEGOMASS!? I haven't listened to them in a long time, though I liked one of their songs...

    I need to get into JE, I swear XD