Thursday, 6 February 2014

Okay! Musume Digest #87 - The B-B-B-BUMPER ISSUE!!!


Let's get it on!

This week, in Idol News...

MoriMusu! Morning Musume ('14) top the Oricon Weekly! Rinapuu to release her first solo DVD! Juice=Juice to release their first photobook, plus a new single announcement! Michishige Saho of Houkago Princess becomes a Cadet! Houkago Princess 6th gen Auditions! collaborate with Chupa Chups!? Fairies to release an album! Who are Team SyachiChoco? Utada Hikaru is getting Married!? And there is MORE!!!! Are you ready for the Digest?

HELLLOOOOOO EVERYOOOONE! Oh my gosh, I have missed you all! Where have I been, where have you been? Where has LIFE been!? Er... yeah!

As you all know, I took a break from my blogging life back in January, and whilst I did not completely rule out Idols in my life, I did take a seat back from them a little in order to detox myself and sort my little life out for the better. I was exhausted both mentally and physically as you all knew, and whilst I dearly missed blogging, I am thankful that I chose to take a break then. I needed it, and taking time away from my blogging life has been very helpful for me, though I will go into that more in another post. Why? Because gosh darned it, this is a Digest, and Digests are made for News and Idols, not my whining!!!! So there we go!

SO, without further ado I bring you my 87th Digest (3 to go, then 90! EEEEEP!!!!) that includes the News I found interesting from the time I went away, until this Wednesday (I can't be bothered to track todays updates, I swear...). I know I said I would update my Digest, and yet I didn't, but I was pretty relaxed and just so out of touch with blogging at that point that I felt I deserved the break away from even my Digest. Yes, I needed it that much...

Okay Chii, shut up now! They want the Digest (I think?) and the Digest they shall have! FORWARD... MARCH!!!

As always, please be sure to use the content column indicated as well as ctrl + f for easier navigation through the post! ENJOY!!! <3

(PS: I can't be bothered to add this weeks Hello! Pro Station, because it will only further lag my blog as I type, and also because I am lazy. Yup yup yuuup!!!)

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Weekly Happenings

Video of the Week

Morning Musume/Super Junior M MASHUP/REMIX - Help Me Break Down by JPKPMashups

... So a Mashup, aye? But not just any mashup... an EPIC MASHUP!!! Though to be honest, I only found out about this wicked-cool mashup today thanks to my sister. On her random findings when looking for an Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa CU version, she stumbled across a random mashup... and then she found this, and let's just say that it does not disappoint at all! It is just... wow. Wow and POW!!!

Basically, it's too cool for school and sounds better than the original in a way. I like it. It's catchy, cool and different, but still very MoMusu... ahhh, if only they did real remixesof their songs and not the electronic crap they attempt to do. I mean, seriously... even though this is only a mashup, it still sounds like a better remix version than what the MM Best does (and that was a terrible album in general, BLEH!) for any of their songs I believe.

This Mashup is fun, it is truly enjoyable and just a great listen! And it gets me interested in what other sounds Super Junior has to offer as well. If only I wasn't so lazy...~ XD

Picture of the Week


Because we all need a little bit more Sayu in our lives...~


Hello! Project News

The Hello! Project Members find out just WHO will be the solo acts for their up-coming Hinamatsuri festival! Be sure to watch and find out who will sing solo!!!


I am extremely happy with the soloists for this years Hinamatsuri, because a really talented bunch have come together! Seriously, the only one I would say is the ear-piercer of the bunch is Nyon,but she can sing really well when she wants to, so... yeah! Everyone is fabulous!

The sad reality is that no one from Juice=Juice managed to get a spot, yet most of S/mileage did! Sad days...

Can we switch out Nyon for Karin or Tomoko please?

The Hello! Project groups comment on the Solo Lottery and the up-coming Hinamatsuri festival, so be sure to take a look!


I am so happy Haruka was able to get the solo spot. That girl needs more lines in general! YEEEAH!!!

Morning Musume

On January 22nd, Tsunku announced during the au Presentation 2014 Spring press event that he had created the group MoriMusume and the members would include Morning Musume '14 and comedy trio Morisanchu members Oshima Miyuki and Kurosawa Kazuko. The third member, Murakami Tomoko, could not join as she will be on maternity leave.

As MoriMusu, the group will act as campaign characters for au and release CM's, promoting student discounts.

Tsunku has also hinted at a single release with the group, and revealed that this was his big challenge for the group this year.

An official website for the campaign has been created.


I remember staying up to watch this announcement, and there was a lot of disappointment on Twitter. Heck, I was disappointed, but this is the first unit for MoMusu in a long time, and also they are with a popular comedy trio as a part of this unit. That, and they are doing a campaign for a well known phone company (I believe) as well as being broadcasted across all of Japan in a CM! This is AMAZING NEWS!!!

I am extremely happy, and yes, I WANT A SINGLE!!!

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols | Official Campaign Website

Oda Sakura will hold her Birthday FC event on March 13th, ti has been revealed!


I wonder who her lackeys for this event will be? I personally hope that it is Eripon and Zukki, because then we will have two wonderful vocals, and the muscle of MoMusu's Man!!!

UFP FC Event Schedule

Morning Musume have graced the covers of CDJournal, Anican R Yanyan and GiRLPOP Magazines!!!

Fukumura Mizuki, Sayashi Riho, Ishida Ayumi and Kudo Haruka have all graced the cover of B.L.T. U-17 Vol. 29!!!

Fukumura Mizuki graces the cover of Young Gangan magazine!!!


Gosh darned it don't they look lovely? <3

CDJournal | Anican R Yanyan | GiRLPOP | B.L.T. U-17 | Young Gangan

Sayashi Riho has been featured on Digimono Station!


... Wow that styling is shit o-O It looks like Riho has no neck!!!

Digimono Station

Morning Musume '14 have released a new video declaring 2014 to be the year of Victory or Defeat! Be sure to check it out!


Oh wow, this seems to be serious! If it is a year of Victory, what will their award be? And if it is one of Defeat, will it be their final Year?

Christ, I hope not!

And let me just say... EPIC TRAILER-TYPE VIDEO!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! This is pretty sweet!

Morning Musume '14 have topped the Oricon Weekly chart for their 4th consecutive time with their latest single release! They have also beaten their own record of the totla number of singles in the TOP10!

This is also the first time the group has achieved their 4th #1 Weekly ranking, as they have only ever managed 3 consecutive #1's up until now.
"This is the first time for us to top the chart for 4 consecutive times in our history! I'm full of indescribable joy, and gratitude. This is the year for Morning Musume '14 to make things happen! I think that all we should do is to believe in what we have done until now, and to run at full speed while looking only forward. That's all we are doing this year!!" - Michishige Sayumi (Tokyohive Translation)

Major congratulations to Morning Musume! I am so freakin' HAPPY that they have been able to get another #1, and even more happy that they broke the Top 10 all over again! Well done to these perfect, amazing girls... I adore you, and I hope you al;l succeed even more in the future! Well freakin' DONE!!!! <3

Berryz Kobou

The DVD Previews for 2 and Shimizu Saki's Birthday FC DVD have been revealed! Be sure to check out the previews!


Look at UFP, budget cutting and putting two previews together again... tut tut UFP, tut tut!!!


(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited A, B, C & D editions, and Regular edition)

The covers for Berryz Kobo's up-coming single, Otona na no yo! / 1-oku 3-senman SouDiet Oukoku have been revealed!


Oh wow, it looks like someone took the outfits from MoMusu's Mikan and barfed on them, then handed them to Berryz with a sardonic smile. Especially Risako's, BLURGH!!!


Berryz Kobo have received the BARKS NEWS 2013 ~GOLD PRIZE~ for their Budokan Live Report!


... Seriously? O-O Well, erm, regardless... congrats???

No I am pulling your leg, congrats to them, really!!! Though C-ute would have been the obvious (and better) choice :p

Shimizu Saki Ameba Blog

The LQ covers for Berryz Kobo's Berryz Kobo Special Best Vol.2 have been revealed!


Holy fuck, someone stole the yellow paint and massacred a few costumes o-o Well, except for Miyabi's... someone stole the PVC for that o-o

Berryz Kobo Discography


A video of Yajima Maimi in Hawaii has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to take a look and drool over Maimi and her loveliness!


This is essentially a date video, right? Yeah, it is XD I actually feel a little charmed by Maimi, which is weird because I don't care for her XD STOP CHARMING ME!!!!

The DVD preview for C-ute Fanclub Tour in Hawaii 3 has been revealed! Please check it out!


I love the fan interaction with C-ute, it's amazing. All of the girls are so in-tune with their fans I think ;w; IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!

It has been revealed that C-ute will release their next single, titled Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita / Love take it all, on March 5th!

There will be five editions available; Limited A, Limited B, Limited C and a Regular A and B edition.


And this is where Nakky will take the lead!!! I hope. I really do bloody hope for that. A lot. o-o



It has been revealed that Yajima Maimi will release her next Solo DVD on April 9th. Details such as the title or the cover have yet to be announced.


Okay, whilst Maimi is nice and all, can't we have a Chissa or Nakky solo DVD release? Maimi is dull as dirt... give me some BOOBS AND NAKKY!!!!!!!! -does Rain dance-




The trailer for Katsuta Rina's first e-Hello DVD, titled Rina to Rina, has been unveiled! Be sure to watch it for Rina's pure, goofy smile and her innocent expressions!


Okay, there are parts where she looks so god-damn gorgeous, but a little bit like Fukumura as well, which is freaky o-o BUT D'AWWWW, DERPY DERP DERP ;W; <3 I want to hold her hand <3

Youtube | Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols

Fukuda Kanon will hold her Birthday Fanclub event on March 12th, it has been revealed.



UFP Fanclub Schedule

S/mileage's Ee ka!? / Ii Yatsu is now officially the groups best selling single!!! Congratulations!


I can understand why; IT'S EFFING GOOD!!! Or at least Ee ka!? is!



A preview for Juice=Juice's FCPress DVD Juice=Juice ~MiraclexJuicexBox~ has been revealed! Be sure to check it out!


Back when our dear little Karin-Jesus was a cripple. Awwww ;w; <3


It has been revealed that Juice=Juice will release their very first group photobook on February 27th!


Aaaaaaand BECAUSE HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!! -dances manically and falls-

OMG YES!!!!!

Wani Books

It has been revealed that Juice=Juice will release their third single Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS / Arekore Shitai! on March 19th!


Is the first title meant to be a pun, Onomatopoeia or a Play-On-Words for something?

Also... YAAAAY, NEW SINGURU!!!! Where are my PV's!?

Hello! Project News

It has been announced that Juice=Juice will perform at the second Pony Canyon ~Rival no Rival wa Idol~ even on May 10th!


And they will win the event hands down, I am sure. Or at least charm everyone attending if it isn't a contest~

Dwango News

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been revealed that THE Possible will be holding a nationwide concert tour starting from April 27th!


Major congrats to the girls, they deserve a tour! Their talent shall not be wasted!!!!

THE Possible's next single, titled Yuuki Superball!, will be released on March 26th. There will be six versions available, all with different coupling tracks.

Type E edition will come with live versions of the coupling tracks Yuuki Superball! and Do Me! Do!

The songs chosen were voted for by the fans.


Holy crap, I didn't expect a new single release! Still, I am happy for them! Well done! I hope the songs sound ah-mazing! Actually, I am pretty sure they do!

Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) member Sengoku Minami has won the title of Next Gravure Queen Battle season 2! The contest, which is organised by Young Animal magazine, is a contest where fans can vote for their favourite gravure Idol, and Minami won the contest with 59024 votes!

She will be featured in the February 14th issue of Young Animal.


Holy crap, congrats Minami! I may find you boring, but it seems the men find you delicious... well done ;)

Watch as Up Up Girls become Men in their new Snapshot Movie ~Try to be BOYS~! This is where the girls take on the challenge of becoming 2PM!!!! Be sure to check it out as they transform!


Those are some shitty looking wigs... and Challenge the Unknown? What? Have you not SEEN FUDANJUKU!? They have already challenged and BECOME the Unknown! BOOM!!!

The DVD preview for Tanaka Reina's Birthday FC event has been uploaded, so be sure to take a look!


Oh Jesus Christ, a Tanaka Reina solo of Brainstorming o-O That is Hell in a song, I tell ya!


It has been revealed that Bitter&Sweet will release their first DVD Single on March 5th! The single will contain the songs Bitter & Sweet and Install.


I seriously can not wait for the PV's for this single, Bitter & Sweet looks gorgeous!!!! Hnnng!!!

UFP Discography



On January 23rd, AKB48 made the announcement that they would be creating their 5th team, the long-awaited Team 8! However, unlike their other teams, Team 8 will NOT be created with existing members!

The group, which will be backed up by TOYOTA, will be created by holding auditions in all 47 prefectures of Japan, with one girl from each prefecture joining the group. Furthermore, Team 8 will have a different concept to AKB48, who are Idols that you can meet, and will instead become Idols that go to see you.

Team 8 will be formed by the end of March.


... Wait, what? o-o

Holy craaaaaap, that is going to be a big group. And, erm... wow. Nice sponsorship there. Yeah...

As you can tell I am not overly impressed by this! But whatever, if they produce good songs about cars, who cares? Heck, maybe they will sponsor the Japanese release of Transformers, who knows?

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | MELOS no Michi | Aramatheydidnt | J-Pop Idols

The title of AKB48's 35th single has been revealed as Maeshika Mukanee, and will be released on February 26th. This will be Oshima Yuko's last single as a member of AKB48.

The single will come in four editions; Type A, Type K, Type B and Theatre edition.


Damnit, she's going soon... and then we will be left with the creepy ones, boring looking Yuki, and my darling brick wall Paruru. Ahhh, sad times people, sad times...

Maybe NSK can make another world-wide fan video, but for Yuko? That would be pretty cool, it would certainly show that she is adored... and she deserves it. She really does.

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | 48 Scoops | J-Pop Idols

AKB48 will have their third group shuffle, it has been announced! The shuffle will take place on February 24th, and will be the first since their second Team Shuffle in 2012.

The Team Shuffle will take place at the AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri at Zepp DriverCity TOKYO.


... Is this even necessary? o-o

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | 48 Scoops

On January 27th Oshima Yuko announced that the date of her graduation had been decided, and that she would leave the group in March at the National Olympic Stadium.

The dateof her graduation, whether it is the 29th or 30th of March, has not yet been confirmed
"The day of my graduation has been decided so I would like to let everyone know. My graduation will be held in March at National Olympic Stadium."

"However, I will still have handshake events... I've been treasuring my interactions with everyone during the handshake events. I want to share my feelings of gratitude with each and every person, so I will be holding an 'Oshima Yuko Kanshasai'."
"I want to graduate after I properly communicate with everyone by shaking hands. Please allow me to announce it again once the date has been decided." - Oshima Yuko (Tokyohive Translation)

Oh dear, March will forever be known as the Month where Yuko left us all to fend for ourselves, a great ball of Light and craziness gone... TEARS, PEOPLE ;A;

Hold me ; A;

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update

AKB48 will release their group Photobook and DVD AKB48 Kaigai Ryokou Nikki 3 ~Hawaii wa Hawaii~ on March 29th.

The Photobook features 35 members from AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48 during a trip to Hawaii in the New Year and shows off the girls in bikini's, relaxing on the beach and having fun.

Oshima Yuko has expressed that experience felt like a Graduation Trip for her with the group members and her juniors who she has watched work hard these past 8 years.


Well, at least there is something for the fans to fap to just after she leaves...~

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols


It was announced on January 17th that both Sato Seira and Mukaida Manatsu would graduate from the group.

Sato will leave the group sometimes this February, stating that she wishes to continue her activities in the Entertainment industry, whilst Mukaida will leave in March in order to focus on studying and passing her exams into University.


It is sad when members announce their graduation from a group, as I have said many times, but these girls know what they want to do, and the plans they need to make in order to do what they dream of. Hopefully the both of them will achieve their dreams.

Good luck girls!

Tokyohive | MELOS no Michi | J-Pop Idols

On January 24th it was revealed that SKE48 and the company Samsung had teamed up to create the special unit SKE48 Galaxy of Dreams. The unit has been created to help campaign new smartphones for the company.

Ten members will be participating in this campaign, and will each face challenges.

A website dedicated to the campaign and unit has been created, so be sure to check it out!


Lots of campaigns and such going on in the Idol World, aye...? o-o I like the idea of it though!

J-Pop Idols | Official Campaign Website


NMB48 will release their 9th single on March 26th, it has been revealed. Further details have yet to be announced.


I would love it if it sounded amazing. But this is the 48's, and I may be holding my breath for a long time before they create something cool and dynamic again.

Wait, this is NMB. They manage to be dynamic even if they have a bland song. So we're all good!


On January 19th, HKT48 Draft member Yamamoto Mao made her Stage Debut! Of the 19 Draft members, she is the first Draft member to make her Stage Debut.

During the performance, Mao took centre position during the song Nagisa no CHERRY, which had originally been lead by Maeda Atsuko.


I am delighted that one of the Draft members debuted, and even more delighted that it was the sole HKT Draftee! YAY FOR DEBUTING!!!

On January 19th, Sashihara Rino made the announcement that HKT48 will release their 3rd single on March 12th. Further details will be released at a later date.


Here's to hoping that the title track sounds good! And Hey, where is that SKE kKenkyuusei's solo debut, Sasshi-Pants?

Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that Sashihara Rino will star in the up-coming movie Barairo no Booko, a comedy film which revolves around Sasshi's leading character Sachiko, a college girl and dreamer who hopes for a Shoujo manga-like encounter, but also someone who complains a lot, hence the characters nickname Booko. The film focuses on the hilarious misfortune of Sachiko as she aims to change herself for someone.

The movie has been written and directed by Fukuda Yuichi, who has previously worked alongside Sashihara before for the movie Muse no Kagami My Pretty Doll. The movie was a planned celebration for Sashihara winning the 5th AKB48 Senbatsu election last year.

The film will open in theatres starting from May 30th.


Oooooh, a film featuring Sasshi and her weirdness! This sounds promising!!! Well, not her weirdness exactly, more so her character and the weird misfortune that happens around her... Still, it's something fun to watch out for, right?




On January 26th it was revealed that Nogizaka46 would release their 8th single, currently untitled, will be released on April 2nd! Furthermore, the centre for the single will be Nishino Nanase.


Oh Good Lord, finally @.@ We need a good song amongst the blandness of AKB. DO NOT FAIL ME, NG46! I will and can hate you again if it so pleases me.

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been announced that Palet will release their second major single! The song will be titled Keep on Lovin' You and will be released on April 23rd. The song has been described as a cheer song for one's journey into a new spring.


Oh yaaaay, Palet. Not. Hopefully this song won't be as boring, but all I can do is hope and pray... urgh.

It has been revealed that Momoiro Clover Z will be providing the title tune for the movie Idinaru Shurara-bon, which opens in theatres from March 8th this year. The title of the song is DouDou Heiwa Sengen.


Given that an Ebichu member is in the movie, I am surprised they aren't singing it. Then again, MomoClo are increasing in popularity daily, so there is that...

Congrats, Banshees!!!

(Left: Limited edition - Right: Regular edition)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released the cover art for her 8th single Yume no Hajimarinrin which is set to release on February 26th. Currently, the song is being used as the theme for the CHINTAI commercials.

The cover concept is 'A Dreamland', and shows staff, fans and extras as a part of the cover, creating a rainbow as Kyary wears a costume that represents a cloud.


I have to say, I adore this cover. It's so... pastel... o-o

Also... Mapa's birthday, again xD I swear, too many things release on Feb. 26th...

Sakura Gakuin have announced the release of their 4th album, titled Sakura Gakuin 2013 Nendo ~Kizuna~, which will be released on March 12th. There will be four editions available, three Limited editions in 'Sa', 'Ku' and 'Ra' and also a Regular edition.

This will be the last album for graduating members Marina Horiuchi, Raura Iida, Nene Sugisaki and Hinata Sato.


Good Lord, I have not listened to Sakura Gakuin in forever... but I know they are truly loved, and it is sad that this will be the final album for some members, but that is how Sakura Gakuin works I am afraid; you graduate at the same time you leave school. Sad, bitter-sweet, but hey! It keeps them fresh, right?

Still... -sobs- Bye bye girls I do not know! Bye bye!!!

It has been revealed that Fairies will release their first album on March 26th! The title has yet to be released, however all of the groups singles that they have released will be included in the album, including their latest release Run With U.


I am honestly so used to seeing Morning Musume bring out an album every year that I become surprised when a group waits a few years before releasing one. That said, Fairies are fully deserving of this, and I hope that all of their fans can try and reserve a copy! Congrats on your first album, Fairies!!!

(Left: Limited edition - Right: Regular edition)

The covers for BABYMETAL's album have been revealed! The album, set for release on February 26th, is self-titled BABYMETAL and will include their previous singles as well as new songs.

Track List:

02. Megitsune
03. Give Me Choco!
04. Iine!
05. Kougetsu -Akatsuki-
06. Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆Morning
07. Onedari Daisakusen
08. 4 no Uta
09. U・Ki・U・Ki★Midnight
10. Catch me if you can
11. Akumu no Rinbukyoku
12. Headbanger!!
13. Ijime, Dame, Zettai


Oh wow, I just remembered how goo DoKi DoKi Morning is as a song... oh wow...

Oh, and yayaaaaay, album!!! Also, yet again, February 26th release! O-O


Doll☆Elements will release their 3rd single titled Kimi no Tonari de Odoritai! on April 2nd, it has been revealed! This will be the first single to include Koizuki Haruka, who joined the group in Janaury.

There will be six editions available, one edition featuring all of the members and the other five editions featuring one member.

Track List:

1. Kimi no Tonari de Odoritai!
2. Baby Baby
3. Koishite Macaron
 (+ Instrumentals)


YAAAAAY, FINALLY! Confirmation of a new single! My Gawd, these girls are fabulous! I can not waaait!!!

J-Pop Idols

Weather Girls have a new member, and will also be releasing their 5th single in March!

The new member, Ria, has replaced Dara after Dara's contract was terminated due to abandoning work repeatedly. Ria is now in charge of the colour red, and will take over Wednesday Weather forecasts within the group.

Furthermore, the group will release their 5th single on March 5th, and it has been titled Tomorrow World. Further details have yet to be released.


Firstly; YAY, NEW SINGLE! Secondly... YAY, NEW MEMBER!!! I knew Dara had been kicked out, so I wondered if/when they would bring in a new member... of course they would have a new member, you kinda can't pretend a day of the week doesn't exist, right?

J-Pop Idols

BiS will release their new album titled Who KiLLED IDOL? on March 5th. This will be their final original album before the group disbands this year.

There will be six editions available of the single featuring each member.



... Also, fuck, those covers scare me... I want one >o>

Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols

Team Syachichoco will release their digital single Daisuki on February 14th, it has been revealed. The song is being used to promote Lotte's Valentine's Chocolates.


I want to nom on Haruna Sakachoco sooooo bad!!!!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls Update

It has been revealed that will collaborate with lolly-pop company ChupaChups and release a song titled Fancy Hoppe ♡ Ufufu. It is said to be a girly and cute pop tune.

The song will be coupled with their single release, Sakura Apprehension which is set for release on March 12th.


... I thought Chupa Chups was purely British o-o No, I am not kidding! XD

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update

On January 12th, Michishige Saho was successfully promoted to a 6th generation Cadet!


It is the small but beautiful things like this that make me so happy... -sobs- CONGRATS, SAHO BABY!!! -cries like a kid-

Saho Michishige Tweet

Houkago Princess are searching for a new member for their 6th generation Apprentices!

Applicants must be between the ages of 12-20, and must not be signed to a label. They must also be prepared to perform publicly regularly.

Currently, no end date has been set.


Weirdly enough, it was just a few days ago that I was wondering when HouPri would hold auditions again. I will continue to believe that I am a little bit psychic, because of this one random thing! O-O

Houkago Princess Official Website | Saho Michishige Tweet

Houkago Princess member Sakurai Riho leaves her comments for Young Jump magazine after her gravure photoshoot for the magazine! Be sure to check it out!


I want Riho to have a photobook so badly... she really seems like the sexiest member. Also, her boobs are BIIIIG O-O <3

Major thanks to Shura from FB for linking me to the video!!! ^3^

(Top Left: CD+DVD Edition Top Right: CD+Blu-Ray edition Bottom: Regular Edition)

StylipS have revealed the LQ covers for their up-coming single, NOVA Revolution! There are three editions available, and the single is set for release on February 26th!


I just want the full song for this to come out already... I need it in my life... -sobs-

Miscellaneous Singers

The covers for Angela Aki's up-coming best-of album, TAPESTRY OF SONGS - THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI, which is set for release on March 5th.


Even as a casual listener, I still want to cry... Angelaaaaaa ;w;


It has been revealed that on March 11th, Acid Black Cherry will release his new single. Currently it is untitled.


And goodness gracious me, it will be as sexy as he is I bet. Yuuuuummy~


On February 3rd through her official website, Utada Hikaru announced that she will be getting married.

Below is the translated announcement, tvia to Tokyohive.
"I will be getting married soon. 
I thought about making the announcement after quietly holding the ceremony, but I've already received inquiries and it seems there are already rumors, so I am making the announcement at this time. 
I laughed a little because it was unexpected myself. My partner is an Italian man. He is the most 'common person', so for the safety of him and his family, I ask from the bottom of my heart to refrain from invasion of privacy. 
Thank you for your warm support. I am sorry to make you worry so often. He is a faithful young man who is loved by many friends. His family is a large, cheerful, and lively family that would appear in mangas. Since I am at a good age, it would make me happy if you would please watch over me quietly." 
February 3, 2014
Utada Hikaru 
"Also... since I am still in mourning, I thought about putting off my marriage. But when I talked about him to my mother during our last conversation, she seemed so happy which made me think, 'how many years has it been since I've heard my mom so happy?'. I believe that my mother is certainly supporting me, so I decided to get married as planned."
(Translation by Tokyohive)


... Wow. I am speechless, but so happy for Hikaru. She has had to deal with so much in life, and now she has found her happiness in a man she wishes to marry. I am so happy for her, and as a third person watching her from the sidelines, I am also proud of her.

Congratulations Hikaru. You deserve every bit of happiness.

PV/Song Previews

The short music video for Itano Tomomi's up-coming single, titled little, has been revealed! This will be Tomomi's 5th single, and will be released on February 5th.


It looks like Tomochin has gone creepy for her new release! Thing is, the only creepy thing about the amount of eyes in this video is how badly photoshopped they all are... the hands are creepy though, and to be honest, I like the idea of this video. It's spooky and would have worked well for Halloween... I look forard to the finished product!

StylipS have released the short Music Video for their latest single, NOVA Revolution! The single is set for release on February 26th, so be prepared!


C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! Good Lord, I adore this song already, even though it's been out for barely a month now... In fact, I started crying when I first heard it. THAT is just how epic I find it. MY LORD!!!

Also, Feb. 26th... I think Vivian (My Mapa) is ageing on that day... hm...~

She has forced me to comment that her Birthday is that day every time something happens with an Idol or group here XD

DJ Duo KURIKAMEKI have revealed the PV for their second single, KUMARONADESHIKO, which is set for release on March 12th!


I remember their first PV, I really enjoyed it! Sadly, this one has not entertained me as much... but the song is pretty nice!

The short Music Video for Sakura Gakuin's Jump Up ~Shiisana Yuuki~ has been revealed! This is the latest song for their new single, and it will be the last single featuring graduating members Marina Horiuchi, Raura Iida, Nene Sugisaki and Hinata Sato. Be sure to check it out!


Another one of the groups Graduation themed songs, which is very saddening but also hopeful. Actually, the song is a lot more light-hearted and cuter than I expected... then again, Sakura Gakuin are a cute group! And this song matches them perfectly!

A sweet and hopeful graduation song. Let's prepare for the future together, yes?

The short music video for BABY METAL'S new song, Give me Choco!, has been revealed! Their newest song is featured on the groups up-coming first album, and the PV is a Live-Performance video that highlights their intense performing skills, so be sure to check it out!


Will the BABY METAL fans be as pissed off that it isn't 'A real PV' like the MM fans were? Who knows~

The Barely-Full music video for E-girls' new single, Diamond Only, has been revealed! The song is being used as the CM theme tune for Samantha Vega ♥ Honey Bunch ~Disney New Collection~ as well as the theme song for the groups first starring Drama, Koibumibiyori on NTV.

The single is set for release on February 26th.


Oh wow, I don't think I have seen such blatant Product Placement since, er... EVER!?

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Oricon, MAiDiGi TV, JIJIPRESS and Tokyo News Service have all uploaded videos from Mori Musume's press release event for au! Be sure to take a peek and enjoy!


It is really nice to see that Morning Musume are acting as campaign characters again. And also, I want to see those gorgeous costumes in a Music Video! They are just beautiful!!!

Oricon 1 | Oricon 2 | MAiDiGi TV 1 | MAiDiGi TV 2 | JIJIPRESS | TNS 1 | TNS 2

A trailer for AKB48's Team 8 auditions in all 47 prefectures of Japan has been revealed! Check it out!


The Team that would not have happened if it was not sponsored. Ahhh, Aki P, you sell out you~

Youtube | J-Pop Idols

Oricon have released footage from AKB48's Press Release Event concerning the soon-to-be-formed Team 8! Be sure to check it out!


Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have all released footage from Morning Musume's release event at CLUB CITTA! Be sure to check it out!


Let's just say that this is best MoMusu has sounded live in a loooong time. Even Riho isn't butchering the lines like normal! Very well done, girlies!!!! Impressed is the correct word to use here!

Morning Musume pray for success at Zojoji temple! Footage courtesy of Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS!!!


In my heart, and many fans' hearts, MoMusu is already successful... but praying for more success never hurts now, does it? ;)

The newest CM's for Gaitame Online, starring Oshima Yuko, feature Not Yet's latest song Sekai no Kaze wo Bokura wa Ukete. Currently, the song does not have a release date, however fans can now listen to short previews of the song through two CM's; Business version and Holiday version.


Oh wow, a song that sounds exactly like every other one of their Sakura songs. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Not.

Team Syachihoko have release a campaign CM for Lotte chocolate, where they become the temporary unit Team Syachichoco! There is also a CM where the girls challenge themselves to make handmade chocolate for Valentines day! In place of the youngest member, Haruna Sakamoto, Haruna Sakachoco has instead joined the group, and is a deliciously chocolatey Idol!

Be sure to watch this cute reaction-style Campaign video!


I may not be a fan of the group, but daaaaamn they are adorable! Maybe I should become their fan?

MAiDiGi TV and Movie Collection JP have released footage of Sengoku Minami during NEXT Gravure Queen Battlepress event! Be sure to check them out!


And here I was, hoping to see her in a bikini... Oh wait, SHE STRIPPED, FINALLY!!!!!

Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon and Ishida Ayumi all leave a comment about their 55th single release on Radical Jockey's channel! Be sure to check it out!


It's nice to see Zukkini on a video and promoting MM '14. It needs to happen more. Especially in Magazines.

Hint HINT onegai!!! ;A;


Performances and TV Appearances

Sayashi Riho, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura appear on the showShizuoka Today briefly to promote the release of Morning Musume '14's 55th single, so be sure to check it out!


Oh Jesus Christ, they have brought back Haruka's weird hats... and oooh, I love Riho's hair!!! SO CUTE!!!

Here is a live studio performance of Morning Musume performing Kimi wa Kawari wa Iyashinai from Girls Live! Be sure to check it out!


Ooooooh, a shiny live studio performance *^* Me Likey likey muchly~

Here is a studio live performance of What is LOVE from Morning Musume from Girls Live! Be sure to check it out!


Let's just say that this performance includes the costumes that should have been used for the video. Dude, they are CUUUUUTE!!!

Morning Musume appear on Mezamashi TV with their comments and reactions regarding their 4th consecutive #1! Be sure to check it out!


It must honestly be a glorious feeling for everyone, Sayu included, to get four #1's in a row. And so, Sakura's streak of only knowing #1's continues!

Also, LMAO at Ikuta!!! XD That girl <3



And that, my little darlings, is all we have for this week (er... the past two weeks, actually) and what an abundant mass of News this week has delivered to us all! Hopefully all of the News compiled from the last two weeks has been helpful and insightful to your Idol needs, and I also hope that it has quenched your thirst and satisfied that hunger for knowledge of what is happening in the world of beautiful Idols. Until next time though, ja ne and tata!


It's good to be back!!!


  1. The SKE kks did have her solo single, but only 1000 copies were made. They're going to make and sell another 3000 though ^^

    1. Awww but I wanted a PV ;w; </3 OH WELL XD XD -cackles-