Friday, 28 February 2014

Okay! Musume Digest #90

L-L-L-LATE!!!! -slaps face with a pan- owww... OH!!! IT'S D-D-D-DIGEST TIME! Get yo Digest Hats on!!!

This week, in Digested Idols (ew) News...

MoriMusume reveal new au CM's! A 4-hour long special of Morning Musume '14's History! Yajima Maimi's new Photobook has been titled! Covers to Juice=Juice's new single revealed! Miyazaki Yuka's Greetings trailer released! Mano Erina to sing again! Pre-Dia to Major Debut! Some kid from Party Rockets is now in SUPER☆GiRLS! HKT reveal their new singles MV! Oda Sakura FC event footage revealed! AND MORE!!! Are you ready for some Digestin'?

*Note The News for this Digest is from February 19th until February 26th. The rest of the News since Wednesday this week will be in the next Digest, thank you~

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Taking Flight with Yufufu in '#Yuflight'! Will you Fly with us too?

Attention!!! All opinions, right, wrong, lopsided or backwards are my OWN and no one else's! Yes siree, I said it! And I shall say it again! OPINIONS ARE MINE! MINE ARE OPINIONS! ARE OPINIONS MINE! YES!!!

For some reason, I have been putting off writing again... actually, wait, not for 'some' reason, it's because I have just been on a forum of sorts and entertaining myself there. I actually miss writing, but I keep wondering just 'what' I should review... luckily for me, there is a cute song and an even cuter girl to talk about! So, shall we talk about her? YES WE SHALL!!!

Ahhhh, Yufufu. You know, I'm pretty sure that I would have been a big fan of Terashima Yufu when she was in BiS if I had followed them more, but honestly even when I didn't follow them, she was the girl I watched all the time, and can you blame me? She's so cute! Her traditional hairstyle, that cute face, those gorgeous puppy-dog eyes... Yufu is, for me, an Idol who looks like a Traditional Japanese Doll, and whilst she added eyecandy for me in BiS when I did watch them, she always seemed a bit out of place, but in a good way! However it's undeniable that her sweet, rather demure features stood out above the rest of BiS in a less-than-weird way.

If anything, she looks more like a traditional cutesy-pie Idol than a conformed, tough Idol like the girls of BiS do. But I guess that sweetness and her traditional beauty worked in her favour, as she truly stood out to me in the group.

Of course now that she has flown the nest of BiS, Yufu has come back to the world of Pop as... well, what else? AN IDOL!!! A solo Idol that is, and she has greeted us all with her debut single #Yuflight! Flying towards her own path, Yufufu is treating us all to a cute, sweet and beautiful debut that is so befitting of her doll-like image! But upon seeing and hearing it, will you fly along with Yufu on her very first #Yuflight? Let's take a look and see what we think, shall we?


And already we are thrown into the cuteness that is Yufufu. Gawd damnit gurl, why you so cute!? ; A;

Do you know what this reminds me of? Yeah, that one MV from the 80's, Take on Me. Except this is cuter. And features an adorable Idol. And it's Japanese. A-ha!

Erm, er, Yufufu? What the Heck are you doing with your arms? That does not look healthy, or proportionally correct...

Also, I damn well hope that this isn't the only time I see you until the end of the song! Using the artwork with the real deal is a good idea! It's a cute idea! I hope to see more of you!!!

Five of Yufufu!? Yes, the world needs more of Yufufu! The cuteness is high!!! The cuteness is nigh!!! AHHHH!!!! <3

Oh good Lord, someone tore a hole in my video screen, and Yufu's trying to climb out! o-O

Urrrgh, why are so gorgeous? I just want to eat you up... >o> -gets out knife and fork-

Yufufu: *gasp* "You can't eat me!"

I can, and I shall!!!

Yufufu: "Ooof... right in the haarto..." -cries-

Oh good Lord, no!!! Yufufu is being stabbed!!! Someone, call 911!!! CALL 911!!!

Yufufu: "Hehehe, I'm just kidding! Here, have a triangle!"

Arrrgh, I was punked!!!!

Yufufu: "So... do you like my little hat~?"

I think that Yufufu wants us to check out her little hat... IT HAS BUBBLES ON IT *^*

... Yufufu, why are you staring off dreamily into the distance? Did you see a boy you liked? Or possibly a small person running around that you found amusing? Yufufu? Hello? Oh Gawd Damnit, why doesn't anyone listen to me...? -sits and sighs-

Yufufu: "Uhuhuhuhuhu HYUCK!"


Yufufu: "D-did my screen just break?"

Oh crap, the screen is splitting, and it's trying to impale Yufufu as it goes! SAVE THE IDORU!!!

Yufufu: "Cillet BANG! And the dirt is gone!"

Watch out, or Yufufu will punch you and lines will appear where your face used to be! ARRRGH!!

Yufufu: "Ahahaha you're so silly, you derp!"

Heeey, don't laugh at me ;^; It's not nice to laugh...

Yufufu: "Hehe, it's okay~ Idols can laugh at their fans, it's considered cute!"

You know what? That costume reminds me of something PASSPO would wear, minus the bubbles and baubles.

Yufufu: "Tut-tut, Chiima..."

What? You gonna wag your finger at me for thinking that way? Well, you do have a costume similar to what PASSPO would wear! It's even in their signature colour, blue! That, and the song is called #Yuflight...

... Is that supposed to represent a Y and an F coming together or something? Or two planes crashing into each other? Yufufu, you confuse me!

... Wait, now you're walking away from me!? Noooo ; w;

It doesn't exactly help that she's flipping two birds at me as well as walking away. Haruumph!

This full body shot of the gorgeous Yufufu was needed. And stupidly overdue as well. But yes, Hello Yufufu-thigh! Hnnnnnng!!!

... Wait, Yufufu knows ballet?

As graceful as a peacock, as fluent as a swan, as constant as a hummingbird... yes, Yufufu knows some simple ballet!


But I still adore the bubbles and baubles of her first costume! It's too sweet!!!

Still, it's nice to see some variety in clothing! I love how simple yet adorable she looks in her white outfit. Ahhh, a pure and clean Yufufu...~ How Angelic!

Yufufu: "Oi! Stop staring at me, you pervert! HENTAI!!!"

... ANOTHER COSTUME CHANGE!? o-O Yufufu, how many outfits do you need in this video!?

Yufufu: *mumbles* "Maybe 50 or more... something like that..." *mumbles some more*


Yufufu: "Take a picture, it'll last a lot longer."

Yufufu, get in frame! If you don't, I can't capture your perfect image forevermore... ;w;

Yes... Yes, that's it! The image, that erotic face, the purity of your clothes... ahhh, an innocent girl, but a sultry, sexy look! The very image of Idol!!!

Yufufu: "... The fuck?"

Yufufu: "I will back-hand you, you know? Oh, you did know? Good, then please, stop being a giant PERVERT!!!"

There is something really addictive about Yufufu's very being and presence. I mean just look at her!!!

Yufufu: "... EH? You want me to provide fanservice for the fans? That wasn't part of the contract!!!"

Looks like there is trouble a-brewing off stage for Yufufu...

Arrrrrgh, somethings happening to my screen! Yufufu, what kind of trickery is this!?

Yufufu: "Ufufufufu, my powers have awakened...~"

Yufufu... there's two of you... Yufufu, what the Hell are you playing at!? STOP THIS TRICKERY RIGHT NOW!!!


Yufufu: "Who said it was coming after me, eh? It's coming afterrYOU!!!"


Yufufu: "With my powers combined, I call upon the animated arrows. Hear me, arrows! Hear me and impale the Chiima!!!"

Why would you do this to me, Yufufu? ; A; I LOVED YOU SO MUCH!!!

Yufufu: "Ehehehe, well I never loved you~ And you're a pervert, so..."


Yufufu: "Because you chose to review this video, duuuuh. Now fuck off and peace out, bitch!"

Yufufu is so cruel to me, guys... I pray you never fear her magical wrath ; A;


... No, seriously, I only just realised that by looking at this image as I write this ._. I am so slow... face desks

Oh gawd, that expression ; A; It's here that you really see Yufufu loves this song, the performance, everything... You just see that pure enjoyment and love in her eyes and smile. It's... it's beautiful... <3

Wait a second... THE DRAWINGS HAVE ONLY JUST COME BACK!? And heeey, who is with you, Yufufu? A giant Pengin? Penguin, Chii

... Why does the giant penguin have toilet roll stuck to its wings?

Pengin: "What the fuck are you lookin' at, ehhhhhhh? You wan' a fuckin' piece of me?"

... Shit, it saw me! HIDE!!!

Pengin: "Come at me bro, come the fuck at me!!! I'll knock yer fuckin' 'ead off!!! YEEEEAH!!!"

Oh shit, the Toilet-roll Pengin is after me! Save meeeee!!! -runs-

Yufufu: "Ahahaha, stop it, Pengin. She's no one. Don't run for her!"

You know what? There should have been more scenes like this, even though the PV itself is quite fun to watch. STILL! MOAR DRAWINGS!!!!

#Yuflight. Do you want to fly with Terashima Yufu today? I know I do!

Ahhhhh, I finished... though it's sad that I finished, because it was a pretty fun PV to watch. Sure, it's simplistic in how it looks and feels, but I actually found the music video for #Yuflight to be rather fun and entertaining as a viewer. It was bright, easy on the eyes and included a bit of variety in how it was edited as well as how Terashima Yufu looked. No, it isn't the most extravagant of PV's I have ever seen, but what it offers will keep the viewer entertained until the end and shows off just how cute and wonderful Yufu is as an entertainer. From her demure yet adorable expressions, she offers a great video that is filled with personality and sweetness, and yes, I love it!!!

Really, this has been my jam since the video came out. I haven't turned it off, save a few times where I listen to something else because I'm checking stuff out, and every time I hear this song... well, I kind of want to watch it too, which is damn refreshing. Sometimes I just listen to a song without feeling the need or want to watch it, but with Yufu I want to experience both of things in full; the video enhances the feeling of the song, and likewise the song enhances the beauty of the video. They coexist together in perfect harmony, with the softness of the song embracing the bright and youthful feeling of the video. In sound and visuals, this video just works, and I adore it!

Actually, I was really surprised by the video when I first saw it, and the song for that matter. Given that Terashima Yufu is formerly of BiS, I actually expected something a bit... well, different. What I did not expect to see was something a cute, typical Idol would bring out, and yet that was the image she went for. That said, the image of a typical Idol befits the look of Yufu well indeed, more than the image of BiS did I think (though who am I to say that?) as her sweet, innocent presence is very Idol-like in every way. The video itself fit her beautifully, enhancing that cute and sweet quality she has as a singer and performer, but yeah... I did expect something dark and weird for Yufu, and instead we received a bright video that enhances the cuteness she has, yet still manages to show off that she is a mature young woman.

I honestly love every aspect to the video. I love the use of animation to create that interactive platform that a few other groups had started to use recently (Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa is one I can think of right now)  because it just creates a fun, lively atmosphere for the video. Sure, Yufu's use of animation and interaction in the video is simplistic, but it's still bold and stands out, mirroring anime-like reactions in a sense, such as the lines creating a circle whenever she does a certain hand movement, or a swish of line as she flourishes a hand about. It mirrors what she does, creating that cartoonish effect that is so simple, yet so effective and creative in its own right, and that is really refreshing to see. Sure, Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa was an impressive video in the fact that it used gorgeous imagery as girls danced, creating that illusion of interacting with the dance, but the sheer simplicity of what Yufu has done here in her video is just as beautiful and really allows this simple-looking video seems a lot more fun and expensive than it is by use of colour and varying shapes.

Another aspect that I loved about this video was the use of cartoon imagery, though it wasn't used as much as I would have liked. It would have really been nice to see more of Yufu in her animated form throughout the video, watching her dance or sing along, and then introduce her new friend along the way. It was a creative idea if you ask me, but it wasn't used a great deal and seems a bit of a waste, though admittedly it is a nice way to start and end a video like this. Still, it would have been lovely to see more of it, because the animation was really cute and I was rather disappointed to see that it had such a little role in the video. Of course that's my gripe about it, but what can I do other than whine? Regardless, I love the video.

Moving on from the video, the song #Yuflight is a soft and innocent sound that really enhances the beautiful quality of Yufu's voice. I really never paid attention to Yufu's vocals in BiS, however now that I hear them in full I can't help but fall in love. Her voice sounds a little weak, yet the sound is romantic, passionate and happy as she sings. Upon hearing her voice for the first time in such a sweet song, I found that I was really in love with it because of how beautiful and soft it is. That said, such a soft voice does have its downfalls, such as how during the up-tempo chorus, Yufu fails to deliver an energetic approach in her vocals. Actually, she stays in one-tune throughout the entire song I find which annoyed me a bit initially, though I have now grown used to it. It is the way her voice is, and whilst staying in one-tune isn't the best thing in a song, I like the song enough to overlook it.

It's a damn good thing I find her singing so appealing, isn't it?

Overall I find that #Yuflight is a bright, fun song to watch and listen to. It has a pleasant sound that creates a romantic vibe, with Yufu's vocals complimenting the sweet song beautifully. The video mirrors the song wonderfully by creating a bright, simplistic setting that still manages to create a fun and exciting vibe for the viewer that fails to get boring even after many views. Together both the video and song of #Yuflight is, in my eyes, amazing and a fun way to introduce Terashima Yufu as a solo singer after leaving BiS. She is sweet, gentle and entertaining in every way, and I really do look forward to more from her in the near future!

Yufu, you have a new fan, and I am ready to join you on your first flight to Idoldom! Up up and AWAAAAAY!!!!

Will you be on board with #Yuflight airlines?


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