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Okay! Musume Digest #85

Hello? Digest Dayo? Hold on a second, let me go get it for you... Minna! Are you ready to Digest? Let's GO!

This week, in Digest News...

Morning Musume, Up Up Girls and READY TO KISS give their New Year's Messages! Station♪ to release a new single! C-ute look HOT! Up Up Girls to release their second album! Bakusute Sotokande Icchome reveal their 1st Album covers! HKT to release their Stage DVD! New members to be added to Ebichu! And More! Are you ready to Digest into the New Year?

Hello everyone, how are you? Did you enjoy your first Week of New Year's happily? I hope you all did! Sadly for me, I basically just worked and lazed about... which is never good! Of course I have written a bit, from both reviews to roundtables, and also some fanfiction (o-o) so I have kind of had a good week... actually scratch that, it's been a wonderful week! Aside from attacking myself with chairs and hurting my toes, that is ;)

To be honest though, I feel like the week itself in terms of news and writing has been slow, though I have actually been pretty good with updating myself on both Idolminded and Selective Hearing, where I posted for a roundtable (Idolminded) and a review (Selective Hearing) which basically allowed me to feel like I accomplished something, so there is that! I also got in touch with a friend who I will be seeing soon, and have just been talking back and forth to people I love and adore, online or not. It's been a social week, if anything.

... Anyways, I'm going to Let It Go (haha yaaay for slipping a song title in there!) and leave you be for now! It's time to Digest, and my end of yapping! I hope you enjoy the post, and the rest of the week!

As always, please be sure to use ctrl + f for easier navigation through the post! Be good and have fun, now! <3

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Video of the Week

Let It Go by Hyorin of SISTAR

Didn't expect that, did you? A Korean song, I know, though it's the Korean version of a Disney song that I freakin' LOVE!!! I love the movie that it goes to as well, but just a fair warning for those who have yet to actually see Disney's Frozen; the music video contains spoilers, so view at your own risk! You good? GOOD!!!

Anyway, I am in love with this version. I mean, I love the original by Idina Menzel, but for the 'pop' versions of this song, I feel like this one is the best. It's like Hyorin brings a genuine performance to the song that the other artists performing it failed to do. Instead of re-creating that sad and depressing feel to the pop version, she approaches Let It Go with a child-like innocence and happiness that creates a new and fun atmosphere to the song. She has so much emotion in the song, and it sounds simply fantastic if you ask me! I adore it, and Hyorin sounds fantastic.

I may not listen to much K-pop, especially from the female side of the industry, but listening to Hyorin's rendition of Let It Go, I really want to check out SISTAR now because Hyorin i so cute and passionate. She is having fun with the song, you can see it... and I want to see more of that. That, and she is seriously pretty. Dat smile <3

Picture of the Week

The perfection of 9ki, a generation of smiling beauties...

This is one of those rare instances of Erina smiling in a modern picture. Good Lord, I have missed that smile!


Introducing Hello! Pro Station #49, headed by this weeks MV, Sugaya Risako! Are you ready to watch this weeks episode with me? Let's go!

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

Berryz Kobo perform 1oku 3senman sou Diet oukoku at Nakano Sun Plaza! Morning Musume perform their new song Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa live at Nakano Sun Plaza! C-ute perform Ai tte Motto Zanshin at the same venue! S/mileage perform Ii yatsu! Juice=Juice perform Hajimete wo Keikenchuu! The Kenshuusei perform their new song Oheso no kuni kara Konnichiwa! And hair arrangement by Iikubo Haruna! This week, it's all performances! Are you ready?


... Holy shit, I adore 1oku 3senman sou Diet oukoku, and I was not prepared to like it in any way shape or form! From the amount of hate it's been getting, such as being called a mess and what not, I expected it to be terrible, but holy cow, it's GOOD! It suits Risako's god-awful warble-scream she does, and just sounds... wow. Then again, this is the dulled down Concert live, so who knows what the fuck it sounds like in normal ol' stereo? Either way, I like it so far!

On Morning Musume, Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa is a little bit crappy live, and fucking hell, why the fuck does Riho have to butcher the one line that matters in this song? Her Whoa-oh was... oh God, I wanted to slam my head to the desk so hard. It was fucking horrible. She needs to learn how to sing... then again, so do I. BUT MEH!!!
 Bluntly put, this song live is horrible xD Does not work at all!!!

I like S/mileage when they perform live, as a group they sound absolutely divine together! It's the same with C-ute, pretty much. They do work well together live... ahhh~ Also, is that improvement I hear in Kananana's voice? Sure, she's no Akari or Meimi, but damn, she is getting hold of a tune, isn't she?

Good Lord, Akari is a precious mess of vocal badness <3 She really can't hold a tune, can she? xD But dangit, I love her for! You can hear her trying to sing so hard and try, and you can tell she enjoys it. So sweet! <3 Go, Akarin! <3

Is it bad to say that the Kenshuusei kind of leave their senapi's in the dust in terms of talent? Or at least most of their Senpai's, especially in Vocal talent. Dude, they are all a talented little bunch of midgets! <3 DEBUT THE MIDGETS, TSUNKY!!!!

And Hello, Haruna~ Please sing in a bikini for a new segment next time, okay?

Hello! Project News

It has been revealed that Morning Musume '14 and C-ute, as well as other artists and talents, will appear as guests on the Fuji TV show Hitoshi Matsumoto's Suberanai Hanashi!


If they added Juice=Juice into the mix then we would basically have the three most talented groups of H!P there. OOOOH, Chiima BURN!

Morning Musume

Morning Musume leave their New Year's message on their official channel for 2014, so be sure to check it out!


Kind of a week late... but eeeeeh, who cares, right?

Morning Musume leave a short message concerning their H!P Fanclub, so be sure to check it out!


... I ain't gonna get the hang of this MoMusu '14 thing, am I?


J-Melo are looking for Dancers, and are inviting fans from all over the world to send in their videos of them dancing to Morning Musume's What is LOVE? Are you ready to show off your dancing feet?


... Hi, two left feet. Let's get to work...

Oh Good Lord, I might make a goon out of myself if I dare do it! Let's see if I can learn that ridiculous dance first though...

J-Melo Dance Search

It has been revealed that Michishige Sayumi will appear on the DAM Karaoke channel from January 19th until March 27th!


And BOOM goes the Karaoke machine. WHOOP WHOOP, CHAYUUUU!!!

Barks News | Hello! Online Twitter


The making-of movie for C-ute's photoshoot in Big Comics Spirits is now available to view on the official magazine website! Be sure to check it out, and don't forget to enjoy ;)


Can we just, like, deliver the girls in those black kinky outfits to my door please? I don't care if anyone questions my sexuality, as long as I have Chissa, Airi, Mai and Nakky on my doorstep, in those outfits. NOM!

Big Comics Spirits Photoshoo Making-of

The Wani Books and Amazon covers for C-ute's Alo-Hello!! C-ute 2014 photobook have been released!


Hot damn, I think I am in love! Who cares if their music ain't doing nuthin' for me, their bodies are NMMPH!!!

Wani Books | Amazon

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

The title for the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei's up-coming musical has been revealed as Bokutachi Karen na Shonen Gasshodan.


They look like choir boys... and seriously, none of them look like girls in this. Time to ship you all to Fudanjuku, kids!

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been revealed that Up Up Girls (Kari) will release their second album on February 19th! The album has been titled Second Album (Kari) and will in both a Regular and Limited version.


Good Lord, I honestly do wish that UUG would debut as a major group, rather than staying Indies. They more than deserve it, Christ... >o>


... Oh, er, yeah, and congrats too girls...

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls' Update

It has been reported that Tsunku, our Lord, Saviour and Sexy Adonis, will receive throat surgery sometime this year, in March or February.

"There is a foreign body sensation in the throat. According to the doctor, the throat must be opened in order to examine it. I am considering surgery in February or March," - Tsunku (Translation by Tokyohive)


It's a rather scary thing to think of, but Tsunku is an amazing man who will surely pull through and return to serenade us all with his beautifully husky voice! Please return to us, singing and dancing and gyrating away to the beat, Tsunku-san!!!


Up Up Girls leave their New Year's message for their fans in this video! Be sure to check it out!


They really should have asked for their official major debut this year. I don't want you guys to stay indies, you are too skilled for that ;w; That said, they all have pretty good resolutions. They all have really different resolutions, and they make their characters seem a lot more real and genuine to me.

It has been revealed that Kikkawa Yuu's next single will be an original song, and not a cover.


And this is where many fans cry tears of happiness. Yes indeedy~



During a New Year's Day peformance, AKB48 announced that their 35th single would be released on February 26th!

Further details have yet to be revealed.


Moving quickly with the releases, I see... Oh shit wait, this is a Sakura single... OH GAWD, NO!!!

Actually, this one might be good. Miiiiiight.

It has been revealed that Sato Amina will officially graduate from AKB48 on January 15th, where she will hold her last performance. However, she will attend all handshake events for the release of AKB48's album until the final event held at Yokohama Pacifico.


Giving fans the chance to weep as they clutch her hand one last time. How sweet~


HKT48 will release their HKT48 Team H Hakata Legend stage on DVD from January 9th! The stage, which was performed in Fukuoka from March 1st in 2013, features the members of Team H and Kenkyuusei members singing their original songs, and covers of AKB48 songs.

The DVD will be available from the HKT48 Theatre as well as AKB48 Cafe's and shops.


I like the idea of the girls singing songs in Hakata-ben. I want a song like that for one of their A-side releases! Make it rough and tough!!! YEAH!

Misc Idols and Groups News

Indies group Station♪ will release their new single, Wonder Japan@Station♪ on January 22nd! This is the groups 7th single release and the first of 2014!


This makes me almost want to follow them again... ALMOST... >o>

J-Pop Idols

On January 2nd, it was officially announced that Candy Kiss member Yamashita Honoka would be withdrawing from the group in order to focus on her studies and dancing. She will leave the group on March 19th, during the release event for their new single Beautiful Girl.


I remember looking at the debut PV for Candy Kiss back when they were still new and fresh, and remembered how this girls make-up just scared me. It's weird to think that now though, she will be leaving.

Honoka-chan, your make-up and face will forever be embedded in my mind... -sobs-

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that BiS will release a photobook on January 10th titled Gekkan BiS x Yonehara Yasumasa, and includes photo's of the members taken during a surprise photo shoot with Yonehara Yasumasa. The theme centralising the photobook is feelings of 'pain' and 'pleasure'.

A bonus DVD is included with the photobook, showing unreleased footage of the members making various facial expressions and poses.

Previews of the images are in the sources below!


The moment I saw some of those expressions, I immediately thought to myself 'Hey wait a minute... these look sexual...'.

My mind is now corrupted... Lies, it was already corrupted!!!!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls' Update

After the sudden announcement that three members of Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku would graduate the group to pursue other things, it was then revealed that two new members would transfer into the group as new students!

Kobayashi Kaho and Nakayama Riko are both a part of Stardust Promotions 3BJunior, but will now be active as Numbers 11 for Kobayashi and 12 for Nakayama, however details regarding when the girls will perform fully with Ebichu have yet to be revealed.


I'm surprised that two new members have been added to the group, but then again I am also not that surprised. This is how Idol groups work now, and whilst the departure of the other three members is sad to think about, it is a great opportunity for other members of Stardust to shine and grab a chance at becoming a member of a new group. So congrats to the girls! Well done on getting into the one group that has some singing talent! YAY!!!

J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive

It was revealed on January 5th that will hold their first Nippon Budokan live on May 6th. The announcement was a sudden surprise for both the fans and the members of the group.
"We were talking about going to Nippon Budokan this year... so we truly thank everyone who have supported us. Thank you very much!" - Furukawa Mirin 
"We will make this tour a success and do our best towards May, so please continue to support us!" - Aizawa Risa
(Translations by Tokyohive)


... Now I know why Steve says that anyone can get into Budokan now...

J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update

(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Type A, Type B, Type C and Regular Edition)

The covers for Bakasute Sotokande Icchome's first major album titled ① The Produce have all been revealed!


I like the cover where it looks like they are all stacked into one giant bed. Kinky much?

Backstage Pass Official Website

Three members of THE Possible, Akyama Yurika, Okada Robin and Gotu Yuki star in a commercial for the Pachinko/slot machine company ABC s the ABC Stars! Be sure to check it out!


Jesus freakin Christ, what are they wearing!? It actually looks like something that Zukki would wear... o-O

They scare me, mummy... -sobs-

ABC Official Website

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Idol group READY TO KISS have left their 2014 New Year's wishes for their fans on youtube! Be sure to check it out!


When is a PV coming out!? That is my New Year's Wish for you guys!!!

MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have released footage from the Hello! Project 2014 Winter ~GOiSU MODE~ concert performance! Be sure to check it all out!


Raincoats. Raincoats everywhere. Oh, and Tsunku calling Berryz fat (lol) and S/mileage useless. Or something along those lines.

Oricon, Tokyo News Service and JIJIPRESS have all released footage from Sashihara Rino's Press Release event for her first photobook! Be sure to check it out~


I like that they say her open-mouth pose is a sexy pout, because it isn't, it just looks awkward or as if she's waiting for... yeah let your own mind figure that one out~ Pervs ;)

Performances and TV Appearances

A video of Iikubo Haruna's appearance on Tokyo MX has been uploaded! Here, Harunan talks about her beloved Jo Jo's no Kimyou na Bouken and promotes a soft toy you can punch! Be sure to check it out!


Good Lord, her speaking voice is so beautiful and calming. I could listen to it all night...~ Ahhh, Harunan, let me buy you ice cream >3<

The episode of Tokoro-san no Tanoshii Golf which features Ikuta Erina and AKB48's Yamauchi Suzuran has been uploaded! Be sure to check it out for some intense Golf skills!


Good Lord, these girls have some serious swing! I wish I was that good at golf, but seriously, I am useless XD I was always more of a tennis girl~

An English-subbed video of Morning Musume's Dokkiri Prank Special has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out and enjoy!!!


And so begins the start of the year... what an hilarious opening to 2014! BWAHAHAHA!!!


The Johnny's Entertainment Skit featuring Nakajima Kento and Marius Yo of Sezy Zone, as well as Johnny's Jr. members Jesse Lewis and Takada Sho, as well as Uchi Hiroki. The skit is a Boy's Love comedy, BL Gakuen 3 Nen A Gumi, so be sure to check it out!


... And THIS tops the funniest thing of early 2014 so far! HOLY CRAP, KENTO XD Holy crap, UCHI! I think I love Uchi now, he WINS despite being, er, too old for highschool.

And why is Marius in Highschool!? Did he skip a few grades!?

Also, dayumn, that sexy-ass Jesse... I want you in my bed, now >o>


Aaaaaaaand THAT, my dears, is all for the updates THIS WEEK! It has been a fun Digest, one that may not have been as big as it could have been, but a good Digest none-the-less! Hopefully the Weeks worth of Idol News and Goodness will keep your tummy filled until the next time we delve into another Digest, but until then my Chimians... Ja ne, Sayonara, Adieu and Goodnight! Tata, me loves~



  1. Did you notice that Maa-chan was crying during the performance in the hello station? I wonder what happened. Thanks for the blog update, I look forward to it every week

  2. May J. did the japanese version, it sounded nice too =)

  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the new Ebichu members bring to the plate. I hope it's inspiring because I'm feeling colossally uninspired this January. Even after Bump.y redeemed themselves at the last minute and saved Christmas! Please, idol Gods, won't you shine down and make things amazing again?