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Okay! Musume Digest #84 ~Happy New Year (Dayo!)~

Okay! New Year Digest
~Happy New Year (Dayo!)~

Everyone, it's time to Digest! Are you ready to Digest with me today?

This week, in Digest News...

New Year's Greetings from C-ute and S/mileage! Morning Musume reveal their new website for their next single! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to release a new single! HKT48 lose a member! The Hello! Pro Kenshuusei lose a member! Johnny's to debut a new group! LinQ to release their first major album! Who exactly won the Best New Artist of the Year Award? And more! Do you want to Digest today?

HELLO my little Dumplings, and welcome to the New Year! We are now officially in 2014! Gone are the days of '13, goodbye to the dregs of the past, and Hello to the new morning that we have awakened to! Some may be drunk, others may not have slept (me!) and some may just be cursing the New Year already! Me? I'm quite happy with it! Other than stubbing three or two toes, and also entering the New Year with Yuko announcing her Graduation and Aika announcing her Hiatus, I am actually quite happy with this New Year!

Hey, at least I didn't open it up crying like I did last year! This time, I find it a bit more promising, so there is always that!

Actually, this year I opened up 2014 with happiness, because as I watched the Idolminded Bloggers of the Year roll in (I waited for Allyson and Momo to see theirs, as I had a tie for my winners xD) I was surprised and amazed to see that I had been awarded Blogger of the Year by Allyson... Whut?

Well to be correct, I was actually among others as well (who are better than me, by FAAAR) but to be awarded it by Serenyty was so... well, it made me happy, and boosted my ego a lot, given I felt that last year, I did poorly as a writer, so seeing what she wrote gave me a rather big confidence boost and allowed me to ease into 2014 with a smile on my face and confidence growing. Hopefully I do well this year... I have Serenyty and so many others by my side (especially Nia) so I do hope that this year I will do well.

Please watch over me kindly in the New Year, just have you have done in previous years everyone~

So yeah... we're into 2014! It has opened pretty well, other than Yuko and Aika deciding to go on Hiatus or Graduate, but I do think that it's opened up nicely! I smiled my way into this year which is always promising, and whilst I am tired and wishing I didn't stay up all night, I am happy to have come into the New Year greeting people and writing on my blog, as well as spending time with my family. This may not be a big day for some people, but it is nice to just celebrate it with others, no matter where you are.

That said, I hope that all of your New Years Eves have been enjoyable and happy as well. I do truly hope that you rang in your 2014 with a smile on your face, and I hope you have wished those you hold close to you a Happy New Year. Let's hope that for us all, in our personal lives and in our lives filled with Idols, we have a good one that is fun and happy.

Happy New Year, Everyone!
(Don't get too drunk!)

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Video of the Week

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sai by Morning Musume '14

I actually want to review this at some point (plus I'm tired, as always) but I did want to highlight this video for the week, because it surprisingly grew on me. The video, I already liked it, but the song... I wasn't keen at first, and then it just grew on me, like the sun grows on you and you can't help but smile at it... that's this song right there.

The video in general is gorgeous I think, actually it's the best PV Morning Musume have had in, er, a long long loooooooong time? Maybe forever? I have no clue, but it is the best PV to happen to MM in a while, and I am so thankful it was used for a sunny, bright song like this. It's refreshing and seriously pretty. And yeah, I enjoy it.

... Now I am going to shut up, because I want to leave stuff to say in a future review for Selective Hearing, if I ever get around to it! I should.

Picture of the Week

What's better than tooting my own damn horn? Yeah, I know!

... I took inspiration from Aim xD I love her <3 I wanted to include SH and IM as well though, and HouPri, and MM... YEAH!!! It works xD


Hello! Pro Station #48 is up, and the first episode of the New Year! This weeks MC is Kudo Haruka, yaaay!!!

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

New Year's greetings from all of the H!P groups! Morning Musume reveal the PV for What is LOVE? S/mileage perform ee ka!? More rehearsal footge of the Hello! Pro Station Dance Unit! The dance shot of the Hello! Project Kenshuusei's Ten Made Nobore! And Kanazawa Tomoko and Suzuki Airi have an interview! Are you looking forward to this weeks episode?


I am currently conflicted with whether or not to watch What is LOVE? yet because, whilst I know I can't do video reactions with the current state of my laptop, I still have that sense of 'duty', you know? Ahhh, I feel guilty if I watch it xD Plus, I'm tired! So I am battling sleep deprivation, and wanting to watch it badly...

It's also nice to see the H!P groups greet us at the start of the video with their New Year's greetings! What a way to start it all off, aye? But yeah, other than the prospect of a new PV, a S/mileage performance (which looks pretty embarrassing dancing to live... much like anything BK does live) and the New Year's greetings, this is a rather boring episode. I mean, I like the Kenshuusei and all, but can they not give us Ten Made Nobore or whatever over and over and over again? It's getting boring. I would rather have performances, not dance versions.

... Until I see the PV, boring episode = boring!

Hello! Project News

It has been revealed that the Hello! Project Best Shot Vol. 21 will release on January 25th.


That's a pretty sudden announcement, especially as the release is less than a month away. Welp Wota... time to look under the couch and behind the cushions for spare pennies!

The Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol. 39 CM is available to watch, so be sure to take a look!


It's like a little look back at 2013, isn't it? The debut of Juice=Juice, Berryz' big anniversary, Morning Musume rocking, S/mileage getting a bit better, and C-ute just being good... wow, it was a good year.

The TV Spot for Hello! Project no Zenkyoku Kara Atsumechaimashita! has been relesed! Be sure to check it out!


Good lord, that is a whole lotta songs... o-o

The CM for Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol. 40 has been revealed, so take a look!


So this one is all the fun, games and delicious food version, right? Damnit, I'm hungry now!!!

Also, this DVD looks like a lot of fun! I kind of want it...

Morning Musume

The official website for Morning Musume '14's new single, Egao ni Kimi wa Taiyou sa / Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai / What is LOVE? has been revealed! Check it out!!!


Holy crap, IT IS SO PRETTY!!!

Official Website

On January 13th, Morning Musume will hold 10 simultaneous solo handshake events at 10 different prefectures, and then a further 10 handshake events on the same day.

Haruka: Miyagi - Chiba
Sayumi: Niigata - Tokyo
Masaki: Ibaraki - Fukushima
Haruna: Chiba - Tochigi
Ayumi: Aichi - Saitama
Erina: Kyoto - Aichi
Sakura: Osaka - Shizuoka
Riho: Hiroshima - Osaka
Mizuki: Yamaguchi - Hyogo
Kanon: Kumamoto - Fukuoka


... Holy fuck, that's amazing! It will also be a deciding factor of just who is more popular too, but who cares? SOLO EVENTS!!! SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, B, C & D, and Regular A & B)

The HQ covers for Morning Musume's latest single have been revealed! Do you have a favourite?


I actually like all of the covers, which is strange because usually I hate at least one of them, but they all look good for once... Thank Gawd!

But still, nice shit photoshop there, H!P

J-Plop | Official Single Website

Iikubo Haruna has revealed that on January 3rd, she will act as the MC on Tokyo MX for a compilation of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure! This will be Haruna's first time MC'ing for her beloved manga, however she has previously talked about it in magazines and on shows.


Oh wow, this is amazing news for Harunan, who is absolutely deserving of this.. hopefully she does not faint with happiness at being given the opportunity! Gambatte, Harunan!!!

10ki Blog | J-Plop


C-ute grace the cover for Big Comic Spirits New Year issue! Included in the magazine is a 'sexy gravure' calender of the group.


HUMMUNA HUMMUNA!!! Can you blame this magazine firm for wanting to add in a gravure calendar of the group!?

For a month only, there will be a limited distribution of C-ute 12/30 Setlist Album!


Well, this will certainly stand C-ute to the test; will it sell a lot? I am pretty sure it will, they have a pretty solid fanbase right now.

On January 9th, C-ute will hold a press release event for their C-ute Queen of J-POP 2013 concert tour photobook.


And I am sure that they will dazzle the media with their smiles and perfect aura... just don't bore them to sleep Miami, okay?

C-ute leave a New Year's Greetings message on JIJIPRESS, so be sure to check it out!


Ringing in the New Year with the positive and happy personalities of C-ute! Ah, it really makes the New Year feel good, doesn't it? Thank you C-ute!!! My New Year is a lot more positive now!!! ^o^

... It was positive anyway xD


S/mileage leave their New Years message for fans on JIJIPRESS as well, so be sure to check it out!


Here's to hoping for an era of Smiles this year with S/mileage... and an era of decent music again! Don't fall back into your bad era, S/mileage. I do like you when you don't suck...

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

The Kenshuusei will hold their next Nama Tamago Shows and Recital on February 23rd, March 2nd and March 9th it has been revealed.


It's so nice that the Little ones are able to take on these performances. Hopefully they will have even more this year than they did last!

Hello! Project News | Hello! Online Twitter

In this video the 8 members of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei who successfully passed auditions for a musical leave their comments on how they feel about passing! Be sure to watch the video!


THEY ARE SO TINY!!! And Rikako!!! Good Lord, so cute! All of them!!! KYAAAA <3

You can tell that they were chosen for their adorable faces, can't you? Who cares about singing when they are so darned sweet!!! <3


It was revealed that on December 21st, 2013 Kaneko Rie officially left the Hello! Project Kenshuusei programme. She quit on Decebber 14th, however stayed to finish the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Nama Tamago Show on December 21st.


Holy crap... I kind of didn't expect that to happen.




Up-Front Promotion News

The MUSIC FESTA Vol. 2 CM has been released, so be sure to check it out!


A good mix of songs and singers in there, with some amazing guest singers. Though honestly, I wouldn't watch it... not my cup of tea I guess? Though there is an amazing amount of talent there.


Tsunku will hold auditions for and produce a dance unit called KINDAI GIRLS! The group will be made up of students from Kinki University, of which Tsunku is a graduate.


Holy crap! Tsunku is getting ambitious with the dancing! But can he keep up with the girls and their moves?

Kinki University News | Hello! Online Twitter

Tasaki Asahi and Hasegawa Moemi's unit is called Bitter&Sweet. So far, they already have two original songs.


I think that the bitter one will be Moemi, whilst Asahi will be sweet... or, we shall be surprised and neither are bitter or sweet! Nyaha!


THE Possible are asking fans to vote for which song should be their next single! The previews are available through Youtube and SoundCloud, so if you have a favourite, be sure to vote for it!


Holy crap, this is the best idea ever! It shows which strong is strongest with the fans, rather than relying on the composers preference for the songs... why can't other groups do this? Especially groups lacking in musical greatness like AKB48 or S/mileage?

Composers... DO IIIIT O-O

Moemi Hasegawa has officially opened a blog, so be sure to visit!


And now we can stalk the latest addition to UFP! Let's go get her, men!!!

Up Up Girls (Kari) leave their New Years wishes for the fans! Be sure to watch it!


Bringing in the New Year with energy, gorgeous costumes and lovely legs! I already feel a positive year coming on! Thank you, UUG (Kari)!!! <3


Former HKT48 member Sugamoto Yuko will host a cooking channel on Sora-TV, it has been revealed! The show, which is to air early this January, is titled Yukos CafĂ© TV and will be aired publicly every Friday at Karaoke Adores in Akihabara.


This is an interesting direction for an ex-Idol to take, but it seems like a great opportunity for the youngster. Hopefully many fans will go to watch the show, and I hope it is a great success for Yuko!

Congrats on getting the show, too!


HKT48's Kenkyuuse member Abe Kyoka has announced her graduation from the group. Her last handshake event and further details have yet to be announced, however she held her last performance on December 30th 2013.

The graduation was decided on the basis that Kyoka wants to pursue modelling, and no longer wishes to be a singer. Her last performance with HKT48 was during Himawari-gumi's Pajama-Drive stage on December 30th.


It's sad that another member of the AKS troop has decided to leave, but if she really wants to pursue modelling, then I guess singing really isn't her calling... hopefully this is the true path she wants to take.

Good luck, Kyoka!


Hashimoto Nanami will star in episode 7 of the drama series 24 Hour Actress -Matsu Onna- which will air on January 24th on Hikari TV.

The series consists of 8-minute short stories that have been filmed within 24 hours.


It's great that Hashimoto, who seems to take on a lot of acting roles, is able to get this opportunity. Sure, it may seem small, but I am pretty sure her fans will all tune into her episode! It sounds like a lot of fun, and I wonder what sort of storyline they would have given her?

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been announced that Arashi will release a new single, currently untitled, with the title song featuring as the theme song for Matsumoto Jun's new drama, Shitsuren Chocolatier. The single will also contain the 2014 Sochi Olympics theme song for NTV.

The single is set for release on February 12th 2014.


Whoa, it's been a while since Arashi announced a single release! This is great news for the fans, especially for those who adore Jun! Hopefully this will be a fun or romantic song. Or both!!!


Aiba Masaki will star in the movie MIRACLE Debikuro-kun no Koi to Mahou which is se for a 2014 Fall release. The story is about a bookstore assistant who wishes to become a mangaka. The motif of the story is the Yamashita Tatsuro's Christmas Eve, and will be a live-action film adaptation of Nakamura Ko's Debikuro-kun no Koi to Mahou novel.
"It is a love story with a fantasy element that is perfect for Christmas. Since my birthday is on Christmas Eve, I feel like being able to be a part of this movie is fate!" - Masaki Aiba (Tokyohive)

It's great to hear news that one of Arashi's members will be starring in a new film, especially one that is represented by his birthday! It's amazing that Aiba was given this opportunity!

Hopefully all fans will be able to see it and enjoy!


It has been revealed that PASSPO☆ will release a new single in March. This will be the groups first single release of 2014. This will also be the groups first single to show off their skills as a band, as they produced the instrumental themselves after practising with their instrumentals for a long time.
"We will finally be able to show everyone the outcome of our [instrument] practices. We're not doing it as a hobby, so we will do our best in order to deliver a cool song." - Negishi Ai (Tokyohive)

PASSPO☆ as a band? I HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS!!!! Hello, promise of 2014! You already look bright!

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update

It has been revealed that former Sakura Gakuin member Muto Ayami will be making her solo debut under the label A-Sketch in April. More details regarding the debut will be revealed at a later date.
"The road I head towards as a soloist is not all about fun. There may be times when I face painful experiences as well as times when things don't turn out the way I want, but I will do the best I can, so please continue to support me!" - Muto Ayami (Tokyohive)

I'm not a big fan of Sakura Gakuin, but this seems fun! I would like to hear her voice and see the style and direction she goes in.

I will have to wait and see if I enjoy her future songs...~


It was announced by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku that three members, Mizuki, Ano Natsu and Suzuki Hirono, will all withdraw from the group after the groups Nippon Budokan performance on April 15th. The decision was made after many talks with their parents and staff.

One of the members has the desire to continue her education into University, whilst another wishes to pursue a long-time goal of becoming an actress. Ano wishes to study abroad and study English.

The group will not break up, it has been reported.


... Wow. That is seriously shocking... Ebichuu has always been a 9 member group since I can remember, so to lose three members and go down to six... I'm surprised. But these are the dreams of the girls, and we have to support them through it, because wishing them to stay won't bring them back, or make them happier.

Hopefully their goals will be fulfilled, and they have happy lives after their time in Ebisu! Good luck girls!

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols

On December 30th, it was announced that Highschooler Shinzato Kouta had won the 55th Kagayaku! Japan Records Award for the Best New Artist Award! The singer had his major debut this year with the single HANDS UP!, which was he 16th opening theme song for the anime One Piece.
"Thank you! Ever since my debut, to receive the Best New Artist award was the goal I made with our staff members and the fans, so I realized once again, this is the award I won not by myself, but with everyone! I will continue to do my best next year!" - Shinzato Kouta (Tokyohive)

I know that a lot of H!P fans wanted Juice=Juice to win the award, but I am happy that someone different was able to win it. I love Juice=Juice, but given that this lad was able to sing an opening theme for One Piece, that truly did help him along. He is very deserving of it as well, the song is good, and I am glad a solo artist was given the award!


LinQ have announced that their first major album, titled AWAKE ~LinQ Daini Gakushou~, will be released on Mach 26th! The album will include the tracks Chime ga Owareba and HANABI!!.

There will be four types available, including a Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Kyushu Edition and a Regular Edition. The Limited A and B editions will include a DVD, whilst the Kyushi edition will come with two CD's.


Oh wow, this is amazing news! I hope that I get to listen to it, especially given I want to try and watch or hear more from this group... so yeah, looking forward to when it comes out! YAY!!!


During the Johnny's Countdown 2013-2014 live, it was announced that a  new group would make their official CD Debut in 2014! The group, named Johnny's WEST4, is made up of four Kansai Junior members, Nakama Junta (26), Kiriyama Akito (24), both from the group B.A.D BOYS, as well as Shigeoki Daiki (21) and Kotoki Nozomu (17) from 7 WEST.

More details are to be announced at a later date.


You know what? I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! And that's weird...

OH MY GOD, my year of wanting to get into more male groups might come true! KYAAAAAA, MEN!!! And they are all close to MY AGE!!! Except Nozomu, but he can be my Toyboy. YAY!!!

Good lord, a group I can drool over legally... Finally @.@



It has been revealed that Fairies will release their seventh single, titled Run with U, on February 19th! The song is described as an energetic number, and will be used as the theme song for the anime Jewel Pet Happiness, of which they have provided the theme for previously.

There will be two editions available, a Limited and Regular Edition.


... So they are an anime unit now? Does this mean their good songs, or better than average songs, will now just be generic crap? That's disappointing. I mean I didn't like them much anyway, but at least they had originality in music. Now they don't.

Fairies, what happened to you?

J-Pop Idols

It has been announced that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will release her new single, currently untitled, on February 26th! There will be a limited and a regular edition available.


... I'm not excited XD Gonna be blunt. Kyary, I am not excited for you this year. Apologies, dear~


Press Release/Promotional Videos

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from the Kaze Otoko no Juku X'mas Show where Fudanjuku talk about their up-coming single. Be sure to check it out!


It's so nice to see footage of Fudanjuku that isn't just simply them in a PV; it was refreshing to see this, and I am glad that I found it in my Youtube news feed! YAY!!!


Performances and TV Appearances

Here is a clip of Momochi being pranked on the Damasareta Taisho 2013 year end 4hr SP, where she falls down a chute! Be sure to watch the clip!


That was fun, but cruel xD Still, at least she didn't get hurt!

Oricon have uploaded a video ranking various groups, including AKB48 and Morning Musume from the year 2013! Be sure to check it out!


It's nice to see various groups being ranked here, some who I have no clue about at all... but its a nice mix! It's also great to see MoMusu there!

Here is Juice=Juice's performance from The 55th Japan Record Awards! Be sure to check it out!


Even if they didn't win, Juice=Juice delivered a stellar performance, showing their talent and great group chemistry! Also, amazing costumes! I want to see those used in a PV! Onegai!

Here is the Mechaike segment featuring Morning Musume members answering questions. This time, it is Kudo Haruka's turn, so be sure to check it out!


Good Lord, Duu is cute! And so is our smiling Angel, Zukkini! Ahhh, why are they all so pretty?



And so ends the first Digest of 2014! Whilst the News may not have been as much as I hoped, it is still a good amount that will keep many of us satisfied until next week. That said, I am actually pleased with the amount of Misc Idol News, there is a nice mix in there. It's nice to see Arashi and Faeries come back with new releases... so yeah, I am happy with the Digest this week. A good mixture, and not too much. Hopefully you guys all enjoyed it too~

Until next time though! Take care, and Happy New Year (Dayo!). Maybe the Year bring us bountiful, beautiful Idol News!



  1. You deserve that blogger of the year award Chiima!! Happy new year to you too =] (still a little pissed that J=J didn't win that award so its sad new year for me xD)

  2. You definitely do! The amount of fun interesting and hilarious work you produce inspires me (and makes me jealous)! Congrats!! And I'm curious to see what you think about the What is Love "pv". ;) Are you going to feature Arashi at all this year? That's another thing I'm curious about.