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The Top 20 Songs of 2013 ~Oh Yeah Baby, Okay! Musume Style!~

All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you do not like the choice of songs I have chosen for my Top 20, then whatever. Just don't whine that something you liked isn't in here. We have something called personal taste, and these are my personal tastes. Yeah~

So 2014 is swiftly making its way forward, brushing the dust of 2013 under the rug so that we can move on and get into the New Year, and guess what? I am still not prepared. SO, to kick-start myself into the New Year, I am going to write the Year-End posts that everyone has been doing since about, oh I dunno... a few weeks ago? I found that a little sudden, but some people are early starters, and I am clearly a late bloomer here.

... Hey look, I made a banner for it! YAY!!!

ANYWAY, to start off said Year-End posts, I will be doing my Top 20 Songs of 2013! And yes, it has to be bolded and in giant ass letters... because it is just that important. And I like it. YEAH!!!

So, we're gonna take a seat here, grab a beverage of some sort, maybe a packet of crisps/chips and the Easter Bunny, and we will see what has made my Top 20. Who is Number 1? Who is at the bottom of the Top? Want to find out? The stay tuned!

The Top 20 Songs of 2013 ~Okay! Musume Time Style~

Yattaruchan by S/mileage

It's pretty hard to try and figure out which song would be at the Bottom of the Top, and whilst I love Yattaruchan to the death, I do think that it isn't the strongest song on this list, nor is it my most favourite of the year gone by. That said, Yattaruchan was S/mileage's return to the fun and flouncy songs that they were once known for, showcasing that crazy and amazing group who disappeared into a whirl of terrible songs and videos last year. This song also showcased the amazing talent of Nakanishi Kana as a speaker and announcer in the video, but above all, it is fun and amazing to listen to! It really brings your spirits up, and makes you fall in love with S/mileage again! Or at least it does for me!

Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi by Berryz Kobo

It was hard thinking about where to place this song, either before or after Yattaruchan, but I do honestly think that Berryz Kobo's Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi is better than Yattaruchan. In fact, it's better than a good chunk of the latest H!P discography and is one of my favourite H!P releases of the year, and one of my favourite from this group as of late. I may not be in favour of Berryz as a group most of the time, but when it comes to their songs alone I can understand why people enjoy their work; they have a great sound as a group, and they work well with their songs (or at least when Risako isn't warbling away with that faux vibrato all the time). This song though, it is truly a gem. It's amazing, and really brought me back around to just how good Berryz could be.

The NeverEnding Story by E-girls

I didn't really get into E-girls until this year, but when they brought out their own version of the classic song, The NeverEnding Story, I was truly amazed by their vocals and talent as a group. Really, this song is just so pretty, and hearing it all over again reminds me of my childhood and hearing this amazing song. Sure, it's been slightly remastered to make it sound more modern, but it still sounds as fantastic as it did when I was a kid. Actually, it sounds better. I love the idea of using a chorus for this song, it makes it sound extremely heavenly and otherworldly. Throw in that dance remix track backing the vocals, and we have something that sounds both like a chorus and a cool dance track that you can put a pretty edgy dance to... which is what E-girls did!

It's an amazing cover and remix, and I am so glad that Avex did this for E-girls. It's just absolutely breathtaking!

Kimi ga Ano hi Waratteita Imi wo by Ono Erena

This song would honestly be higher, if it wasn't for the fact that I have other songs I listened to more. Still, it's one of the best songs of 2013 in my opinion, and every time I listen to it I realise just how perfect it is. It also reminds me of how great Ono Erena is as a singer.

When I do listen to Kimi ga Ano hi Waratteita Imi wo, I adore it. It's an up-tempo, fun song that is apparently about going into the future and bettering yourself, and heck, I can hear the hope in the vocals! Even the instrumental has that hopeful sound to it, and it is just a downright joy to listen to. I actually think that this is Eren'a best song on her entire track list to date, and definitely worth the listen if you haven't heard of her, or heard her songs, before.

Girl's Rule by Nogizaka46

When this song first came out, I passed it off as another boring, sub-par AKB48 sound-a-like song that was cute, but a bit dull. However, the song grew on me like a flower, and I am absolutely in love with it now. It's an airy, bright Summer song that is just so perfect for the time it was released. It sounds so gentle and soothing, and whilst it may not be the best release from Nogizaka46 ever, it's a fun song that is so reminiscent of lazy summer days. It is one of the weakest songs on this list, but that doesn't stop it from being a favourite! It is fully deserving of this spot here in my list, Top or Bottom!

Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya by Juice=Juice

It's rather funny how H!P seem to be hitting my bottom list a lot this year, but I have to admit that, whilst I love what they have put out this year, they haven't had amazing songs that were memorable this year, or ones that I completely fell in love with. At most, I liked a good chunk of H!P's discography, hence why most of the songs I have chosen as favourites are at the Bottom of the Top here. Oh well!

That said, this is still one of H!P's best releases in a long time! Sarting off their debut year with a bang (or a toot in the form of a trumpet!) Juice=Juice, still fresh and still indies when this was released, brought out Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya and pretty much wowed us all into amazement at their talent, despite how small and cute they all were. This is by far one of the best releases of 2013 for H!P, bringing us a sense of maturity and nostalgia that we have not seen or heard in Hello! Project for a while now. This made a lot of Karin fans happy, and also showed us that H!P still has talent in the form of tiny little Kenshuusei. This was a great indies debut single, and really roped in new fans for the fresh and promising group.

Erena by Ono Erena

The entire album Erena is pretty darn good and highly recommended, but the song Erena was definitely my most looped on that album, at least out of the original songs. Sure, it's a rather simple song I guess, but it's still beautiful and really allows me to appreciate just how glorious Ono Erena is as a singer. Her voice is strong, there is power and emotion there, and you can really hear the effort and love she put into this song. It has such an uplifting, hopeful sound to it, and every time I hear the song or watch the video, I tear up. For me, this was a rather overwhelming song, possibly because I adore this girl so much.

I think that Erena is a great song, and I do think people should definitely check it out, even if it's just to hear the vocals of Ono Erena. Go on... check it out!

Koi no Wizard Hyakunen Sensou by Afilia Saga (East) (Archism album)

This is one of those songs (and videos) that I death-looped this year, and clearly for good reason, because gosh darnit, this song is so GOOD! It's energetic, fun, optimistic, cute and just down right amazing, music to my ears if you will! It has a lot of energy and just gives me a great rush of happiness when I listen to it! It's just so cheerful that, immediately, I feel elated and I want to dance along to it.

This song is just so easy to get into, and it just helps me to relax and feel energised and happier with myself. Whenever I hear Koi no Wizard Hyakunen Sensou, I can't help but smile and sing along. It's one of those songs that you just have to join in with, because it's so catchy and addictive. I swear, I could just play this all day long... oh wait, I already have!

Prism Sympathy by StylipS

Some of the best single releases were in the Summer, and Prism Sympathy was one of those summer singles that was just... well, incredible. Sadly, this was the only release from StylipS this year, but for their only release it is a strong one! Given that they lost YuiKaori and gained two new members, I was worried for them, but instead of going a bit downhill, they came back with a strong A-side song! Hoo boy!

In fact, the entire single is amazing, but I have a great love for the powerful and energetic sound that is Prism Sympathy. It sounds absolutely wonderful, filled with such happiness and cuteness! I have come to find that nearly all of StylipS discography so far is strong, each song better than the last, and Prism Sympathy has now become my favourite track. I don't know what it is about it, but this song has something great, or magical if you will, about it. It's got a catchy and addictive sound, and whilst it does not sound like a sweet and cutesy, hyped up Summer tune like other songs do, it's still one of the best Summer songs of 2013, and one of my all time favourites this year. Let the death loop begin (again)!

Up Up Typhoon by Up Up Girls (Kari)

Good Lord, I love this song, but whilst I love it, it can't touch a few other songs that made it to the Top of this list, so it will have to settle for a nice middle ground. Still, it's amazing. Then again, UUG in general are amazing.

This song showcases that energy and talent that UUG as a group clearly have. Their characters, how they interact with the cameras and each other, and their beautiful voices all come together and create this true piece of summer perfection. I love this song, so much that I was convinced to buy the single because of how perfect and beautiful I found it. It is truly an addictive song, and even now that summer has ended, I will happily listen to this piece of pure perfection and joy. It is so beautiful in sound, and it just allows me to realise how amazing UUG are. It also makes me wish that they would become a solid, major Idol group and wipe H!P on the floor, reminding them that they were dumb for letting UUG go.

Good lord, this song is perfect. I want to cry thanks to this perfection!

2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! by Otome Shinto

I told you the Summer songs were good!

Good lord, this is one high-energy song, and an amazing on at that. I don't know what it is about Otome Shinto, but they have this amazing ability to charm me into liking them, regardless of how crap they are singers, and how much they yell instead of sing. These girls have such amazing energy, their group chemistry is awesome, and they have this wonderful on-camera presence that just drags you in. Their songs are also catchy as hell, and they make you fall in love with their terrible vocals and their overly energetic, happy-go-lucky, jumpy nature. It's pretty obvious that I adore these girls, regardless of how I tend to feel about kids and singing.

So far, 2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! is one of the best songs I have heard this summer, period. Whilst nearly all Idol Summer songs this summer were good or hands down amazing, (except Sayonara Crawl, that was shit) this one took the cake, ate it, then made a second cake and ate it again without throwing up. It's adorable, it is cheerful, uplifting, energetic, amazing, full of character, silly, childish and just... it's perfect. So perfect.

I think I love Otome Shinto. Or at least, I love this song.

Happy Daisakusen by Morning Musume (Help Me!! single)

I won't go as far to say this is the best H!P song around, because it isn't, but Morning Musume's Happy Daisakusen has been one of my death-loop songs since it came out, and even now I still listen to it and eagerly sing along, making up my own dance moves via waving my arms around madly, and falling in love with it all over again when I hear it once more. I swear, I will never get tired of this song.

It's happy, and it's energetic. It has more emotion in it than most of MoMusu's recent A-sides, and it is just so darned catchy and fun! This is also one of those songs that really makes me excited when I hear it, sending butterflies a fluttering in my stomach whenever I crank up the volume and hear those beautiful opening notes. It's such a perfect song I think, a perfect song to make someone feel happy, hence Happy Daisakusen, and not Depressive Daisakusen.

I adore this happy Morning Musume, they bring me so much joy and love when I hear amazing songs like this. I know that this will not be in everyone's favour, but for one little song, however simple it may be, to bring me great joy and love, it's amazing. This song reminds me of why I adore Morning Musume, and why I adore their songs as well. It's an amazing song, and one that truly made my 2013 a happy and energised one.

(This song was hard to place, because I adore it so much, but the other songs I have in my list are better, however my feelings for this song... they shall not change!!!)

Itoshikute BALLOON by Houkago Princess (4ki) (Samu wa Fuyui! single)

I didn't anticipate putting a Houkago Princess song in my list, because in general HouPri songs (whilst I love them dearly) are quite plain, generic and even a little dull. This song, however, kicked that Status Quo in the face and laughed at it, running away with a helium balloon and enjoying life. Yeah.

Itoshikuta BALLOON is the surprisingly mature, Anime-sounding song by Houkago Princesses 4th generation, and is undoubtedly the best song on the entire single, and the best song of their entire discography that they have released so far. I may be saying that because I like it, but honestly, I have yet to hear something this incredible out of HouPri that can best the superiority of Itoshikute BALLOON. It may look like a cutesy song from the title, with the promises of balloons, but in reality it is a rather tough sounding track that has attitude, bite and a really good Idol rap that could slap MoMusu's rap duo Eripon and Ayumi right in the face. Seriously, the rap they have, it's pretty good. I did not anticipate that.
 I didn' anticipate how epic this song would be at all, honestly.

I know that this is a new song to come out this year, releasing just in November this year, but it has left a strong and memorable impression on me, which is why it is so high on the list. It's a strong track, the strongest from this group since their debut, and it truly shows that HouPri does have strength in singers, and in composers. It's a surprising song, but it is so so good!


Can I just stress how perfect this release was for the beginning of 2013? Because it was perfect, just saying. Seriously, to start off 2013, or the end of 2012, with this amazing song was the best way to bring in the New Year. So good!

In general though, I am more a fan of Bump.y's b-sides (I love their A-sides to death, but their b-sides = where it's at!) however COSMO no Hitomi is the strong exception to that rule for me. This song, when it came out, had me hooked and I fell in love. It sounds like a classic song, and it sounds romantic. It has energy, but it also uses harmonies and has a soft, gentle feeling to it despite that energy clearly being there. It also sounds like the girls are enjoying the song and really taking in the lyrics and the sound of the instrumental, treasuring it. It's gorgeous, and as I said, I adore this song. I really can't say anything more than that, other than that this song is truly the definition of perfection.

Sotsu Koi Uta by Juliet

It was tough finding a song that I wanted for this number position, but then I remembered that Juliet's gorgeous song, Sotsu Koi Uta, also known as Sotsurenka, was released early this year. Looks like Number 6 has been filled~

Seriously, this song is just pure love. It's a beautiful graduation song and showcases those amazing voices of the members of Juliet. It is pure and enjoyable, and it sounds rather uplifting regardless of how slow the instrumental can be. Personally, I find Sotsurenka (I call it that, shush) a joyful and cheery song that represents the good side of graduation and the hopeful futures of those graduating. This song is one of the few graduation-themed songs that has such a happy and uplifting sound to it, rather than a sad and dreary one. It represents that optimistic outlook of graduation, one where a future is bright, instead of moping around for what was, and instead going forward for what will be.

It's a beautiful song, and if you still haven't heard any of Juliet's amazing discography, I urge you to do so; they are worth it. Heck, they are worth the world!

Fighting☆Hero by Ono Erena

It's amazing how the same artists keep popping up here... HI EREPYON! <3

I swear, 2013 has been a good year for Erepyon, given that three of her songs released this year have all appeared in this list. What's more, they are all title tracks. Whoops~ But no honestly, I have been on an Erepyon high this year, the biggest high being Fighting☆Hero! My God, where do I start...?

Firstly, yes, I death-looped this, and I do not regret it. Secondly, I adore this song, and I think that it brings more emotions up than Erena does. I absolutely adore this song, it just makes me so happy. It also makes me want to work hard and strive for my dreams, because that's what the song is all about; going for your dreams, regardless of what people say or whatever your gender is, etc etc. It's a glorious song that is full of hope, dreams, fulfilment and optimism. It sings all about working hard and just doing what you want, striving for that long-awaited goal and making yourself the person you want to be, the Fighting Hero that you are. It is one amazing song filled with such ambition and energy, and it is a song that really made my 2013 a fighting one. Ono Erena gave me the strength and hope to go on in my life, reaching for the ambitions I aim to get in the future.

This song will continue to give me ambition and energy, and yes, I absolutely freakin' ADORE Fighting☆Hero!!!

Snow Drop by Yuuka Ueno (Winter Kiss single)

Yuka Ueno only debuted this year, but wow, she has amazed me with both of her releases so far, and from her most recent single, her coupling song Snow Drop has truly mesmerised me. Seriously, I love it.

Regardless of its title, Snow Drop is more of a warm winter song than a cold one, and it really does make you feel at peace and warmed up when you hear it. That beautiful voice, that gorgeous instrumental in the background, and the slight but noticeable sound of winter in the backing track of this gorgeous song makes it so beautiful and glorious. This song is only recent, in fact the release of the single itself was on the 11th of December if I remember correctly, but it as really left an incredible, memorable impression on me that I just can not shake at all. Yuuka Ueno herself has left an amazing impression on me, emblazoning her voice and existence into my head and my heart.

Good lord, I adore it, and it is just plain brilliant!

Get The Star by Tokyo Girls' Style

Feel free to faint. I have laid out pillows just in case, so don't worry, it's a soft fall.

... Yeah, so I never expected to see a TGS release in my Top 20 songs of whatever year, let alone the Top 3 of my list. Ever. So to see them here, as my Number 3 in this entire list, it's a big shocker for myself as well, but what can I say? This is an amazing song, and it really impressed me. I have death looped this so many times, and I love it still. Thank you Nia for showing me this amazing song!

Really though, what's not to love? Sure, the vocals are a bit nasally, but that beautiful rock beat, the singing as a group, the entire track... it's all absolutely beautiful, addictive, different and just great! It's one of the best releases from TGS in, er, EVER!!! It has everything going for it, from a near-perfect Instrumental to great group vocals and an addictive sound that just makes you fall in love with it during every listen. It sounds so glorious, and I am in awe that this could come from TGS, who are usually not my type of group... it's amazing, I'm still stunned by how wonderful it is.

Why can't every TGS release be this perfect? They have truly amazed me, showing me that they really can make brilliant music. This song, it's so fantastic and strong, and it gives me hope for liking TGS more in the future. It's a strong song, one of the strongest of 2013, and is so likeable and different for TGS. I love it, and this song is really deserving of such a high position on this list. It is a true Star amongst Stars in the year of 2013.

Summer Prism by Yuuka Ueno (Kimi to Ita Sora single)

I think that Summer was the best time of year for single releases, because they were all strong this year, however there was no Summer song stronger that Yuuka Ueno's gorgeous Summer Prism.

From first listen, I fell in love with this song, and even now I am still in love with it. If I wasn't, it would not be so high up on this list, hitting the Top 5 and breaking in at Number 2. I honestly think that this is such a solid song and the perfect, happy summer tune that people would enjoy listening to because it is just so refreshing and pretty to listen to. Paired with the heavenly, talented vocals of Yuuka Ueno, this song is the perfect Summer tune in my mind! Heck, it's perfect even outside of the summer, but I do think it is the best when you have those beautiful clear blue skies and that warm sun beating down on you. It's such a good, sunny song.

I just want to sing it at the top of my lungs right now! Ahhhh!!! So good!

So we have now come to the last song, the song that has beaten the other 19 on this list and found itself reigning supreme over them all. This song, for me, is the Ultimate Song of 2013, my Number 1. It is the Top of the Top, the one that has truly won my heart, soul, mind and body this year. It was tough to pick, especially when there were so many good songs (especially those summer ones) that came out this year. But honestly, listening to this song, taking in everything about it... it just feels like it is the song that describes 2013 for me, but also a song that will ring in the New Year for me as well.

For me, this is the song.

Mirai Kanransha by Yuuka Ueno (Winter Kiss single)

So clearly, there is something about Yuuka Ueno that pulls me in. Obviously, there are her beautiful vocals. The amazing ability to make me fall in love with her every time she breathes a word from those lovely lips. The glorious instrumentals she is given to accompany those gorgeous vocal pipes of hers. That beautiful face... all of it. But I swear, there is more to her that pulls me in. She has this undeniable power to just drag me in and keep me there.

Mirai Kanransha is the song that did just that; it dragged me in and it has kept me there. Regardless of how new the song is, regardless of how little I have heard it compared to others, this song is the one that has truly impressed me this year. The emotion, the beauty in her voice and the amazing power she uses just to sing this song is all so overwhelming and truly brings life, colour and a story to this wonderful song. When I thought that I could not find a song better than the glorious Summer Prism, this song came along during the winter and proved to me once again how amazing Yuuka Ueno is as a singer, and just how wonderful her b-sides are on her singles.
 It is seriously remarkable, and she continues to amaze me with her pure talent.

For someone who only debuted this year, Yuuka Ueno has brought out the strongest songs I have heard in 2013. She has shown her talent and beauty through just her voice, and I have really fallen in love with her. I am extremely amazed by her as an artist; she is perfect, and the amount of overwhelming love I have for this song is amazing. This girl is powerful, in both voice and how she pulls me in as a fan, and I am so thankful that I found her this year by simply looking at a video on youtube I thought looked interesting.

This song... it is truly perfection, the most perfect song of the year. I adore it.

And so, my Top 20 Songs of 2013 has come to an end! The mix of songs was surprising for me once again this year, however mostly because a few artists popped up more than once in this list, however I am happy with the songs I have picked this year. They are all strong and amazing in their own way, and I have had great enjoyment from them.

And, of course, I do also have special mentions as well. In no specific order, of course... let's take a looksy, shall we?

Chiima's Special Mentions (Top 10)

Tsunagu Kizuna. Tsutsumu Kodoku by StylipS

This was an incredible B-side, and I did actually want to put it in my Top 20, but there were other songs that I had a stronger desire to put in that list compared to the desire to put this one in, so in the end, it ended up here. Regardless, it's an amazing song, no matter what. I think it's just wonderful.

Then again, most of StylipS' discography is amazing.

Shiny Blue by YuiKaori

I really liked the release of Shiny Blue, even if it is a bit too high for my liking. I think it's a really nice spring song, one which is fun and cute, and just all around cheerful but still refreshing. The coupling track, Hatsukoi Maze, is also really good, but Shiny Blue is just downright cute!

Bye Bye Dubai ~See You Again~ by Sexy Zone

It is a shame that I didn't put this in my list, because damn, I love this song! It's so fun and energetic, and reminds of just why I love Sexy Zone and why I should never threaten to boycott them again... Good lord, boys, I love you! -sobs-

-claps hands along to the lyrics-

Candy Smile by E-girls

To say that this song brought me great joy this year would be an understatement, because it brought an amazing amount of joy, happiness, dancing and twisted ankles into my life. Bring on that C-C-C-CANDY SMILE!

Bokura no Eureka by NMB48

They may not have made it into the Top 20, but damn, that did not stop me from enjoying the generic beauty of Bokura no Eureka! Fromt he 48's, this was my favourite summer song. It's very refreshing in its tone, and whilst very similar to every 48 summer song out there (er... most, at least) this is a pleasant song to listen to and is appealing. I enjoy it, and yes, I do like the bikini dance shot. Especially when it shows Sayanee ;)

Namida by Juliet (Shiawase Navi single)

This song... it's just beautiful. I actually wish that this had been the A-side, however it's undeniable that Juliet have a lot of ballads as A-sides, so to switch it up with Shiawase Navi was a good thing, but still...

Namida is a beautiful, painful song that just sounds glorious, and once again Juliet have outdone themselves with an amazing track. It's just... wow.

Sakura Dokei by Tasaki Asahi

Oh, how could I not include this beauty in here? Tasaki Asahi is glorious in all forms. She has a beautiful singing voice and amazing skills as a pianist, and you can just see when she performs that she pours her heart and soul into it, and she enjoys it all. There is sheer happiness in her eyes and smile, and every time I watch her I want to smile as well. She makes me fall in love with her thanks to her love fr the craft she practices. She is truly precious, and a rare artist to come across. An amazing girl in my eyes.

Ten Made Nobore! by Juice=Juice feat. Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

I nearly put this song in the Top 20 list, but stopped myself because, once again, there were songs I had higher feelings and thoughts for, but I still greatly enjoy this song. Sure, it may be the weakest release (actually, not any more!) from Juice=Juice, but I enjoyed it all the same, because it sounds so energetic, lively and happy! I especially love the group one because it sounds like one giant voice of happiness, and it becomes so addictive! I do love this! <3

Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke by Morning Musume

I may just be murdered for putting this song in as a special mention, when Berryz and Nogizaka46 somehow manage to reign supreme in the Top 20, but honestly when I thought of that list, I did not think of this song, or any of the MoMusu 2013 A-sides. In fact, I never anticipated MoMusu to even get in that list because of other songs that I liked better. Still, I adore this song, it is truly amazing, it just didn't make the list. However, I have death-looped this. A lot. And I will continue to death-loop it, thank you berry much.

Jinsei Wahaha! by Fudanjuku

Whilst they may not have made it into my Top 20, rest assured that Fudanjuku made it into my heart and mind with this awesome song. It's so bright, cheerful and fun and represents Fudanjuku in the best way possible. It was a great song, it still is, with a colourful and vibrant sound. I love how diverse this group is, it's a shame though that none of their songs impressed me greatly this year ;w; boohoo!!!


And with that, my Top 20 PV's (and Special Mentions!) comes to an end! The year of 2013's music has been pretty good, with the strongest being Summer singles in my opinion, but these ones for me have all been the songs that stood out and called to me, the ones that made my 2013 great.

The lack of H!P in this was surprising, though I had more than I thought I would (I never thought MoMusu would make it in there, sorry!) but I am happy with what I have compiled together... though seeing three songs each for Ono Erena and Yuuka Ueno is a bit alarming, I have to say. Their songs have been very strong for me though this year, and they are songs that I remember the most and enjoyed a great deal, so I guess it can't be helped.
 And, surprisingly, once again C-ute has failed to make it into my list xD I swear, that group does have good stuff, it's just that they have safe stuff most of the time in terms of their music. It neither impresses nor disappoints me... it's just good.

So yeah... this is my Top 20 Songs of 2013. It was hard thinking up what songs to put where, but hey! I managed it! And so, the end of the year begins it seems...

For you, what was your Top 10 or 20 song releases? Are there any on my list that you agree or disagree with? Let me know~ :D

... Oh good Lord, now I have to try and think of the five or more that I hate. ARGH!!!


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  1. YATTARUCHAN SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE!!! *throws keyboard*

    Nah I'm just kidding. :P I like that your list is more unique than just H!P; you chose a good variety of artists. And I do love you for listing Tsunagu Kizuna Ttutsumu Kodoku as an honorable mention. Gosh I love that song.

    I was going to make a top 100 songs of 2013 list (yep, 100, my goodness; but that's for all girl groups, not just J-Pop) but time got away from me and I never got around to it (I still need to relaunch my blog anyway). So really quickly I'm going to list my top 20 of J-pop, but this might not be 100% accurate since, you know, I haven't really thought it out that much.

    1. "Tokimeku Tokimeke" by Morning Musume. No question about that one, this song is perfection.
    2. "Speed up" by GEM. Also perfection.
    3. "Yattaruchan" by S/mileage. I played this song on loop for weeks. It's so happy!
    4. "Brainstorming" by Morning Musume. I still get that butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling when I listen to it. :)
    5. "Ii Yatsu" by S/mileage. This one was a surprise for me, but one of the sounds in it kind of reminds me of "White Destiny" from Pretear, which is my favorite anime opening song ever. So, yeah, naturally I loved it, but I may grow out of it once its been out for a while.
    6. "Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai" by Morning Musume. *starts singing really loudly*
    7. "Neo STARGATE" by Momoiro Clover Z. I almost forgot about this when I was making this list, but this was a fantastic song!
    8. "C.P.U!?" by Cheeky Parade. Waaah, Chikipa is so amazing!
    9. "Tsunagu Kizuna Tsutsumu Kodoku" by StlipS. PIANO!
    10. "1mm" by Perfume. I've always casually listened to Perfume, but just this year I've really become a fan, and gosh their music is sooo goood!
    11. "Future Fantasy" by Beckii Cruel. DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!
    12. "Hotaru Matsuri no Hi" by Jurin. It's so beautifulllllll!
    13. "Tokainaka no Kare" by GREEN FIELDS. I will be the only person in existence to put this on my "top songs of the year" list, I'm sure. ;)
    14. "Wolf Boy" by Morning Musume. Darn you for not liking it, Chiima! ;)
    15. "Rolling Days" by Tasaki Asahi. She's so talented, as both a pianist and a singer! I hope her new unit sounds good.
    16. "Magic of Love" by Perfume. I have no comments on this one... it's just a really good song. ;)
    17. "Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta" by Berryz Koubou. Another song that surprised me, because I thought it was just OK when it first came out, but it's reaallly grown on me. It's 10x better than ROCK Erotic, and I wish others thought so too...
    18. "My oh My" by Girls' Generation. YES they're a K-pop group but the song is an original Japanese song so I'M COUNTING IT OKAY???!!!
    19. "Help me!!" by Morning Musume. The high notes are a bit meh but that instrumental is wonderful. :)
    20. "A B C D E-cha E-cha Shitai" by Morning Musume. It's a bit messy, but it's still really great dance track.

    And... honorable mention to "Closer" by KRP28. It wasn't really J-pop except one verse, but they are a net idol group inspired by J-idols. Their music has been my guilty pleasure this year. XD

    I think that's everything.... I feel like I'm missing something really important though.