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The Okay! Musume Time PV Awards 2013

All thoughts and opinions within this video are A) My own, and B) -shocker- MY OWN! Don't like? Simply put; Don't read! It's as magical as that!

Because of my blasted laptop and how it continuously dies when I attempt to create or save a video, I won't be doing a Video version of my Top PV's for 2013. However, my fingers still work, so guess who's gonna type it all out? Oh yeah~

Actually, I'm not doing a 'Top 10' of the best PV's' this year. I am instead going to be doing a PV Awards. Why? Because then I can title the categories in which the PV's come in, that's why! That, and I actually only had two PV's I hated with a passion this year, so they have the ultimate awards of being... well, just terrible.

Also, because of my indecisive ways, there is no certain order for this Award system, because I had no clue where I would place any of these. However, the Top of the Top and the Bottom of the Bottom will be at the very end, because we always save the best till last, right? RIGHT! So, let's go, shall we?

So, that said and done (wow, that was quick) let's get into the new PV Awards of 2013, shall we? What PV's will we see in this list today?

Jump for the rest of the Post and begin!~

~The Okay! Musume Time PV Awards 2013~!

The Most Unflattering PV Award

Sayonara Crawl by AKB48

So I am starting this list on a less-than positive note, but that's only because I don't want to put it towards the end where the more important videos will go, and honestly, this award is not that important, though it's still an award none-the-less.
 ... Though is the Award of being the most Unflattering PV of 2013 really a good thing anyway? Well, at least it isn't the worst of 2013!

Honestly though, I am just as surprised as you all that this PV did not get the coveted title of WORST PV of 2013, because I dislike this horrible video with a passion. That said, it does have its saving graces, such as the shots where they interact and wear gorgeous white outfits. It's the ugly, unflattering, eye-fuckery bikini's that destroyed this video and made it so unflattering to my eyes. The rest of it though... yeah, I actually like it.

If only they had burned those bikini's before the camera picked up what the fuck they were. Seriously, those flower bikini's are one huge cluster of BLURGH!

This video has some of the worst bikini's I have ever seen, and whilst I know quite a few fans enjoy this video, I don't. It's... bad. Thank God the alternative shots and the song saved it from becoming the Worst PV of this year!

The Most Enjoyable PV Award

Bye Bye Dubai ~See You Again~ by Sexy Zone

I think that the word 'enjoyable' could go for both the song and video, but yeah, I seriously enjoyed this video! Not to say that I didn't enjoy the other videos because seriously, I did. This one though... it really reminded me of just how much I enjoy and love the group Sexy Zone!

Regardless of that very obvious, terrible green screen during the solo shots of 'Dubai', this is an energetic, friendly and fun video that is so loveable and good! It reminds me of how great SZ is as a group in general, and has shown me the way of Fuma and his amazing moving hips! Hot damn!

This is such a good video in my opinion because of the fun and energetic elements behind it, and he group dynamic in SZ is great! Even if we don't see much of our babies Sou and Marius here, at least they are shown! They all look good, and I just fully enjoy the atmosphere and image of this great video! Now, everybody clap your hands! Step step step!

Thank you!!! <3 God, I love this song and video!

The Cutest PV Award

Koi no Wizard Hyakunen Sensou by Afilia Saga

How we define cute is completely up to us, but honestly, I was overwhelmed with how cute and different this PV was for Afilia Saga. Okay, so it isn't the most adorable thing on the planet, but look at the girls! Look at how they interact, look at that cute little dance they do. LOOK AT KOHIME! How can you look at that and not think 'Oh, so cute!'. Seriously, they are all adults, and they still manage to pull off a very adorable, sweet looking PV with their cute and lovely faces.

I just want to squeeze them all and kiss them! KYAA!

But no seriously, this was absolutely adorable to watch! From the colour and actions, to that weird drunk scene, it was cute! Go Afilia Saga!

The Silliest PV Award

Haste to Waste by BKA48

Simply based on the fact that this PV is made for the 'Idiots' of AKB48 (of the more popular members that is) and made up of quotes from the groups time on the Mechaike Bakajo Test, the PV for Haste to Waste has earned the Silliest PV Award for it's fun, silly and rather 'dumb' approach, showing a different side to AKB48 that I really did not notice past those cute or professional PV's and those bikini's.

It also allowed me to notice how pretty Kawaei Rina is as well as how funny both TakaMina and Minegishi are. Also, Paruru is downright adorable in this!

Honestly though, the antics in this video are pretty fun and silly, showing these weird and wonderful ways of the girls... especially Minami, who is just hilarious when she tries to cheat! I also love how Paruru is portrayed as this rather ditzy, forgettable character who just doesn't learn from her actions.

It's a silly, fun PV that is different, and definitely worth watching! It certainly deserved an award, and honestly, this was my favourite PV of the year from AKB48. It's different, silly and fun! What more could we want?

The Most Unique PV Award

Koi wa Tokimeki Chuuiho by Weather Girls

I think that this PV was certainly interesting, and one of the most unique videos of the year. Why? Because little CGI monsters! Oh, and the fact that the members of Weather girls turn into these little cute gremlins! It's a pretty different concept, one that is both refreshing and new to the Idol scene... or at least, I have yet to see another group take on this weird and fun plot.

This PV is also extremely over-the-top cute. It has colour, over exaggerated facial expressions, a sweet storyline that is both saddening but also hopeful, and it is a great song and video for kids I believe! This video and its song showed a new side to Weather Girls, who had previously shown a sexier, more mature side with their debut single, and proved that despite their age, they could do a rather adorable, child friendly video that had a sweet little storyline about never giving up and working hard towards that goal you have aimed for.

This PV is cute, but it's one of the most unique videos I have seen all year.

The Happiest & Best Acted Award

We are Dreamer by Dream5

Am I cheating by giving this one two awards? I don't think I am, but I honestly think that this PV was one of best acted, and one of the happiest, PV's from the entire year. It really made my July a colourful one thanks to the bright and energetic tone of the entire video.
 But despite that amazing colour and energy, the video was also tinged with sadness in the video and a message to forgive and forget what has happened, and to stay by your friends' sides regardless of what they have done because in the end of it all, they still love and care for you.

This was the first video where I saw Dream5 act, and I was extremely moved by the story and message the video showed us. It was simple, but it was so well executed. We saw the bright, happy side of the story where they all dance and perform in front of colourful balloons, and then the sad, desperate side where we see the group torn apart by a confrontation between Mikoto and Kotori, whilst Akira, Yuuno and Momona try desperately to figure out how to resolve the fued. Of course everything is resolved, and it leads into the end of the video so beautifully, showing the group formed once again, happy and energetic and ready to perform.

This video was one of the happiest, brightest videos of 2013, and the acting made me realise just how great Dream5 are. This video means so much to me that, if this was actually a ranking list with numbers, this would have been my #2 or a tie for #1. When I think of 2013 and colour, I can't help but think of We are Dreamer by Dream5.

The Most Energetic PV Award

2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! by Otome Shinto

Given that the song 2 Gakki Debut Dai Sakusen!! made it into my Top 20 Songs of 2013, it isn't really that weird to see the PV making its way into my Favourite PV's of the year either! A few PV's that have had songs in my Top 20 or special mentions have ended up here, with this one being no exception!

Like the energetic and fun song, this video is definitely a bundle of fun and energy! It's bouncy, cheerful and down right cute! It's extremely likeable as well, like everything else Otome Shinto has done, and the girls are just extremely loveable in this. I really can't get enough of it!

There is so much energy put into the video, and it's a rather fun concept as well, showing the girls being chased and surrounded by grown-ups who want them to conform and join them as young adults, but the girls don't want to conform, or at least not yet. They are still children, and this video proves that by showing off their childish looks and antics, portraying their energetic and cheerful youth.

It's a fun song and an upbeat, bouncy video filled with life and happiness. I adore it and think that it really brought an amazing amount of energy to my Summer! Thank you, Otome Shinto!

The Best Looking PV Award

Girls Rule by Nogizaka46

Remember how poorly Nogizaka46 did last year, with their shite PV's and lacking songs? Well this year, they did well... in fact, they were superb. They have had good songs, and even better PV's, and I swear on my life that Girls Rule is one of the best looking PV's I have ever seen from this group. It is just so pretty!

In fact, this is one of the best looking PV's from the entire year. It has a good, strong storyline that I really enjoyed, the acting was wonderful, the girls look great, and the video itself was refreshing and had a pure, innocent feeling to it. Rather than simply sticking the girls in bikini's and telling them to dance on a beach, they instead traded in the sand and sea for a school swimming pool, and created a story about the girls saving this pool where they all come together and make friends, talk about their problems and just relax. It was very nice, and it just looked great and made Summer that little bit more special for me in the form of Idol PV's.

I really think that as a PV, Girls Rule is very beautiful and well shot. It's a strong video, and they provided us with a comfortable and enjoyable summer video that did not have the awkward and over-used tacky bikini's we usually see in an AKS video. It was simply wonderful, and I still love it.

The Most Encouraging PV Award

Yattaruchan by S/mileage

This is one ambitious song filled with encouragement and happiness, and given that the song made my year, I think it's already clear that the video made part of my year, too!

Yattaruchan as a whole is one loveable, amazing ball of happiness that showed off Nakanishi Kana's talent of speaking and brought back the fun and energetic S/mileage that I thought Tsunku had forgotten. This was also, for me, one of the best songs and videos that S/mileage has produced in a long time, ever since the departure of Yuuka back in 2011. This video brought us back to S/mileage's roots of their silly, fun nature that we fell in love with, and allowed us to take in just how precious they all are.

I know that video may be cheap and tacky, but I find it charming, and the silly fun dance, the interaction and the pure enjoyment of the video just makes me love it so much more. I think it's an amazing video, one filled with ambition from the members, and the encouragement of Kana's words. It's a fun video, childish, happy and rather spacey in its own way. It's one of the biggest highlights of H!P this year, and really just made me fall in love with S/mileage again.

The Most Inspiring PV Award

Fighting☆Hero by Ono Erena

If you thought that I wouldn't put this song in my list, then you were very very wrong, because this PV was so inspiring this year. That, and it made me cry. Like a baby.

I seem to be a sucker for Ono Erena PV's, but this one really pulled me in and stuck to me like glue. In a way, this video feels very personal to me, because it speaks of reaching for your goals and basically fighting to become the heroic figure you have always dreamt of. It's a song and video that inspires you to go for those dreams and do what you want, no matter what others say. I can't begin to say just how much this video and song combined means to me.
 It's kinda bad that I seem to have made an emotional attachment to this video, but eh, whatever!

I also think that it is extremely well performed, reflecting that fighting spirit of Erena well, whilst also throwing in a few fun and silly antics into the mix to give it more depth and personality. In general I find that is a very well done video, from the great shots taken to the performance from Erepyon herself. I was executed well, and it shows us this inspirational figure to look up to as she goes forward for her dreams.

This video has brought me much love and many tears, and for me, it truly is inspirational in many ways.

The Most Improved PV Award

Sotsugyoushiki by Houkago Princess

When Houkago Princess returned this year with the re-release of their Juliet single, they soon followed up with a PV for one of the coupling songs and showed a vast improvement in their video production. It was very surprising for me as a fan to see their simple, budget videos turn into something that looked pretty good... even if it is still on-budget.

As a group, I find that HouPri have improved greatly, but to see how far they have come along in terms of how their videos look is amazing. They look and feel a lot more professional, the girls look less awkward and seem a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. It's as if I am seeing an entirely different group here, but the difference is so welcoming, because it's nice to see HouPri finally take on the look and feel of a proper Idol group, rather than one that had little direction or far too awkward members.

I do like the awkward and sweet HouPri from the beginning, but it's undeniable that their PV's were pretty bad in the beginning. This video however showed that their direction had changed and that the group and their staff were willing to move forward for a more professional look and feel for the group. It was great to see, and it allowed me to reignite my love for HouPri once again after my heart had been broken by their sudden disappearance from the media eye.

The Best Summer PV Award

Up Up Typhoon b Up Up Girls (Kari)

I literally cannot sum this video up in any other way than 'The best Summer PV', so that's what it will be categorised under. Seriously, this is the best Summer video and one of the best songs to come out from a group this entire year, and even now it still sends me into delirious bouts of happiness! It fills me with joy!

It's energetic, colourful, bright, fun, bouncy and simple! It uses the most simplistic settings, and yet it is still amazing in every way because it uses the personality and characteristics of the girls whilst also showing off their skills as singers and performers. It contains so much in the video, but it still brings out every amazing aspect with every second you watch. It's just so wonderful and perfect... I keep falling in love with it every time I see it!

This video is one of those that will just embed itself into your mind and remind you of how amazing it is each time you think of it. It's truly addictive, and it makes me smile every time I watch it. It is such a strong video, and it really made me fall for the amazing group that is Up Up Girls. I am so thankful that, for their first PV, this was the one chosen because it is strong, memorable and fun! What more could you wish for in a bright and energetic Summer PV filled with cheer, aye?

The Best Concept PV Awards

Shakiiism by Nogizaka46

There really was no doubt in my mind that this PV would make it into this list, much like Girls Rule, actually. In my opinion, both of these PV's from NG46 are strong and equally amazing, but seriously, Shakiiism truly takes the cake when it comes to one of the best concepts and story lines of 2013. It really is amazing!

The video is all about the segregation of boys and girls in school, where they are restricted from even coming into contact with each, let alone dare to fall in love. The rules are strict, and there are consequences to be had if anyone dares to break these rules that have been set. It is a dark, dramatic video that I would have loved to see become a short drama. Yes, it is that amazing that I would watch the drama, even without subtitles. The video is just that good. Sure, the song is a bit generic, but the story of the video and how dark it looks more than makes up for it.

This video proved to me just how amazing Nogizaka46 could be, and really turned my opinion of them around. I do not regret liking them more now, and I have this beautiful PV to thank for that!

The Best Directed PV Award

Bokura no Eureka by NMB48

This was originally my PV of the Year 2013, until another PV knocked it right out of the ring and replaced it, therefore it instead gains the title of Best Directed, because seriously, it is one of the best directed PV's from this year! Other than the Pv of the Year, that is, but still!

Bokura no Eureka is basically the PV that did what Manatsu no Sounds GOOD! failed to do; it stayed interesting, and it continued to pursue a cool story line about survival and working together as a team. Sadly, this one didn't have the dark 'death' scenes that Manatsu had, which is in a way a shame, but also good in its own way, as it gave the video of Bokura no Eureka its own persona and showed it more as a video about the girls working together and trying to get through their differences and difficulties as they try to save themselves.

The ending of the video is also very dark and ominous, going from cheerful when the girls reach land, to rather frightening and almost hopeless. It's a dark video in its own way, and it shows the strength of NMB48 as a team well. I really enjoyed this video, and I found that it truly was one of the best directed PV's of 2013.


And so we edge ever-closer to the end of this post, but don't go yet! I have more videos for you, in fact I have only two videos to share with you for the end of the Awards, and then of course I have the Special Mentions. But what PV's have claimed the coveted titles of Best and Worst PV of the Year 2013? Which PV have I loathed, and which I have I loved? Read on to find out...~

The WORST PV of the Year 2013

Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai by Morning Musume

... Please tell me why this piece of shit exists again?

For me, this was like seeing The Matenrou Show: Part 2, but with worse costumes (though props for splurging on your grandma's curtains and changing up the costumes) and really horrible lighting. Luckily I like the song, or this would have truly gone down the pan for me and made it the worst release of the entire year.

Seriously... it's horrible. It's cheap, tacky and like I said before, the lighting is horrible. It makes Reina look like an old hag (she didn't already, Chii?) and poor little Sakura looks tired and withdrawn thanks to the weird light changes in her. This PV is also totally uninspired and utterly lazy! Seriously, there was separate footage recorded for the solo shots, and they didn't even bother to use them at all, they just zoomed in on the damn girls during certain shots and that was it! This is just one giant dance shot and nothing more. It isn't a PV, it's just dancing. If the solo shots had been included, I would probably like it more (those solo shots are actually really pretty) but damn... this was lazy. Lazy lazy LAZY!

It is also a terribly unflattering PV, thanks to the lighting issues, though AKB kinda stole that spot with Sayonara Crawl and their god-awful Bikini's. But still...

This video is awful, the worst video 2013 could have released! Given that this was the song that seemed to centre on Reina more, this was one shoddy, god-awful PV that was a smack to her face for her career in Morning Musume. I may not have been the biggest fan of her, but good lord, there was no effort put into Kimi Sae at all, and sadly, it is noticeable how little the editors cared for it... they left shots of the bloody cameraman in!!! Arrrrgh!!!

The Darkest PV, Best Directed & Best Storyline Award
(Otherwise known as: PV of the Year 2013)

Barrette by Nogizaka46

What's that I hear? Shock and horror at the fact that I have put a third NG46 PV in this list? Good Lord, one was surprising, two was shocking to the point of fainting, and now this!? You might just be on the verge of a nervous fit because I have come around so well to this group! What's more though, this PV is undoubtedly the best of the year.


I am being completely and utterly honest with you; Nogizaka46's Barrette is the best PV that has come out in the year of 2013. Why? Because it is so freakin' EPIC, that's why! It is badass, the storyline is amazing, the direction is just perfect. It hooks you straight away because the beginning of the video is so chilling, dark and nerve-wrecking. It makes you want to watch it more, to see what happens to these girls who have been captured, and to see what the outcome of the entire video is. It is a gripping video, one that has taken PV's from an Idol group to an entire new level. So you thought that Beginner, Bokura no Eureka and Manatsu no Sounds GOOD! were dark? Pfft, you've seen nothing if you haven't seen Barrette. This one well and truly takes the cake.

This edgy, daring video is amazing, and the performance is just done so well. If I ever had a doubt about NG46, even after such a strong year with Girls Rule and Shakiism, all doubt has now faded away thanks to the release of this amazing PV.

2013 has truly been an incredible year for Nogizaka46; they have shown me how talented and amazing they are, and have turned my once negative view of them around. This year, they have truly become the rivals of AKB48 in quality, and have become the best of the best in my mind. Their final A-side single release of the year well and truly ended their year of 2013 with one amazing BANG!!!


And that is all of the Awards, done and dusted! It was hard sorting them all out, but it was fun, too! Figuring out which PV's had made my year, or killed it, was pretty awesome, and it allowed me to look back and think over some of the PV's released this year that I had enjoyed, or the ones I had even forgotten I had enjoyed! Hopefully seeing this list has allowed you to take a look at the PV's you enjoyed, too!

Anyway, before I derail and try to end this post, let's take a quick look at my...

Special Mentions!!!

Su & You by ANNA☆S

If I had to give to give this PV an award, it would be The Most Addictive PV Award, because seriously, I was addicted to both song and video! This was also my return to ANNA☆S this year, as I had previously touched upon them on Chiima's Corner a year before, back when they had four members.

I adore Su & You, it's a great song and video filled with energy, fun and talent. I love watching the girls as they perform in this, they really have a great presence in front of the camera (especially Su, the yellow one) and they constantly manage to capture your attention with their great looks and their ambitious aura's! Honestly, it's just addictive watching them! I want to watch MORE ANNA☆S NOW!!!! >3< <3

Kimi no Koto Mamoritai! by Doll☆Elements

I was almost ready to put this PV in the list itself as a Part 2 to the Cutest PV Award, however decided against it and eventually put the video here. I think this was a wise decision xD

But honestly, if there is one word to describe this video, it would be 'cute' or 'adorable', because it is exactly what those words describe! Doll☆Elements truly do deliver a sweet and innocent performance here filled with sweet sugary goodness, and show off their doll-like abilities thanks to the method that is stop-motion animation! It's such a simple video, one that works well and truly captures the natural, innocent cuteness of the group.

Brainstorming by Morning Musume

With every bad PV, there is a little bit of good... and in the case of Kimi Sae Ireba's fugly PV, this was that inkling of good.

Now I was originally going to put this video in the list as well for an award, The Coolest PV & Best Choreography Award, actually, but decided against it last minute and felt that I had enough PV's, and this one would instead be a special mention. That doesn't mean I favour it any less, it's just that I had less of a desire to add it into the Awards system in the first place, hence why it eventually got knocked out.

But honestly, this is a very cool video, from the costumes to the sets and the cool background lights showing off their member colours. This was a great PV, one that showed off an edgier side to Reina the Screeching Squirrel, and truly brought together the group. If you ask me, before this video came out, Morning Musume just looked like some girls jumbled together, but here they truly looked like they actually meshed and knew that they had to work as a team. Finally!

This is a great video, and it truly shows off the amazing ability of Morning Musume and their cool formation dances. When this video came out, all the H!P fans fell for it, including myself! Go MoMusu!


And so we come to an end! This post... it is long, that's for sure, and it's taken me about 5 hours to compile together (YIKES!!!) but holy cow, it was worth it! Finding the songs, PV's and talking about them was great, it's really given me the drive to see the New Year with great, positive thoughts of 2013, or at least in the form of PV's. But really, it has been a great year for videos and Idols! There have been so many different, wonderful videos, some inspirational, overs extremely creative, and some very daring.

But this is only my list, and whilst I seem to have a variety of different videos here, I know that I do not have all the videos from the wonderful world of J-Pop here. So, that leads me to my question to you;

What were your Top PV's of 2013, and which were your Worst?

I know that this year, in terms of my worst, there were few, but I don't think that matters. 2013 was strong when it came to videos in my opinion, and I really was not disappointed... well, tha's a lie, because I was disappointed with some, however a majority of the time I was pleased, delighted or taken aback with amazement whenever a new PV came out. It was seriously promising this year, and I truly do hope that next year, the PV's will be just as good.

Though seriously now, can anything top Barrette? Doubtful, but we shall see...

Until next time! And please, think about your favourite PV's from the Year that will swiftly go by in a few days! Ja ne~



  1. The most encouraging and worst is what I am hear for. I must say those are great choices. Glad you mentioned Brainstorming though!

    Thought I’d let you know, I’m back to bloggingan and I’ll be commenting on all blogs on Idolminded too! Hope you can check out my end of year post!

    Have a happy new year!

  2. Hey, what about SKE's? :(( they had some good ones too in 2013.