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The Liebster Awards of 2013

So I recently read an intriguing post on Konno's Story, and I really wanted to do it because it's interesting, and it includes questions. I like questions. A lot. SO HERE WE GO!?

These are the Liebster Awards, a random system that anyone can take part in in order to share the little blogs around the world wide web and get their names out there! After looking up these awards, I found that how it works can vary depending on who does it, as the original Liebster Awards seemed to just focus on promoting blogs rather than adding questions and such on, so like chain letters, rumours or Chinese whispers, these Liebster Awards adapt and develop for other bloggers, depending on what sort of course you want to take with it.

I will, however, follow the rules provided by Konno loosely. I say loosely, because I may play around and adapt them if I so wish to xD


1. Link back to the Blogger who nominated you for this Spiffing Award. (see top of post for linky~)
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger whom has so kindly nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers for this spiffing award.
5. Pray that they read this post and find out that they have been nominated!
6. Go to the blogs you have nominated and notify them of what you have done (I am too lazy to do this, seriously)
7. Give your nominees 11 wonderful questions. Just don't get personal, kay?
8. You did not realise that I missed out Numero 4 on this list, right?

Clearly, I am taking this very seriously, like I take everything seriously. But yeah, looking at that rule list, I really don't think that I will notify the bloggers because I think that this sort of thing, if you want to do it, please do it, whether or not you are nominated for it. It's a fun thing to do I believe and will also get names out there for bloggers who I personally feel must be given a chance, because goodness gracious me, they are lovely, wonderful people. I swear.

Anyway, that said and done, I was nominated by the charming and lovely Konno Asami, whom you can check out at Konno's Story. Konno is very much into women's and gay rights, as well as into Aime/Manga and the Japanese music industry, with rather different tastes to my own, but mature and fun tastes too, such as Kalafina. The thing that I enjoy about Konno is that he knows what he likes, and does have a strong mind and opinion. I doubt I will ever always agree with him, but I like what he says and I do find his opinion insightful and allows me to learn more about him. Also, I feel that Konno brings a lot of his own views into his posts, whether it is about Idols, music, anime or not. I like that, as well know already.


1. What got you into blogging?

Rage. Pure, unhappy rage at a PV that I really did not like. But that's for this blog. If we go back a few years more, around the time I was 14 or something, I actually had an Anime review blog, and just after that I think a make-up blog. I attempted those sorts of blogs because I always found writing easier than making videos on youtube. (which I started at around 13, believe it or not) Forming words that are written is easier for me, I am a terrible speaker, however I never could stick to it because I couldn't stay focused or interested in something for too long, or I just felt that the videos were more worthwhile because I drag out what I write... which is what I am doing here. But yeah, rage for a Morning Musume PV got me into blogging properly, however my love for writing and the fact that I find it easier was also one of the reasons behind it, too.

2. Has blogging done anything for you? It can be from making you happy to making you angry.

I think that it has allowed me to grow more as a writer in a journalistic sense, as well as the fact that it has really made me happy, too. It's also allowed me to bond with a lot of people who are a part of the J-pop community too, such as readers, fellow writers and bloggers or other fans. It has also given me the amazing opportunity of being able to write with other amazing writers like Greg, Ray and Allyson. I feel so fortune to have become a part of this community when I did, so I feel blogging has done a lot for me.

3. Do you read and/or watch any anime's/manga's? Also, if you happen to know Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi/Junjou Romantica, I automatically love you.

I currently don't watch Anime, and I flip in and out of my Manga phases, mostly because when I read it, I don't stop and I kind of lose sleep! However I have read Hiyokai a lot over the past few months, and attempted Blood Lad. To be honest, I prefer reading manga to watching Anime, but when I was 13 to around the age of 17, I was heavily into Manga and Anime. My favourite Manga's are Fushigi Yugi and The Gentleman's Alliance Cross.

Also, I know about Junjou Romantica! My sister was really into Yaoi (spilling the beans) and even though I didn't really care for Yaoi, I read some of my sisters Yaoi manga, but I only really ever like Junjou Romantica. That was a really good Anime, and I tried reading some of it too because it just had good characters and story lines.

4. Who is your favourite J-pop group (and if you like K-pop/C-pop too, tell me)?

It's rather clear that I adore Morning Musume, but I have a deep love for Houkago Princess, Bump.y and Fudanjuku, too. I think that the group I favour most is probably Morning Musume because I have been into them for so long, but those other groups are the ones I think highly of as well.

In terms of K-pop, I don't really care about it. I've never really seemed to find it appealing, but I do like C-pop. I like Michael Wong as a singer, he is fantastic, as well as Show Luo and Rainie Yang. EXO's Mandopop group are also epic.

5. If there was a battle to the death between Momochi and Sayumi, who'd win the war on cuteness?

Sayumi would, mostly because I would throw bear traps and daggers at Momochi's head to slow her down for the kill. But yeah, we know how I feel about Momochi as a whole, not too keen xD

6. Do you think the 'Dating Rule' is necessary?

I don't think it is, but I also understand why it's there as well. I clearly don't like it, but honestly, we still have this issue when it comes to dating and how the fans feel in America and England; if a popstar guy dates a popstar girl or a regular girl, his fans go over the top crazy and threaten them with death and such. It's the same in Japan, except it's grown men and not teenage girls who dislike the idea of an Idol dating; it's one in the same, except that Japan have it under more control by not allowing the girls to date, limiting their freedom. I hate the rule itself, but given how innocence and purity is such a big thing in Japan, it is there for the sake of sales and selling the product with a clean, untouched image.

Perverted, I know.

7. Are you an Otaku Wota? And if you are, how many CD's would you buy to see AKB48/SKE/HKT/NMB? Or any other group that does handshake events.

I would say I am a wota, or at least a really big fan! But I'm rather frugal when it comes to Idol CD's, so unless it was for a handshake event and mini live that I really want to go to, and it has the girls I want to see, then I will probably buy about four CD's.

As I said, I am stingy with CD's!

8. The best place in the world for you? Doesn't matter if you've visited the place or not.

My bed. I love sleeping, to put it bluntly, but also (cliche time!) I like being with my friends. It's a lot better being surrounded by the people who, despite being different from me, understand me and accept me wholeheartedly for who I am. I also like being around my mum and younger sister, because I feel safe with them and I love them. If I'm with them, I think I could go anywhere and feel happy and at ease.

9. Suddenly you get to be the Supreme Ruler of the World. What changes would you make?

I would probably rule out travel costs, honestly. I am also all for equality and such, but I would want to make things cheaper and easier for poorer people because it is hard for lower class citizens to get by in day to day life. I would also like to make education completely free, as well as allow students to learn what they want to learn. I feel like too many restrictions in education is the reason why so many children hate school so much, because we are forced to learn with limited sources during certain stages, or we are restricted from being free with our creative minds (which is why I now hate Art with a passion).

10. Have you ever listened to a C-pop group/soloist?

Rainie Yang and Show Luo were my first ventures into Chinese music, because I really liked Mandarin/Chinese dramas at one point. Then obviously, I stumbled upon Michael Wong's Fairytale, which is a glorious piece.

11. If you had the chance, would you audition for an Idol group?

I've thought about this a million times and honestly, yes I would. But I would only audition for a group like Houkago Princess or BiS, because I know BiS are obscure and would probably revel in the fact a foreigner auditioned, and HouPri because I love their atmosphere and idea behind their theme (I like dressing up). I don't think that I could ever keep up with Morning Musume or AKB48, because the eien pressure would be too much, and I wouldn't be able to keep up with them.


So, the questions are done and dusted, which only really leaves the 11 12 blogs to promote. All of these blogs I do read and I enjoy them thoroughly... if I didn't, then I would not promote them!

1. Nia's Wonderland - I love Nia, we all know this; she is like my little sister in blogging, but I think so highly of her well. She is a fantastic writer, and her love for Perfume is so strong... that is admirable <3

2. Janakya Mottainai - Aim has always been on of those writers I have simply idolised. She has amazing talent, she has great posts and opinions, and she has a pretty diverse interest in Idols. Also, she just recently started writing again... YES!!! SHE'S BACK ; A; <3

3. Momo Musu - Momo is one of my favourite bloggers, and one of my close friends too. She has such a good way of writing, and I love that she includes the readers through various surveys she conducts and then writes out with the results. She's still building up her blog, but please, check it out!

4. fly in the f*ing wine - Mara doesn't seem to update much nowadays, but that does not mean her blog is any less enjoyable! I like Mara's writing, she has such a fun and carefree style that I like.

5. Sarah's Tiny Sanctuary - This is one of Sarah's newest blogs, and she has already shown that she has a very strong skill in writing, despite the fact that English is not her first language. She is currently taking on topics that can be classed as controversial or a little risky for a new blog, but I like that she is taking this risk; it's great to see that she is diving head-on into writing that she is interested in. It is something that will surely get her noticed!

6. Happy Disco - Serenyty has a really great writing style, one that I admire greatly and wish I could match at some point. She creates good points, she brings in her readers through asking for their opinions, and she does great research on her topics! She is also open to what others have to say, and does not keep her mind closed to other opinions. She is an inspiring and amazing person, if you ask me.

7. COSMIC CHILD - Phob is one of my favourite writers; she has a style that drags you in and locks you down, a way with words that persuades you over to her side and allows you to see why she loves something... and it ultimately makes you love it, too. Sadly, her last post was in May of the Year Going By, but I do hold out hope that Phob will bring her wonderful talent back to her blog. I miss her!

8. Selective Hearing - I know for sure that SH have over 200 readers and followers, but regardless of that they will go in here! This was one of my first blogs that I ever followed consistently, and even now I still adore SH, even since becoming a part of it. It is an amazing blog, where your opinions are your own, and no one panders to ones tastes. It's a place of basically just voicing what you want and not caring what others think... it's a sanctuary.

9. Sakura Mankai - This is a news blog, but a News blog that simply gets to the point ad simply keeps you updated on the latest H!P News. I like this blog a lot, and Mega Mickey has done such a good job... I hope she keeps it up!

10. Itsumo Genki - If you thought that I forgot about my darling Isilie, you ere wrong! WRONG I SAY!!! I will never forget my muse, the inspiration, my light... I love Isilie in general, and Itsumo Genki is a beautiful blog. She may not update a lot, but she updates enough to keep me sane! Well, as sane as I can get... yeah.

11. Konno's Story - Konno did indeed tag me in this, but I read Konno's blog a lot anyway, because I like his opinion and the way he writes. He has a very condensed form of writing, different to my own, but he still manages to put every bit of his opinion, thoughts and feelings in there no matter what, and it is still so interesting and thought-provoking. I don't agree with everything he writes, but that doesn't mean I should dislike he! He's a good writer!

12. Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! - This is a great blog for updates and small reviews on said updates; I really love Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! for that, because if nowhere else has picked up on something or said anything about it, you can be sure that Ran-chan has! I love te dedication Ran-chan has, she truly does inspire me!

Whoops, broke the rules! There are 12 blogs, not 11! Huehuehue...~

And now, for the Random Questions! I don't expect anyone to actually answer these, but if you do, it shall be interesting to see... ;)


1. How did you find Idols, and what got you into them?

2. How long have you been blogging for now?

3. Think of a random Idol song. The first one that pops into your head, what is it, and what do you think of it?

4. Now think of your favourite Idol song! What is it, and why is it your favourite?

5. If you could go to any country right now, which country would it be?

6. What was your favourite childhood cartoon?

7. Did you ever like Anime or Manga before you got into Idols?

8. What was your best subject in school? (this has nothing to do with anything else, I know xD)

9. What is your favourite book? Have you re-read it?

10. If you were in a Zombie Apocolypse, who would you ally with? It can be anyone, from fictional to real, to someone you do or do not know! Choose wisely!

11. Would you ever volunteer for the Hunger Games?

... I think these questions show my curiosity and my personality a bit xD I like them! Though they are a bit weird...

AND SO those are my Liebster Awards of 2013! This was interesting to do, and whilst I have taken a while to actually get this done, I think that this post itself is a nice way to end the year promoting other blogs! I know that it is about talking about your own blog and such, but it also allows us to highlight the blogs we like, which is really nice... it also allows me to push these blog towards you guys more, too ;)

They need love, too! <3

Anyway, with this all done and dusted, I can now relax... and write some more! No rest for the wicked, me dears!

Until next time~


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