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The 12 Days of Idols: A Cheap Merry Christmas and a Genki New Year!

All thoughts and opinions, please leave them on the doorstep... actually nah, fuck it, BRING IN THE THOUGHTS, THE FEELS AND THE OPINIONS!

So, Christmas is upon us, and how else to celebrate than a few Christmassy Idol PV's, aye? But which PV shall I review first!? Let's take a look!

On the 12th Day before Christmas, my Idols sent to me...
One Cheap-ass budget PV!

... And it seems that the cheap-ass PV comes with a pretty cheaply photoshopped CD cover, too! But hey, at least it's better than what H!P have given us, right? RIGHT!!!

So yeah... admittedly, I saw this PV but a few hours ago (or if we are accurate, about a week ago, when I first saw this PV and when I first wrote this post... yeah, scheduled posts, gotta love 'em!) and, regardless of how I initially felt about it... I kinda like/love it and thought that it would be a pretty cute edition to this mini-series of posts that I am doing for the festive Holiday season! That, and the song is pretty catchy, and it fits right into the Christmas theme that I am going for with my blog right now... so why not!?

So that all said and done, I must introduce the group that has created this PV and sung the song! Introducing IDOL CLASS, a group made up of 10 charmingly delightful girls with varying looks who are, I am guessing, still in their indie phase! So far, the group has not released many PV's, but they have had one or two that I have seen previously... but until now, they have had yet to charm me! The group is adorable, energetic and they deliver a character-filled Christmas jingle that e can all enjoy for this festive season with their latest number, Happy Christmas -Dadada Daijyo v-! But will their PV and song be up to standards with all of the other Idol fans?

To answer that question, let's take a look at IDOL CLASS and their latest music video and song, Happy Christmas -Dadada Daijyo v-. Are you ready for Christmas on a budget?

... The amount of time that this video took just to give me this scene was pretty stupid...

About 12 seconds, actually.

Oh look, isn't that... pretty...

You know an Idol group is indie when they have to skimp on the Christmas Tree and decorations... yeesh!

Well, now we know where the budget went for this MV... the costumes...

Hey, is that cotton on the floor acting as snow?

Good lord, you're adorable... you can stay!

What? What's that you're looking at? Is there a better looking, budget-heavy PV on the horizons?

... it must be amazing...

Your enthusiasm does not clear up my Grinchy nature towards those cheap tree's... HARUMPH!!1

Now now, don't look at me like that! Blame the staff for skimping around the set decorations!

*Gasp!!!* Is that an AKB48 set I see over there!? It's so... sparkly and expensive!

Oh, the poor dear! She's in denial over the Christmas Tree's, and doing the Robot is the only thing that helps her...

Poor thing.

Well, aren't you a chipper little Lolita! Looking at you now, I think you would be a cute little Snow-girl!

So stunned by the cheapness, all emotion has been lost. I understand, kid.

... There was a sudden change of shot, so surprising! WAAAH!!!

Centre-chan: "Ne, the tree's are cute, right?"

Adorable-chan does not think so, Centre-chan!

Centre-chan: "Oh my!!!"

Centre-chan: "Ne, Hime-chan, the decorations are cute, aren't they?"

... Nope! No one is keen on the decorations here, Centre-chan! Gomen ne...

Centre-chan: "Waaaaaah!!!"

This is what the other members think of your decorations, Centre-chan!!!

Centre-chan: "Noooo!!!"

RAWR!! My Idol cuteness will scare you!!!

Centre-chan: "Haaaah...? Wasn't this a cute Christmas PV with a budget issue a second ago...?"

Don't ask questions! Just go along with it!

... the least threatening, unenthusiastic monster ever XD How adorable~



"... Wait, are those effects? Is that why our stage budget was cut again...?"


Fuck yeah, another solo shot! EPIC SAUCE!!!

Centre-chan: "I wonder if the others can hear what I am thinking... I want Pizza... buy it for me now... mhm..."

"He-Help me...!!!"

Poor girl looks terrified, as if tentacles are coming after her!

"Do not want, fuck off, leave me be, I will cut your balls off..."

This one has SKILLZ!!!

Hate to break it to you, but there is no Snow this Christmas, the budget couldn't cut it. Sorry!

This one is a rather enthusiastic little treasure, isn't she? I like her quirkiness!

... And you are just a gorgeous little princess, aren't you? <3

Centre-chan: "What the fu---"

My thoughts exactly, Centre-chan.

Oh, a gossip circle? Can I join!?!?

Centre-chan: "NO!!!"
Minions: "Our Queen, Centre-chan..."


Centre-chan: "You can not join my Minion circle, ever!!! MINE!!!"

Is it because I offended your budget-friendly decorations?

That is one spiffy hat you have there... o-O

... Dafuq? XD

"Arrgh! The tree MOVED!!!"

Quick, get the gun! The tree is trying to escape to the forest!!!

... There are so many of you o-O

Dayumn! You are the sexiest member of them all, and I don't even think you're trying! Hot DAMN!

Centre-chan: "Santa-san, please make everyone like the decorations I made, even though they are cheap and tacky..."
"... Minions, pray as well!"

Admittedly, all of that tack is growing on me... and so is the group!!! Oh my!

I love that not all of them are as enthusiastic as others at having to hold hands XD

... I swear, I have you seen you somewhere before. Possibly another PV, another group... or, your looks are just HIGHLY generic/genetic, and you are everywhere. Who the heck knows?

You look like you could be in i☆Ris... maybe even AKB or something... >o> I'm watchin' you, gurl... always watchin'... >o>

Extreme Happiness!!! And such big eyes! o-o Gwandma, what big eyes you has...!

... I think this girl is going up in my ranks as a favourite, second to the gorgeous Hime-chan!

Are you praying for real snow, or budget snow? Because I have salt which works just as well!!!

The overlay effect: Never too cheap, tacky or old when used correctly!

Centre-chan: "... I'm still waiting for this snow, Santa-san..."

Girl, there is no more money left for snow! Be happy with this salt!!! -throws all the salt-

... Why are you crying? You knew the budget, and yet you tried to go over it! Don't try and make me pity you!!!

Oh, you were crying because they all left you, not because of the budget cuts or the terrible trees? Well then...

Centre-chan! Why are you out of costume!?

Centre-chan: "Because I am a lot more important than they are~"

Well, aren't you blunt.

Thinking about it... this scene actually looks like something that could come out of a snow globe--- HOLY CRAP, THEY'RE IN A SNOW GLOBE AREN'T THEY?

Oh look, speak of the Devil, and the Snow Globe shall appear! HISS Devil snow globe! HISS!!!

... Wait, how did I come to the conclusion that the snow globe is a devil!? EH??? Well, er... whatever! The pic spam is over and done with (sobs) and we must talk about what we have seen (and heard) now, so let's get onto it! YAY!!!

So yeah... that PV was pretty cheap, as you can see from the screen caps given. I mean, it's actually magnificently cheap, if you ask me, but I do think that the PV itself has a lot of charm to it, and the girls themselves are absolutely darling to watch in this... but you actually have to watch the PV to see what it is really like, because admittedly these screen caps do not do this video any justice if you ask me... at all. There is no justice given here, because there were just some parts of the video that I couldn't capture in an image, and those are the parts that I really wish I could have shared if I knew how to make a gif. It's sad that I couldn't share them, to be honest, because they are pretty charming in certain scenes.

In fact, whilst the video lacks in the looks department of the backdrop and set, IDOL CLASS makes up for it with their character and charm in the video. Their performance, from how silly they are to their adorable solo shots and amazing interactions together, really makes up for the cheapness of the entire video. The girls themselves truly enhance the quality of the video for me, and make it feel just right in a way.
 After watching the video a few times, I actually began to notice how I started to enjoy the backdrop, and how it seemed to suit the girls just right. It matched their actions, and it felt like the girls had created that backdrop for their own means, just a place to play in happily and pass time. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if these girls made the set the way it was, because really... who else would make such a cheap but cute and easy background other than a child? It's simple, but it's undeniably sweet in its own cheap way, and yeah... it grows on you. It grows on you like a Christmas Tree...

Yeah, that's a crap joke, I know... >o>

Bad jokes out of the way, there is more to the video other than the backdrop and the girls playing around happily, such as the solo shots, which I adore. I think that these solo shots highlight more of the girls characters in the video, showing us how they react to even sillier antics such as the other members attacking them with their fingers, and let us see that carefree, playful side to these girls. In fact, thinking about it... there aren't that many scenes in this entire PV that showcase the girls looking cute and perfect for the camera, but instead plenty of shots where the girls are pulling faces and just having a fun time, rather than plastering on a grin and trying to look like a doll. You know, like most groups? It's refreshing to see a PV, a Christmas one at that, where the whole drive of the video seems to be focused on the happy, playful nature of the girls and nothing else. It truly feels like a child is just playing on Christmas day, feeding from their excitement at the thought of presents, food and just being around family and friends. It has such a sweet, homely feeling, and admittedly the video makes me feel content as a viewer... which is strange to say, because at first I really did wonder if I would ever like this PV, but hey! It made me feel content, which is a bonus guess!

It's also incredibly happy, as you can guess, and just a sheer joy to watch... regardless of my initial thoughts and reaction to the video, where I thought it was cheap cheap cheap, I actually find the video so cute, funny and friendly. It's such a happy, fulfilling video, and it makes me think of a more carefree, childish Christmas... and it makes me want to run around. A lot. Because that's what they do, and damnit, they are influencing me!!!

.. And good lord, that song... (finally got there XD)

So, the song... firstly, it has Joy to the World as a base for the instrumental, especially the breaks where the girls are not singing at all, and another Cristmas song that I don't remember towards the beginning of the song... but for the main verses and chorus of the song, it has a bit of its own sound with a Christmassy, hyper, cute sound to it that sounds just plain adorable and fun to listen to! Sure, the girls aren't the best of singers (I thank God that they are singing as a chorus and not allowing solo's) but their enthusiasm and energy really brings a lot of character, emotion and happiness to the song, allowing for enthusiastic (well... not when I first watched it) viewers like myself to enjoy more thanks to how fun it is!
 It is also incredibly catchy... to the point where I have started singing along to it. Then again, I tend to find myself singing along to a lot of songs anyway. This one is no different!

Personally I enjoy the song. I think it is quirky, cute and just a great addition to the ever-growing list of Christmas songs sung by Idols! It has a nice sound to it, and you can tell that the girls tried hard and that they had a lot of fun recording the track... heck, they had a bundle of fun recording the video, it's pretty obvious! IDOL CLASS, though they created something that isn't exactly original, and a video that is pretty cheap, really did try, and they made something that is sweet and adorable in its own way.

... They need a little gold star for trying, don't they? D'awww...

All in all, Happy Christmas -Dadada Daijyo v- is a cute and charming video and song that at first looks cheap and tacky, but soon wriggles its way into your cold, frozen, two sizes too small heart. It isn't the best Idol PV or song out there for this festive season, but it's still a lovely little addition to the many songs and PV's we do have.
 Give it a chance this Christmas, and see if you fall in love with the charm and character of IDOL CLASS, a group of darling little Idols.

With the powers of charm, cuteness and character, IDOL CLASS will make you fall in love with them this Christmas! Are you prepared?

Much Love,

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