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Send me Running, Boys... HIT-5's 'Running' PV Review [Request Chronicles]

All opinions within this post are my own. But please, don't leave your at the door... I like your opinions too (as long as they aren't filled with pure hatred, that is) so bring them in. Let's get along~

Remember what I said about Top Combine's over-use of Adobe After-Effects and how that PV was one giant turn off...?

Yeah, well here's a group who did it right... and they brought the Elements back. BOOYA!

Once again, Chiima procrastinates on her Request Chronicles... KUSO!!!

Meet HIT-5, a Chinese boyband who, like EXO and Top Combine, have gone down that Elemental route for their Music Video with their song Running... seriously now, is there something in the water over in China? These elemental effects and features keep popping up! It's rather worrying...?

Okay, I kid, but it really is rather surprising that the elemental feature has been used again in a video from a Mandopop boyband, though I don't really min it much; the use of elements is fun, and depending on the director and editors vision, a lot can be done with the visuals when that certain theme is being used... though as we saw with Top Combine, the effects featured through the elements was not as amazing as it could have been. EXO's on the other hand... that is some classy editing there. I mean, EXO's MAMA is just so fantastic and on another level. It's amazing!

But we aren't talking about EXO or MAMA here, we're talking about Running by HIT-5, and today we'll be looking at the PV for the song in question to just see what sort of elemental joy or sorrow it may bring us. This is the second request from the same Anonymous user who served me a plate of Top Combine that I did not enjoy so much, but hey, second times a charm... or at least, I hope it is! Also, quick apologies to the lovely Anonymous user who requested these... it's been a long time coming! GOMEN!!!! </3

So that all said and done, will HIT-5 deliver an enjoyable PV, or will I be sent running for the hills...? Let's find out and GO! Are ya ready for it?

Holy fu--- we start with a torso, and by golly gosh, I am happy with this video already. UNF!!!

Okay, that's a nice use of effects and lighting there. Adobe upgraded their After Effects!

Is that Naruto in the centre there?

"Oh shit, it is Naruto!"

So shocked, he has to run away! Run, dude, run!

... Okay, Adobe After Effects just got cheesy. Urgh

WOOHOO! We're back to the good effects now! Nice to remind me that you're half and half on this one, guys.

Naruto is calling upon his chi and bringing forth the powers of the Ninja1 DATTE BUYO!

.. Okay, that's kinda sexy, Naruto. I think I like you a bit more now. Just... please lose the ponytail?

Hnnng! He is definitely sexy, nom!

Fire in the chest area? Isn't that called indigestion?

... Holy fuck, Ryosuke, what are you doing here!? I thought you were in H!S!J!?

... er, gonna ignore me? Fine, play with your lighting! See if I care!!!

Actually, these effects look like something out of a phone commercial.

... Yup. Phone commercial! Though really, Samsung need an advertisement for their phones setting fire to themselves!

... NINO!? Is that you!? Oh my effing God, how did the Johnny's boys get in here, it's crazy... oh wiat, you aren't Nino.

But crikey, you do look a bit like him! Scary!

Why hello there, half naked man, why not pan the camera downwards a little...? ;)

Yeah, hit that floor! And bring the hands up in the air like we just don't care!!!

Wait, does this guy have The Matrix going on in his body? If so, then ermagerd, robots!

... Well hello there, sexy. Lemme look behind that mask. DAYUMMY! <3

... Wait, how did the Police infiltrate this PV!? Well, who cares? You damn fine. So gimme a fine!!!

Dayumn, Naruto, is that you!? You look hot without that little ponytail sitting on top of your head as if you're a pineapple. Mhm! Now where are the handcuffs!?

Gawd, you're delicious... I mean, hot!

"Our tummies are full... );"

Either they have belly aches, or they want the toilet. I prefer belly aches...

Holy crap, Ryosuke, you look FINE in a suit. Nommy nom nom!!!

Okay, why are all of these guys damn sexy!? This is making the video harder to dislike, not that I disliked it anyway...

I have never seen PVC trousers look so good on someone. Naruto, you damn fine man, turn around and do a twirl!

Okay, yeah, I think I love you. Now... TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!!!

... Wait, you did what I asked!? Holy cow... YES!!! <3

Mmph, you are delicious too <3 Hot men in masks... dangerously enticing~

"I've got boobs, babe."

No, I have the boobs, you have the D. Now strip!

... Fine, just unleash your water droplets at me. Hmph!

... Yeah, I swear, they are all damn sexy. Can I have one please? Like, forever?

You are effing smokin', and honestly, I had no high hopes for you at the start of this MV... now I do.

Holy crap... MUSCLE O-O <3 Please be my sexy butler o-o <3

A lil' bit of ballet from my sexy butler~ Mhm, yummy~

Ho shit... it's time for some KAME HAME HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

... And a bit o' peck action. Chiima likey >o>

Er... what?

ARGH! Ryosuke, why are you turning into a demon!?

Awww sweety, don't hide from me, I like you  too... ;)

"Awww yeah, baby, the only way is down~"

How do you get hotter the more I watch this video? Do you have secrets?

You are all so damn fine, how do you even exist!? Though Naruto's wardrobe (and hairstyle) is a bit questionable here... >_>

Wait, what? Is this the end? No! No, don't end! I need more half-naked male action!!!

No, Hit-5, COME BAAACK!!!

Ryosuke, why are you so cruel!? -sobs-

... Oh wait, I can just play it again >o> Let's have another go, shall we...?

Okay, that's actually enough of that PV for now (though I will go back to it, I assure you) because right now I must focus on the PV Review itself and write it up for you all... so shall we run into it?

So yeah... once again, I have looked at a Mando-pop boy group who seem to have a fascination with the elements, and effects. I'm pretty sure this is a thing in China, I have no clue, but I do agree that in the right hands, this sort of concept can look really cool. Luckily the elemental concept has worked for HIT-5, whilst with Top Combine... well, it flopped.
That said, I do honestly wish that I had seen this PV just after Top Combine's, because I could have done a double review and compared them both, but I didn't (because I am an idiot and a loser) and so I am left with reviewing them separately... though comparisons shall still be made, muahaha!

So HIT-5... what is there not to like about them? They are a mesmerising group, and they immediately captured my attention when I first watched the music video for Running. I actually thought that I would dislike the group like I did Top Combine, but instead I fell for them. They really drew me in with their charisma, fierce looks and dance moves and their undeniable passion and drive within the video. Everything about them just screamed out to me, and it made me want to really like them, and like them I do! They are, to put it bluntly, pretty damn cool and rather amazing in this music video, a total opposite to Top Combine, who really did nothing for me.

As a group, at least in this video, HIT-5 command attention. They have charisma, style, and they captivate their audience with their intense and fierce looks and choreography. And, despite having a similar concept in terms of elements to Top Combine and EXO, I think that HIT-5 pulled it off a lot better than Top Combine did, though they did pale in comparison to EXO's... but everyone kind of pales in comparison to MAMA, so yeah... that said, the effects in this video, though the backdrops are a little cheesy, are a lot more professional looking, and the use of elements is a lot less in this which is nice. It was nice to just see a focus on the performance of the members of HIT-5 rather than have the focus diverted to the effects.
 Actually, it was nice to just see that HIT-5 really knew how to work the camera. They seemed so demanding, commanding my attention as a viewer and making sure that I just looked at them, because hell, I didn't look anywhere else. Especially when they were in their black and white get-up... hnng!!!

Erm, what? Sorry, I just got lost in a daydream... -drools-

But yeah, I am really impressed by Running. From the opening I was hooked; it was so powerful and memorable, and the rest of the video is just filled with this amazing attitude. The song is also freakin' amazing, it just sounds so good! It's powerful, and much like the video it commands your attention, hooking you and keeping you there for the duration of it, never letting you go. It's pretty damn addictive as well, and it has its catchy beats... mostly the BOOM BOOM BOOM parts where the boys beat their chests to the beat.

... Oh, those chests... <3

As you can tell, I like this video and song. It's just so good, and I do like that it seems to cater to a female fanbase by use of half-naked men beating their chests to the beat, and shoving them in rather delicious looking black and white outfits... it's appealing, and it's nice to actually see that there is a male group out there who have appealed to me in this way! It's weird to actually desire a guy group... but whatever, I'm a hot-blooded female, and I like my men half-naked! Nom!

But yeah... I do like the video. It's well done, the effects on the elemental scenes of the video are well done, and the performance was powerful, memorable and addictive to watch. HIT-5 have truly shown us a cool and exciting performance, one that is addictive and strong. The members look desirable and handsome, and the song is just amazing.  Running, whilst it usually would not be something I would search for personally, has really found its way into my blood stream. It is truly amazing.

... I actually wonder why it took me so long to write up a review for this amazing song, hm... >____>

The review feels short, but as I wrote it I really did feel excited by this video. It increased my adrenaline, and made me write with enthusiasm and happiness... it's a truly awesome song and video, so definitely watch it!

Send me Running, boys...


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