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Okay! Musume Digest #82

Ne, Minna, Digest Dayo? Do you want to Digest with me?

This week, in Idol and Digest News!...

Sakurai Riho of HouPri to go to Vienna! More acts for the Hello! Pro New Year Countdown concert! Birthday event Digests! Berryz to release a new single in February! Tasaki Asahi to put her solo career on hold! WHAT!? ManoEri promotes her calendar! Up Up Girls to hold their very first nationwide tour! A member of LinQ to debut as a soloist! And more! Are you ready to Digest your socks of!?
Hello again everyone, and welcome to this weeks Digest filled with Idol News! Once again we meet, so once again I shall ask you this; has the week been good to you? Has it been filled with Idol blessings, good tidings and fun? I hope it has!

For me, it seems that this week, everyone has been planning their posts to recap the year gone by, but honestly... it all feels far too early, because I still need to get Christmas over and done with! So my mindset is actually still in the process of Christmas, and not New Year, but seeing a lot of other people recapping already is worrying me and making me nervous. It shouldn't, because I believe you should do everything at your own pace, but being a part of other blogs also means that I need to be at their pace too... however I'm not... so I feel like I am slacking, and it is worrying me a lot because I feel like I am not going at the standard others think I should be going. It's a little frustrating, actually, but I can do it! I'm sure! Kinda... >o<

That said, I have had an okay week I guess? I've been ill and working a bit, so it can be frustrating as well (haha!) but this week, I did get my CD's I ordered! Wanna see?

Christmas has come early!!!! XD And yes, I am ecstatic to finally have these beauties in my hands and on my desk, along with my other Jpop CD's! I have been waiting rather impatiently for these singles, because I just. Wanted. To. Hold THEM!!!! <3 -breathes deeply- that, and I wanted the full songs for the coupling tracks. And they are so GOOD! Then again, I am totally Houkago Princess biased ;)

Okay, enough talking, I am sure that you all want to get to the Digest! So without further ado, let's get into the News, shall we? DIGESTO!!!

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f to navigate through the post swiftly and happily! Happy Days!!!

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Sound of the Week

AuAu→Kyururun by Miyashita Mayuka

Despite only receiving the package for HouPri's new singles yesterday, I am already in love with one of the songs, AuAu→Kyururun! Present on the Type C version of the single, this is Miyashita Mayuka's solo song and just the cutest thing I have ever heard! At first, I was very weary about how this would turn out, because Mayuka's voice is rather... adorable, sugary, sweet, diabetic and extremely Idol-y... so it can go right or wrong, depending on the listener I guess. Luckily enough, it works well for her according to my ears, and I adore this track! Sure, her voice goes a bit squeaky at parts, but I can bear with it! At least she isn't going all Dawa or Koharu on me! xD

I haven't listened to it much... well, not as much as I want to right now, but I adore it so far. It's sweet, and it may give me a bit of a headache later, but it is enjoyable and just plain ol' adorable! Mayuka... so cute!!! -fangirls-

I'm surprised by how much I love this, to be honest xD

Picture of the Week

"Hey, Honey, can I talk to you?" "YUUUUUP?"

Three weeks straight, I have had Harunan. Is it too late to say that I still adore her?

This was on Facebook somewhere xD


Hello! Pro Station #46 is here with Fukuda Kanon once again leading the episode this week! I wonder what this weeks episode will bring us?

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

S/mileage's ii Yatsu dance shot! S/mileage perform Yattaruchan and Suki-chan at livehouse! S/mileage comment on their tour! Berryz and C-ute perform Ganbacchae at Budokan! The dance shot for the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei's Oheso has been released! Nyon does her hair! And Yajima Maimi and Miyazaki Yuka chat about stuff! Are you looking forward to this weeks episode?


Question: What is with the stylists for Berryz putting most of the girls in unflattering, unfitting clothes? Miyabi and Risako kinda look... erm... yeah. But hey! It's good to hear Ganbacchae again in a concert, after so many years! It's weird to think that once, these girls sang it as 2 year olds... >o>

Also, nice to see so many glowsticks for Kananananannanananana during the livehouse performances! It makes me happy!

... but yeah, honestly, this episode bored me, but whatever... and hey, Oheso seriously sounds like  Bakusute Sotokande Icchome song, I swear!

Hello! Project News

More artists, including Hello! Project OG, Morning Musume OG, THE Possible, Up Up Girls, Kikkawa Yuu, LoVendoЯ, Tasaki Asahi and more will be performing at the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~ concert.


Holy crap, that's a lot of people, and a lot of reminiscing for the fans! This will be one full concert filled with nostalgia, talent, squeaks and fun! YAY!!!

I wonder who else will be going? o-O

Morning Musume

BARKS have released an English translated article concerning Morning Musume's name change to Morning Musume '14 come the new year.


It's nice to see that an accurate translation has come through, though it is stupidly late.


Morning Musume have been awarded the Billboard Japan Active Artist of the Year 2013! Congratulations!


KYAAAAA!!! OMG OMG OMG! This is amazing! Okay, it isn't Best Artist of the Year, that went to AKB because they sell millions, but who cares! MoMusu, you go! ;A; YATTA!!!

Billboard Japan

Morning Musume '14's Spring concert tour has been titled Morning Musume'14 Spring Concert Tour ~Evolution~!


Will we see the members of MoMusu dressed as Pokemon, and then watch them evolve? Or will Kanananananana make a special appearance and explain the evolution of monkeys and apes? Or is it titled evolution because of MoMusu's evolution from Morning Musume to Morning Musume '14?

Hello! Project News

The Digest for Kudo Haruka, Fukumura Mizuki's and Iikubo Haruna's birthday events has been uploaded, so be sure to check them out!


Kudo Marius in Devil horns is so adorable, but in general she is adorable XD and it's nice to see two amazing singers perform together and sing solo as well.

AND THEN HARUNAN!!!! That girl <3 XD Sure, she can't dance to save her life, or sing, but her personality is amazing!!! I love that girl so much, and damn, all that yellow for my Honey Bee! AND OMFG SHE SANG KOI KANA!!!! I didn't think they performed that any more o-O Please, Harunan, perform all Koha solo songs! XD

Berryz Kobou

Berryz Kobo's next single will be released on February 19th, it has been revealed.


I wonder if it will be a Triple A-side, aye?

It has been revealed that Berryz Kobo will release a Best-Of Album on February 26th, 2014!


Those Berryz fans won't have any money left in February! XD And oh Good Lord, does this mean that Tsunku will techno their songs!? GARGH!!!


S/mileage will hold a handshake and mini-live event at CLUB CITTA on December 17th. 

The group will then hold a second handshake and mini-live event at Odaiba MEGA WEB on December 18th.


Good to see that S/mileage are getting a few events line up for their new single, may the fans enjoy their cute and skirt-flying presence!

The Digest for Wada Ayaka, Fukuda Kanon and Tamura Meimi's Birthday events has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


Dawa, when the drink came out, you reacted a little far too over the top, ya know...? xD That was not a realistic reaction! And Dawa x Nyon duets are nice, it's nice to hear Nyon not trying too hard for once.

And look at the Little Vampire, trying her hardest to not suck anyone's blood :p Nah, I kid, she was adorable, though she seems to have gone down the 'scream into the microphone' route for singing here, rather than singing properly like I know she can xD Ah well, whatever, she is adorable!


Juice=Juice have left a video message for Asahi Shimbum, so be sure to check it out in the Source!


Ahhh, the freshness of Juice=Juice is amazing!!! <3 They are such good speakers and are just so beautiful to look at...~

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been announced that Tasaki Asahi will set her solo career aside in order to start a new unit, which will be revealed at the Hello! Project Countdown Party concert.


... Holy crap, what!? OMFG YES!!! 8U Girl, you get a unit ;w; OMFG, NEW UNIT, SO HAPPY! Does this finally mean that she will be added to the H!P roster!? -sobs-

It was announced on December 15th during the T-Palette Records Kanshasai 2013 event that Up Up Girls would hold their first Nationwide tour! The tour, titled UPGA Daini sho (Kari) Shingun ~Nakano ni Mukatte~, will be held from March 21st until May 25th, 2014. The aim of the tour is to see if the group can realise their dream of performing a one-man live at Nakano Sun Plaza.


Oh my gosh! This is amazing news for Up Up Girls, who work so hard and yet are still, for some stupid reason, indies! But oh my gosh, a Nationwide tour! This is amazing, wonderful, beautiful news!

I hope that everything goes well, the girls enjoy themselves, and that they reach their dream of performing at Nakano Sun Plaza! <3

J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls' Updates


(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Type A, Type B & Type C)

The title and jacket covers for Kasai Tomomi's up-coming 3rd single, now officially titled Kietaikurai, have been revealed! The single, set for a January 15th release, was written and composed by Kimaguren, and is said to be a track with sentimental lyrics accompanying it.

There will be three versions of the single available in Type A, Type B and Type C, and both Type A and B will come with a DVD.

The covers of the single were shot in Hawaii, and have the theme of 'local girl' where Kasai portrays three different variations of the theme. The song will also have the theme of the ocean.


Damn, I love those covers. They are so simple and sweet, but the styling, lighting and clothes look perfect. Also, those pancakes. NOM NOM NOM!


A video teaser regarding the disbandment of Wataririouka Hashiritai, with the girls commenting their reasons why they think the group is disbanding, has been uploaded to youtube. Some of the reasons include Watanabe Mayu as the constant centre, or someone not taking their work seriously. If you are interested, be sure to take a look!


Good lord, a lot of the members are against Mayu xD But yeah, Wataririouka also felt like the Mayu x others group, rather than a real group, to me...


SKE48's Shibata Aya and Umemoto Madoka will both travel to Taiwan to host a handshake event on December 21st, as well as an autograph event on December 22nd.


When the title of the post said 'mini handshake/autograph event', I didn't release that it truly would be a small one! Given the size of SKE, you would think they would send more girls and do a mini live, too o-O

Misc Idols and Groups News

Houkago Princess Cadet member Sakura Riho has announced that from December 15th, she will be suspending her performances from the group, as she will be travelling to Austria, Vienna until early January to study Classical Piano. She will leave on December 19th.

She has said that she will update her blog and twitter whilst in Vienna.


I nearly cried when I saw that  new blog post from Riho had the title 'nnouncement', because that usually means a member is graduating. Luckily, she is only halting her activities in order to focus on studying the Classical Piano again, and will soon return... ahh, so happy...

I am glad that Riho is still pursuing something she clearly loves and enjoys. It's nice that somehow, she can balance both being an Idol and a pianist.

Good luck and have fun, Riho!

Sakura Riho Blog | HouPri Staff Blog

Momoiro Clover Z will release their special Christmas single, titled Naichaisou Fuyu/Hagane no Ishi on December 23rd as a limited release. The single will only be available at the live White Hot Blizzard Momoiro Christmas 2013 Bishiki Gokkan no Sekkai at Saitama Seibu Dome. It will also be available on the King e-Shop website.


Good lord, those costumes... o-O But hey, the artwork is cool and trippy xD

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that LinQ member Himesaki Ami will make her solo debut under T-Palette Records in 2014!

The announcement was made on December 15th at a T-Palette Records event held at Laforet Museum Roppongi.
"I can't reveal any details yet, but I will not be active as LinQ's Himesaki Ami, but rather it will be a completely new project. LinQ belonged to T-Palette Records until this past April, but from now on, I will do my best to liven up T-Palette Records as a solo act!" - Himesaki mi (Tokyohive translation)
More details regarding Himesaki's solo debut will be announced on February 1st.


J-Pop Idols | Tokyohive

Miscellaneous News

It has been revealed that singer Kuraki Mai has written the theme song, Wake me up, for the up-coming Japanese movie Majo no Takkyubin, also known as Kiki's Delivery Service. The movie is scheduled to open in theatres from March 1st.

Kuraki Mai wrote the song Wake me up whilst imagining the movie, and will be the first theme song that she has provided for a movie in 5 years.


It's nice to hear a few more details regarding the live-action adaptation of such a good, wonderful film. I just really hope that it gets an English release here in the UK with subtitles!!!

It has been revealed that Studio Ghibli's next film release will be called Omoide no Marnie, or When Marnie was There. It is based around the children's novel of the same day by Joan G. Robinson and follows the story of a lonely foster child named Anna who is sent to a seaside village, where she meets a mysterious girl name Marnie.

The story, though originally set in Norfolk, England, will be set in Japan for this adaptation.

The film Omoide no Marnie is set for a Summer 2014 release.


It's nice to see that a new movie from Studio Ghibli is coming out, and it's even better to see that the studio is still using popular stories and tales from other countries as their inspiration! I am pretty happy to see an English Tale come to life from Ghibli... though obviously, Arietty is also a Japanese adaptation of an English story, too XD

Still, I am really looking forward to it!

PV/Song Previews

King Records have released the short preview to Ogura Yui's up-coming music video for her latest single, Charming Do! so be sure to check it out!

The single is set to release on January 29th, 2014.


Good lord, that insufferabe voice xD Thankfully her voice isn't as annoying as that chick in SUPER☆GiRLS who screams in Sentimental Journey... oh, and this PV looks cute too! A bit too Watanbe Mayu if you ask me, but still, adorable.

And what is with Idols and those beaded curtains in the background these days? o-O

Tokyo Girls' Style have released the short music video and CM spot for their ip-coming single's music video, Partition Love.

The single will be released on February 12th, and will come in three editions; Type A, Type B and Type C.


The song sounds very 90's if you ask me, with mature vocals and a rather disco-like sound. Also, that teacher looks very young, no wonder the girls want him! XD But girls, it is not good to go after sensei! He could go to jail if he is in his 20's and you are still all 15/16 xD

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Tokyo News Service and JIJIPRESS have released footage from Sayashi Riho's photobook release event, so be sure to take a look!


Dayashi looks very cute and refreshing here, a far cry from that very sultry and mature look she is pulling off on the cover of her latest photobook. I also like that mature, good-girl like outfit she has on! So cute!

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded footage from Mano Erina's Calendar release event, so be sure to check it out!


Good lord, Mano looks gorgeous... ahhh, I really do miss her ;w;

Tokyo News Service have uploaded footage from a press release event for New Year's Card Writing. Both Shinoda Mariko and footballer Kakidani Yoichiro attended the event and gave their comments, so be sure to check it out!


MAiDiGi TV, JIJIPRESS, Tokyo News Service and Oricon have all uploaded footage from the press release event for Morning Musume's 10th generations photobook, Morning Musume Tenkigumi BOOK! Be sure to take a look!


Seeing this footage, and looking at the previews of the book the girls have shown us... it makes me want the photobook so much now! KYA!!!!

Performances and TV Appearances

Morning Musume's Special Medley for Billboard Japan has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


I would have loved to have heard Sayu and Mizukingdom to sing solo's as well, but whatever, both Sakura and Riho rocked theirs, and the songs were cute and fun... but the fuck, that Kangaroo one XD

Morning Musume's appearance and chat on Billboard Japan Awards 2013 has been uploaded! Be sure to watch them and their performance of Help Me! Enjoy!


Goodness gracious me, they are all getting better at live performances... especially Riho o-o


A clip from ZIP! featuring a section on Morning Musume's dance formations has been uploaded to youtube, so please check it out!


It seems that these dance formations have been talked about a lot in Japan, so it's nice to see that ZIP! has a small segment highlighting these formations. I also like the guy who is talking about them, he's funny xD

A video of Juice=Juice's Music Dragon performance of their song Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to check it out!


The performance works well live (unlike other H!P groups that are not J=J or C-ute) but damn, those pants are not the most flattering XD Well whatever, you work it, girls!

And here is the talk segment with the studio hosts of Music Dragon and Juice=Juice, so be sure to check it out as well!


Yuka-chan, why are you so adorable!? Akari Melon-Pan, why so beautiful!? And d'awww, they made a smoothie or a milkshake, but I think that they failed? xD

Pika Pika Choice have uploaded footage from Juice=Juice's Venus Fort mini live, so be sure to check it out!


OMG, Akari in a ponytail *^* YES!!!!! So. Damn. GORGEOUS!!!! And d'awww, Karin talked to a baby, so sweet! -sobs-

Youtube | JPlop

And that is all we have time for this week! Once again, we have had a bountiful haul of Idol news, so I hope that it has filled you up greatly! Next week it's Christmas, but I wonder if the Idols will top the festive season with more news and happiness! Let's hope so! Until then though, goodnight, goodbye and Ja ne!!! Tata for now~


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