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Okay! Musume Digest #80

Minna, what time is it!? IT'S DIGEST TIME!!! Are you ready to get your Digest goin' on?

This week, in Digest Idol News...

Angela Aki to go on hiatus! Berryz to release a new single next year! Up Up Girls to perform in Taiwan! AKB48 to hold their 3rd Kohaku Utagassen! Shiina Pikarin to release a digital song, and a little more! Are you ready to Digest?

Yo yo yo, what is up Chimians, I am back with another Digest for you all! Hopefully last week you were content with what I had found for you all, but this week, we may be a little short on food... er, news, because we have had plenty a video footage on the press release front, but less in terms of news regarding releases, performances, up-and-coming activities and such, which is a shame... but these things happen, and I have accumulated a decent amount of news for you all, so hopefully it shall suffice...

So, other than Digestin', I did go out today (and admittedly, all I could think about was returning home to Digest a bit more and post the article... well, nearly all the time) and I met up with two o my friends. We went to town and went shopping, and then went to the Cinema. Sadly, our pickings were limited, as I can't watch anything in 3D (it irks me to wear glasses over glasses sometimes) and my friend refused to see Catching Fire... and so we were left with Carrie, which I at first did not want to see, but relented to seeing anyway, because y'know... it's Carrie, and I may have outgrown my dislike of Horror Movies. Spoiler: This is more Teen Thriller... THRILLER NIGHT!
... Surprisingly, my friends had never heard or seen of Carrie beforehand, whilst I (weirdly enough) had. I guess having an older sister who loves the Stephen King books helps a bit in terms of older stuff no one else knows, because I have watched the original Carrie, and even attempted to read the book (Never got past Chapter 2, I believe) and so I kinda knew what to expect in the movie... and yeah, I was left with no real opinion of the movie when it ended, other than that I felt some of the effects were shit as heck and that Chloe Moretz played a good role at being insane, but trying to act sane (and convincing herself that she's not a nut) whilst also being excited and impressed by her supernatural abilities.

... Also, I need to call my bewbs Lady Pillows from now on. Thank you, Carrie's mother for that line! GENIUS!!! #Majorplotspoilerermagerd

... Yeah... and that is how my day has been! Has everyone else's day been good?

That all said and done, I will let you all get on with the post, and I shall go and rest. I need my sleepy boo, because I pulled an all nighter (I knew if I dared sleep I would not meet up with friendlings XD) and need to just lay in bed, and snore my head off... well, not literally, but you get the idea!

... So, as always, please press ctrl + f to navigate your way through the post effortlessly! Toodle pip until then!

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Video of the Week

Kiss Me Goodbye by Angela Aki

This song is just so beautiful... it is one of my favourite Final Fantasy OST songs. It has a pure voice, one with emotion and talent, and is just so amazing. The lyrics are gorgeous, and the instrumental is just beautiful...

In a way, this song is a good representation of how I am feeling after hearing that Angela Aki will be going on an indefinite hiatus. I feel as if this song is the best way of saying goodbye to her from me... she is an amazing singer, and the world of Japanese music will have lost someone amazing, but we still have her music to listen to for now. Here is waiting for her return patiently.

Picture of the Week

Looks like Santa sent me my Christmas present early, and unwrapped...~

Who cares if it's Winter? Sailor's are here all year round, so ahoy there, AHOY!!!


Hello! Pro Station #44 is here, and Takagi Sayuki is ready to MC for us all! Are you ready for this weeks episode, though?

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

The Hello! Pro Kenshuusei reveal their latest music video! Juice=Juice perform Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo at Budokan! Morning Musume perform Ai no Gundan at Budokan! They also perform Ok YEAH! at Budokan alongside Juice=Juice, S/mileage and the Kenshuusei! S/mileage perform their song Ee ka!? at Budoka, too! Haruka and Sayuki have a talk session with each other! The dance shot for Juice=Juice's Hajimete wo Keikenchuu has finally been revealed! And Morning Musume: Behind the scenes at Budokan! Will you watch this weeks episode with me?


Nice to see the Kenshuusei being put to use! Though honestly, the song, and their costumes (I know, they have had these outfits a while) remind me of Bakusute Sotokande Icchome... but whatever! The girls are good, and I swear, one of them has a voice stronger than her cute features! So weird! XD

Nice performance videos... it's nice to see so much variety in sound and style here, but really now, when S/mileage, Juice=Juice and the Kenshuusei all popped out for Ok YEAH!, I really wondered why this wasn't called 'Hello! Project at Budokan', because it truly was like a H!P concert instead of a MoMusu one... oh well, whatever! It's still a nice treat, and damn, Juice=Juice are polished!

... Yeah, it's a good episode o-O A really good episode! Be sure to check it out!

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

It has been revealed that Morning Musume members Michishige Sayumi, Fukumura Mizuki, Sayashi Riho and Oda Sakura will sing a cover medley of songs from 50 years ago. The medley will consist of the songs Sunlight Twist, Watashi no Baby and Kanashiki Kangaroo.

The whole group will also sing an original song of their own.


And where the fuck is a Gen 10 representative in that Medley lineup? Annoyance aside, yay! Medleys!!! Also, yay! Performing a MoMusu song! I wonder which one it will be?

Can it be a new one?

Berryz Kobou

It has been announced that Berryz Kobo will release a new single this coming February!


Holy crap that is some quick news there o-o WHERE IS MORNING MUSUME'S CD!?

But no, seriously... that's pretty awesome news. Let's just hope the single itself is awesome!


It has been announced that C-ute will release a live photobook for their concert C-ute Queen of J-POP on Deceber 27th!


Where the Hell is my crappily photoshopped cover preview of this photobook?


(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, Limited D and Regular Edition)

The covers for S/mileage's new single, Ee ka!?/ii Yatsu have been revealed!


Looks like H!P are going with 'simple' covers this time around... well, for two of the five covers, at least... n fact, the only tacky looking ones are A and B, but A is forgiven, cos they stuck out their assets!

Up-Front Promotion News

LoVendoЯ's Uozumi Yuki and Miyazawa Marin play the guitar and show off their skills together! Be sure to check this video out, and remember to ROCK ON!!!


These two have some awesome guitar skills here... I am quite jealous... >o>

I wish I had those skillz ;A;


Up Up Girls will be going to Taiwan for their first live, and here they leave a comment introducing themselves as well as letting the fans know where they will be performing! Be sure to watch the video if you are going, and also to see their enthusiasm and spirit!


It's great to see that Up Up Girls are able to expand where they perform, and to be able to sing and dance in front of their Taiwanese fans... ahhh, so lucky! Hopefully one day they shall come to England!


It has been revealed that Itano Tomomi will be releasing her fifth single, the first after her graduation from AKB48, on February 5th 2014. The single has been titled little. This will be Itano's first time writing the lyrics for the title track of her single.
"All of us have a weak and shadowy part. I wrote about the human frailty by referring to my own. I put a positive message into the lyrics that 'even if something difficult or disappointing happen, you can change it to your strength'." - Itano Tomomi (Tokyohive)
The coupling track will be BRIGHTER, which has been used as the theme song for Itano's starring CM, and there will be two other coupling tracks.


I'm glad to see Tomochin back, though I'm not a big fan of her solo work... however, good luck to her! I hope many of her fans reserve a copy of the single!


The covers for Iwasa Masaki's 3rd solo sing, titled Tomonoura Bojou, have been revealed! The single will release on January 8th 2014. Akimoto Yasushi has revealed that the theme behind the single  is 'harbour', and the song has been set in Tomonoura, Fukuyama City of Hiroshima, where the film Ponyo by Studio Ghibli was set, as well as the location for WOLVERINE: SAMURAI.

An enka version of the song Koisuru Fortune Cookie will also be available with the single.


Very pretty and very natural images... and I bet the song will be just as beautiful as Iwasa is.

It has been revealed that AKB48 will hold their 3rd Kouhako Utagassen on December 17th, and will be held at Tokyo Dome City Hall.


... Oh yeah, I forgot that they did one themselves... XD


HKT48 have been announced as the 5th Aomori Ringo Queen!

The girls were chosen based on their healthy and beautiful style, despite their busy schedules. The girls give energy to Japan with their cute, refreshing ways, and so have been said to fit the image of the healthy fruit, Aomori Apple. This year, the Aomori Prefecture Apple Measure Council has chosen them to represent the fruit and make it more appealing.

Six members have been chosen to represent HKT48 and serve as the Aomori Queen. These six members include Ota Aika, Kodama Haruka, Sashihara Rino, Miyawaki Sakura, Tashima Meru and Tomonaga Mio. They will participate in the Aomori Ringo Fan Kanshasai, held on January 16th 2014,and will also appear on promotional posters for Aomori Apple.


... APPLE QUEENS!!!! Now they will have to have a PV dedicated to apples. APPLE MAC!!! Wait, what? o-O

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been revealed that Shiina Pikarin has collaborated with the female fashion blog Candy and will produce a song which has now been titled Miga Candy.

The song will be released digitally from December 25th, and will be the perfect moe-kyun pop tune based on the theme of dreams and will reflect the thoughts of teenage girls. For the visual work of the song, Shiina worked alongside Kan Furuya, the president of the Japan Twin Tail Association.


Of course, only Pikarin can become the ultimate Moe Idol in Sailor Fuku, Glasses and Twintails! Pikarin!!! The ultimate Idol!!!

... Other than Michishige Sayumi, of course!

BiS will release their latest single, titled STUPiG, on Januray 22nd 2014. Their latest single will feature their newest member, and was produced by Takeshi Ueda. The song is digital, hard rock tune coupled with a cyberpunk styled music video.

The coupling track, ODD FUTURE, is said to be a piano rock tune by Kenta Matsukuma of SCRAMBLES.


... I like the name for this, and admittedly, the song is really good. It has some static behind it, like you have turned your speakers up too loud, but it's a pleasing sound to the ears...

... I wonder what the coupling track sounds like?

Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols

Miscellaneous News

Angela Aki has revealed that she will be going on an indefinite Hiatus.

The singer, who will be releasing her best-of album TAPESTRY OF SONGS - THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI on March 5th 2014, will be going to study at music college abroad in America starting in the Fall of 2014 in order to focus on her Broadway Musical Project.

After the release of her album, Angela will go on a nationwide tour from April 5th until August 4th, and then start her indefinite hiatus.
"I didn't want to put myself in a half-hearted state. In order to make my dreams come true, I will focus on my studies and devote myself to creative activities in a new environment for a few years."  - Angela Aki (Tokyohive)

I am not a follower of Angela Aki, nor can I say I am a fan, but her beautiful voice, the voice that sang Kiss Me Goodbye, is so beautiful and a song that I have loved dearly since hearing it... it is so sad that such a perfect, talented singer is going on hiatus, but she is thinking about her future and how much effort, time and dedication she needs to put into a project she wants to see through, so I am sure many fans understand why she is doing this...

I wish Angela luck, and I hope that she comes back with achievements and a finished product that she is proud of. Good luck, Angela Aki!

PV/Song Previews

The short PV preview for Station♪'s 6th single, titled Rush Hour!!!, has been revealed! This is the first single and PV to be released from the group with their newest members, and the first in 10 months! Be sure to take a look!


The song is pretty cute, but a different style from the Station♪ I remember... well, whatever, they're till releasing stuff and performing, so what more can we ask for, aye?

The preview for JKT48's new single, Musim Panas Sounds Good! has been revealed! The single, which was released on November 26th, is a cover of AKB48's summer single Manatsu no Sounds Good! so be sure to check it out!


A summer song in the winter, aye? Well, as long as it helps to keep us warm and happy!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have all reported on Morning Musume at Budokan, so be sure to check it out for performances and talk segments!


Those card costume are now the ugliest costumes to have ever graced a Morning Musume concert... what the fuck were the designers thinking?

Oricon | MAiDiGi TV | JIJIPRESS |

Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have all reported on Berryz Kobo at Budokan! Be sure to check out the video for performance and talk segments!


... What the fuck did Risako do to her hair? Also, I love Momoko when she sings live <3 But when she's being Momochi is when I want to yank my ears off.

MAiDiGi TV have released event footage from Juice=Juice's release event for their second single, so be sure to take a look!


Ahhh, don't they look so cute and perfect? Especially Akari... she is just so darling <3 Akari~ Please look at me with love!!! <3

MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage of Tsuji Nozomi promoting the brand Yoshinoya at the press release event, so be sure to check it out!


I swear, Nono never ages o-O Nono... have you found the fountain of youth!?

Juice=Juice and other groups and singers, including FantaRhyme, Lyrical School, Negicco, Trick 8f, Kurikamaki and Miracle March, have appeared in this CM for CITTA IDOL FORCE, so be sure to check it out!


This is such a nice mix of Idols and songs... and damn, I forgot about how cute that song by Kurikamaki is!!! That is a seriously good, adorable song! Kyaaaa!!!

JIJIPRESS have released footage from the press release event for Natsuyaki Miyabi's latest photobook, GLOW, so be sure to check it out!


I'm highly surprised that she didn't arrive at the event wearing her cowgirl hate and those shorts... it would have certainly been something to talk about!

Oricon have released footage from a press release event where Dream5 perform and promote their Dream Campaign! Be sure to check it out!


It's so refreshing to see Dream5 in a press release video... they are so cute and lovely to look at, and such amazing performers! KYAAAA, DREAM5!!!

MAiDiGi TV have released footage of Nogizaka46's Shiraishi Mai attending the Samantha Thavasa event held at the Omotesando shop on November 29th. Shiraishi is currently starring in the brands CM as a new member of Samantha Muse.


That dress... is freaking ADORABLE!!!! ERMAGERD <3 <3 <3

Houkago Princess attended a press release event for the release of their first calender, so be sure to check it out!


It's weird but nice to finally find press footage from HouPri o-O

Performances and TV Appearances

Morinaga's official youtube channel has released four videos showcasing Okai Chisato dancing to DARS de Bakon! in various areas of the Morinaga office! Be sure to check out all three!


It's nice to see Chissa dancing solo again, but honestly, it would have been even more fun to see Riho and Ayumi have a dance battle, with the winner ultimately winning a box of DARS and eating it in front of the other as they cry or beg for a piece...

Oh, I am cruel -laughs-

Footage of Oda Sakura singing Dearest has been uploaded to the official Morning Musume youtube channel, so be sure to check it out!


The pureness of her voice is amazing... ahhh, I could listen to her voice all day... <3

In this episode of Mechaike, Morning Musume make an appearance! This is the full episode, so it does not contain all Morning Musume, but please take a look and enjoy!


... I laughed so much, it kinda hurt XD



AND that is all the Digest News I can find for you this week! A bit of a poor amount in terms of the written word, but rather plentiful when it comes to the videos! Surprising really, as we usually have few videos... but hey, for those who love their visuals, this will be a good week! Until next time though, Ja ne and tata!



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