Wednesday, 25 December 2013


It's Christmas Dy! So here, have a splendid picture of MoMusu with their Chrimbo food and gorgeous dresses on! Go on, treat yourself ;)

So have you all had a good Christmas so far? I hope you have, because each and every one of you deserve it! Today, for me and my family, we truly experienced the excitement of Christmas when we watched my baby niece Annie open up her presents! This is her second Christmas, however during her first I don't think she truly understood it. This year though, she took to open her presents, and ignoring wrapped up ones for the ones she favoured! It as the cutest thing ever, and we had a hard time to grab her attention afterwards... well, until the food was on the table, then she was all eyes and ears! She loves her grub!

One of her favourite presents was the little baby car she got that she can now drive around in! She also has a little pram for her dollies, which she tried stuffing in the car! She watches what my dad (her Papa) does when we get ready to take her out to town in the car xD She knows! o-o

She got a lot of presents, mostly clothes, and a few DVD's and a little paint set, plsu I bought her a colouring book with pencils. Annie likes drawing and colouring, so when she opened the present she just wanted to do nothing else (it made me happy that she liked it xD). It was lovely to see her open presents and just enjoy what she had been bought! SO. SWEET!

She didn't want me to hug or kiss her though, but somehow... I GOT ONE!!! XD It was by force, sadly xD

But yeah... I got to spend Christmas with my family, like I always do. We hve had our food, opened our presents and basically just had fun today watching the baby of this big family we have open up presents that we have all bought her! For one of the first times in my life, I truly experienced the joy of just buying presents for others and watching a youngster open up presents, seeing how blessed she is. In no way are we a rich family, don't get me wrong, but we are a very close family and we all live near each other, visiting each other everyday or every week. It was nice for one day, we were all together celebrating a joyful time, and watching Annie experience her Christmas with extreme happiness and excitement. It makes me feel giddy! I am still giddy, honestly! And I am so happy that I was able to spend my day with my beautiful family, who I adore so much.

We still have tea to get through, which means more scrummy goodies! But for now, I have just been chilling and enjoying the atmosphere of Christmas. It's relaxing, and all that effort that goes in the few weeks before this day looms around is truly appreciated, and we enjoy it all. It's amazing how wonderful Christmas can be.

I truly hope that your Christmas has been amazing as well, and that you are all having fun and spending time with loved ones, or just simply enjoying the day of rest. I am glad that, despite our distances, I can share with you this happiness and these images. I am grateful for you all as readers, and grateful that I was able to come into such a wonderful world filled with fun and cute J-Pop, and amazing people.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day, and be merry~

Se no...
Merry Christmas!

Much Love,

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