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12 Days of Idols: The Warmth of a Family Christmas

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CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!! It may not be here yet, but the festive day is treading its feet through the snow ever so slowly, ready to send your home into a burst of colour, energy, wrapping paper mess and FOOD! For now though, we're going to check out some music and a PV! I hope you look forward to it!

On the 2nd Day before Christmas, my Idols sent to me...
Christmas with Family

If I had to choose just one song that reminds me of Christmas every time I hear it, it's Bump.y's Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteitemo~. I don't know what it is about this song, but ech time I hear that tinkling opening, it just reminds me of this magical season of happiness and goodwill. Granted I don't think the tune itself is overly festive, neither do I find the video overly Christmassy and seasonal, but there is something about it from the way it sounds to the way it looks that just reminds me of Yuletide.

It was honestly a given that this song and video would be in this series, because how could it not? It's one of those songs that I crave during this period of the season, a song that reminds me of the warmth and love of a family surrounding you during a Christmas or Winters day, allowing me to remember just why Christmas is so magical. Sure the song and video are simple, but there is a lot of sentimental meaning there I think, and it's why I treasure the song and video so. It's so sweet, creating a lovely atmosphere for this festive treat.

I want to note that this is also one of the last PV's where we see Bump.y in a family-like setting, back when they were promoted as a group of 'sisters' rather than a bumnch of girls stuck together for the sake of creating a group. That said though, even now Bump.y have that strong bond where they look like sisters or just plain old good friends; there's never really been any sort of outstanding difference between any of them that makes me think 'they were just shoved together'. Their bond is amazing, and it shows greatly in this video I think.

So all said and done, today for the penultimate 12 Days of Idols we shall be looking at Bumpy.s second single song, Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteitemo~. Are you ready to take on this sweet winter video?

Ahhh, sisters by the fire, warming up against the rug and chatting away happily, drinking scotch... but wait a second, where's the midget!?

Matsuri: "Move over, I want to read a story!!!"

Oh look, there she is! I was wondering if she had shrunk and hidden under the rug or something.

Good lord, Nanami, you are pretty. But why do you remind me of a housewife here?

Bump.y's resident hotty and younger brother figure, Sara! Though christ, it's weird remembering that she was just 14 when this came out... YIKES!!!

Maerie... Oh Jesus, Maeri... you are so pretty. And those eyes... they are those of a sexual deviant, I swear...

I just love how everyone has their image colours and then, BAM! Mio takes all the colours and flips us the bird, because damnit, she's the ACE! She isn't, I think xD

This is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen, I freakin' swear! <3

Oh wow, it's like a pop-up book... but it glows and has holograms instead! Welcome to the future of 2010!!!

... Oh wait, we're still not that advanced yet. Damn!

Love that they stick the kid in the shorts for the winter. If she catches pneumonia, staff members, it's all on you!!!

Matsuri is such a sweet little thing, I just want to hug her and feed her candy and give her plushies all day long! If only I could one day have a kid as joyful and cute as her!

The sweetest damn moments we will ever see between group members, d'awww ;w; ;w;

... Good lord, how are you only 14 in this video!? Those are the looks of some experienced 20 year old! Maeri?

Praying for the miracle of Matsuri's growth spurt...

Hint: it won't happen

Mio is such a precious sweetheart, she is so beautiful, my lord akjnxkjnc kjnwdjnvckjsd <3

Maeri has such a sisterly air around her, she is truly befitting of the group. But then those eyes... they kinda tell me they have seen and experienced love in many, many ways ;)


Mio: "Zzzzzzz..."

Hey, Mio! You have a job to do here, so snap out of it! -clicks fingers-

The naughty housewife Nanami awaits your arrival home, husband-san~

Jesus Christ, you are so bloody beautiful I find it hard to breathe! -grabs inhaler-

D'www, that is such an adorably lazy dance move <3 Here's a gold star for trying~

The gorgeous entrance and debut of Maeri's fantastic knees.

I swear girl, you're gonna make me find a new fetish.

What is this, a jig? xD

That look of absolute love and understanding... My gawd <3

And I just think that Mio fell in love at first sight with her younger brother. Whoops, not good, Mio! Incest is a sin!

Okay, kid, who gave you the adorable pill? You're kinda killing me with all of your fluffy sweetness and cuddly cuteness, kyaaaaa!!! Can I keep you!?!?

Sara is so darned gorgeous, but she looks so boyish too... so it kinda isn't surprising that she portrayed the younger version of Masamune Asuka in the Drama series Otomen, is it? I loved that series #sobs

Is it bad that I just noticed the cushion Sara is leaning on? Also, look at that face she's pulling! It's as if the book is far too below her standards, ha!

Yeeeah, you flex them muscles, Sara! Show us what you're made of, oomph!

Can anyone blame me for falling in love with Mio's gorgeous smile and those adorable eyes?

I still think that you look like a gorgeous housewife. I have a feeling it's those hungry eyes and that pleasing smile...

A heart-warming gift of smiles and cuteness from the delightful sisters of Bump.y. How beautiful!

I swear, the editors are doing this on purpose! Do they know how bad my future diabetes will be after the dose of sugar they have put in this video!?

Good lord, you are on gorgeous, sexy thing. You are forever the sexy sister... well, until Sara grows out of her boyish looks that is.

.. My heart... diabetes... it's come early...

Oh christ, are we going to be treated to some burlesque!? But I thought Matsuri and Sara were only like 13 and 14!?

Isn't this dance move risky for such young girls? xD

A heart felt moment from the beautiful Mary, who clutches her heart warmly...

Okay, that is such a fuzzy, warm moment of sisterly love right there <3 It reminds me of the bond I have with my sister who introduced me to Bump.y, YAY!!!

Wait, the hologram has disappeared! WHY!?!?

Still, this is one sweet looking family picture of absolute loveliness!

Maeri: "Ah, is this a game of musical chairs now?"

Mio, that is just too darned cute! Your brother is laughing at how adorable you are when you act like this!

... And we're back to doing a jig, because nothing is more inspiring than shuffling around in a circle, right? Hey, at least it keeps them warm!

Okay, I think that Bump.y have just made me love them more. Who doesn't enjoy winks from cute or lovely girls!?

Yep. Absolute love for them all. My heart is soaring!

Good gosh, child, can you just stay this adorable forever? You may give me diabetes, but I don't care! I need your cuteness in my world!

I also need your gorgeous face, Maeri, and that calming aura you have. You are just beautiful <3

Nanami actually likes to watch the paint dry on those beautiful walls. It's soothing...

Oh wait, it's bored her to tears. Yawn...

Oh good lord, are you going to cry too, Brother Sara!? Has the paint drying brought you to tears, too!?

Oh shit, I know what it is... it's because your husband is late home, isn't it? I'm sorry Nanami, but he has to work late. He needs to pay the bills!

Sara, I know it hurts, but... well, Mio can't be your lover. It's illegal, and kind of a sin... and er, yeah. Stick to manga for that, okay?

Jesus, Sara is tall! Now please, stand her next to Matsuri so that I can be amused by the height difference!

And a final shot of the happy family together, smiling sweetly as they experience a treasured Christmas together, warm and joyful...

Gosh I do love this time of the year, especially when it means I can listen to fantastic songs and watch videos like this one. Looking back at Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteitemo~, it just brings back those feelings of what made me like Bump.y at first as well as shows me the raw charm and happiness the girls have in their earlier videos, before they became these cool and charismatic girls with amazing talent and better singing skills.

The video of Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteitemo~ is just so reminiscent of that sisterly bond that Bump.y used to promote when they first debuted, and it's so refreshing to see it put into play in this video. The way they act around each other, the way they exchange glances and cheeky little grins is just so warming and goes straight to my heart. It reminds me of a happy, close family who are spending time together in the Winter, wrapped up warmly as they lay together and enjoy this time together, treasuring every moment and talking about anything. Just looking at the girls and watching how they interact is beautiful, because it looks so real and cosy, and they all seem genuinely happy to be together.

I have a big family myself, a family who I like spending time with, especially during this festive season that is Christmas and Winter, so to see a similar scene re-enacted in an Idol PV is extremely sentimental and touching for me as a viewer. To see that sisterly bond portrayed in the video too is meaningful to me, because I have sisters whom I am good friends with, as well as friends who I share special bonds with too. Watching how close these girls are in the video and just seeing that they clearly adore each other, even though three out of five of them are not related, is really beautiful and makes this video all that much more meaningful and personal for me when I watch it.

I think that is what makes this video so great though, that bond that the girls have and how much they seem to like each other in the video; it's clear that the chemistry between these girls, regardless of their ages (Matsuri, the youngest, being about 12 and Maeri, the oldest, being around 19 the time this video was filmed) and that is so nice to see in Idol groups nowadays, especially when age gaps and personal feelings towards each other can be quite large and sceptical with bigger Idol groups or manufactured groups. Seeing Bump.y the way they are though, it does make me feel happy.

The video, it's simple but it's sweet. It seems to bring together those elements of closeness, warmth and winter love all together. I don't know what it is about the video or song, possibly the sound and how the girls are styled, that reminds me of winter, but everything about Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteitemo~ just makes me think 'This is a true Christmas song', so I always feel the urge to listen to it during this time of the year. Of course, the b-side accompanying this track is Akai Muffler, which is so much more festive and a true Christmas song, but Futari no Hoshi ~Hanareteitemo~ as a song just sounds like a classic family Christmas song, one that you cherish no matter what, and one that always comes out on top over those cheesy pop tunes that are overly cheerful and far too loud or peppy.

It is so charming and simple, and it makes me happy. It reminds me of how wonderful the winter time and Christmas is when you are with your family, and just wants to make me cherish this moment even more. This video, it has a lot of meaning and sentimentality behind it for me, because it reminds me of ho close our family is. It makes me want to experience every Christmas with the same closeness that the girls of Bump.y have in this video. It's warm, it's fuzzy, and it's beautiful. This is one of those songs that just truly reminds me of how beautiful Christmas can be when you are with the ones you love the most.

The warmth of being with those you love the most during Christmas, no matter where they may be, is an amazing feeling. Spend it with those you love, even if it is online, because knowing they are there... it makes Christmas happier.

Much Love,

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