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12 Days of Idols: Santa-chan, it's the Ultimate Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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The Night before Christmas, where there is no disturbance, not even from a mouse. Until...~

On the Eve before Christmas, my Idols sent to me...
A Christmas with HouPri!!!

Did you think that I would end my 12 Days of Idols with Idoling!!!, when there was still a Houkago Princess PV out there that needed to be reviewed? Never! I am back for the second instalment of tonight's 12 Days of Idols, with this being the 13th and final Christmassy, Idol filled goodness for this series of reviews!

Originally, I did plan on writing up two reviews for the penultimate and final 12 Days of Idols, however unforeseen circumstances (tiredness, work and last minute shopping for pressies!) arose, and I was far too shattered to write a second review yesterday, so I stuck to the one and decided that it would be today where I treated you all to not one, but two Christmas Idol treats of fun, glorious winter and Christmas goodness! I am spoiling you a bit, I do think!

So of course, I will stop nattering away and start this review, because it's nearing 11pm here in England and I want this review up and ready to go before 12am! No Christmas day reviews, this is the 12 Days of Idols, not 13! So, that said and done, here is the 13th and final Christmas/Winter Review for the 12 Days of Idols! The Christmas of the Universe, are you ready to experience it tomorrow?

I love how they do the title sequence ow, it looks pretty classy and cool with the forth-coming song title.

Already these costumes are looking a lot more expensive and luxurious compared to their original ones...

... Though we are kind of missing a Hitomin in the new set! We win some, we lose some. Boohoo!!!

Holy crap!!! These ones have HOODS!!! Now Santa-chan can go a'robbing!

Nana: "Oh my GOSH, Camera, Hiiii~"
Mayuka: "... Get out of my way, you overrated bimbo..."

The cheerfulness of Nana is always amazing to see, she makes me feel so happy!

Holy crap, look at all that food! And those cute girls in bunny or cat ears! KYAAA!!! Christmas Party!

The 5ki Cadets are such an amazing bunch, I kind of just want to kidnap them all... especially Riho and her evil snake eyes. <3

Miran, why are you such a perfect addition to HouPri? Your smile is like the sunlight to my sky.

My gosh they all look absolutely adorable in those costumes! Can I have them all?

Nana: "Ufufu, here little girl, have a lick of my lollipop and get in the van!"
Miran: "Yeah, Nana... stop, it's kinda creepy..."

Nana looks like a pervert with that smile and lolly in her hand! xD Miran, don't fall for her tricks, she wants to touch you!

... Good lord, Saorin, you are gorgeous! I think I am in love with you!

... I kind of have yet to say anything towards Miho xD Poor Miho-tan!

PRESENTS!? For me? Awww, why thank you! I didn't expect gifts from these cute, precious Santa-chan's! -sobs-

Miran: "You can have the gift of my smile and brightness~"

Girl, your smile is seriously beautiful. Light my path of darkness with that glorious grin!!!

Miho-tan, you too! Your grin is so cute and cheeky!

Okay, I just love how these girls all press against each other and get so close... it's adorable, friendly and so so sweet!


I think that Miho wants to take off from the studio... xD

Nana: "Look at that glorious paintwork, it is rather marvellous..."

What has a pepper and a whisk got to do with Christmas? xD

Saorin: "I spy a camera...~"

I love how Saorin casually glances at the camera in the background.

5ki are probably my favourite generation from HouPri so far, which is kind of funny, given my original Oshi was from the MoMusu 5ki xD

Saorin! Why so cute!? You are just so damn precious!!! MARRY ME!!! <3

I love their interactions, Miho and Mayuka especially. They seem like such good friends ;w; <3

Nana: "Who's the cutest Nyan cat ever!?"

It actually amazes me how little Nana is in this. It's more like a group effort PV, for once, and not the Nana show xD

It's a sin how I never noticed that SahoShige is in this video until now!!! But damn, she is a cutie pie! And so are 5ki!!! Marina, Kyoka, Riho~~~!!!

Look at that gorgeous, cheeky little Saorin grin there! One of the few where she actually shows her teeth and not her tonsils! <3

Miran: "Teehee, finally, Chiima's sister has been charmed by HouPri!"

Miran, you are glorious. Please continue smiling and being gorgeous, and never stop being in HouPri!

Nana: "... Ooooh, that Sake is getting to me..."
Miran: "Ahahahaha this present is MINE!!!"

I just want to hear Saorin sing Lollipop Lollipop, oooh Lolly Lolly Lollipop~ once. She looks like the sort who would suit the song xD

I don't think I have had any Risarina, the cutie Ballerina, yet. We need more of that chubby cheeked smile!!! <3

Miho: "Ehehehe... Guess who~"
Miran: "Erm... Sakipyon?"

Saorin: "And then he said... compare it to this bread loaf, it's the same size! Ahahahaha!!!"
Nana: "Oh God, REALLY!? Ahahaha, what an idiot!"
Miho: "The fuck are you two talking about?"

Look at SahoShige, eating that potato chip/crisp. Om nom nom nom, I want to eat you all up, SahoShige! <3

Kyoka: "And... squi~sh!"
Marina: "Buuuuui~"

The bond between the Kyoka and Marina is absolutely wonderful, it's as if they are lovers! <3

Saorin: "Ahhh, nap time~"
Miho: "Oh for Pete's sake, not again!"

Saorin, didn't your mother tell you that it isn't polite or safe to fall asleep whilst sucking on a giant lollipop or two?

Holy cake, that cake looks like a brain with sparklers stuck on top! Ouchy!

... I think that Idols like strawberries... I wonder what gave it away?

Chou! Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

WRONG SONG!!! But yay, Saorin's birthday!!!

That's right, Saorin... blow... >o>

Filthy mind, people~

Nana: "A gold necklace for you, my lady."
Saorin: "Oh, why thank you, peasant. Now be off with your head!"

... Yeah, I kinda had to keep this one for the faces xD

A headband befitting the Angel that is our dear Nanyan!

Good lord, these two are adorable when together!

I like the minimal effort of decorations in the background there... and dayumn, Mayuka, you just keep getting cuter!

Nana: "... What about me?"

You are always cute, Nana. It's also nice to see that you grew out of awkward cuteness into just plain cutie pie!

Miho-tan, on the other hand... she has a shy, quiet cuteness about her. It's so sweet and endearing, especially when she looks like she is tired xD

Good lord, Kyoka is a beauty. Sadly she isn't as prominent in this as we all want her to be ); -sobs-

Saorin: "Oh my!!!"

I absolutely love the faces that Saorin pulls! She is so cute and fun to watch!

Holy crap, Risarina in cat eears, Riho waving a lollipop and looking demented with her snake eyes, and a damn gorgeous Miran looking our way... can this shot get any better?

Oh yeah... Saorin is in there ;)

Holy crap, Marina is such a cute baby!!! Then again, she is the Baby Chariman xD I just want to hug her and give her a cookie! <3

Rin is so cute, why isn't she shown much in this video? I know she looks demented, but she is so lovely, I swear!

Kyoka: "HEY!!! That was mine, you cheeky little...~"
Marina: "OM!!! <3 Oishii~"

Yup, it's official, Kyoka and Marina are a couple. Look at this loving shot!

... NOW KISS!!!

This shot calls for... a HUG!!! And some Riho speculation!

We need another shot of the food, because damnit, Idols love making us hungry!

... I crave cake now o-o

Saorin: "D'oh!!!"

Look at that chubby cheeked smile from Risarina! This is just so precious, and derpy, on so many levels!

I have no clue why Saorin loves the closed-eye pictures, but damn, both she and Risarina look adorable! Can't get enough of Risarina and how amazing she looks in cat ears!

Cat ear PV, please? Val it Nana to Risa Nyan! <3

Holy crap! Nana managed to cram herself into the Cadet and Apprentice programme! I don't think that Riho's happy with it, but the others look chipper!

 absolutely adore how smiley everyone is, and then Saorin, who just looks excitedly on with her gob wide open xD Good lord, that girl does make me smile.

But damn, Marina's smile is precious!

We kind of need another Miran shot, even if it is just half her face. Still, she is gorgeous, an that face is beautiful. Daaaaamn~

And... turn, pose, then end! NOOOOO! Santa-chan, don't leave! My Kokoro is broken!!!

I have half an hour to write this, actually less, before it becomes 00:00am here in England... this will be a fun one, though luckily, writing is easy when I love something...~

Back when Houkago Princess re-released the PV for Juliet ~Kimi wo Suki na 100 no Riyuu~, I kind of expected other remakes of previous PV's to be released, but when that never happened, I kind of gave up hope (especially when I wanted a remake of Oshiete Kudasai, boo!) and so when Samu wa Fuyui! was released, it was a bit of a surprise to see that the PV for Uchuu Ichi no Christmas had been redone and updated with the new members, and a better setting. Still, regardless of that surprise, I was extremely happy to see the new and revamped video, especially with new faces.

Of course, there is no denying that this PV looks better; it seems a lot more lavish than the first one, and seems to have had better direction and more thought put into it. Not to say that it isn't cheap or budgeted, because it is, but the look of the video and how it has been set out is far better than the original released back in 2011, which was made up of mostly the girls dancing in front of a white screen in cheap costumes. I loved the original video, I still do, but this one looks so much nicer and seems a lot more personal and shows a better, closer bond between the girls. The interaction, it has to be said, is so much more noticeable and realistic here, and I am so happy that the girls showed both their performing and casual sides in the video.

I like the idea of using both the Christmas theme and also a birthday theme in the video; as far as I know, Saori's birthday is actually in October, but to film the footage around the time of her birthday celebrations, whilst mixing in the Christmas theme for their latest single, creates a more personal atmosphere for me as a fan and a viewer. It seems like this intimate moment that we are speculating is there to create that mood for us, allowing us to feel the thrill and happiness of such a great celebration, and then allow us to enjoy that relaxed and happy atmosphere as well before throwing us back into the fun, frantic Christmas song that these Idols are taking part in. It shows us a different side to the girls, one where we see them talk and play around together, instead of always seeing the performance side of them.
 Obviously I do know that the girls are aware of the cameras rolling for each and every scene, but to see them ignoring the cameras (not always, mind) and just doing regular interactions is extremely calming and nice to see. Sometimes, a viewer does not always want to see a performance or the girls lip-syncing; they want normality, so to have that in the video is nice and allows us to see this other side to them that we don't see behind the cameras or behind the stage sets.

I like the bright, happy tone of this video, and I love how it greatly differs from the original. Uchuu Ichi no Christmas (2013-2014 ver.) has so much more variety in how it looks and feels, and just gives us more of the ever-growing Houkago Princess that we have come to, or are starting to, love. Yes, it is a simple affair, but this PV looks and feels better than their earlier releases from 2011 and 2012, making it so much more professional and expensive in its own way. It is so charming, the girls look happy, and the awkwardness I once saw in Houkago Princess two years ago is slowly melting away. It's great to see that as a group, in both their performance skills and their PV's, they are growing and becoming great, beautiful Idols who enjoy what they do. They have grown so much, and they have become an amazing Idol group in their short time since their debut.

I am so proud to have watched them since their debut was announced, and this PV just helps me to continue supporting them and thinking that they will get better and grow more. It is a beautiful video, and I adore it. I just hope that next year, if they release a new version, it will be as sweet and enjoyable as this one is.

And so, with that all said and done, this has been the 12 Days of Idols, with the last just moments before Christmas Day begins. It has been a fun journey, filled with Winter and Christmas joy! I hope that you have had as much fun as I have had during this journey through new and old releases, and I hope that your spirit for Christmas has soared this year, just like mine has! So the question now remains, and an answer awaits; Will you celebrate with your Idols this year?

And so, with only 6 minutes to go until the clock strikes 12, I will bid you adieu. May your Christmas be merry and bright, and may all of your wishes come true~


With Christmas Wishes and Love,

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