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12 Days of Idols: On the Eve of Noel

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Ah, Christmas! I love you so, and once again, you are returning for another year! And with another festive season looming towards us, what festive PV of the season shall we look at today? Let's peek into the stocking and see, shall we?

On the 9th Day before Christmas, my Idols sent to me...
A Noel's Eve PV

With the last two PV's being more Winter-themed than Christmas filled, I thought that I would find a PV that is a little more befitting of this festive season in terms of how it looks, so here we are with Noel no Yoru by AKB48! Admittedly I was going to use a H!P PV instead, but I decided that this one needed reviewing more because, well... I've been humming and singing it a lot. I really like this song, too. So yeah!
 That, and I've already reviewed Hashire Penguin, which would have actually been on my 12 Days of Idols list if it wasn't for that fact... urgh >o>

Also, has anyone else noticed my theme of new PV, older PV, new PV, older PV going on here...? I like the pattern personally, though who knows when I'll stop that theme, because I am pretty sure I will run out of 'new PV's' very soon...

-ahem- So in Christmas Spirit, I will be taking a look at AKB48's Christmas-themed PV in the form of the song Noel no Yoru, the b-side to the Janken winning single Ue Kara Mariko, one of my personal favourites from AKB48. It's a sweet Christmas song, one which will surely get you in the mood for the on-coming festive season, and it will surely prepare you for a very merry Christmas! 

Are you ready for this festive Eve of Noel?

I see presents! But shh... we aren't supposed to know where they are hidden!!!

Ooooh, I didn't know that we were giving out presents this early! What did I get!?

... I got a singing Acchan!!! Whether that's good or not is beyond me, though admittedly, I have started to like her more post-graduation...

Sometimes, Acchan likes to check herself out, though she does wonder when her boobs will grow...

Psst, Acchan... Never...~

Holy crap, a trio of Christmas Angels on Noel night... all for ME!!! <3

D'awww, what a cute little magic trick~

... Good lord, Matsui Rena is a bit scary looking, isn't she o-O

Minami: "Om nom nom, BOX!!!"

Sasshi looks like she knows what's in the box... little devil sneaked a peak!

I see some Yuko cleavage~ This may be a very Merry Christmas indeed... Muehehe...~

Tomochin: "Hmm... that's actually not bad."

I wonder which one of her many boyfriends Tomochin will be sending this card to?

OMFG, BUBBLES!!! -pops the bubbles!!!-

Er.. Acchan, you do know it's dangerous to pop one of those things around sparklers, right? It can catch fire... Okay, you aren't listening so I may as well just shut up now, right?

If ever there were Angels that looked like this, then please, let them guide me to Heaven when my time comes~

... MARIKO <3 <3 ;W;

That is one immaculate looking Christmas tree... being decorated by Creeper Mayuyu and Creepy Sato Sumire o-o

...I do sometimes question Mariko's taste in fashion...

Mariko: "Here, have a hat... it suits you~"
Jurina: "Mariko, no offense, but I don't want to take fashion advice from someone looks like she dresses in the dark..."

Holy crap, WINKU!!! -dies-

I have no clue how, but Yuko manages to just look beautifully erotic in a good chunk of her scenes...

Then again, she is a damn sexy member of AKB, isn't she?

I see Sae!

... It's actually scary that I know a good chunk of these members now... >o>

KojiHaru: "Oh my GOSH, you look like a present!!! Soooooooo CUTE!"

Yes, because dressing as presents is very revolutionary... Oh well, they're only having fun! Who cares?

The one time Matsui Rena does not look that creepy... oh wait, it's because her eyes are closed! And hi, Yuki... I think it's Yuki o-O

Acchan is rocking the pout, and Tomochin is just adorable <3

Oh yeah... sexy sexy~ You hit it, gurl!

... Ota Aika and Sato Sumire make one damn creepy-eyed combo. Where's the light in their eyes, the soul...? Where!?

D'awww, Jurina! You so cute! -pats head and gives a cookie-

D'aww, Creeper isn't creeping. She just wants love and puppy hugs!!! So cute! <3

Holy crap, it's Kasai!!! Oh, and KojiHaru... HI KASAI!!!

Mariko! From the Top, Mariko!!! <3

I have no clue who the one on the left is, but Sae is so pretty... how I never noticed her before is beyond me!

Yep, that's it girls... bring on the charm! Especially you, Sasshi. That is charming to a Tee.

... Who the Hell are you lot!?

Well hello there, Miss Maeda. What can I get for you today, you coy little thing you?

OMFG I want one of those podiums.

It looks like a cake!

Hello, Sailor!

I only wanted this screencap in here because it's rather darned cute!

KojiHaru... is that a look of love for Tomochin I see? Well, maybe you can skit around a few rules about dating if it's within the group, aye...?

... Yeah, seriously now, who the Hell are you three? And oooh, presents!!!

We need a a Kashiwagi centre PV.

D'aww, I love you both as well <3

... Yeah, still unsure of who you are. MOVE ALONG!!!

Idol Cake of Christmas Angel goodness! Nom! <3

And a sweet little caption of Bore-chan and the sexiest AKB member I have yet to see~

Sexy and the Boring~

Whoah whoa, they were in a snow globe!? Say what!

Ahh, taking the presents away to hide them before Christmas, Acchan? That's a good idea, we don't want the other members seeing what you bought them now, do we?

Yuko, have you been hitting on women again? Now what have I told you about doing that, young lady?

... Well, that was indeed an interesting way to end the video... nothing like seeing the backside of a mannequin in your Christmas PV now, is there?

Okay, so I admit that it has been a while since I last watched this video. I actually listen to the song more than I view Noel no Yoru as a PV, mostly because the song is quite delightful, and I never did take a big fancy to the PV counterpart. That does not mean that I don't like the PV though, because I do. It has it's quirks, but it has a few turn-off's that make me want to avoid it.

One of those major turn-off's being most of the members looking downright scary with the way they smile ever so creepily, their eyes dark and devoid of any emotion. Seriously, it's like watching freaky dolls come to life. It really creeps me out!!!
 The rest of the PV is pretty delightful though!

What I like about Noel no Yoru as a PV is that it is a colourful, bright affair of a video, showing us a simplistic night in with friends as the girls decorate the Christmas tree, put presents together, write cards or just play around with each other hilst getting ready for the festivities. It's so simple, but it is so cheerful and bright, and it's homely. It makes me think of a warm Christmas in, a day where you just spend time with your family putting up decorations and getting into the spirit of Christmas! I love it when PV's can do that, make you feel uplifted and at home with the song and video. It just brings up my mood immediately and allows me to think about how fun this time of year is!

The contrasting scenes are also lovely to look at as well; just seeing AKB48 in these cute, wintery clothes as they perform in front of a simplistic background and sit on a pedestal are so simplistic but sweet, and doesn't detract from the video. These scenes give us a more refreshing, cooler look to the video, representing a more winter-like effect as opposed to the cheerful indoor Christmas scenes that the acting scenes deliver for us. I like the use of both these scenes, as it shows us the two sides of Christmas that we know; the fun side and the winter side. This winter side, it looks so simple in comparison to the fun, vibrant scenes in the video, but it looks classic and beautiful as well. Needless to say, those scenes are actually my favourite in the entire video. I love it when simplicity is done so well.
 Sadly, it is within these beautiful scenes that the dead-eyes and demonic smiles are at their worst. But still, I do enjoy the simple and beautiful winter-themed scenes the most... regardless of how creepy some of the girls may be!

It's a lovely PV, one that is both gentle and energetic in how it looks. It has colour and fun, but it also tones it down with these peaceful, sweet scenes that look so gorgeous and angelic. It has a nice assortment of scenes, showing the organisation and process of decorating and ordering presents, as well as the fun you can have with your friends whilst preparing for the holidays ahead of us.
 The song itself is just so peaceful and gentle in tone, fitting the winter-themed scenes a little more, but also working well with the fun and colourful scenes to show a relaxed and friendly setting that we can easily fit into. Despite that sweet, gentle tone of the song, it really suits the setting of the entire video, immersing us as the viewers into the video and allowing us to enjoy it in full. It's a great combination, both song and PV, even though the bright and energetic look of some scenes may conflict with how lovely the song is.

Overall, I think that the PV and song for Noel no Yoru are both wonderful. Of course the downfall for me with this PV has to be how creepy a majority of the members look, but I do find that it is a charming video that really captures the essence of Christmas for the viewers. It shows that laid-back, friendly atmosphere that we have during the days before Christmas whilst also showing how peaceful and graceful this time of year can be as well. It's beautiful, and I really enjoyed the PV, but above all, I think that the song is one of the best that AKB48 has sung for the festive season. It is pure bliss, and perfect as an evening winter tune.

On the Eve of Noel, will you join us in peace and merriment?

Much Love,

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  1. Wonderful indeed. This was entertaining.^^
    Actually, the one with Sae is Yamamoto Sayaka and the other three are Takajo Aki, Yokoyama Yui and Kitahara Rie. Now I wonder why you know Sumire but not the last three.. xD
    Also, I have to agree, Rena does look quite scary sometimes. o.O
    But Yuko.. daaaaw..
    And you discovered Sae-chan, great. *-*
    You totally made me laugh with this article. Thanks, you're awesome! :D