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12 Days of Idols: Old Saint Nick's Angelic Helpers

All thoughts, feelings and opinions regarding the group, PV and the song within this review are my own and no one else's! I do not leave my brain at the door just because someone doesn't agree with me, ya know?

Have you been enjoying the Winter days so far dear Chimians? Has the season been festive for you so far? Above all, have you found your Christmas Angels who look over you with love and kindness? No? Well... look no further!

On the 8th Day before Christmas, my Idols sent to me...
A Jin Jin Jingle PV!

SUPER☆GiRLS are a rather confusing group in the wonderful world of Idols, or at least they are to me. I mean I can see why people like them; they have a bunch of cute girls prancing around a studio or location, their songs can be downright catchy, and they have some nice looking PV'ss However, as a whole, the group seems to bore me a lot of the time, and then manage to rope me into their fandom once again with a catchy, cute song that is summery and bright, or just plain adorable! Needless to say though, this year the group has lacked for me a bit... and it is a little saddening, because I do want to like SUPER☆GiRLS, but if they keep on boring me to death, I just won't follow them unless they really peak my interest.

Though as luck would have it, SUPER☆GiRLS have once again managed to wheedle their way into my heart and fill my bloodstream with sugar and sweetness thanks to their latest release of cover songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Better yet, one of those songs is Christmas themed, meaning that it fits right into the 12 Days of Idols series, and I like it a good deal too! If I didn't like it, you can bet your hat and shoes that I wouldn't touch that video with a 10 foot barge pole unless I really hated it... which is actually the case for one of the songs from this single, but I don't want to talk about that horrid shrieking track to be honest with you.
 My ears hurt from just thinking about it...

Tangent done, today I will be taking a look at Twinkle Veil from SUPER☆GiRLS cover of the Moritaka Chisato's 1995 Christmas song, Jin Jin Jingle Bells! I wonder what the Angels hired by Santa-san will deliver for us today?

Holy heck, it's only the start of the video and already one girl is trying to strip...

I like this video already!

"Hey! Why are you lazy brats just sittin' there!?"

The kiddies clearly have no respect for their elders... I mean, er... 'seniors'.

Randomly throwing that out there, but I really like that set. It's so cute! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...~

Holy cow, that's a damn lot bright saturation on the video. My eyes!!! It's blinding!!!

Oh look, a pretty city-scape night scene, obscured by a title that has too much of the photoshop 'glow' effect!

Holy crap, those costumes are starched @.@ So... effing... bright!

Still, very pretty and quite Angelic. It just hurts my eyes, is all.

Your cuteness blinds me! It's a good thing, but it's also pretty damn bad for my eyes.

Awww, look at the cute Angel with a wand! Will you give me a little Bibbity Bobbity Boo magic, darling?

YAAAY, SPARKLES! Because this scene wasn't glowing enough already.

"Damn, look at dat ass..."

"Hey baby, how you doing?"

Wait, so these Angels bring people together? Intriguing...

The Angels are fascinated by the developments of their magic.

Now, to play God... MUAHAHAHA!!!

Pretty: "We won't do much... we'll just have fun toying with a humans emotions!"

How cruel of you!

Cutie: "Just think about how fun it will be! We control them, like a Sim, and make them do our bidding! It's an awesome idea!!!"

You look annoyingly cute... I find that somewhat endearing, but also annoying xD

Okay, that's pretty adorable. The girl I mean, and how she is just hugging the moon statue.

... Nakky? o-O

... Wait, is it perfectly fine to just throw random strangers together!?

"Yeah, it's totally fine! Not like they have a say in what happens anyway~"

It truly does look like playing cupid is a dangerous game sometimes...

D'awww, a heart... it still doesn't make your actions of forcing people to love each other without their knowledge or will power any better, though >o>

Okay, admittedly this is my favourite scene in the entire video. So sweet (and far too short) and affectionate~ <3

The simplest gestures are the most loving, remember that Chimians~

Pretty: "And Bibbity, bobbity, BOO! I now Control YOU! Nyahahaha~"

Well, this one's a step up... at least the girl had prior feelings for him and knew him, rather than being a complete stranger.

Smiley: "Hey, hey! Why don't we put a drug of some sort into the spell to quicken the process?"
Beauty: "... You know, that's a pretty good idea..."

Beauty: "OH, OH!!! Maybe we should find some hunky guys to hook up with us next!!!"
Toothy: "ERMAGERD, YEAH!!!"

Look at Toothy, looking all cute and derpy with her wand <3 Wield that wand, girl!

D'aww... that is sweet, isn't it kids?

Boy: "... What the heck did I just witness?"

That kid's face! GOLD!!! xD

Good lord, that is one demonic, emotionless, pit of Hell smile from Cutie there... o-O

Happy: "Okay, outta ma way, she doesn't want YOU, she wants ME!!!"

Happy: "Hi, Chiima~"

You are such a treat, ermagerd. My tooth hurts from the sweetness!!!

Smiley, you look so adorable. I just want to give you a cookie and spoil you.

"I... I..."

Wait, a love confession from the male point of view!? Kyaa, I wonder who it could be!!!

... Wait, WHAT!?

Cutie: "... Yaoi deshita?"
Sweety: "Oh sweet Mother of Mary on Fire..."
Beauty: "Holy crap, what is this sorcery!?"
Smiley: "Mufufufu~"

It's actually nice to see a bit of boy love thrown in there... though I don't want to see them enter a Hotel, thanks.

Smiley: "Mou~ Why not!? It would be good!!!"

Smiley, no! No Hotels!!! And darnit, you are just adorable!!! -hugs-

Happy: "What about me? Aren't I adorable, too, if not more?"

Of course you are, you're a darned little treasure!

Toothy: "HEEEEY!"

Hey girl, heeeey! You are a quirky one, I like you!

... Wait, is the snow an effect or is it real?

Avex, please don't stoop to the levels of H!P and use cheap effects to try and show off the Christmas theme, please! >o>

... Yeah, it's fake, isn't it? And holy crap, the snow glows, like we needed more saturated, bright effects and clothes in these scenes!!!


No, I want it to be toned down! It hurts my eyes!!!

Toothy: "You will live, so please enjoy it for us~"

... Urgh... maybe >o>

Happy: "Anyway, we're meant to glow... we're Angels, remember?"

Sweety: "We shine just like the stars... but of course, we're a lot cuter, and nicer to look at! So look at us!!!"

But it hurts my eyes thanks to starched clothing and the amount of glowing effects... >o>

Cutie: "Here's a solution, Chii... GET OVER IT!!!"

What if I don't want to!?

Beauty: "... Would you put up with it for me?"

... actually, yes I would. Curse you for being gorgeous!!! Harumph!!!! -sulks in corner-

Look at how cheerful they all are! Not only have they monopolised the feelings of many poor, innocent victims, but they have also forced me to enjoy the starched glow of the video! How evil!!!

Angels my backside, you are all the Devils in White! Cute, evil little Devils!!! Hiss, hiss!!!

Good Lord, that truly is a lot of white in one image...

Thankfully it isn't as stark as hat Vanilla na Sora by Tsuribit is. Now that is just white on another shade of white and another varying shade of white...

Wait, what? Presents!? Why do you get presents for toying with the pure hearts and feelings of young men and women!?

Treasure those gifts, the gifts brought from your dirty deeds... >____> I know what you truly are...!!!

Oh wait, the PV's over!? Their reign of terror has finished!? Ahhh, finally...

Okay okay, all joking aside, I actually found the PV's theme pretty cute, though that is a far cry from my original thoughts towards the video... in fact, I never intended to review this PV or song at all because I felt that I would become bored by Twinkle Veil's rendition of this festive song, but I decided to sit down and watch it fully, immersing myself in this overly-saturated, bright video filled with cute girls, love and Christmas cheer, and you know what? I'm glad I did, because not only do I have another video to review for the 12 Days of Idols (hurrah!) but I also found a song that I enjoy, and a cute video as well! It has also sparked a little more interest in SUPER☆GiRLS for me, though not much.

But still, I'm getting somewhere I guess, and SUPER☆GiRLS are back to trying to win me over to their side of sweetness, diabetes and emotion-playing girls who are just plain adorable!

Regarding the PV in question, I find the idea behind the video for Jin Jin Jingle Bells pretty darned adorable. We watch as Santa's Angelic helpers bringing Christmas joy and love to various couples whilst also allowing these people to open up their hearts to the ones they like, or allowing them to find someone to spend this Winter season with. And whilst I may jest that it's toying with a persons feelings in my pic spam, I do think that the actual plot line is cheerful, cute and endearing. It has a lot of charm, and is just very very sweet. It was nice to see that Avex had played up the role of these Christmas Angels by allowing them to play Cupid, rather than to just sit in the clouds looking over people like llama's wondering what to have for breakfast. (what a weird image to picture in one's mind)

I liked that, for each girl, there was a different couple to bring together, whether they were strangers or people who already knew each other. It was sweet to see that a husband and wife were brought closer together by the simple gesture of magic from the SUPER☆GiRLS Angels, or the simple gesture of putting a scarf around the girl you like so that she doesn't get too cold. Of course one of the more memorable scenes where one of the Twinkling Angels brought together a couple of businessmen, shocking a few of the other Angels whilst the Angel behind the pairing smiled proudly at her handiwork. Upon first seeing that scene, I myself was a little taken aback by it, but only because I never expected it; every other couple before those two had been a boyfriend and girlfriend, but then we saw a same-sex couple. It was surprising, but after I finished the video I really appreciated that scene because it shows that love is genderless to the Angels performing these love spells. I love how the video also shows that a couples love is ageless and that it never dies, but sometimes needs a simple nudge (as shown with the older couple who had children) or that we just need a little bit of a push and some courage to let our true feelings be known towards someone.

The video is still cute and sickly sweet of course, but it's an Idol PV and you kind of expect that, however I like that this video showed that there was more to it than Angels playing around with magic; it showed a deeper side to Christmas, one which is spent with your other half who you dearly love, or the blossoming romance between new couples during this romantic and festive time of year.
 I think that this is such a sweet video, one which emphasises various types of love from new to old, and yet it still manages to capture that cute and carefree side to Idols that we enjoy seeing when we watch their promotional videos.

Even the song is a very cute affair with its charming vocals that are just so sweet and cheerful. Each girl sounds so perfectly energetic and full of festive joy, and it makes the song all the more enjoyable! I think that SUPER☆GiRLS as Twinkle Veil did a really good job at covering this song, because they truly brought it to life and really made it sound fun and festive!
 I also would like to note that I prefer this version to the original, which doesn't sound as energetic or cute as the one Twinkle Veil has sung. It sounds a lot more modern and quirky, and certainly fit the image of these adorable girls a lot more than the original would have. I think that Avex have done a good job updating the sound of this song. It really suits the girls, and it works with them so well as a sound.

Jin Jin Jingle Bells is a fun and cute music video, one that is sweet and loving in every way. Here we see Santa's Angelic Helpers, bringing love and joy to couples around Japan so that they can share their Christmas days together happily. It's lovely, bright and festive, a perfect video for this season of love and joy!

The only problem...? Those stark white costumes and the amount of glowing effects! But I guess we can put that all behind us, for Christmas~

This year, will you allow these Christmas Angels help you in your romantic endeavours?

Much Love,

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