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12 Days of Idols: Make Winter Colorful

All opinions within this stocking, hanging above my fire place, are my own! Thoughts and feels belong to us all, and we can freely share them, but if you get offended by what I say... erm, go read something you agree with.

We're creeping closer to Christmas, eeeeeeep!!! Santa-chan will soon come down the chimney, stuff presents under that tree and then leave! Then when we wake up, we will see gifts galore! But until then... LET'S PLAY MUSIC! What's next on the 12 Days of Idols list, I wonder?

One the 3rd Day before Christmas, my Idols sent to me...
... SHINee?

Of course, I never anticipated on reviewing SHINee for this series, let alone K-pop. However, I was stuck in a rut and actually had one slot open for a song for this list, and I had no clue what group to review or write about. I didn't want to do the new song by Flower because, truth be told, that PV bored me half to death no matter how gloriously pretty and different it was, and I hate reviewing things that bore me because there is so little to talk about. So, I had no clue what group to review.

... And then Sarah (of Sarah's Tiny Sanctuary and Sarah in Kpopland) messaged me requesting that I review a certain PV for her. After a day or two, she then found a SHINee Christmas PV that had been uploaded, and asked me to instead review that one, because damnit Chiima, she LOVES SHINee, and for some reason, she also likes the idea of Chiima + SHINee, most likely because it creates a confusing atmosphere, and therefore something for my readers to laugh at as I walk about the post in confusion, wondering who the heck is who.

... Yeah.

But honestly, at first I didn't want to review anything that was requested, because I still have my own request chronicles to do and it seems mean to take on this request when I have yet to finish what I have started fucking aye, Chiima! but, given I already started a new series whilst I am still doing a series... yeah, I caved in, mostly because I wanted my 12 Days of Idols to go off without a hitch (pfft hahahaha) and provide every 12 days up to Christmas Eve with a review. It's also a great challenge to write every day, and post every day. Yeah!

That all said and done, I will indeed be taking a look at SHINee's latest video and, once again, subject myself to trying to remember who the heck is who in the group.With Christmas coming soon, will SHINee deliver us a Colorful array of gifts and charm? Let's take a looksy and find out!

Looks like a Kpop remake of Taemin the Red Nosed SHINee... wait, is it Taemin? I have no fucking clue ._.

I wish I had a pretty looking tree like that. Look at all those BOWS! Winky Reina would go freakin' cray at the sight of them!

Holy crap, HIIII SANTA!!!

... Is that Key or Minho or Onew staring with wide eyed shock?

SHINee used confusion! Chiima is now wondering which blonde is which!? ARRRGH F**K IT!

... Wait, what? Oh my God, THIS IS GENIUS XD XD XD XD

Taemin: "HEY!!!... I might not be Taemin!"

It's like I'm playing a game of 'Who's That Pokemon!?' except it's 'Who's that SHINee now that they have cut/dyed their hair AGAIN!?'

... Okay, you're forgiven for dying your hair! So cute, kyaa!

Good lord, that is some awesome hair o-o and OMFG, COTTON BALLS!!! -rolls around in them-

... Is that a mother-fucking PONY!? And some sweet-ass, ugly looking clothes?

Hipster SHINee, and damn, there is nothing hotter than a Hipster in the form of a SHINee member~

Okay, those clothes may look like tacky 90's fashion, but damn, they do look kinda cool.

"Peace out, bitches!"

... Which one are you...? -squints-

"Hey, baby, I could be the Key to your heart, or maybe the Mi to your Oh No, or even the Oh New to your heart..."


"Argh! There's too many blondes in SHINee now, it's confusing the fans and non-fans alike!"

... The fuck? xD

Dayumn, that smile! You can only be... Jong!!! Ja-Jong!

... Jong? John? Mike? Which one are you? -sobs-

Okay, I don't care who the fuck you are, you WINKED! That = perfection in my books! Wink again! Come on ;)

"You know what? Maybe we should wink more to make Chiima like us, yeah? Maybe then she'll memorise our FACES and not our HAIR!"


Okay, whoever you are, I think I love you xD

Good lord, you are adorable, person I do not know.

"... Fuck, I poked myself in the eyes!!!"


Amazing costume, bro xD It sparkles!!!

"Look t my invisible watch~"

Good lord, I wish I remembered who was who on this, because your hair says Jong, but the face says someone else who looks like a baby, and not a rugged man like J-Jong... >o>

I'm gonna pretend you are Minhofor now, kay? Who cares if I am wrong!

Holy crap, pretty lights and effects *^* Oh gaaaawd, so mesmirising... <3

"Figured out who I am yet?"

Nope, no clue... -sobs-

"Don't worry, I forgive you. And so does Sarah~"


Oh good lord, that is awkwardly adorable xD And that shirt is one magnificent mess!

"Shhh.... I have a gun in my pants ;)"


Okay, that lip bite is just... Yes. Oh gawd, YES!!!

... Omfg, SO CUTE!!!!! KYAAAA!!!

Rock on, dude, ROCK ON!!!

... I have no clue who you are, though XD

 "Am I Kawaii yet?"

Holy shit, you are as pretty as a girl o-o Are you Minho? Or Taemin? One of those two looks like a girl.

Holy crap, that is one fantastic caption. Derp derp ADORADERP!!! <3

I do like these scenes where we see them on stage or with their fans and such. So freakin' sweet ;w; <3

Holy crap, that cake is TEAL! I fucking love teal!!!

Minho: "Baby, look at me right now."
J-Jong: "Bitch, why you stealin' ma spotlight?"

I still have no fucking clue who you all are.

... McDonalds? M for Mike?

I don't know whether to swoon at the men in uniform, or barf at their ugliness. Can I attempt both?

Maybe Taemin, why are you so freakin' adorable? I want to pet you and give you sweet cookies and stuff like that.

... Okay, what the fuck? xD Why are they dressed like women going to a funeral?

For someone reason, your face mesmerises me. I also like your earring~

"Derp derp HEAD BUMP!!!"

"... Camera-san!?"

I swear, this is the most adorable scene in this MV, and honestly, there are so many 'd'awwwwwww' moments, but this oen takes the cake!

Woud-be-J-Jong: "... I like cake, thumbs up from me!"

Awkward face, but whatever, we need some awkward cuteness in here!

"Baby, will you take my hand?"

Sure! -chops off hand-

... What the flying heck? XD

Holy crap! SHINee stole one of Watanabe Mayu's costumes! Oh my! Robot Mayu will not be pleased!

"I wonder if Chiima has figured out my true identity yet?"

God damn, this is such a sweet scene. It's nice to see the fans so close to one of their Idols.

"Found out my identity yet?"

I still think that you are Taemin... or was it Minho? Or maybe Onew... Quick, one of you which out fried chicken!!!

"Sweety, it isn't as simple as that..." *winks*


"Hahahahaha, you'll never find out... unless you check colourcodes, that is."


"... Oh shit, she's gonna figure it out, isn't she?"


SHINee, going up in points as of Christmas 2013.

Holy shit, I see Freddie Krueger there. Forget everyone else, it's all about Nightmare on Elm Street now!!!

Never even seen the film


Awww, don't hide! I'll figure out who you are... eventually!

"... You're so cruel to forget us all..."

Take a bow boys, for the show has ended, but the story is just beginning...

Good lord, you all look like adorable dorks here <3 And is that... CAKE!?

"Hell yeah! But you can only have some when you find out which ones which!"

Awwwww MAN!!!!

... And here, my dear readers Vivian is the origin of "Giraffe Man".

... Okay, so admittedly right now I am tired, and my hands hurt. However I am also waiting for a download of G-mod on steam to fully download, so I have to stay awake anyway. Thus, I will continue to review, regardless of how much my fingers may be in pain. Oh the woes of being a writer~

That, and I kind of left this review late. So in the end, it's my fault anyway! YAY!!!!

My random little tangents over and done with (I have been doing those a lot lately), let's now talk about the PV for SHINee's sudden Christmas upload, Colourful. The song was, from what I know, present on their EP Everybody, and was the last track present on the single. Of course given that the song was released this October, it is a wonder why it was brought out with a PV in December just in time for Christmas... though I guess money is always a nice thing for SM Entertainment to have, right?

Honestly though, when you look at this video and listen to the song, there really is nothing Christmassy about this PV beyond the tree and decorations. The rest of it is really just paying homage to SHINee and their fans, though that really isn't a problem. In a way, it's as if this video is a Christmas gift for the fans, a way of thanking them for being there, and a way for celebrating five years of SHINee magic.
 No matter what, I seem to manage to make the video more Christmassy than it truly is. But hey, can you blame me for my effort? I'm trying here!

Anyway, as a PV, I find Colorful really, well... colourful! In its own way, of course. It's not the brightest PV out there, but it does have a lot going on it, from professional shots to backstage footge that we don't usually see in videos. The colourfulness of the video comes from the personality and character shown in the video, bringing out each individual character of SHINee and showing us these quirky, fun sides to the guys. Usually, I'm used to seeing the boys of SHINee as these cool, bad-ass guys who have amazing dance skills and vocals, but here I see a whole new light to them. From the professional, charismatic figures on stage to these funny, energetic boys who are having a blast when the cameras are rolling just for the sake of it. It was nice to see that relaxed atmosphere in the PV, and it made the video so much more enjoyable. Yes, we still have that atmosphere of professionalism in the solo shots, but the sense of ease and happiness in the off-shots are amazing, and it really made the PV look and feel different to the other videos I have seen from them.
 That, and the video is just downright adorable at certain points! I just couldn't help but fall in love and melt into a puddle at how sweet and innocent they all look! Their charm in this really sky rocketed!

I think that it helps that the PV is paired with such a bubbly, cheerful song as well. It's happy and filled with energy, with such a pleasant atmosphere. Both the video and the song set me at ease when I watch and listen to it, allowing for me to enjoy it so much more.

I love all the scenes in the video, truth be told. Sure, this video doesn't capture the groups true talent as much as their other videos does, but this video is not about performance or capturing the attention of the fans; it's about SHINee, what they have accomplished, and the fans who support them. It's a video to pay tribute to a group and the people who support them, with the added bonus of sweet scenes of the boys in front of a Christmas tree. It's nice to see this video here, even if it does not have that winter or Christmas-like atmosphere like the other PV's I have reviewed have had. But what this video does have is that sentimental touch, a sweetness to it that all the fans of SHINee will adore. It has adorable antics, energetic and quirky off-shoot footage, and the boys interacting with fans and performance clips. It includes so much about SHINee, and what surrounds them, and that makes the video itself great.

Even though I don't know their names and struggle with their identities every time I see a PV by them, I still believe that SHINee is a fantastic group. Not once has a PV I have been sent regarding them disappointed me. Every time I watch something by this group, they manage to capture my attention and tie me down, making me watch every moment of the video. Their performance, even when they aren't dancing, is so amazing and powerful that it pulls me in, regardless of the fact that I am not a fan of them. SHINee are an amazing group, and like the other PV's I have seen by them, Colorful has the same effect on me; it pulls me in, and I sit and watch it in awe, because they are all so captivating and great at what they do. They command attention, and attention is what they certainly get.

Colorful may be one of the simplest SHINee PV's I have seen so far, but it is still wonderful, and it holds a lot of memories and meaning behind it. It's a video that, despite it's lack of a winter or Christmas feel, has become a Christmas treat for the fans. And in all honesty, this simplicity and sweetness of Colorful is, to me, pretty amazing.

Will you make my life Colorful?

Much Love,

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  1. If you really want to know which member is which, from the thumbnail photo, from left to right it's Onew, Taemin (you were right! xD), Jonghyun, Minho and Key ^^

    Your blog is really awesome btw ^^