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The Pure-Hearted Marionettes of Yumemiru Adolescence - 'Junjou Marionette' PV Review!

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It seems that a doll-like appearance and style have become prominent in a few Idol groups as of late. With groups such as Doll☆Elements, i☆Ris and Bakusute Sotokande Icchome releasing music videos with a mannequin or doll-like theme behind the videos, and past songs such as UZA, One Two Three and Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaki also taking on that idea in the past year or so, it is no wonder that the image of dolls has become a common feat in current music videos from different Idol groups. The question is, however, just who is the latest group to fall victim to the Doll-like charm of Music Videos?


A relatively fresh group to the Idol scene, Yumemiru Adolescence has been around for more than a year now, and have had their fair share of releases which includes two singles, a digital release, and two albums with the second coming along this November. Currently made up of five members, all of the girls from YumeAdo are models of the magazine Pichi Lemon, and are also actresses. With the introduction done, today I will be taking a look at the groups recent PV release, Junjou Marionette, the title track of their up-coming second album. It has to be said that already this video has been noted for the location it has been shot in, Lockheart Castle, which is where Buono's My Boy and Berryz Kobo's Aa, yo ga Akeru have both been filmed in, not to mention the similarities in other videos that take on the same mannequin-like style, but despite these similarities... is this video different? With a background in both acting and modelling, will these girls be able to deliver a winning performance in front of the camera where their image and how they portray themselves is everything? Or will Junjou Marionette just be another mannequin-styled music video that leaves you hanging on the rack? Let's take a look and see!


When the music plays, the Marionette will awaken... Ah, there is nothing more romantic than a porcelain music ornament and a rose...    


Oh look, an Alcoholic is going to start the music for us! Maestro, if you will!!!


... And here, we have the Marionettes! And my oh my, what leggy Marionettes they are!

Especially that yellow one, oh yes!


Yamada Akari is one of those rare Idol beauties who is not cute, but instead just plain gorgeous and mature in how she looks.


Ogino Karin, on the other hand, is rather adorable!


... That, and she is rather doll like in her looks! The perfect Marionette, yes?


GAAAH! WORDS!!!! Get off my screen, I'm trying to look at cute and gorgeous girls here!  


Ahh, that's better... and hey, they even managed to incorporate a few moves into the choreography to look like they are dolls moving their joints stiffly! Spiffy, I think!


Hnnnng leeeeeeegs!!! This is what every PV needs, if you ask me!


... Is it just me, or does Kobayashi Rei look like an angry version of Matsui Jurina or Ishihara Kaori?


Look at Kyoka and her pimp gloves. She be pimpin' it up in style, yo!


Our beautiful Akari is back, and my my, doesn't she just look ever so elegant and regal? She does to me!


The thing is, Rei is actually the most lady-like of them all. It's how she sits, acts and looks in the entire video...


Hey, Rei-chan... let me see how the perfume smells on you... What, no? Why!? It's perverted, you say? But... how will you know if it smells good, eh?

Rei: "... No, you're just a filthy pervert..." HMPH!!!


Karin-chaaaaan, Rei is being mean to meeeee ;^; 

Karin: "It's because you're a pervert! Can you blame her?"

Please don't say that with such a cute smile on your face... so cruel...!!!


And here I present to you all the amazing feature of Yumemiru Adolescence's Yamada Akari's... LEGS!!!! Be sure to take in all of their glory slowly and happily...


And now it is time for... LIP PORN!!!


Dayumn, Shida Yuumi is probably my favourite member of this group! She is just so... so perfect and adorable! I want to hug her!!!


Kyoka: "... Eh? So... I'm not your favourite member? WHY!? Explain!!!"

Erm... I-I just prefer Yuumi... I mean, she really captures me, you know... 
Kyoka: "NO!!! I do NOT know!!!"



Oh for crying out loud... I did not ask for subtitles with my PV!!! Why are they here!?


Yuumi: "Ah... here, let me kiss you better to make up for the subtitles..." 

Ahhh, maybe the subtitles are not so bad if you put it that way...


Erm... Rei-chan? Rei-chan... wake up. You're kinda still filming right now... Hello?

Rei: "Zzzzzz..."


Oh goodness gracious... Kyoka-chan, wake up!!!

Kyoka: "..." -ignores-

... >____> I know you're awake, kid... You can't fool Chiima!!!


Awww, Akari-chan, don't you look sweet when sleeping!!!

Akari: "... I'm trying to kiss you, you fool..."

Wait, what? Oh!!! Okay!!!! <3 -chuu-


Karin: "... Daisuki~"

The sweetest kisser in all of YumeAdo, my friends~ Now... KISS!!!!


... YumeAdo, did you steal a few microphones from the H!P garage? Because I swear they were in ROCK no Teigi and Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kare!!! 

Kyoka: "... Maaaaybe~"


Yuumi, why the heck are you as cute as a button!? I could just stare at you all night long... <3

Yuumi: "... Okay, you're creepy." B-but my love for you!!! ;^;


Karin: "Don't worry, I will love you! I love everyone~"

Looking at Karin closely, she looks an awful lot like a baby version of Oshima Yuko... Maybe she's her secret lovechild or something?


Yuumi: "... What the Hell are you talking about?"


Oh shit, I broke them! They've stopped working all together now!!! MAYDAY, MAYDAY!!!! I need a repairman here, STAT!!!!!


Code Marionette!!!! I repeat, CODE MARIONETTE! Holy heck, they have just stopped functioning all together!!!


... Heeeey, thinking about it, maybe their malfunction is a good thing... now I can just stare at the pure cuteness of Yuumi all day! YAY!!!!


... Ah, crap, they started working again! BOOOOOO!!!!


Well, a working Yuumi is actually great, because her expressions are just so adorable and innocent. She is so lovely...


Yuumi-chan... I am faling in love with you and your lovely face... your voice is so beautiful, too... ahh... <3

Yuumi: "... I don't know whether I should feel happy or creeped out..."

I want to say the former, but you are probably feeling the latter, my dear.


Rei-chan... you are so elegant, but also, you look like you want to kill me... why? ;w;

Rei: "Because you are a pervert."

Maybe she's secretly saying she loves me in a Tsundere way?

Rei: "No, you're just a pervert to me. That is all."

Boohoo!!!! DX


... Akari-chan, why do you look so bored!? Have I not screencapped you enough?

Akari: "... -sighs-"


Rei: "... Were you watching me!?"

Aw shit, she caught me!!! Quick, RUN!!! -runs-


Yuumi: "... Yeah, I'm not putting on lipstick for that pervert now..."

Yuumi, don't wipe it off! You looked so cute!!!


Those costumes are really nice. I like the maturity with a hint of colour, it's so nice!


Ahh, Kyoka and Re-chan look so cute together... <3


Rei: "... What are you looking at!?"
Kyoka: "Go away, you perv!"

Uweee!!! -skulks away-


Oh my... the loveliest legs in YumeAdo... together... <3


Yuumi: "Eh?"
Akari: "..." 

... These two are the best looking members, in my opinion.


Aww... poor Karin-chan!!! She is all alone!!! Don't worry, Karin-chan, I am here for you!


Karin: "... I'd rather be alone, thanks."

How cruel!!!


Oh look, someone threw a sepia tint on the video! Admittedly, it adds a touch of class to the video, if you ask me.


... Okay, why is is Akari channeling the looks of Yajima Maimi here...?


... Rei... Rei-chan, why are you smiling...? Aren't you supposed to be angry...?


Oh look... the musical ornament has returned! And here I am, thinking that it was simply an insignificant object that only serves a purpose for the beginning of the video. Silly me!


... Yuumi, why are you such an Angelic being? You bring light to my life <3


Kyoka: "... Why don't I get praise!?"

Wait, Kyoka!!! You're cute, too!!! You're all cuties, I promise!!!


But yeah... I'm kinda in love with this girl, if the amount of screen grabs she is in is anything to go by...


... Rei-chan, are you just intoxicated by your own scent? Because you've held this position for a good majority of the video, I believe...


Karin: "Teehee, I think I'll go and see the other girls~"

That sepia tone really makes the video feel like it is a part of a dream or flashback, you know? It makes me feel like I have dived into the past... The furnishings kinda help, too.


Wait... what...? No... NO!!! Karin-chan... Karin, please move... Karin, why have you stopped? Karin-chan!?!?


... Karin-chan, why did you have to turn back? You were so sweet...


At least I still have Akari-chan...

Akari: "But I'm a Marionette, too..."



The use of the black background is rather eerie, if you ask me... it really allows the idea that their time has stopped more realistic.


Kyoka: "... You kinda disgust me, you know that?"

Yeah, I kinda gathered, Kyoka...


And so, the words return... curse you, subtitles, curse you!


Rei: "... I smell so good..."

Even as a Marionette, Rei-chan is obsessed with her own smell. Maybe she's a smelling pervert?


Akari-chan, why did you have to stop? I miss you!!!

But damn, your legs are divine, girl! <3


Yuumi, you are still adorable, even if you don't move! Even as a doll, I support you fully!!!


Kyoka! You may hate me, but please, begin moving again!!! Your fans need you and your love!


The Marionettes of Yumemiru Adolescence... their time is up, but for how long...?


When the music box turns, the Marionettes will once again awaken...

With the Marionettes asleep once again, it seems like this PV has ended! But when will they next awaken? For now, who knows, but as we wait for Yumemiru Adolescence to dance for us again, let's take a look at the video a little more closely with a review! Shall we go?

It has been a while since I last saw the music video for Junjou Marionette, however looking at it now, I am still very impressed with the look and style of the video. Despite being such a new group to filming music videos, with this being their second PV overall, the video is stylish, mature and classy in how it looks and feels, and the performance level of the members is extremely high. I guess that is what you can expect from models and actresses, but I was surprised with just how professional and comfortable the atmosphere around the girls of Yumemiru Adolescence felt in this video. In fact, their performance level puts a few of the more prominent Idol groups such as Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo and (to a certain degree) AKB48 to shame. Their overall look and how they approach the camera is just amazing, and they really drew me in when I watched them. I enjoyed their performance, and I liked their portrayal of Marionettes coming to life.

The video follows a rather simple story about five Marionettes who come to life, with each girl using her time to relax or beautify herself. Their actions are nothing drastic within the video, in fact the girls of Yumemiru Adolescence do very little within the video in terms of acting, but the use of their expressions as the Marionettes who have come to life are rather interesting as well as captivating. Then, at the end of the video, we see the girls freeze as they once again become Marionettes, losing the time and ability to move about freely, like the music box we see in the beginning once the song has run its course.

The PV itself, though very simple in how it looks, is rather well done in my opinion. I found the way that the girls acted when in the roles of the Marionettes the most interesting part of the video, as they all kept the same expression throughout those scenes; emotionless, still and indifferent. Despite the fact that they were able to move as Marionettes, they were still hollow on the inside, and I feel that Yumemiru Adolescence did a great job at portraying an empty emotion towards the camera during the scenes where they were the dolls playing as living creatures before their time ran out. It was intriguing to see, especially given how cute and smiley a few of the members are during the scenes where we see them sing. Of course the scenes where we see the girls sing and dance are also enjoyable; I really liked that the choreography included the girls positioning themselves in ways that reminds the viewer of a mannequin or a doll, creating a stiff and lifeless look to the girls. It really brought out the character and image of the song in the dance, and made the title of the song even more believable. It may sound silly, but I really do like it when the title of a song is shown through the image of the PV. It just ties it all together perfectly for me.

I honestly find the entire video enjoyable to watch. It has a classic look and feel to it, giving off a mature and professional look that is so befitting of Yumemiru Adolescence. You can really see that a lot of effort has been put into the video, from the modern yet classy costumes, to the simplistic effects such as sepia tone and black and white filters used. Bring in a great location that brings a period-like quality to the video, and you have a wonderful video that looks beautiful when you watch it, whilst also giving off an almost eerie feeling when the girls return to being Marionettes. It is such a well executed music video with a great look, and it puts some of the more prominent Idol groups to shame thanks to the high quality of the video.

Before I take a look at the song however, I do want to quickly touch on the subject of similarities between this videos and others. Of course this is the Idol industry, and almost everything has been copied once or twice from another group, so these comparisons will be inevitable, but I still feel the need to talk about them, so here we go.
 The concept of the girls posing when they become Marionettes is, of course, reminiscent of a few Hello! Project PV's that we have seen in the past, though I find the entire concept has been executed a lot better in Junjou Marionette. Songs such as One Two Three, Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku, and more recently, Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's Bishoujo Mokushiroku, have all used the idea of girls posing as if they are dolls in their music videos, taking on that stiff and lifeless appearance where we only see the image of the girls, rather than how they act or how they move. Of course, none of these videos really take on a greater role with the idea used, and simply use it as a means of extra footage in the video to keep the viewer entertained. Other groups who have used this theme, or something similar, execute it a lot better. AKB48, Starmarie and Yumemiru Adolescence are all examples of groups that have executed this concept well.

Looking at the song now, I admit that I really do not care for it. For a few loops, it's perfectly fine to listen to, but after a few listens it can become rather annoying and unpleasant to listen to. This mostly has to do with the vocals, it has to be said. I mean, the vocals of Yumemiru Adolescents members are not the worst I have heard, but they are not the best either. In fact, I think the only one who can really sing is Yamada Akari, and given that Ogino Karin is the main singer in this and one of the worst in terms of vocals (if you ask me), the song can become rather irritating if you listen to it too much.
 The song itself in terms of the composition is actually quite nice, and I really do like the sound of it, but the vocals do put me off of this song a bit. For me, it is honestly not the most enjoyable song in the world, in fact I find this song rather forgettable and annoying, but I don't think that it is a bad song... it just does not work for the girls of Yumemiru Adolescence vocally.

So, despite the fact that the song of Junjou Marionette is not my cup of tea, I do find the strength of the girls performance within the video a winner. Image wise, Junjou Marionette is visually appealing and enjoyable to watch, and the concept behind the video was executed nicely. Of course I don't think that this is the best video to come out that follows the idea of Mannequins or Marionettes coming to life, but I do think that the director managed to create a strong impression on the viewer through the use of the members' expressions. The hollowness of their demeanor was rather believable, and in its own way, a little creepy, but it made the idea of these doll-like girls coming to life all the more realistic. I also liked that the choreography incorporated that theme during certain intervals, allowing us to connect the dance and the acting scenes together as a whole, rather than creating separate scenes like other groups have done previously.

With good editing, great direction and a classy, old-fashioned look, I think that Junjou Marionette is a well done music video that not only looks professional, but is also truly appealing to the eyes of the viewer.

Will you anticipating the return of the Yumemiru Adolescence Marionettes?



  1. Looking to form new idol group: Yumemiru Adolescence. Pretty girls need only apply. Some dance ability would be a bonus. No vocal ability preferred.

    1. Are they stealing your ideas again, Sonda? ;)

  2. Far from! My idols have to have vocal ability or else we're sunk! I couldn't bring myself to write songs for voices this bland. I know it sounds mean, but I think it's meaner to lead these girls on by putting them in an idol group to begin with.

    1. Oh dear, well, this group on't do then, will they? But heeey, who cares? Idols are pretty to look at, and they have some cute MV's... so don't knock their lack of vocal goodness, they may have a hidden style or quirk up their sleeve!

    2. I've got it! We'll get them to form an instrumental dance troupe!

      May I present: Yumemiru Pretty Dancing Girl No Sing. Please enjoy their new PV Yakkity Sax.