Thursday, 28 November 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #79

Everyone, what time is it? DIGEST TIME, DAYO!!! Let's digest!

This week, in Digest News...

Flower to release a single on Christmas Day! Berryz release CM's for their DVD magazines! Sengoku Minami to grce the cover of Young Gangan... alone! Dawa has balls on the cover of Baseball GAME magazine! MomoClo to release a collaboration single! Station♪ to release a new single! Babyraids to release a new single! And more! Are you ready to get yo' DIGEST on!?

WINTER IS UPON US, MY CHILDREN! Breath in that frosty air, take in the cold, embrace the snow... well, er, don't, because that will actually freeze your little insides and possibly give you frost bite, pneumonia and a terrible cold, and we don't want that now, do we? But yeah... basically, embrace the fact that Winter is here, and that we're gonna freeze or get chilly in certain areas around the World... practice what you preach, Chii BUT ANYWAYS!!!

This Digest comes to you late because, basically, I went to sleep early yesterday and didn't update the rest of the Digest for you guys ;A; Seriously, I am slacking on my Digests, which is not cool. I need to kick myself into gear! I know you guys who can't read the news daily kinda like this, because it shoves it all together... so I apologise >o<
 But, other than forgetting the Digest yesterday, I did go out and went Christmas Shopping, and watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. HOLY CRAP, IT WAS GOOD! Also, during the rest of the week, I have been working, doing extra shifts and the like, and basically screwing up my sleep pattern... also, I am trying to get over my never-ending cold. WHOOP WHOOP?

I am also working on a project thing, which is going nicely right now. How long this project thing will keep my interest is beyond me, though... hm... >___>

ANYWAYS, ENOUGH CHIT CHAT! Let's get onto the Digest, look at the News (which is severely lacking, if you ask me) and have fun! Are you Digestin' yet?

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f for easier navigation through the post! Have fun, and toodlepip for now!

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Video of the Week

Winter Kiss by Yuka Ueno

This is the MV I have been anticipating, and the song... especially the song, because Yuka Ueno has the voice of an Angel in my opinion, but yeah... I have been anticipating this bundle of Winter goodness that Yuna has delivered, and I am not disappointed! Well, there were certain things with the MV that I raised an eyebrow at, but whatever, the song is just... <3 Yes. Yes yes yes!!! That pureness, her heavenly tone, everything... Yuka's voice is just gorgeous and pure wonder!

The MV... well, it certainly takes a different tone to her previous MV, though you wouldn't think that at first; in fact, the MV itself starts out pretty averagely, but then it gets... a little different, in terms of the love interest, but it's cute. And quite funny. And quirky. But what to expect when a singer works with a comedy duo, aye? Regardless, though, it's a cute MV, and looks very beautiful and professional. Then when the random bits happen, I just laugh and wonder how something so gorgeous could change into something so... random?

Anyway, watch it! You might just giggle or just wonder what the hell I am talking about! Go on... do it ;)

Picture of the Week

"Have you been a good boy for Santa-san this year?"

Little early to be cracking out the Christmas photo's... Oh wait, I don't care. NO IT ISN'T >8D


Hello! Pro Station #43 is here, with this weeks MC in the form of Juice=Juice's cute little Lemon-tan, Takagi Sayuki! Be sure to take a look!

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

The dance-shot for Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo... with Karin! S/mileage's MV for ii Yatsu! Natsuyaki Miyabi does her hair! Morning Musume perform Boya at Pacifico Yokohama! They also sing Funwari Koibito! Mizuki and Karin talk about Juice=Juice! And bhind-the-scenes footage of Morning Musume at Pacifico Yokohama! Are you ready to take a look at this weeks Hello! Pro Station?


YAY, Karin is back on her lil' dancing feet! It's nice to see the dance shot with her in it, now! Whoop whoop! Also, ii Yatsu is one damn amazing song o-o Fuckin' aye, that is spiffy! The MV itself is too reminiscent of Mano (MANO ;W;) for me, but I do like it. It's funky with some classy clothes thrown in there, and the girls all look lovely o-o <3 Wow. I am happy with it... well done S/mileage! 8U
 ... I don't see the appeal of watching the H!P girls do their hair. It's just a filler to me XD Also, yay for performances from MoMusu! Though thanks to the backing vocals and the effects used on them, they sound like they are singing into a tinfoil-clad tunnel... also, omfg, finally, I hear Zukki sing a decent solo in like... a long time?

Hello! Project News

The CD and DVD covers for Hello! Project's Pucchi Best 14 have been revealed!


Oh wow, H!P, I see you really tried this ti--- Oh wait, nope, still shitty photoshop quality.

-sigh- When will they learn?

Morning Musume

The official cover for Sayashi Riho's photobook, Taiyou, has been revealed. Revel in the gloriousness of it all!


Dat HD quality... dat look of sheer sultryness... o-O

... She's a child, Chii... STOP LOOKING NOW!!!!

Wani Books

It has been revealed that both S/mileage and Juice=Juice will make a guest appearance at Morning Musume Concert Tour Fall 2013 ~CHANCE!~ at Nippon Budokan on November 28th!


I hope for a DawaKubo duet... and Peaberry. And possibly Jurin. And also Uemura-pan, Princess and Meimei making a random trio of beauties... Oh, and Karin x Ayumin x Riho for some kick ass DANCIN'!

... Yeah, wishful thinking.

Hello! Project News

Berryz Kobou

The CM for Berryz Kobo DVD Magazine Vol. 32 has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


I want there to one day be a DVD Magazine focusing on everyone in Berryz cutting off Momoko's horrendous pigtails. That would be funny to see~

The CM for Berryz Kobo DVD Magazine Vol. 33 has been revealed, so be sure to take a look!


... At the end of the video, the cover of the DVD magazine looks like the editor stuck a Tardis on there. Maybe they are a Dr Who fan?


The cover for C-ute's concert DVD/Blu-ray release, Queen of J-POP ~Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi~, has been revealed!


For a second there, I thought that MaiMai was A~chan from Perfume... o-O


Fukuda Kanon and Nakanishi Kana will both appear on Tower Records talk show on November 27th to talk about the H!P songs of 2013, it has been announced.



... And that is all I have to say about it right now.

Tower Records Ustream | Tower Revo Site

Wada Ayaka graces the cover of Baseball GAME Magazine!


Yes, Dawa, grip those balls!!! Wait, no, not that hard! OUCH!!!



It has been decided that Juice=Juice's song Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete will be the December ending theme for the TV Show King Kong no Aru Koto Nai Koto!


Wait... what? Both A-sides are going to be theme songs for different shows? You... You shittin' me, right? You ain't? OMG... OMG!!!!

YAAAAAAY!!!!! -screams like a shrill... er, MomoClo chick-

Juice=Juice have been nominated for the 2013 Newcomers Award for the 55th Japan Records Award, hosted by TBS!


Will they follow within the footsteps of C-ute and S/mileage? Who knows... BUT OMG YAY!!!!! -squeals and jumps around stupidly-

Up-Front Promotion News

In this video, it is announced that Sengoku Minami will appear on the cover of Young Gangan magazine alone for the first time!


Ahhh, this is so nice for Minami~ Young Gangan as a magazine itself seems to be a big thing for Idols, s it's great that Minami is able to do a solo shoot for the cover! Congrats~!


(Left: Complete Edition, Right: Regular Edition)

The covers for Watarirouka Hashiritai's up-coming Best-of album have been revealed! The album, set to release on December 25th when the group is also set to disband, has taken on the concept of the girls reaching their goal at the finish line, relating to their debut singles jacket cover, which depicted the girls at the starting line of a race.


The connection between this album and their first single, creating the idea of 'beginning and end', is pretty awesome in my opinion... and saddening. In fact, I want to cry...



(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Type PressA, Type S, Type N & Type H)

The Jacket covers for AKB48's up-coming Janken-winning single, with a title shortened to Suzukake Nanchara, have been revealed! The concept behind the simple imagery is 'literary AKB' and the photographs were taken by Shintsubo Kenshu.

The track list, available in the source(s) provided, have also been revealed.


The images are so pretty, and remind me heavily of Nogizaka46's simple image works... I do like them. They are simple but so nice to look at.

It has been revealed that AKB48 will release their 5th single, which is currently untitled, on January 22nd 2014! The album will contain 25 tracks, and will come in a Limited Edition, Regular Edition Typ-I, Regular Edition Type-II, and a Theatre Edition.


So something to look forward to! Other than Jurina's reign as the Queen of Janken Blandness, that is!


It was recently announced that SKE48's Matsui Jurina will make an appearance in Ohno Satoshi's starring Drama, Kai no Kakatta Heya as a 21 year old Secretary on January 3rd.


It's nice to see that Jurina will be taking on an acting role, and an acting role beyond her years, no less. Hopefully her acting skills are good... and I also hope that many a fan will watch the drama to see her!

On November 22nd, SKE48 Team S member Niidoi Sayaka (19, Left) and Research Student Kitahara Yuna (15, Left) both announced their graduations from the group through the official SKE48 website. Both have cited their reasons for graduation have to do with studies.

Niidoi will hold her last stage with SKE48 on November 30th, however Kitahara's graduation was effective immediately on November 22nd. Both have commented on the announcements;

Niidoi Sayaka's Comment:
"It's been 2 short years since I became a member, but those days were all valuable experiences that I will never again come across. I was way too immature since I started. I was always hesitant and worried. But still, I somehow wanted to move forward.
"But I love dance, I love being on stage. Overall, I love SKE48, and the fans who have always supported me. I was able to make this this far because of everyone's warm, kind words." 
"There is not much time left, but I will do my best with my feelings of gratitude, so please continue to support me." - Niidoi Sayaka (Tokyohive Translation)
Kitahara Yuna's Comment: 
"I'm sorry for this sudden announcement, and that I'm reporting this through a letter instead of out of my own mouth." 
"In the future, my dream is to go to college and study psychology, and eventually study abroad. In order to make those dreams come true, academic ability is necessary. It became difficult to manage both my studies and activities in SKE48." 
"I'm not skillful enough to manage my studies and activities in SKE48. I didn't want both of them to be halfway. As a result, I chose my studies." 
"The things I weren't able to accomplish, I will leave it up to the 6th generation members that I love. I will do my best and study to make my dreams come true. Although it was a short year, thank you for your warm support."  - Kitahara Yuna (Tokyohive Translation)

It is truly sad to see members leave SKE48, even if I don't know who they are... but it seems that they have both taken on mature decisions, especially the younger Kenkyuusei member, Yuna, who is truly putting her studies first despite her young age. These decisions are difficult ones to make, to put your future before your present and what you enjoy doing... hopefully, they will study seriously and go one to become wonderful young women.

Good luck to both Sayaka and Yuna. Hopefully they will achieve their dream careers, and watch SKE48 from now on as the group grows!

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been revealed that BABY METAL will release their artist book, titled BABYMETAL APOCALYPSE, and it will be on sale at their one-man live in Chiba on December 21st.

A special website has been created for this amazing release, so be sure to check it out!


Many fans will have anticipated this... because FUCK YEAH, IT'S BABY METAL!

On November 22nd, Momoiro Clover Z announced that they would release a collaboration single with Hirose Kohmi (47), and THE AFLEE's Takamizawa Toshihoko (59), which will be released during their final Japan tour and will go on limited sale at the Seibu Dome in Saitama on December 23rd.

The collaboration single, which is currently untitled, will contain two songs written by Toshihoko and Kohmi.


I wonder how bat-shit Banshee crazy these songs will be! Actually wait, I don't wonder... because I don't listen to MomoClo Z!!!

Oh, the cold, harsh reality of Chiima XD

It has been announced that 9nine will hold their first ever one-man live at Nippon Budokan next year on August 21st, 2014. Since the groups debut in 2005, this has been their long-awaited dream, and so the live has been titled 9nine Dream Live in Budokan.

The announcement was made by a full-page newspaper ad in Japan, and showed a hand-drawn portrait of the group as they look onwards in the same direction. On the advertisement, it says;
"A dream once pictured, always come true. 
"The Ninth Year 9nine realises BUDOKAN"
Before their journey to Budokan for the first time, the group will also hold a one-man concert at Nakano Sun Plaza in April next year.


Holy crap... Budokan!? Budokan, for 9nine? Holy moly this is... yeah, this is perfect news!!!

I know that now, with so many Idols becoming more and more well known, it is easier to get into Budokan, but still... this is such good news!!! Well done, 9nine! Well done on fighting for your dream for so long, and finally achieving it after over 8 years!!! I am so proud of you!!! -sobs-

CONGRATS!!!! Oh, Happy DAYS!!!! -cries happily-

9nine FansiteTokyo Girls' Update

Dem hats
Babyraids will release a new single, titled Koi wa Panic, on January 29th 2014! This is the groups 6th single, and it will come in three editions!

It is said to be the continuation of their previous single, Koyomi no Ue deha December.

The Track List (in the source) has also been released.


I still pay little attention to Babyraids, but it's great to see them releasing new singles! Also, I hope all of their fans are excited for the first release of 2014 with this group! I hope it pumps everyone up for the New Year!

J-Pop Idols

It has been announced that SUPER☆GiRLS member and Leader, Yasaki Saori, will be starring in the musical Sabita ~Ame ga Hakonda Ai~ next year! The play is set to run from March 20th 2014 until April 6th 2014 at Aoyama Round Theatre, Tokyo.

Saori will take on the role of Yu Miri in this new adaptation of the play, which originated in Korea in 1995, and follows the story of a brother and a sister.

It seems that the cast will change through different performances.


Saori is gorgeous, and I am glad she was able to get this role. She seems excited that she will be in a Toho Stage Musical, and I hope she works hard for each performance she is a part of! Good luck, Saori!!!

Toho Stage Official Website | J-Pop Idols

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Regular Edition, Limited Pressing & Limited Edition)

It has been announced that the group Flower will release their 6th single, titled Shirayukihime, on December 25th! The title song is also being used as the CM song for NOTTV's new drama, Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru.

There are three editions available to buy.


I was surprised that the single is to be released on Christmas day, but it's nice to see that a group is actually doing that. (other than the now-defunct Watarirouka, that is) The song itself is also pleasant... but I don't really care for the PV, which is a shame, as it's quite pretty looking...

I need to rewatch, basically

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that Station♪ will release a new single, their first in almost 10 months, on December 18th! The single has officially been titled Rush Hour!!! and is available in one version.


... Wait, they're actually still alive?

J-Pop Idols

PV/Song Previews

The Music Video preview for AKB48's up-coming title song, Suzukake Nanchara, for their Janken-winning single, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out!


A pretty typical Janken song from AKB... again, but the video is sure to be a little interesting (I hope). The dance looks adorable, but it seems to borrow from Oogoe Diamond in terms of how it is set out with the whole 'practice dancing for something important' theme, you know? I dunno...

The song I do like, though! Generic and cute!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Shimazaki Haruka, also known as Paruru, will make an appearance in Harujuku fashion magazine HARA J-HARAJUKU JOSHI's second edition! In the video, we see Paruru take on a Kawaii Harujuku form as she collaborates with Rune Naito, an illustrator, and photographer Yasumasa Tonehara to create the image of a cute 'Rune Girl'.

Be sure to check out the making of video during the photoshoot to see Paruru's cuteness!


She is so damn adorable! I really just want to hug her, she looks like a doll! Squeeeee!!! PARURU <3 <3

Youtube | Tokyo Girls' Update

Field Caster Japan have released footage from Tsugunaga Momoko's appearance at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, so be sure to take a look!


... Nope. Only got the Mr. Blobby song stuck in my head now. Mr Blobby, Oh Mr Blobby...~

MAiDiGi TV, Oricon, JIJIPRESS and TokyoMX have all released footage from the SATOYAMA and SATOUMI event that was held on November 22nd. Be sure to check out the footage!


... WAIT, I MISSED THE LIVESTREAM!? #cries a plenty... -sobs-

In this press release video from MAiDiGi TV, Fujimoto Miki receives a parenting award! Be sure to take a look!


"Eh? The best way to keep children quiet, you ask? Well for me, I use a lot of vodka or sake to make sure they are quiet when I want to rest... and if that doesn't work, I bribe them with sweets or I get out the belt. It always works, the belt."



AND THAT IS ALL WE HAVE TIME FOR THIS WEEK! (As you can probably tell... I'm hyper) Thank you one and all for reading the Digest again, and hopefully next week I won't slack, be late or forget to do it, and also let's pray for more News! Until next time though... Ja ne, tata and bye bye!



  1. Chiima you have got to see this!

    1. Yeah, I saw! I was like O-O HOT DAMN, MOMOKO <3 I think I would be her fan if she always looked like that! XD Thos pigtails are URGH!

  2. Love the new Chrissy banner, Chii. Cuuuuuute!

    Winter up where you are? Haha, suffer! Summer Christmas down under! If only my gloating spree weren't being undermined by a cold, rainy day. Seriously, weather, you need to get on my team.

    Sorry to hear about your neverending cold. Be well. Some psychic soup coming your way soon.

    Ooh, secret projects... anything less than a diabolical plot to take over the world will be a disappointment, Chii. I hope you remember me with fondness and show mercy once you have the power to decide who lives and who dies.


    Lovely voice on that Yuka Uena. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    The mental image of BABYMETAL has been cracking me up since you mentioned them. Whoever came up with the idea is a comedic genius!

    Wonderful news for 9nine! Budokan! But I can't stop wondering what must've happened in that drawing to make them all look so sad. Is there some trade-off involved? Did someone say "Here's the deal; you can all go to Budokan but it'll cost you - you can never, ever see your family again. Oh, and by the way, the decision has already been made for you. You're going to Budokan." They look sooo sad.

    I'm too afraid the Mr. Blobby song, whatever it is, will get stuck in my head too if I click on that link. Just the name alone, Mr. Blobby, sends chills down my spine.

    Thanks again for a funny and informative digest, Chiima, and I forgive you in advance for next week's late edition. :P Please remember my kindness when you are handed my execution order to sign.