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Okay! Musume Digest #78

Minna-san, Genki? It's DIGEST TIME!!! Do you want to Digest with me today, too?

This week, in Idol News...

Hello! Pro Station release the PV for S/mileage's ee ka!? The return of Shibata Ayumi is nigh! Up Up Girls (Kari) to release a new single in December! Maeda Atsuko and Kasai Tomomi to release new singles, too! Bump.y to release their first original album! Details on Yuka Ueno's Winter single have been revealed! LinQ gain a member, two announce their graduations! And more!!! Are you ready to Digest?
MINNA!!!! We have come around to another Week filled with Digest News and Idol goodness, and heck, am I happy for this Digest! I have clue why I am so ecstatic about it, but I guess it's because I've found a good amount of news from Misc Idols that has excited me, such as Yuka Ueno's Winter Kiss short music video, as well as other information surrounding the single and MV itself! I also got excited about Bump.y releasing their first original album! EEP!!!!

Also... HouPri released a new PV this week... >3>


So, yeah... other than a few hiccups Hi, Arama this week in terms of Idol goodness and News, it has actually been a really positive week! Idols I love are releasing stuff, I celebrated my 3rd Blog Anniversary/Birthday/Cake Day with you all, and I have just been happy in general! I guess I am just a giddy person this week, yip yip!

Anyway, enough babbling... LET'S GET INTO TEH POST! DIGEST DAYO!!!

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f when scrolling through the post, as well as the contents below to allow you ease of access to the topics that you want! YAY!!!

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Weekly Happenings

Other blogs

Happy Blogiversaday Okay! Musume Time - Sonda Kamil's Where Is Giddy?
-I cried so much when reading this... THANK YOU, SONDA ;W; <3-
Falling Out of Love - Kaya's Pink Cabaret

Video of the Week

Atsui wa Natsui! by Houkago Princess

... I have been waiting ALL WEEK for this baby, and finally... it's here! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!

And, of course, I love it. But honestly, it seems like a refreshing sound to me... it's kind of like the song itself has more energy and personality in it than their previous songs. I also like the opening of the song... even if it is misleading. But who cares? I LOVE IT <3

The video itself is a new take on HouPri, too. They usually keep the girls in a studo of sorts, but this time, it's all done outside on the beach and even takes on a new editing style I think. It also seems so much more lively than their past releases, and I swear, Nana looks so good in this and really stands out. It's as if she is no longer awkward, and just seems to know how to work that camera! Her expressions, energy and cuteness is just so on-point in the entire video, and when I see her, I feel happy! Usually she's just so awkward and shy, but here she seems to command attention and have a confident style and look... it's great!

Right now, I am really in love with it! I don't think I can stop looping it... oh my gosh, so good!!! KYAAA, HOUPRI <3

Picture of the Week

The Gorilla and the Chipmunk were best friends... the friendship was kinda weird though, considering that the Gorilla always looked at the Chipmunk like she was dinner.

These two are just <3 And is it just me, or is Akari channeling her inner sexy goddess?


Hello! Pro Station #42 is finally here! This weeks host is Juice=Juice's powerhouse, Kanazawa Tomoko! What will Hello! Project deliver this week in terms of Entertainment and Idols?

This week, we shall see...

S/mileage's ee ka!? PV, it has finally been released! Wada Ayaka comments on the new song! Juice=Juice perform Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo at Otaru GOLDSTONE! Berryz Kobo perform Motto Zutto Issho ni Itta Katta at Otaru GOLDSTONE! S/mileage perform Chotto Matte Kudasai and Short Cut at mito LIGHT HOUSE! MoMusu members Mizuki, Riho andAyumi have a dance commentary! MoMusu perform What is LOVE? at Nakano Sun Plaza! And backstage footage of MoMusu at Nakano Sun Plaza! BE SURE TO WATCH!!! <3


... Let's just say that I did not expect ee ka!? to be what ee ka!? is...

Also, dayumn, Dayashi sounds good in What is LOVE?! Her pipes sound a lot better to my ears, that's for sure!!!

Hello! Project News

Berryz Kobou

The video preview for Natsuyaki Miyabi's up-coming solo DVD making of, GLOW, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out!


Not gonna lie... dem short shorts... DAYUMN!!!

Also, whomever complained of her 'man-shoulders', I say PFFT to you! THEY ARE HORSE SHOULDERS!!!


The cover for C-ute's DVD,  ℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~Voyage รก Paris~, has been unveiled!


... That's just a snapshot and some PNG images put on there to make it look like effort was made with the cover.

... >________________________>

C-ute Discography

A new Pizza-La CM featuring Suzuki Airi has been uploaded to the official Pizza-La site!


Does this mean that Buono! still endorse Pizza-La? Or are they just using Airi because she is easily the best of what was once Buono!?

Is this the revival of Buono!?!?



It has been announced that Juice=Juice will perform at CITTA IDOL FORCE on December 14th!


I love/like Juice=Juice, but honestly, I'm more interested in just who this Miracle March group is! One or two of them have certainly caught my eye...~


It has been revealed that Juice=Juice's Hajimete wo Keikenchuu will be used as the ending theme song for the Nagoya TV's Zakiroba! Asura no Susume!


I am obviously glad about this, because this is Juice=Juice, and another one of their songs has become a programmes theme song! Also, Hajimete wo Keikenchuu is the song I like the most of the two on their new single... so yeah! Also, it's amazing that Juice=Juice are able to have their songs used as theme songs! So fresh, but their promotion is pretty steady!


Hello! Project News

Up-Front Promotion News

Former Melon Kinenbi member Shibata Ayumi has announced the return of her activities in the Entertainment Industry. Once she has transferred agencies, she will begin her solo career as ayumi shibata, but will continue her entertainment activities as Shibata Ayumi.

On November 18th, it was revealed that she has signed with SMC Entertainment, and will focus on rock music for her new solo career. On February 19th, she will release a rock cover album titled kick start. On her birthday, February 22nd, she will hold a solo performance at WWW in Shibuya.

Her official website is also live, and she has an official twitter, so be sure to take a look!
"I thought about many things and I worried…I faced myself and realized that I still like music a lot and I thought about how many times music has helped me." 

"I am extremely happy that I can resume my activities as a solo artist!" 

 "I now want to use the power of music to deliver the ideas of 'Dream・Hope・Music' to many people and to cherish each step of the way with everyone!!" 

 - Shibata Ayumi (Tokyohive)

Tokyohive | ayumi shibata Official Website | Twitter | Oricon

Up Up Girls are set to release their new single, titled Nijiiro Mosaic/ENJOY!! ENJO(Y)!! on December 25th!



Please, please, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE include Santa costumes, snow and gingerbread houses! PLEASE!!!

... Okay, just the snow then!!!

musicman-net | J-Pop Idols

Tsuji Nozomi has announced the launch of her new children's clothing brand, Saruru. She originally made the announcement in October this year, but now the site has officially launched.


Wait, didn't she already have a babies clothing line? What happened to that?

Saruru Official Website | Ambelo Announcement


Maeda Atsuko has announced the release of her fifth single, titled Seventh Code. The single is set to release on February 12th, 2014 and will come in three versions.


I seem to like Atsuko's work a bit more now that she's out of AKB, then again, she seems to have grown a personality. It'll be interesting to see how this next single develops, and what the story behind it will be... Time Machine Nante Iranai was pretty cute and interesting in concept (albeit creepy) so I do look forward to this release.

It has been announced that former AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi will release her 3rd solo single! The single will be released on January 15th, 2014, and will have an 'ocean' theme. So far, the single is currently untitled.

There will be three types; Type A, Type B, and a CD only version.


I was unaware that Kasai still had a solo career, to be honest! I mean, I like her songs enough (all the Vanilla!!!) but I didn't think that she really sold that much to warrant a third release...? That said, I do look forward to the song... though I have a bad feeling that it will sound just as cutesy, bland and vanilla as the last two...

-starts singing Masaka badly-


On November 16th, it was revealed that NMB48's Centre for their next song will be Kenkyuusei member Shibuya Nagisa! The song, titled Kimi to Deatte Boku wa Kawatta, will be included in the Type N version of AKB48's 34th single, which will feature the Janken Senbatsu song. The title song has been shorted to Suzukake Nanchara.

This will be Shibuya Nagisa's first centre song in NMB48.


... She is cute in a dead-eyed kind of way...~


On December 26th, Sashihara Rino will release her first photobook titled Sashihara Rino 1st Photobook. The images were shot in Okinawa, and is 152 pages long.


FINALLY! Sasshi and her flat chest will truly shine!!!

Misc Idols and Groups News

(Left: First Class, Limited & Right: Economy Class, Regular)

PASSPO☆ have revealed the Jacket Covers for their up-coming album, JEJEJEJET!!, which will release on December 11th!

The covers show a more mature PASSPO☆, who want to show their 'grown-up' side. The album will come in two editions.



The perfection that is Bump.y will be releasing their first full, original album to celebrate the groups 4th anniversary together. The album, titled Pinpoint, will be released on December 18th and will contain 10 songs including COSMO no Hitomi and Savage Heaven.

The main song of the track, Kodoku no Vivid, will have a Music Video. Two version, Limited and Regular editions, will be available to purchase.

Track List:

1. Kodoku no Vivid
2. Koi wa pinpoint
3. Kizuato Heavy Soul
4. COSMO no Hitomi
5. Romantic Maybe
6. Dream Beat ni Tobinotte
7. Another Smile (Miyatake Mio x Takatsuki Sara)
8. Savage Heaven
9. Glass no Magic
10. Cry

DVD Track List:

1. Happy bump.y!!! Tairyoku Sokutei Hen
2. Members Fukuonsei Commentary Tsuki PV Gotta Getcha, COSMO no Hitomi, Savage Heaven.
3. Kodoku no Vivid (Music Video)
4. Kodoku no Vivid (Making of)


-sobs- I pretty much cried when I heard this news... I am so happy... my babies deserve this... OMG! -sobs lots and gets tissue-

It has been revealed that Koshoji Megumi has joined BiS as of November 10th! The group will now go on with 6 members, with the two newest being Koshoji Megumi and fashion designer Junko Koshino, who is a life-long honorary member.

Congrats to Megumi!


When I first saw Megumi's image, I thought that BiS had recruited a Korean boy... and I was going to comment on how they truly were controversial...

But nope. Female... DAMNIT!!!

(Left: Limited Editon & Right: Regular Edition)

It has been revealed that Himekyun Fruit Can will release their second major single, titled Moratorium, will be released on December 18th! There will be two versions of the single available, Limited and Regular editions, and there will be four tracks on the single, with one track varying of the three coupling songs.

The Limited Edition comes with a Music Video and the Making of.

Track List:

1. Moratorium
2. Senjou no Marvel
3. Ryuusei Train
4. Time Capsule (Regular Edition)
4. Eden no Koku (Limited Edition)


J-Pop Idols

SUPER☆GiRLS will release three new singles simultaneously on December 4th, and have been divided into three units where each group will perform covers of Idol songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's. The coupling song, titled Survival, will also be available on all of the singles, and is sung by SUPER☆GiRLS.

The first unit, Candy Macchiato, cover the song Toshishita no Otokonoko, originally sung by the trio Candies in 1975. The second unit, Twinkle Veil, have covered the song Jin Jin Jingle Bells by Moritaka Chisato, which was performed in 1995. The third unit consists of solely Maeshima Ami, who covers the song Sentimental Journey by Matsumoto Iyo from 1981.

 Each single comes in a CD only and a CD+DVD version.


Whoever let Maeshima Ami sing solo needs to be fired... immediately.

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that for her second single, Yuka Ueno will once again work with a comedy duo to create the music video for her up-coming single, Winter Kiss. For her latest release, Yuuka will be working with the owarai duo NON STYLE, made up of Ishida Akira and Inoue Yusuke.

Ishida Akira will direct the Music Video, whilst Inoue Yusuke will star alongside Yuuka in the video as her love interest. The story behind the video is about the unrequited love of a girl who likes the cheerful, class clown who is popular with other girls and always surrounded by women.

The single will release on December 11th.


When I found out that Yuuka would once again be working with a comedy duo, I was pretty amazed... but I like these collaborations that management is planning for Yuuka. It truly allows for Yuuka to get recognised by these comedy duos fans, and also gives her ties in the Industry for the future if she has worked well with these comedy duos. It also means that these comedy duos can try their dab hand at acting or directing, so it's basically the best for both worlds! The Comedy duos get noticed in the Idol Industry, and the Idol in the TV industry... WIN/WIN!!!

Smart move, King Records, smart move...


The LQ Covers for Yuuka Ueno's up-coming Winter single, Winter Kiss, have been revealed! The covers are simple, with a natural winter look.


This is lazier editing that Hello! Project...

Still a better cover than what H!P can offer us.


On November 16th during the birthday live of LinQ member Araki Sakura, it was announced that Araki Kokoro, the younger sister of Sakura, would be joining the group!


It really is no longer uncommon for siblings to head into the entertainment industry together ow, but it is always wonderful to know it happens! I love that the bond between sisters can run through the entertainment industry, too! Hopefully both will support each other whilst also striving to better themselves and win against one another as Idols!

Good luck, Kokoro! You cutie <3

LinQ no Energy

LinQ members Goto Rikako and Fukuhara Izumi have both announced their graduations from the group for March 2014.

The reasons for the members' decisions is so that Rikako can focus on job-hunting within a new profession, whilst Izumi wants to focus on studying. Due to their decisions and new ambitions, the girls will perform less with the group. Rikako will perform once a month, whilst Izumi will appear every week until their graduations.

For now, a date has not been set for the girls' graduations.


It truly is a sad time when a member, or two even, leaves a group, but in order to pursue their future ambitions and goals in life, sacrifices must be made, and I am glad that both Rikako and Izumi have decided to work hard to achieve their future success.

Good luck to them both, and I hope that they enjoy their time with LinQ before their graduations! Cherish each moment with your fans and fellow members, girls!

Tokyohive | LinQ no Energy

Miscellaneous News

On November 13th, Disney released the official trailer to their up-coming Live-action movie, Maleficent. The movie has been highly anticipated by fans world-wide, starring Angelina Jolie as Disney's most iconic villain in Disney History.

The film is scheduled to release in Cinemas in for May 2014.


I. Can't. WAIT!! OMG!!!! <3

PV/Song Previews

The short PV for NMB48's up-coming song, Kimi to Deatte Boku wa Kawatta, has been revealed! The Music Video and song features Kenkyuusei member Shibuya Nagisa as the centre, and will be available on the Type N version of AKB48's 34th single, which is also the 4th Janken-based single! Be sure to check it out!


The song is very soft and gentle, but it sounds pleasant and is just generally a lovely sounding song from what I can hear. The PV itself looks cute and seems to focus more on that friendly, care-free aspect that is pretty relate-able. Also... I love their hair colours!

Idol group LinQ have revealed a new rock unit, SRAM! The Rock group is made up of the five members SARA, ROU, AYA, MYU and LADY K. Here, they have covered the song Lemon Tea, so be sure to check out the PV!


... They look too cute to be ROCKING!!! Their fresh faces and cute looks ain't got nothing on BABYMETAL'S badassery!!!

The short Music Video for Yuuka Ueno's up-coming single, titled Winter Kiss, has been revealed! Be sure to watch for Yuka's sad and lonely expressions, and listen for her beautiful and clear voice!



Press Release/Promotional Videos

BiS have revealed the trailer to their up-coming movie, titled IDOL IS NOT DEAD -Non-chan no Propaganda Daisensou-, which will be released in January next year. This is the groups second starring movie.

Be sure to check it out!


... Should I be scared, intrigued, paranoid or... what? Actually, I'm all of those things. Shit...

Youtube | Tokyo Girls' Update

Idol Metal group BABYMETAL have released a promotional comment video on youtube to promote the Japanese release of Metallica's concert film Metallica Through The Never. The film opens in Japan on November 22nd.


Nice to see BABYMETAL promoting some ROCKERS!!! Would love to see them perform together... in fact, I am sure that many BABYMETAL fans want this. FUCK YEAH, BABYMETAL!

C-ute have left a comment on Kawaii girl Japan where they comment on and promote their lates single! Be sure to have a look!


Thinking about how Kawaii girl Japan no longer have subtitles... I kind of understand. It's hard to subtitle something, especially in another language... >o<

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded footage from Palet's major debut event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City! Here we watch as the members of PASSPO☆ and Palet challenge each other in various games to see who is the winner! Be sure to take a look!


Awww, aren't they all cute together? But honestly, I forgot that both of these groups were somehow tied together as supposed 'sister' groups... oops.

JIJIPRESS have released footage of NMB48's performances during one of their stage performances, as well as their comments at the end, so be sure to check it out to see the groups high level of singing and dancing skills!


... I was pretty shocked by the song where they stripped down to their underwear o-o

MAiDiGi TV and Tokyo News Service have released footage from the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013, where Tsugunaga Momoko makes a guest appearance, so be sure to check it out!


And when the pink, spotty eye-sore of a truck was revealed and the members of the audience saw just who was inside it, many people screamed in horror. Some even fainted, one even threw up. It was far too much for them.

... But in all honesty though, why I am reminded of Mr. Blobby?



AND that is all the News we have for this week! Hopefully this Digest has brought you plenty of News in the form of Idols that you love or like, and hopefully it shall tide you over until next week! But until then my darling readers, I must go! Ja ne, and tata!!!



  1. Sonda's Scattered Thoughts:

    Hooray for bump.y releasing their next album. I do still love them even if I haven't been terribly impressed by the recent singles and was sick to my stomach by the nightmare inducing horror show that was Gotta Getcha. Wait, it didn't make the album? YES! VINDICATION!! Now I cannot wait to hear Pinpoint!

    LMAO!! to Chiima's reaction to the Super Girls solo track. I'm a big fan of Super Girls music and yet I couldn't agree more.

    Thanks once again, Chiima, for keeping us all up to date with goings on as well as thoroughly entertained throughout!

  2. Maeshima Ami has a solo song??? Quick! Run before her vocals kill our eardrums!!!