Thursday, 14 November 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #77

Minna! Digest Dayo!? Are you ready to DIGEST!!!??? Let's break it down!!! -slams guitar to the ground-

This week, in Digest News...

S/mileage and the H!P Kenshuusei change their Profile images! AKB48's Draft members are chosen! Kojima Haruna to release a Photobook! Sayumi attends the press release for Blue Rose! HouPri reveal their covers for their new single! Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 to officially disband! Two NG46 members to graduate! McBusted!!! Cheeky Parade reveal a short MV! And More!!! Are you ready to Digest?

... Okay, so once again, my Digest is late... but I was (again) away at a friends house, because lately I have just wanted that break away from home and to just spend time with her. This time, however, I seriously missed the Idol world, which is actually good... usually when I'm away, I don't really think about Idols much, but for this break away, I was actually missing everything to do with the Idol world, especially the people I get to talk to about it. Sad times, it seems!

Anyway, the week itself has been abundant in Hello! Project and AKS news, which is pretty damn wonderful because it makes the Digest itself more interesting for those of you who follow those groups more than the Misc groups, but sadly, the Misc groups are a little lacking this week... however, the News is just as great as always, so whatever!!!

Other than not being here (kinda... I did actually go on Facebook sometimes when the internet wasn't being stupid at my friends' flat...) I have basically been having a social life, and working. And, this week, I have more work to look forward to! I am taking a rest from being social this time, but I will certainly be seeing people at work from Friday until Tuesday... so fun times ahead! But hey!!! More money = more things to buy! WHOOP WHOOP!

So, how has everyone else's week been? I hope it has been fun, but if it hasn't, I hope it has at least been eventful in terms of Idolness and happiness... I really hope your week has not been bad, because that is... well, bad! Anyway, I will stop keeping you from the post! We shall talk soon!!!


As always, be sure to use ctrl + f to navigate your way through the Digest with ease and happiness! Have fun!!!

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Video of the Week

Totteoki Christmas by AKB48

I honestly have no idea what possessed me to listen to this song this week, but I guess I saw a Christmas advertisement on the TV and got in the mood for an X'mas J-pop jingle... an this was said jingle, so here we are. Heading into Christmas... Yay!?

But yeah, in all seriousness, I do like the song itself, and the video is pretty damn cute too. I like that it focuses on different relationships between the AKB48 girls, from someone waiting for a boyfriend, to a person waiting for their grandfather or friends, and these are the people that they want to spend their Christmas with. All of the mini-stories are pretty cute and heart-warming, especially the family orientated ones (TakaMina with a little brother is very cute to see), except a few, such as Minegishi and some other girl finding out that their boyfriend was cheating on them with each other, resulting in the girls hitting him, but becoming friends (I liked the twist) and Oshima Yuko almost giving up on her boyfriend coming over, only to have that resolved as well, as well as a confusing plot with Mayuyu where she seems sad over something... and also gives her scarf away.

Basically, it's a cute Christmas PV about love and spending this special time of the year with your friends, family, lovers... your loved ones. It isn't the most energetic song ever to be made for Christmas, but it has that Christmas charm and jingle that really gets you into the spirit! And yeah... it has gotten me into the spirit, despite it only being November!

Curse you, AKB! XD

Picture of the Week

Because Amazing things come in Three's...

Where is Ikuta!? I know these three are adorable, but I need my Wota-Pon here!!!


Hello! Pro Station #41, MC'ed by Juice=Juice's Apple Red Kanazawa Tomoko, is here for you all to enjoy! What will this week deliver for us in Hello! Project goodness?

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

Juice=Juice release the Music Video and Dance Shot for Ijiwara Shinaide Dakishimete yo! Berryz Kobo perform Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashiat OTODAMA SEA STUDIO! C-ute perform Aitte Motto Zanshin aand Tokai noHitorigurashi at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain Square! And the making-of for Ijiwara Shinaide Dakishimete yo is revealed! Be sure to watch this weeks Hello! Pro Station for all of this goodness!


A wonderful, Juice=Juice filled episode that is simply juicy, refreshing and fulfilling... kinda? I mean, don't get me wrong, the look is good for Juice=Juice, but I seriously am not feeling that music or video for the group as much as I thought I would. In fact, it bores me. I even stopped watching the music video at one point, I was so bored.
 That said, I want to point out that J=J look like High King revived, but with Ayumi instead of Karin... also, Ayumin fits J=J so well! It's kinda scary XD Maybe she should have a dual-role within H!P, and go for both groups! Who knows?

Anyways, we also had some awesome performances from Berryz and C-ute! Thank goodness UFP decided to have Berryz sing Sayonara, it is one of the best songs released from this year! And C-ute just effing ROCK it!!! They are damn awesome!

Also, that making of is not truly a making of... it only shows off the dance practice, really... >o>

Hello! Project News

On November 22nd, 23rd and 24th, Up-Front have combined the SATOYAMA and SATOUMI units with the Yuki no Tsubasa 2013 event in Saitama Prefecture Mall. There will be exhibits, goods, quizzes, mini-lives and activities for the family surrounding the SATOYAMA and SATOUMI projects.

The groups participating include: Peaberry, Jurin, Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, S/mileage, Mitsui Aika, Juice=Juice, Hello! Project Kenshuusei, Fujimoto Miki, Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Ogawa Makoto, Tsuji Nozomi, Makoto of Sharan Q, Tasaki Asahi and more.

It has also been revealed that, on November 23rd, Peaberry will MC a 2-hour radio show special to the public during the event.


I was unaware of this event, but I am so happy that it is happening! It's great that almost all of Hello! Project are there, with the exception of C-ute, and that there will be plenty of activities and live singing to be had! It seems like a great day out for the family, and I am honestly very jealous of the people who get to go!!!

The Hello! Project 2014 Winter concerts have been titled Hello Project 2014 WINTER ~GOiSU MODE~ and ~DE-HA MiX~!


Pretty funky names, which must mean... PRETTY FUNKY CONCERTS! Awww yes!

The Hello! Project End-of Year Countdown live has been titled COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~!


I swear, H!P love dem Caps locks... I think my pal Vivian would like this~

Morning Musume

Ishida Ayumi will hold a Birthday Fanclub event on January 7th, it has been announced.


And there, she will confess to how hard it was living the life of a Shark who was poor...

What a sad, sad story... ;w;

Morning Musume's Official Youtube channel have uploaded a new video showing Ikuta Erina's recordings as she plans to drop by Michishige Sayumi's Public Recording of her radio show, Konya mo Usa-chan Peace with Fukumura Mizuki as the guest! Be sure to watch the video!


I absolutely love Eripon and her plans to just jump in on Sayumi's gig. She is pretty much a little troll Wota <3


It has been revealed that Iikubo Haruna will be a guest on the TBS show Arita no Yarashii Hanashi SP on November 22nd.


To know that my little Harunan is guesting on a show, alone, makes me happy... ;w;... even if she has done it before, but shush!!! -bows nose into tissue loudly and wails-

TBS | TBS Daily | JPlop

Berryz Kobou

The cover for Berryz Kobo's Tanabata Special Live 2013 has been revealed!


Cheap, cheap, cheap... and yet, the cheapness of it makes it look nice. Or maybe it's the fact that it is so simple that makes it look good...? Hmm...

It has been announced that Shimizu Saki will hold a Birthday Fanclub event on November 21st.


And there... WE SHALL DANCE!!!!

Tokunaga Chinami, Kumai Yurina and Sugaya Risako will hold a handshake event and mini-live in Sapporo on November 16th, it has been revealed.


... Can this lineup be, like, permanent? >o> Please...~


It has been announced that C-ute will perform a COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14 on December 30th.


I wonder greatly why C-ute have been invited to a Rock festival... Oh well...

One should never question Japan, I guess... XD


C-ute have left a video message for CDJournal on their site regarding the release of their latest single, so be sure to check it out!


It does annoy me when I try to post a video, and I can't even embed it... how evil ;w;... </3



S/mileage's profile images have been updated, so be sure to check them all out!


Totally loving that Kananananannanananananana centre there, with some Rina front-row, too! Also, damn, dem bellies <3



The Juice=Juice Documentary #13 is here, so be sure to check it out!


This was way back when Karin was a bit of a cripple... hm... but still, one damn stellar performance! Also... Akari belly <3

It has been revealed that Ishida Ayumi will stand in for Miyamoto Karin in the dance shot for Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo.


And this is where the butthurt Riho fans will cry... or the Rikako fans... or the Eripon fans... or, erm...

I dunno ._.

Tsunku's Blog

Juice=Juice will hold a mini-live and a handshake event in Sapporo on November 16th, it has been revealed.


And there, many High King fans shall gather, mistaking the latest 5nin unit from H!P for a classic dance-heavy unit that was once filled with the old bats + Maeda Yuuka of H!P.

Hello! Project News

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

The H!P Trainees' Rehearsal blog is now open!


Time to stalk the little Eggies again, it seems...

The Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Profiles, excluding the 20th generation members, have been updated!


I swear, there are some damn beautiful girls in the Kenshuusei... Tsunku, please, don't waste their beauty, talent and energy!!!

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been revealed that former Morning Musume member Ichii Sayaka will release a Style Book, titled Shisei Sayaka Style Book, on December 20th.


And this is where many fans scream with happiness, and start to save the pennies!

JPlop | CDJapan

Shuukan Josei have caught Mari Yaguchi walking with Kenzo Umeda, the model that she had an affair with that caused her scandal, and reported on the date between the two where they apparently went to Karaoke together, as well as reporting that the two seem to be living together.


Basically, the Media want to take whatever they can in terms of information surrounding Mari Yaguchi, just to get to her more? I mean, this in itself is pretty weak for the Media, though people will lap it up... seriously, she's on hiatus for a reason, give the woman a freakin' rest...

Maji De!? | Aramatheydidnt

Mano Erina has announced her 2014 Casual Dinner Shows, which are to be held on January 19th and January 16th,


And no one will touch their food, because they will be far too fixated on our dear Mano to care about what they are eating...

In fact, just looking at her would fill me up completely!

JPlop | Up-Front FC


It has been announced that Maeda Atsuko will perform on COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14. She will perform on December 28th, the first day of the four-day Rock festival.


When Idols are invited to Rock festivals, the meaning behind the name of Rock becomes useless...

But hey!!! I am sure Acchan will deliver an adorable performance!!!

48 Scoops | COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14

It has been revealed that Kenkyuusei-based sub-group Tentoumu Chu! will record a new song that is to be included in AKB48's 34th single!


Their first song is adorable, so I kinda expect this one to be adorable, too!!! I am really looking forward to it!

48 Scoops


On November 10th, the AKB48 Draft Kaigi candidates were determined, and have been placed into their groups! It has been officially revealed that 20 of the 29 girls were successfully drafted into the Teams chosen by the Captain's.

For the 9 who did not make it, it has been revealed that, if they are to ever re-audition for AKB48, they will skip the primary examinations to the final judgement.

The following girls have been placed into the following Teams...

Team A (Yokoyama Yui)
Nishiyama Rena (12) & Takita Kayoko (16)

Team K (Oshima Yuko)
Goto Moe (12) & Shimoguchi Hinana (12)

Team B (Umeda Ayaka)
Yokoshima Aeri (13) & Kawamoto Saya (15)

Team S (Nakanishi Yuka)
Matsumoto Chikako (13)

Team KII (Takayanagi Akane)
Goudo Saki (17), Takatsuka Natsuki (13), Suzuki Nene (17), Arai Yuki (15) & Soda Sarina (20)

Team E (Matsui Rena)
Koishi Kumiko (18), Takatera Sana (13) & Fukushi Nao (14)

Team N (Yamamoto Sayaka)
Suto Ririka (16)

Team M (Shimada Rena)
Takei Sara (15)

Team BII (Kamieda Emika)
Iso Kanae (20) & Naiki Kokoro (16)

Team H (Anai Chihiro)
Yamamoto Mao (17)


Personally, I am really glad to see that a majority of the more mature (in age) girls went to SKE48, as that group handles the more mature songs and looks the best out of the lot. Surprisingly, HKT also added a girl who has a more mature age... that did surprise me, given that HKT all look so childish, and sound it too thanks to the songs they are given. That all said, I do hope the girls enjoy their time in their new groups, and blossom into talented young girls!

It is kinda sad that HKT only have one new girl to add, the others more than three... but hey, it seems that this is the way it has to be...

It has been announced that Iwasa Misaki will release her third Enka single on January 8th. Currently, the single is untitled, however it has been revealed that Iwasa will cover AKB48's Koisuru Fortune Cookie as a coupling song with an Enka sound to it.

It has also been revealed that the song Ihojin will be covered on the Limited release of the single, and Akai Sweet Pea on the Regular version.

There will be a Limited and Regular version to the release.


It's nice to see that Iwasa is still doing Enka and releasing her own stuff, though her releases have a very slow pace. I would like to see the year of 2014 look up for her in terms of releases, at least.

It has been announced that AKB4's sub-unit, Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, will be disbanding this Christmas. The group will release their first and only Best-of album, which is currently untitled, on Deceber 25th and will then cease their activities.

It is unknown whether or not the group will perform together after the release of their album.


I was wondering what would happen to them... it has been a while since their last single, and one of the members graduated (or she was kicked out for frolicking with boys) and two others were transferred... so yeah, I was wondering if/when they would disband, or if they would ever return to doing anything. Seems like it's bye bye to this group...

Welp, BYE!

Kojima Haruna will release a new Photobook titled Kojima yo Sai 1st Photobook: Kojiharu, and it will include interviews with Haruna and the people around her. The Photobook is set to release on December 24th.


Well, I am pretty sure many Wota will let the snow *flow* on those pages on Christmas Eve...


It has been revealed that four former SKE48 members will release Bikini Gravure DVD's titled Second Stage on November 13th. The girls are Kuwawbara Mizuki, Ono Haruka, Takada Shiori and Hiramatsu Kanako.


... GRAB ALL THE BIKINI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

48 Scoops

It has been revealed that SKE48's Takayanagi Akane will host her own show alongside Kinoshita of the comedic duo, TKO. The show has been titled Takayanagi Akane's Tsubasa wo Kudasai, and is set to begin airing on November 15th on BS Fuji. Shibata Aya and Kimoto Kanon are set to be the guests for the first show.


It's nice to see that this member of SKE will air her own show and host it, too! I have no clue who she is, but I do wish her the best of luck and I hope she has a lot of fun hosting and getting to know the guests more!

48 Scoops


It has been revealed that NMB48's Kishino Rika will perform in the Musical Ai no Uta wo Uta ou, which is set to start on January 10th, 2014, and will run until February 2nd. The Musical will be directed by Miyamoto Amon.


From the official website, I think that Kishino will only be a part of the supporting cast, however it is great that she has been given this opportunity to act and sing in a Musical. I hope that she enjoys rehearsals and the official performances, and works hard to deliver an amazing performance, regardless of the role!


It was announced on November 6th that Sashihara Rino will feature in a commercial for Whisper Pure Hada maxi pads. The commercial started on November 9th.


AKS wants to remind us that Idols have periods, too.


It has been announced that Nogizaka46's 1st Generation members Kashiwa Yukina (Left) and Miyazawa Seira (Right) will both graduate from the group on November 17th, after promoting the single Girlis Rule!. Kashiwa is graduating in order to focus on her studies, whilst Miyazawa is leaving the group in order to focus on achieving a new dream.


Basically... "Fuck this shit, I ain't getting attention... BYE!"


SNH48 have revealed two new Teams, Team SII and Team NII! Each Team contains 24 members, with both Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya in Team SII, whilst SNH48 member, Ding ZiYan, currently remains Team-less.


I really hope that Ding ZiYan is put in a Team soon, because it is truly unfair to leave her team-less whilst everyone else is guaranteed a spot... then again, hasn't she apparently Graduated? I have no damn clue o-o

Misc Idols and Groups News

(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D)

The covers and track lists for Houkago Princesses up-coming Winter single, Samu wa Fuyui!, have been revealed! The covers feature the girls in their Winter Santa outfits, Sailor Moon inspired costumes, and their casual winter clothes!

Track List:

1. Atsu wa Natsui!
2. Uchuu Ichii no Kurisumasu (2013-2014 ver.)
3. Watashi no Migite anata no Hidarite ~Gyutteshitai~ (Type A)
4. Daisuki (2013 Winter ver.) (Type B)
5. auau ki rurun (?) (Type C)
6. Ito 4 ku te BALLOON (Type D)

FINALLY!!!! Oh my goodness, I have been waiting so so long for these covers to come out! ;w; Also, I am quite happy with the track list for this new single! We only have two songs which are re-covers of previous songs! Nice to see that a good chunk of the track list is actually made up of newer songs that have yet to be released (HouPri have a lot of songs they only perform at their venues) or are very new. So, seeing these new covers now... I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Houkago Princess Staff Blog

It has been announced that Noto Arisa will release a new mini-album titled Rainbow Drops. She will also hold a Birthday Live on December 15th.


Oh my goooosh, yay! The title of the mini-album sounds absolutely adorable, and knowing Arisa, it will probably be filled with wonderful sounds! Get excited, Arisa fans!!!

JPlop | Lantis News

It has been revealed that THE Possible will take part in the Nameko no CD 2 compilation with the song Nfuu to Merry Christmas!. The CD will release on December 18th.


It's great to see that THE Possible are still doing even little things like this, and getting their name out there a bit more. I mean, it's only one song, but hey... it's one more Christmas song that no other Hello! Project group is singing, right?

THE Possible Ameblo Blog

It has been revealed that Ogura Yui will release her third official single, titled Charming Do!, on January 29th. The title track will be used as the ending theme for the anime Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiin da ga, which is set to air in January. Yui will be a part of the main cast for the anime.


It's nice to see that Yui, despite how lacking her voice is in my opinion, is still producing solo singles. I hope that the new song is cute and lively, with so much bubbly energy!

JPlop | Natalie

Miscellaneous News

On November 11th, it was announced that British Boybands McFly and Busted, who split in 2005 after Charlie Simpson left the band, will form the super-group McBusted! The groups will tour together in 2014.

All four members of McFly, and James Bourne and Matt Willis, will take part in the collaboration, however within minutes of the tickets going on pre-sale, the tickets were all sold out! Tckets will, however, go up for general resale on November 15th.


I have a feeling that not many readers will know of Busted, or McFly, but they were/are a British boyband who were one of my favourite groups before Idols. In fact, Busted were the only Boyband I loved strongly, and the first group I ever supported as a youngster. After Busted split, I was heartbroken and really didn't follow many groups after that until Morning Musume.

To see Busted, albeit only two of them, reunited and taking on a tour with McFly is basically a dream come true for me. I mean, I doubt I will go to the concert (I wish I could), but to know they are still here, happy to do a reunion, makes me happy! I hope that all of the fans who go will enjoy the concert and scream loudly for Busted's return!

PV/Song Previews

Cheeky Parade have released the short Music Video for their new song, Check it out, which is featured on the groups first album. Be sure to check it out!


I don't pay any attention to this group, I admit it, but that opening is pretty damn badass! And then it just becomes softer... and Holy heck, it works! I might just start enjoying this group... o-O

Press Release/Promotional Videos

MAiDiGi TV, Oricon, JIJIPRESS and Tokyo News Service have released footage from the Press Release event for the release of Michishige Sayumi's latest photobook, Blue Rose! Be sure to check it out!


I like that she wore blue to the event... it kinda ties in the entire theme of the Photobook for me. Now... where the hell are the roses?


MAiDiGi TV have released footage from the Press Release event that Tsuji Nozomi attended where she promotes a brand of soup. However, during the promotion the press ask about Yaguchi Mari instead.


Well, I do think that Mari and whatever she gets up to is far more interesting than soup, but still!!! How rude of them!!!

JIJIPRESS have released footage from the 'Making of' for Sashihara Rino's Whisper Pure Hada maxi pads commercial. Be sure to take a look!


I see... lots of pink... and cuteness. Cuteness too! Also, the CM is pretty cute itself, and fluffy... yeah.

MAiDiGi TV, JIJIPRESS, Tokyo News Service and Oricon have all uploaded footage from SKE48's Press Release event where they promote the groups new cell phone card game release, SKE48 Passion For You. In the game, all 69 members of the Idol super group are featured as students at a magical school where they must battle a giant demon! Be sure to check out the video!


The game itself sounds cute and fun to play! If only there was an English version... ;w;


And that is all the News that we have time for this Week! I hope that what we have been given has filled everyone up for this Digest, but what about next week? Who knows, but you will have to wait and see! Until then though... Ja ne, and tata!!!



  1. I read this to find news about H!P (well, I'm an H!P) fan but the most shocking me is the last news! WHAT? MCBUSTED? I know McFly and Busted though I'm Asian (actually Indonesian) because I like reading old magazines lol. And it surprised me! I feel like I want to jump and laugh for no reason. But I'm happy! It's like so many old groups make a revival... like Blue and the others.

    By the way, I read your blog and found your review about Morning Musume's Wagamama ki no mama Ai no Joke PV is really interesting! It's very funny! I told my friends about that review, and they like it! It's the best post of your blog! I love it very much!!

    From Indonesian girl who loves Hello!Project and Hey!Say!JUMP, and many more... (but from J-pop I only like those two XD).

    1. YES!!! MCBUSTED!!! ; 3; I think I squeaked with happiness when I heard the news! But I am so happy someone else knows of them, yay!!!! It is surprising, it honestly is, but I am really happy, too! And yeah, many of the older groups, especially within Britain, are making comebacks for old times' sake. Thing is, they are doing really well. Which is good!

      OMG you told your friends!? Kyaaa, that makes me so happy!!! >o< <3 Thank you!!! I am glad you like it! <3 Thank you ;w; <3

      Thank you for commenting, and let your Hello! Project and Hey!Say!JUMP love continue! They are awesome x3 <3