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Okay! Musume Digest #76

Minna, Digest Dayo!? Are you ready to DIGEST!!!!??? Let's get it ooooonnnnn~

This week, in Digest News...

PV Previews are here, but for which groups!? AKB48 reveals the stupidly long title for their Janken Winner single!!! HMV x Hello! Project Campaign!? Dawa closes one of two blogs! TGS to star in two movies!? Fresh Meat, er... members, for HKT! BiS' newest member, revealed! Fudanjuku and LinQ to release new singles, and MORE!!!! Are you ready to Digest?

... This Digest has come later than expected, and I honestly was hoping to get this out earlier... but, today I went out, had my hair dyed (it looks a little lighter, I think...) and I went and watched TV... and now I have finally gotten the rest of the news under-way, so yay!!!! Weirdly enough, I have been quite committed to this weeks Digest, and have not left it until the night before to do it, so I am happy with myself. I just let it get done late, but that's because I have seriously just been busy with my day! Whoo!!!

So, how has everyone week been? I hope it's been good! In terms of my week, it has indeed been fun, I have enjoyed it! I stayed with a friend, had a social life (WHAT!? CHIIMA!!!!) and made a decision regarding something online... to do with dubbing... and what not, and also dyed my hair (as I said) and went to work... and this Saturday, I go to a Wedding, so more social-ness to come!!! Insane, I tell ya!

Also, this weeks Idol news has been pretty good, if you ask me! A fair amount of H!P and AKS news, and a good amount of Misc Idol News! Also, PV Previews! So many!!! It's been pretty damn good, so good, it's kinda hard to Digest!

Okay, I'll let you get on with the rest of the post... hopefully there is enough here to fill you up, so please, read on and go forth!!!

As always, please naviaget swiftly with the use of ctrl + f. Swift movement, aye?

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Video of the Week

Eien Pressurei by AKB48

This weeks video is from last years Janken song, Eien Pressure! I have no idea why, but I have just wanted to listen to this song a lot... I mean, it is nothing spectacular as a song, but it does have that 48' charm to its genericness, and Paruru's raw, horrible vocals at the beginning are rather enjoyable... if you get past the earache she gives you, that is...

Yeah, I know, it's a strange pick, but I do really enjoy it. It puts me into a pre-Christmas mood of sorts, and just makes me feel seriously happy! I like the song, it's cute and bubbly, and makes me want to flap my arms around like the deranged person I am! The video is darned cute, too, and very cheesy. Oh, so damn cheesy in all of its 80's effects glory! Ahh... I enjoy it. I really do.

Picture of the Week

"Do you want me to help you Stretch? Huh, what, stretch and balls? But we don't have any balls... Wait, you have some!?"

I would totally let her stretch with me.


Hello! Pro Station #40 is here, and this weeks MC is C-ute's Okai Chisato! What will this week bring us in the form of Hello! Project videos, fun and singing?

This week, on Hello! Pro Time...

C-ute go Acapella for One's LIFE and Bokura no Kagayaki! C-ute perform Aitai Aitai Aitai na live! S/mileage comment on their up-coming tour! Juice=Juice release the group shot version of their recent PV release, Hajimete no Keikenchuu! Mizuki solo's I WISH! And a backstage C-ute tour with cameraman Chissa! Be sure to watch, and please enjoy!


I was surprised to see the group shot version of JJ's recent PV release, because I honestly thought that we would see a PV for the other song instead, but nope... Oh well! More cute Akari to fawn over, I guess! And Yuka! Kyaa~~~

Also, Mizuki's voice is seriously weak in this o-o maybe she had an, er... cold?

Hello! Project News

It has been announced that Hello! Project and HMV will collaborate together with their Hello! X*mas Project campaign! It will run from November 9th until December 25th.


The campaign sounds good, and it's great that Hello! Project will be taking on another campaign and promotional... thing! It's nice to see these groups being promoted in such a way! Yaaay~!

Morning Musume

It has been announced that Morning Musume will hold their very own Naruchika Tour from December 7th until December 15th!


So it seems that the joint Berryz x Juice=Juice and C-ute x S/mileage Naruchika tours went well, so Morning Musume will hold one as well. The thing is, it would be pretty cool if they could go with another group as well...

Tsunku, plan for Dream Morning Musume to turn up!!! Heck, plan for AKB to turn up! Or Idoling!!! This would make it interesting!

It has been announced that Morning Musume's 10th generation will release a group photobook! The photobook will be available on December 1st.


Won't this be the first one-Generation photobook to come out since the 6ki photobook back in 2010 before Kamei's graduation? That's pretty amazing...
 Also, it's funny how 10ki will get a photobook together before the 9ki do, then again, 9ki seem to have released more photobooks together solo (Dayashi and Hime-sama) than 10ki have.

Anyways... aweeeeesoooome!


The Digest for C-ute DVD Magazine Vol.38 has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


Water guns... meaning this was filmed in the Summer! And oh my gosh, C-ute in the water! C-ute eating ice cream! C-ute cracking open a watermelon! This is a must have!!! ARRRGH, SUMMER!!!! SO HAWWWT!!!

Yajima Maimi has release a DVD Digest for a new e-Hello! DVD. Currently, the DVD is untitled.


I wish Maimi did more modelling... I actually think that she would rock at that kind of thing, because when she keeps her mouth closed, she is seriously stunning... oh well...

The cover for Yajima Maimi's currently untitled e-Hello DVD has been revealed!


This looks boring... Thank goodness the Digest is interesting!


S/mileage's up-coming Fall tour has been titled S/mileage Live Tour 2013 Aki ~Smile Charge~.


I read on a forum that this was a rushed tour, which is pretty saddening, but it is good to see that S/mileage will be getting a tour. Still, this is very shoddy promoting and planning on UFP's part.

Wada Ayaka has announced the closure of her GREE blog, however her Amebla blog will remain.


This must be annoyig for the GREE users. Now they have to migrate to Ameblo! URGH!!!

I kid,... everyone uses Ameblo o-O

It has been announced that S/mileage will perform at the 2014 Diver City Idol Festival on March 14th!


This is great news for S/mileage! But honestly, my first thoughts were: "They are still relevant enough to go to these events...?" No Idea why I thought that... but I did o-O


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, B, C & D version, and Regular Editions A + B)

The covers for Juice=Juice's up-coming single, titled Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo/Hajimete o Keikenchuu, have been revealed! There will be six editions available to buy~


I like their outfits, and it seems that now that autumn has gone, Monochrome is out, and the red/black tones are in! Well, I like it~ But dayumn, their photoshop needs work.

... Whatever, Akari centre kinda makes up for it on some of those covers~

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been announced that Tanaka Reina will hold a Birthday Fanclub event on November 11th.


Wait, Winky's still around?

Up-Front News

Music Festa vol.2 will feature LoVendoЯ, Takahash Ai, Nakazawa Yuko, Fujimoto Miki, Tasaki Ashi and others!


My immediate thoughts upon seeing that webpage was "I <3 shitty photoshop."

... I don't. But damn, it truly is shit.

Music Festa Official Page



AKB48's 34th single, which will also be the Janken winners centre song, has been revealed! Claiming the title of the longest single title in AKB History, the 34th single is called:

Suzukake no Ki no Michi de “Kimi no Hohoemi wo Yume ni Miru” to Itteshimattara Bokutachi no Kankei ha dou Kawatteshimaunoka, Bokunari ni nannichi ka Kangaeta ue de no yaya Kihazukashii Ketsuron no you na Mono

The single will be available in four types: Type A, S, N and H, with each representing one of the four core 48 groups.


What a mouthful! I'll have fun trying to remember that one... not!


It was announced on November 5th that Team E member Azuma Rion will feature in a solo CM for Coach and Four, a large Hokkaido-based chain store.


I have no clue who the heck this chick is, but it's nice that some unknown (to me) is getting a solo CM! YOU GO, UNKNOWN!!! -punches air happily-


It was announced via Tsuyoshi Kaneko's Google+ that, starting from November 5th, NMB48 will team up with Yamazaki Pan!


I am pretty sure that many NMB fans will now be buying Yamazaki Pan.

It has been revealed that NMB48 will appear on the TV Show Domoto Kyoudai for the first time! The episode will air on January 19th, 2014, so be sure to anticipate it!


I am sure that all of the members who have appeared on the show are anticipating the episode with excitement! Hopefully all their fans will be excited for it, too!


The HKT48 Kenkyuusei have been unveiled! Nine girls were selected, and they are:

Misaki Aramaki
Sae Kurihara
Erena Sakamoto
Miku Tanaka
Riko Tsutsui
Hazuki Hokazono
Nako Yabuki
Yuuna Yamauchi
Emili Yamashita

Congrats to all of the girls for making it into HKT48!


All of these girls have pretty interesting surnames... Especially Riko Tsutsui and Hazuki Hokazono. They all sound so intriguing!!!


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Type A, B, C and Regular Edition)

The jacket covers for Nogizaka46's up-coming single Barrette have been revealed! The theme behind the covers is Nogizaka46's hangout spot, and shows the girls sitting in a cafe in Fussa. To create a more natural situation, the girls used their own belongings for the photos.

Barrette will release on November 27th.


I was quite surprised to see such a bright and hazardous yellow used on the covers, and the lighting for the photography used is very dim... but I like the idea behind the concept.


It was announced via Nakagawa Haruka's official Twitter that Stella Cornelia will leave JKT48.


I have no idea who Stella is, but to hear that she will be leaving the group is sad. Hopefully all of the members and fans will wish her well before she leaves, and I hope she works hard towards the future!

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been revealed that Tokyo Girls' Style will star in two movies next year! The announcement was made during a press conference. According Satake of Avex, who is the project director of the vocal and dance group, the movies were pitched around the same time, and so it was decided to take on both projects, as the movies will capture the girls' images of youth before they move onto high school in the spring of next year. It will also be a new challenge for the group and will further benefit their future activities.

One movie has been revealed to be directed by an up-and-coming director, Yamato Yuuki. The title will be Itsutsu kazoereba Kimi no Yume, and will be released in the spring of next year. The other movie will be a horror feature that will be released nationwide.


This is rather unexpected news, but it must be really exciting for both TGS and their fans, because whilst Idol movies aren't always the best, it is still nice to see the Idols you love and support taking on a role in a movie, and shining in that role. I may not be a fan of TGS, but I am happy for them. Congrats, girls!

Tokyo Girls' Update

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Type A, Type B and Regular Edition)

The Jacket covers for Otome Shinto's third single, titled Ojuken Rock'n'Roll, have been revealed! The single will be released on November 27th, and will serve as the ending theme for the NTV programme Sore Ike! Game Panther!

There will be three editions available.

Track List:

1. Ojuken Rock'n'Roll
2. Wasshoi Christmas

DVD Track List:

1. Ojuken Rock'n'Roll (Music Video)
2. Making of (Type A)
3. Making of ~Cookie wo Kowashita no Dare Da!?~ (Type B)


Damn, I like their costumes for this single. They look pretty damn spiffy and badass~

J-Pop Idols | Type A | Type B | Regular Edition

BABYMETAL have announced that they will hold their first ever overseas solo concert in Singapore on December 28th. Furthermore, in order to promote this exciting news, BABYMETAL will make a special appearance at AFA 2013 on November 9th.


... I think that a lot of fans have been really excited for this. Heck, I bet they are still excited!!! I mean, who wouldn't be? IT'S BABYMETAL!!!!

Tokyo Girls' Update | J-Pop Idols

It has been announced that LinQ will release their third major single on January 22nd 2014! The single has been titled Colourful Days, and will contain coupling tracks from the sub-groups Lady and Qty.


It's nice to hear that LinQ will be releasing a new single, especially given that their last release was this summer. Hopefully it will be a bright and fun song, like the title suggest.

LinQ Official Blog

Fudanjuku have announced the release of their 12th single! The single has been titled Chen-Men Paradise, and will be released on January 22nd, 2014!


This is news that I have been waiting for... confirmation of a new single!!!! Oh my gosh, I am so happy ; 3; I know Renji won't be in it, but still... so, so happy... ; 3;

Fudanjuku Official Facebook | Fudanjuku Official Site

BiS have revealed their newest member, 74 year old fashion designer Koshino Junko! Koshino went to the audition in secrecy, and passed because of the overwhelming presence that she has.

Congratulations to Koshino Junko!


... I think that BiS just became even more controversial... They are so damn fabulous XD

Tokyo Girls' Update

It has been revealed that 9nine's Satake Uki will lend her voice for the anime series Space Dandy. She will become the voice of QT, a robot vacuum cleaner who is friends with the hero.

Space Dandy will broadcast in January of 2014, so be sure to look forward to it!


I am happy to see Satake landing a voice acting role! Hopefully many fans will tune in one the episode debut, and hear for her voice!

Natalie | J-Pop Idols

Miscellaneous News

The movie trailer for Tobidase Shinsengumi!, which features Niigaki Risa, has been revealed! Please check it out~


WAIT, what? Gaki-sama is in a movie!? I was unaware ;w; This makes me happy! <3 Yatta, go Gaki-chan!

PV/Song Previews

Idoling!!! have revealed the short music video for their up-coming single, SHOUT!!! This is a cool rock song with attitude and a fierce look, so be sure to check it out!

The single will be released on November 13th.


I want their costumes... and the editing is very good! Dark and sexy with a little bit of trippiness thrown in there, layered with cool effects and fonts! Amazing! Go, go, Idoling!!!... My interest in you guys is slowly returning... slowly...

Idoling!!! Neo, the new sister unit to Idoling!!!, have released the short music video to their up-coming first single mero mero! The single will will go head to head with Idoling!!!'s SHOUT!!!, so be sure to check it out to see which video is your favourite!

The single will be released on November 13th.


The vocals are very raw for this, but the song itself sounds pretty good. I expected something cuter and more Idol-like, but it's actually pretty cool in tone, with an upbeat and cheerful chorus. It works well for the newer members, too. Very good~

Bakusute Sotokande Icchome have released the short Music Video for their up-coming single, Oh my destiny! Be sure to take a look and see what you think!


This is definitely an Idol song, and for some will be too generic for their taste buds. I, however, do like the sound of it... but I like generic crap. It is sweet and innocent, and cute too! I look forward to the rest of the release, honestly!

Idol x Fishing group Tsuribit have released the short music video for their up-coming winter single, Vanilla Na Sora. Be sure to watch this cute and refreshing PV from the Idol Fishers of Japan!


I like the video enough, but it is very white-washed. It would have been nice to see some colour in the video, instead of stark white outfits and a stark white background... but whatever...

That said... THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!

The short music video for Otome Shinto's third single, titled Ojuken Rock'n'Roll, has been revealed! The single is set to release on November 27th, and the title song is being used as the ending theme for the TV programme Sore Ike! Game Panther!

The theme behind the song has been revealed to be 'school examination period'. Be sure to take a look and see what you think!


I was surprised to see that Otome Shinto had released a new short music video, but it's nice to see that this group, in all of their terrible vocals glory, are still around. They really are cute and fun! Too bad they still suck at singing, aye?

Also, what is it with Idol groups trying out the rock sound lately?

Perfume have released the short music video for their up-coming single Sweet Refrain! Please take a look and enjoy!

The single has been scheduled to release on November 27th.


The PV looks pretty cool, I like how it makes use of cloning the girls whilst surrounded by various props. However it is very... white and blank... a little boring, if you ask me, but whatever! I SEE LEGS!!! I am happy~

The song I am not a fan of, though. Oops.

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Morning Musume's Promo Campaign for Nippon! Call Project has been uploaded to the official Japan Olympic Team Youtube channel! Be sure to check it out!


Masaki's cry of Nippon! is the cutest thing to ever grace youtube. Her cuteness beats kittens.

The video for Tokyo Girls' Style press conference where they announce that they will star in two movies next year has been uploaded! Be sure to take a look.


It's an hour long, or about that amount of time, but I am sure the fans will find it worthwhile to watch~

Takagi Sayuki, Miyamoto Karin and Uemura Akari all attended the press release event for the release of B.L.T U-17 where they are presented on the front of the cover! Be sure to check it out!


Oh wow, the stylists did something good to Sayuki's hair! Also, they all look so cute, and Akarin is just gorgeous! Kyaaaa, my babies! >3< <3

On November 5th, Itano Tomomi attended the Roppongi Hills Illumination Lighting Ceremony 2013. JIJIPRESS have released footage from the event, so be sure to take a look!


It's nice that Tomomi can go to the event and look up at all of the lights. Also, she is looking very radiant and gorgeous <3

Performances and TV Appearances

Morning Musume performed their J-MELO exclusive song, titled What is LOVE on J-Melo's November 3rd 400th episode! Be sure to check it out for some intense choreography and a cool song! Enjoy~


I say intense choreography, but in reality it looks a bit like a joke at times, and is reminiscent of Shouganai Yume Oibito's funky swan movements... it's a bit weird, but the leg movements for this dance are a lot cooler and a lot more well-paced than the laughable hand gestures in the song.

Also... this is a pretty damn kicking song, an Masaki <3

But still... that damn choreography is both cool, but also questionable. I will not take it seriously.


Yajima Maimi and Okai Chisato were guests on Tokai TV's Geinoujin Kousei Variety Banana Juku on November 5th, so be sure to check it out!


... I'm kinda hungry now after watching this... then again, Japanese TV shows always seem to make me hungry after watching... WHY DO THEY ALWAYS INCLUDE FOOD!?

READY TO KISS have released a performance-based video where we see the girls perform live, as well as backstage footage from their event at TAKAandTaichi where we see the girls perform in a wrestling ring! Be sure to check it out!


It was interesting to see that the group had brought out a new video... the video itself is more of a digest, but I like that we see the performance. Also, I damn well help we get a Music Video and a clearer version of the song! I NEED MY READY TO KISS GOODNESS!!!



And that is all the News we have for this Weeks Digest! Hopefully this will satisfy everyone's taste buds, and keep them busy until next week! Until my next post however, Ja ne and Tata!!!


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