Thursday, 31 October 2013

Okay! Musume Digest ~Halloween Dayo~ #75

Minna, Halloween Dayo!? Who wants to Digest this Halloween Treat!?

This week, in Idol News...

Ono Erena will appear in a new Movie! The Digest for Blue Rose is out! Nakajima Saki Blooms... wait, she always blooms! New Profile images for Juice=Juice! AKB48 Request Hour Set List Details! 9nine, Perfume and Yumemiru Adolescence reveal Jacket covers! PASSPO☆ and Shoujo Jidai to release new albums, and a bit more! Are you ready to Digest?

This weeks Digest News was actually pretty surprising... as in, I was surprised by how little news there was for Hello! Project and the AKS groups... there was very, very little! However, the Misc Idols and Groups did give us a'plenty of news this week, meaning we have made up for the lack of the major Idols we know and love!

Anyways, that said and done, I apologise for the lateness of this Digest! I was ill and tired last night (yet I wrote about the news of MoMusu getting that Olympics gig... yeah...) and I went Trick O' Treating with my sister, (baby) niece, nephew (15) and our friend, and yes, I dressed up. Because my costume was severely last minute, I went as a cracked/broken doll. Wanna see?

Photoshoppin'~ UFP should seriously hire me!

It was either this, Wednesday Addams, or possibly dead school girl... but I couldn't be bothered to go that extra mile to splatter fake blood or tomato sauce on an old school shirt, rip it a bit, and the do dead-ish make-up... so instead I put on my black dress, picked up my doll, and then 10 minutes later decided to draw some holes and cracks on my face with eyeliner. Genius, no? Now you know what to do for last-minute Halloween costumes next year! Badabing, badaboom!

My sister and nephew went as vampires, though they originally planned to be Pirates (they had their costumes prepared, muahahaha!) and my niece was a gorgeous, non-scary little Fairy! Though our friend insisted she was a Fairy Zombie, and had her 'roar' at us as we walked around! It was damned cute, and my niece loved her trick or treatin'! This was her first year doing it, and she's only one, so at first she didn't grasp what it was about, and tried to trade sweets with the treaters! It was adorable!

So, did any of you guys go out Trickin' or were you Treatin'? Did you dress up? It'd be awesome to know, because Halloween is so fun and the costumes are so good!

... Okay, I am done talking, let's get on with the DIGESTO~~~~

As always, please use ctrl + f to navigate your way through the Digest easily~ Toodle pip!!!

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Weekly Happenings


 - I have announced a Hiatus on my youtube channel >o< This was a tough decision, but I have been thinking about it for a while now. I am sad to make the decision, but I feel that, right now, I need to try and focus on other things, as well as take a rest from videos because it is more of a chore than a pass time, hobby and enjoyment for me. I want to enjoy what I do, not drive myself into hating it. I apologise for this ;w;

Other blogs

Video of the Week


... If you didn't think this would be here, you were sorely mistaken! EFFING HALLOWEEN PARTY, ME DEARS! LET'S PARTAY!!!!

Do the Death Dance, oh yeah! Tap, Tap, stop breathing, tap tap, hold dat breath! Tap, tap, no more breathing, y'all! Tap, tap to the death!

... Okay, I think I've had too much sugar... >o>

Picture of the Week

Oh, you wanted a Treat? Well, I can't offer Candy... Wait, you wanted me!? I'll turn you into a toad for that, pervert!!!

The Cutest Witch has arrived on a broom... No, not your broom, you pervert!!!


Hello! Pro Station #39 is here! What does this week have to offer from Hello! Project?

This week, on Hello! Pro Station #39, lead by Okai Chisato, we have...

Juice=Juice's latest Music Video! A dance shot for C-ute's Ai tte Motto Zanshin! Ishida Ayumi sings Ren'ai Hunter as a solo! Morning Musume perform Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke live at the Chance! tour! And Juice=Juice and Berryz Kobou backstage footage for their joint lives! Be sure to watch, and please do enjoy!


I still have yet to watch the PV, I have been just... busy(ish) tonight XD Also, yay for a performance from MoMusu! Very good ;) Also...

I liked Ayumin's solo this week! Sure, she isn't a strong singer, but you can hear (and see) the concentration she has when singing, and the sheer determination to try and stay in tune and sound pretty decent! She's getting better, but she's far off being the greatest MoMusu singer right now... but damn, gurl, dat concentration! Hardcore!!!

Overall, this is a great episode for fans! It has great content, and shows us the interaction between Juice=Juice and Berryz members, Ayumi's amazing concentration as she sings, a dance shot, a PV and, of course, Chissa! Yaaay! It has been good, I am happy! Please enjoy~

Hello! Project News

The cover for the Hello! Project Complete Single Book has been revealed!


... *sigh* Why is Hello! Project's Photoshop team so shitty? They didn't even bother to correct the lighting, contrast and tones settings so that everyone was the same colour in brightness and contrast!

(Top Left: Mazekoze! DVD, Top Right: Sorezore/Mazekoze! Blu-ray, Bottom Centre: Sorezore! DVD)

The covers for Hello! Project's Summer 2013 concerts, Hello! Project Summer Cool Hello Sorezore/Mazekoze have been revealed!


Holy mother of Fuck, VARIETY!

... Also, better photoshop!

Morning Musume

The Digest video for Michishige Sayumi's new photobook, Blue Rose, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out!


Let's just say that she is hot. And yummy. And perfect... and so, so much more.

Why is she so perfect? Why am I so poor? URGH!


Morning Musume are the Ambassadors for the Nippon! Call Project for the Winter 2014 Olympics!

A Website has been created regarding Morning Musume's participation with Nippon! Call Project.


I have already talked about this, but I want to again! YAY! YAY! YAAAAAAY!!!!

Facebook (English Translation) | JPlop Thread | Morning Musume Nippon Call Page


The cover for Nakajima Saki's up-coming solo DVD, Bloom, has been revealed!


Refreshing... Pure... Brilliant... Beautiful... Entrancing... Peaceful... Enticing... Breathtaking... Innocent... Angelic... Loving... Perfection... Heavenly... Gentle... Hopeful... Wonderful... Enlightening...

... Yup, that's about all of the words I can muster the moment I see this beautiful piece of imagery that is Nakajima Saki's Bloom cover.

Yajima Maimi will be  guest on Tokai TV's Geinoujin Kousei Variety Banana Juku. Her appearance will be on November 5th.


Oooh, a TV appearance! Always good to hear that C-ute members, even the most boring of the lot, are getting TV appearances!


S/mileage will hold a handshake event at Rissho University on November 3rd it has been announced.


They will infiltrate during important examinations, sing some Yattaruchan, and then turn over all the desks and scream in everyone's faces. Because fuck it, this is S/MILEAGE!!!!


Uemura Akari, Miyamoto Karin and Takagi Sayuki will all attend the release event for the release of B.L.T U-17 on November 5th!


I was wondering why Tomato-chan (Tomoko) and Peach Dayso (Yuka) weren't invited... and then I read the U-17 part. No wonder~

Old biddies.

Juice=Juice's Profile Images have been updated, so be sure to take a look!


They look damn Dapper, me thinks!



AKB48 have revealed the dates and details concerning the live event for their up-coming AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 200 2014!

The event, which has been held every January since 2008, is where fans can vote for their favourite songs from all 48 groups. The groups then perform 25 songs in a countdown style every four days. Usually, the group has a countdown of 100 songs, however this January coming they will instead perform 200 songs voted by the fans!

The dates for the set list are:

January 23rd to the 26th at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL, where the songs from 101-200 will be announced and performed over a period of four days, and the songs from 1-100 will be announced on April 6th at Saitama Super Arena.

Fan votes can be submitted from December 10th until the 27th.


The fact that I am actually excited for this tells me I am truly becoming a fan of the 48's... Hell, I might even vote! Lord help meh!!!

It has been reveaed via the official AKB48 blog that the Draft Candidates will appear as the opening acts for the November 4th stages.


One way to get the Draft Candidates ready for performing on stage! It's a neat idea, and also allows the members choosing the girls to see which girls they want in their groups!


On October 26th, SKE48's Yamada Mizuho was promoted from the Kenkyuusei to a member of Team KII!
"I wanted to quit when I wasn't promoted in April, but I'm really glad I was promote [this time]. From now on, I will do my best to return the favor as Team KII's Tanaka Mizuho." - Yamada Mizuho (Tokyohive) 

It is really nice to hear about KKS members in the AKS groups being promoted, because you see in pictures the support and love they get from everyone around them, as well as the tears of gratitude and happiness they have. It made me feel happy to know this girl was being promoted... even though I have no idea who she is!

Congrats, Mizuho! Work hard and bloom in SKE's Team KII from now on!


Nogizaka46 will release their 7th single on November 27th! The title has been revealed to be Barrette, and the centre for the new single will be second generation member Hori Miona.

There will be five different versions for the single, Type A, B C, Regular Edition and Anime Edition. One of the coupling tracks has been revealed to be Tsuki no Ookisa, which is the opening theme for the Anime NARUTO.


Misc Idols and Groups News

Former C-ute member and Exclusive model for 2013 TOKYO GIRLS RUN Umeda Erika has announced that she will be returning to the Music industry! Erika already has her first solo live planned for December 22nd, and has titled it First Live ~Starting Over~ marking her first singing performance in over 4 years.

Umeda Erika also launched an Official Website on October 25th where fans can keep track of any news updates.


I was surprised that Erika announced her return to the music industry, as she seemed rather eager to become a Model and seems to have made a pretty nice career out of it. However, her return to music must be amazing for all her fans who have missed her.

Right now, all I can say is good luck to Erika! Hopefully she releases a few singles, and doesn't just sing lives. Also... dayumn, she is gorgeous!

Umeda Erika Official Website | Umeda Erika Official Blog | Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Type A, B, C & D and Regular Edition)

9nine have revealed the covers for their up-coming single, titled Re:, which will be released on November 20th. The song is currently the opening theme for the Fuji TV drama Legal High, and is filled with lyrics that portrays the members' strong feelings towards their activities as the group 9nine.

There are five editions available to buy.


I find that the jackets look rather cheap and tacky, and something that I would expect from Hello! Project or even AKB48 right now (their current covers have looked less than stellar), but mostl the covers where the girls have obviously photoshopped witness stands (Types A, C& D). Reguar and Type B look good, the perspective and size of the stand is correct, but the rest... no.

I just pray the song is stronger than the covers, which is hopefully the case with this single.

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols | Tokyo Girls' Update

(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Type A, B, C and Limited Edition Jackets)

The jacket covers for Yumemiru Adolescence's second mini-album, titled Junjou Marionette, have been released! There will be four editions available to purchase.


I love the simplicity and lightness of the covers. They are just so pretty to look at thanks to the simplistic background and the focus of the girls in those gorgeous dresses, and the pops of bright colour against the gray-blue back drop. Simply stunning, and the girls are pulling impressive poker faces here I think.

Natalie | Tokyo Girls' Update

PASSPO☆ have announced that they will be releasing a new album on December 11th. The Album has been titled JEJEJEJET!! and will contain a total of 16 songs, with 7 new songs available.


Even though I now have little to no interest in PASSPO☆, I do hope all of their fans look forward to this release. Heck, I may listen to it myself if the teasers of the songs sound promising to me! So yeah!!!!

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update

(Left: Limited Cover - Right: Regular Cover)

Perfume have announced that their next single, titled Sweet Refrain, will be released on November 27th! The covers and track list have also been released.

Track List:

1. Sweet Refrain
2. Koi wa Zenkei Shisei
3. Sweet Refrain -(Instrumental)
4. Koi wa Zenkei Shisei (Instrumental)

DVD Track List:

Sweet Refrain (Music Video) (Limited Edition only)


I was really surprised by how sudden the announcement was, because sometimes Perfume do take a while to announce a new single... but I am sure the fans will be happy! (Even if Nia does say this is a dud... hahaha! xD) So yeah... look forward to the release, Perfume fans!

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | Aramatheydidnt

It has been revealed that Shoujo Jidai, also known as SNSD, will release their third Japanese album on December 11th! The album is currently untitled, and will be available in four editions; Complete Production Edition, Limited Edition CD+Blu-ray, Limited Edition CD+DVD and Regular Edition.

There will be a total of 12 songs on the track list.


I was unaware of SNSD still bringing out Japanese singles or albums... I kind of thought that they had faded out, but boy, am I wrong! That said, it is great that the girls are still producing music in Japan! Hopefully all fans can reserve a copy, and I hope that it is a colourful and bubbly album!


It has been announced that Ono Erena will make an appearance in the up-coming movie Shirayukihime Satsujin Jikan. Ono will take on the role of the protagonists subordinate, Mitsushima Emi (nicknamed Micchan) who is a well-informed woman of the company she works for.

The movie is a live-action film adaptation of Minato Kanae's novel. The story is filled with suspense and revolves around the character Jouno Miki, played y Inoue Mao, who is suspected of slaughtering her beautiful colleague.

The film is set for release on March 29th, 2014.


I am so happy to hear some news on Erepyon! I have missed her... I really hope to hear more news from her soon, but to know that she has landed an acting gig makes me happy! Congrats to Erepyon, and I hope the movie is a hit!

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols

The covers for Odagiri Nana's and Houkago Princesses up-coming 204 calenders have been revealed!


Nana is so damn cute! And damn, dem HouPri Legs! <3

... I need to buy Idoru calenders now!

Odagiri Nana Calender | Houkago Princess Calender

READY TO KISS have opened their official group blog!


... I have been waiting for this... FINALLY!!!

Official READY TO KISS Ameblo Blog

Miscellaneous News

An uncut one-minute trailer for Studio Ghibli's up-coming film, Kaguya-hime no Monogatari, has been revealed. The film was directed by Isao Takahata, and will open in theatres on November 23rd.

The story of Kaguya-hime is a well-known and popular story revolving around a baby girl who was found in the middle of a bamboo stalk, and has inspired many manga and anime adaptations.


When I heard that this would be the next Ghibli movie to come out, I was of course really excited for it. The tale of Princess Kaguya is a nice story in my opinion, and I think it is one of those Japanese tales that just about everyone knows if they are into Japanese culture, or a part of it themselves. However, I was extremely surprised to see this classic, beautiful artwork used in the trailer. I was not expecting it, but I am so happy to see this artwork used. It represents this story well I think, and honestly, I can't wait to see the film now when it comes out in England (if it does) because it looks amazing!

PV/Song Previews

HIME Carat have revealed the short music video for their new single, titled Body Rockabilly, which will be released on November 27th. This is the groups second single, and boasts an 80's rockabilly sound with a stylish pinup-themed look. Be sure to check out the video!


The minute I heard the song, I immediately thought of rockabilly... the sound is very reminiscent of nostalgic music, and the look of the girls just sits so well with the song... I was surprised by how good it sounded, actually! It is pretty cool... I may just have to check out HIME Carat a bit more now!

Tokyo Girls' Style have revealed the incomplete music video for their up-coming single, Chiisana Kiseki! The single will be released on November 22nd.


Wait a flying-squirrel second... ARE ALL OF THEM SINGING? LIKE, SOLO'S? Holy JFC, they are!!!!! What the Hell? o-O

Avex... Avex... please, please do this for Dream5. They need it... please o-o

... Oh yeah, and this song is cute and all, but very bland. But I dig it. The outfits are damn adorable, too! Also, is that the same location StylipS used for Prism Sympathy? Why, I believe it is! CRIKEY, MATE!

Up Up Girls have released a Music Image Video of their song Starry Night, so be sure to watch it!


A cute idea, and reminiscent of fan OPV's using images and footage that is already at hand! I like that sentimental touch it has, too. So sweet!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Berryz Kobou members Tokunaga Chinami and Sudou Maasa, and Juice=Juice leader Miyazaki Yuka, all promote their respective singles that have recently been released on the KSB Youtube channel! Be sure to check it out!


It's nice to see the groups promoting together... and nice to see UFP putting effort into promoting both groups. It's only a little, but damn, it may help a bit!


Oricon, MAiDiGi TV, Neo Sports and KyodoNews have released footage from the Press event for the Nippon! Call Project with Morning Musume and the Japanese Womens National Ice Hockey Team! Be sure to check it out!


Performances and TV Appearances

C-ute's Okai Chisato reports on a Morning Musume concert for Go Go Smile, so be sure to check it out!


I saw one of my Facebook buddies talking to Chissa... he looks awesome, and needless to say, I am now his fangirl! ;)


Takahashi Ai and Atari Kousuke perform Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? on J-MELO! Be sure to check it out and witness a mesmerising performance!


I like this version, and the original, a lot. It's so nice to listen to... I just love how it sounds in Atari-san's voice! Aso, Takahashi adds that sweet sound to it and really brings it to life with her voice. Ahhh... so beautiful! ;W;

Thing is... I worry for Ai's voice... you can kinda tell she is holding back on how powerful she wants to sing, and she isn't delivering to her full potential... she really needs to just stop singing and focus on acting. She's an amazing singer, but really... she needs to stop now, especially after her vocal nodules suffered ;w;

Tsugunaga Momoko is transformed with make-up! Be sure to take a look to see the drastic change in the usually make-up-less Idol!


Erm, yeah... whoever did Momoko's make-up needs to go back to makeup school... :p Mostly cos the lipgloss is gross and just layered on like some child who has eaten nothing but jam for an entire hour.


And that is all we have time for today! I hope that this weeks Digest has helped you to keep up-to-date with the latest news in the Idol world, and I hope that you will come back for more next week! Until then, however... Ja ne, and Tata for now!



  1. OMF I'm getting excited for the request hour toooo!

    Chiima we've caught the 48 virus! XDDD I've been much more into them lately as well...

    Ready to Kiss looks SO FREAKING CUTE I'm super excited for them! And SAKINO AGH.

    1. I am so excited! And we have indeed caught the 48 virus! Curses!!! xD but whatever, more idols, more love! It's all good, I think!

      And OMG, I so love READY TO KISS already! They are adorable! I love their newbie, Anju, naksnjcksdncnksndvkvdnfv <3

  2. Sonda's Scattered Thoughts:
    You are not poor, Chiima-chan, you are ever so rich in spirit. Your coffers overflow with wisdom and kindness and beauty and wonder and oh- a measly three pounds? That's all you got? I'll shut up now.

    I should have said it sooner but congratulations to MoMusu for their winter olympic ambassadorship dealio. I could imagine no better way of keeping their athletes warm through the winter cold. Win(-k) lots of gold, ladies!

    9nine are in a bit of a dip at the moment according to my tastes. I dislike the current clone look they share (it squelches their individual beauty!) and the production quality and writing on Cue was a noticable drop from the superlative sounding ST album prior. I skipped Cue entirely and am holding my breath waiting for 9nine to find their upswing. Fingers crossed!

    Sadly, I agree about TGS. Back to bland. Funny thing though, I saw this bideo beforehand without knowing it was them and the second that wonderful singer whose name I don't know let fly with her voice I went "OH WOW! This has to be Tokyo Girls Style. I'd know that voice anywhere!" Gosh, how I love her voice. I just wish the songs were more to my taste. True TGS fans are lucky, lucky, lucky!

    TYVM povvo Chiima-chan for halloween digest dayo :p I hope you are feeling well soon. I'd give you a big hug but I don't want to chance taking ill myself. Many hugs to make up when you are feeling better (4WIW, I suffer with you. No Eskimo kisses until my broken nose has healed...) I shall eat a bowl of soup with hope that doing so makes my twin feel better. *sluuurp* Mmm, yummy chicken!

      Thank you ;w; my spirit is happy right now~ And kindness? eauty? What? XD And yes, that is all I got! Sorry!!!

      MoMusu did ern it, even though people say this isn't that big a deal. For fans, it is. Even the smallest things are wonderful!

      I have to agree about 9nine being in a dip; I have seldom listened to their new stuff because they have become disinteresting for me. 9nine are wonderful, as you say they have individual beauty, but their production value... nope.

      TGS can be so so good, but also utterly boring. I guess it depends on Avex's mood swings, aye? It's the same with any Avex group, I guess. I mean, as of late E-girls also took a dive to the bland land. Also, their songs can be boring, but what can ya do? All groups have their bad spots. This time, it is TGS and 9nine... who is not a part of Avex, but whatevers!

      You are welcome for the Digest, dayo! Sorry for the late reply! But I am well now, my illness has passed! The soup helped! :D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. My god, big things are happening in the idol world @_@ TGS "equally" distributing lines and H!P has a outfit budget!? WHAT!? Giving Juice=Juice so many outfits, are they sure they can afford that?!

    1. They do indeed @.@ and yeah, TGS and H!P are kinda in a weird loop, I guess! Or they took some pills... or something! And I think H!P just totally dipped into a budget... :P

  5. i hope Ai chan's throat heals soon. I noticed that since her surgery she lacks the power she once had in her singing.

    1. I really do too. It upsets me when I hear her speak in such a quiet manner, because her voice is gorgeous. She needs to just tell her management that she is taking a break.