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Okay! Musume Digest #74

Minna, Digest Dayo! Are you ready to Digest the week away?

This week, in Idol News...

Previews for Sayumi's up-coming photobook! The covers for Miyabi's photobook, revealed! Riho to get a third photobook!? Dream5 and E-girls reveal PV's for their new singles! Weather Girls to release their fourth single! Tasaki Asahi returns to her hometown! SKE48 watches!? Niigaki Risa in a new stageplay! READY TO KISS have their live debut! Bakusute Sotokande Icchome reveal covers to their new single! Yumemiru Adolescence to release their second mini-album, and more! Are you ready to Digest?

Okay, I have to admit something... this week, for the Digest, I actually waited until today, the day I release the Digest itself, to start it.... yeah, I know. This is like, an all time low for me, I swear, but I honestly had little to no interest in writing this week. I hate it when this happens =____=

But, we have days where we want a break from what we love, and this week, I really needed it. Luckily, I went to see my friend who I have not seen in 3 years and had a fun time going out and basically doing what I never did as a teenager... consumer alcohol and have fun going out at night! That was a first for me, but it was nice to just try something new and not think of Idols that much... though I still thought of Idols, mostly Eripon and Zukki, but yeah...

THAT all said and done, the news this week was really good! I had a lot of fun compiling it all in one afternoon/evening sitting, because there was a lot of variety, especially when it came to the news for Misc. Idols! Damn, I love them Misc. Idols! Also, pretty damn happy that this week C-ute released two PV's, and Dream5 released a new PV as well!

So, now that I have said all that, let's get on with the Digest! Whta news do we have for you this week?

As always, please remember to navigate through the post with ctrl + f in order to get to the news you want the most! Have fun~!

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Video of the Week

Minna de Te wo Tsunagou by Dream5

... Yeah, I know. This is under the previews for PV Previews this week, but you know what? Who cares, because I LOVE this song! Seriously, this has been the song and video I have put all of my focus onto this week. Screw C-ute (Wow, did I really just say that...?), step aside Morning Musume and bye bye anyone else, because this is my Jam of the week!
 I mean, I love it. Then again, I like most of what Dream5 pull out because they are amazing, but this song... it is just great! It isn't their best song, don't get me wrong, but it just pulls at the heartstrings and gets stuck in your head easily. Catchy, cheerful and friendly, it's a wonderful tune. The video is rather saddening, but then it becomes uplifting and warms the good ol' cockles of your heart towards the end, and I just think it is seriously well done. I like the video and song a lot, they both deliver a wonderful feeling and, from what I can see of the video, a message that when you're lonely, just run to your friends and be happy! It shows how everyone just comes together when they spend time with their friends, and how much brighter everything is, not just in the sunny, clear streets that replace the rain-filled cobbles, but in how everyone is dressed, too. It's a nice video, and an even nicer sound. I do love it!

Yeah... just watch it, and fall in love! <3 Perfection... -gets tissue out and cries-

Picture of the Week

Hot damn, I want me some of those Sayumi's.

... And this is why we are all poor.


Hello! Pro Station #38 is here! This weeks MC is the soft-spoken hime-samma of H!P, Fukumura Mizuki! Be sure to check out the episode!

This week on Hello! Pro Station...

Aruiteru (Updated)/Lalala no Pipipi medley by Michishige Sayumi! C-ute comments on their new MV! C-ute's dance shot for their latest song, Tokai no Hitorigurashi! Juice=Juice perform LET'S LIVE! live! Suzuki Airi sings a solo! S/mileage perform... a song (you can tell I don't listen to much hahahaha)! And to top it all off, backstage footage from Morning Musumei! Be sure to watch the episode!


I swear, Sayu gets more and moe beautiful as time passes.

Hello! Project News

The CM for Berryz Kobou & Juice=Juice's DVD Magazine Vol. 1 has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!



Morning Musume

Morning Musume will hold a Christmas Fanclub event on December 22nd, it has been revealed.


Let's just hope that UFP have Masaki sing Santa Clause is Coming to Town in Engrish. I would LOOOVE that!!! (And most of the wotaverse, actually)

The CM for Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol. 55 has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


The editing for this video is wonderful, I like it XD Also, PYOKO!!!! OMFG YES!!!! I love it <3 And damn, Reina's dress for that solo... daaaaaaaaamn, hawt, man!!!! <3

Also, UFP enjoy rubbing it in our faces that Reina left, don't they?

The CM for Morning Musume DVD Magazine Volume 56 has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


Harunan, stop hitting the camera, you silly Honey! Also, damn, I just love these girls more and more <3 They are an amazing bunch, and the montage within this video just makes me love them all more kyaaa! <3 >3< ME LOVE YOU ALL <3 Especially Zukki, Eripon, Masaki, Harunan and Kudo!

BARKS have an English-written report from Morning Musume's release event for their 15th Anniversary photobook, so be sure to have a read of it!


Reading the article, it saddened me a bit that the girls' friends have seemed to distance themselves from their friends by trying to be more respectful just because of their job. It must be so saddening for the girls themselves, too.

Ganbatte, Morning Musume! >o<


Flash magazine have released previews of Michishige Sayumi's up-coming photobook, Blue Rose, so be sure to check them out!


Oh, glorious Sayumi, why are you so deliciously beautiful? Why are you so perfect?

Never leave me <3


Sayashi Riho will release her third photobook, titled Taiyou, on November 25th it has been revealed.


Holy fu---... ANOTHER ONE?

Then again, she has yet to release as many as Sayu... BUT STILL!!!! Where the heck is Eripon's!?

Wani Books

Berryz Kobou

Berryz Kobou will hold a Christmas fanclub event on December 21st!


Whilst I am liking Berryz a bit more, I still wouldn't attend an event of theirs... but that's just me, I guess.

(Left: Regular | Right: Amazon version)

The covers for Natsuyaki Miyabi's up-coming photobook, titled Glow, have been revealed!


I hope there are beautiful barn shots, and some of Miyabi eating a carrot or something. I see a cover has her as a cowgirl, so hopefully we'll get some horsing around in this PB!


The Profiles for C-ute have been updated, so be sure to take a look!


Hot damn, they are all good looking. My gawd, man <3

C-ute will hold a Christmas Fanclub event on December 23rd, it has been announced.


And there, they shall dress as Christmas Tree's or Christmas Angels. Either one is good.

The CM for C-ute DVD Magazine Vol. 37 has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


More C-ute awesomeness, in one DVD! Also, hot damn, those Princess dresses that Maimi and Airi had on. I need them in my life!!! o-O Also, Mai and Nakky at the end <3


Juice=Juice Documentary #12 is up and running, so be sure to check it out to see what it's all about!


A little bit of practice footage here, some making-of there (always appreciated), and of course... some gorgeous Akari Melon-Pan! Gawd, that girl is stunning... how is she so perfect!? <3

Up-Front Promotion News

The official Satoyama channel has uploaded Part 1 of a Documentary about Tasaki Asahi returning to her Hometown of Nagasaki. In this episode, we see Asahi showing places important to her, as well as talking about her school friends and performing in her hometown. Be sure to watch!


It is such a beautiful video to watch for me, because I love Asahi, and it's nice to see her return to her roots and talk with her friends again. I actually cried when I first watched the episode... so moving and wonderful <3


Niigaki Risa has been cast in the stageplay Uchoten Kazoku. The play will run from January 16th until the 26th.


I am so happy that Gaki is in another stageplay! But admittedly, I dislike the make-up used for it... but that's showbiz for ya! There's no business like show business!!!

Uchoten Kazoku Official Website


It has been announced that Kasai Tomomi, formerly of AKB48, will hold a solo live on December 18th at Yokohama Akarenga Soko. This will be the first solo live for Kasai to hold.


I am sure many of her fans will come to see her. I wonder what she will sing, other than her own songs? I am curious~


It has been announced that Fujie Reina and Takeuchi Miyu will both star in a horror movie titled Nemuri-hime: Dream on Dreamer. The film will release in 2014 and is directed by Kooichi Ueno.


It has been revealed that AKB48's Kenkyuusei unit Tentoumu Chu! will star in a new Fuji TV late-night drama. The drama has been titled Joshikou Keisatsu and will air on October 27th.


This group hasn't been around long, and have yet to release an indies single, but they seem to already have deals made! Pretty impressive, I would say, but this is an AKB group... they'll be promoted pretty damn well regardless of how well they can sing or act.

Anyway, good look to the baby unit!


SKE48 have collaborated with TIMEX and BEAMS by launching a line of SKE48 member themed watches with the brand! Which member features your favourite design?


This would be perfect if their faces were on the watch, and the straps were their bodies or something... Oh wait, that's kinda creepy o-O

Misc Idols and Groups News

It was announced that Mizuno Erina, the leader of Avex group Flower and also a member of E-girls, has withdrawn from the group in order to focus on her acting career.


I'm not a major follower of Flowers, but I somewhat follow E-girls loosely, but either way it is really sad to know that a member has withdrawn from the group, and I know her fans are sad with the outcome, but it is good that Mizuno knows what she wants to do, and is willing to challenge herself to get better in order to pursue the career she knows she wants to focus on. So, good luck, Mizuno!

It has been revealed that TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE will release their 14th single this November! It will release on the 22nd, and will be a special single for their upcoming concert at Nippon Budokan, which will be held on December 22nd.

The single has been titled Chiisana Kiseki, and is the ending theme for the anime Hanakappa. There will also be a track titled Mine which has a dance tune, as well as a bonus track for the Type A edition of the single titled Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru 2013 ver. and also a DVD clip. Type B will include a movie titled Odekake Movie, and Type C will come with a bonus track titled Mine ~Royal Mirrorball Remix~


It's great that TGS are bringing new content out, and I am sure their fans are all extremely excited for it! TGS really have been stepping up their game recently (they were amazing anyways, I think) but it seems they are dead set on getting better with every release! I am unsure of how good the song will be, given it is an Anime song, but I am sure the fans will love it!

Anyway, go TGS!

It has been announced that Momoiro Clover Z will star in an NHK Christmas drama, and it will air on December the 23rd and the 24th. Currently, the drama is untitled, but has been dubbed as MomoClo Christmas Drama.

Filming for the drama will begin at the end of October it has been revealed, and is said to be a heart-warming and gorgeous drama.
"As it will be our first starring drama on NHK, and it's a 2-night drama, I am nervous, but also excited. We take this opportunity as our challenge, so we would like to overcome it with all members together. We will try our best to be able to send our 'Momokuri (Momoiro Clover Z's Christmas)' to people across Japan. Please look forward to it." - Momota Kanako (Tokyohive)

Let's just pray that their acting skills are better than their apparent singing ability.

It has been announced that the Alice Project unit Idol Youkai Kawayushi will release their major debut single, titled Kawayushi Arawaru, on November 6th! The Idol group is made up of five members who were selected by winning five severe trials held for all Alive Project members, creating a unit of Alice Project's strongest members! It has been revealed that Maeyamada Kenichi, aka Hyadain, will handle their music, and hopes that the group will fight against the severe major Idol industry!

The single will be released in six editions, with a 'member solo-version' each as well as a Limited DVD version. Whichever version has the most pre-orders will determine which girl(s) will get the centre position for future events and singles.

On November 7th, the group will hold their major debut event in Tokyo, and another in Osaka on November 9th.


When I saw the group for the first time, I thought they were adorable! I was then surprised that they were a part of Alice Project! But daaamn, this sounds good! Time to look at their stuff I guess!!!

Tokyo Girls' Update

It has been revealed that Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu! will release their fifth single on November 5th. The single has been titled Yume Fuusen and will come in six editions.


I swear, this is the most successful Oha! group yet. They have so many singles under their belt now, and they really have just gotten better and better if you ask me. I look forward to the new single!

Tokyo Girls' Update

On November 26th, Yumemiru Adolescence will release their second mini-album, titled Junjou Marionette. The album will contain seven tracks, including the title songs instrumental. The song You & Me will be a solo song performed by Shida Yumi.

Track List:

1. Junjou Marionette
2. Candy-chan
3. 17:30 no Anime
4. You & Me
5. Itsuka Ohime-sama ga
6. Hanamomo
7. Junjou Marionette (Instrumental)


Ooooh, this should be exciting for all the YumeAdo fans! And it seems like there is a nice selection of songs from the girls. I hope to hear some of the songs soon, I am really starting to get a little bit of an interest in this cute group!

J-Pop Idols

Weather Girls' 4th single, titled Hey Boy ~Weishnme?~ will be released on November 20th it has been revealed. The song will also be used as the ending theme for the show Attack Shimasu kedo Nani ka? which the girls will take part in, taking on various challenges on the TV show.

Due to her removal from the group, Dara will not participate in the promotional activities for the single release.


I was surprised to see news on the Weather Girls and a new single, because I really did not expect it. However, I am glad to see them releasing something new, but I am also surprised that a member has now left/withdrawn. Anyway, that all said, this seems to be a stronger sound than their summer song. Thank goodness!

The full MV is available on youtube.

J-Pop Idols | Hey Boy ~Weishnme?~ MV

The dance-themed Idol group Dancing Dolls will release their fourth single on November 13th it has been revealed, and the single has been titled Ring Dong. In this single, the group will cover Vocaloid songs.

There will be a Regular and Limited version of the single, each containing three songs and their instrumental counterparts, as well as a DVD accompanying the Limited edition release.

Track List:

1. Ring Dong
2. AgeAge Again
3. Kami no Mani Mani


It's great that Dancing Dolls, who I am sure many love and adore, are creating another single! I am sure it will be just as cool and amazing as their last single! Look forward to it!!!

J-Pop Idols

READY TO KISS have released a DVD Digest of the groups first Contact Live held on October 20th. Be sure to check it out and watch the girls from their first performance as a unit!


I do like the sound of the song, and was really surprised by the opening and how heavy and loud it sounded. I didn't expect that, if I am honest with you! Also, so glad to see Rena, Aoi, Hitomin and Sakipyon performing together again! Also, I think Anju is so cute! Kyaaa <3

I am looking forward to more from this group! WHOOP!!! <3


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, B, C, & D editions, Regular Edition and Store Edition)

The covers for Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's up-coming single, titled Oh my destiny, have been revealed! There are six editions available


... Yup, that is UFP's tacky-ass photoshop right there. Gawd that is some shitty shoppin'.

Bakusute Discography

PV/Song Previews

The almost-full-but-not Music video for Dream5's new album song, Minna de Te wo Tsunagou, has been revealed! The music video highlights the main song from the groups first album, so please check it out and sit in awe of the groups performance as they act, sing and dance here!


I have to say, the rain scenes got me emotionally, and I almost cried... and then I saw Akira's wonderful smile and Kotori's adorable face. Man, I love Dream5! They are truly an amazing group and make me so happy! Kyaaaa! <3

E-girls have released the Music Video for their new single, titled Kurukuru, which will be released n November 20th! The video shows off their mature and stylish sides, a contrast to their usualy colourful, pop-like looks that they usually sport. Be sure to check out the video!


I do like the mature and stylish theme of the video, and how we have colourful bright scenes, and then the monochrome style of the dance scenes. It is so beautiful, with a hint of vintage style and classy elements, and oh so pretty to look at! A very nice video!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

JIJIPRESS have released footage from the Press Release event for Yajima Maimi's new photobook, Glass to Mizu. Be sure to take a look!


Why does she look so bored? Oh wait, it's Maimi. That's why.


Performances and TV Appearances

Morning Musume and Nakazawa Yuko appeared on the programme Ano Hitotachi no Tsukurikata ~Naze kou Natta!? Factory~ on October 17th, where they reflected upon Morning Musume's history together. Be sure to watch this episode and reflect with Morning Musume, too!


Why are they all so pretty? Also did I see... shitty card costumes? Oh my Good Lord, what the Hell? =____= That said, Ayumi is an amazing dancer, I could barely take my eyes off of her during hers and Riho's interpretive dance session. She is definitely the best of the two, and just so damn talented! Also... Eripon's Magic has returned! But it isn't working again I think... xD

On October 23rd, Fukumura Mizuki and Sharam Q's Makoto both appeared on Onegai! Ranking where they went up against each other! Be sure to check it out!

Part 2 will be in the source


Watching the small part we have here was amazing, it made me root for Mizuki and also allowed me to see how amazing she is at this game! That pure concentration on her face was the best! WHOO!!!! MIZUKI~~~~

C-ute were guests on Hanasaki Times on October 19th, so be sure to check out the C-ute only segment here!


The segment isn't really that amazing, and seems to focus on the girls watching people order food or something, and then some promotion. So yeah... pretty boring.

And that is all the news that we have time for this week! Stay tuned for another bout of Idol News next week, where you can sit and Digest to your hearts content! Until then however, ja ne and tata!


  1. Dream5 yesss! So good. I have been pining for some exciting new music. Dream5 delivered! Please let the album be a huge success. Can I get a "what-whaaat," Kira? And Chiima, I have to ask were you inspired to catch up with the friend you hadn't seen in 3 years because of the message of this song? Because if so I love that a song did that! It reminds me of that time I was inspired to get naked and ride a wrecking ball. Soo much fun! ...'til the police showed up.

    Digging the Weather Girls single. Wait, they're a Pony Canyon act? There goes my theory that Pony Canyon is where idol groups go to die. Pony Canyon, turns out you DO have some talent in your company. Please sprinkle some of that love Bump.y' s way! (Sonda has been disappointed in Bump.y's releases ever since they lost their ride with Sony)

    "Idol group Dancing Dolls will release their fourth single ...and the single has been titled Ring Dong."


    *Sonda flushes with embarrassment. starts furiously fanning self*

    "... Yup, that is UFP's tacky-ass photoshop right there. Gawd that is some shitty shoppin'."
    Comedic perfection - LMAO!!

    TYVM for digesto dayo, Chiimaaa! Please may the writing gods visit you with inspiration soon.

    1. I loooove Dream5, they really deserve this album, and my gosh, YES!!! Let it be a hit, please!!! And surprisingly, no, this wasn't the inspiration, but it does suit the occasion well! It just so happened that my friend recently moved to the county I am in, so I went to see her and I plan on visiting again soon! And Sonda, you sound like Miley Cyrus!!! XD

      Weather Girls are pretty cool, and yeah, they are Pony Canyon I believe. I like them, though their summer song was nothing to write home about (I ignored it, actually!). The amazing thing is, they are Taiwanese, but their Japanese is getting better... this is probably their worst in pronunciation, though XD But they are getting there! And yes, give me more Bump.y! Though admittedly, I like what they have released! Then again, Bump.y can do no wrong... yet ;)

      Hahahahaa yes yes it has been titled... that XD

      And yeah, I swear, UFP should stop lending out their photoshop assistants ;w; They are TERRIBLE!!! -but, it figures, given that Bakusute are also under the reign of Tsunku as well as 5pb-

      You are very welcome, Sonda! I hope they do... I really hope they do shine on me soon... I hate not writing ;w;