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Okay! Musume Digest #73

Minna, Digest Dayo! Do you want to Digest with me?

In this Weeks Idol News Digest...

Houkago Princess members have been promoted! READY TO KISS to have their live debut! Beckii Cruel is releasing a game!? Song previews from Green Tea Amabassadors Airi and Yurina, and also Idoling!!! Palet's major debut PV Preview! Mitsui Aika is excited by topless Ikemen! A former NMB48 member returns as a Kenkyuusei, and more! Are you ready to Digest?

This week, I really was lazy with updating... in fact, I didn't update until the night before, whoops! I just really... did not want to update I think, not until the last minute because I was happily doing other things! But I did do it, I would never miss a day unless I had to, and I don't mind doing it in such a big bulk sometimes... but really, I do need to try and manage the days that I do the news on, and try everyday XD Sometimes though, I get lazy! (Though admittedly, I have been watching Houkago Princess and READY TO KISS updates like crazy every day)

Also, I am tired. But that is because I am an idiot XD Anyways, that said and done, I like the varied amount of news that was available this week. We have AKS, H!P, UFP and Misc. Idols... and there is plenty of it! I am seriously happy with the news this week and what it has all brought! Hopefully you will like the news, too~

Anyway, I'm going to stop talking now. I am too sleepy to say much more, so forward march, Dear Readers, and find your News!!! HUZZAH!!

As always, please be sure to use ctrl + f in order to navigate your way through the post. Happy Digesting!

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Weekly Happenings

I originally planned to upload a video to Youtube today, however last night my video editor decided to have a few major lag issues, resulting in me not finishing my editing, so I am going to wait another day or two before fully finishing the Review I did... I know I haven't updated in a few weeks, but I have filmed a review and edited what I could before the lag and crashing happened, and I just need to subtitle it all now. I also have to film a reaction for the new C-ute MV, it seems! It would be cool if so many people stopped FB'ing damn screencaps, though!!!

Double A-side Madness - Momo Musu

Video of the Week

LOVE Machine (Updated) by Morning Musume

This has, nearly all damn week (except last night... that was NMBinge night) been my Jam. I love it... a lot. I am actually surprised by how much I enjoy it, because whilst LOVE Machine is a fantastic song, heavily reverbed or not, I never cared much for the original and listened to it on the off chance, but for some reason... this one speaks to me. Or sings... or whatever. Either way, I really like it. It has a youthful, energetic Disco vibe that is a bit more modern and with rougher vocals, but whatevers. It sounds decent, and I like it. I like the effort put into it, and how bad the girls sound in a way (not all girls... but most. You get it). It's fun to listen to, and I have been really loving it.

... Yep, this has been ma jam, peeps.

Picture of the Week

A Muscled Bunny met a Beautiful Angel. And that is how the Easter Bunny came to be.

Sex Ed by Chiima: Bunnies and Angels = The Easter Bunny. Also, Eriman is now a Harem. First Fukuhime, then Sakuranbo, now Ayumin. Who next?


Hello! Pro Station #37 is here, and this weeks MC is the Princess of Morning Musume, Fukumura Mizuki! Please watch and enjoy!

This week, on Hello! Pro Station...

C-ute's newest MV! The Morning Musume 9, 10 and 11ki members sing I WISH (updated) live! Tamura Meimi kills it with Chotto Matte Kudasai! Chotto Matte!!! Juice=Juice perform Romance no Tochuu! Berryz perform Waracchaou yo Boyfriend and Asian Celebration! And C-ute backstage footage! Be sure to take a look!


Fukuhime sounds so worried on this, maybe it's just the nerves, but she is truly not a natural MC hahaha. Also, I have to ignore C-ute's new MV until I do a reaction... yay XD I was truly hoping for no new reactions for another two weeks, to be honest! Also, whilst I like I WISH, the live version of the updated track sounds pretty bad... I don't think having Riho as a lead helps, either. Then again, a few of the 9/10ki can't sing well, so it sounds... pretty bad... but if Masaki or Haruka or Fukuhime were leads as opposed to Riho, this might sound better. I dunno, just my thoughts on the song.

Also, Meimi owns the song. You can tell she knows she sounds good. Also, Berryz should not sing Waracchaou Boyfriend any more, not when Risako and Saki don't sound good singing it live now. Yurina sound the same, and Momoko suits the song, but Risako and Saki... nope.

This is actually a pretty good episode, too.

Hello! Project News

C-ute and S/mileage will hold a talk and handshake event on October 24th, it has been revealed.


I hope we see new single outfits at these events! It would be an absolute crime to deprive the fans of new single outfits!!!

Morning Musume

Oda Sakura will hold a fanclub event on November 14th.


I wonder if any other members will go? I hope so, because I don't think that Oda is hold enough to stand on her own at a solo event yet... but, she may surprise me, you know? xD

The stageplay Gogakuyuu which features Fukumura Mizuki, Sayashi Riho, Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi and Kudo Haruka will have a DVD release on November 20th.


Why is Marius Yo in a dress? I mean, he looks cute and all but...~

The covers for the Event V's to Morning Musume's Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan have been revealed!


I love the Ai no Gundan Event V cover, it is just so refreshing, bright and cheerful! Kanon looks especially wonderful here, and Eriman is simply ravishing!!! Also, don't get me started on either Sayu or Ayumin. Hnnnng!!!

As of October 12th, 2013, Michishige Sayumi is the longest serving member of Morning Musume!

Michishige spoke about this amazing accomplishment via her official blog;

"The date changed so now it's 10/12... As of today, I, Michishige Sayumi, have the longest tenure among the successive members of Morning Musume. That is... I've set a new record for the longest tenure!!" 
"My 11th year since entering Morning Musume... I never thought I would be the longest member in Morning Musume, so I'm happy!! Of course I'm feeling this way!! But honestly, I also feel, is it okay for me to be the longest member?" 

"It is such an honor, and I am very grateful! It's all thanks to everyone who always support me. Thank you very very much!!!! 
"When I think back at it, my love for Morning Musume has always been strong, for 11 years, since I entered until now. In Morning Musume, there are many difficult and frustrating things, there are even times when I get lonely, but I was able to make it this far because of my love and faith in Morning Musume. This will never change." 
"From now on, I will work even harder. Please continue to support me." - Michishige Sayumi (Tokyohive Translation)

This is amazing news not only for Sayumi, but the fans as well. Sayumi truly loves Morning Musume, and she has worked very hard to keep the name going, and recently, has made sure that Morning Musume are known again. She is an amazing Leader, the best that Morning Musume has had in my opinion. She has worked her way from the bottom as a weak member with no singing ability, to the strongest member of all who dedicates herself to the group and loves them all dearly. She is a true Idol, and someone to respect and look up to.

Congratulations, Sayu-chan. You are the best!!!

The DVD Digests for Ikuta Erina and Suzuki Kanon's Birthday FC events have been uploaded, so check them out, enjoy and fall in love!


Wait, wait, isn't Eriman's event just another Gaki Appreciation event hahaha? Also, her control in singing is better, and d'awww, Harunan and Sakuranbo gave her Gaki as a present <3 BEST. PRESENT. EVER!!!! And okay, damn, Harunan and Sakuranbo are cute <3

Okay, damn, Zukki looks GOOD in red checker-print dresses! She looks like a cute 60's Housewife, or a beautifully clothed pin-up model. She has this aura and look about her that makes me think of someone from another era/time...


Berryz Kobou

Berryz Kobou will release the DVD for their Tanataba Super Hall Live 2013 on DVD on November 20th.


Sadly, this would have probably been filmed before we even knew about the cool song Motto Zutto or the epic costumes from ROCK Erotic. Shame.

The DVD Digest for Sudo Maasa, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Kumai Yurina's FC Birthday events have been released, so please watch and enjoy!


Miyabi is so shy and cute, Maasa is like a princess and Yurina is just... gawd, Yurina <3 Stealin' ma haarto, girl! I love you! <3 In fact I love them all hahaha!


Yajima Maimi will attend a release event for her photobook, Glass no Mizu, on October 21st.


And there, she shall simply sip on a glass of water, and then leave. Finito.

(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, B, C & D and Regular A & B)

The covers for C-ute's up-coming single Tokai no Hitorigurashi / Ai tte Motto Zanshin have been revealed! There will be six editions available, with four Limited types and two Regular editions.


It really feels like UFP are putting more effort into the look of C-ute's single covers. Sure, they aren't amazing, but they aren't tacky, either. It seems that UFP are sticking to group shots, rather than sticking a bunch of solo shots together to make it look like a group shot, or using solo shots in slots. Also... they are using studios for backgrounds instead of photoshop! HUZZAH!!!!


It has been announced that Takeuchi Akari will hold a birthday fanclub event on November 25th.


Oh, I do so hope that Fukuhime makes a grand appearance! S/mile-Musume's Hime-chan and her first boyfriend FTW! Eriman is her second boyfriend

It has been revealed that S/mileage will release their 15th single on December 18th, and that the single has been titled ii yatsu/ee ka!?!!!


I want Santa-girl outfits, and nothing shitty like what they had last year. Thank you. Also... DOUBLE A-SIDE MADNESS, YEEEAH!!! -runs around madly-

The DVD cover for S/mileage's ② Smile Sensation release event has been revealed!


It is still a shitty H!P job, but damn, it looks pretty and sparkly!


It has been announced that Miyamoto Karin and Uemura Akari will hold a joint Birthday Fanclub event on December 17th.


Awww, December babies! Funnily enough, Karin was born at the very beginning of December, whilst Akari is born at the end of the same month! Cuuuute!

Up-Front Promotion News

On October 12th, the musical Nettai Danshi 2 opened at Space Zero, Tokyo, with Mitsui Aika as the heroine. The story revolves around the construction of an airport on Ikemen Island, and revolves around  love, friendship, conflicts and, most important of all, Ikemen!

Mitsui Aika, along with Inoue Masahiro and Aoki Tsunenori who both play as ikemen, all attended a press conference where Aika commented;
"I couldn't feel any happier. They are really kind to me and true ikemen from within.
"I'd be lying if I said I'm not excited to be surrounded by two half-naked ikemen during the play. In fact, I have to be careful not to lose my focus during the performance." - Mitsui Aika (Tokyohive Translation)
The music will run until October 20th at Space Zero, Tokyo.


I had to post it... I just had to! I mean, come on... that little minx! I swear, Aika will be the next Yaguchi Mari. Just you watch this space (and dem Aika boobs)!!!

I hope you know I am kidding. I love Aika XD


On October 13th, Yaguchi Mari announced through her agency that she would be formerly retiring from the Entertainment Industry indefinitely. She also updated her blog after five months on the same day.
"I am terribly sorry for the trouble I caused to many people concerned and all the cast members.
I have received very kind and warm words from everybody.
Thank you for supporting me. I deeply appreciate it.
I have decided to go on hiatus for a while after considering deeply in my own way and discussing with my agency many times.
I am taking this hiatus as my precious time for me to appear in front of everyone looking cheerful again, so I will cherish each day. I would be happy if you watch over me warmly until the day I can resume my activities.
I have received very kind and warm words from everybody. - Yaguchi Mari (Agency Announcement) 
"To all of you who have been sending me your comments this whole time, I am sorry for worrying you. Thank you very much for the comments. I was reading them every day. You have no idea how much I was saved by your warm words."  - Yaguchi Mari (Blog comment)
Translations by Tokyohive

After Mari's divorce from her former husband Masaya Nakamura from the result of infidelity, she has not been on any of her regular programmes due to the scandal.


When I saw this announcement, I was shocked, but not surprised. But, it still saddened me deeply. T know that Mari has been punished in such a way is very upsetting, and yes, she did do it, but if it was her husband who had been the one to do it, can I ask, would his punishment have been the same? I am unsure, but it is horrible that Mari has had to suffer and give up her career because of it. Yes, she did wrong, but do not punish her for it like this. It is cruel.

... Almost as cruel as how Johnny treated Jin Akanishi when he had a surprise wedding!

Tokyohive | Aramatheydidnt

Takahashi Ai will release her first Fashion Book, titled AI am I on October 18th, it has been announced.


DAMN, gurl, you are still hawt. I also love your hair. Also, why aren't you and Gaki an official item yet?

CDJapan | J-Pop Idols



SKE48 and Coco Ichibanya have come together for a collaboration starting October 16th! The group of 18 girls have been split into 3, and the Team with the highest votes will be able to appear on a poster come the new year.


It seems that the 48's are doing collaborations that really put the members up against each other to get the chance to be promoted. It is a good idea, but honestly... it is obvious that either Jurina or Rena's team will win... >o<


On October 13th, former NMB48 member Jo Eriko returned to the group as a Kenshuusei member on the groups third anniversary live. Jo graduated the group in September 2012 in order to focus on her studies, but has been allowed to return to the group after going through a special audition.


I am sure so many fans of Jo are happy with her return, and congrats on passing the special audition! Please work hard~

On October 13th during NMB48's third Anniversary Live, Hayashi Momoka was promoted to Team N. Congrats, Hayashi!


She is really cute... please, let your cuteness shine in Team N, girl! -waves pom poms-

NMB48 will appear and perform on the October 18th broadcast of Music Station! This will be the groups first independent appearance on the program, and they will perform their new single.


It's great that NMB are able to get this gig, and I am really happy for them. Show Japan what you've got, NMB!


On October 11th, SNH48's Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya took to the stage in front of the groups local fans for the first time. Together with the group, they performed 16 songs in Chinese, and received warm support from loval fans, as well as Japanese fans who came to support the girls' stage debut.


It is very heart warming to know that the fans support the girls, and were there to see them debut. I am so happy that, finally, they are able to sing with SNH48 and show their support for each other.

It has been announced that SNH48 will hold a concert in Guangzhou International Sports Performing Centre. It will take place on November 16th and feature 32 members, including 1st and 2nd generation members, as well as Overseas students. It has also been revealed that the group will perform more than 20 songs, with some that have previously not been sung.


This is exciting for SNH fans, and even more exciting at hearing the group sing some new covers! I say covers, because AKS really don't want JKT or SNH singing anything but covers. Weird, I know :S

Misc Idols and Groups News

On October 13th at the Houkago Princess performance to celebrate Kitsuki Saori's birthday, it was announced that Houkago Princess cadet members Hayamizu Rin (Gen 4), Miyashita Mayuka (Gen 2.5) and Yamakawa Risa (Gen 4) were all promoted to full members!

Congrats to the girls!


It's funny seeing Mayuka being promoted again, but hey! Now HouPri have a Gen 2... and a half... again! YAY!!!

On October 13th at the same performance, it was announced that Fukuhara Kyoka (Apprentice) and Nagawasa Marina (Apprentice) were promoted to Gen 5 Cadets! Congratulations to the girls!


This pretty much means that all Gen 5 hopefuls are Cadets now, which is su-weeet!

The profile image for Michishige Saho has been uploaded to the Houkago Princess site! Also, all other members who have been promoted have been updated to their respective gen or cadet slots on the site.


This happened quicker than expected! Usually HouPri Staff take their own sweet time.

READY TO KISS will hold their 1st Contact Debut on October 20th. It will be held at Ikebukuro White Base, and is a free event.


A live debut is normal for indies, and I do hope many fans turn up! YOU GO GIRLS! <3

In an official tweet on READY TO KISS' official Twitter account, it was announced on October 11th that Suzukawa Kana has decided to decline her activity within the group. Her wishes have been respected, and READY TO KISS will continue as a five member group.


I am a little unsure about the translation of the tweet, but it seems that Suzukawa Kana really has decided to not go through with activities, because her twitter has disappeared. Hopefully she will continue to support READY TO KISS warmly, and watch their debut with hope for the group.

Tsuribit will release their second single, titled Vanilla na Sora, on November 27th. There will be three editions available; Type A, Type B and a Limited edition.


I was surprised to see the single on CDJapan, because I was simply browsing at the time, but I am happy to see that a new single has been created. This is a group I aim to keep my eye on, because they are a group I quite enjoy (despite the age thing and how tiny they all are). Needless to say, with such a cute title for a single, I am looking forward to Vanilla na Sora!

It has been revealed that Yuuka Ueno will release her second official single, titled Winter Kiss, on December 11th. There will be two editions available, a CD+DVD release and also a Limited CD+Photobook edition.


I really like Yuuka, she has such a pure and gentle voice that really makes me feel happy. I keep listening to her first single too, because it is so airy and light in sound... so to say that I am looking forward to this single is a bit of an understatement. I just wish that it was coming in November, like everything else XD But oh well~

I shall wait with patience, Yuuka! <3

It has been announced that BiS and will collaborate together for a special CD, only to be released at music venues with a limited quantity!

The single will contain a cover of one song from each group. BiS will cover DenDen Passhion, whilst will cover IDOL. The single was released on October 12th.


It would have been cool to have an original song featured on the single as well, because these two are very interesting groups, so it would have been nice to see. Sadly, Avex wasted a collaborative original song on BiS x the uncreative DLH. Shame.

It has been announced that iDOL Street group GEM will have their major debut in 2014, on New Year's day! The surprising announcement was made during the the iDOL Street free live event, iDOL Street EXPO 2013, which was held for free to members of iDOL Street's official fanclub.

GEM will be the third act under iDOL Street to officially debut.


I have no idea who the heck they are, but congrats to GEM!!!

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Music Video version, Live version and Regular version)

Dream5 will release their first album on November 20th, it has been revealed! The album will contain fifteen songs since their debut four years ago, including six new ones! There will be three editions available!


AKNXSKCNDKSCNKDN -screams loudly and in a high pitch- YEEEEES OMFG, YEEEEESS!!!! FINALLY!!!

Mary Angel will release their 7th single on November 27th. The single has been titled Nanairo, and will include two coupling tracks. One of the coupling tracks, titled Arigatou, is a ballad song that was created as a thanks to Mary Angels fans for their support since the groups creation 6 years ago.

Track List:

1. Nanairo
2. Paradise Dream
3. Arigatou
4. Nanairo (Instrumental)


6 years? Damn, that is a long time to be an Indies group... but I am pretty sure Mary Angel are thankful to have such dedicated fans, or they wouldn't be around now, not in this Idol boom decade. It is great they are releasing a song for their fans, and still creating singles. Hopefully these girls are recognised more for their efforts.

On October 15th Internet Idol Beckii Cruel announced that she will be launching an Idol simulation game based on becoming an idol, starting from your bedroom. The player will play as Beckii, and rise to fame as an internet Idol. The game has been temporarily titled Beckii Cruel: The Game.

Of course, in order to launch this project, Beckii is asking for the fans' help via donations. Donations of a certain amount do come with perks, such as wallpapers to having an NPC named after you.


When I saw the announcement I was very surprised, but the game has some cute artwork and it seems like a fun way to play as an Idol. It would have been nice to see an Idol customisation option, as opposed to just playing as Beckii herself, because it would have truly personalised the game, but I do understand that making a game is not easy. Also, it's good to see Beckii going into her career with different ideas. I thought she would simply release music, but nope! A game is being made, too! Go figure, aye?

PV/Song Previews

A song rip for Suzuki Airi and Kumai Yurina's green-tea ambassador theme song , titled Chacha Oukoku no Oji Chama, has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to check it out!


It is such a cute and fun song, and reminds of something Tsunku would have created for the H!P kids back when they were, well, kids! It's adorable, and will really appeal to kids! It also suits the energy of the two well... though Yurina does sound like she is shouting her lines a bit... hm...

A preview for Idoling!!!'s new single, titled SHOUT!!!, has been uploaded! Be sure to have a listen!

The single SHOUT!!! is set to release on November 13th.


This is really cool, something I didn't expect from Idoling!!! so I am actually surprised by the sound! But, it is cool, energetic and has that rock sound to it. It works for them... so good!

Usually, we don't hear rock with Idols, just Idol pop-rock, which is always disappointing. This is not disappointing! Wow!

A PV preview for HALLOWEEN PARTY -feat. HYDEs- has been revealed, so please take a look!


I am really disappointed with this video if I am honest with you, but given how amazing last years music video was... really, I couldn't expect anything better, could I? That said, this is still a cracking song!

The short music video for Palet's major debut single, Believe in Yourself!, has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


The front girl in pastel purple looks so disengaged, she makes this song less enjoyable... and I find the generic tone quite enjoyable... but these girls really have no appeal, do they? Two of them look bored, the rest look like they are baby PASSPO clones. Then again, they were auditioning for PASSPO before being given the chance to become Palet.

Also, they can't sing XD Then again, not many Idols can.

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have released footage from Morning Musume's press release event for their group photobook Morning Musume 15th Anniversary Photobook ZERO, so be sure to check it out!


These girls make me want to buy the photobook... but I need to save... ;A; WHY ARE YOU ALL SO CUTE? It makes it harder to save moolah... ._.


JIJIPRESS, MAiDiGi TV, Tokyo News Service have released footage from Itano Tomomi's press release event for the release of her new photobooks, so be sure to watch!


I think I like Tomochin with blonde hair. She looks cuter, if you ask me.

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from the press release for the stageplay Nettai Denshi 2, which stars Mitsui Aika as the heroin who is surrounded by Ikemen! Be sure to check it out!


It is so wonderful to see the energetic and smiling Aika performing again, but with Ikemen! Kyaaaa! I like the cute one on her left (or her right...). Aika, I approve!!! Marry him~

JIJIPRESS have released footage from NMB48's 3rd Anniversary Live, so be sure to check it out!


OOOH, FOOTAGE *^* This is what we needed, guys... FOOTAGE <3 Also, damn dat unveiling of Jo Erika. The fans were so happy~ And ermagerd, tears from the NMB members ;w; <3 ERMAGERD, DA FEELS!!!

Performances and TV Appearances

Berryz Kobou performed ROCK Erotic on Music Japan, so be sure to check it out!


Admittedly the girls sound so bored when singing this song, but the instrumental isn't as good as Motto Zutto I think. Regardless, though, the performance was interesting, and Yurina totes enjoyed being a playa! XD You go Yurin ;)


And that is all we have time for today! The Idol Digest of the Week is over, but please, do not be discouraged, for we shall return next week! Hopefully then you shall have digested all of the news from this week, and will prepare for a new bout of Idol News when Wednesday comes...

Until then, however, Ja ne and Tata for now!


PING!!! Recommended Jpop♀ Reading: October 2013, Part Two


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      Oh crap, I need a bucket...

    3. Muahahahaha, I think that Sonda's evil twin has come out XD

      Erm, what vacuum thingy? I see nothing... o 3o -hides it under rug- You are just imagining things, Sonda-chan... imagining... yeah o 3o... and yes yes, Ice cream! Here, have an ice cream musume... they are a bit old now and no one remembers them, but here... haaaave one ;)

      And heeey, I don't think any commenters are anonymous joes :D They are all wonderful readers and commenters to cherish, whether they write good or bad about what you say. They are also my friends, I love them all dearly! And yes, please do introduce me to your friends! I want to meet them! Being around people who enjoy what you enjoy too is amazing, you just feel happy talking to them, right?

      Don't worry, you don't have to give the middle initial! To me, you are Sonda, and you are awesome! Even with a real name, you are Sonda to me!!! And Sonda/Mike is awesome!