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Okay! Musume Digest #72

Minna, Digest Dayo? Are you ready to Digest today?

This week, in Idol News...

Kago Ai is recruiting for a new girl group! KAT-TUN lose a member, and continue as a 4nin group! Previews for Afilia Saga, AKB48 and PASSPO! Sayashi Riho to appear in a magazine! Matsunaga Maho to hold a release event! Berryz Kobou perform on Music Dragon! Houkago Princess to release a new single! And more! Are you ready to get your Digest on?
It's time to get yo Digest on, because the week has gone by and we are ready to find out what has been happening in the Idolverse! But, other than Idol News to nom on today, how has your week been so far?

This week, I received some wonderful news that I hope to share with everyone at another time, but for now, I will be keeping it under wraps! It may not be wonderful to you all, but for me it is truly exciting! Also, today I received a package in the mail containing some new Idol goods that I had ordered <3 I was so happy to receive it, especially since this package contained a clear file of my favourite group, as well as a CD from a group I aim to one day introduce you all too if you have not heard of them...

Bye bye, money~

Other than that, the week has been pretty good for me! I have reviewed quite a bit, I believe, and have really been in the writing spirit as of late! I love these moods a lot, mostly because it keeps me positive and happy! I always feel fulfilled after writing a lot! YATTA! <3

Anyway, that all said and done, I will leave you all alone and let you get one with the Digest! I wonder what News you will find this week?

As always, please remember to use ctrl + f for easier access to the topics you want to read the most! Have fun~!

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Video of the Week

Toroamachu by Shiina Pikarin

I don't know what it is about Pikarin that pulls me in, but really, I just adore her. From her cute face to that adorably annoying voice, I just can't help but want to fall in love with her! I also think that the quirky nature she seems to have in the videos is seriously endearing, because she looks so innocent, but also so devilish in her own cute way! She is also incredibly comfortable and professional in front of the camera... then again, she is a model, so of course she would be wonderful in front of the camera!
 I also love the videos she has. Okay, I know, she only has two videos out, but I like what Avex are doing with these videos. They seem to love using the overlay tool quite a bit with Pikarin, to the point where you might just suffer a seizure upon seeing them, as well as clipping a lot of scenes to create a fast paced music video that is quick but fun to watch. Really, there is a lot that goes on in Pikarin's videos, because the editing is so whacky and hyperactive, and I can't get enough of it! I also love that, in this video, they have used a Halloween theme for a few additional scenes, as well as incorporated the Wotagei.

The video itself feels very Nico-Nico Douga-ish, and everything about it pulls me in. I adore Pikarin, and I may have featured her on here before, but dang nabbit, I want to feature her again! I LOVE HER ;W; <3

Picture of the Week

"We are Super-Seiyan, BITCHES!!!"

After I did my review of Sexy Zone's Real Sexy!, my darling friend Reira decided to edit this image to show that these guys truly are pulling off a Kame Hame HAAAAAA!! attack, and oh my goodness, I love it! XD

-Image edited by Reira, is perfect~-


Hello! Pro Station #36 is here, and this weeks MC is Shimizu Saki, who is standing for Natsuyaki Miyabi! Be sure to have a look, and enjoy~

In this weeks episode of Hello! Pro Station...

Hello! Pro Station Dance unit! The member have been announced! Berryz Kobou release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City for their new single! Juice=Juice individual handshake event! Ishida Ayumi sings Be Alive! A performance from S/mileage of Suki-chan! And C-ute sing their new song, Ai tte motto Zanshin! Be sure to watch it all!


The news of a dance unit is pretty exciting, if you ask me, especially since it is compromised of great dancers. I won't say that Dawa and Nyon are epic dancers, in fact I don't even know if they are, but I guess their experience is of some value given they were in the Eggs before becoming S/mileage. That said, I am glad all of the great dancers of Hello! Project have come together, though I hope the other girls who aren't as skilled at dancing will come together with other units. I hope.

Berryz Kobou did really well with their release event, especially Momoko, who is seriously one of the best singers there (if not the best). I am impressed by how well they do live. If only their visual aspect in PV's was as good as their on-stage performance level XD

Ayumin!!! Baby Predator-turned-Beauty Queen! Her singing is still a bit questionable and rusty, but she has learned some amazing control and, whilst she is in no way a top singer of MoMusu or even in my list of best vocals, she has done seriously well! That said, she needs to have a bit more tune I think? I dunno, I ain't a vocal coach... nor can I sing XD

And... wonderful performances from both S/mileage and C-ute! Good energy, and fun to watch! Especially the C-uties ;) I am loving the sound of their latest song, it sounds fun, but not childish! YATTA!!! We need this! 8D

Hello! Project News

The DVD and Blu-ray covers for the Hello! Project Yaon Premium LIVE have been revealed.


Once again, they look the same. Apart from width changes in the covers. Yup.

A CM for the C-ute & S/mileage DVD Magazine Vol. 1 has been revealed, so be sure to take a look!


Kanananananananana looks damn glorious. I swear, a beam of Jesus' own light is hitting her because she is so fantastic looking.

Morning Musume

Kawaii Girl Japan have written a short English article on Morning Musume's EDM Love Machine, so be sure to check it out!


Wait, so Kawaii Girl Japan no longer do English subs, but still do English articles? Well, I guess that's good, but please... bring back subtitles! ;w;

Wani Books have revealed the cover to Michishige Sayumi's up-coming photobook, Blue Rose.


To say I am disappointed is an understatement, I mean seriously... I wanted to see her in a garden of blue roses for the cover, or dresses as a blue rose! HELL, a dress made out of blue roses would be cool! This is just... generic and boring and predictable :/

I want Shige taking charge of her own photobook again... -sulks-

It has been revealed that Michishige Sayumi, Sayashi Riho and Suzuki Kanon will hold a joint handshake event at Tower Records Shinjuku on October 10th.


This is a rather strange line-up... strange because Zukkini is in there, because in general, UFP don't like promoting her, so this is new... but damnit, I AM HAPPY ABOUT THIS! HUZZAH! ;W; <3

Sayashi Riho blogged that she and Iikubo Haruna have had a photoshoot for the magazine Ranzuki, and that it will be released on October 23rd.


A Two-person shoot? And with the darling Harunan and the ever-growing-in-beauty Dayashi? AWESOME SAUCE O^O

Sayashi Riho will make an appearance in Seventeen magazine, it has been revealed.


I have no idea if she will be featured, or if it is just a small appearance, but congrats Riho!!!

It has been revealed that the current Morning Musume will be a featured topic on a Fuji TV Show, Part 1.


It's exciting that they will be a featured topic, but what would be even cooler is if the group made a surprise appearance and sang songs to the audience. Or, even if it's known by the crew and audience, it would be cool.

Berryz Kobou

Berryz Kobou have sold out Budokan!

-No source, just general news-


Wow... I didn't think it would happen, but it happened... I'm shocked o-o

I am, however, also pleased for them. Shocked, but pleased. Well done, Berryz!

Berryz Kobou have been featured on the cover of Anican R Yanyan vol.10!


... Oh shit, the Horned King has made her appearance again... urgh e.e

Natsuyaki Miyabi has a high fever, and was unable to participate in the October 6th Tower Records Shinjuku event, and she will also have Shimizu Saki take her place as MC for the up-coming Hello! Pro Station.


I hope that Miya rests a lot, and doesn't stress herself out too much either. Get well soon Miyabi!


C-ute have graced the cover of Top Yell Magazine's November issue!


Are those re-coloured versions of the Crazy Kanzen na Otona costumes? o-o

Me likey~

It has been announced that Suzuki Airi will hold a solo fanclub event on December 4th.


And there, she will come dressed in a giant Suu-san suit, and then force the fans to also dress as Suu-san.


It has been announced that Romance no Tochuu is the new ending theme for the bowling show P★League, which Nakajima Saki hosts.


Wow... congrats, Juice=Juice! Many bowling fans will come to know of your song, and group, and shall fall in love! YAY!!!

An official blog for Juice=Juice's radio show is now live!


So we can listen to them and also read about them? YES!!!

It has been revealed that Juice=Juice will perform at oricon Sound Blowin' 2013~autumn~ on November 9th! The event will be held at SHIBUYA O-EAST in Tokyo.


Wait, Oricon have an event!?

Juice=Juice will hold a handshake event and mini-live on October 14th, it has been revealed!


And many fans shall appear in Houndstooth fashion, and cry with happiness that they are matching their wonderful Idol group.

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

A website for  ~Onedari Entame!~Hapi★Pure has been created! Be sure to check it out!


Okay, this is cute... and pretty... I like it o-o <3

The next Nama Tamago Shows have been scheduled for December 7th, 8th and the 21st!


Those little Kenshuusei will rock your socks off, and then some! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up-Front Promotion News

LoVendoЯ will hold a tour from December 6th until the 26th.


Christmas shows!!! I wonder if the group will wear PVC Santa dresses?

The solo DVD cover for Behind the Photobook Mano-chan ~DEAR FRIENDS~ has been revealed!


Mano-chan looks so Heavenly here, to the point where I am sure an Angel even stopped to look at her... ;w; <3



The covers for AKB48's up-coming single, Heart Ereki, have been revealed! The concept of the song and covers is 'band', and shows the girls in Group-sounds styled outfits whilst holding Guitars.

The track list has also been revealed, and will be available in the source.


I love the costumes, they look wonderful. However, these were the types of costumes I would have liked to have seen in Koisuru Fortune Cookie, too, but whatever. Now, I wonder what the style of the PV will be...?

Team K's Nito Moeno has broken her foot, it has been revealed, however she will continue to perform in the musical and has decided to not take any breaks until the final performance.


Whilst I somewhat admire her choice to continue the Musical, because that is rather professional of her, it is also very stupid. The girl needs to take a break from her career in order to heal, or it could hurt her more. Now, I am not an expert on feet or anything, or broken bones for that matter, but when I twisted my damn ankle and decided to keep walking because I wanted to, I was in agony, and it was the stupidest decision ever. This girl is doing the same thing, basically, but her foot is broken!


Lotte will be collaborating with HKT48 for a new campaign, which will run until November 8th. This new campaign will put the girls of HKT48 against each other as they try to appeal to the viewer through videos where they pretend to feed you, the viewer, on the official website. The member with the highest votes will star in a TVCM for Lotte.


An interesting way to determine a favoured member, or at least one who feeds you in the cutest (or most erotic) manner! I wonder who will win?

Also... time to see who wins at feeding me! XD


Nogizaka46 have announced their independent live at Nippon Budokan, which will be held on December 20th!


Wait, really? That's amazing! I am excited and happy for the group, because after the amazing singles they pulled out this year (let's ignore the Terrors of 2012 NG46) they truly deserve it! Well done, girls! (Though given the age of the group, this is rather early...)

Nogizaka46 will release their first photobook, titled Nogizaka Ha, on October 22nd it has been revealed. The theme of the photobook is a student camping trip at the seaside, and will show the members of Nogizaka46 making curry, milking on a farm, and other activities.


Oh, a group photobook? Awesome! Hopefully many fans will buy it, and enjoy the images of NG46 as school friends on a trip together~

Misc Idols and Groups News

Kago Ai is holding auditions to form a new Unit! The auditions, for girls aged between 15-21, will focus on finding 2-4 new members to join Kago with the aim to focus on live performances! Kago Ai will choose the girls herself, it has been revealed. It has also been revealed that Kago Ai is the first member of the group.

The theme of the group is that anyone can be a part of the unit, and will include the help of the fans. The fans can vote for girls who have applied in the auditions, and in the future will also help in choosing the songs, lyrics and costumes, which the unit members will also take part in.
"We will start a project called 'A girl's project that everyone will make together'. First, we will start an audition to form a new unit. We look forward to your applications." - Diamond Blog Staff (Tokyohive)
At this time! I want to restart by forming a new unit! I'm looking for people who really want to do it. I'm also looking forward to it☆". - Kago Ai (Tokyohive)
Applicants must be between the ages 15-21, and must not be a part of an agency. They must be confident, and filled with motivation. The deadline is November 10th. Minors require parental consent.


This seems like a very exciting, and very hands-on, unit! I am glad to see Kago is back and raring to go, though I am also wondering if it is a good decision for her to go back to performing? Well, I am pleased to see her creating something very ambitious right now! Hopefully it will all work out, and we will see the finalists soon!

It was announced through the Official Houkago Princess Staff blog that the group will release their 8th official indies single on November 27th! The single has been titled Samu wa Fuyui!, and it will be available in four editions, from Type-A to Type-D! There will be six tracks on each single, with 
a varying third song for each type plus instrumentals!

The group will hold a month-long release event from October until November, and will hold handshake events and mini-lives to promote their new single.

Track List:

1. Uchii Ichii no Christmas (2013-2014 ver.) (All Types)
2. Atsu wa Natsui! (All Types)
3. Untitled Song (Varies for each Type)

This will be the fourth public single release for the group and the third time that the group will sing the song Uchuu Ichii no Christmas, but the first time for the group to release the Christmas song to the public. Be sure to look forward to it!


I was really surprised to see this announcement had been made, but of course, I am seriously happy to see it as well! I love HouPri, and to know that they are releasing a new single that will be available to the public is awesome! I will anticipate the titles and previews of the coupling songs as well... I can't wait! KYAAAA!!!

Best news, seriously! Or at least for me~

Ichinose Anju of READY TO KISS, a 6nin Idol group made up of five former Houkago Princess members, has revealed herself through her official Twitter! Ichinose is 18 years old and was born on November 12th. Joining READY TO KISS is her first venture into becoming an Idol, but wants to catch up to her group mates who are helping her along and teaching her a lot along with the staff members they work with.

Wish Ichinose Anju luck in becoming an Idol!


Uwaaa, she is so cute~ I really like her I think! I hope that official profile images appear soon, too ;w; <3

THE Possible have starred in a CM for Seiyu, so be sure to check it out in the source!


They wear food boxes on their heads... Guys, I might have fallen love...

It was announced that LinQ member Sakuraba Yurina has withdrawn from the group as of October 5th.
"I enjoyed my time with the 31 members of LinQ. I was able to make it this far because of these members."
"Everyone's support, encouragement, and love. They are all my treasure." - Sakuraba Yurina (Tokyohive)

It is sad when a member leaves a group, but this is the decision of the Idol herself, and I am sure that, for her, this is the right decision. Hopefully Sakuraba follows her dreams after LinQ, and becomes successful in her own way.

Good luck, Sakuraba-chan~

It has been announced that will release their second album WORLD WIDE DEMPA, which will be released in December ont he 11th! This will be the groups first album release in two years.

It has also been announced that the group will release two live concert DVD's on December 18th from the groups live performances at Osaka Castle open-air concert hall on August 31st, and their live at Tokyo Hibiya open-air concert hall on September 16th.


I really don't pay attention to this group much, but it is great to see that are releasing a lot, and are bringing out their second album after so long! Hopefully many fans will reserve and buy a copy, and also anticipate the concert DVD's!

(From Left to Bottom Centre: CD+DVD, CD+Blue-ray, & Regular Edition)

The covers for YuiKaori's up-coming album, titled Bunny, have been revealed. The album comes in three editions.

The album is set to release on October 23rd.


This is rare, but for once, I completely hate the Regular Edition cover. It is tacky and I hate it.

The artwork for Resonant World/HIKARI has been revealed. The songs are the Opening and Ending themes for the game Fairy Fencer F. Resonant World has been sung by StylipS' Matsunaga Maho, and HIKARI has been sung by the singer ChouCho.

Instrumental versions of the songs will be available in the track list, and the single will be released on October 23rd.


It's exciting to know that this will be released soon! I have yet to actually hear it, but right now, I need to try and find a preview... if one exists, that is...

Matsunaga Maho will hold a solo event for the CD release of Resonant World/HIKARI. She will hold a mini-live at the event.


It would have been nice if she held the event with ChouCho, but I'm not complaining~

On October 9th, it was announced by Johnny's Entertainment that KAT-TUN member Tanaka Koki's contract had been cancelled as of September 30th. KAT-TUN will continue as a 4-member unit, it was further announced.

Staff announced the news on the Johnny's website, giving their reason for the contract cancellation:
"To whom it may concern, 

Due to repeated infractions of agency rules, our agency has terminated the exclusive contract with KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki on September 30th. Despite Tanaka's withdrawal from the group, KAT-TUN will continue activities with the other four remaining members; we would like to humbly request that fans continue to lend them support as always. 


Johnny & Associates"
Tanaka Koki also gave a statement regarding the withdrawal from the group and cancellation of the contract:
"Exactly what the agency has announced. I have expressed my gratefulness to the other members for continuing to support me despite all the trouble I've caused them as well as my sincere apologies. I plan on continuing activities as a talent in the future, and will be making another announcement once details have been decided. 


Tanaka Koki"
KAT-TUN have also given their own statement:
"To fans as well as everyone this may concern, we are deeply sorry for the fuss that we have caused. We have held countless talks over how we can increase our awareness as a group, but it is with regret to say that a fellow member who have been in the same group for over 10 years has come to this. From hereon, KAT-TUN will be continuing activities as four members, and we would like to humbly request that fans continue to lend us your support as always. 

... Okay, I don't follow KAT-TUN, or many other JE groups for that matter, but this is absolute shitty management here!!! I mean, I was pissed with H!P for announcing Ogawa Saki's graduation 3 days before she was due to leave, but this... this just takes the absolute PISS! 9 days after he has left!? That is just horrible! That is cruel to the fans, and also Koki! Holy crap, JE, you are bloody...

-starts making voodoo dolls-

Aramatheydidnt | Aramatheydidnt 2 | Tokyohive

It has been announced that Shiina Pikarin will hold a release event for her second single, which is set to hit the stores on October 16th. The cute singer from the Underworld will hold photograph and autograph sessions to commemorate the release, and will apparently wear various cosplays in each event!

The events will be on the following days: October 15th, 16th, 17th and the 20th.

I am jealous of all the fans who get to see Pikarin in her cute cosplays... or weird cosplays, who knows? Either way, I am super duper jealous! I want to see the cute and wonderful Pikarin in cosplay! Waaah ;w;

Tokyo Girls' Update

PV/Song Previews

A preview for Morning Musume's collaboration song with J-Melo, titled What is LOVE? has been revealed, so be sue to check it out!


I see the awkward swan hand movements from Shouganai Yume Oibito have joined the dance! But, in all seriousness, it is a very cool song, a lot cooler than expected, and I like the dance. It looks pretty intense (and funny and weird in some parts) and different! I think the song itself will grow on me, but it sounds really different and old-school. Some say it is swing, so it might be swing! Also, Maachan is getting auto-tuned. This is not good ;w; BUT, she sounds good regardless, and damn, that English line! <3

PASSPO☆ have revealed the short music video to their new song, Growing Up. The video shows all the girls journeying to places of their memories and showing a more personal side to the members.

Growing Up is the sister song to Pretty Lie, and was not revealed to the public until three years after it was composed. It was a song that was created to wait until the girls were skilled and mature enough to sing it, so it has waited until now to be sung and released by the current PASSPO☆, who have matured and grown since their debut as indies and major Idols.

The single Growing Up will release on October 16th.


I like the concept behind Growing Up. Originally, I just thought that it was a song made in the image of Pretty Lie, but it seems to be a song that the producers wanted to make sure PASSPO☆ could sing once they had grown as Idols and singers. It's interesting, and the backstory of the song makes me like it more.

Hopefully many other fans will enjoy it, too.

The opening theme for Fairy Fencer F, which is titled Resonant World and sung by Matsunaga Maho of StylipS, is available for fans to listen to! It was uploaded in September.


I am sad to only have found this amazing song until now, but WOW, Maho! Her voice is amazingly strong, I didn't think that she was this good of a singer! I guess in StylipS she kinda holds herself back!

o-o I am amazed...

I am also glad to broadcast that she is my favourite! (Actually, from the start of StylipS, I pegged her as the one I liked. She even beat out Kaori, so yay, brag time!)

The short music video for AKB48's Heart Ereki has been revealed! The Music video gives off a 60's band vibe, with the cool mod backdrop and the old-school band atmosphere. Be sure to check it out!


I like that this is a blast to the past and all, but haven't AKB tried the band thing before, and failed when they had to play it live? I forget, but I remember how horrible they sounded when trying to play the instruments they barely knew how to use.

The short Music Video for Afilia Saga's up-coming single S・ML☆ has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


Nice to see that Tsunku and 5pb are recycling the rotating rooms from WANT!, it is nice to know the environment is being saved.
 That said, I actually do like the look of the video, and this song sounds ultra cute! Very sugary and energetic, just how I like it, and d'aww, I love all the girls! Could Afilia get any more perfect?

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Berryz Kobou leave a comment for their new single on Kawaii Girl Japan, so be sure to check it out!


Taking away the English translations on Kawaii Girl Japan has really hindered them in my opinion... hm...


Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have released footage from Berryz Kobou's event at Venus Fort, so be sure to check it out!


I prefer Miyabi's studio voice... Live she is, erm... well... and hey, look, Risako is yelling again instead of singing! Also, what the Hell? That guy XD

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has starred in the CM for au, which features a preview of her new song Mottai Night Land, where Kyary dances with Mottai ghosts! Be sure to watch the CM and see what you think of Kyary's new song!


... This song sounds like everything else she has produced.

JIJIPRESS have released footage from an Up Up Girls, THE Possible and Kikkawa Yuu collaboration concert, so be sure to check it out!


It's nice to see so many ex-H!P eggs come together and perform, especially now that they are all grown up and making music of their own. This must have been a great performance for so many fans to see!

Performances and TV Appearances

Berryz Kobou performed their new song, Motto Zutto Issho ni Itta Katta, on Music Dragon! Check out the performance and see what you think!


I am surprised that they sang live, given how UFP seem to enjoy letting most of MM sing. Also, Saki sounds better than Miyabi in this. Whut.


And that is all we have time for this week! Hopefully this Digest has filled you with Idol News, and you will be satisfied until next week! If you are still hungry for more, however, you will have to wait. Let the News be digested, and then once again, we shall have our fill of Idols and News when the time comes again! Until then, however, Ja ne and have a good week! Tata~


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  1. I feel a bit miffed and upset about the h!p dance group. What's gonna happen to team Okai :'(

    1. Ah, I wonder... I didn't think of that until you brought it up! But Team Okai was made up of girls from S/m and also the Trainees, so any girls who were a part of Team Okai and are now transferring to the Hello! Station Dance unit, maybe new trainee's will be given a chance to take their place and improve?

  2. You're pregnant? Whatever it is I'm holding my breath until you reveal the exciting news...

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    1. Oh shit, I killed Sonda o-O MY COMMENTER ;W; </3

      And it isn't that exciting XD Promise, in fact, it may be boring for you guys XD

  3. Luckily I had Pan-Paka-Pan playing in the background so it was impossible for me to die. Hoorah! Which means I live to guess again. Huzzah! Uhh lets see now... The independent film producer you've been wining and dining just approved the $30m budget of your debut feature film. Principal photography starts in Iceland on the 26th?

    1. WOOHOO! No near death experiences, I am happy! ;w; <3 I don't want you to die ;A;

      And nope, nope nope x3 It's still boring hahaha, but honestly, if I could debut a film... wow! XD And totally, Iceland! I want to go! >3< Better yet, fly me to where Sonda lives!

    2. Sonda will have to move to Japan so when Chiima comes to visit she can go nuts on seeing all her favorite idols. Only the best for our Chiima!

      Memo To Self: 1. Learn Japanese. 2. Aquire a taste for sushi... somehow.

    3. ERMAGERD, Sonda... we might be twins o 3o I dislike Sushi, too... ERMAGERD!!! Or, at least, if I want to move to Japan I need to learn to live with it XD AND I NEED TO LEARNS DA JAPANESE, TOO ;3; <3

      Let us go and be Idoru buds 5ever!!! <3

    4. ERMAGERD!!! Idoru buds 5ever!!! <3 *waits at Tokyo airport Arrivals gate with Chiima-san glow stick held high whilst exclaiming in mangled Japanese my rustic-cafe enthusiasm at being finally united with my long lost travel-grooming-kit-for-the-whiskers-of-a-dishevelled-cat tuwinu*

  4. As a long time Johnny's fan not telling fans about it until after the fact is not all that surprising. The only ways to tell if a Junior has left is that if he had any photos at their official shop they will be taken down and any information about him will disappear from the official websites. I think they prefer the quiet method whenever possible to avoid backlash, as not to get Johnny's fans riled up too much.

    But I do agree it would have been nice for the fans to have been told when it actually happened instead of over a week after. But since he was getting fired for breaking rules I am not surprised he got no greater farewell.

    1. Because I myself am not a long-time fan, this is of course quite new to me, but I can see what you mean about long time fans not finding it surprising. But, it is still cruel I think. You guys do deserve to know, especially for a group like KAT-TUN who are pretty well known and have a strong following.

  5. Love your blog! You mentioned or posted a mv a while ago but I never finished watching it. I forgot the name and group but they wore black and/or white and I think it was a 5/6 member group. I know that's not much to go on but I'd be awesome if you could help me find it.

    1. Heeey, thank yooou! Also, sorry this is late ;w;

      I am trying to remember the PV, too... I think it may have been Bump.y and their Savage Heaven? I have no idea! ;A;

    2. Omg thank you sooooooooo much! It was savage heaven