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Okay! Musume Digest #71

Everyone, Digest Dayo? What will this weeks Digest bring you?

This Week, in Idoru Digest News...

Hello! Project to release Petit Best 14 and also hold a New Years Countdown Concert! ENJ broadcasted the final episode of Idol Hour Hello! Project, boohoo!!! A heartwarming interview with Riho and Zukki! Rakuten Eagles compilation album! Juice=Juice to release their second single! DAWA starts an art column! S/mileage's 15th single announced! Sae and Mariya to officially debut in SNH48! Sexy Zone PV Preview! Kyary is a toothpaste ambassador! And more! Are you ready to Digest?

MINNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIGESTO TAIMU~ Get your forks and knives, because damn, it is time to have our fill of Idol News! So get ready!!!

So, this past week we have had an abundance of Hello! Pro news, from the exciting announcement of the New Year's countdown concert, to Juice=Juice and S/mileage's new single announcements and more! There have also been a few AKS and Misc news that I have looked at, but as a whole, it truly is a Hello! Project filled week, as all groups have something to report on! Even the Kenshuusei!!! Mad, right? But it's exciting, and I am happy to write about it, so yay!!!

In other News this week, Idolminded has returned! After a two month Hiatus, Idolminded is BACK and I am ready! Okay, so I might not post much... but whatever, I am happy it is back, I missed Idolminded a lot, so yay! Be sure to check out Idolminded today everyone!!!

Outside of the Idols, this week I have had some GTA V withdrawals. My nephew took his Xbox and game to his mothers, so I haven't been able to shoot anyone in the game, which is annoying... luckily, youtube is there to rescue me and has allowed me to watch other people play it. Other than GTA V though, I have also been heavily into Steve Wilko's episodes. Nice.

And that all said and done, how was your week that has sine gone? Hopefully it was awesome, because awesome people deserve awesome weeks! Anyway, I'll shut up now. LET'S DIGEST!!!!!!

As always, be sure to use ctrl + f in order to navigate your way through the Digest for easier access to topics you prefer to read! Have fun!

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Video of the Week

RoboKiss performed by Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka

And this is where we question why these two aren't a unit, and yet Karin and Masaki are (despite how shit they sound together when singing).

But no, seriously... how are Jurin even around when the two singers, wonderful alone but horrible together, don't match vocally? I mean, it's clear as day that these two compliment each other beautifully! You have Haruka, who sounds a little husky and more mature than the sweet and girly Masaki, who is undeniably cute. In fact, they are both damn cute here! They also have a lovely bond going on here, and whenever they look at each other... well, it looks like they are in love! I swear, these two are amazingly compatible, and no one is doing anything about it! MAKE THEM A UNIT... NOW! MAADUU 5EVER!!!

Picture of the Week

The Nakky Babushka Doll: Because Awesome comes in all shapes and sizes

I laughed my ass off at this image more than I should have, really.


Hello! Project Station#35 is up and ready to watch! This weeks host is Natsuyaki Miyai of Berryz Kobou! What will be in today's episode?

In this weeks episode of Hello! Pro Station...

Berryz Kobou Motto Zutto Issho ni Itta Katta close-up version! ROCK Erotic close-up version! Morning Musume perform Help Me!! and Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke at CLUB CITTA! Sayumi, Haruna and Riho comment on The Best! ~Updated Morning Musume~! Airi sings Renai Rider! Berryz Kobou members comment on their new single and also show the making of for Motto Zutto! And an Omake from Airi!

Which is your favourite part?


Best part: Hearing Motto Zutto sped up for the filming of the MV xD Sadly, the dance still looks stupid as heck. Also, a damn cute Omake from Airi!

Hello! Project News

The Hello! Project Summer 2013 concerts will release on DVD and Blu-ray on November 27th.



It has been revealed that CDJournal will release a Hello! Project Complete Single Book on October 15th.



HMV Japan

It has been announced that Petit Best 14 will be released on December 11th, and will be available in a CD and Blu-ray formats. There will be no DVD edition.

Songs from Tanaka Reina, the SATOYAMA and SATOUMI Movements will be included.


Strange that there is no DVD version, but eh, whatever. YAY!

CDJapan CD | CDJapan Blu-ray | Sakura Mankai

On September 27th, Enjoy Network Japan broadcasted their final edition of Idol Hour Hello! Project, which allowed foreign fans who knew English to learn more about the members of Hello! Project and also listen to their music for free on the radio. Sayuki Takagi was the last member to co-host the radio show.


It is so sad that ENJ stopped Idol Hour Hello! Project, because I am sure that many fans enjoyed it, but given that H!P's schedule is becoming a bit busier, and what with most groups having their own radio shows or guesting on other shows, it is understandable. It is sad to see an English-based programme fro a foreign audience go, but I am hopeful for another radio show in the future if possible!

ENJ Official Facebook

It was announced that, on December 31st, Hello! Project would hold a new event with the temporary title of Hello! Project COUNTDOWN LIVE 2013, which would be held at Nakano Sun Plaza. There will be two stages, one which starts at 4pm and features all members of Hello! Project as well as OG members, and a second show will take place at 11:00pm. Due to labour laws in Japan, only members over the age of 18 will be able to participate in the second show.

Members over the age of 18:

Morning Musume: Michishige Sayumi, Iikubo Haruna
All of Berryz Kobou
C-ute: Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato
S/mileage: Wada Ayaka, Fukuda Kanon
Juice=Juice: Miyazaki Yuka, Kanazawa Tomoko
Mitsui Aika



I hope that Haruna and Sayu sing an awesome duet!

What the Hell...o! Project Tumblr | Hello! SayuNii

On October 16th, a compilation album titled Song of Rakuten Eagles will be released. The album will contain various songs from Hello! Project and other artists, including Morning Musume, C-ute, Def. Diva and GAM.


I actually would love it if Morning Musume, Juice=Juice or S/mileage would sing a new cheer song for Rakuten Eagles. Mostly Morning Musume, with an Ayumi lead, because she strongly supports them.

J-Pop Idols

Morning Musume

Amazon have uploaded a video Digest of the Making-Of for the Morning Musume 15th Anniversary Photobook ZERO, so be sure to check it out!


Why are they all so pretty? -sighs-

Mizuki Fukumura, Sayashi Riho, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura will attend the press release event for Morning Musume's group photobook Morning Musume 15th Anniversary Photobook ZERO on October 9th.


I like how they chose three of the Aces and the Queen of Lollipops and Gumdrops, though really, Haruka is an Ace as well... just a damn silent one, which is a pity.

Billboard Japan have a special interview with Morning Musume's Sayashi Riho and Suzuki Kanon, on the 15 year old girl who can only be herself with the other, and the other 15 year old who truly loves and respects her.

An English translation of the article will be in the Source links.


I read the translation of this article, and it is very heartwarming but also a bit saddening in places, such as when Zukki admits that, even now, she still feels like she is not needed in Morning Musume.

Also, the article has helped me to look up to Riho more now, though I have started to do that as of late anyway XD

Due to the success of her public recording last year, Michishige Sayumi planned a second live public recording of her radio show Konya mo Usa-chan Peace that was broadcasted on September 30th in Nagoya. Mizuki Fukumura appeared as a guest, and Ikuta Erina made a surprise appearance of her own accord.


It's things like this that make me truly appreciate how wonderful Eripon is xD This will surely gain her attention from fans!

Tsunku revealed the title for the song that was created from the project J-Melo and Morning Musume have collaborated on. The title for the song is What is Love? and will be the ending theme for J-Melo.

According to Tsunku, it is a cool song that was inspired by the many types of love from fans all over the world, and he thinks that many will enjoy it.

Sayumi expresses that the choreography for the dance is intense, and that it was difficult to learn, but became more fun the more it was performed. Mizuki expresses that the song is cool, up-tempo song that is uplifting and bright.

*It has yet to be confirmed whether or not this is the 55th single by Morning Musume. People say it is, but it has NOT been confirmed!


Apparently there were over 700 messages from fans worldwide, and I am happy to say that I was one of those fans. Hopefully, the lyrics will be filled with inspiration and love, and I can't wait to hear the song!

Berryz Kobou

Berryz Kobou will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Tower Records Shinjuku on October 6th, it has been revealed!


Better wear the ROCK Erotic outfits, because damn, that's all people will go there for.

An official website for Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta/ROCK Erotic has been revealed! Check it out!


Erm... when did Berryz become important enough to warrant a website? o-O

Natsuyaki Miyabis up-coming photobook has been titled Glow, and will release on November 15th.


Included: Shots of Miyabeam in her natural habitat, the Stables.
Bonus Shots: Chisato the Jockey rides her prize horse, Miyabeam, in the National Horse Races.


C-ute will hold individual handshake events for their up-coming single. There will also be a boxset available with a cheki event ticket.


I want to see Chiisa, and Mai... MaiMai can scold me with her Tsundere nature ;w;

Wait, am I a masochist? >o>

C-ute will release the DVD and Blu-ray for Queen of J-Pop on December 18th, it has been announced.


And there we shall see Nakky frolic around as a Maid, serving to Chissa's basic needs.

The CM for C-ute's DVD Magazine Vol. 36 has been released, so be sure to check it out!


So this is one of the formatted DVD Magazines, aye? To be honest, I'm used to seeing C-ute walk around different places, or seeing concert and backstage footage in their digests... they rarely have game show styled DVD Magazines, or is that just me? XD

Either way, Chissa and Airi are gorgeous, and I love MaiMai from what I can see her. Also, damn cutie Nakky <3


It has been revealed that fans can apply to attend a taping of BOMBER-E I-NIGHT on Nagoya TV on October 17th.



Hello! Project News

C-ute have graced the alternative cover of Gravure The Television!


Chissa looks pretty hot there. Like... wow!

So does Nakky... -nosebleeds-

Gravure The Television

It has been announced that C-ute will hold a special live at Tokyo Gakuen University's Togaku Live 2013 on October 13th.


HELL YEAH!! This sounds seriously exciting! Hopefully the University students will attend and fall in love!

C-ute's 23rd single has officially been titled Tokai no Hitorigurashi / Ai tte motto Zanshin and will release on November 6th.



I legit hope that this becomes a regular thing, you know~


It has been revealed that Wada Ayaka has started an online art column series via PHP Biz Online Shuchi. The series has been titled Otome no Kaigi annai and will allow Ayaka to write articles about her favourite art works, such as Western paintings.

The article will be published every two weeks on a Friday.


I was aware that Dawa was an art buff, which is admirable and interesting as I did once take art (and sucked at it), so I am glad to see that Dawa is able to pursue her love of art in this form! Hopefully many fans of art will read the article and appreciate the painting and works that Dawa loves!

It was announced via S/mileage's talk show that the group will release their 15th single this winter. The title and date of release have yet to be announced, however it has been confirmed that the single will be a Double A-side, and that the recording process has finished. Please look forward to it!


I pray to fucking God that it isn't as shitty in terms of costumes like Samui ne was. PLEASE!!!!!

Oh good Lord, and the editing... PLEASE LET THE EDITING BE OKAY!!!!!

It was announced by the radio show staff that S/mileage's second gen radio show would extend its running time from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.


This is amazing news! And, from what I have read about it, the girls seem really happy with the news! It's great that they can spend an extra ten minutes talking with fans and other radio broadcasters! Well done S/mileage Gen 2!

The Hello! Project Digital Books models for the month of October are Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon, so please enjoy!


Double Whammy of OG S/mileage.


It has been announced that Juice=Juice will have their own regular radio show on bayfm starting from October 3rd at 21:30pm JST.

It has been titled We are Juice=Juice.



Juice=Juice's second major single has been announced! The group will release their second single, titled Watashi wa Rose Quartz / Hajimete o Keikenchuu on November 27th. It will be a Double A-side.

There will be six versions available.


Now to wait for the new group shots, costumes, previews and such! ARRRGH, THE ANTICIPATION!!!!!!

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

A CM for the Hello! Project Kenshuusei's show, titled ~Onedari Entame!~ Hapi★Pure has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


Apparently they get to milk a cow in one of the episodes. Cool beans.

Up-Front Promotion News

Mano Erina will release a new Solo DVD. It will be available from October 23rd.


Mano gettin' busy... will we see her wearing sexy Astronautt suits any time soon?

Up-Front Discography

Starting in October, LoVendoЯ will be regulars on TBS Radio's Music Navi, so be sure to tune in if you can!


Wait, LoVendoЯ are still around?

LoVendoЯ News

It has been announced that Kikkawa Yuu and Up Up Girls will perform at HARAJUKU KAWAii!! FES 2013 on October 5th & 6th!


Not gonna lie here, but the usually soulless and bland Kikka looks damn freakin' HOT in her solo shot. DAMN!


Mano Erina will hold a release event for her photobook on October 6th.


I hope she turns up in a Bikini, for the sake of the fans who want to see those Mano's of hers up-front.

Fukuya Shoten

UFZS-"Snapshot Movie" Dream On vol.8 has been released, so check it out1


Good Lord, those hats... and whilst the fashion is rather different from what I am used to seeing on Idols (oh look, a Lego badge!) it is very K-poppy, and isn't UFZS a K-pop cover group? XD


It has been revealed that AKB48 Draft Kaigi Candidate Komiyama Yuka (24) has withdrawn from the programme. According to AKB48's official blog, this was Komiyama's own decision.

Komiyama was the oldest candidate, however now the oldest candidate is 20 years old, and only 29 candidates are left.


I do wonder why she withdrew... but, I guess we can't dwell on it much, can we...


AKB48, SKE48 and NMB48 will appear on CDTV's 20th Anniversary Special Live it has been announced.


Wait, what about HKT? Or are they all too young?

48 Scoops | Daily AKB48


The profiles for the AKB48 Draft Kaigi Candidates have been updated! Who is your favourite?


A lot of awkward and rather boring looking girls have been picked... some look like AKB material, some just look far too awkward... but we shall wait and see who is picked for what teams, and what they have to offer us!


On September 29th, it was revealed that SNH48 members Miyzawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya would be making their official stage debut on October 11th.

The girls, who transferred to the sister group of AKB48 in August of last year, have delayed their stage debut to issues with their work Visa, however the girls will now officially debut in the group's first year anniversary performance which will be held for three days.

Sae, who is a full member of SNH48 after cancelling her concurrent position within both AKB and SNH, expressed her happiness through twitter;
"Finally... really, really... I'm happy." - Miyazawa Sae (Tokyohive

It's wonderful news to know that Sae and Mariya will finally be able to debut within the group that they are a part of, and I am especially happy for Sae, who wanted to focus on SNH so much and to get them more well known. She is a hard worker, and I am happy that she will finally debut and perform alongside the other members of SNH48.

Congratulations, girls!

Misc Idols and Groups News

PASSPO☆ and other groups such as have been added to the lineup for HARUJUKU KAWAii FES 2013 which will be held on October 5th & 6th.


Let's just pray that the group doesn't bore everyone to death.

Momoiro Clover Z have revealed their new Artists photo's and the title of their new single, GOUNN. The single will be released on November 6th and is the groups 10th single.


I am scared, but also slightly intrigued, because the costumes and style remind me of the story Rama and Sita that I was told as a child in school. Basically, MomoClo are portraying Ravana in the fiery artists photo... in my opinion!

It has been announced that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has been chosen as the official ambassador for Ora2, a toothpaste brand for women by Sunstar. As the ambassador, Kyary will appear in TV CM's, on billboards and large displays in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. This will mark Kyary's first time appearing on advertisements outside of Japan.

A Sunstar executive commented:
"Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-san leads the KAWAii culture that Japan takes pride in. She has succeeded her world tour, appeared at festivals in Thailand and Taiwan, and has tremendous support from young women around the world who admire KAWAii culture. Because brushing your teeth is an everyday routine, Ora2 wanted to create a new value of 'fun' and 'cute' in order to spread the new culture of brushing your teeth to young women in Japan and throughout Asia. We felt that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-san was perfect to become the ambassador." - Sunstar Executive (Tokyohive)

Well, this is something rather cute and different to be an ambassador of, and it fits Kyary perfectly... so nicely done, Kyary! Will you have a theme song about toothpaste for your next single?

(From Left to Right: Limited and Regular Edition)

The covers for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's up-coming single, titled Mottai Night Land, have been revealed. The single is scheduled to release on November 6th, and the song is being used a


The covers... they are weird, but also the regular edition is cute... I have no idea what to think other than scarily cute, to the point where I think Halloween is truly coming closer... oh my!

Tokyo Girls' Update

PV/Song Previews

A short MV preview for Sexy Zone's up-coming single, Bai Bai DuBai ~See You Again~ has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


I would legit watch Fuma sway those damn hips aaaaaall day.

Sakura Gakuin have revealed the short PV for their new single Ganbare!! which will be released on October 9th. In the video, the girls run towards Nippon Budokan with all their might! This visualises their goal to perform at the venue, however this is a dream that the girls know they will not realise until they work together as a group and support each other with all of their might.


It is good to see such a motivational video made by such a young group. Budokan is a hard goal to make for most groups, and I sincerely hope that Sakura Gakuin, who truly deserve it, can one day make it to Budokan. Hopefully this video will show their fans how much they want it, and their fans will help them to get there!

Silent Siren have released the short music video preview for their up-coming single IxU. The single, which is their 4th release, will be available from October 30th, and is the first ballad for the group to perform.


It sounds like a very beautiful song, and whilst the instrumental is gorgeous (and that set!!!) the voice of the lead singer actually puts me off of the song in general... NOT GOOD! DX

Press Release/Promotional Videos

MAiDiGi TV have released four-parts of press release footage for The Next Generation -Patlabor- which will star Mano Erina as the lead female role. Be sure to check it out!


It's amazing that Mano Erina was able to gain a role such as this. I don't know about Patlabor, but it seems to be loved by many fans, and I am sure it will gain new fans with Mano Erina's part being rather large in this seven-part series and up-coming film. Hopefully many people will watch it!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded footage from the press release event for SKE48 and HKT48's up-coming radio show SKE48 & HKT48's Affectionate Talk. Be sure to check it out!


Rino looks rather gorgeous, and I am seeing Matsui Rena in a new gorgeous light, too... I never really saw Rena as much until now it seems XD

JIJIPRESS have released footage from the press release event for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters where Watanabe Mayu, who voices the character Annabeth, promote the film, reads a part from her script and interacts with a cute character mascot. Be sure to take a look!


I actually like Mayu's voice acting, which surprises me. I thought she totally wouldn't fit voice acting... but she does. However, Annabeth might not be the right character for her xD

Oricon, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have released Press event footage of Shinoda Mariko during the press conference where she reveals that she an authorized cabin attendant for the Low-cost carrier Peach. Be sure to take a look!


Pink is such a good colour on Mariko-sama! She looks beautiful, positively radiant!

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from the press event for Kashiwagi Yuki's photoshoot for the magazine Zexy. Here she talks about marriage.


She looks lovely in the dress, but I'm the sort of person who believes that you should not wear a wedding dress until your wedding day... old fashioned morals, I know >o<

JIJIPRESS have revealed press footage from the performance of various Idol groups for the first live held at the AKIBA Culture's Theatre. The groups include Up Up Girls, Lovely★Doll, DiVA and TOKYO TORiTSU. Be sure to watch!


There was a lot of coverage and emphasis on Up Up Girls in this video, and that is quite surprising, especially since DiVA were there, but it is also understandable; Up Up Girls are awesome!

Performances and TV Appearances

Morning Musume members Michishige Sayumi and Fukumura Mizuki appear on Go Go! Smile and promote the groups new Best of album and group photobook! Be sure to check it out!

There are seven parts to watch.


It seems to take a while to getting around to Sayu and Mizuki, so I kinda just skipped it to the point where I didn't watch much of it XD

Morning Musume's Fukumura Mizuki and Iikubo Haruna take on the dance style of Kiso, Nagano's Kiso Odori on J-Melo, so be sure to check it out!


I like that Iikubo openly proclaimed her thoughts of Fukuhime being sexy XD Also, is this the style of dance and music that would have inspired Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo? The style of music really reminds me of that song.

Fukuhime and Iikubon are so cute, too!


And that is all we have tie for today in the world of Idoru News! I hope that this week you have digested everything, and will prepare for next week! Until then, however... ja ne!



  1. Kanon and Riho's relationship is just like Chissa and Airi's. I'm still not a riho fan but I like her a bit more after reading this article. And lol @ your comment for Miyabi's photo book

  2. Oh, that's a nice comparison to make! For me, they seem to truly support each other, and they are close as well which is nice. They also have an understanding of one another, and from what Riho says, it seems only Zukki understands her truly. And I like her a bit more, too.

    XD I had to make some comments about Miyabi~

  3. Man i really hope Patlabor really take off and make Mano-chan into a star. And Kikka is always hot. ALWAYS.

    1. I would love it to take off and show the world that Mano is a great actress... who knows, she may be in Hollywood next! And yes, hawt Kikka. Hawt forever.

  4. The picture of the week is HILARIOUS!

    1. I loved that pic of the week XD GO NAKKY <3