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Michishige Saho becomes Houkago Princesses 6th Generation Cadet!

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Through Odagiri Nana's official Twitter, is was announced that Houkago Princess had a new sith generation Cadet member. The member has been revealed to be Saho Michishige, the second cousin of Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi.
"I have forgotten to write something important!!! The 6th generation Cadet Apprentice member (she is the second cousin of Sayumi) Michishige Saho-chan, who I was taking lessons with before she joined Houkago Princess! This is the new, cute members first serious pre-release! Please come and support us with your love!" (A rough translation by Chiima)
Nana also tweeted a picture of the two during a photoshoot together.


So, I found out about this news on Facebook, where one of my friends Neru linked me to a French fan page for Hello! Project that had released the news. I was, at first, very confused by the news, because there was nothing on the groups websites or blogs that had revealed Michishige Saho to be a new member. In the end, I found an article on a Japanese forum ( and also found Saho's official Facebook, as well as her blog, which she seems to have closed down for now. From her images on her Facebook page, she seems to have been doing a bit of modelling before becoming a part of Houkago Princess as a 6th Generation Cadet Apprentice (what a damn mouthful... @.@), so she seems to have some experience behind her.

Of course, the most interesting thing about Saho is not that she is a new member, but a second cousin of Morning Musume's Leader and Chou-Kawaii Sayumi. This has, for some H!P fans, expressed interest in following Houkago Princess, which I don't mind... but also do, in a way (xD). I love Houkago Princess a lot, and I am so happy to see that Sayumi's second cousin has expressed such an interest to join an Idol group I follow and enjoy so much (in fact, I can't wait to see her in a PV or the HouPri uniform *^*) but I would like fans to follow HouPri because they want to, not just because Sayu's second cousin is a part of the group.

I also think that this is a pretty smart move on HouPri staffs part, because Michishige Sayumi is still pretty well known in Japan thanks to her TV appearances, and now also Morning Musume's revival, so it could garner quite a bit of attention towards Houkago Princess, who knows? Either way, she is a new member, and it seems that she has sparked interest in people who previously did not follow HouPri.

Anyway, that all said and done, here's a little bit on Saho Michishige.

Name: Michishige Saho
D.O.B: May 13th, 1991
Age: 22
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Yamaguchi
Height: 163cm
Traits: Optimistic (advantage), Honest to a fault (disadvantage)
Favourite Food: Curry, meat stuffed with peppers, Natto, meat and tomatoes.
Favourite Songs/Groups: Hello! Project, R&B
Favourite Type: Those who share favourite foods, people who have sex appeal.
Type you Hate: People who can forgive anything.
Occupation you wanted as a child: To become Sailor Mars
Other: She was a model for Orange-Photo, she is the second cousin of Michishige Sayumi, she had an official blog on RUNWAY channel (fashion blog)


Hopefully, this will interest those who do follow Houkago Princess, and also those who don't. Adding Michishige Sayumi's second cousin is an interesting choice, but it is nice to see that she also has had previous experience in the entertainment industry before joining Houkago Princess. I am glad she joined though, because I love HouPri, and it is wonderful to see that girls are interested enough to join them.

... It's also nice to see a 22 year old Idol! I mean, seriously, they get too young nowadays! But yeah... good luck, Michishige Saho! I am sure that you will have an abundance of fans now... XD

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  1. "Occupation you wanted as a child: To become Sailor Mars"

    This is very cool, though. I think idol relatives are cool in general... like Yamada Nana with her brother in Johnny's (forgot his name because I don't listen to Johnny's artists so...), and Natsuyaki Miyabi's cousin in AKB48 (Fujie Reina). And there's the Okai sisters from H!P and the Suzuki sisters from Cheeky Parade. IDK, I just think it's cool... like idol-ing is something that is in your blood. XD

    I must convince my Asian-pop-hating sister to become an idol with me...

    1. (btw I mentioned this on the H!P Wiki and sourced you... hope you don't mind)

    2. Honestly, I think that has made so many people fall for her! She seems like such a day-dreamer, and a sweet heart, to me. If being Sayu's cousin doesn't make people like her, then her childhood dream job will XD

      Idol relatives are a really cool concept, I agree with you! It's one of the reasons why Bump.y are so interesting (Miyatake Mio and Matsuri are sisters). Also, 9nine's own Nishiwaki Sayaka is the younger sibling of Perfume's A~chan. The indies group ANNA*S have two sisters in the group, Anna and Yu-na, and Idoling!!! also have two sisters in the group now! Also, Avex groups E-girls include two sisters, and they have a brother in Johnny's. I swear, there is another group or pair of siblings I forget, but we'll get back to that later...

      AND YES, DO IT >8D

      Also, that's fine! I am happy with that ^o^

    3. Oh yeah, I forgot about Sayaka and A~chan! I remember I just found that out a few weeks ago and my mind was BLOWN! XD

  2. "Type you Hate: People who can forgive anything."

    LOL! I read that and immediately it endeared her to me. That and she's a Sith!

    1. Yeah I think that is a pretty darned endearing quality about her! When I saw the translation, I felt that she was interesting just on that! And the Sailor Mars part... XD <3