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Why no Guns, Man!? WHY!?!? Morning Musume 'Ai no Gundan' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are *totally* my own, and why I asterik'd *totally* is beyond me, but it's true, all thoughts and opinions are my own, indeedy do they are! Aos, my soul is mine. And yours is now, too. Have fun knowing I hold your soul in my hands :3 I love you <3

... This has been a long time coming, and of course, I procrastinated on writing it. WHHHY!?

So it really has been a while coming for this post, and I did originally intend to write and post it when the Oricon announcement came out last week, telling us all in the Wonderful Wota World that Morning Musume had snagged that Number 1 spot for first day sales with a whopping 96,000 copies sold! Now, for AKB fans, that seems like a low number and all, but for MoMusu it is amazing, exciting, and just wonderful! I was so happy for Morning Musume when it was announced, and my sister was just as excited and over-the-top happy, too, and as one Japanese fan had said:

"Rather than selling a million and feeling nothing, it's way more fun being a wota to whom selling 100k gives a great joy" - Wota in Translation, poster 179

That is totally true, I felt so happy and had a great sense of joy. Hell, I have a great sense of joy for MoMusu regardless of whether or not the group sells a lot, because I love them. Ah MoMusu... <3

Okay, I think I am going off topic a bit, because this is actually supposed to be a post about Ai no Gundan, or Why no Gun Man!? as I like to call it. So yeah... finally, I have a post for you! I also have a PV without bloody subtitles, so that makes me happy! So... shall we take a looksy at what Why no Gun Man!? has to offer us? You do want a looksy!? GOOD! Let's take a look then, and check out MoMusu's guns!

... Be warned, there are 96 pictures, so get a drink and sit back! We're in for another long damn picture spam of Happiness, sexy Sayu's and beautiful Baby Predator's. Oh, HELL YEAH!!!

I see some tummy skin showing on Haruka o-O Is it wrong to look? Are the cops around? -looks around-


If you know what I'm referencing, I wil give you an imaginary cookie :3

Learn how to Walk with Morning Musume. Step 1: Put one foot in front of the other, and make your hand stretch out so that it looks like you are driving a car.

This is how you walk naturally.

Sayu looks so happy driving her imaginary car! Vroom, vroom!

Oh wait, we're not learning how to walk any more. It has suddenly turned into a Cancan lesson.

... it looks like the girls are ready to wait on a table in a restaurant or something...

MoMusu: "Hi, I'll be your Waiter tonight. What may I get you?" -puts towel on arm-

Sakuranbo: "Oh Hi there, Camera-san. We meet again~"

Damn Sakuranbo has learned how to eye-fuck the camera pretty quickly now that Winky's gone, and really, who can blame her?

Dayashi: "Gurls, there be some motherfucka' in ma HOOD! Keep an eye out for 'em..."

That is some lovely foliage in the background, there.

Riho's beginning to look a lot less smug, but a lot more like a really cute imp.

... That is supposed to be a compliment.

Sayu, on the other hand, looks like some sexy Goddess. Dayumn!

... Princess, why the Hell do you look so bored?

Fukuhime: "Because I am bored. I am bored of you, peasant!"

I wonder when Eriman will tell Management that she is really a guy and set to debut in JE? Seriously, Eran, come on! Stop hiding your true gender!

Also, I love Eriman's weird ears.

DAMN this girl is beautiful! That smile ;w; <3

Also, Zukkini has some cute ears.

Harukyaan: "FUCK YEAH, BUHBALS!"

Damnit girl, you're gonna be hot when you're 16. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

Masakissu: "Er, Tsunku-san? Can I have all of Reina's lines now?"
Dayashi: "Dear Buddha in Paradise, PLEASE give me all of the lines... even if it fucks up my already damaged vocals."

A little bit of MasaKissu Kissy lips there. The fans always need some adorable duck-kiss lips for the Masakins~

Oh look, our Baby Predator is attempting it as well, but she just looks beautiful border-line-hot when trying it...

Holy crap this Shark Idol has graduated from being a Shark and is now just damn beautiful!

-spits out imaginary drink-

It actually scares me how Riho is attempting to be 'sexy', because it does not fit her, and she is too cute/beautiful to be anything adult and sinful.

Lol, sinful.

Harukyaan: "This is some damn beautiful Foliage."

It looks like they are dancing under a night sky... holy crapola is that what it is meant to look like? Dancing under the stars!?

Eriman: "Fucking foliage... PAH!" -hits brutally-

See this? This is adorable, and makes me want to hug Riho. A lot. My goodness so cute!!! Look at that 'I am an Ace BITCH' smile.

Ho-ho-ho-HOLY CRAP Sayumi is hot o-o

Sakuranbo: "... I can't see anything out of one eye!"

That's because you are doing the sign over your eye, not in front of it!

Sakuranbo: "Oh... aye aye, captain!"

Wait, what!? Captain!? This ain't Berryz, gurl!

Sakuranbo: "Meet ma peeps, home dawgs and bitches."


Admittedly, this is the hottest I have seen Princess in the PV so far. DAMN GURL <3

I feel like I am watching Thunderbirds or something. They look like a modern-day, female-only Thunderbirds.

Am I the only one to think that?

... And that is damn HOT!

She has this self-assured look that says "I made you hard... didn't I?"

If I had a Penis... yes. Yes Sayu, you did.

Sayumi: "Check out our non-existent guns of muscle!"
Sakuranbo: "Eripon has massive guns, I felt them earlier when we were doing..."
Dayashi: "Shut up, Sakura! We don't need the details, we HEARD what you did earlier!"

Dude, Sakuranbo's skirt is going so high, I can almost see that girls panties.

... Eriman will not be happy with her lewdness!

Fukuhime: "Ah, the foliage is beautiful today...~"
Baby Predator: "Indeed, it is rather lovely."
Zukkini: "Quite. Positively riveting, I say."
MasaKissu: "... Meh, I've seen better."

Admiring the beautiful foliage. Also, a wonderfully serene image. I loooooove eet <3

... And yet, this one feels like the girls are judging me... especially Haruka.

Harukyaan: "Bitch, what you lookin' at?"

Nothing, nothing! Just looking at the foliage!

Harukyaan: "Hey, baby. How you doin'?"

... I had to screen cap this because of Masaki and Haruka's faces in the background. Look at them, look at the derpiness of Masakins, and look at how seductively derpful Haruka looks.


... I have a feeling that this is going to be my favourite scene, because 1) Beautiful, 2) Beautiful young ladies, and 3) UPPER CAMERA ANGLE!!!

Eriman, why are you wearing a dress? Aren't you male?

Also... damn this shot is gorgeous! <3

... I think that Eripon could easily pass herself off as an Elf, don't you?

... I expect to see her in a Christmas movie this year, now >3<

Ah, Zukki! We have not had enough of you! My darling, my gorgeous baby Zukkini! Where have you been?

Okay, this is the damn cutest I have seen Haruka in this video! KYAAA!

You can see, in her eyes, that Haruka is proud of that shared line. Damn, it makes me happy, too.

Favourite Haruka scene, because she just looks so happy ;w; <3

Riho still has this cute awkwardness about her that pops up from time to time, like here :3

I swear, I will never get tired of seeing the happiness Ayumi exudes when she dances...

And damn, Eripon is totally eye-fucking the camera in this scene o-o <3 Werk it, gurl!

... -nosebleeds everwhere-

Wow, this is Harunan's first solo shot o-O Where has this beauty been?

Also, I feel like I should be buying girl scout cookies from her in this, don't you?

Sayumi is staring so intently, and it seems that she means business right now...

... Kinky business, that is! Ah, that look! Sending shivers down my spine.

The good kind ;)

Princess is so bland here, but damn, she is beautiful <3

Okay, MasaKissu makes everything look fun! I can't help but want to pat her on the head, and give her some candy!

Also, poor Zukki, she looks like she has no idea what to do... ):

Uumph, Eriman! So manly, she even makes the bubbles look sexy!

Do you know how happy this clip of Ayumi makes me? Do ya!?

It's almost like Angels fell out of Heaven into a beautiful bed of rose petals...

Oh wait, that's exactly what happened.

MasaKissu Duck Lips!!!!!1! <3

Fukuhime: "Guuuuurl, you better not be takin' ma lines now..."
MasaKissu: "But it's what the Wota want, and it's what I want!"

Watching Ayumi is kind of... mesmerising...

I have a feeling that once Sayumi graduates, Ayumi's going to be the one to steal away your attention with her beauty and hotness, and how she just seems to command that mother-loving camera.

Speak of the She-Devil, and she shall appear...

Though this is the cutest she has been in the PV. The rest of the time she has been sexy.

Admittedly, Princess is channelling her inner-Sayu and bringing sexy back!

Dayashi looks pretty smug and mischievous here, it's quite cute XD

Dayashi: "Muehehehe, I has all ze lines!"

I love that Haruna's just like 'friiiiends!' and Riho and Haruka are like 'SIIINGING! CAMERA'S! SCREEN TIIIME!'

Also, Haruka looks so happy, it makes my heart go doki doki <3

The concentration on Eriman's face reminds me of when I dance... I duck face, too...

... I wish this screen cap was not blurry, because this is perfect and hilarious, and I want it as my wallpaper ;w;

Check out all of MoMusu's imaginary guns, people!... Well, except Eripon. Hers are real, as we have established.

Also, is it just me, or does this look like their War Cry Stance? You know, the one they will shriek into the air before their battle with AKB48 starts? Yeah, that one~

MoMusu: "Please buy our single, now..."

Oh look, they're praying! Pray for the success!!!!

Admittedly, the sparkles and effects aren't horrible this time around, and I quite like them...

... but that's probably because it doesn't look like someone jizzed glitter all over the screen, and like someone know how to apply the effects nicely -glares at One Two Three-

Sayumi is so sexy, the rest of MoMusu have to bend down so that their knickers don't drop off from her sexual impact.

Wait, what?

... This is more funny than sexy, which is why it is in here XD

Sayumi: "... What the fuck did you just say about my screen cap?"

Nothing, Miss!!!!!

Sayumi: "Oh God, I'm so sexy..."
Sakuranbo: "Er, Tsunku-san, I need to go to the bathroom..."
MasaKissu: "Derp, whut?"

Sayumi's so god damn irresistible, she somehow manages to turn herself on.

Eripon: "... Wake me up when I get a damn line or something... zzz..."

... What? I love this scene o-o <3

Sayumi: "... I'm watching you..."

o-O Sexy yet rather scary... weird combo...

Dayashi "Gurl, holla! Riho in da HOUSE!"

MasaKissu: "I don't 'Holla'."

That face reminds me of the Mafia... o-O

I don't know if I want to hug Sakuranbo, pat her on the head, or buy cookies from her... hm...

Harukyaan: "... Where the fuck did all these sparkles come from?"
Dayashi: "Urgh, sparkles."
Harunan: "... I am so bloody bored..."

I screen capped this because Princess looks rather ravishing here~

Princess, what are you thinking...?

Fukuhime: "Me? Oh, nothing... just your demise..."

o-O Okay...

... Right now, it feels like I just have to take screen caps of everything Ayumi does, because wow... she is... beautiful... ;w;

... I also get this same feeling of wanting to always press print screen with Sayumi.

My favourite Dayashi close up, because she commands attention, and has a bundle of attitude! Also, cuuuuuute~

Eriman: "Baby, I love you so much, but I have to go to war..."

Eriman: "Will you wait for me?"

Sakuranbo: "Ikuta Eran-kun, I love you too. My heart only beats for you!"

Sakuranbo: "Of course I will wait for you, my love!!!"

Sayumi: "Urgh, fetch me a barf bag, please..."

Harukyaan: "... Wait, Eripon's a DUDE!?"

Dayashi: "URGH, I thought that I had told you two to cut it out back in the dressing room. Do you WANT me to put this fist up your a---"

Fukuhime: "Riho, kids are watching! Shush!"
Eriman: "Yeah, Riho, shut up!"
Dayashi: "Bitch, I am right behind you and I can still shove this fist up your skinny a---"
Fukuhime: "RIHO!"

Okay, wow, Harunan is gorgeous <3 And Riho looks like the sort of person I would not want to mess with XD

Also, Harukyaan, you cutie... <3

Urrrrgh, this has to be the most gorgeous scene in this entire PV... well, other than Ayumi and Sayu solo shots, that is...

Then again, this shot is also seriously beautiful. Especially given that it has Ayumi, Princess and Zukkini in it. And Masakins, but she just adds an amazing amoutn of d'awwwww to the scene.

Oh, just look at all of that beautiful foliage... now, where are my damn girl scout cookies?

... I kinda think I go crazy with these pic spams sometimes, especially the ones where I seem to have no restrain on print screening what I like... but then I think 'MEH', and continue doing it, only to find myself thinking '... Oh good lord, there are LOADS' when I start to comment on them. Seriously, I think I need to learn to restrain myself sometimes...

Oh wait, that's no fun! I'll keep doing what I do, because it entertains me slightly that I get this mad with the screen grabs! YAY!!!

Anyways, that all said and done, I took a lot of print screens on this picture spam because damn, I do like this PV, and really, what is not to like about it? Other than that the fact that the girls are obviously in a studio, with tree's, mimicking the outside whilst not being outside... Yeah. But really, what is there not to like about this PV?

From what I know, this is the fan favourite out of the two PV's because of how pretty it is! And really, who can blame people for loving this music video? It is positively gorgeous to look at! We have the lovely contrasting scenes of night and day, we see Morning Musume in these wonderful red and black military-styled outfits that, weirdly enough, also remind me of girl scouts and cookies from American Movies, and then we see them in these lovely white outfits that are really Angelic and just so flattering and lovely! I love the costumes, the scenes, and how put together everything looks in this PV! Hell, I don't even care that this has all been done in the studio, because it does look pretty damn fantastic regardless of that fact.

... Yes, I am in love with it, and you should be, too!... Well, you don't have to be, but... yeah. LOVE IT!!!

Now, I am not saying that Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke is a bad PV when up against this one, because I honestly think that Wagamama does have a lot more to offer, and is a lot more polished and seems more expensive compared to Why no Gun Man!?, but with this one... I think it is more breathtaking to look at, because there is more time to look at the girls and see them in a prettier, lighter looking environment. By that, I mean there are less roaming camera's that are sweeping back and forth, so we have a lot more focus on the girls rather than trying to catch a glimpse of one face, and we also have scenes that are filled with light, rather than the back lights of the Auditorium, so we see them so much more clearly. The girls are also standing, sitting or laying in a way that really makes you take a look and notice how incredibly pretty each girl is, and with the added features of the trees and rose petals, you just can't help but think 'wow... that is so beautiful!' because it adds this natural, almost effortless, look to the girls that is really just lovely and noticeable.

Yes, I am clearly a fan of the alternative shots where we see the girls in white and looking so Angelic and beautiful, but I do also love the close-up shots and the dance shot, because in the dance close-ups, we do see a lot of lovely faces and reactions from the girls, especially Masaki, Ayumi and Haruka, who all look simply delighted by the fact that they are dancing to this great song! They also command attention in the dance, I think, and I can't help but notice these girls as they dance and make their presence known... especially Ayumi, who also takes my breath away in her close-up shots, too. My goodness, she is a beauty, and it is so surprising that she grasped my attention like this! Much like Sayumi, she has this look that just works for the camera, and she has something about her that makes you want to look at her and not stop staring... really, if I had to watch anyone's close-up shot for this PV, other than Sayumi's, it would be Ayumi's, because she just keeps you watching, and keeps you there for as long as she wants you to be there...

On the topic of close-ups, actually, I do want to mention that there was an alarming lack of Zukki in this, and an even more alarming lack of Haruna. I am quite used to not seeing Zukki in excess, but Haruna is a rather different matter I think. Usually, we see a good amount of Harunan, not a big ammount, but a decent enough size that we see enough of her, and yet, here... she is only shown once, and that is rather disappointing, because Haruna is beautiful and just so lovely to look at! The same with Zukki, but again, I am used to never seeing much of her because UFP are gigantic dicks. She was only shown twice in a solo close-up, which is so sad because I love Zukki and she deserves to shine in some way, whether it be in the dance or in group shots, but yeah... she's hardly shown as well, and it kind of annoys me that two of my Top 4 are hardly shown at all in this.

That said, I am glad that both Haruka and Eripon are given a good amount of screen time, especially Haruka. That wonderful girl may be shafted for the lines she deserves, but damn, they do love her little face, don't they! She is a doll, and she really does own that screen time. I love seeing her happy little face when she's dancing and singing a line, because you can really see that she enjoys what she does, regardless of the fact that she may or may not be given much to sing. It is just lovely to see her look so happy! Of course, she is isn't the only one who has clear happiness when performing, because Masakins and Ayumi do, as well, and that is wonderful to see, too!

Now, away from the topic of happiness and onto hotness, is it just me, or is Eripon getting manlier? No, it isn't just me? AWESOME!
 Yeah... Eripon is really turning into Eriman in my opinion, but I do think that it's time for a new 'boy' character in Morning Musume. Haruka is too adorable and girly, but Eripon... Eripon looks rather androgynous, like a boy or a girl depending on how her hair is styled, and how she looks at the camera. In this, a good majority of the time, she looks very masculine and dominating... and that's pretty damn cool, in my opinion! It makes me love her more, and I really do wish that Erina would pick up the boy act from Haruka and play it up, because she could really pull it off, especially with her muscles... also, I would love to see some boyfriend-girlfriend-player skits between her and the other members, especially Sakura, Zukki and Riho, who seem like the girlfriend types. It would be pretty damn sweet!

All in all, I like the PV. It has great shots, and I like the set-up of the video. It's in a studio, yes, but it looks good despite that, and I love the contrast of night and day in this. The girls all look great, and I love the uniforms they were given! The camera angles are pretty neat, and I just think that this is a very well-done PV that is beautiful, despite the fact that it is on the cheaper side. Yes, it has the same formula as other Morning Musume PV's, but who cares? The dance is great, the costumes are wonderful, the scenes are nice to look at, and the groups chemistry is better than ever!

Is this better than Wagamama? In terms of cost, execution, how cool it is... no, it isn't, but I like Ai no Gundan because it is fun, effortless and beautiful to watch, not because it cost a lot and the girls all look different and beautiful. I like this because it is great to watch, and has its own personality. It does not mimic Wagamama at all, and it just a tremendous amount of fun to watch. I love it, and it is my favourite of the two PV's. Not necessarily the best, but I like it, and that is all that matters for me as a viewer.

Aside from Eriman's muscles of steel... WHY NO GUNS, MAN!?


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  1. I love this video too and I noticed that two members were not well featured in it. Zukki especially has a really GOOD voice. I hope that she gets more solo lines soon. I like Haruna too... I like everyone in this line-up actually so I want them all to be represented.
    I loved your review and all of the pictures! thanks for it!

    1. Yeah, it's sad that Zukki and Haruna aren't shown... Haruna's nano clip was disappointing ;A; I NEED MORE OF HER! And yes, Zukki does have a darn good voice, she needs to be heard!

      I am glad you enjoyed! ;2; <3

    EriMAN is the best new nickname ever. Did you ever see her one-hand cartwheel? Epic. Shige is getting hotter all the time and it's just not fair. Did I mention I love your screencaps? That one of Shige with her hands on her hips makes me so happy. This pv really is beautiful even with the smaller budget. The girls are shining so much lately, eh? ^_^

    1. F***ING BUBBLES! O 3O <3

      I love this new nicknam, because damn, Eriman is now manly... >3> AND YES, I HAVE ;W; She is so talented... <3 Upper body strength on Eriman ftw o-o <3 And yeah, Shige just gets more and more beautiful, and sexy, every single day. Ahhh you love my screencaps ;w; but I love yours, too... and I love you XD And Shige being hot makes everyone happy XD

      This PV is awesome, it just screams how wonderful the girls are! And as you say, they really are shining so much lately ;w; <3 Happiness!!!!