Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #70

Minna, Digest Dayo? What shall we Digest today?

In this weeks Digest...

FINALLY, some S/mileage news! Mano Erina's Photobook cover + previews released! Mano Erina will act in a live-action series? Michishige Sayumi to release a new photobook! NEW KENSHUUSEI!!!! The H!P Kenshuusei also get a TV Show! 30 Candidates selected for AKB48's Draft Kaigi! SKE to release a new single! An ex-AKB member is in a relationship!? PV previews galore! Miss iD 2014 is here, and she won't smile! And more! Are you ready to Digest today?

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Digest, where Idol news is the only thing we care about! Have you had a good week, Digesting last weeks Idol news? Well, guess what, it's that time again, where we just create MORE NEWS!!!!!! Let's get ready to go, yes? YES!!!

So this week has been okay, I have been working for three days of the week (yup... I am working now! I need something to fuel and pay for this Idol addiction of mine) and I have also sent in an audition video to a small crew I have volunteered with before now for a short film they are making. Also, I will hopefully be helping them as a crew member again this year, too, as well as acting... hoo boy! But yes, I have had a somewhat busy week I guess, and it has all been fun and games. (oh, and a bit of a bore too, but whatever!) Also, like most teen boys (wait, I'm female... whoops!) I have been playing some GTA 5. It's my nephews game, but whatever, I like it. I mean, I suck at the game, but I like it... so yeah!

So, what's your week been like? Good? Oh, brilliant! Anyway, enough of this chitter chatter, let's get into the Digest. Are you ready? LET'S GO!!!!!!!

As always, please use ctrl + f to navigate through the Digest easily, and to get to the destinations you wish to read the most! Have fu~n!

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Video of the Week

Kimi no Koto Mamoritai by Doll☆Elements

I only just started to watch this today, but given that I am utterly obsessed with the song right now, I think that it deserves a spot here, because I may never review the PV itself. My goodness, it is so good! It's cute and very sweet, and idol-like in every way. The girls sound pleasant enough, and the blonde-wigged girl is just so adorable in this! Knowing my luck, she's the one that is leaving, I bet. (I hope it isn't here ;w;) I also rather like that the video uses stop motion capture to show us a more doll-like quality to the girls. It really gives you the effect of 'people' moving these dollies to their destinations, and also making them pose and such. It's a cute video, and a nice concept, and I really like it. Very well done!

The song is <3 too~

Picture of the Week

Fresh-faced Mano is the best Mano.


Hello! Pro Station #34 is here, with Yajima Maimi at the Desk as our MC! Be sure to watch the show, and as always, enjoy~

This weeks episode includes...

Motto Zutto Issho ni Itta Katta dance shot! Morning Musume members comment on... I have no idea what, but possibly singles and concerts! Tamura Meimi sings Ama no Jaku! C-ute's performance of the amazing song Jump! And various members of Berryz and S/mileage comment on their Waratte Jeanne play!


All in all: An okay episode, but not a great one. Like last weeks, lack-lustre. Maybe it's because Maimi is there, so they thought they should make the episodes boring to try and make her look interesting?

Then again, the Jump performance was great. The best part of the entire video in my opinion!

Hello! Project News

The Hello! Project Summer 2013 concert footage will be streamed on Nico Nico Douga from September 23rd through to the 29th, so don't miss out!


Nice way of advertising the concerts and the groups... and a great way for overseas fans to check it out, too!

Morning Musume

Morning Musume's profile images have been updated, so check them out!


Some of the girls (especially Masaki) look like they are wearing plastic bags instead of dresses... I mean, I get that they are meant to look 'Angelically Ethereal' or Heavenly or whatever, but seriously... make the dresses look less like plastic shopping bags, please?

That said, DAMN, Eripon is channelling her inner sexy and standing out! She has to be one of the most flawless looking of the lot o-o

Hell, she's even beating Sayu here. That's hard to do o-o Heck, even Ayumi is beating Sayu! Daaaamn, gurls! WORK IT!

Fukumura Mizuki and Sayashi Riho grace the cover of Sugar & Spice magazine!


Riho's face says that the cameraman is holding a gun to her in order to make her smile. Oi, cameraman, she still ain't smiling...

But no, seriously, Riho looks awkward, tense, stiff and uncomfortable. She has done for a while now, what's up with that?

The DVD Digest for Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol. 54 is here, so be sure to check it out!


This seems to be a rather emotional DVD Magazine this time around, because it seems to include Reina's graduation, which was emotional for everyone there... awww man, I WANNA CRY NOW ;W;

-cries like a baby-

Morning Musume will hold a mini-live and handshake event on September 26th at CLUB CITTA in Kawasaki.


This is a new location, right? A new location they will be holding an event at... or at least, it's new for me. HOLY CRAP, EITHER WAY, PROMOTION!!!! ;W; <3 OH HAPPY DAYS!

It has been revealed that Michishige Sayumi will release her new photobook, titled Blue Rose, on October 27th.


I hope I see some mother-fucking roses in there, and some vintage-inspired images, or Victorian clothes... or just an old-fashioned style for Sayu to wear.

She would rock it.


Berryz Kobou

Tokunaga Chinami, Sudou Maasa and Natsuyaki Miyabi will hold a handshake and talk event at Tower Records Sapporo on October 4th, it has been revealed.


Three personalities, two hotties and one horse. That'll be a great event!


Nakajima Saki will be the guest of Kudo Haruka and Sato Masaki's regular Top Yell Corner.


And there, the experienced and mature Nakky will give the two young Musume's advice on looking cute but sexual, just like her. She will also talk about Airi's scandals and such.

C-ute have graced the cover of GiRLPOP magazine for Autumn 2013!


Apparently Berryz have too, but I can't find their cover. Who cares, anyway?


Nakanishi Kana and Wada Ayaka's Birthday FC events DVD Digests have been uploaded, so be sure to check them out!


I actually think that this is the first time where I have truly wanted to own an FC event birthday DVD... and it's Kanananana's. Firstly, she is a good singer despite being one of the weaker vocalists of Hello! Pro. Secondly... COSPLAY!!!! Man, that air hostess costumes was <333 WOW! And thirdly... SHE PLAYS THE PIANO O-O <3

Also, I like Dawa, she is so cute, but she can't sing XD


Tamura Meimi will hold a Birthday Fanclub event on October 29th, it has been revealed.


They really should have just set it up for October 31st, when Meimi will be at her full level of Vampire, and where she can successfully suck blood to her content!

Hello! Project News

S/mileage will hold a free talk event at Mido Hall Osaka on September 29th.


As long as they only talk and don't sing, then many ears shall be saved.

Hello! Project News


Juice=Juice have graced the cover of CDJournal magazine!


Tomoko looks slightly evil in this image... o-O

The Event V cover for Romance no Tochuu has been revealed!


So I see that UFP's photoshop skills still suck.

Takagi Sayuki is the next guest for Idol Hour Hello! Project on Enjoy Network Japan for the next two weeks!
"Starting this week, we have new guest for rest of September! 
It's Sayuki Takagi from Juice=Juice!! 
As she talks abou Juice=Juice as her dream, she has so much enthusiasm for this group. She is still 16 years old and We got really pure impression from her! and she is like a full of dream! 
For listeners in overseas, she recommended some good places to eat Sushi in Japan and her favorite shops in 109 in Shibuya!
If you can visit both of the place, you will enjoy Tokyo a lot! 
We will play lot's of Juice=Juice song too!
It's broadcasting today! Don't miss it!" - Enjoy Network Japan Comment

Yaaay, Sayuki! Please let her sweetness and love for Juice=Juice shine on here! Also, all fans of Sayuki, please tune in diligently!

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

The 20th generation of Hello! Project Kenshuusei is here! The seven finalists from Morning Musume's 12th generation audition have become trainee's, so be sure to watch over them as they grow as performers who hope to debut!

The girls include:

Yamaki Risa (15)
Yokokawa Yumei (14)
Niinuma Kisora (-)
Danbara Ruru (12)
Haga Akane (11)
Funaki Musubu (-)
Oura Hirona (-)


Most of the girls, with the exceptions of Risa, Musubu and Akane, look rather boring to me... but OMFG, AKANE, LMAO! She looks like she wants to kill people o-o

It has been confirmed that the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei will have a regular Weekly TV show starting fro October 5th!


And it will be better than Satoyama Life and Hello! Pro Station, though Hello! Pro Station isn't a TV show...

Up-Front Promotion News

The cover for Mano Erina's up-coming photobook, titled Mano-chan ~Dear Friends~ has been revealed!


Oh look, an ex-H!P Member (and ex-kenshuusei) who also wants to kill me with her looks! Though honestly, I don't mind if it's Mano-chan ;)


Previews from Mano Erina's up-coming photobook have been revealed via UTB! Check them out!




It has been revealed that Mano Erina is a part of the live-action cast for the up-coming live action The Next Generation -Patlabor- project, which is a new work under the anime series Patlabor.  The story will be set in Tokyo 2013, featuring the third generation of Patlabor. Erina Mano will star as pilot Akira Izumino.

The project will begin as a seven-part series that will release in April 2014, and will then go into a feature film that is set to release in 2015.

Please look forward to it!


Wow, a photobook and now a series? Jesus... Mano is busy, but then again, she is an ex-idol and a star actress, right? RIGHT!?

But no, seriously, this is exciting for her, and I am a happy Mano Friend.

Anime News Network

It has been announced that Mano Erina will perform at Idol Koushien on October 6th!


I want to go just to see Mano ;w;


It has been reported that Tsuji Nozomi has been hospitalized with aseptic meningitis syndrome. She will be hospitalized for a few days, and will take a break from her blog.

Her husband, Sugiura Taiyo, commented:
"My wife has been hospitalized due to an illness called aseptic meningitis syndrome.
"She is in a considerably exhausted condition, so the entire family is fully supporting her in order for her to head towards recovery." - Sugiura Taiyo (Tokyohive)

This is sad news, and all I can do is wish Tsuji to recover soon and to rest well. Get better soon, Tsuji! Your family and friends will be there with you, watching over you as you recover.



On September 22nd, it was revealed that 30 candidates have been chosen for the AKB48 group Draft Kaigi, which will be held in November.

The 30 candidates all aim to be drafted by the captains of 10 teams in AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48. (Team 4 of AKB48 will not be included, as they were formed after the Draft Kaigi started). Until the day of the draft, the 30 candidates will appeal themselves through TV and Web.

The candidates will have no choice over which group and Team they will be a part of, however they do have the choice to veto when they are drafted by the team that they do not want to join. However, this will result in the girls losing the right to join any team.

If their is an overlap in who the teams want, then the candidate's team will decide by drawing lots by the captains.

The oldest Draft Candidate is 24, and the youngest is 12.


Former AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi has launched a personal website.


It's pink. And cute. That is all.

It has been revealed that SKE48 and HKT48 will start a joint radio show titled SKE48 ^ HKT48's Affectionate Talk, and it will begin airing on October 2nd at 9pm JST. The weekly radio show will have different personalities appearing for each broadcast.


It's great that SKE, a mature group from the 48 family tree, and HKT, the youngest and most youthful group of the 48 family tree, will be working together for this! Hopefully it will be a fun show and many fans will tune in!

It has been rumoured/revealed that Maeda Atsuko and kabuki actor Onoe Matsuya (28) are in a relationship.

According to friends of the two, they began dating since the start of the year. Apparently, Onoe has already introduced his mother to Maeda, and Maeda has informed her own mother that she is in a relationship.


What's that I hear? Oh, it's just the sound of millions of Wota's hearts breaking. Oh my~


On September 18th at Nippon Budokan, AKB48 performed their 33rd single, which has been titled Heart Ereki. The single is set to release on October 30th, and will be lead by Kojima Haruna, who will be the centre for the first time.

The concept behind Heart Ereki is that it is performed by a band, and each of the senbatsu members have a nickname.

The single will come in 9 different editions; four limited editions, four regular editions, and a theatre edition.


- Kojima Haruna (Michelle)
- Iriyama Anna (Veronica)
- Kawaei Rina (Kawae-)
- Takahashi Minami (Linda)
- Yokoyama Yui (Mary)
- Watanabe Mayu (Elizabeth)
- Oshima Yuko (Lucy)
- Kashiwagi Yuki (Catherine)
- Shimazaki Haruka (Angelina)
- Minegishi Minami (Barbara)
- Matsui Jurina (Caroline)
- Matsui Rena (Sandy)
- Yamamoto Sayaka (Rosanna)
- Watanabe Miyuki (Josephine)
- Ota Aika (Margaret)
- Sashihara Rino (Rola)


I am seriously surprised that this is Kojima Haruna's first single where she takes on the centre position, so wow... congrats to her on scoring the centre for this single, though!

Also, glad to see Minami in the Senbatsu lineup for this single!

Seven members of AKB48 will feature in Wonda Coffee's new CM! The members selected are Oshima Yuko, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kojima Haruna, Shimazaki Haruka, Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui and Watanabe Mayu.


KojiHaru and Mayuyu's psychotic smiles make me want to burn coffee, not buy it.


It has been revealed by both Sashihara Rino and Matsumura Kaori that Kitagawa Kenji will direct the PV for Kaori's debut solo single MatsumuRabu.


Look at... are ga KITAGAWA KENJI da!!!

SKE48's 13th single, currently untitled, has been announced! The single will release on November 20th.


Well, at least we have confirmation that a single will be floating around soon, so yay!!!


Sashihara Rino has revealed that she already has a draft candidate in mind who she would like to add to HKT48, however has not said who the girl she would like in HKT is. She has consulted with Team H's Captain, Anai Chihiro, and Ozaki Atsushi, the HKT Theatre Manager over the girl she would like in the group.


It's nice to know that Sasshi already has someone in mind, however I don't find her choice because of how cute a girl is valid. In fact, I rather prefer Matsui Rena's approach to how she would choose someone to be a part of SKE...

Misc Idols and Groups News

(From Left to Right: Regular Edition, Limited Edition)

The classy, European-themed Idol duo Vanilla Beans have announced the release of a new single, titled Please me, Darling, which will be released on October 16th! The song has been described as a lilting tune that features a Shibuya-kei sound accompanied by the crisp vocals of Vanilla Beans.

In addition to the A-side, the girls will challenge a new sound with their coupling track, Night on the Earth, where rock and electro dance are mixed in with their own style. There will also be a remix of the coupling song present on the limited edition single.


So now Vanilla Beans are offering a Vegan and Carnivore option to their singles, eh? Awesome.

Tokyo Girls' Update

On September 21st, 9nine revealed that their 15th single has been titled Re; with the meaning 'to hang in there and overcome again'. This year will be the groups 9th year together, and with this song, they want to put all of their hopes into it.

Re; will be used as the opening theme for Legal High and will be released on November 20th!


It's great to see that 9nine are bringing out another single, and wow, 9 years as 9nine!? They have been together a while now, and have only recently become more and more known... this makes me happy ;w; <3

Well done girls, and your new single has a cool title, so it must sound very cool!

Tokyo Girls' Update

Momoiro Clover Z have released performance footage of their song Kasou Dystopia from the first day of their concert at Sibu Dome on April 13th 2013. This was released to promote the DVD and Blu-ray of the two day concert Haru no Ichidaiji 2013 Seibu Dome Taikai - Hoshi wo Tsugu Momo vol.1/vol.2 Peach for the Stars. Be sure to check it out!


Peach for the stars... okay, I like that XD More than I want to! And the song itself is fun, but fucking hell, that dance... now I know what has inspired H!P to break out the crack-pot dances XD IT'S MOMOCLO!!!

Youtube | Tokyo Girls' Update

The winner of miss iD 2014 was revealed on September 21st in the weekly magazine Friday, and named Aoinami Jun, 12 years old, as the Grand Prix winner.

Kobayashi Tsukasa, the Chairman of the committee, described the candidate and winner, who had been elected from 2714 other candidates;
"She is a totally obscure 12 year old. She's like a fawn that was just born. She can't smile, nor pose in front of the camera. She has a quiet voice which would not be suitable for show business. However, I watched as all of the selection committee held their breath so that they did not miss even one move from her. I felt that everyone there had witnessed a legend." - Tokyo Girls' Update Translation
This is only the second miss iD audition held, with the first being held last year and resulting in model Tamashiro Tina being chosen.


She's cute, but I do find it intriguing that a young girl who seems to not smile or pose or even speak so quietly has been chosen, but it seems she has an image that commands attention, or how she acts that commands that attention. Either way, she seems interesting.

miss iD Profile Page | Tokyo Girls' Update

It has been revealed that idol group Cheeky Parade will release their first album on November 27th titled Cheeky Parade I.  There will be 13 songs available on the track list, including songs from their indies period. The album will come in five different editions.


For a moment there, I mistook them for Tokyo Cheer2 Party. I keep thinking they are the same group... then again, I follow neither of these groups XD Whoops~

Tokyo Girls' Update

Pokemon & Misc News

A trailer for the up-coming Pokemon XY Anime has been revealed, and it seems that Ash has aged a little!

In the trailer, we see Satoshi (Ash) in the new Kalos region, where we see him meet new friends, save a Froakie and also see him dive after Pikachu after he is blasted off a roof!

Be sure to check it out!


It's nice to see Pikachu get defeated once in a while, but honestly... it would be nice to see Ash use a new Pokemon, or have him age even more XD Also, that scene with Froakie... I am having flashbacks to all the other times Ash has saved starved/abused/neglected/poor/ill pokemon... hmm, can't the writers just, like... try something new? Like have Ash catch a starter or whatever? Or go to a lab and get one? No? Okay...

PV/Song Previews

A live performance preview of AKB48's up-coming 33rd single, Heart Ereki, has been uploaded! This will be the first single where Kojima Haruna serves as centre, so be sure to check it out!


It sounds like a pretty good song, cooler than expected, and it does not match their costumes either, however I do like the costumes. Very cute and Marching Band-esque!

I want a Takamina centre song, though ;w; But, whatever, this is good! I look forward to the PV when it comes out!

The short music video for NMB48's Dohsaburi no Seishun no Naka de, which will be present on their 8th single Kamonegikkusu, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out!

The song will be included in the Type A edition of the single.


Holy crap, this song sounds SO good, and it seems to have a pretty nice mix of storylines, too! Holy crap, I am looking forward to this one! Please do not disappoint, NMB! ;___;

The short MV for Yokoyama Rurika's Your Voice, My Life has been revealed! This is the Idoling!!! members second solo single, and much like Walk My Way, this was produced by Maeyamada Kenichi (Hyadain!). The single will be released on October 9th.


The song certainly sounds similar to Walk My Way, which I did not expect, I will be honest with you. I thought it would have a more original sound to it, but it has similarities... so I am kind of disappointed...

Also, whilst I think this girl has a pretty nice voice, I don't particularly like it, either XD Sorry~

NMB48 have revealed the short music video for their song Mou Hadashi ni wa Narenai, which will be present on the groups 8th single. Be sure to check it out!

The song will be included on the Type C edition.


The songs opening reminds me of The Pink Panther, for some reason. It just makes me think of 80's Detective cartoons, the really cheesy ones that appeal to children. I think that they wear pinkish/red costumes helps, too.

That said, the song sounds fun. I like it!

Yumemiru Adolescence have revealed the full audio for their song 17:30 no Anime. The song will be released in November as a track on the groups second mini-album.

The song is themed around Japanese Anime that is usually aired around 17:30 in Japan, and is a youthful story about a hero/heroine who is single-minded, and devotes themselves to carry out their task with passion. The song is youthful and passionate, and is great for young girls who look up to Anime heroines and aspire to live out their daily lives to the fullest!

Be sure to have a listen, especially if you are a fan of Anime!


I like this! It's bright and cheerful, and reminds me of Anime. It does sound very youthful and appealing as well, which is why Anime fans may enjoy it. It has this encouraging chant in the song which sounds great! I like that Yumemiru Adolescence have created a song with the image and story of Anime behind it, but it isn't for an Anime... and from the cute artwork, I hope that it does get to go to an anime of their own! I like it, well done, Yumemiru Adolescence!

This makes me want to follow them more!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded footage of Up Up Girls members Sengoku Minami and Furukawa Konatsu attending a press release event for the Kapuriko Queen Finals! 2013. Idoling!!!, members of Tokyo Girls' Style and Dorothy Little Happy also attended the event. Be sure to take a look!


I think one of the other two groups present was TGS o-O I dunno... I'm tired... XD

JIJIPRESS have released making of footage for a fashion-brand CM Kent, which stars AAA'S Nishiijima Takahiro. Be sure to check it out!


Nishii looks so. damn. HAWT!!! <3

Performances and TV Appearances

Morning Musume appeared on Oha Suta to promote their new Best of Album, so be sure to check it out!


Wait, how long has it been since Morning Musume, as an entire group, has been on Oha Suta? I think it's been a while, so this is exciting, and it must be great for Eripon to return to the show and see her Kohai from Oha Chu Chu Chu!


Here is a clip showing Morning Musume recording together and also giving their comments, so please check it out!


It's nice to see them record together omg ;w;

Loving how Eripon does not care XD

Morning Musume appeared on Ameba Studio for a special episode where the group promoted their new album. Here is the entire show, so please check it out!


It seems to involve a lot of talking, and I understand little to no Japanese, so not fun for me, but it is nice to see everyone interact with each other, because this Morning Musume is so close and friendly now. Also, Eripon is gorgeous, and so is Sakura. URRRGH <3 I LOVE DEM <3


... And that is all we have time for in news this week! Hopefully you are all filled with Idol goodness, and will Digest it until next weeks next bout of news! It has been a pretty good week for Idols if you ask me, and seriously, I am full too! SO, until next week... Ja ne~



  1. Woahhh so happy for Mano-chan... Getting the lead role for Pat-labor is HUGE!! She finally got her big break =]

    1. I know, it's amazing! But it seems not many fans are happy with the Patlabor project... I hope it is good, because Mano needs credit for how amazing she is ;w;

  2. I wish morning musume and other hello pro members would get more opportunities like cm, tv shows, and theme songs for animes. Not just appearing on tv shows, but their own show. I also wish they would go back to making b horror movies.

    1. I know, I do too. I would like them to try the anime route for H!P again at least, because it was pretty successful with Buono and Kirarain Revolution, and even LilPri was noticed a bit and gave S/mileage some success. Heck, Berryz had really GOOD Anime songs! And their own show would be awesome too. SATOYAMA and Hello! Pro Station are okay, but they don't capture the true essence of a variety TV show...