Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #67


Minna, Digest dayo? What shall we Digest today?

This week in Idol News...

Miyazakai Hayao to retire! Morning Musume's Updated Renai Revolution 21 preview is here! Nakajima Saki to release a sexy new solo DVD! Berryz new single title revealed! Akimoto Sayaka opens her official fanclub! Nozawa Rena's Team is determined! Previews and Teasers for Perfome's new album! And so much more! Are you ready to Digest?

Welcome back to my Weekly Digest! I hope that everyone has been having a good week, and for those who have returned to school... well, have a fun year ahead! I know you are already anticipating the next holiday you have (whenever that may be) and dreading the school days ahead of you... ahh, I miss that feeling of dread... luckily I go back to all of that next year when I head into University Life (not the Sims game, guys!) and start to lose the will to live! Yup, totally looking forward to it!

Anyway, this week in news has been pretty good! However, this has been one of my laziest weeks in updating the Digest, given that I didn't actually start the post until Sunday... again, lazy. Whoops. I apologies!!! It normally doesn't get this bad! But I have a reason for that, and it is a bad reason, but hey... here it is;

This week I have been hooked on watching playthroughs of a game titled Prop Hunt. Let's just say that it's entertaining, especially when PewDiePie plays it! I have been laughing so much my sides have started to hurt xD Really, it's an hilarious game, and if you have yet to watch it... please, go watch it. It is worth the loss of time!!! And negligence of my Digest! XD

That all said and done, let's get into this weeks Digest! Please remember to use ctrl + f for easier access to topics that you want to find!

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Video of the Week


I actually only saw this video today, but I couldn't help but want to put it on here for the video of the week! I like the group ANNA☆S, even if I don't follow them religiously. They have something about them that draws me in... and I especially like Suzu, she always catches my attention with her extreme happiness and the bubbly way she performs! Also, this PV is so darned cute and friendly, how can you not fall in love with it!? It shows those cute and quirky sides to the girls in the form of photoshoots, and also has a cute little dance to go along with the adorable photoshoot scenes. Also, I love their costumes! ANNA☆S always seem to be so stylish! Waaah!

Be sure to check this video out, the video and song are fun and cute! So yeah... go watch it, and discover ANNA☆S for yourself!

Picture of the Week

The Cool Cuteness of Kudo Haruka!

I love this image. It perfectly depicts a cool-cute image for Harukyaan, and shows off two sides to her that we love! Ahhh, Harukyaan...~


Hello! Pro Station #31 is here, and this weeks MC is Juice=Juice's Peachy-keen leader, Miyazaki Yuka! What will she have in store for us today?

In this weeks Hello! Pro Station...

Juice=Juice member profiles! Berryz Kobou perform their new single song! C-ute comment on heading for Budokan! Morning Musume 54th single release event footage at Ikebukuro Sunshine City! MaiMai sings Rakuten Eagles! And some Buono!? Be sure to check it out!


Firstly... Holy cow I love the JJ profiles o-o <3 Yuka's was beautiful, and Akari's reminded me of those member profiles and comments from Morning Musume a while back, before Reina bailed and all, where they had photoshoots and the like. Secondly, the Berryz song sounds good, but their outits are pretty ugly from what I can see, especially Miyabi's and Maasa's. I hope they are just performance costumes XD

I quite liked the performance from MoMusu for the release event, they did really well! Even Riho, who I don't really like hearing live sometimes XD Sadly, fucking UFP seem intent on forcing certain girls to lipsynch, and not the one who needs to actually lip synch (Dayashi). URGH!

MaiMai singing, so cute! She also has awesome control, but damn, that instrumental is bloody loud o-O What are the staff trying to do, drown her out!? The girl sings better than a good half of MoMusu, so let her sing! But yeah, adorable <3

Also, the return of Buono! Momoko is too fucking loud, though. Girl, stop screaming down the mic. Thanks. Other than that... pretty good Hello! Pro episode, aye? :3

Hello! Project News

BS-TBS have uploaded part 3 of their preview for the upcoming Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ stageplay, so be sure to check it out!


Meimi is certainly better than her senpai in S/mileage, it is so obvious XD When comparing her to Dawa... painfully obvious XD

Morning Musume

Morning Musume will hold an Anniversary event on September 14th. Fans may attend via ordering the groups most recent single through forTUNE.


September 14th is my Birthday, and I share it with Takahashi Ai, Sakura Oda's anniversary as a member of MoMusu, and now MoMusu's anniversary? This makes me a happy fan :3

Sayashi Riho, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura will attend the release event for the Michishige Eleven Soul photobook on September 12th.


I am overwhelmed that UFP are letting Haruka promote stuff o-O I mean, they barely use her amazing voice in concerts and singles, so to see her do something... whoo, they must be high o-O

(Left: Regular Edition, Right: Limited Edition)

The covers for Morning Musume's Updated Best-of album have been revealed!


The Limited Edition looks like the photographer took the picture too soon for Riho, because damn, she looks pretty awkward whilst everyone else looks good. OH, AND FUCKING LENS FLARE ON MA ZUKKINI D8<

My poor Pony ;w;

Morning Musume members Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Ishida Ayumi, Sato Masaki and Oda Sakura grace the cover of Anican R Yanyan magazine!


Are you shitting me? For once Riho is not there? OMFG MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!!!!

Footage from Oda Sakura's solo fanclub event has been revealed, so be sure to take a look, and enjoy!


Whatever song Sakura was singing, it is super pretty, and really suits her. She has pretty damn good control, too!


Ikuta Erina will begin a new series in CD&DL magazine along with Matsuoka Mitsuru (42), Yamato (29) of ORANGE RANGE and Shin (35) of CLIFF EDGE. These four have come together as Swing Out Stupids (SOS), a new golf unit for the magazine. The first issue featuring the unit will be the October 2013 issue.


Eripon will be in a unit for a magazine, and for golf? That is seriously cool! I am seriously proud of her, and so happy! WELL DONE, ERRPON ;W; <3

Also, daaaamn, girl is with some men ;3

Amazon | CD Data Facebook | JPLOP

Morning Musume will hold a handshake event and mini-live on September 7th in Kanagawa to celebrate their three consecutive #1's on the Oricon charts!


And there, they will roll around in their victory... YAAAY :3

Hello! Project News

Berryz Kobou

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou's 33rd single is titled Motto Zutto Isshoni Itakatta/ROCK Erotic, and will release on October 2nd.


I am very scared that ROCK Erotic will be a song that is lead by Risako and her less-than-desirble pigeon warble. Oh, God... e.e


C-ute have graced the cover of Big Comic Spirits, and there is also a mini-movie to watch from the photoshoot! Be sure to take a look!


One word: HAWT!

It has been announced that Nakajima Saki will release a new solo DVD titled Saki-saki.


Let the hotness commence!!!

A Digest for Nakajima Saki's up-coming solo DVD, titled Saki-saki, has been revealed! Be sure to take a look and admire Nakkys beauty!


The most visually pleasing member in all of C-ute... damn. Also, dayumn that body, ass and face <3


C-ute are being featured on the Big Comic Spirits website.


I love this image. It is gorgeous!!!

The Blu-ray cover for C-utes Treasure Box concert tour has been revealed!


Oh look, more crappy photoshop!

The DVD cover for Suzuki Airi's Watashi no ∮ Key o Shittemasu ka has been revealed!


Simple, sophisticated and pretty... just like Airi :3

C-ute grace the cover of Anican R Yanyan magazine!


MoMusu are also on the cove... or on the other side of it... I dunno o-O


Juice=Juice will hold a handshake event and mini-live on September 13th at Lalaport TOKYO-BAY.


And there people will mistake Karin for Aina thanks to her new butcher-cut... I mean haircut, and cry when they realise that Aina has not returned. D'awww...

Juice=Juice will be the opening act for C-ute's Budokan Concert.


Juice=Juice manage to get to Budokan a lot more easily than Berryz do o-O And they aren't even a year old as a group, yet!

Juice=Juice are featured on TSUTAYA, and they also leave a video comment! Be sure to check it out!


Peach-Dayso looks a tad sickly in this... :(

Juice=Juice will hold their release event for Romance no Tochuu at Ikebukuro Sunshiny City on September 11th.


I wonder if their turn out will be good? Like, not MoMusu filling the bloody mall good, I just mean... good for other H!P groups...

It has been announced that Juice=Juice will perform at NagoyaTV's Fall festival on September 29th!


Hopefully Karin will be able to perform a little bit, if she is better, that is.

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

Tanabe Nanami, Ogawa Rena, Yoshihashi Kurumi, Murota Mizuki and Sasaki Rikako will be the challenge and opening acts for C-ute's fall tour it has been announced. Due to this, the girls will not be able to participate in the Nama Tamago Show on September 15th.


What the heck do they mean by challenge? Does it mean that we are going to get a Battle Royale style bloodbath on stage!?

Up-Front Promotion News

It has been announced that Tanaka Reina will start a new regular series in CD&DL Data Magazine starting September 14th.


... One of the least interesting things to happen on my birthday, I guess? If I was a fan of Winky, I would be way more excited.

Winky's Blog

It has been announced that LoVendoЯ will perform at Rock no Gakuen 2013 on November 3rd.


... School of Rock?

LoVendoЯ News

The title of Mano Erina's upcoming photobook is Mano-chan ~DearFRIENDS~.


What, so no more friends over? D8 Well, I love that she keeps a theme going. Now, when will her solo DVD, titled Friends with Benefits or Friends in Bed be released?

Mano Erina News

Kikkawa Yuu is being featured on the Wani Books Gravure Collection page, so take a look!


Looking pretty damn hot. Her eyes still look lifeless, though.


It has been announced that Kikkawa Yuu will be a guest performer at Kimaguren's upcoming Fall concert tour.


Well, that's a given, considering they performed a song together for a coffee advert. What would they do if she wasn't there? Get one of the men to sing in her high voice?

Kikkawa Yuu Schedule


Akimoto Sayaka has launced her Official Fanclub, and it has been named AreaS.


Pretty damn cool FC name. Also, good for her for launching her official fanclub! She deserves it!

48 Scoops | AreaS Fanclub Site

A mysterious countdown has appeared on French Kisses official website. For now, fans can only speculate what it means!


... I have no idea what it means other than that something will happen. Yup.

French Kiss Official Website | 48 Scoops

Ex-AKB48/SDN48 member Noro Kayo will release her gravure DVD, titled Sunngoku Dekai NO: Kono Oshiri, Minaretakashira? on September 20th.


... I have a feeling I should make this Digest NSFW with this sort of cover XD

48 Scoops | Amazon

It is rumoured that former 4th generation Team K member, Naruse Risa, will debut as an AV actress under the name Aisaka Haruna. It has been determined that in MUTEKI's new release, the tarring actress shares the same birthday, and can fold her tongue into three. It has also been noted that the former AKB48 member has disappeared from her Agency's site.


If this is her, then I guess good luck? Have fun and all that jazz... or something. Just stay safe, girl. Kay?

48 Scoops | Geinou Lab (NSFW) | Aramatheydidnt

It has been revealed that Maeda Atsuko is the new image character for Fujiya products. Atsuko stars in the CM's for the brand and is also featured on the packaging of several sweets. Also, Peko-chan, Fujiya's mascot, shares a webpage with Maeda. Be sure to check it all out!
"Since we started filming, so we've been friends for about 2 months. We are able to talk to each other now.
"I had many secret talks with Peko-chan during filming. Even earlier, I asked Peko-chan how she avoids getting sunburned since she's so white and she told me." - Maeda Atsuko (Tokyohive)

This is pretty darned adorable, I have to say XD

48 Scoops | Tokyohive | PekoAtsu Website

It has been revealed that Akimoto Sayaka's first activity since her graduation from AKB48 will be voice acting for the American movie Spring Breakers in the Japanese dub. This will be her first time dubbing for a movie, and she will take on the voice of the character played by Selena Gomez.


Congrats to Sayaka on her first gig since graduation! Hopefully all her fans will watch the movie and take note of Sayaka's voice!

48 Scoops | Eiga


Watanabe Mayu is featured on the front cover of CECIL McBee 2013 Autumn Collection. There will betwo covers; Black and White versions.


I feel that there has been a lot of overexposure used on these images in photoshop...

It has been revealed that AKB48's 33rd single will be released on October 30th, so be prepared!


... That close to Halloween, aye? Does that mean we will get a spooky MV?

It has been announced that Kashiwagi Yuki will hold her 3rd solo live on November 7th at Yokohama Arena. Furthermore, the AKB member will also release her 2nd single on October 16th.

Kashiwagi will be the first member of AKB48 to hold a solo live at Yokohama Arena.


Congrats to Yuki on scoring such a venue! Hopefully all fans will be able to attend, and enjoy the songs that their Idol sings!

Nozawa Rena of JKT48 and AKB48 has officially been assigned to Team K.


Congrats to Team K's newest member!

It has been revealed that Oshima Yuko will appear in TBS' upcoming drama Ando Llyod ~A.I. know LOVE?~. Oshima will play as Matsushima Rieji's (played by SMAP's Kimura Takuya) younger sister, Matsushima Nanase, who is a physicist and associate professor to her brother.

The drama is a love story that takes place in a world between the years 2013 - 2113, and the world is linked by a time cable. Kimura's character is a genius physicist who meets a myseterious android from the future. The drama will also star Sibasaki Kou as Reiji's fiancée Ando Asahi.
"I am very honored and happy to co-star with Kimura-san and Shibasaki-san." 
"I think this will be the first and last time in my life that I will have a handsome, genius older brother, so I want to cherish this opportunity." - Oshima Yuko (Tokyohive)
The drama will air in October on Sundays.


Congrats to Yuko for landing a role! Though I find her comment about her new older sibling offensive to her biological older brother XD


NMB48, who will be releasing their 8th single in October, have revealed the title to be Kamonegikkusu!. It will release on October 2nd.
"The title was a coined word by Akimoto Yasushi Sensei.  It is a song about a girl who despite being a convenience just like Kamonegi, does not learn from her mistakes and falls in love."  - Yamamoto Sayaka (Tokyohive)
(From Tokyohive)
Kamonegi" a.k.a "Kamo ga Negi wo Shotte Kuru" (lit. a duck comes carrying a Welsh onion on its back) is a Japanese proverb  that means a stroke of luck occurs, and things become more and more convenient.)


An interesting single title, which I hope makes for an even more interesting single! I am watching you, NMB48...


HKT48 members Miyawaki Sakura, Tashima Meru and Tomonaga Mio appear in bikini's for BOMB magazine. This will be Meru and Mio's (Merumio) first time appearing in bikini's for a magazine.


I feel iffy that these girls, when so young, are on the cover of a magazine in bikini's... >___<


It has been announced that Nogizaka46 will release their 7th single on November 27th. The single is currently untitled, and the senbatsu has yet to be announced.

It has also been revealed that one of the new singles tracks will be the opening theme for the popular anime series Naruto Shippuden.
"We want to make a single that will meet the expectations of everyone and surpass our previous single 'Girl's Rule'." - Sakurai Reika (Tokyohive)

I hope their outfits are nice, that's all I'm saying... XD

Misc Idols and Groups News

Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's 3rd single title has been revealed as Oh my destiny!


Okay, this makes me think of a cute romantic song or something... and knowing this group, it could be something totally different o 3o

Backstage Pass News

Idol group PASSPO☆ have announced that they will be releasing their new single Growing Up on October 16th. It is said that this is the 'after song' of Pretty Lie, which was released back in 2010 when the group were still Indies.

The single will be released in three different types; First Class, Business Class and Economy Class Edition, and will contain the coupling track Cosmic You.


I really have not paid attention to PASSPO☆ for a while now. Then again, they are a group who seem to waver on their singles in terms of how interesting or boring they can be...

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols

HYDE has announced the release of his special band, HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, will release their Halloween song HALLOWEEN PARTY as a limited quantity single on October 16th. The upcoming single will contain the title track, an instrumental number titled Penalty Waltz and the song HALLOWEEN PARTY -feat. HYDEs- with just HYDE in charge of the vocals. The DVD will contain the PV of HALLOWEEN PARTY and HALLOWEEN PARTY -feat. HYDEs-.

Furthermore, VAMPS will once again hold their yearly HALLOWEEN PARTY event. The date, venue and participants will be revealed at a later date.


I am motherfucking prepared, my body is ready for this! BRING ON THE AWESOME!!!


It has been revealed that 9nine will be in charge of the opening theme for the drama Legal High, which will air on Fuji TV this fall.

The theme song, and heir new single, will come out on November 20th.


Oh, this is surprising but amazing news! It's great that 9nine will be singing the opening theme for this series!

Hopefully the song will be cool, just like 9nine are! I look forward to the new single, girls~

Tokyo Girls' Update | Tokyohive

It has been announced that Ayamori Aoi of Doll☆Elements will graduate from the group in order to return to a normal life. There will a graduation concert titled Ayamori Aoi Kanshasai ~”Sayonara” kara no “Arigatou”~ and will be held at Shibuya WWW in Tokyo.


I don't follow the group Doll☆Elements at all, but it is sad that they will be losing a member. Hopefully Aoi will be able to return to her life, and watch Doll☆Elements grow as a fan and supporter of a group she has been a crucial part of.

J-Pop Idols

Misc News

It has been announced that world-renowned anime film maker Miyazaki Hayao will be retiring, with his final work being his new film Kaze Tachinu.

The announcement was made by Stduio Ghibli's Hoshino Koji during the Venice Film Festival where Kaze Tachinu was screened. 


To be honest, I am not surprised by this announcement, and I am confused to as why others are, too. I believe Miyazaki-san mentioned it last year that he desired retirement... but, it is sad that a great man is retiring, however he has had a successful, amazing career, and has allowed many to enjoy his works. He is one of first film makers people get to know when looking into the world of Anime, and even non-Anime, Manga or Japanese lovers enjoy his films and find them wonderfully entertaining. He is amazing, there is no doubt, but he is older and ready to pass the torch to someone new.

We love Miyazaki-san, and we love his films. Please have a wonderful retirement.

PV/Song Previews

A preview for the updated Renai Revolution 21 from Morning Musume's Updated Best-of album has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to check it out!


The fact that I actually like this kind of scares me... o-O

A preview of PASSPO☆'s up-coming single, Growing Up, has been revealed. This teaser features Negishi Ai as she visits places from her memories.

Other members' videos will be revealed soon.


This has that familiar sound from PASSPO☆, and hearing it, I can really hear the similarities it as to Pretty Lie. The song sounds like its sister, it really does!

... This is how professionals recycle a song. They claim it follows another one, haha!

The short music video for Tokyo Girls' Styles up-coming PV, Get The Star, has been revealed, so be sure to take a look!

The song will be releasedon September 25th as a Double A-side along with the song Last Forever.



Chiima, you are an IDIOT!!!

The short Music Video for Perfume's new song, 1mm, has been revealed! This song is featured on the groups new album Level3, so be sure to check out the video!


I like the idea of dancing in front of a clear screen, but I don't dig the song much... it's not my cup of tea...

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Oricon, JIJIPRESS, MAiDiGi TV and IkebukuroTV have released footage from Morning Musume's release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City, so be sure to check it out!


... I don't want to comment on how poor Riho's voice sounds, but I also do... Oh wait, I just did.

Also, I am so happy for them, selling so MUCH on their first day! I am one happy wappy fan! :3 Also, nice to see IkebukuroTV here reporting on MoMusu. They reported on HouPri so much, so nice to see them report on MM with ENGLISH SUBS!!!!!!!!!!

Fukumura Mizuki, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura leave a comment on Oricon's official youtube channel! Be sure to check it out!


Oh wait, UFP are finally using Haruka as well, now? Both Zukki AND Haruka are promoting the single... UFP, are you finally seeing damn effing sense...? o-O

Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina and Suzuki Kanon promote Morning Musumes new single Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan on Radical Video Jockey! Be sure to check it out!


UFP seem to be using Zukkini more to promote stuff o-O I don't know whether to clap my hands or dance... -references Romance no Tochuu- Either way, YES, FINALLY! UFP, USE THIS GIRL MORE <3

Oricon have released press footage from the event held by Fujiya which Maeda Atsuko, their image character, and Peko-chan, their mascot, attended. Be sure to check it out!


Is Atsuko wearing glittering red high heels? She is Dorothy now? XD Also, dem green screen effects in the CM. XD Giggle time~

A teaser for Perfume's latest album, Level3, has been revealed! Be sure to check it out and watch with awe!


I wan those glass panels... because I am weird o-o

Performances and TV Appearances

Morning Musume play a game of tag! Be sure to check it out!


This is where Zukkini shows her chivalry, and Sayu shows her loving sacrifice of her Guard, Zukkini, to the Taggers. o-O Shige, you meanie! XD


The digest for Girls News Hello! Project #19 has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out to see what is in this episode!


I hate Karin's new haircut. It does not suit her one bit.

Juice=Juice appear on the TV show Namaiki and have a talk with the hosts and also perform, so be sure to check it out!

There are two parts, Part 2 will be in the source!


I originally thought 'Why is Aina there with a bad haircut?' and then counted the girls again, and then remembered Karin had cut her hair... and wow, it looks terrible o-o Erm...

The rest of them look super cute. Also, regarding the fact that Peach Dayso and Melon-pan seem to only get syllables for lines, they did pretty well.

Ikuta Erina, Suzuki Kanon and Sato Masaki have made an appearance on Hima no Yu to promote Morning Musume's new single, so be sure to check it out!


Zukkini is so beautiful... ahhh, she needs to be used for more TV show promotions! Please, give this girl a CM! <3 Also, ice crea~m <3

HKT48 show off their magic tricks at the Lotte Dream Stage at United States of Odaiba, so be sure to check it out


I recognise none of these pre-teens, not gonna lie. But d'aww, so cute~

A preview of the up-coming Nakai no Mado, which will feature Nakazawa Yuko and also have an appearance from Fukumura Mizuki, Iikubo Haruna, Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka had been revealed, so be sure to take a look!


I want to watch it *^*


And that is all we have time for this week! I hope that this weeks Digest has fulfilled your aching hunger, because now it is time to digest that information until next week, when the weeks news will come back to you! Until then, however... ja ne!



  1. I long for the day Chissa gets another PB until then just listening to her voice will sustain me lol. Berryz new single sounds great considering they've been so blah for the past year imo. And I'm so tempted to cut momokos pigtails off. Thanks for posting

    1. Oh gosh, I would love a new Chissa PB, too! She is gorgeous and deserves another one... and then another... and more... oh, and more after that :p Yeah... gimme Chissa PB's! And yeah, Berryz new song seems to liven them up a bit, let's hope the studio audio is just as nice. And goodness, you and me both on Momoko's ugly pigtails!

      Welcome, thanks for reading! :3

  2. Hi Chiima,
    I've been reading your blog for months now since I stumbled upon it and realizing we shared (almost) the same obsession over Momusu and Fudanjuku.

    Which brings me to the question of, why of why didn't you put Fudanjuku's Danshi Revolution on this week's digest? I was thinking you might have missed it, so here's the link:

    Looking forward to your comments and rant over it ^_^


    1. Hello Nath! :3
      We have a shared obsession! YAY!!! <3 I love both MM and Fudanjuku haha! XD

      To be honest, I usually don't add a video that I aim to review for my video of the week. Sometimes I don't review a video, but with Fudanjuku's Danshi Revolution, I am waiting to see if they bring out the real version of the PV and not the edit version :3 But I have seen it, as I am subscribed to the music channel that puts Fudanjuku's videos up.

      I just want to wait for a video with Renji in it ;w;


  3. I really don't blame you for neglecting Tokyo Girls' Style 'til now. I don't think I've ever heard a decent - or even a half-decent song from them even though there's one member whose voice I think is fantastic. I just can't believe a group can coast for so long on little more than youthful appeal. At least this new track is catchy. Fingers crossed this marks the beginning of a streak of musical excellence.

    1. Ahhh, so I am not the only one who has ignored them XD I have friends online who say they are amazing, but I haven't really cared for their songs again up until now. And to be honest, most groups can coast along on only their youthful appeal, also they are managed by Avex, so they are sure to get by well enough, even if they don't have the fun appeal of AAA or the cuteness, colour and talent of Dream5. But yeah, fingers crossed that this does mark the appeal of a new musical streak of awesomeness!!!