Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Class has been Dismissed for Noda Hitomi of Houkago Princess

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I decided to look on Houkago Princess' website today to see if there were any updates, like new members or whatever, but found nothing... I then went to Ameba, because I made a blog to follow some Idols there, and when I looked at an update, I saw the title and noticed the shortness of it, and then clicked...

We know where this is going, don't we?

On September 10th, the Staff of Houkago Princess and Noda Hitomi, a first generation member who helped to kick-start the group, left a notice of Noda Hitomi's sudden dismissal from the group. It was, with deep regret, found that Noda Hitomi had been keeping contact with a fan of the group, even though relationships between fans and Idols are not permitted.

Here are both the Staff message and Hitomi's message:

Staff Message:

For the companionship with a fan that has been discovered, the Lunch Chairman Noda Hitomi will be dismissed as of today. The fan she has been communicating will be banned from future Houkago Princess performances.

Noda, who initially began working when the group Houkago Princess as one of the first students, participated in activities with the fan in such a way that is truly a pity, and also heartbreaking.

In the future, we will strengthen checks, such as monitoring conversations during the two shots with fans, checking fan mail, gifts, and also watching over handshake meetings.

To the fans, thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Noda Hitomi Message:

I have sinned.

To all of you, I have an important announcement to make.

As of today, my dismissal from Houkago Princess has been decided.

The reason is that my association with a fan has been discovered.

I have done something that is not allowed of an Idol.

Everyone who has been cheering for me up until now,
I am truly sorry.

I continued in Houkago Princess these last two years, and there were many meetings with a lot of people!

It was filled with gratitude to all of you each and every time.

I will not be in front of you any more
but I will never forget your encouragement for me.

Thank you very much.

Hitomi Noda


... I don't know what to think, to be honest. I'm shocked, that's for sure, because this is a scandal that Hitomin is going out on. In fact, this is the first scandal from Houkago Princess since the group debuted back in August 2011. Now, whilst I never expected a scandal from this group, I didn't think that Hitomin of all Idols would be the one to go out like this.

Surprisingly, though... I'm not sad. Or at least, I'm not sad yet. I haven't cried, but I also don't know how to feel. Right now I am in-between feeling sad, angry and surprised... either way, I am at a bit of a loss right now, because Hitomin was my favourite member of HouPri... but I really don't think that this news has sunk in yet...

So I kind of dread to think what I will feel like when it does eventually set in. I have a feeling I will be more angry than sad, because I guess I am somewhat disappointed in Hitomin. The thing is, I can't be mad at the Dating rule this time; it seems that Hitomi associated with the fan, but there is no hint of dating at all in the statements made, but because she associated with a fan, she has been dismissed from Houkago Princess as of September 10th, 2013.

Did she date the fan? I don't know, because it has not been clarified. All we know is that she swapped messages with the fan and possibly met up with them, and it breached her contract. I mean, I don't like the rules Idols have set for them as much as the next person, but right now... well, I really don't know what to think. I'm confused, and hurt.

I love Hitomin, I still do, and I am sad she had to go out this way... a Class Dismissal, it seems. How befitting for an After School Princess who has done wrong in the eyes of the fans and staff members.

Noda Hitomi Notice Post
Staff Notice Post


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  1. Be angry. Angry at HouPri management for denying another person her basic human rights. Fuck you, HouPri staff. Fuck you very much.

    Maybe when I get my idol management company up and running I'll populate it entirely with "disgraced" and discarded former idols.

    1. I am actually angry at the management now, thanks to your comment XD I am angry at most managements to be honest. It's like... why do that? In a way, I don't like Japan because their beliefs about women are so backwards it's scary... urgh.

      OMG DO IT <3 I WILL JOIN, TOO <3 Not that I am good at singing or dancing or whatever, but eh XD

    2. Good for you, Chiima. I'm so glad I'm not going it alone on this one. I'd be happy to see just one company that actually puts its girls' wellbeing before everything else. Just one to stand up and be a force for change.

      I need to get to writing the songs and then we're going to need dance instructors and choreographers and voice coaches and hair and makeup and fashion and you are SO in the 1st gen lineup if you wish it, Chiima, and anyone got a 50 they can float me? All of this isn't going to be free, y'know. I'm totally good for it, I swear.

    3. Thank you, and there are others who think the same way, don't worry. And to be honest, AKB48, despite how shoddy I may find them, seem to take into consideration the girls do these things, and whilst they punish them they keep them in. Akimoto Sayaka was in a scandal, and whilst she never made it back into Senbatsu, they kept her in the group. Sashihara Rino was demoted to HKT, and she made it to the top as Senbatsu winner. Another member of AKB was kicked out, but re-auditioned for one of the sister groups and is a KKS member.

      And wow, you need a lot of things, but I hope you get started and have an amazing Idoru group *^* And omg thank you ;w; 1st Gen, Chiima XD XD XD XD

      We need to find you some moneys!

  2. After sasshi, I really thought managements were gonna lighten up but NO. Damnit... I don't know her but seriously this is a sad waste of any talented idol who wants something other than girl friends in their lives.

    1. LOL of course not, Managements hate us all. I think just one person, no matter if she is from a big group or not, is going to change that. More groups need to take that stance, not just AKB. Sadly, most Managements still think women are accessories.