Thursday, 12 September 2013

200,000 Page Views? Let the Cheese Begin...~

On Tuesday 10th September, I hit 200, 000 page views... wow. Right now, I am on around 200,600, which is pretty damn amazing if you ask me... My blog has been read that many times, and for a while, I thought that I wouldn't get to this point until around December-New Years time.

Much like Serenyty of Happy Disco, when Ray announced that he and Idolminded would go on a 2 month Hiatus, I thought for sure that my view count would be shot. Now, like Serenyty, I pay attention to my view count. Some days I will ignore it, other days I will pay close attention to the views I have, because honestly, it's fun to do! It is nice to know people read what you write, even if you are the most shocking write on Earth... but please be assured, I write because I enjoy it, but knowing that people who read my posts and enjoy them makes me enjoy it more, because I am sharing this passion with you, and you are sharing it with me by reading what I write.

But, I was honestly surprised that even with Idolminded going on Hiatus, I was still hitting my usual amount of page views a day - and yes, that sincerely shocked me when I realised it. Now, I am slightly boasting here, I know, but I am happy that I was able to keep up the same amount of page views, even though Idolminded is on hiatus (and here is Karma, hitting me in the face, and making all of my readers stop reading, hahahahaha!!!) and also, I am happy that I was able to get to this point as a blogger... 200,000 page views all time! I am happy, and very thankful, to everyone who has read my blog up until now. It is like you are all supporting me in a way, and sharing my love for Idols and enjoyment for writing.

Now, to be all cheesy and stupid, because that is how I am and I like it that way, I have a few thank you's that I need to address...

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who comments, especially Shayna; Shayna has been commenting on this blog for a while now, and is easily one of my top commenters. Recently, on my 500 Posts post, she dropped a lovely big hint about being in an O!MT awards where she is the most obnoxious commenter... well, I had actually planned a while ago that, if ever I hit 200,000 page views, I would talk about commenters and such, especially the more consistent ones. Shayna is one of those commenters, and reading her comments makes me happy. The one I have screen capped made me especially happy because she noted how she finds me fun to read and how she enjoys the blog. It makes me really happy to see that, because I'm not the most confident in my writing (I find it pretty bad most of the time XD) and I sometimes wonder if you guys think I am stupid or just all around terrible at what I do, but it is nice to see some encouragement from Shayna. Also, I love the honesty she gives; she doesn't read everything, because I do create long posts, and yes, I swear like a sailor... but I like that honesty, and I'd rather she tell me the truth than lie and say 'Oh YEAH, I read EVERYTHING... desu desu!' or something along those lines.

So yeah, Shayna is, like, my top commenter, and she's funny and makes me happy. Smiles all around, and an award for Shayna for being my Top Commenter... or Stalker Commenter... or whatever. YATTA!!!

Kira Alexander is another commenter who is very active here when I post, especially if it concerns the greatness of Dream5, whom Kira loves dearly. I look forward to Kira's comment, especially where it concerns the beloved Dream5, because they are positive and encouraging, and also a delight to read. Kira is very passionate about groups that he/she (I don't know your gender... ;w;) adores and loves, and it is great to see such enthusiasm from a fan of any group, so I especially enjoy Kira's comments because they are always so enthusiastic for that group. I also love that Kira takes a great delight in knowing that others enjoy a product of a group they like, because it really shows in their comments.

Gustave154 is a regular commenter, and has been commenting for a while now I believe. Gustave is enthusiastic (me likey) and recently, they gave me a comment which really made me happy, and also, it made me cry. Said comment is the image above, where Gustave stated that they personally find my writing entertaining, and that they hope I write forever. That really made me emotional (xD) because I want to be a writer... script, Journalism, stories, whatever it may be, I want to write as a career, so to know that someone out there hopes I write forever pleases me greatly, because it gives me that hope that I can do it and become a writer of some sort... so Gustave, thank you. You really made me happy with your comment~

Sonda, who is the final commenter I am screen capping, is another regular here! I think Sonda is hilarious, they have such a great sense of humour which makes me laugh a lot when I read some of his/her comments (another genderless commenter, it seems!) because they seem to poke fun at what I do in a loving way XD Sonda always finds a way of entertaining me, and I always find their comments fun to read, and do look forward to them >3<

Of course, all my comments are precious... even the ones that call me a Hater/bitch/evil being/Satan or whatever else, because I do learn from the comments I get... a lot of readers pick up on mistakes and tell me about them, or I get told off for thinking a certain way, or I am told another point of view that allows me to broaden my thoughts on a person, song or video. I mean, I don't like the negative comments (who does?) but criticism is a part of life, and I take the criticism because, if I don't, then I can't improve, so to everyone who comments, whether it is positive, negative, or if it is there to help me, thank you, because it has allowed me to basically help myself as a writer on this blog, and to open my mind more.

Now, I need to also go through some other cheesy thank you's, so, please, stay for a moment...

Now, first things first, no, I am not thanking Perfume. If they visited my blog, or even knew of its existence, then yeah, I would thank them, but they haven't, and probably never will... No, I am thanking Nia of Nia's Wonderland, because she is one of my (many) blogging buddies, and has been very supportive of me. We both talk a lot online, and we have little play fights about who is better (recently, it was Pikarin and Kyary, and how we dislike one or the other, and basically niggle over who is better xD) as well as update each other and get all excited over groups, or debate and talk about how generic a few groups are... it's like that with us, and I really love Nia. She has also read a few of my blog posts before I even post them, because I think 'Oh, I don't think this looks good... NIA!!! READ IT!!!' and she tells me if I can post it, because I need a boost of confidence sometimes.

I think that Nia has really helped me, and I love her so much. She is also an amazing writer, who is just... <3 Also, her love for Perfume is undying, and I admire that a lot. I know I am not a fan of them like she is, but her devotion to Perfume is so admirable, and her writing is also to die for. She is so sarcastic sometimes, funny, and just a wonderful writer. I wish I had her ability to write, it is amazing. Ahh... <3

Another Blogger who needs thanks (and page views, GO THERE, PEOPLE!!!) is Serenyty of Happy Disco. I am also friends with Serenyty online, and she is so lovely. I also find her incredibly smart and an extremely talented write, and sometimes it is a shame that she doesn't update her blog regularly, because she really is someone who grips you as a reader when she writes... but yeah, she's fantastic. I may not talk to her as much as I do Nia, but when I talk to her, I feel like I am a Kouhai with a well-respected Senpai who, in a way, I fear and admire at the same time. I find her incredible to talk to, because she is someone who likes to learn about Idols and gain knowledge about them, and she is really enthusiastic about not just the groups she loves, but also groups that are unknown or new. She has a regular series which I like where she updates about groups who go to the yearly Idol festival, Tokyo Idol Festival, and gives us all the low-down on these groups, allowing us to learn more about them whilst she herself finds out about them. Other than all of this... I really do think she is a fantastic writer, and she is someone that I admire and think highly of as a blogger. I actually consider it a blessing that she talks to me sometimes! Really... I think of her so highly, she is my Senpai!!!

... I think that the only reason I have Isilie of Itsumo Genki in here, other than to obviously thank her for something, is because I want to fawn over her... really, I idolise Isilie. I admire Serenyty as a blogger and see her as a Senpai, Nia is like my Blogging sister, but Isilie... Isilie is my Idol. She is my Sayumi to my being Iikubo. It's just like that for me, and really... I just love her <3

But, thank you's... Isilie actually comments on here, and whenever I see her comment pop up on a blog post I have done, I want to cry with happiness. Back when I was idolising Isilie, and when this blog was new and on about 10 page views a month or something, I never thought she would look at my blog, let alone comment. Even now, that is the case... it still shocks me that she looks on here and comments, but it makes me so damn happy when she does! It's like <3 and ;w;. I love her, I seriously do, and I thank her for commenting, because it makes me happy and gives me the desire to write more knowing that someone I admire, love and idolise has encouraged me write... ahhh, I love her <3


Now, it feels stupidly cheesy to put this one here (because this post totally isn't made up of varying amounts of cheese already..) but I really do thank Ray from Idolminded a whole lot for supporting me as a blogger and writer. He picked me up when I was kind of down at one point in my life, and since then I have just admired and been thankful towards him. He is like a boss of sorts for me, and like the Master of the Blogging Universe in my mind (along with Greg), and I just think that he is amazing. He works hard on Idolminded, and has allowed me to become a staff member and keep me on when he moved from International Wota to Idolminded. I am just so in debt to him in my opinion, he has been so kind and understanding towards me, and he has been able to help me get to this point as a blogger... so yeah, I am thankful to him, and I really admire this God-like blogger. Thanks, sir!!!

Hm, this is getting soppy... -gets mop and bucket- I really should shut up and cut the cheese out of my blog posts, but whatever... :p

Basically, I am thankful to a lot of you. Readers, supporters... everyone. I am happy that you all read this blog and go out of your way to comment or even look at my posts. Seriously, thank you! I know I spout a lot of nonsense, my opinions are not always appreciated, and I sometimes ramble like a buffoon, but you seem to have stuck around... so thanks a lot, thank you for staying and putting up with my nonsense! It makes me happy, and it does keep me writing, because knowing that people care enough to read this blog, write a comment, or talk to me about it, it all encourages me to continue writing on here. I love writing on here, I always have, but you guys have made me love it more.

SO cheese over, sappiness mopped up... that's all for now I guess, until I hit 500,000 page views in about 40 years. Yeah...



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  1. Wow, 200,000! Congrats, Chiima, that's a really big number!

    Now I must say I absolutely love how sweet you are to use this post to thank others, instead of talking about what you've done to earn those views (which you did EARN, and you should be proud of!). You're such a humble blogger; I really admire that about you. Just don't underestimate yourself too much; you're really great!

    Now I will say that I got the BIGGEST smile on my face when I read the thank you to me. Though part of me was slightly embarrassed the comment I left about the "O!MT Awards" because it makes me look really vain. XD Oh well, now everyone knows that I often slip into annoying vanity before I'm like "OMG nooo, I didn't mean it that way!" I was just being goofy and hyper. ;)

    Ahem, anyway (I really need to stop drinking soda before I comment), it really means a lot to me that my comments make you happy. My biggest goal in life is really just to love people and make them happy so now I see that I have at least succeeded with one person! YAYS!!!

    Okay, now I'm being a bit cheesy, but I'm ALWAYS cheesy, and this is the second time today that a friend has said something really sweet to me and I'm just so happy today. XD

    But, really, if I annoy you, you can tell me. O.o

    Congrats once again, Chiima! I LUV YOUUUUUU!!!!!! <3

    1. Thank you Shayna, my Top Commenter ;w;

      Seriously, how did I even get these views? I am an idiot XD I am in awe of people who read this, because you put up with my idiocy a lot XD And I am in no way humble I think, but I am so happy people read this blog and enjoy it (still... why??? XD) but I am thankful for everyone who has helped me in editing, correcting things and telling me about groups etc.

      I don't think you need to be embarrassed about your comment, I know you were joking, and I think everyone else does, too XD. Anyway, I planned to thank you as a commenter here beforehand, so that changes nothing ;) I love this goofy hyperness of yours~

      SODA IS GOOD :P and your comments do make me happy, thank you for leaving them! It is nice to know a persons thoughts and such, and it allows someone to know that they have a reader for their blog :)


      CHEESE! I LOVE CHEESE!!! <3 and ;) stay happy, it's nice. I like Happy Shayna~

      You do not annoy me. Do I annoy you? o 3o


    2. LOL, why would you annoy me? You're too awesome for that! :D

    3. I am an annoying person ;)

  2. Woohoo! Congrats, Chiima, on 200,000 views and 500 posts! I was going to get you 200,500 candles but they ran out down the shop. Also, as hard as I tried to rack my brain where I was going to come up with thousands of volunteers to light them all so that they were all going at once, I found myself fresh out of ideas on that front because, jeez, who would know where to find thousands of candle lighters with arms long enough and heat resistant enough to get the job done before the icing got singed? Plus, there was the nightmare of getting someone to bake a cake with enough real estate to fit 200,500 blazing little pillars of wax which I swear I was making headway on when Occupational Health & Safety caught wind of my plans and slapped my with a strong legal warning if I dared even try such an audacious salute to the world's most underrated best blogger in so reckless a manner. So I guess these rambly and gushing words of adoration for you and your blog will be all the celebration I can legally afford at this time, and I beg your humble forgiveness as they are bound to fall woefully short of the mark.

    What I love about you is your genuinity. Or your genuineness if that isn't even a word. Why hell, it is a word now if it wasn't before. It's YOUR word. "The genuinity of Chiima's enthusiasmocy for all things Musumeical and idolismic is what brings me back to her blog time and time again," is the sort of thing I'm trying to say, only better. You don't distance yourself from the reader by adopting a journalistic tone like so many boring blogs out there. It's just you and your thoughts, unfiltered, unafraid, and what other people think of them be damned. Genuinity.

    Anyhow, I should wrap up by saying it was too sweet of you to shine a spotlight on your commenters and it brought a big, big smile to my face to know that you don't consider my blather a depressing slog to wade through. Oh, and I'm super sorry about the gender ambiguity thing. I'm told that technicians are working the problem and there should be a solution somewhere within the short to very long term...

    Here's to reaching new heights of success that we all know you deserve!

    1. Oh goodness, so many candles! But as you say, no one would let you do that (spoil sports!) and I bet everywhere truly was sold out! They should seriously stock the shops better with these things, I mean, these occasions do come around! Plus, you could have hired many people to all light the candles? Though you might need a megaphone to get them all to hear! Also, that cake... it would be delicious, but far too big, I would get full quickly! Also, how dare Health and Safety do that to you! They should know it is for celebration reasons, even if it is for some random blogger XD But, I am happy with just your words of kindness and love, so thank you <3 I LOVE YOU <3

      I have no idea if genuinity is a word, let me check... apparently it is! Either way, it is a word because you made it XD <3 Also, I am feeling all happy and butterfly-in-the-stomach-ey right now ;w; <3 You are too sweet, I am nothing special, but thank you ;w; And really, I want this blog to be about my true feelings and thoughts. It is boring to try and say what everyone wants me to say, and as you say, what other people may think, well they be damned! Thank you for understanding that ;A; <3

      I love your 'blather' XD You make me laugh, and you have such interesting comments. I think I am in love with them <3 And don't worry about your gender ambiguity, you are, in my mind, awesome. Better than any gender, I'll have you know ;)

      Thank you ;___; <3

    2. Those butterflies in the stomach must be contagious because after digesting what you wrote above I've got them now too! <3

      And "genuinity" is a word? YESSS! Go Sonda! Go Oxford English Dictionary! I love a win/win! Wait... go Chiima! WIN/WIN/WIN!

    3. Awww yaaay ;w; <3 BUTTERFLIES! WE SHARE DEM 8D <3

      WE ALL WIN!

  3. As long as you keep writing you can be sure that i will be here reading your posts =]
    Congrats on the 200000 views!!!

    1. THANK YOU ;A; <3 Thank you very much ;A; <3