Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #65

Minna! Digest Dayo? Let's Digest!

This week, in Digest News...

AKS CM's galore! BiS to lose another member!? H!P advertises MM's new single! SNH48's 2nd generation has arrived! TGS to perform at Budokan... again! AAA to release a new album for their 8th anniversary! Sexy Zone to release their 5th single! Pokemon: The Origin is to premier... one day! And MORE!!!! Are you ready to Digest?

This weeks Digest has been pretty damn interesting because, for once in a long while, this post has not been dominated by H!P! Instead of an influx of all Hello! Pro news, it has been mostly AKB, MoMusu and Misc news that has been filtering in, which surprised me a lot! Let's just say that it was weird seeing so much AKB for once, because usually only one group gets news, the rest not so much. Instead, only HKT and JKT have no news. Weird...

Actually, the H!P news has been scarce this week, with only MoMusu being active with new updates. C-ute only just made it with their UTB cover appearance, and Juice=Juice only have one piece concerning their covers for Tochuu no Romance, but other than that... it has pretty much been a weak week (lol) for news in the Hello! Project realm. Oh well, what can ya do? Gives you more time to check out the other posts, right?

In other, more life-like news... I have a job. No idea when I start, could be whenever, but I have a job. Looks like I will be using that income to pay rent and hoard more Idol goods.... that's the life, woohoo! When I can, Wagamama and Why no Gun Man will be MINE! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Anyway, have fun reading guys! Digest Time!

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Weekly Happenings

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One of my all time favourite bloggers updated... yes, I am damned happy by this! There is a reason I love her... Now, is there such a thing as a blog crush? -breathes heavily- xD

Ai no Gundan/Jooku - Itsumo Genki (Blog crush, kids!)
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Video of the Week

Koisuru Fortune Cookie Fan ver.

As some of you may have already found out, New School Kaidan's fan version of AKB48's new single, Koisuru Fortune Cookie, is now available to view on the official AKB48 youtube channel! Oh, and I participated. Kooky, huh?
 To be honest, I was amazingly surprised and overwhelmed by how many people commented on my participation, not only on my facebook page (got quite a few comments there...) but also my personal facebook, my youtube channel and on here. I was actually amazed that people were like 'Chiima, I saw you in the KFC fan video, I was surprised!'. It makes me happy that you all took notice, but also that you all watched the video and saw the group effort so many fans put in to create this great video to show our support to AKB48 and the reign of Sasshi! Yes, I regard this as a salute to Sasshi xD
 This is a fun video, and everyone who took part is amazing in this. I am glad I was a part of this fan project, and hopefully this will not be my last! I wonder what will happen next, huh? xD

Hopefully we can one day make a fan video for Hello! Project or MoMusu. Heck, I might even organise one if I had the organisation skills to do so! XD

Picture of the Week

OW, I hit my Shin... EEEEEEE, BLOOD!!!!

This is a tad odd for a Pic of the Week, given I have nothing about SHINee in here at all... but I was stumped for what to do, so harassed my friend, Sarah, on facebook to give me a picture, not caring if it was Jong's abs, Key's Hair or Onew's bulge. Yup.

... I am weird.


Hello! Pro Station #29 is here, and this weeks MC is Morning Musume's Ace, Sayashi Riho! Be sure to check it out!

In this weeks episode...

C-ute's MV for an album song, that has to do with a ham and cheese bagel, has been revealed! Concert footage from the Summer 2013 Hello! Project concert has been revealed as well, with performances of OK YEAH!, Dance de BAKOON!, as well as a Kenshuusei driven performance of the song Kanojo ni Naritai. We also have footage of the Juice=Juice members recording all songs for their major debut single, Romance no Tochuu. Backstage footage with the Kenshuusei members is included, too, showing off their adorableness! There is also footage of the major Hello! Project groups backstage, too!


Watching that opening to the concert, with Riho kicking her leg up... was the most awkward thing I have seen, and disturbing. Also, girl, you can't sing. At all. Then again, most of MM barr Sakura and Haruka can sing (and Princess, too). Also, I like the footage of Juice=Juice recording... Yuka can sing when she puts her mind to it, so I am somewhat surprised o-O She sounds quite nice! My Melon-pan is still a little weak, but she'll get there... <3

Also, gotta say, in the backstage footage, the Juice=Juice members look very pretty in the blue costumes o-o Peach-dayso and Tomato-chan look SERIOUSLY refreshing!!!

This weeks UF LICKS episode includes an MV for Jurin's debut Satoyama single, Hotaru Matsuri no Hi, as well as footage of LoVendoЯ performing live, other live footage including some Ai-butt! Be sure to check it out!


Only here for the Jurin, and even then... it's a tad boring XD

Hello! Project News

There will be a C-ute x S/mileage joint live house that will run from October 5th until December 8th!


I would say why, oh why, put C-ute with S/mileage... then I remembered that S/mileage do have some talent in the form of second gen. Really, it's only BK that are meh in H!P.

Also, when can MoMusu get a joint live house? I want a joint live house with the talent that is Up Up Girls!!!

Morning Musume

It has been announced that there will be a Morning Musume guidebook release this September!


Wait... what!? A guidebook? Will it include how to audition and who failed and whatnot? Who knows... but cool!

The 3rd round of Morning Musume's 12th generation auditions have officially ended! It is now time for training camp!


WHAT? Finally! Now, where is my training camp footage? Or at least seeing girls sing footage???

Former Morning Musume member JunJun performs High-King's Kioku no Meiro on a Chinese TV Show. Be sure to check it out!


It is nice to keep updated on the Panda's, but really... I must not be the only one who thinks that JunJun relies on her being a part of MoMusu too much? Right?

That said, she sounds, and looks, great!


It has been announced that Morning Musume will appear on Music Station to perform a special medley on Friday 23rd August! Be sure to keep an eye out for the episode!


Music Station... THE Music Station, that MoMusu have not been on in, like... forever? WHAT? YES... YES... OMFG YES!!!! YAAARGH!!!! -rolls around with happiness-


TV Asahi | Tokyohive

The covers for Morning Musume's concert, Michishige Eleven Soul for Blu-ray and DVD have been revealed!


I actually like these covers o-O the editing doesn't suck majorly. WOW.

That's saying something for the likes of H!P.

DVD | Blu-ray

Iikubo Haruna is the guest of honour for the next 2 weeks of Idol Hour Hello! Project on Enjoy Network Japan!


I listened to the first episode and the DJ of the programme commented on Harunan's big eyes and small features, and said she was jealous. I have to say, Harunan has beautiful features, nd I agree with the jealousy... Harunan, give me your face!

Enjoy Network Japan Facebook

A preview of Sayashi Riho's appearance in Young Jump Magazine has been released! Check it out!


Not too keen on the picture... I hope there are more flattering images of the girl in the magazine, to be honest.

Young Jump Preview

A video titled 1/Musume. Moring Musume. Michishige Sayumi has been released.


This looks like an advertisement for the single... and, forgive me if I am wrong, it looks like there may be more from the other members... 1 being Sayu, and then it will follow on. Or at least that is what I am guessing o-O

Who knows?

1/Musume. Morning Musume. Iikubo Haruna has been uploaded to youtube to advertise the groups up-coming single!


So I was kinda right... there are more in stock... WOOHOO 8U <3


C-ute grace the cover of UTB!


I wonder when UTB will ask H!P to force Chissa and Airi to do duo bikini shots? Hm...


The LQ covers for Romance no Tochuu have been revealed!

*HQ Covers in the Source!


Lookin' as lazy as any other Hello! Project CD Cover. Meh.

Up-Front Promotion News

Nikkan Sports have reported that Takahashi Ai and Abe Koji (38) will marry before the end of the year...

... or so the rumour mill says.


Heeey, I thought she was going to marry Christopher Rupert... -can't be bothered to go into the full song-. Either way, Ai-butt, you're straight!?


Nikkan Sports and Oricon have both reported on the AKB48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie Fan Project video!


I am happy, and sick to my stomach with happiness and a headache... HOLY CRAP, I AM IN A JAPANESE NEWSPAPER!?

Mezamashi TV have reported on the fan video for Koisuru Fortune Cookie made by international fans from 14 countries! Be sure to check out the short clip! Also, there is a small clip featured showing Sasshi herself viewing the fan video and commenting on it!


Sasshi viewed the video with her heavenly eyes... ;____________; SO HAPPY!


It has been announced that Itano Tomomi and Akimoto Sayaka's graduation concerts will stream live on Nico Nico Namahousou: Q. There will be two parts to the broadcast that fans can watch; The first will be a message from the fans from the AKB48 theatre lobby, and the second will be the graduation concert itself.

Itano Tomomi's graduation concert will broadcast on Tuesday, August 27th at 5pm JST, and Akimoto Sayaka's graduation concert will broadcast on Wednesday, August 28th at 4:30pm JST.

*Note, time is subject to change.


Two parts? Really?... That's actually pretty darned cool, because it includes the fans!

Shimazaki Haruka of AKB48 will be collaborating with Aikatsu Idols to promote the up-coming arcade game that will come in 2014! Haruka will help to promote the second series of the game through appearing in commercials, and was chosen because of her appeal towards elementary school girls.


I pray that they create a character specifically for Paruru, and that she is given an image song in order to promote the new game! Also, put her in the anime. She is adorable!

AKB48's Takahashi Minami and four younger members have been chosen as the TV CM characters for Hot Spring Amusement Park Ooedo Onsen Monogatari. The five girls have come together as a special supporters unit called Takahashi Minami to Onsen Musume in order to introduce the various charms of Ooedo Onsen. The theme they have is Hot Springs make Japan energetic!

The four younger girls alongside Takahashi Minami include: Iwata Karen of Team A, Kato Rena of Team B, and Kenkyuusei members Nishino Miki and Kojima Mako.

There are two short story CM's - the 'Yukata' version, and the 'Yubune' version. Be sure to check them both out!


I like the CM's, they are really cute. I like the one where the girls are in the Onsen the most, where they shout 'A. K. B. 48!!!', it's quite cute! Though it takes more effot than an 'Ahhh~', doesn't it? XD

Kojima Haruna has once again starred in a CM for popular lingerie brand PEACH JOHN. Earlier this year, the popular AKB48 member was chosen as the brands main image character, and her first CM showed her going 'strapless' in an attention-winning scene where her dress falls off!

The new CM that will air shows Kojima Haruna showing the functionality and comfort of the 'Dream Bra'. Be sure to check it out1


I wish I had her body, not gonna lie XD


It has been revealed that Matsumura Kaori's debut solo single will be titled Matsumurabu.

The debut solo song of the 23 year old Idol was performed at AKB48's Nagoya Dome concert, where SKE48 hail from. Matsumura showed up in a costume made of newspaper articles about the 48 groups which was ordered by Sashihara Rino.
"Every time a new article comes out, my costume would change." - Matsumura Kaori (Tokyohive)

"It is a good song, if I say so myself." - Sashihara Rino (Tokyohive)
Matsumure Kaori is a Lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei member within SKE48, and was granted a solo debut for her hard work as a Kenkyuusei member. Sashihara Rino is the producer for the single, and only 1000 copies will be made, and more if they all sell out.


FINALLY! Now we have a title, please, where is her solo MV? I want to know about this girl and see a video of her and hear how lovely/crappy her voice is!

It has been announced that SKE48 will hold their first independent concert at Nagoya dome on February 2nd, 2014. The group will also hold lives at Kobe World Kinen Hall on 26th October, and Yokohama Arena on December 6th.
"SKE hasn't done a tour in a long time... and the only big concert we've done was [Nippon] Gaishi Hall. We feel very happy to be able to hold a concert at Nagoya Dome, which is what the group and fans wished for." - Matsui Rena (Tokyohive) 
"We want to make it a fun concert by putting our strengths together."  - Matsui Rena (Tokyohive)

Congrats to SKE on making it to Nagoya dome without AKB48 in tow! Be proud of yourselves girls, because your fans will all be there, cheering you on!


It has been announced that NMB48 will release their 8th single on October 2nd, 2013! Currently, the single is untitled.

WOOHOO, finally ._.


Nogizaka46 have been appointed as the executive committee of Rakuten Super SALE! The CM will broadcast starting in late August, and there are currently two versions of the CM available to watch on youtube!

It has been revealed that certain members will also appear in Newspaper advertisements as well.


I only just noticed that in the CM, one of the girls gets married o-O The dude is a girl too, riiight...?


Meet SNH48's second generation! From the auditions, 34 girls were picked to be a part of AKB48's Chinese sister group!


That... is a lot of members... then again, we all know AKB48 base their auditions on bulk as opposed to talent and personality.

Anywhoo, congrats to the girls who made it! Well done~

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been announced that Tokyo Girls' Style will hold a concert at Nippon Budokan, titled TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE: LIVE AT BUDOKAN on December 22nd! Furthermore, the group will release a new single titled Get The Star/Last Forever on September 25th!


Another concert at Budokan for the TGS girls? Well done! Hopefully all fans can attend, and have a fun performance! Also... new single! Nia will look forward to you! MUAHAHA!!!

It has been announced that BiS member Michibayashi Rio, also known as Mitchel, will withdraw from the group on September 22nd. Mitchel joined BiS in May 2012, when BiS were successfully signed to Avex.

"To begin with, I did not intend to continue Idol activities in the future. In addition, I could not keep a balance with job hnting." - Mitchel (Tokyo Girls' Update)

BiS' new music video, titled Fly, contains scenes of past MV's that Mitchel has appeared in via a 'Special Edit' version of the music video, so be sure to check it out if you find it!


Another graduation!? What? I swear, these all happen too quickly in the world of BiS... @.@

Due to Mitchel's withdrawal from BiS this September, new member auditions have been announced. The deadline for the auditions is September 15th.


I dislike the word 'withdrawal', but it seems that everyone is using that word for BiS members who leave... then again, withdrawal seems to suit them in a way...

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what new girls they select. If I had a passport, I would actually audition XD

Idoling!!'s Yokoyama Rurika, who recently made her solo debut this June, will be releasing her second solo single on October 9th! The new single has been titled Your Voice, My Life.

The up-coming single has been produced by Maeyamada Kenichi, also known as Hyadain. The song has been described as an uptempo message song that conveys her gratitude to those who regularly support her.


I am surprised by the announcement, because it was not so long ago since she debuted... in fact, when I first saw the news on Tokyohive, I simply thought that they were, once again, late on news and had said it was her debut, but nope...

Anyway, I am happy that she will be getting a second solo single! Her solo debut Walk My Way is fun and catchy, so I anticipate this new release... especially since Hyadain is behind it! KYAA!!!!

It has been announced that Momoiro Clover Z have collaborated with Lotte's Bikkuriman Chocolate, and their chocolate Momoiro Clover Z Momocloman Chocolate will go on sale September 3rd.

The Momocloman Chocolate will include an original sticker featuring the members as 'Bikkuriman' and wearing outfits from their songs. There will be a total of 22 different designs for the stickers, including 2 secret designs. The back of the stickers will include the members' profiles as well as 'Bikkuriman' episodes of the members.
"At this time, it's been decided that 'Momocloman Chocolate', a collaboration between Momoiro Clover Z and Bikkuriman Chocolate, will go on sale. We are happy to appear on Bikkuriman Chocolate, which has been a longing of ours since we were small." - Momoiro Clover Z (Tokyohive)

I only posted about this because I wanted to comment on how scarily alike Reni's cartoon sticker looks. Seriously, tat is freaky o-o

Also, they look like Mini Moni cartoon characters (and Momoka looks like she could be in a Zelda anime here).

AAA have announced the release of their 8th album, titled Eighth Wonder, which will be released on September 18th! The group will also be celebrating their 8th anniversary since their formation.

The album will come with two discs. DISC 1 will include 10 songs from their recent singles, including Koioto to Amazora, Love is in the Air, and Niji. DISC 2, however, will include the members' duet songs, a remix of Eighth Wonder and an acoustic version of Koioto to Amazora.

The album will be released in four different versions: Limited edition 2CD edition, 2CD+DVD edition, 2CD edition and PLAYBUTTON edition. The DVD will include PV's and making-of videos for Niji, Miss You, PARTY IT UP, Love is in the Air and Koioto to Amazora.


01. Eighth Wonder (Album Version)
05. Love Is In The Air
06. Koioto to Amazora (with Intro)
07. Miss you
08. Hohoemi no Saku Basho
09. good day
10. Niji


01. Memory Lane by Naoya Urata & Shinjiro Atae
02. TRAP by Misako Uno & Chiaki Ito
03. Believe by Mitsuhiro Hidaka & Shuta Sueyoshi
04. DRAMA by Takahiro Nishijima & Misako Uno

05. Eighth Wonder (REMIX) (Tentative) (Remixed by Daisuke Suzuki)06. Koioto to Amazora (Acoustic Version)


01. Niji (Music Clip)
02. Miss you (Music Clip)
03. PARTY IT UP (Music Clip)
04. Love Is In The Air (Music Clip)
05. Koioto to Amazora (Music Clip)
06. Miss you (Music Clip Making)
07. PARTY IT UP (Music Clip Making)
08. Love Is In The Air (Music Clip Making)
09. Koioto to Amazora (Music Clip Making)
10. PARTY IT UP (Silhouette Version)


AAA!!!! YES!!! A new album! And I bet it will be damn fantastic, especially with all of the songs they have included!

I want a Nishii solo on this, too ;) Though honestly, I was hoping all of the songs on Disc 2 would be solo songs! XD

Sexy Zone have announced that they will be releasing their 5th single, which will be a Double A-side titled Bye Bye Bye Du Bye ~See you again~/(Currently Untitled). It will be released on October 9th.

The Limited editions of the single will include solo songs performed by Nakajima Kento, Sato Shori and Kikuchi Fuma as the coupling tracks.

(Track lists available at the sources)


... Are you fucking serious right now, JE? Are you really. Fucking. KIDDING ME? DAFUQ is this shit? URGH!

I seriously motherfucking think that I am about done with Sexy Zone. The one group I truly effing like from JE, and it is the worst fucking group in terms of shafting members. Fuck dis shit, I might be moving over to Arashi.

Also, maybe this single is called Bye Bye Bye Du Bye ~See you again~ because they're kicking Marius out? According to Michael on facebook, he has been moonlighting as Kudo Haruka. Well... we all kinda knew it, and the title of the song has Du(u) in it... so they figured it out o-O

But no, seriously, I almost cried when I saw that they were giving the Three Big Ones the solo's, and I can bet my socks that they won't even give the young'ins solo's in the group song. URGH FML!

Pokemon & Misc News

A trailer for a new Pokemon Anime series titled Pokemon: The Origin has been unveiled! This series is said to be based on the original games, and will be the first Pokemon series to not include the series' main 10 year old protagonist, Ash Ketchum.

The series features characters Red and Green, and will run from October 2nd and coincide with the new Pokemon XY series. Currently it is unclear if this is a special series, or permanent.


I cried when I saw the news out of pure happiness! Finally, a series that does not include Ash! Sorry, but he has been around too long. It is time for a fresh start... and whilst he is still around for the XY series, seriously, who cares about that series? Pokemon: The Origin is where it's at, now!

PV/Song Previews

An MV preview for Maeda Atsuko's up-coming single Time Machine Nante Iranai has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


The song sounds absolutely beautiful, but seriously now, where is the drunk Acchan being carried by a man? Or, better yet, where is the time machine?

Press Release/Promotional Videos

A video advertising SKE48's 2013/2014 arena tours has been released! Be sure to check it out!


The AKS editors really do know how to work their magic and make something snazzy, don't they? H!P should learn from them.

Tokyo News Service, MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage from Suzuki Airi's Press Release event for her new photobook. In the video, Suzuki Airi attends the event in a beautiful summer Yukata.


Tokyo News Service | MAiDiGi TV | JIJIPRESS

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that is all we have time for this week! Thank you once again for tuning into the Weekly Digest to fill up with a week of Idol News and Happenin's! Let's all hope that next week will be filled with an abundance of news, too! But until then... Ja ne!



  1. Yay! JunJun! Her dress looked so pretty :) I know she does use Morning Musume a lot to make her seem interesting on TV but she is my favourite of the Pandas so I can't complain >.<
    The covers for Reina's graduation DVD do look amazing <3
    And Takitty isn't getting married xD There was a rumour going around a little earlier this year that they were engaged to be married but nothing has been confirmed. It is fake xD

    1. JunJun is definitely an interesting character, don't get me wrong! I liked her straight-forward personality when in MoMusu XD

      I have to say, Reina's grad DVD could be the best from this year o-O

      And haha, I know they aren't, I saw that Rika, Takahashi and Koji dismissed the rumours as false, but I enjoy rumours on here sometimes XD I swear, wishful thinking of the Media XD

  2. took part in the KFC-fan ver.?? Glad that you had fun and happy for you that sasshi herself watched the video ^^

    Btw, for SKE Matsumura solo that Sasshi produced, there was a snippet of her performance from news and video in AKB youtube channel (shown in Eizo center), and also from Matsumura's BBQ segment (just youtube search it). It's very idol-ish. I wanna know the lyrics translation though coz I like Sasshi's lyrics "Tooi Michi e" from her solo album.

    1. I did haha, and yes it was seriously fun! And uwaaa, it made me happy >3< Thanks for being happy about it, too! Sasshi saw so many wonderful fans dancing to her centre song! She must be happy herself!

      OH REALLY? I MUST SEE IT! Also, I hope the lyrics are interesting and cute, like Matsumura herself and also Sasshi. If it is an idol-ish song, I will love it!

  3. Well some more information is out about the new SZ release and from the covers it looks like is is supposed to be Bye-Bye Dubai as they have a Middle Eastern look to the outfits.

    And overall the covers look better with making So and Marius to look like they are part of the group as there are no Juniors and they are only missing from one edition (the one with Shori's solo) but that one is the one that has the untitled song as the first track listed, so it could mean that the song will be another song for just those three. So it's still a mixed bag but I am tempted in getting the RE version so I can feel like I am showing support for the group as five members.

    1. I am thankful that So and Marius are looking like they are a part of the group now, it soothes me haha. Though damnit, why place them so far back? And lol, why is it Shori's single cover they are taken out? Are the producers realy that scared that Marius' cuteness and So's loveliness will outshine Shori's centre position? XD AND DAMN, MARIUS, SO CUTE <3

      If I like this I might buy it... XD