Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #64

Minna! Digest dayo?

In this weeks Digest...

Hello! Project boom with their News! MoMusu to release a new Best-of album! Tsunku talks about MoMusu and Hello! Project! Kumai Yurina's new solo DVD digest is here! A preview for HKT48's second single MV! Up Up Girls comment on the release of their summer single! And more! Are you ready to Digest?

This week has been abundant in glorious, wonderful H!P related news, and that has made me one happy bunny! I also recently came home from a trip to my old home place where I was able to see and spend time with my wonderful friends, and had a bit of a rest from the Idol world. Whilst I love my Idols, I do have to say that the rest was needed... though I was bombarded with a little bit of Arashi goodness from my best friend, who adores that group (I love me some Ohno, she loves her some Jun XD). Anyway, that all said and done, I hope that the week gone by was wonderful for you all as well, and that you are having an enjoyable time right now!

Now, let's update ourselves! Minna, let's Digest!!!!

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Weekly Happenings

This week I have no extra posts or videos to share with you, however I do have a new feature to add to Weekly Happenings! This will be a small feature where I just link some blog posts from other blogs that I have read and enjoyed, so be sure to check them out! They will be worth it, I assure you!

Other blogs

Let's Talk About Weather Girls - Nia's Wonderland
Girl's Rule (And Boys Drool) - Nia's Wonderland (A post I truly anticipated!)
My Top 10 K-Pop Idols - Konno's Story

Video of the Week

Wakuteka Take a Chance (Groupdub) hosted by Yumi

Well, I guess I better throw this out there, because I guess I feel it's time to admit this in a way, and also because I don't know what to put down as a video for this week, but another side to my Internet life is that I am a Dubber... and no, this isn't recent, haha! I started dubbing around 2010, around 9-10 months before I started up this blog. This is a 'recent' (around 9 months late, lol) dub I guess... which I am in that one of my dubbing lovelies organised. And yes, you will hear how shocking I am in a dub XD

Why am I posting a dub as a Video of the Week, though? Well, I guess it is because I am proud of it, despite the fact that I didn't mix it. Also, I was wondering when I would come out to those of you who don't know I'm a dubber... but yeah I am proud of the host of this dub, Yumi, because she persevered in trying to get this done, despite how long it has been since she started it. Also, she makes one beautiful Riho xD Or at least she does to me~

Also, those effects... she truly worked hard on them, didn't she? Haha.

Tell me if you never want me to post a Dub again XD I know not everyone likes them, but for me, Dubs are the reason I got into Morning Musume more and more, so I guess I owe it to dubbing project for making me fall in love with Japanese music. Woohoo!

Notice how I am both Sayu and Haruka in this, oldest and youngest... Yumi claims that I am Timeless because of it XD

Picture of the Week

Fishing for your Heart, and also your Wallet~

I really had no idea what to post as the picture for this week, but someone on Facebook who recently found out about Tsuribit and fell in love with Aya. Seriously, he is planning to give her his kidney if she ever needs one. That is true dedication to Tsuribit's Kikima Aya!


Hello! Pro Station #28 is here! This weeks episode is lead by our Smiling MC, Katsuta Rina! Enjoy~

In this weeks episode...

Romance no Tochuu... the MV! A performance of Berryz Kobou's club-like song Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi ni and other songs! Yattaruchan  and Yuck Bikini performed by the Genki S/mileage! Our darling Princess of Hello! Project, Fukumura Mizuki, sings to Ai Araba IT'S ALRIGHT! And some hairstyle tips and tricks from Suzuki Airi! Be sure to watch this episode!


Whhhy do I do reactions? It sometimes restricts me from watching the videos when they first come out if I am not prepared... XD Oh well, the rest of the episode is fun, so be sure to watch everyone!

Hello! Project News

BARKS have released an article in English interviewing Tsunku about Hello! Project and Morning Musume. Be sure to read it!


It is interesting, reading what Tsunku has to say, and also that he had wanted Morning Musume to break up after their first year of formation... he is a strange cookie XD

It has been revealed that the stageplay Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ will be the final Hello! Project stageplay done in collaboration with Gekidan Gekihalo.


I did not know who or what Gekidan Gekihalo was, but looking at the information Google gives me, it seems that mostly C-ute and Berryz have worked with this group/business and there has been a lot of collaboration between H!P and this company/group/thing. It is sad that this will be the last production whilst working with them, but groups and people do need to move on... and move on it shall, I guess...

A DVD Digest for the SATOYAMA Fanclub Bus Tour with GREEN FIELDS and Peaberry has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to check it out!


Aika and Yuuka are so cute... and I love what Peaberry are wearing! Little girl scout ties!... OMG, GIMME A DAMN GIRL SCOUT PV!!!!! Also, Management, please remember to give Riho songs she can sing solo, not songs she can butcher solo. K thanks bye.

Actually, I am surprised by the control Riho had for that song... and wow, Captain cannot sing well live, can she? XD Also, where is my Yuuka solo!? I know the girl can't sing as well as others, but none of these Satoyama girls can sing! XD

Morning Musume

The billboards for Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan have gone up.


I feel I might faint at the fact that Up-Front Promotion are still promoting quite well! Catch me, dears!!!

Sato Masaki will hold a handshake event at Aeon Mall in Aomori on August 19th, it has been announced.


Wait, what did Masaki do to get a solo handshake event? Did she hide under the table again?

It has been announced that, before the August 14th Hello! Project Hiroshima Concert,Sayashi Riho will introduce her hometown in a special video. There will also be Riho designed stickers.


And yet no other girls have ever been presented with this honour to show off their hometown? Call me a bitch (I can hear ya!), but what the fuck!? I mean, I am happy Riho has been given this opportunity, but I doubt anyone else has... Hell, Maimi should show off her hometown, she's been in MM longer!

Please correct me if I am wrong ;D I do not count Furusato music videos, by the way

Morning Musume announce 10 simultaneous handshake event locations for their up-coming single Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan! Be sure to check it out!


God those dresses should be burned... but whatever... Ooooh, humbugs!...


Morning Musume's Profile pictures have been updated, so be sure to take a look at how breathtaking the girls look!


Dayumn, these girls be stealing my heart! And damn, Zukki looks so pure and beautiful!!!! Also, Baby Predator (Ayumi) is so... wow o-o That Shark has grown into an Idol ; A;

Morning Musume Member Profiles

Morning Musume will release a new Best-of album titled The Best! ~Updated Morning Musume~ and will release on September 25th!

The up-coming Best-of album will include 15 tracks and contain re-arrangements and remixes of previous songs.



Let's just hope the remixes aren't urgh like the C-ute ones were...

Morning Musume Discography

Berryz Kobou

A digest for all recent Berryz Kobou fanclub events has been uploaded to youtube! Included are Digests from Chinami's 21st birthday event, Risako's fanclub event, and also the Maasa, Miyabi and Risako fanclub event. Be sure to check it out!


Have management finally realised that Berryz are not really that important to give their own individual video Digests, now? That or they are just being organised, but I think the former is more correct.

A DVD Digest for Kumai Yurina's up-coming solo DVD, titled  brand new day, has been uploaded! Be sure to take a look, and enjoy!


Yurina is gorgeous, no wonder she gets a Digest all to herself... and damn, those legs!!!! <3 Her face and leggyness makes up for her lack of vocal talent... or her nasal talent, at least.


It has been announced that Kumai Yurina will hold dinner shows on September 28th and 29th.


It shall be titled ~Rule off the Green Giant - Eat Greens and Be Healthy!~. Catchy, ne?

Hello! Project News


BARKS have written an Event Report in English on the C-ute Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma release event on their website. Please check it out!


C-ute are amazing, they are really coming a long way. I hope that they surpass MoMusu and become Hello! Project's leading group!

On August 20th and 23rd, there will be release events for the release of Suzuki Airi's new photobook, Oyoganai Natsu.


And there, Airi will wear a bikini, or an apron... we hope o-O

Yajima Maimi, Okai Chisato and Hagiwara Mai will hold a talk and handshake event for ⑧ Queen of J-POP on August 23rd in Kumamoto it has been announced.


A nice balance of singers; Nasal, pretty good and squeaky. Let's hope that Chissa and Mai drown out Maimi, though.

The DVD Digest for Okai Chisato's birthday event has been uploaded to youtube! Be sure to check it out!


I love that fans were able to sing Kanashiki Heaven with Chissa... that makes this so much more awesome. And Chissa singing Koi ING!? Just kick Maimi away from the equation and it is a perfect performance!


The LQ covers for C-ute's up-coming album, ⑧ Queen of J-POP, have been revealed! Check them out!


Admittedly, the covers look like something I would expect from Fairies... but damn, wow. Those are pretty good! Thing is... is Nakky's hair styled weirdly?

C-ute Discography | J-Pop Idols

The cover for C-ute's first official book has been revealed!


I like the costumes, but seeing Nakky in it... it does not look very good on her, does it? I mean, their necks (except Maimi the Giraffe's) are disappearing!!!!

Wani Books


It has been announced that Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon will hold a joint fanclub event on October 6th!


And then Meimi will rise up from the depths of Hell, fangs bared at the ready as everyone screams in the audience, whilst Nyon and Dawa cackle, for they were the ones who prepared Vampire Meimi's human sacrifices in the form of a Fanclub event that day...


It has been announced that Juice=Juice will hold their Juice=Juice Fresh Festival 2013 in seven cities this August!


I am sure that for everyone attending, it will be very refreshing! Please look forward to it to those who are able to go!


It has been announced that Juice=Juice will perform at Pony Canyon's Ponikyan! Idol Club Thanksgiving on September 1st.


And then they said to all of the other groups within Hello! Project "Hey ho, Fuck you! We only want young'ins now!" and stormed off with Juicde=Juice giggling behind them getting drunk on fermented apple and grape juice.

Wait, how is September 1st Thanksgiving!?

Hello! Project News

Juice=Juice's Profiles have been updated, so be sure to check them out!


Melon-Pan's (Akari) pants can go burn in a giant fire.

Juice=Juice Official Member Profiles

Juice=Juice will hold a mini-live and handshake event on August 28th in Sendai it has been announced!


And Aina will be there, wearing an AKB48 costume, petitioning and rallying the troops for Ju=Ju's demise!!!!!

Hello! Project News

Up-Front Promotion News

Tasaki Asahi sings a cover of the song Sakurazaka by Masaharu Fukuyama. The song was originally released on April 26th, 2000.

Tasaki commented on the song:

"This time, I was allowed to cover the classic song by Fukuyama Masahru "Sakurazaka" that I have been longing to sing.
Coming from the same town as Fukuyama Masaharu, I grew up listening to his music ever since I was little. I had thought that I would also like to sing someday, and the more I listen to this song, the more I fall in love with it."
(I am unsure of the last part of the comment, so I won't even try to roughly translate what Google translate has maimed XD)


This is a beautiful cover. Asahi has such a pure, wonderful voice, and I am so happy that she is able to put these songs and covers up on the Satoyama channel. I am glad to just see her sing, and perform on the Piano... she is so beautiful, and her voice makes me happy... Asahi!!! ; A;


Mano Erina has graced the cover of Nini Funi magazine!


... I think my jaw just dropped, and my undercrackers as well... DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!

The DVD Digest for M-Line Memory vol. 12 featuring Niigaki Risa, Ogawa Makoto and Abe Natsumi has been released, so be sure to take a look!


I want to say that Makoto can't sing live, which she can't, but then I remembered that not a lot of MoMusu members, or H!P members in general, can sing well at all. However, Makoto and Gaki together as personality alone... awesome. Epic. FUN!!!!

Speaking of no personality but a pretty good singer... Hi, Abe. When are you getting married? (I kid about the no personality XD)


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D)

AKB48 sub-unit Not Yet have released details and jacket covers for their 5th single release! The single has been titled Hiri Hiri no Hana, and will be released on September 25th, and will be the first single in over a year for the group since the release of their fourth single Suika BABY. The coupling track, titled Tsugi no Pierce, is being used as the theme song for the online foreign exchange CM that stars Oshima Yuko.

Each single will include a coupling track that will feature a different member as a centre for the song, and each single will contain a DVD of the music video, and other footage that has yet to be revealed.

Track List:

01. Hiri Hiri no Hana
02. Tsugi no Pierce
03. Moshimo, Te wo Tsunaideitara (Oshima Yuko Centre song) (Type A)
04. Bakuhatsu Professor (Sashihara Rino Centre song) (Type B)
05. Sasayaka na Boku no Teikou (Kitahara Rie center song) (Type C)
06. Mienai Sora wa Itsudemo Aoi (Yokoyama Yui center song) (Type D)


Wait, they are finally coming back!? YAY!!!!!! I legit cannot wait!!!!


It has been announced that AKB48 and its sister groups will recruit new members through a Draft System. The event will be called AKB48 Group Draft Kaigi and will be held on November 10th at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa.

This event will be held to recruit new members, and much like the Drafts in sports where the captains choose the team members, the 10 Team Captains of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 will appoint new members among the candidates who pass the AKB48 Group Draft Candidate Audition after consultations with each groups' theatre managers.

Different from their regular auditions, the candidates will have no choice in which group or team they will join.

The candidates chosen from the auditions draft will be assigned tot heir new teams and groups as Kenkyuusei members. More details regarding the draft auditions will be given at a later date.


This is all very confusing... but very. Damn. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During AKB48's Osaka Dome tour held on August 7th, a new song was revealed, and Yokoyama Yui is the centre for this new song! The song is titled Mienai Sora wa Itsudemo Aoi and is Yui's first centre song. The song was written to congratulate the Team A captain(?) on testing and qualifying as a pharmacy clerk as a part of a TV commercial project held by an education company, UCAN.

The song will be used in a commercial which will start broadcasting on August 18th, and stars Yokoyama Yui as a pharmacy clerk who takes off her cloak and becomes and Idol!


Look at Paruru's face. Is she happy, or angry...?

Footage from Shinoda Mariko's Graduation performance with AKB48 has been uploaded to youtube, so be sure to check it out.


A great members has left AKB48... Mariko-sama, I miss you ;A; Your smile is glorious, and I hope that your smile will show again in the media one day... ;____;


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Typ A, Type B, Type C and Theatre Edition)

The covers for HKT48's second single, Melon Juice, have been revealed! The single is set to release on September 4th!

The track list has also been revealed!

Track List:

01. Melon Juice
02. Soko de Nani wo Kangaeruka?
03. Kibou no Kairyu (Amakuchi Hime) (Type A)
05. Dore no Metronome (Umakuchi Hime) (Type B)
06. Namioto no Orugoro (Type C)
07. Tenmonbu no Jijou (Theatre Edition)

DVD Track List:


01. Melon Juice MV

Type A:

02. Kibou no Kairyu (Amakuchi Hime) Music Video (Type A)
03. Special Footage "Summer break research project presentation" Anai Chihiro / Ueki Nao / Ota Aika / Kumazawa Serina / Kodama Haruka / Akiyoshi Yuka / Abe Kyoka / Ito Raira / Inoue Yuriya / Imada Mina / Iwahana Shino / Ui Mashiro / Ueno Haruka (Type A)

Type B:

02. Doro no Metronome (Umakuchi Hime) Music Video
03. Special Footage "Summer break research project presentation" Sashihara Rino / Shimono Yuki / Tanaka Natsumi / Nakanishi Chiyori / Matsuoka Natsumi / Umemoto Izumi / Okada Kanna / Okamoto Naoko / Kusaba Manami / Kojina Yui / Goto Izumi / Kodama Hiroka / Sakaguchi Riko 

Type C:

02. Melon Juice Making Video
03. Special Footage "Summer break research project presentation" Miyawaki Sakura / Murashige Anna / Motomura Aoi / Moriyasu Madoka / Wakatabe Haruka / Tashima Meru / Tanaka Yuka / Tani Marika / Tomiyoshi Asuka / Tomonaga Mio / Fukagawa Maiko / Fuchigami Mai / Yamada Marina


Their covers... they always look too similar to each other or something to me... can't they have single covers out of a uniform or something?

Misc Idols and Groups News

(From Top to Bottom Right: Limited edition, Regular edition, mu-mo shop edition)

The covers and for AAA's new single, titled Koioto to Amazora, have been revealed! There will be three versions available to buy.


Nissy is gorgeous, Shinji is <3 and Mitsutsu is just GAAAAH, beautiful!!! I want them all, can I has them all? PWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE????

It has been announced that AAA's song MASK, a coupling track on their new single Koioto to Amazora which will release September 4th, has been chosen as the theme song for the up-coming movie Tiger Mask, which is based on the manga of the same name.
"How we live, what we fight against, and what awaits us ahead... Because we are in times of doubt and conflict, we hope that this song will become the Japanese fighter's anthem." - Hidaka Mitsuhiro (Tokyohive)
The movie is slated for a November 9th theatre release.


OMG!!!! This song sounds pretty cool from the name... and so does the movie! Hopefully it does become a fighting anthem... maybe!

It has been announced that Momoiro Clover Z will release a new single and will also begin their nationwide tour on on September 28th!

The single, slated for a November 6th release, is currently untitled. This will be the groups first single for 2013. Their last single was released in November 2012.


Hopefully it won't suck? Or freak me out? The single, I mean.

It has been announced that Perfume will hold a Dance Contest for their up-coming album, LEVEL3! The dance contest has been titled 2nd Perfume Dance Contest ~Miseyo LEVEL3~ and will be held on October 26th at Miel Parque Tokyo!

There will be three categories for this contest; the Kiyomi category, the Sou category, and the International category. The song used for the contest will be Spending all my time, which the girls chose for its difficult choreography and the repetitive lyrics.

Winners of each category will have the opportunity to dance with Perfume during the award ceremony, and the girls are also thinking of something 'special' as a prize.

Be sure to read full details from the source!


Holy crap... another Perfume dance contests? Also, if you haven't guessed, the International one is for International fans... Guys, send in your entries!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Pokemon & Misc News

A fifth gameplay trailer for Pokemon X and Y was revealed back in July. Here we get a glimpse of more Pokemon, and a professor as well as a new 'enemy' in the form of Team Flare. Be sure to check it out!



A trailer for Pokemon X and Y that shows a new feature, 'Mega Evolution', has been uploaded! Watch as the trailer shows the Pokemons new 'Mega' evolutions take place!


MOTHER FUCKING BLAZIKEN 9000!!!!! Yes, that is my name for it! HOMFG YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PV/Song Previews

An MV preview for HKT48's new song, titled Melon Juice, has been released! Be sure to take a look and see if you enjoy!


This song is definitely more original than their first single, and has a more original sound to it compared to other 48' family A-sides... I am actually impressed.

Also, the MV makes me think of H!P. Don't ask why, not even I know haha!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Up Up Girls have released a video commenting on the release of their new single Summer Beam/Up Up Typhoon! with English subtitles! Be sure to check it out!


I will clap my damn hands when it is the colour of Blue, Green, Yellow or Orange... oddly enough, three of those colours are the ones I like most XD Orange is just a colour I enjoy in UUG now.

Also, UUG are so refreshing and fun to watch!

Idol group Team Syachihoko have released the trailer for their ZeppZeppHep World Premium Japan Tour 2013 which will release on DVD and Blu-ray on August 14th.


A colourful looking stage, and probably an even more colourful performance! Hopefully all fans who want to see this concert will be able to purchase a copy and enjoy fully! Also, these girls sound great together! It does surprise me honestly, but wow!

MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have released press footage of AKB48 members promoting their new campaign JOIN! with the Japanese Red Cross. Please check out the footage!


Mayu is uber cute. This campaign needs more cuteness!


And that is all the news that we have for this week! Another week, another Digest done and dusted. Hopefully you have all been filled with your hunger for news, and will happily await next weeks Digest! Let us hope that it is as good as this one has been. Until next time, though... ja ne!



  1. I know it's not related to this post at all, but have you seen that you are in AKB48 Fortune Cookie Fan Version Video??? ...Thinking about it... you already know it for sure, don't you? I think it's really cool (and I'm not an AKB Fan though -.-)

    1. Hi! I have indeed seen it, haha! But I was unaware that it was uploaded to the official AB Channel! O-O I will be using that video for next weeks video of the week haha! And thank you!!! :D

      Don't worry, you don't need to be an AKB fan :3 I am a bigger H!P fan, but for this, it was because I wanted to show my support to Sashihara Rino in a way!

  2. Actually I just watched it, because I was kind of bored and then I was like:...WAIT! Isn't this Chiima?!? WHUT?! ...Cool *_____*

    I loooove the H!P so much <3 There's no space for other girlgroups ^_____^' But I have no problems with AKB Fans, too :DDD

    Actually I do love Johnny's a little bit more than H!P <3

    1. Haha thank you! XD It was fun, and everyone in it did a great job! ^^

      Haha, loving H!P takes a lot of love and effort, there really is no room for others, is there? Somehow, I have to always make space, though... XD

      JE is good haha, I just don't like them as much as others ;A; SORRY! </3