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Fishing for Love and Cuteness, we are Tsuribit! 'Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku' PV Review!

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There are plenty of fish in the sea, but I swear these girls are the cutest fish I have ever seen... o-o <3

I have no idea if any of you remember, or even know of, Tsuribit, but this is a cute new group who recently debuted with their first physical single (second overall), Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku. This is a middle-school based group with most members being born in the region of 2000-2001, except for Mizuki who is born in the year of 1998. For me, this is a pretty young group, and normally I am not a keen fan of children in groups, but Tsuribit are quite different... not only are they cute, but the girls actually seem to have some talent in singing, or at least they know how to control their vocals. With kids in a group, it is the vocals that kill me and make me vow to never follow them until they grow up a little, or learn how to control their voices (example: Prizmmy).

That said, Tsuribit are not the most talented group I have heard or seen... but they have a lot of charm, which makes me like them for some reason. I dunno, maybe it is their cuteness and their fangs and smiles that make me want to love them, or motherly instinct, or all of the above. I have no bloody clue, though it is nice to enjoy such a fresh and cute group... also, I do like their unique concept: Idols who Fish!

That's right... these girls fish. So hopefully, in the future, I will see a Mermaid based PV by these girls!
 A Mermaid lover can dream, right?

Anyway, introductions over and done with, I am going to be taking a look at Tsuribit's second, and nicely budgeted, PV for their debut physical single, Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku, a song title that has nothing to do with fishing, but instead astronomical midsummer love, or something of that sort... who knows? Either way, it has nothing to do with fishing!

So Chimian dears, grab your fishing rod and bait, throw it back and let's hope that you reel in a cute little Tsuribit girl to claim as your Oshi! Are you prepared for cuteness galore? I sure am! Let's go!

You know what, Tsuribit? When I learned more about you and became interested, it was because of the fishing concept... not astronomy!!! Though if you make a sub-unit about Astronomy, I will be equally interested. Now, where are my Mermaids!?

Oh look, a star made out of cute Idols!? Can I make a wish?

I wish... -mumble mumble mumble-

I have to say, they are the cutest bunch of baby Idols I have seen in a while... but that is probably because I ignore baby Idols most of the time, so meh!

This font was coloured by Photoshop. Damn sponsors

Holy crap their costumes are white! To the point where they literally glare at you!

Sakura: "Hey there!"

Oh, hey, Sakura!!! Damn you are gorgeous! Can I adopt you? Please?

That sky is seriously blue... seriously, what do producers do? Keep look out for clear days, or bleach the sky until there are hardly any clouds? I must know!!!

... Oh wait, I forget, I live in England. Our weather sucks :/

Aya is so cute, I wonder... would her parents let me steal her genetics to make a cute little clone of her? Seriously, for a kid, she looks damn near perfect o-O

Ayu: "... Are you saying that I'm not perfect?"

Ayu, you are perfect too, but Idol looks wise... Aya is perfection... she is like the Jesus of Idols...

Karin fans might kill me for saying that

Aya, what are you doing in the classroom alone? School's finished for the day...

Ahh... that's why. Got a boyfriend, aye? But wait, wait... aren't you, like, 13? And also, aren't you an Idol? Why have you got a boyfriend!?

Aya: "Age is just a number..."

I know that, sweety, but you are also an Idol... and according to contracts, boyfriends are pretty much illegal.

Aya: "Meh..."

I wonder what it says... but given Aya's face, the guy is not being the sweetheart she wants him to be o-O

That, or Manager-san has found out and murdered the guy. Oops.

Aya: "..."

Awww, Aya ;A; He'll reply, I'm sure! Just don't cry or be sad, okay?

Remember I said that Aya was the Idol Jesus? Yeah, well for me, Sakura is the Idol Moses. Much like Paruru. But younger... and cute... o-O

... Wait, Aya? Why are you running? Don't run from being an Idol, Michael on Facebook relies on you!!! AYA!!!!!


No, no stars! You should fish!!!

Tsurbit: "But... but..." -pouts and acts cute-

Dangit... FINE!!! Reach for the stars... -huffs-

Aya: "Muehehehe..."

o-O Should I be scared or not...?

Sakura: "Hoo boy... breathe, Sakura, breathe..."

Sakura? What are you doing out here, honey?

Sakura: "Breathe... breathe, Sakura... haaah..."

Wait, Sakura, what are you holding? Is that a... love letter...?

Sakura: "Hey, I---- No way, can't do it, nope!"

No Sakura, please, don't give your heart to a boy! Give it to me~e

Actually, Sakura, I accept your feelings for this boy... bring up your courage and confess to him! He deserves your cuteness and courage! Go for it, girl!

D'awww, she even put a little heart sticker on it! How sweet!

Yes... Go on, Sakura, you can do it! Confess to the lad!!

... Wait, what!? Damnit, guy friend, why did you have to ruin the moment for my Sakura!? ARRRGH!!!! -flips tables-

No... Sakura, wait!!! Come back, Sakura!!!

Oh, Ayu! Hi, how are you this fine day? Lovely weather, isn't it... damn bus, taking its time... -kicks stone away-

Wait... Ayu, is that the guy you like? How old is he, hm? Is that why you come to this bus stop everyday, to look at him and fantasise about your relationship, wedding and future together?

... Yeah, thought as much...

Ayu: "Hehe... <3"

Ayu: "Ah... he's coming over! I hope my hair's okay..."

Girl, your hair looks perfect! And hey! Who doesn't like twintails on a cute girl?

Ayu: "... Hi~"

Yes, that's it Ayu... smile and be dazzling!

Ayu: "... Eh? A leaf? Whaaaaaat..."

Wait, you only went over to the darling little Ayu to swipe away a LEAF!? Man, you are dead... -cracks knuckles-

Ayu: "... Are you freakin' serious, dude?"

Ayu is not impressed, that's for sure.

I seriously want that blue sky XD I may just one day travel to Japan just for the sky... okay, and for the Idols... and Pokemon... and Maid Cafe's... yeah o-o

Wait... another runner!? Seriously, is this PV about girls not getting their loved ones or what? Pretty depressing!

Though wow, this is a pretty PV.

Ayu: "Don't worry, I don't mind~"

Oh, okay o-o

Mizuki: "Yatta! Homemade Bento dayo~"

Incoming of the cutest member of Tsuribit! Kyaaa, Mizuki!!! <3

Mizuki: "Ehehe~ <3"

I swear... how is she the oldest member and still so cute and baby-looking!? o-O SERIOUSLY!!!! <3

My heart... <3

Mizuki: "KYAAAAA~"

KYAAAA! <3 Mizuki-chii, hug me like you hug that bento you have made with all of your pure heart! Onegai!!!

WOOHOO, JUMPING! Good thing the frills are in the way!

Mizuki: "Ehehehe..." -texts happily and cutely-

I swear, I just want to hug her... she and Sakura are tying for Tsuribit favourites... <3

Mizuki: "Ah... he replied~ Yatta!"

It kinda looks like she is taking a selfy...

Holy crap, not even my phone is that up to date! Maybe I'm getting old?

Also, what does it say? It must be good, because one of these ~ is present!

Mizuki: "Ah, he loves me! Yatta! Daisuki dayo~"

Ah, a happy ending for one Tsuribit member! Thank goodness!!!

Running for happiness and cuteness all around! Go, Mizuki, go! You find your love and hand him your happily home-made love love bento box!

... KYAAAAA <3 HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE!? Seriously!!!! <3

Damn, they are all too cute! If I could adopt them all, I would!

Wait... is this what I think it is... is this Natsuki... FISHING!? YES!!!! FINALLY!!!


Weirdly enough, I hate fish XD

Natsuki: "... Urgh, when will he call me?"

Oh dear, another member with trouble in Paradise >_< Girls, find guys worthy of you all, okay!?

Natsuki: "Urgh, and no fish have come, either... could this day get any worse..."

Hey, why not ask that guy behind you out? He looks pretty young.

Natsuki: "Wha... WHOAH, YES!!! BABY, COME TO MAMA!!!"

Wait, Natsuki, you caught a fish!? YES!!! Quick girl, reel it in!!!

Natsuki: "... WHAT?"

WHAT!? HE'S CALLING? Damnit, man, choose a better time when she's, like, not fishing!!!!


Natsuki: "... Oh shit, what am I gonna do!?"

Yeah, Natsuki... what are you gonna do!? Fish, or miss your boyfriends call!? ARGH, decisions, decisions!!!

Natsuki: "Dude, here, catch a damn fish. It's better than standing there watching the sea for them!"

Wait, you're giving someone else your fish!? Damnit girl, this guy better be worth it!

... Well, that makes two out of five successful in love, I guess. Happy endings for some, aye!

Natsuki: "What can I say? Plenty more fish in the sea, I can catch more, you know?"

True that, girl!

Sakura and Natsuki... DOKI!!! <3

Aya: "..."

I want their costumes... actually, I want to adopt them all. Can I? Pleeease... I'll let Michael have Aya, though...

Okay, this looks fun and cute! Aww, how adorable! Haha! And Ayu is having so much fun!

Telescopes? Well, that actually fits the title of the song... I like it!

Wait, no! Don't turn away from me! I want to bask in your cuteness a little while longer! Waaaah!!!!

Aya: "Ahhh... that was a fun day..."

What, fun at being unhappy with a guy? Whaaat? Oh wait, you mean dancing on the rooftop. Okay, got it!

... KYAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Tsuribit, Daisuki!!! <3

Now wasn't that sweet,? It was cute and adorable as well, right? Well, for me it was, and really, I do like Tsuribit... they are just too sweet for words! The group is lovely to watch, and for such a young and new group, they all seem pretty put together, and given that this is only their second PV, and their first official physical single, they already seem a lot more polished and professional than other new groups, and it is nice to see that they have their camera presence down as well! Really, I am impressed with this video!

When I first watched Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku, I was amazed by the fact that the girls seem to have a storyline for their video, as well as great locations. Sure, the storyline seems to be recycled from other Idol affairs, but it's a lot better than what they did have for Start Dash!, which was basically just a white room where they danced. Also, the storyline's follow the girls individually, and focus on them one at a time, rather than clustering the stories together and jumbling up the storyline. We get a good focus on each member and her story, and it gives us time to look at the members and become familiar with them rather than trying to figure out who is who when their close ups or scenes come after someone else. Nothing is jumbled, it is all organised, which I liked about this PV... it allowed me to find the members I wanted to find, rather than try and guess where the member is, like in an AKB48 or Morning Musume PV. It is not confusing, and for some people, the order will be very helpful, especially if you are trying to learn the members by their faces.

Also, regardless of how generic the storyline may be for some, it is a nice classic story to follow for a first PV, and shows how well the girls work in a setting where they have to act. I was surprised by each other girls' performance in this, because they all did extremely well, and their camera presence was great too. I generally don't expect great camera presence from newer Idol units, because some girls are pretty awkward in front of the camera when they start out as an Idol (newbs in Morning Musume especially, it seems), but all girls of Tsuribit seem comfortable here, and their acting abilities aren't half bad either... they all did great, and they delivered a nice performance that I enjoyed, and it gives me high hopes for the group as they grow more and more as both Idols and fishers.

I like the PV a lot. It is summery and fun, and really cute. The dance is nice to watch, and all girls seem to be in time with each other, and the bright, refreshing feeling it gives is pleasant and makes me think of a sweet summer love that is, in a way, portrayed in this video. It has a good plot, and I like that it doesn't follow through with all of the girls gaining the affection of their loved ones, and how it can conflict with their emotions. The girls did great in the video, and I really do look forward to future PV's from Tsuribit!

Now, before I end this review, let's take a look at the song Manatsu no Tnetai Kansoku. The song is not really amazing in any way, but it is pretty good I think. Much better than Start Dash!, that's for sure, but it is not ground-breaking or anything amazing, however it works with the vocals of the girls and suits them. It isn't overly energetic, but it isn't dull, either. It is just pleasant, and I enjoy listening to it. I also like that the song has no solo vocals in it; it is pretty much a group song, despite the fact that there are only five girls singing it. All we hear are the girls together, and that is pretty nice if you ask me. Maybe the girls aren't strong enough vocals wise to sing alone, so they sing together create a stronger sound? Well, that is just what I think, but together they do sound very good, and I like how they sound... they don't burst my eardrums, which is a good sign.

As a song and PV, I think that Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku is a very nice debut for a physical single. Okay, it is nothing new or ground-breaking, and is probably seen as a very safe debut if anything, but for a group who are so fresh and so young, I am highly impressed with Tsuribit. They have great camera presence, and are great performers on camera and really stand out to me. All of the girls shined individually, and you see them all for a good amount of time. Not one girl is left out, and everything is equal, and I like that.

Other than being adorable, these girls actually seem to be quite talented... and yeah, that makes me happy. I am pretty glad I found out about them, because damn, I do like Tsuribit!

Now, where's my Mermaid-based PV from these cuties!?



  1. Wow, they really made me want to be a preteen idol in Japan... The weather alone is enough to convert me, tbh (another UK resident here!)
    Though I kept seeing akb48's everyday kachyusha running shots as I watched them run... Seriously, I'm pretty sure maeda atsuko and matsui jurina's schoolgirl outfits are dead ringers for those costumes. Not that I'm complaining though; it's better they keep wearing adorable uniforms than something as totally awful as mine for the sake of originality. (Green blazers and green and brown kilts do not an idol pv make)

    1. Haha it would actually be nice to be a preteen Japanese Idol, really... and yeah, the weather looks SO GOOD! AND YOU KNOW MY FEELS!!!!! UK BUDDIES!!! <3

      o-O Now that you mention it, I can see it too! No wonder it was somewhat nostalgic, though running in Idol PV's seems a common thing, I guess XD And yeah, adorable uniforms for the win!

      Sophie, your uniform sounds like something my sister wore for her Highschool! She went to an all girls highschool, though their uniform was originally a green jumper, skirt and yellow polo shirt and green skirts before it changed to a green blazer and a kilt (the logo was/is a daisy, I think?)