Saturday, 24 August 2013

... Eh? My Thoughts on the 12th Gen Audition Announcement.

As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Don't like the idea of me having n opinion? Then go suck it.

It was announced earlier today (24/08/2013) by the man himself, Tsunku, that there will be no 12th Gen members added to Morning Musume at this present time. Currently, Tsunku feels that Morning Musume's performance level is so high right now that it would not be a good idea to add anyone new to the group to offset the balance they currently have. A full summary, courtesy of Takamaruyo, has been given, so please do read:
Tsunku declares today that there are no qualified candidates for the 12th gen audition “Mirai Shoujo”. Based on the theme and name “Mirai Shoujo” (girl of the future) Tsunku was looking for a super star to add to the group. However, the performance level of Morning Musume is so high right now that he does not feel it would be appropriate to add anyone into the group at this time. Tsunku also will not be adding anyone from H!P kenshuusei at this time. He does not feel comfortable inserting a new girl into this current lineup. However, that does not mean that the talent and skill level of this group of girls were low. To the contrary, Tsunku feels that he saw many girls who were able to shine throughout the audition. He believes they have plenty of talent, but it just quite isn’t enough to join the group. 
He adds that had these girls auditioned at the same time as the 9th gen audition, he would have let them in the group. He feels there are a lot of girls with potential. He does not mean any disrespect toward 9th gen with this statement. He states that since 9th gen joined, they have improved to the point where the current Morning Musume is at the highest level of skill in all of MM history. 
Tsunku believes that the potential candidates from this past audition are like raw diamond ores. He is very excited to see what will come of proper refinement. As such, he has invited all of the girls he saw potential in to join H!P kenshuusei to gain more experience. He hopes to unveil them when the proper timing comes along. 
In regards to 12th gen audition, he plans to hold another audition again. Essentially re-do 12th gen audition, it will not be considered 13th gen. He also states that he has a lot of things on his mind for the future of H!P – including a new group which could potentially be filled with the girls from this audition. Tsunku has a very positive outlook on everything and hopes you guys will look forward to whats coming next.
Read it? Good, now my formalities and whatever else can be kick out of the way. It's time to give my thoughts on this recent development... not that my thoughts are really that important, of course.

So... I read this news on the Hello! Online Twitter, and let me tell you this: I did not expect the news. I mean, seriously... we only had audition footage released yesterday, and I certainly damn well hoped that we weren't going to have another 11ki case where, a day after the much-anticipated training camp footage aired, it was revealed just who was in MM!

That was underwhelming, to say the least... though damn, did they find talent or what!?

Anyway... I was pretty damn shocked by the announcement. In fact, I was so shocked that I sat in silence for about five minutes, and then went EH!?' rather loudly as I stared at the computer screen.

Kamei putting our feels into a gif
But I have a feeling that a lot of us reacted that way, or worse. From what I have read, there are quite a few upset fans, a few who are damn angry at this turn of developments, some who are rather un-bothered by it all, and then there are those who are rejoicing at the news that no one has made it into Morning Musume. And honestly, I have to admit that I am kind of rejoicing the news that no one has made it. Sorry.

To be honest, I guess I have always been on the fence with this set of auditions. I expected it to be announced, and when it was announced I was not surprised by it (obviously), and even with the initial happiness and excitement I had with that announcement, it died down pretty fast. I also had no real expectation of seeing anyone enter Morning Musume from this set of auditions, either... and that's because Tsunku had clearly stated during his announcement of the 12ki Mirai Shoujo Auditions that if he did not find anyone who was suitable enough for Morning Musume, then he would not add them unless he felt that there might not be enough quality in the group, and obviously it seems that there was no one of amazing talent or personality that could add to what Morning Musume already has right now.

I mean, think about it: This is the most diverse and dynamic Morning Musume have been in a while. The group has reinvented itself with three new generations, and their image has drastically changed as well because of that. Sure, the girls aren't as talented singers as previous generation were, but they have personality, skills in other areas and their dance formations that sells them right now, as well as some catchy music and cute faces. The girls also all seem to get along really well, and are really coming together as a group and showing that they are strong together... and adding someone new would upset that balance that they have only just managed to get right now that Reina has run off to Lavender pastures.

Other than upsetting the balance a bit, I also think that adding a new member would also destroy Oda Sakura's chances of becoming a dominant centre in MM. It is no lie that she is a talented girl, because she truly is, but unlike Riho, who commands the stage like no other (rock it, gurl!) Sakura is a shrinking violet, someone who creeps into the shadows and hides because she is a bit more reserved... well, until recently, that is. In both Wagamama and Why no Gun Man, she commands a lot more attention and seems to have a lot of fun, and really takes it upon herself to make her presence known.

But, and this was a lot of peoples worries when the 12ki auditions were announced, a new member could possibly upset that and steal away the spotlight that Sakura so rightly deserves right now. She is still very new, and whilst she is as strong a member as the 9th and 10th gen, Sakura does not have as brash or outspoken personality as the other members do, nor does she have generation mates to aid her along. 9ki's sole shrinking violet is the Ace and centre stare for Morning Musume, and it has taken her some time to really look like she is no longer shrinking back, but instead stepping forward, and 10ki has always been full of these big, loud and proud personalities (even Harunan is loud in a way, with her compliments and 'gross' personality). I know that Riho started to take charge after new members appeared in order to keep her position as the Centre, but I don't think that Sakura is as determined or as strong as Riho is in that sense, and I do think that, if new members had been added, she would have taken a step back to let them shine, rather than step forward and show them that she was a centre alongside Riho.

And also, I don't think that anyone should be upset over the fact that no one was chosen, because I do believe that our dear Tsunky-boo has mentioned that he has asked some of the girls he saw high potential in to join the Kenshuusei to see how they grow, and then unveil them at the right time. He did also mention the plans to make a new group from the trainees, which honestly excites me far more than a new generation to Morning Musume, if you ask me. Though that said, not everyone will be happy with even this, and they will still be unhappy with how the 12ki auditions turned out.

The three stages of fans who care: Saki - Deeply upset, Risako - Don't care, and Momoko - The Pity Party
Honestly, I think that right now, what Morning Musume needs is to just focus on how they are now, and get their promotion and performance schedules on various TV shows back on track. They are doing pretty damn well, as we all guessed (what with their recent Music Station performance and all) and I think that adding a new member would upset this strong balance that they have. Anyway, like the Unlucky 7 auditions, there will be a Part to to the Mirai Shoujo... except, this one seems more positive.

To be honest, I just hope that the 12th gen doesn't come in until Sayumi announces her graduation, or when Sakura has become a more dominant centre in the group, and when Masaki and Ayumi have grown into stronger leads. Also, to those who are upset about this: Don't be. If Tsunku and the Higher ups of UFP think that this is for the best, then it is probably for the best...

... and yet, why do I get the feeling that most of those who are upset are fans of Rikako? Hm...

Regardless, though, I am pretty happy with this turn out. I just hope that Tsunku unveils a new H!P group soon, because those Kenshuusei... damn, I do like the look of them and the talent they are oozing. Come on, Tsunky-boo, let us see them!

... And that is all. So, what are your thoughts on this development? Sad, angry, happy, not really bothered? Let me know!



Yaaaay, she shut up! Finally!

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  1. I'm not really upset that no members joined... I'm just a little disappointed that we went through the entire audition process and anticipation... for nothing. :(

    Though I realized something: for most of Morning Musume's history, the latest 3 generations have been complete, whereas all the generations before had a few members missing. (IDK if that makes sense it words, but just look at the "featured members" sections on wiki pages and you might see what I mean). If we did get a new generation, then there would be FOUR complete generations. So basically, I think we should wait until a member of the 9th generation leaves (or is close to leaving?) before we add a new generation. And who knows how long that will take.

    1. I can understand that. In fact, a lot of fans are upset... but I think we needed the entire process for Tsunku to determine if there was talent, because how a girl presents herself in the beginning and the end can change, I believe.

      What you say makes sense, I think? XD When you say complete generations, I think of the girls and how well they fit together not only as a generation, but also as group members. Right now, all the girls WORK with each other, whether they are around one or two other members, or with everyone else. In previous generations, there seemed to be rivalry and something setting them apart, or they hung out with other people. It's like Berryz; Berryz aren't really that close or complete, because they prefer C-ute members over each other.

      That's what it means to me I guess XD

    2. Well that wasn't exactly what I meant... but you make a very good point with that! I think after the 9th gen joined the group was kinda split between the Platinum era girls and the new girls, and it was just rather awkward. But now that all but Sayu are the new girls, I think they're working together a lot better and they seem to treat each other as equals.

    3. Oh, sorry! XD And I see hat you mean now... they definitely were split, and it was very obvious how lacking the group were in chemistry back then. But yes, now that they are as they are, you can see how well they are doing, and how good they look together!

  2. I'm honestly was kind of glad Tsunku decided to not add any more members. I mean, I know there are people who are really upset but I feel like the current members need more time to grow and improve which I think they all have the potential to. I think since they've been doing auditions every year for the past 2-3 years, I think they need a break from all these auditions and maybe have another one in 2 years or so.

    1. Yeah, I am glad as well. He might have killed the Chemistry otherwise! And I agree, the current members need to grow and improve more before someone new comes along, so that they can be good senpai and teach the new member the ropes and let them watch them with confidence.

      Hopefully it will be a little more until the next audition... I hope XD

  3. As a Sakura fan i am freaking happy =)
    Tsunku thanks for giving my oshi more time to shine..
    i lub u! <3

    1. Tsunku finally knows who can sing in MoMusu... FINALLY D8 But it makes me happy as well :3

  4. What is that jumping gif from? XD

    1. Its from their recent Music Station performance of Happy Summer Wedding. Ayumi is the one jumping lol xD