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Dream a Colourful Dream with Dream5 in their new PV 'We are Dreamer'!

If you do not like what I write, then do not read. I can be crude and rash, and I swear like a sailor when I want to, so if you are offended by anything like that, simply turn away. If you can handle my idiocy and whatever I say, then stay and enjoy. Also, my opinions are my own, and no one else's. Don't like my opinion? Go suck a lemon, then!

For this review, I have focused solely on the PV and barely even mention the song. If I ever review the song, it will be when I have found a source for the single to listen to. Thank you~

Really, I should not be awake at this time, writing up a review... actually, I really don't care if I stay up late to do a review, but I have a car trip to another county tomorrow so that I can spend time with my friends from when I was in school, who I love dearly...

But I also love you guys, and I have been neglecting my review duties as of late. Also... I kinda found a PV that, when I watched it, I had the great feeling of 'wanting to review something so badly'. It is truly nice when that happens, you know?

Really, after how astonishingly bland and boring I found Hop! Step! Dance↑↑, I don't think that I had prepared myself for what We are Dreamer would be like... or, at least, I did not think that it would be as EPIC as it is!

Seriously... I did not expect it. At all. I was terribly disappointed with their previous single, and actually forgot about it because it was so disappointing, so I was quite surprised to see that this group had released something else, and without knowing what the heck I would be in for, I just clicked play on youtube... and yeah, I feel. Pretty damn hard. Seriously... this is just so good, and I have a feeling that this PV will be in my Top 10 PV's of the year because it is just so damn GOOD!!! Honestly, I am in love.

... and usually, I just listening to the song for a PV. I barely watch them unless they really draw me in, and heck, this drew me in.

... and, confession time guys, this PV kinda sorta made me want to screen cap it. A lot... to the point where I have 107 screen caps.

That's the most screen caps I have done, period. Holy cow! I will die in this screen cap-fest of a PV review, so please, pray for my soul if I don't make it...

So, that said and done, shall we take a look at this Monster of a PV review and see what is hip and happenin' withDream5 in their new song and PV We are Dreamer. Will you become a dreamer, too?

Dream5 Headquarters... where Dreams are made, clearly.

Oi, where's Dream5's shiny-ass plaque!? This paper is not befitting of their talent and awesomenosity!!!

Mikoto: "Kotori! I heard that you were bitching about me in the ladies' toilets earlier about my skirt! What the heck is wrong with it!?"
Yuuno: "... Ah shit."

Oh dang, look like a fight is a'brewing! And hey!!! I didn't know that Dream5 acted in their PV's? This is certainly a first, or at least it is for me...

Kotori: "Mikoto... I'm sorry, but... your skirt poofs out awkwardly from the back, and it does not look great. Really, you need to find a skirt with a better material..."

Women fighting over clothes is never a good thing, dear readers. Remember that.

... We women are scary beings.

Mikoto: "... But I like this skirt! ARGH, it's prettier than yours!!!"

Oh dear, Kotori, why must you offend Mikoto's skirt? Look, she's going to cry!

Mikoto: "Out of my way, peasents!!!"
Akira: "Nooo, my bouquet!!!"

Akira: "The bouquet I made with my own two hands... ruined!!!"

I was unaware that Akira was a florist on the side of being an epic dancer and the Harem Master of Idol groups.

Momona: "Oh guuuurl, no you di'nt!"

I don't think that Momona is overly impressed with this development of the flowers, either. Whoops!

Yuuno: "Oh crab cakes!!!"

Really, guys, Mikoto didn't mean it! It wasn't like she purposefully thought 'DEATH TO ALL FLOWERS!!!!!' now, did she?

Mikoto: "..."

Awww, poor Mikoto... she didn't ask to have her skirt made fun of... ):

I see the blood of the flowers... Oh wait, I mean the petals...

Okay, so first Mikoto kills the flowers, and now she is killing balloons? GIRL, get your act together!

And so the 'plot item' falls...

Oooh, Mikoto, I like your converse!

... are those... GIANT ASS BALLOONS???? *^*

Hey, it looks like someone has found Mikoto's diary! Hopefully they don't decide to read it and discover all of Mikoto's hidden secrets, such as her beauty regime or how she was able to infiltrate the Fountain of Youth...

Oh wait, it's only darling Yuuno! She would never betray Mikoto and read her diary or look in it at all, right?

Dream5, doing the Irish jig! A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see, people!

Yuuno: "... So THAT'S what a penis looks like!!!"

Oh dear, Yuuno uncovered Mikoto's hidden stash of erotic Yaoi pictures!!!

Mikoto: "... -sniff- I... I will DIE down here... serves Kotori right... -sniff-"

I do think that it is a tad melodramatic to be going into the storage room to hide out and cry, but to be honest, I would probably do the same if I was upset and wanted no one to see me XD

Mikoto: "And all dem girls go Blah blah BLAH!!!"

I want all those balloons, seriously o-o

Mikoto: "Gods of the Universe, please, let me know if I should forgive Kotori for her misdeeds..."

I am seriously loving Mikoto's hair in this PV.

Mikoto: "Nnnn... NO!!! I will NEVER forgive Kotori!!!"

Then again, I am really loving Mikoto herself. She is standing out a lot more for me lately...

To be quite honest, damn, this girl is cute!!!! Seriously, she gets cuter with every MV! I am amazed, stunned, even!!!!

Mikoto: "... -sniff- Ko-Kotori is so meeeean..."

This scene nearly broke my heart, I really felt like Mikoto was truly sad in this... Please, Mikoto... don't cry ; A; -hugs Mikoto close-

Momona: "Oh no! Kotori and Mikoto are fighting! Quick, everyone, what should we do?"

And here is another stand-out member. DAMN Momona is lovely to watch!

Momona: "Don't cry for them, dear readers, for everything will be okay!"

Momona as a performer... well, she's spectacular. I really like her.

Mikoto: "... Lonely... I'm Mr. Lonely... I have nobody of my ooooooooown..."

How miserable ; A;

Kotori: "I don't mean to be a Bitch... oh wait, yeah I do~"

I do like how this scene contradicts the sadness with these loud tones of yellow bursting forth with COLOUR, HAPPINESS and YEEEEEEELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW 8U

-loves Yellow-

Kotori: "... dumb cow."

I don't know if this is relevant at all, but is it bad that I immediately noticed the make-up in this sene and tried to figure out the brands? XD Cos seriously, I swear that I can see a Maybelline mascara there o-O

D'awww, poor Kotori! She looks so depressed...

Also, Kotori is seriously pretty in this.


This girl is damn cute, no question. How is it that someone this adorable exists!? And she's a fierce dancer to boot!

Momona: "Aye, whadda'bout ME?"

Momona, you are one fierce performer... MY LIEGE!!!! -bows for eternity-

Momona: "... My spidey-senses are tingling, Akira..."
Akira: "Momona, you'e not Spiderman."

I wonder which Dream5 member Akira will end up getting with when he's like, 20? Then again, he may be put off of them since he works with all of them...

Momona: "... I hope Mikoto is okay..."

How come I never noticed how seriously stunning this girl is, aye? She is gorgeous!!!! o-o

Are Dream5 going to launch into the legendary Can-can any moment now?

Dream5: "Put yo hands in the AIR like yo' just don't CARE!!!"

YES!!!!!!! YES, THEY ARE!!!!!!! WOOHOO, CAN-CAN DANCE!!!! Kick those legs, Akira!!!!

Yunno: "PEACE!!!!"

The enthusiasm and cuteness of Yuuno is just so... <3

I do love this shot. Simple, but sweet... and d'awww, Mikoto ; A; don't cry, dry your eyes...

Morning Musume is always relevant when crying is about xD

How many peace signs can one kid do in a PV!? Seriously, any more of these peace signs, Yuuno, and I may just have to start another drinking game, not with winks this time, but peace signs! Do you want all of my readers drunk and on the floor? DO YA????

Yuuno: "... Yes~"


Akira: "And... WALK!!!"

Looks like they want to take a walk to the left and leave the studio, to me XD

Kotori: "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, look at that... it's Mikoto's ugly skirt, on ebay!"

I like how over-the-top Kotori's expressions are in this. It is pretty darn funny to watch.

Kotori: "... Hmph! I will never speak to Mikoto or her ugly skirt again..."

I am not as convinced with Kotori as I am Mikoto when it comes to acting through their expressions, to be honest.

In terms of acting through expressions, Mikoto wins hands down. She really knows how to use her face in a situation like this. Speaking, though... she's okay xD

Momona: "Mufufufu... Chiima WILL be my fan, I am sure of that!"

I love how confident Momona seems when she dances... really, she just owns it!

It looks like this is a 'Who has the biggest boobs' contest.

Momona: "Should mine be THIS low???"
Mikoto: "Awww no, no... WHERE ARE THEY!? WHERE DID THEY GO!!!?"
Akira: "Hey, don't look at me, I'm a guy!!!"
Yuuno: "Hah! Puberty, bitches!"

Is it just me, or does Akira look mega awkward through most of this? XD

Momona: "WAAAAAAH!!!!"

When Momona tries to be spontaneous and, in my opinion, fails XD

Pfft, show off...

o-O WOW!!! That is some damn upper body strength!!!

Yuuno: "Hey, aren' I cute!?"

... So we quickly go from awesome upper body strength to the cutest thing on Earth? Works for me!!!

Mikoto: "HOLLAH!!!!"

The sheer cuteness of this girl is absolutely shocking...

Mikoto: "One, Chuu, Three... CHUUU~~"

D-DOKI DOKI!!!!! -dies of infatuation- This girl... so... CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, why is Akira biting his lip? This is not a sensual moment, boy!!!

According to my sister, it is because Mikoto and Kotori are actually fighting over him, and he is actually dating them all... hence the lip biting... XD

Momona: "... There is no more hope, Akira... Mikoto... she will not forgive Kotori..."

Akira: "What...? No, Momona, you must be wrong, your Spidey-senses..."

Akira: "... Oh yeah, I forgot, they don't exist, do they? Damn..."

Admitting defeat already, Akira!?

Yuuno: "Hm, one balloon, two balloon... too many balloon!!!"

Yuuno: "OKAY, that's enough of that!!! Lt's get back to the storyline, shall we?"

Yuuno's smile seriously lights up my world... <3

Kotori: "... What do you want, Yuuno?"
Yuuno: "I found something of Mikoto's you might wanna check out..."

Hey, Yuuno... DON'T show Kotori the yaoi, please!!!

... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why Kotori is an amazing person XD OMG HER EXPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Be right back guys, dying XD

Awww Momona, how sweet... wait, yellow notebook... isn't Kotori's member colour yellow?

Kotori: "Hey... is that book... yellow?"

Like a magpie to a shiny ring.

Yuuno: "Yes, Kotori, it is yellow... like your member colour."

Does this mean... could it be...? MIKOTO IS IN LOVE WITH KOTORI!?

Yuuno: "The Pink member fell in love with the Yellow member, but as they were Idols, t'was never meant to be, so the Pink member locked all of her love away in her heart, deep down..."

Yuuno: "Hoping that maybe, one day, she would be able to unlock that love and give it out to the Yellow member in full, wishing for love in return..."

Hey, can I get myself a Yuuno, please? She is so cute, I want one ; w;

It looks like Dream5 are Zombies trying to take flight XD Well, all but Akira. Akira is raising his pet budgie to the skies XD

This girl... she is a serious beauty. To me, she is the most beautiful member of Dream5! Momona~!!!!

Momona: "I hope that one day, someone will love me as much as Mikoto loves Kotori... ahhh... I hope it is Akira..."

That look of longing and passion... ah, Momona... please hold onto that look for me... <3

Kotori: "It's the same colour as my nail polish... huh, what's this picture?"

Really, if this is Mikoto's notebook, why not give her a pink one? Obviously being a key item, it has to match Kotori because it has everything to do with Kotori!

Kotori: "... huh? What the heck... is this?"


Wow, Yuuno has not changed XD

I actually wonder how the heck those balloons manage to stay there? They must be glued to something, surely.

Mikoto: "Chu~u!"

... And I am gone again. Sorry, guys! The cuteness got to me!!!

... Okay, I might have to start a drinking game for however many times Yuuno does a peace sign in any Dream5 PV. I apologise if you all get alcohol poisoning because of this.


... o-O KOTORI!? Darling, are you okay!?

Kotori: "Y-yeah... damn dust... -sniffs-"

Kotori: "Yuuno... this is Mikoto's?"

Clearly, Kotori needs clarification that the notebook/diary is actually Mikoto's

Yuuno: "Yes, it is... she has it because of you, Kotori. She loves you."

I do like Yuuno's role in this, because she seems to be their 'voice of reason' or, at the very least, the one who tidies things up.

That, or she's a match maker. (starts to play Mulan's Honor to us All song)

Momona: "Oh no... are we too late!?"
Akira: "NO! We can't be, I refuse to believe it!!!"

The worry on their faces looks real... d'awwww... ; A;

... Oh crap, I think they are truly too late! No, Mikoto! DON'T GO TO THE LIGHT, IT IS BAD!!!!! STOP!!!!

Akira: "... There truly is no more hope..."

Ah damnit ; A;

Kotori: "Oh welp, more lines for me!"

Akira: "Er, hello, Kotori? Remember me, the Guy? Yeah, I want Mikoto's lines now. I kinda think I deserve them..."

Oh my God, HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Akira!!!! He looks so happy!!!

Momona: "Bitch, please, this balloon deserves the lines more than you. If anyone's gonna get 'em, it's ME!!!!"

Wow... cute... so... damn... CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! -dies-

Kotori: "Mikoto!!!"

Kotori to the rescue!!! WOOHOO!

Mikoto: "... Huh? Ko-Kotori?"

YES!!! Mikoto woke up!!! Thank the Lord!!!

Yuuno: "The Pink member snapped out of her trance upon hearing the Yellow member call her name! It was as if fate had brought them together... RAWR!"

Akira: "... Ah, fuck. Does this mean Mikoto's still getting lines?"

That awkward smile... gehehe XD

Mikoto: "You better believe I'm getting the lines, bub!"

Mikoto: "Kotori... what are you doing here...?"

Oh wow, Mikoto looks a little bit stunned at the presence of Kotori. Why is that, Mikoto?

Yuuno: "Guys, we've done it! We've broken the spell and brought them back together!!!"
Momona: "Girl, do you know what you've done!?"
Akira: "Now we shall never have the lines!!!!"

Kotori: "Mikoto... I'm sorry... I... I didn't know that making fun of your skirt would offend you so..."

Wow, that skirt truly is awkward, isn't it?

Kotori: "But now I know your true feelings, Mikoto, and I don't intend to let them go... to let you go..."

The look of pure love is on Kotori's face, people.

Mikoto: "Kotori..."

Mikoto is unsure of whether or not to believe it. Is Kotori truly in love with our Pink heroine!?

Yuuno: "Please, Mikoto... accept the love of Kotori..."


Momona: "Welp, there goes my lines."

Kotori: "This is yours..."
Mikoto: "..."

D'AWWW, CHIBI!!!!!! <3

Kotori: "Come on, Mikoto... let's get outta this joint and marry!"
Mikoto: "Aaaah, Kotori! <3"

Oh wow, they made up quickly o-O

Mikoto: "Kotori... I LOVE YOU!!!"
Kotori: "I know... who doesn't!?"

Their happiness is rather elating, isn't it?

Kotori: "Waaaah, BALLOONS!!"

... Kotori's face XD AMAZING!!!! <3

Mikoto: "... I think I ran into that guy earlier..."
Kotori: "Ahahahaha I ain't picking that up!"

Is it just me, or are those spotlights a tad annoying?

Yuuno: "FINALLY!!! The couple have arrived!!!"

Running into the loving embrace of their friends, d'awww <3

Yuuno: "Now, which way shall I swing?"

Okay, that is cuteness overload! Yuuno and Mikoto hugging is sooo cuuuuute!!!! <3

Mikoto; "... Please give me back to Kotori, now, Yuuno... please..."

Yuuno, the matchmaker, rightfully in the middle... HUZZAH! And wow, I do like Akira's pants...


... Holy cow, that took around an hour to complete. Then again, I did kind of screen cap over 100 of these bad boys, so yeah... my bad there.

But, to me, I do think I had good reason to screen caption so many pictures of this PV, and that good reason is that really... it was just such a fun PV! How could I not screen caption so much of it? This PV right here, it is a true delight to watch... in fact, it is one of the few PV's this year that I have seen and wanted to see more of, because in general, PV's can impress me to a certain extent, but they don't impress me so much that I want to quickly flit back and watch them all over again to take in how glorious it is.

We are Dreamer is a PV that, for me, is one I can flit back to and watch over again, and still be amazed and affected by it the same way I had been affected and amazed the first time I watched it.

Usually, for me, I can listen to a Jpop song over and over again, and not really watch the video again because I am quite content with the song. In all honesty, Jpop videos are not really that great... sure, they can be fancy and wonderful to watch a few times, but very rarely do I find a PV that sticks with me and makes me want to watch it over and over again because it is just so fantastic. Most PV's stick to a certain formula and style, unless they are AKB48, who switch up their styles and stories every now and again. With Dream5's We are Dreamer, however, I have found myself compelled to watch the video over and over again. It draws me in with its colour, vibrancy and also with how fantastic it truly is. This, for me, is something new from Dream5, because a different direction has been taken with We are Dreamer - I have never really seen this group as one that acts out their videos, but more so as a group that perfects their dance and technique to deliver quality to their videos, and yet here they are acting, and have proven themselves to be pretty good at it - especially Mikoto. Whilst simple, the storyline is relate-able to many people, especially teenage girls who fight with their friends, and also loveable. Upon watching this PV for the first time, I don't think that I could ever imagine seeing Dream5 do a video like this, one with a story and a nice meaning behind it, and I was surprised by it.

Dream5 are already a pretty extraordinary group in my opinion. They are a group filled with talent and personality, and they have a lot of skill and quality behind their performances in their PV's which truly shines, but adding acting has really made them stand out for me after watching We are Dreamer. I would have just been happy with a video that was dance and close-up based, you know, the groups usual formula, but to see them take on a storyline and act it out so well has made this PV stand out for me in a way that no other Dream5 PV has, and right now, I regard thiss PV very highly. It is enjoyable, amazing to watch, relate-able, and something that I go back to because I just enjoy it so much.

Looking at the visual aspect of the video itself, I really love the contrast between the storyline scenes and the performance scenes. When it comes to the storyline, we see the worry everyone else is feeling, and the sadness between Kotori and Mikoto who have a fight, whilst the performance scenes portray the happy, vibrant and colourful characters that is Dream5 and its members. This contrast allows us to see that, despite the sadness we have in our lives and the fights we get into, we can overcome it and become colourful and happy people who enjoy life and forget their worries, and dream of the future and what it brings. Whilst the acting scenes may be sad for us to watch, these performance scenes bring us back to how happy and energetic the song is, and how we should feel towards the song, and reminds us that everything is all right.

An aspect that I like about this PV, other than what I have already mentioned, has to be how the dance portion of the PV seems to be the group in the present. Towards the end of the video, we see Mikoto and Kotori run to Akira, Momona and Yuuno after they make up, and they join each other in the studio filled with balloons; it feels like the group reunited, and then began to perform the song together because they were united again and were no longer fighting or worrying over each other. I liked that, during the entire video, we are unaware of the fact that the dancing Dream5 are the Dream5 of the Present, whilst the Dream5 worrying over Mikoto and Kotori are from the past. I felt that this was a nice touch, and worked well with the PV, and I do think it was executed beautifully.

It is a wonderfully directed music video. It has personality, colour and really stands out, and the storyline is simple but sweet, and works effectively. I love the direction that Dream5 have taken with this video, and I think that this is one of the groups best PV's to date as it shows off their skills as dancers, performers and also shows off their unity as a group and the different personalities that they have, and how well they work together, and the hurdles they can overcome when they are together.

This PV is worth the watch, and if you have yet to check it out... well, please, check it out! It is certainly something that you should not miss.

Will you become a Dreamer, too?


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  1. Holy hell.. that's a lot of screencaps!! But that's a hell of a cute MV, so donmai!! ^^

    1. Aye, so many! But it was fun screen captioning them all because DAMN this is an adorable PV! <3

  2. i know i haven't been active lately, but i'm so glad that you love this PV.

    i agree that their last single wasn't to the standard that we expect with them but this one more than made up for it.

    That picture is from their second single Bokura no Natsu when Momona was the tallest member and Kotori could say that she was taller than Akira.

    1. Don't worry about not being active, I understand that you must be busy, and everyone else understands, too! :3

      I do think that this one really saved Dream5 and showed that they are still in the game and as awesome as ever! But really, everyone has slip ups sometimes :3

      OOOH SERIOUSLY? And Momona was tall? Whaaat? Akira... shorty x3

  3. Ahh, the awesome that is Dream 5 meets the awesome that is a Chiima pic-spam. It's like the buzz you get 20 seconds into playing the peace sign/winking drinking game right before everything start to spin madly out of control and you find yourself stumbling about, knocking over bouquets of flowers and/or balloons like a selfish jerk/cute-idol-who-can-get-away-with-pretty-much-anything-because-the-label-will-break-your-thumbs-mister-bouquet-delivery-guy-if-you-even-DARE-think-about-filing-a-complaint-against-one-of-our-most-promising-rising-stars-so-if-you-know-what's-good-for-you-you'll-do-the-right-thing-and-SCRAM!

    1. Hahaha thank you for calling my pic-spam awesome! XD And oh good lord, those things together sound lethal @.@