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Chiima's Top 13 Idol Summer PV's of 2013

All thoughts and opinions within this post are my own and no one else's. You do not have to agree with me, but respect my opinion, and I shall in turn respect yours. Don't want to respect it? Then I will gladly be a cow to you about it! Have fun~

Summer is ending, and seriously, I am pretty sad about it, because this Summer was actually really damn awesome! It was sunny here in England (dafuq, I know!) and I spent a lot of time outside, attempting to tan when really, the only part of my body that tanned was my feet... that's a true story, bro. Oh, and we also had a lot of awesome Idol PV's for the Summer! What's not to like about the Summer gone bye, aye? So, that all said and done, shall we start the post?

Now, before we start the rank itself, I do want to say that I have not watched every Japanese Summer Pop PV that has come out through June-July-August time, though I have watched a good few, so if you don't see something in this list that you have seen and enjoyed, I do apologise... also, this is a Top 13, meaning that I probably have seen more than the 13 you see here, but I did not include them because they probably did not stand out to me as much as the ones I will present here did.

I would also like to note that I will not include any Hello! Project PV's in this because, whilst I do love that Umbrella of Project and Units, there are a lot of PV's that have come out, and if I were to do a Top 13, I would most likely make a separate post because there are just so many of them that have come out in time for the summer.

That said and done, let's take a dive into my Top 13 Idol Summer PV's for 2013! Will any of your favourite PV's be present?


Dream Catcher by Icle Girls

I have no doubt that you may be pondering over who the heck these 'Icle Girls' are, and honestly, so am I... I just happened to find this PV by chance and fell in love with this group upon first glance. Okay, so they can't sing for toffee (few Idols can) but I just found myself thoroughly enjoying this cute little PV and the girls themselves. They are nothing original, don't get me wrong, but they have a look and sound that I quite enjoy. This has actually been one of my well-looped songs, and whilst I originally found the add-on of the Hawaiian Hula music a tad odd and out-of pace, I have come to really enjoy the song and the quirky addition of the Hula music.

It's a nice PV in my opinion, and whilst it may be cheap for some, I actually like the setting of the PV in the swimming pool, and I like that they made it s summery as possible without getting in the pool or going to the beach. That, and all the girls are cute.


Rappa RenshuuChuu by Watanabe Mayu

I have a feeling some of you will come at me with pitchforks and torches because of how low this PV is in the rank, but honestly, it's mostly because this is one of Mayu's more forgettable PV's... but in all seriousness, it is a fun and energetic PV. It has a lot of cuteness and charm to it, and is an enjoyable watch. I actually really like listening to the song when I remember it exists, too, but yeah... as a song and PV, Rappa RenshuuChuu is a boatload of fun, and really easy to get into. I'm actually surprised that I thought I would hate this when I first saw the preview (true story, bro).

What I like about this PV, other than the fact that it isn't a blatant Summery Bikini-filled PV (Surprising, considering Mayu is in AKB and all) but instead something fun and cute, and actually nt at all summer-themed. It's just childish and fun, and actually quite imaginative! It makes for a very nice PV if you ask me, and I like that Mayu looks like she is having a lot of fun as the little Magician Trumpet girl she plays as (once again, like previous MV's, she has something in her back to represent a bow or whatever... I do like it, though). I also like the pastels used in this video, making it pretty refreshing, but still colourful and fun to look at! It's a very nice music video from Mayu, and a nice addition to the abundance of summer PV's that we have been pelted with this year!


Savage Heaven by Bump.y

Heading over to the darker side of Summer PV's, Bump.y's latest is a rather chilling and cool music video that shows a more mature side to the girls since their last PV, COSMO no Hitomi. Upon first seeing this video I was highly impressed with Bump.y, as I usually am when they bring out something new. Once again, these girls have grown as performers and brought another stellar performance, but also a new approach and look that I have never seen them take on before. It is rather scary how mature they have become, to be honest, especially Matsuri, who is still so little but somehow managing to make me believe that she is growing up into a radiant young lad... I mean woman.

Now that said, there really isn't much going on in the PV itself other than the girls travelling a cavern, alone with just a flash-light, and dancing in said cavern, but really, it is the atmosphere and the feel of the video that makes me enjoy it. The girls all look and sound amazing, and they really help give the video that chilling, lonely feel that is needed for such a dark and rather mysterious music video. I know it may be simple for some, but I like this PV... and I like that it is dark and different, as opposed to sunny and bikini-ridden.


HANABI!! by LinQ

Returning to the summery side of Idol PV's, LinQ have produced one of my favourite loop-the-fuck-out-of-it songs for the summer, and the PV ain't half bad, either! Featuring a more traditional look in the form of Matsuri costumes (and plenty of Japanese Summer food favourites!) this is, to me, a great Summer PV that shows off a fun side to the hot weather... without the damn bikini's! It was honestly quite refreshing to see something like this come out of a bigger group member-wise, and not have to see the girls giving in to the fanservice just to present a summer single. What's more, it's all done in a studio, and yet still looks and feels like a Summer-filled PV that people can enjoy. I guess that is the power of props!

Also, the girls are darling in this - they really bring the video to life and make it what it is; fun, friendly and happy! It is an energetic video that just fits Summer perfectly and works well for LinQ, and for me, it is one of the best PV's of Summer 2013 because of that. Then again, I am a sucker for happiness and good group chemistry! Also... look at all those cuties! How can you not fall in love, aye?


Manatsu no Tenta Kansoku by Tsuribit

One of the newest groups to grace 2013, Tsuribit have become a fast favourite of mine, and their summer PV for their physical debut single really won me over when I was able to find and see the full version! Whilst it may not have much to do with fishing (the groups concept is Idol x Fishing), the video is cute and well done, and makes me think of happy and breezy summers that pass by as you look for school romance. It is a rather bitter-sweet PV, though, which surprised me because most Idol PV's have a happy ending and a nice little storyline to make us feel happy, but in this one the girls either get their loved ones, or they don't, and for some it is more of a bitter, realistic ending, and you see them give up pretty quickly... horrible, I know, but it does make for quite a good storyline and allows the girls to try their hand at acting.

I enjoy this PV, because whilst it may be kids performing and acting, they do a very good job of it and make a pretty nice video. They may need to brush up on their dancing a bit, but I find the song a nice change from kiddish, poppy, loud and energetic summer songs, and the video isn't overly childish or colourful, which surprised me. Tsuribit as a whole are a pretty impressive group, and this Summer PV stood out to me because of the effort the girls put in, the bright look of the video, and the nice little storyline. Overall, it is a lovely Summer video that is enjoyable to watch for all!


Love is in the Air by AAA

Now, really, did you think that this would not appear? Because it would be silly if you did doubt my love for AAA in this list! This was one of the first Summer PV's I saw, and I instantly fell in love with it I have a thing for AAA and their Summer songs, it seems. Okay, it may be generic and probably not the best that AAA have pulled out, but for me it has that refreshing, happy summer sound that is both pleasant and appealing to my ears. It also has a pretty fabulous, natural-looking PV that I pretty much go gaga over with any group when they are done right, and yes... this video has been edited and filmed to perfection!

It is airy, bright and gentle. The sun does not glare at you to the point where you have to wear sunglasses to simply watch it, and everyone looks fresh, summery and bright. To me, that is really all you need for a Summer PV. Nothing needs to be flashy, overly-colourful (though I do love me some colour!) or overly-happy and over-the-top... it just needs to be refreshing and simplistic, and AAA's Love is in the Air is simplicity at its best, and just so beautiful to watch. It is enjoyable, and makes me think of refreshing summers with my friends. It also makes me want to go out and find a tree to tie a tyre swing on. That will make me feel like a kid again, but hey! It'll be damn fun, you know?


2 Gakki Debut Daisakusen!! by Otome Shinto

Remember when I talked about Tsuribit, and I mentioned how, despite their age, they didn't resort to childish and colourful videos? Yeah, well Otome Shinto are the complete opposite... then again, Otome Shinto are that one annoying group who, despite their inability to sing, still sing in an ungodly pitch that does not fit or suit them at all... and yet, I can't get enough of their second single that was released this summer.

Then again, I am a sucker for happiness and colour sometimes, and this is one of those times. Also, who can deny that wonderful lego-encrusted sailor fuku-esque costume, aye? I can't! Also, this is a pretty damn good PV, and I can't deny that it is one of my favourites of Summer 2013! Sure, the girls need to learn how to sing, but their performance here is pretty damn amazing, and I love the childish, happy feeling of the entire video. Everything about this just screams bubbly, happy, wonderful childishness, and I just can't get enough of it! I love it so much, and when I first saw the full music video I was highly impressed by how great it was! It looks amazing, the girls have a lot of energy and personality in it, and they really stepped up from their last single, which I did quite like as well... also, that ending. Gotta love it!


ERENA by Ono Erena

It feels like it has been ages since this PV and the album it is from came out, but really, it was only last June... and that's still summer to me, and also, I am totally in love with this song and video!

When it first came out, I cried out of pure happiness, because I loved it so much. To me, this is a really beautiful PV and just makes me incredibly happy when I watch it. Also, I have a major love for Ono Erena, so of course that makes this PV even better when watching it, but really... it is very visually pleasing with the green grass, the gentle, refreshing look it has the cute antics between Erena and a wolf. It is bright, open and sweet, and Erena looks stunning in this video! The song is beautiful as well, but the whole feel and look isn't overly summery or bright like other Summer PV's... in fact, if I had to gander a guess at the season for this PV, I would say it is a Spring PV, but given it was out in June, I kind of class it as a Summer music video, but a very pure and Angelic one. Certain scenes do, however, remind me of midsummer thanks to the sunset tone towards the end of it.

Overall, I do love it, and if you are wondering why it is only at #6 on my list despite being a video I love... honestly, there are better Summer PV's that have come out. This one just has my undying love beside it which helped it to rank this high! Haha!


We are Dreamer by Dream5

Energetic, colourful, happy, sad at times in the storyline... yes, of course Dream5's latest single PV has to be in here! This is one impressive music video to me, and whilst I find Dream5 a talented bunch regardless, I think that this is their best PV to date! It shows the strength of the group beautifully, and is the first time I have actually seen them act in a video and portray emotions other than 'serious dancers' and 'happy dancers'. Also, damn, this PV is colourful, and whilst simplicity and beautiful backdrops in the form of hills and nature appeal to me a lot in summer videos, so do balloons and bright colours that pop and smash me in the face. Yep, I love it. And why shouldn't I? This video is just so... bright!

Given how poor their last song and PV was (sorry, Dream5 fans! But not a fan of that one!), I was extremely impressed and happy with the result of this PV! It shows great improvement in Dream5, and just shows that they are still amazing regardless of that one little burst bubble they had with their last single. This video is full of personality and talent, and it really made me sit back and take a good look at this group, and helped me to remind myself just why I enjoyed Dream5 as a group so much, and why I need to follow them more...

Long story short: THIS IS AN AMAZING MUSIC VIDEO! I would sell my soul for it, to be honest! XD


Kimi to Ita Sora by Yuuka Ueno

One of my newer finds, Yuuka Ueno's debut single Kimi to Ita Sora is probably one of my favourite singles this Summer, but the PV is equally as beautiful as the title song is. It is gentle and soft, and has a pretty neat story line to go with it about a girl who is lost in chasing her own dream. The music video includes footage from a short movie that is included in the debut single, and creates a nice storyline that everyone can enjoy. Paired with the beautiful solo shots of Yuuka singing in the refreshing daylight outside of a school building, I find that the director has made a very beautiful PV which flatters Yuuka and fits the song well.

I am in love with the song itself, but I do think that PV does the song justice, and for a major debut, I think that Yuuka Ueno has really done well. She has a natural approach to the camera and just looks absolutely perfect in front of it. She has this passionate, earnest look about her that is translates well on camera, and she just looks so happy and at peace with herself. Yuuka Ueno as a whole is very refreshing, but she truly is a wonderful performer in this, and Kimi to Ita Sora is a PV and song that I highly recommend you all take a look at. Hopefully, you won't regret it!


Girl's Rule! by Nogizaka46

Didn't expect that now, did you? Yes yes, I know, my reputation with extreme hatred for NG46 precedes me beautifully, but honestly, I can appreciate a good MV when I see one, and darlings, this is a damn good music video... in fact, one of the best I have seen this summer and one of the best from this ex-joke of a group. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that this was the first Summer PV that stumped me and impressed me greatly... and really, whilst I do like a lot of these PV's on here, very few actually impressed me and made me re-evaluate the group. Heck, this PV even impressed Nia, and she loathed this group as much as I did... to the point where she black listed them from her blog, and then reviewed them because she was that impressed.

Yup, this group killed two Bloggers with one PV. YAY!

That said, this PV is extremely refreshing and different from what I come to expect from an AKS group. It is fun, pleasant to watch, bright and summery without having to resort to bikini's! In fact, the girls wear a lot of clothes in this, normal looking clothes at that, which I find weird for an AKS group, once again... but the girls are dancing in dresses in a pool, which is actually quite nice to watch. I also love that the pool has a reason to be in the PV... given that the pool is the main plot point for the storyline in this. Ah, yes... the story... it is GOOD! I love it! Okay, it is about saving a pool from being demolished, but it is a pretty good storyline and shows how these girls come together to overcome the bad guy, and how they save the one thing they enjoy the most together in the stifling summer heat. Overall, this is a pretty damn amazing PV, and definitely a winner for me.


Up Up Typhoon by Up Up Girls

I think I would be a tad crazy to not include this song in my Top 5 for this list, because I do love it... Hell, I even bought it, I love it that much! This is an amazing song, and the PV is pretty damn incredible! This brings together all elements that I love about Summer PV's in one video; colour, nature, happiness, energy and simplicity. Seriously, it's like someone threw skittles into a field for me (I am that easy to please, believe me) and added music to create this rainbow-filled video of happiness and wonder! Really, it is just so... so perfect! Okay, two of the members bore me to no end here, but the rest of the girls in this gorgeous video make up for their blandness and really pull together the video to make it perfect!

But not only does the video have wonderful elements that make me think of a fun and great summer, the song is also damn amazing! Everyone sounds great here (bar the bland ones) and all of the members have a great amount of energy and happiness, and you can clearly see that they are enjoying the video, and that in turn allows me to enjoy it along with them! There is so much silliness going on here that I can't think of a nicer Summer PV to enjoy for 2013! It is amazing, and has everything in it that I could ask for. I think that it helps that these girls are talented, too, so we don't just get a visually appealing PV, but one that has a lot of talent behind it, and not just pretty faces, like most other Idol groups and PVs.

It makes me happy, and that is why it is one of my Top 2 in this list of Top PV's for Summer 2013!


And so we have come to my Number 1 PV for the Summer of 2013! I have a feeling you al; *might* know what it is, so without further ado, here is my #1 PV of 2013!!!


Bokura no Eureka by NMB48

Believe it or not, I was set to HATE this PV when it came out. Why? Well, I thought that it would go down the same route as Manatsu no Sounds GOOD by shoving in a blasted Bikini shot, totally ruining the atmosphere and tone of the video and destroying my love for it... but nope. AKS learned from a past mistake and didn't even put in one bikini shot here! Seriously, it is pure storyline and epic shots! The girls are all survivors of a shipwreck and are fighting for survival, kind of like Lord of the Flies or Battle Royale in a way, and are also trying to overcome their hatred of each other in some situations. It is a PV all about the girls coming together and trying to make a bad situation good, and getting over their differences in these dire times of pain and hunger.

As a video, this is beautifully shot and directed, and there is a great location as well. It is so well done and has such a movie-like quality about it that is enjoyable and also epic. It leaves you wondering what will happen to the girls (especially at the ending climax) and how they will get through their troubles. The only issue I seem to have with the video is that it actually has a break in the middle, and honestly... it annoys me to no end! I like to listen to a song and have it continue without a break, but I guess if that is the only issue I have with it, then really, it isn't that bad of a PV, is it? Anyways, regardless of the break in the middle, this is an amazing PV. It looks good, the storyline is strong, the location is great, the girls all gave a stellar performance, and the ending is just wonderful and really sets a darker tone for the music video. Everything about Bokura no Eureka is amazing, even the song, which is so light and a lot more refreshing than other AKS summer songs... overall, this is a winning PV, which is why it is my Number 1 for the Summer PV's of 2013!

And here my Top 13 Idol Summer PV's of 2013 post comes to an end! These are my Top 13, and whilst I may not have really watched a lot of Summer PV's this year, these are the ones that really stood out to me outside of the H!P bandwagon. I'm sorry if one of the groups you enjoyed this Summer was not here, but again, I have not watched all Summer PV's... if I had, I would be one tired hermit in the basement!

So, that all said and done, do you have any Top Summer PV's that you enjoyed this Summer of 2013? Please comment with them if you like, but until next time... ja ne!


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  1. if you want definite proof that summer is over, go down to Primark and look in their knitwear section, they have xmas jumpers out.


  2. HI, Actually i'm quite new to up up girls. I don't even now her names yet. Can you tell me the two girls who bore you? (Just give me the colour) For now i like the geen one. Yellow and Pink is also ok. The others i need to study them more.

    1. Hi! The two who bore me a bit are the Red and Purple girls, but I think they are two of the more featured members (the red member is promoted rather highly, she is the most popular member I believe?)

      They'll be easy enough to figure out when you watch more of their stuff or find more things out about them :3 Takes time, don't worry, but you will learn if you like them enough~

  3. I'm glad that you like Up Up Taifun. It is one of my favourites too. Samurai Girl just over took it LOL. I like what you said about the video and it is all true. It is just so much fun to watch.

    To keep you up to date. I bought the Up Up Girls the DVD. They have another version for Up Up Taifun called the Agekete version. Basically minus the dance but with more shots from inside the van and jumping and yelling at the grassy hill. The DVD also includes the making of for Up Up taifun and Upper Cut MVs. Apparently, both MVs were shot on the same day. Up Up Taifun in the morning, they started shooting at 8AM. Upper Cut was shot in the evening. Taifun took most of the day to shoot. They have so many extra footage for Taifun that I suspect they are holding back another version. What they showed in the making-of had the girls dancing on the grassy hill with their microfibre towels. We had a few glimpses of that in the original version.

    A summary of the members. Sengoku (red) is the leader. Shes a playful girl. Eventho shes already 22 she still gets along with the younger members, especially Akari. Akari (yellow) is the 2nd main vocalist and the 3nd youngest at 18. She is interesting coz she sometimes gets really wierd LOL. She is into karate and chops roof tiles during MCs. Azunyan a.k.a Sekki (orange) is the main vocalist, 2nd youngest at 17. Shes my favourite. Pretty and charming, she puts up alot of dance video on NicoNico and Youtube. Konatsu (pink) the 2nd oldest at 21, is the dance master. She is the leader for UFZS. Morisaki (green) is the 3rd oldest. She just turn 20. She is a huge Momo fan. Ayanon (purple) 19, is a quite girl. She also puts up alot of dance video, 2nd to Azunyan. Ayanon has a social-complex where she has a fear of strangers. Not sure what its called. She challenges herself by joining H!P Eggs and now shes with this great bunch of girls to help her overcome her faults. If she comes across as dull, keep this in mind :) Maana (blue) is the youngest at 16. Don't know much about her accept that she looks so much like Kuduu >_<
    Notice that the members' age are all 1 year apart :)


    1. Up Up Taifun is wonderful, I actually wonder how anyone could dislike it! It is wonderful, it truly is.

      ... I actually want this version XD I kinda loved that version during the MV, it just really made me love the group more I think. Also, they really worked hard with these MV's... the times they shot them tell you that!

      I know a bit about the girls already, but thank you. I have not followed UUG long, but I did follow them briefly during their debut as I was really into Saho Akari beforehand anyway, however I really have fallen in love with Arai Manami <3 But it is nice to know about Ayanon, I will certainly keep it in mind!

      Thank you for the comment and the small biographies of the members!