Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Taste the Typhoon this Summer with Up Up Girls in 'Up Up Typhoon'!

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The Summer is here, and I bet you are prepared, but let me ask you this... did you get ready for an Up Up Typhoon?

Up Up Girls are one of those Indie Idol groups who, despite how amazing they are, and how much talent they clearly have, ever have PV's, and for someone like me who enjoys visuals sometimes with their music, it is a little hard for me to follow UUG because they don't have PV's. Well, it's a good thing their music is good, and they released a PV, isn't it.

... Wait, what did you say? Hold the phones and beach bags! Did you just say that they released a PV!? Say what now?

Holy cow, it is true, isn't it!? Up Up Girls have finally released their first official music video for their new summer song Up Up Typhoon! What's more, it is a fantastic song and an amazing PV, I truly can not take my eyes off of it! Seeing this PV has really brightened my summer, it has taken me away from those dismal days of so many July Graduations, and has brought me back into the Summer! This Typhoon from Up Up Girls has really swept me away! Has it swept you away, too?

I am really excited about this song, and ever since the full MV was released on the groups official youtube channel I have wanted to review it because it is just so glorious! So, that all said and done, shall we get taken away by this Up-coming Typhoon with the wonder that is Up Up Girls? Hold on to your beach bags, this is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Colour!!!! Oh man, I love a lot of colour... even if it is only in the title, right now!

Saki: "I curse those who refused to bring me my tea..."

MoriKi looks rather British with her pinky up like that. All she needs now is a bit of Earl Grey, and she is set!

Akari! This is a family friendly PV! Stop being so suggestive, you dirty girl!

MoriKi's smile makes me so happy, even if she does look a little creepy in the still shots...

Look at that cute face! Who could deny her? And Akari, you are beautiful, just like the summer days...

Oh crap, they froze! Were my compliments too much that they had to malfunction!?

I have no idea who Konatsu is really, but she is freakin' awesome in this PV xD

Sengoku: "Ahahaha there's a camera..."
Manami: "Wait... was that there when we changed?"
Akari: "You bet your teddy bear panties it was there, AraMan!"

These simple scenes are great, I love them!

Up Up Girls: "FINALLY, FREEDOM!!! It's been years since we last stepped out of that cloakroom!"
Sengoku: "Guys... guys, wait for me!!!!"

It recently hit me like a towel to the face that Sengoku Minami looks a lot like Oda Sakura, or is it the other way around?

WOOHOO, LIFT THOSE LEGS, GIRLS! This is the definition of Up Up Girls in a physical form, people!

Now I see why it is called Up Up Typhoon! They are the Up Up Girls, and their towels are their propellers, or in this case, their Typhoons. Now, for LIFT OFF!!!

Azusa has a great voice, I think I love it a bit.

Azusan: "Omg... HAIR!!!!"

But no one can compare to the Green Machine, MoriKi! Even Azusan is amazed!

I really wish that I had a towel. And a bag of skittles...

Holy crap, Akari got hot, didn't she? I remember when she was in Shugo Chara Egg as Amulet Spade, and I remember how bummed I was when she wasn't put in S/mileage!

She makes me feel so damn happy! I think wearing the colour yellow helps with that, too.

Wasshoi, wasshoi, blah blah WASSHOI!!!

I love the Fish eye lens. It is the best thing ever.

KonaFuu: "Okay, bitches, step back... the master is here!"

I have a feeling that Konatsu will become a member that I love a lot if I decide to follow UUG. She makes me smile.

A lot.

Also, I love AraMan's face in this. She is adorable!!!

MoriKi looks like she idolises KonaFuu in this bit XD Akari just looks happy to see her, is all, but MoriKi is obsessed.

KonaFuu: "Who isn't?"

... It kinda looks like Sengoku Minami tripped and fell in this... XD Hi, foot.

SKITTLES!!!! Taste the damn rainbow, people!

KonaFuu: "And this way, you can see a fairy..."
Akari: "Where? Where is the fairy?"
MoriKi: "Oooh, a Unicorn..."

... And this is why I think that KonaFuu will be a member I love. She is definitely the comical one of the group, bringing me giggles and happiness since... well, since this PV came out!

Oh, hi, who are you? Sato Ayano? Okay, hi...

Seriously, she is the most forgetful member for me. It would be Sengoku Minami, but I always see her in magazine previews online, so her face is embedded in my mind.

Speak of the devil...

Sengoku: "Bitches, move away, the Wota-Magnet is here!"

Sengoku: "... Which camera am I supposed to look at?"

I really want to find a towel to swing around my room aimlessly...

Sengoku: "YOU!!! Yeah, you... BECOME MY OSHI LOVER WOTA THING!!!"

I have to admit, whilst she bores me a bit, she has a really nice smile.

But this girl still has the voice of a semi-decent Idol singer! And that apparently tops Sengoku Minami's bore-ability.

AraMan is adorable, I seriously want to keep her.

Azusan: "Ahhh, fresh air... we have not had this in years! For since long ago, we have been locked in that small cloakroom they call a dressing room..."

Azusan: "Breath in that air, take in the tree's and the grass, for we are now Free! We have broken away from the dark days, and entered a light and beautiful world! From now on, we shall only go Up, Girls! UP!!!"

Azusan: "I am proud to say that I was the one who initiated the escape, too. You only have me to than for all of th---"

Azusan: "ARRRGH!!!"

KonaFuu: "UFZS, UNITE!!"
MoriKi: "I thought that we were Up Up Girls..."
Sengoku: "Shut up, there are two sides to this group, just take it as it is."
Azusan: "HMPH!!!!"

KonaFuu is hilarious, and whilst she may become a loved one, I have a feeling that AraMan will replace MoriKi as my UUG Ultimate favourite. She is just so cute!!!

AraMan: "Treasure this screen time, people, because out of everyone else, I don't really get much... But that's all right, ya know? I mean, I am the youngest. Less chance of wrinkles and all that."
KonaFuu: "Oh. No. You. DIDN'T!"
Akari: "Oh yes she did!"

I love these group shots the most. They are beautiful, and this looks like a great picture of them. UUG are so great!

My favourite scene in the entire MV. This is why I think AraMan will become my fave girl!

Dat smile! Guys, I am done for... down, finished, taken and blown away by Arai Manami's absolute cuteness and her smile... please, don't try and save me... I am totally done for... remember me fondly...


Ayano: "Bitches better bend for me!"

Looks like Ayano took Sengoku's powers of control! Oh my!

... Okay, this may be the funniest scene in the entire MV! And it certainly puts Ayano up in my ranks!

KonaFuu: "Oi, Ayano, geroff me! You can't be the Leader of UFZS, urgh!"
Ayano: "What was that? Oh, it was just a Typhoon passing by that sounded like Konatsu..."
KonaFuu: "...!!!!"

KonaFuu: "All eyes on me right now, kay?"

My eyes are certainly on you, KonaFuu. Why you so pretty...? <3

Yes, Up Legs Girls! WHOO!!!

The Towel Propellers have returned! Now, where is my towel?

... Sengoku looks rather unsure of herself...

Sengoku: "... Do I have to smile?"
MoriKi: "Yup, or no magazine shoots for you!"
Sengoku: "RATS!!!"

It looks like the girls have taken to the Egyptian way of dancing.

This is a nice group shot... wait, AraMan, don't hide behind Sengoku! I want to see your face!!!

And this is how Akari wins over my affections all over again, not by her insance beauty and talent, but by being awesome and comical... XD

The Idoru God is here, now, bow down to her!

Sengoku: "Peasents, bow down to me!"
Azusan: "Lol, nope, I'm gonna Wotagei."

Aw, such a natural and cute pic, and so... wait, why are there only six of you!?

KonaFuu: "I want to be alone..."

Awww, KonaFuu, don't be depressed. I love you, I really do...

KonaFuu: "I could have been your Oshi for Up Up Girls, I also could have been leader. It was within the grasp of my hand, like a falling feather... but then that feather disappeared, and I grasped nothing..."

Damn, Konatsu is pretty hot, isn't she? I like her in shorts.

KonaFuu: "... Holy fuck, what are you all doing here!?"

And so the Skittles reunited with their Pink Skittle... wait, do pink skittles exist?

YEAH, GROUP SHOTS! Best things EVER!!!

I have a feeling that this image right here is the perfect representation of this group. It fits them so well XD

Akari, they're behind you! Watch out!!!

... You aren't gonna take notice? Not even if they are dancing behind you, maybe? No? Not a wince? Nothing?... Okay, suit yourself.

Do you know how happy I become when I see AraMan's beautiful face? She makes me want to love her so so much... and to buy UUG CD's to support her.

Okay, this whole song and video makes me want to support UUG. But AraMan is the top priority, here!!!

The sexiest post that choreographers could come up with. Simply gorgeous.

Okay, so, do you know how long I have waited for an Up Up Girls PV to come out? Probably since last year, but hey, I have been waiting, and hoping, and now... now we have one, and seriously it is glorious. It is a great PV, it makes me want more from Up Up Girls! I think they have amazing songs, songs that could have done with PV's before now, but this one... oh, it is so glorious!

Up Up Typhoon is amazing! It is colourful, energetic, happy, fun and cheeky all rolled into one! The girls have great group chemistry (why wouldn't they? They've been together since their Egg days, after all!) and this video is just so fun and quirky thanks to their amazing personalities and how at ease they all seem with being silly and cute, whilst still delivering a stellar performance for the video! You can see that all of these girls love filming an MV and that they were giving it their all, and really, we all know why they look and seem so excited for this video, and why their energy is so high; this is what the girls have been working towards since they were kicked out of the eggs and made their own group. They have been working so hard these past few years to make this group great and produce awesome work, and it has all paid off, resulting in the girls giving their fans a PV showing off how much they have learnt as Idols and performers, and bringing it to a music video.

All of the girls look and sound amazing, and I just love them in this. Watching the video, I realised just how wonderful the other members are, outside of Mori Saki, Saho Akari and Sengoku Minami who are admittedly the only two I knew of beforehand. I have found that I really like Arai Manami and Furukawa Konatsu through watching this, because those two really brought their A-game to the video and stood out to me so much, but in all honesty all of these girls are winners. They bring great enthusiasm and personality to the music video, and they all just work together so well. They have these bright, sunny personalities which fit the song and video so much, and really bring the visuals and music to life with their actions and charm. Watching this MV is pure joy, because I just feel so happy when I see their smiling faces and feel the energy that they are all emitting.

Everything about this song and video is just perfect. It feels like a fun and happy PV that is filled with energy, happiness, hard-work and gratitude, and it is extremely well made. This is a damn beautiful video, and one that needs to be watched by many people. It is so fun, catchy and wonderful, and a great Summer PV. The song, too... it is the perfect Summer tune. It has so much enthusiasm in it, and the amazing vocals of the girls is really impressive. The only girls I really felt fell flat on their singing was Sengoku Minami (sorry, fans) and Sato Ayano, who I think sound pretty weak when compared to the other members, but really... they all sound awesome, and they all make the song work. They all make this song a great summer tune, one that I can listen to for days on end.

The wait that fans of UUG have had, and casual fans like myself, for a music video was worthwhile, because Up Up Typhoon is amazing. It is simple, yes, but the sheer joy of the girls really makes this music video feel like so much more. It looks great, it sounds amazing, and the girls just bring me so much happiness. I am amazed by Up Up Girls and their performance, and I really want to support them from now on.

It's sunny, it is wonderful, and it shows how amazing Up Up Girls are as performers. This is an amazing track that is a great Summer tune, and one of my favourite summer songs for this July. I am so happy that Up Up Girls finally have a PV for a song, because they really deserve it, and what better than a PV for an awesome song like Up Up Typhoon?

Watch out, H!P, there is an Indies Idol unit in UFP who are going to blow your socks off and give you a run for your money! Be prepared... and also, regret the fact that you kicked these girls out!



  1. "regret the fact that you kicked these girls out!"

    Hardly, every yen this group makes on CD/DVD's and goods goes straight to UP-FRONT. Their managers are UP-Front Employees. They use the UP-FRONT offices and buildings,...

    1. I know, but what I mean is, H!P could have had this awesome, talented group who have experience and are pretty awesome, and could have made H!P a bit better known. However, it is as it is, and I am happy with the girls as they are now.

  2. Sometimes I feel like the only person who's not really a huge fan of this music video. I'm not sure why, though.

    1. Don't worry about it, even I can admit this isn't the best PV ever, but I do love it for my own reasons ^^

  3. Akari was Amulet Spade, Yuuka was Amulet Heart (doing Amulet Spade for a cosplay)

    1. ARRRGH!!! Thanks, sorry for that, I wrote this at 5am in the morning XD I was, as always, sleep deprived by that point XD

  4. Reading your made up scenarios was lots of fun LOL.
    Akari's enka moment at the begining was awesome. She has the voice for it.


    1. Thanks! XD I enjoy doing these sorts of things~ And yeah, I would like to see Akari go into Enka! She has the talent, she truly does!