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Okay! Musume Digest #62

Minna! Digest Dayo~?

In this weeks Digest...

Hello! Project changes its logo! SNH48 2nd Generation members in Shanghai chosen? SPR48???? C-ute, the Queen of J-POP, to release their 8th album! Previews for Haggy Mai's new PB! Mariko is an image character for Lip Fondue! PV Previews for Endo Mai, Morning Musume, Silent Siren and AKB48! LoVendoЯ get interviewed! And a little bit more! Are you ready to Digest with me?

Welcome back to my Weekly Digest everyone, and I hope that the past week has been kind to you! The week that has gone has been a slow trudge for me, as I have been focusing more-so on my own personal life as opposed to my life filled with Idols! Yes, I have been taking on the heavy trek that is Job Hunting, and seriously, I do hate it! Really, it was easier when I didn't have a life, you know?

But, despite my lack of posts and activity here, I have actually been PV and Single Reviewing elsewhere! If you have missed my reviews (why you would miss them is beyond me!) then please be sure to check out both Pure Idol Heart and Selective Hearing for my Reviews, and for other reviews by amazing writers on both sites!

Join us, it's a HouPri Birthday Bash! Houkago Princess: Chou HAPPY BIRTHDAY Review! (Pure Idol Heart)
Yuuka Ueno - Kimi to Ita Sora Review (Selective Hearing)
Fairies - Hikaru no Hate ni Reviewed (Selective Hearing)

With all that said, done and plugged, please be sure to enjoy the rest of the Digest! Remember to press ctrl + f for easier navigation through the post! Enjoy~

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Video of the Week

Ponytail and ShuShu by SNH48

Bikini's? Check. Beach? Check. Shameless fanservice? Hoo boy, CHECK! Ponytails? HELL YEAH TO THE CHECK YES!!!!

Anyways, I had no idea what to use as the Video of the Week this week, and then I saw that this had been released, so I did think Yeah... why not? and embedded it here for your enjoyment! Though I do wonder how many of you will be like Urgh... NOT THE BIKINI'S!!! But, to be honest, in terms of mixing, this is the best SNH48 have come out with so far... the girls actually sound like they have been somewhat blended! Erm, FINALLY!!!! And the PV is okay, a tad fanservicey, but whatever. What AKS PV doesn't have fanservice for the summer songs now? I rest my case!!!!


Picture of the Week

Screw the fact that it isn't my birthday, just give me the damn cake!!!

I have to say, this PV wins for the most colourful. Also, it doesn't hurt my eyes! YAY!!!!!!!!!!


Hello! Pro Station #25 is here for everyone to watch! This weeks Genki host is Suzuki Kanon! YATTA!

In this weeks episode...

The dance shot for Morning Musume's Ai no Gundan is here! A performance of Maasara Blue Jeans from C-ute in Paris! Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari throw pitches for the opening baseball match for the Buffaloes! Tsugunaga Momoko sings... er, something... comments/answers from Juice=Juice's most gorgeous member, Uemura Akari! And outtakes from mai's reign as Hello! Pro Station MC!


Remember how I said that they needed to swap Oda for someone else because she had already had two turns at Hello! Pro Station singing? Yeah, I take that back, because the Gods have punished me for wishing for someone else... o-O

Hello! Project News

The CM for Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol. 38 is here! Be sure to check it out!


I love the light and airy feel of this video, it seems a lot more polished than usual, too... again, I like the look and feel of this video. It is nice.

Hello! Project now has a new logo! The fanclub page has also been redesigned!


It looks... different, that's for sure. In fact, it looks more tame and professional, which actually works well with their new look. It also fits in with how 'cool' the groups look right now. Very different, and quite fresh!

Also, rather old-fashioned, but hey! It works, so who cares?

The preview for Girls News Hello! Project #18 has been revealed, so be sure to check it out!


Why do they dub over the English reporters voice? I find it pointless, and it really does make it so that us Foreign fans can't understand a thing...

THIS is when the effing subtitles are needed, ya know!

Morning Musume

(Left: Regular cover - Right: Limited Cover)

The covers for Michishige Eleven Soul Concert Tour photobook have been revealed! There will be a regular and limited cover available from Amazon.


I have to say, I do prefer the Limited cover for the Reina pictures, but I prefer the regular because the group image is colourful and lively.

Amazon Regular | Amazon Limited

It has been revealed that Michishige Sayumi as Harori will be collaborating with the Ginza Cozy Corner cake store chain!


Sayu seems to collaborate with quite a few food-based things right now, huh? Pretty cool... In fact, I would buy cakes from Sayu! OM NOOOOM!!!!

Famitsu News

The poster for Morning Musume's ~CHANCE!~ tour has been revealed!


Let us all revel in their glorious hotness, especially that of Zukki, and then wonder if during this tour, Koharu Kusumi will appear and sing her Kirarin song Chance! whilst the newbs watch on with confusion, and Sayumi glares.

Berryz Kobou

Berryz Kobou will be on the cover of Top Yell magazine for September, it has been revealed.


And the cover will show Momoko with a shaved head... Or, hopefully, no pigtails. AT ALL!!!!!!!

Berryz Kobou will release a new single on October 2nd, it has been revealed!


I hope it includes Mohawks. And no Momochi. Oh boy, that would be heaven!


Hagiwara Mai will hold a release event for her second photobook on August 5th, it has been announced.


Will she come out in one of the pieces she had to wear in the photobook? I think that that would be a nice touch for the fans, don't you?

The cover for Suzuki Airi's up-coming photobook Oyoganai Natsu has been revealed! Be sure to take in all Airi's perfection and splendour!


I am surprised that Su-san has not made an appearance on the cover. Shame, really.

It has been revealed that C-ute will release their first book detailing their history together. The book will be releaed on September 10th, and will be 910yen.


I like the price of this. A nice nod towards C-ute day and all that jazz. Also, pretty darn cheap, too!

A preview for Hagiwara Mai's up-coming photobook has been revealed! Take a good look!


Ero-kawaii, that is what Mai is. Ero. Freakin'. KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonus photo's will be avaiable with Mai's photobook if fans order through 7net.


She is looking both adorable and tantalising... om nom nom!!!!

C-ute will appear on the cover of BIG ONE GIRLS magazine, it has been revealed. The magazine will be released on August 29th.


Hotness will surely ensue!

It has been announced that C-ute will release their 8th album, titled ⑧ Queen of J-POP, on September 4th!

The album will come in three editions, and Limited A will include the Treasure Box Tour concert DVD.


Obviously, Queen means Airi, and the others are simply her peasants, with Chissa as her Knight in Shining Armour. Also, Queen of J-POP may be going a little far, though C-ute are some of the most talented Idols I've yet to see right now...


According to a recent blog post, Nakanishi Kana has finished shooting for her first solo DVD.


And when there's a solo DVD, there is also a solo PB... YES!!!!!!!!

Wada Ayaka's portion of S/mileage's Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro-igyou has been uploaded to the BSTBS6 Youtube channel. Be sure to check it out!


Did that dude seriously throw in "S/mileage Smairu~"? Also, Dawa pretending to be a model, she looks super awkward... though I guess that is how her character is meant to be! I am surprised by how okay-ish of an actress Dawa is... I also need to finish watching this... haha.


Juice=Juice will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Osaka Selcy on August 12th!


And outside waiting will be a hoard of angry, sad and vengeful Aina fans, screaming for immediate disbandment...

Juice=Juice's up-coming single, Romance no Tochuu, will be released on September 11th it has been revealed! A website for the single release has also been created!

There will be six editions available.


It should also be known that this will be a triple A-side, and also, that Akari's pants are hideous. I love her, regardless, but really, LEGGINGS, UFP!?

Juice=Juice will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Tower Records Nagoya on August 9th, it has been revealed.


And Akari Melon-san will fall in love with every Wota who's hands she touches. Because she is just like that, you see.

Up-Front Promotion News

Jpop Asia have released an interview with LoVendoЯ in English! Be sure to check it out!


And this is where Reina reveals that she has left Masaki in the dust... oh my D8

Jpop Asia

Ogawa Makoto receives her results for her latest TOEIC test!


... to be honest, the video itself is pretty boring. Oh well!


Asianbeat has interviewed LoVendoЯ, so be sure to check out the article!


Admittedly, Reina seems a lot more relaxed with LoVendoЯ. Then again, the members are indeed within her age range! No Masaki screaming in her ear!


A new AKB48 sister group, SPR48, will be created in Spring 2015!? It is still a rumour as of now, though!


Spring 2015? How relevant (or irrelevant?) will AKB be then, though?


Shinoda Mariko stars in the CM for Lip Fondue. Please check it out!


That is one ugly outfit Mariko-sama is wearing, but whatever... also, her whispering voice is pretty damn sexy!

The Making-of for the CM Lip Fondue which Shinda Mariko stars in as the image character has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out to see how the video was made!


Mariko-sama is truly an Angel sent from above! And now, I want me some Lip Fondue!!!


It has been revealed that JKT48 will release a movie trilogy temporarilu titled JKT38 the Movie. The contract had been signed on July 6th by Maxima Pictures and Dentsu Indonesia. There will be three different movies with three different stories, as all the girls are unique, and their potential and appeal is amazing.

The producers hope to visualise JKT48's journey and explore everything about the group to make their fans happy.

The film will be sold in neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China as well as in JKT48's home country of Indonesia.


It's amazing to hear that JKT48 will be landing a movie trilogy, despite being so young as a group! All I can say right now is this... congrats, JKT!!!


It was announced that 23 girls were chosen at the SNH48 Gen 2 auditions in Shanghai.


Whether or not these girls are actually in the group now is beyond me.

Misc Idols and Groups News

Idoling!!'s 6th generation was officially revealed at Tokyo Idol Festival! Five new members aged between 13-17 were revealed!

From Left to Right: #31 Furuhashi Mayu (14), #32 Sekiya Mayu (17), #33 Hashimoto Ruka (13), #34 Sato Rena (14) and #35 Kato Michaela Wako (17).

Congrats to all the girls!


I love how interesting this new generation seems. Firstly, we have Ruka, who is the younger sister of an existing Idoling!! member, and then there is Michaela, who is half Brazilian. Of course, the other three are adorable, and this seems to be an interesting new generation for Idoling!!... my particular favourite of the three from first-glance is Sato Rena.

Random thanks to Steve for posting about Idoling!!'s new cute members! I am gaining interest in this group again!!!

Idol groups Nato☆Kan and Candy Go! Go! will release their first collaboration single titled Spectrum on August 28th! The PV has already been released, so be sure to check it out and see how cute and fun these two groups are when together!

Track List:

1. Spectrum
2. Yasashii Oto
3. no-no-no
4. Spectrum (Instrumental


The song is a lot 'cooler' than I thought it would be, and is certainly interesting. I also love the interaction between these two groups! They have great chemistry together, and I love their silly antics! These are two groups to watch out for, guys!

J-Pop Idols | Youtube

BiS Kaidan, made up of the weird and wonderful Idol group BiS and the band Hijokaidan, will release their first EP collaboration album which will be released on August 7th.

The album will contain 7 songs.

Track List:

1. Suki Suki Daisuki
3. nerve
4. eat it
5. primal
6. Hide out cut
7. BiS Kaidan


The video for Suki Suki Daisuki is certainly, erm... not my cup of British tea...
-throws tea at the wall-

J-Pop Idols

PV/Song Previews

The short Music Video for Idoling!!'s Endo Mai's Today is the Day has been released! Be sure to take a look at the video, and fall in love with Mai's beautiful vocals!


Endo Mai has a gorgeous voice, and the video for her debut solo MV is absolutely beautiful. I was really surprised by how gorgeous it looks! And that CGI is pretty darned fantastic!!!

A PV Preview, practice footage and interviews for Morning Musume's new single Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/ have been revealed thanks to Mezamashi TV! Please take a look!


There's a set! A location! HOLY FUDGE COOKIES, THERE IS ACTUALLY SOMETHING THERE!!!! It actually does not look cheap!!!!... well, until you get to the humbug costumes, that is.

The short Music Video for Silent Siren's Starmine has been revealed! Be sure to check out the video and listening to the sweet, summer night song!


The song reminds me of Summer nights. Relaxed, but also fun and welcoming, and also warm... I actually really like the sound of this song. It is seriously enjoyable!

The short music video for Koisuru Fortune Cookie has been revealed! Please take a look at Sasshi's Centre-starring PV!!!!


Yuko is such a troll in this, I love it! She is just super quirky and wonderful to watch! Of course, Sasshi is wonderful, too! The rest of them are somewhat forgettable, though Takamina is a treat in this vieo from what I can see! AND WHOO, DANCE LADYY IN THE SUPERMARKET, DANCE!!!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

C-ute members Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki and Okai Chisato leave a message for Radical Video Jockey, so be sure to check it out!


A promotion for their single... they choose two good members, and a very boring on, to promote it. Oh well, 2/3 winners is good :3

Sengoku Minami and Sato Ayano promote their up-coming movie ~ADA~ on the Josei Jisin youtube channel. Make sure to check it out!


Why is Sengoku's voice so quiet? Is everyone asleep where they are? Or have they told her to be 'seen and not heard'? Anywhoo, this is a long promotion, which is good. Well done girls!

Up Up Girls leave a message for ZAK ZAK Douga concerning the release of their new single Summer Beam!/Up Up Typhoon. Please check it out!


I actually want to buy this CD...

JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage from Shimazaki Haruka's press release event for her first photobook. Be sure to check it out!


Paruru is adorable... seriously, I want to hug her.

JIJIPRESS have released press footage concerning Watanabe Mayu's new single Rappa Renshuuchu and also the Real Escape Game which Watanabe Mayu will take part in as a magical girl who has been imprisoned.


This does sound like a really fun event, hopefully Mayuyu can be saved from the prison in the amusement park! Minna, be sure to save Mayuyu!

UFZS have released a "Snapshot Movie" Cake House video on their official youtube channel, so be sure to check it out!


Cute music, cute girls... now, where is my cute cake!?

JIJIPRESS have released press footage from LoVendoЯ's appearance at J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco! Be sure to take a look!


Reina still sounds painful. Dangit!

A trailer for SUPER☆GiRLS' DVD and Blu-ray release for their first nationwide concert tour has been revealed! Filming took pace on Mach 23rd at Shibuya Public Hall, the first day of the tour. The DVD and Blu-ray will be available on August 7th.


My question is this: Do they lip-sync? Given that one performance had a heck-ton of auto-tune, I say yes. That said, from what I can hear... I LOVE THIS SET LIST!!!!

Youtube | Tokyo Girls' Update

And that is all we have time for this week! Hopefully Idol News will be in bloom next week as well, and you will have plenty more to Digest on! But until then, ja ne for now!!!!



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