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Okay! Musume Digest #60

Minna, Digest Dayo! Are you ready to Digest some Idol News?

In this weeks Digest...

Summer PV Previews Galore! Ayumi Ishida Photobook previews! Juice=Juice Fancub tour! Airi graces the cover of a magazine! Dream5 to release a new single! Sadako to collaborate with a manga! An Alice Project member graduates! And a bit more! Are you ready to Digest?

This weeks Digest is a little late because I have had, weirdly enough, a busy week running back and forth trying to apply for jobs, and also a day at the beach with my family! So, I do apologise for the day-late Digest, but I know that you are all patient, so thanks guys!

This week has actually been filled with a nice chunk of Idol News and PV Previews, and it has been lovely to see so many groups release Summer videos that are fun, cute and somewhat refreshing! Also, it was nice to have an abundance of news, what with the slow past week or two we have been having! Anyway, enough chitter chatter, I will let you all get on with the Digest!

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Video of the Week

Start Dash! by Tsuribit

This is a song that I have been a little bit obsessed with lately, though right now, I do have another 'obsession', but regardless, I do like this song... even if it is a bunch of kids singing it! Tsuribit, currently, are one of my new 'favourites' out of the newbie units that are popping up. They have just caught me eye, hook, line and sinker (aye, aye... Oh, okay, no) with their Idol x Fishing concept... and I don't even like fishing, or fish, for that matter! I dunno, they just... they just caught me, you know?

This song, whilst not the best, is cute and up-beat, and the video has adorable girls in it, what more could I ask for? So please, check it out... even if it is just for my sake.

Picture of the Week

Did someone say... Bikini weather!?

This week has been super sunny, so yeah, let's watch Paruru strip!!!


Hello! Pro Station #23 is here, and this weeks episode is lead by C-ute's Tsundere character, Hagiwara Mai! WOOHOO!!!

In this last weeks episode of Hello! Pro Station...

Live performances from C-ute in, what I believe to be, France! The dance shot to Kanashiki Amefuri! Berryz performing live! Maasa gets her hair cut on video! Whaaat? And a perforance of Seishun Collection from Oda Sakura! Please enjoy, Minna!


Berryz actually sound pretty terrible live, it surprised me a lot! I was also surprised that Maasa's haircut was recorded/taped, but that was brave of her! And now, her long hair is all gone... though I would have preferred a bob, as opposed to a full-on short cut, but whatever! Maasa has really taken on a new look, she looks very mature and fresh now! Whoo!

I also hope they continue to do the girls singing a solo of a song, I want to hear Eripon and Zukki's!!!

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

It has been announced that J-MELO will collaborate with Morning Musume for a New Song Project for J-MELO's 400th episode! Fans can send in their answers to questions, as well as send in pictures, to inspire Tsunku for the next song! Be sure to send in your answers and images!


I am sure that everyone has already heard this news, and I know plenty of people would have already sent in their answers, but it is still fantastic and exciting news for us all... so yes, be sure to send in answers and images, everyone!

More previews of Ishida Ayumi's first photobook have been revealed, so be sure to check them out!


I did wonder who would be the next Ass of MoMusu. Looks like my answer has arrived...

Now, drool my pretties, DROOL!!!!!! -cackles-


The second round of Morning Musume's 12th generation Mirai Shoujo auditions have ended! Round 3 will commence!


FINALLY!!!!! -collapses-

Official 12th Generation Audition Site

UFfanclub have released the DVD preview for Sayashi Riho and Masaki Sato's birthday events. Be sure to check them out!


Riho seems to have improved, though she still isn't an amazing singer, however se is very cute in the video! I love her hair up, she should have her hair up more! She really looks cute with a curled ponytail!

Masaki is too adorable for words, and holy heck yes, Robo Kiss! with MasaDuu! I love it, and I want these two to become a duo! IT HAS TO HAPPEN!!!!


Morning Musume's 54th single has been revealed! The single will be a Double A-side, and has been titled Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundam. The single was announced on Hello! Pro Station #24.


FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! -rolls across the floor-

(No Source)

Berryz Kobou

(Left to Right: DVD & Blu-ray)

The DVD and Blu-ray covers for Berryz Kobou's Alo-Hello 3 have been revealed!


Wow, H!P are still lazy asses when it comes to their covers... look, they changed the colour! Ooooh, how daring! #Sarcasm

The DVD and Blu-ray covers for Berryz Kobou's Berryz Mansion tour have been revealed!


Oh, all this creativity! It kills me, gaaaargh!!!


It has been announced that C-ute will perform at FujiTV Mezamashi Live 2013 on August 9th!


Holy crap, MoMusu and C-ute!? That is, like... the best of H!P in a way, if you count the strength of the group and how good their songs have (kinda) been lately... yurp.


A preview for Suzuki Airi's appearance in Young Jump Magazine has been unveiled!


Very gorgeous, with a hint of sexy innocence... yum!

Suzuki Airi graces the cover of Young Jump magazine!


That hint of sexiness has returned! Huzzah!!!


The Event V cover for Atarashi Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan has been revealed!


It may be simple, but hey, it is pretty than the fugly-ass covers Berryz have been given.

The DVD previews for S/mileage's second fanclub bus tour, Katsuta Rina's Birthday event and 2nd gen's firs fanclub event has been uploaded to UFfanclub, so be sure to watch and enjoy!


A nice mix of songs that S/mileage sang for their second bus tour, very impressive, and Kananananana has majorly improved! Also, why the tears at 2nd gen's first fanclub event!?


It has been announced that Juice=Juice will hold a fanclub event on August 21st titled Miracle Juice Box.


And it is there that the Tsunku-san to Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne version begins playing, shocking everyone as he comes down from the ceiling, in a harness, like the Angelic being he is, and announces that he will hold second gen auditions for the group... Oh, and Rikako will be a soloist.

... Oh, look at my crazy ideas!!!

It has been announced that Juice=Juice will perform at the HARUJUKU DREAM JOL Festa 2013 on July 30th!


Amazing news! There are a few other Idol acts going, but not that many it seems, but this is a great show for JuJu to go to! Hopefully many fans will appear, and many new fans will be made when the girls perform! Go Juice=Juice!

A DVD preview for Juice=Juice's first fanclub event has been uploaded to UFfanclub's official youtube channel, so be sure to check it out!


As someone said on Facebook, they really tried to show as little of Aina as possible... wow. Also, Peach-Dayso really sounds like a SAT NAV lady... I wouldn't mind her telling me where to drive, to be honest.

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Tadaima Kenshuu-chuu! #4 preview is here! Please be sure to check it out, and anticipate the next episode!


Ooooh, it seems that the girls will be taste-testing some icky things! Always quite fun to watch, yes?

Up-Front Promotion News

Up Up Girls react to the MV for their song Up Up Typhoon! Please watch and enjoy!


I would say that they are all overreacting, but then I remind myself that I also do reaction videos... so yeah...

That said, when will we get to see the MV in fall and now just from a TV screen we can kinda but hardly see?

Up Up Girls have released a Snapshot Movie in Photo Studio video. Be sure to check it out!


They all look seriously cute and cool in those outfits, and their hair and make-up is done so nicely! They all look simply amazing, so please, definitely check out this video!

It has been announced that Takahashi Ai will gold birthday live events on September 14th and 16th.


Maybe on the 14th I should also hold my own Birthday Live... Oh wait, I forget, I'm not an Idol. DAMNIT!!!!

The DVD preview for Mano Erina's fanclub event that was held during Golden Week has been uploaded to the official UFfanclub youtube channel, so please check it out!


Mano looks gorgeous, I absolutely love her hair here! She also has such a pleasant speaking voice, I wish I could hear her in person! Kyaaa!!!!

The DVD Digest for Tanaka Reina's FC tour has been uploaded, so be sure to check it out!


I do prefer her hair short... but she really has not changed much since graduation, has she? Though I need to remember, graduation was not that long ago... OH MY GOD, SHE'S IN A MEIDO OUTFIT, YES!!!



It has been announced that Akimoto Sayaka will stay in the sub-unti DiVA, even after her graduation.


A lot of people were wondering, and I am sure a lot of fans will be happy with this... I have no opinion, really.

It has been announced that AKB48 will release Million ga Ippai ~AKB48 Music Video Collection~ on DVD and Blu-ray on September 11th. It will include all Music Video's of AKB48 released between May 2011 (Everyday Kachyuusha) and May 2013 (Sayonara Crawl).


I was never aware of the first one that was released, but whatever. For fans who love MV's, and don't have them all, this will be a great addition to their collection, I am sure...

On July 16th it was announced that Shimazaki Haruka will star in the CM for Glico's Papiko ice cream, which will air from July 22nd.


Well, of course, it has to be Paruru, the Human Wall! YAY!!!


HKT48 are the image character's for Lotte's Crazy Gum Broadcast CM! The CM shows the girls chewing gum and performing magic tricks as a part of the HKT48 Gum Magic Club, where Sashihara turns into a 'tengu', or long nosed goblin!

Be sure to check out the fun and cheeky CM!


When are they getting their next generic single? I am becoming impatient!!!

Misc Idols and Groups News

(Left to Right: Regular & Limited)

The cover art for StylipS' fourth single has been revealed! There will be two editions available, a Regular and Limited version. Prism Sympathy will be released on July 24th.

The Limited edition will come with a DVD.

Track List:

1. Prism Symptahy
2. Tsunakukisuna-Tsutsumukotoku
3. Brand-New Style!! ~Mahou Mitai na Show Time~ (Step Two)


KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I love the Limited Edition cover! The girls all look great, and Maho is especially sekushii! Yes yes!

It has been announced that Matsunaga Maho will sing the opening theme song, titled Resonant World, for the PS3 RPG game Fairy Fencer F.


Holy Buggery, Maho is going to be going solo!? I am so. Damn. HAPPY!!! This is amazing news, especially for those (moi included) who are fans of her! Hopefully we will get a sneak peak of the song soon enough~

Looking forward to Maho's solo song... if I get the chance to hear it, that is!

It has been revealed that StylipS will participate in the Sapporo Anime Festival Kitamae. It will run from August 31st to Sepetember 9th.


Glad to see that StylipS are going strong and throwing the new members out there! You win that crowd, girls!!!

Kaori Ishihara will voice the character Tiara for the up-coming PS3 RPG game Fairy Fencer F.


This news has been out for over two months, but seriously.. I don't care haha! The game itself looks pretty cool, I would actually play it because the graphics are super duper cute... yeah... I kinda want it...

But holy heck, how did I not know about this news earlier? Oh yeah, StylipS have become obscure since they stopped being 'Team Dekaris'/a part of H!P...

Groups such as Station, HimeCarat, Mary-Angel and Candy Go! Go! will perform at Oeda☆Hime Matsuri on July 14th. The event describes itself as a 'New Generation Idol Festival', and includes many Indies acts.


The event will be finished by the time this is posted, but it is great to see that plenty of acts (there are way more than what I listed!) will be able to perform! Hopefully all the girls will have had a great time!

It has been announced that Dream5 will perform at FujiTV Mezamashi Live 2013 on August 3rd!


I do feel that, if anyone deserves recognition for their talent and overall amazingness, it is Dream5... so HUZZAH!!!!

(From Left to Right: Limited and Regular)

Dream5 will be releasing their next single, titled We are Dreamer, on August 14th! There will be two editions available, a Regular edition, and a Limited edition. The coupling song Kamisama yayaya will be used as the ending theme for the Anime Little Battlers eXperience wars which will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, and the coupling song Pararirura will be used as the ending theme song for the anime Hana Kappa which will air on NHK E-Tele..

Track List:

1. We are Dreamer
2. Kamisama yayaya
2. Pararirura♪
(+ Instrumentals Limited version only includes ALL instrumentals)

DVD Track List:

1. We are Dreamer (Music Video)
2. We are Dreamer (Choreography Video)
3. Kamisama yayaya (Choreography Video)
4. Pararirura♪ (Choreography Video)


YAAAAY!!! A new single from Dream5, and they look, as always, pretty darn awesome! I love the covers, so cute, and I really want to hear the song for Kamisama yayaya and Pararirura because it reminds me of Paruru... yup.

It has been revealed that Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku member Suzuki Hirono will play the lead role in the up-coming movie Joker Game ~Dasshutsu~. This film will be the sequel to the 2012 film Joker Game, which starred Kitahara Rie of AKB48.

Ither main cast members include Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku member Matsuno Rina, Bump.y's Miyatake Mio, and Yumemiru Adolescence's Kyouka.

The film will be a horror where seven girls are faced to play an 'Escape Death Game'. The film is set to open in theatre's on August 17th.


This seems like a pretty nice cast to have, and it's great to see Bump.y are still going strong and landing roles for the girls! Also, is it just me, or does Joker Game seem a bit like a highschool Idol edition of the SAW series?

Alice Project's Shiotani Sayaka has officially retired from the group. This happened on July 11th, when it came to light that she had been dating a fan.

"I've retired from the group, because I've exchanged contact details with a certain fan and eventually went out with him."

"I wrote down my contact address in a letter and sent it to this particular fan. Afterwards we've begun to go out with each other. This was brought to the attention of my agency and I personally decided to hand in my withdrawal. I'm really sorry for my low self-awareness as an idol and for my careless behavior. I know that I've betrayed a lot of people."

"Until the end I've had problems growing accustomed to being an idol and really want to apologize for that. I'm also sorry for betraying my fellow members and causing them so much trouble. We've been spending more time together than with our families." - Shiotani Sayaka Blog Post (Tokyohive)


I really have no idea how to go about this, because I have not followed Alice Project for a while... but I know that Gaki of Pure Idol Heart had a lot to say regarding the matter, especially about how Alice Project are a Project that want to 'cause a stir in the industry'... I think she shouldn't have graduated, really, because Alice Project, to me, are quite different to other Idol projects. They are individuals, and they stand out... but that's just what I think.

Misc News

It has been announced that Sadako will collaborate with the Lucky Star manga to promote Sadako 3D 2. The characters Sadako and Izumi Konata will be fused together and create Sada Konata, and related goods will go on sale. Furthermore, the manga's popular cat character, Nyamo, will also transform into Sadako Nyamo, and will have goods released as well.

Sadako 3D 2 will show in theatre's on August 30th onwards.


I used to be a fan of the Anime and Manga shorts series of Lucky Star, so to see this news was surprising, but also wonderful. I am happy to see such a cute, yet brash and funny, character like Konata turn into Sadako... and yet still maintain her fun look and smile!

PV/Song Previews

Kono Machi (Another Addition) has been released on C-ute's official youtube channel, so be sure to check it out!


This is one of C-ute's blandest songs (fits Maimi perfectly, tbh) but it can be quite pretty as well... I also do like those costumes. Shame they were wasted on such a boring song.

Happiness have released the short PV for their new single titled Sunshine Dream~Ichido Kiri no Natsu~. Be sure to check it out!


I have to say, I am extremely surprised by the pace and tone of the song, I was expecting something a lot more generic, catchy poppy and up-beat, but it is surprisingly nice and gentle, but still has a very up-beat and cool dance. Very nice!

Flower have released the short MV to their next single, titled Taiyou to Himawari. Be sure to take a look at the MV!


Another sweet and gentle song, though this one seems a lot more appealing visually. It has a lovely background which is extremely pleasing to the eye, and the song is very gorgeous. This song is certainly refreshing with the heatwave of summer pop tunes we have been receiving recently!

LinQ have released the short MV for their Summer single HANABI!!, so be sure to check out this matsuri-themed summer song!


Of all the previews that were released last week and this week, this is the song and PV I wanted to see and hear the most... and let me tell you, I do enjoy it a lot!

Silent Siren have released the short MV for their summer song BIISAN, which will release on August 14th. Please check it out!


The first singer to open her mouth? Yeah, she can't sing... That said, she gets better as the song goes on, and it is a nice and up-beat summer tune, which with a few listens, I could learnt o enjoy more!

IDOL COLLEGE have released the short MV for their summer song Boku no Shutter Chance. The song is the lead track for their up-coming first major album, IDOL COLLEGE no Tsutaetai Koto wihich will be released on July 24th! Be sure to check it out!


A generic, but fun and cute, summer song with bikini's! What more can I ask for as an Idol fan, aye?

The short MV for SKE48's JYURI-JYRUI BABY has been released, so be sure to check it out!

The song is performed by Team S.


I have a feeling that management actually wanted to title it Jurina-Jurina Baby, but were told that that as classed as favouritism...

SKE48 have released the short MV for their song Futari dake no Parade, so please check it out!

The song is performed by Team KII.


Quite a nice song, one which I find lovely for summer and quite up-beat and fun in its own way! I also like the airy feel and look of the MV and the colours used.

SKE48 have released the MV preview for their song Shalala na Calender. Please take a look!

This song is performed by Team E.


These are not flattering dresses, but the song itself is cute. Not my favourite, but still, quite cute.

Press Release/Promotional Videos

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded a video for the press conference that Up Up Girls and other T-Palette acts, including Vanilla Beans, attended for the movie ADA.


Ikebukuro TV reports on C-ute's appearence at Paris Japan Expo 2013. Be sure to check it out!


... I won't be watching all of it, only because I have insane jealousy and manly Chiima tears threatening to come out if I watch it...

MAiDiGi TV have released event footage from the Harujuku Laforet Museum event that C-ute attended. Be sure to check it out!


I still think that Maimi can't sing, but this is a great Digest of the performances given, and everyone sounds pretty good from what I can hear!

MAiDiGi TV | Tokyo Girls' Update

And that is all we have time for this week! Thank you once again for tuning into the Digest, and for filling yourself with Idol news! Let's hope that next week is filled with just as much Idol goodness as this week! Until then... Ja ne!!!



  1. anyone can do a birthday live, not just idols

  2. Can't wait for the new single by Momosu and finally more news on the audition!!!
    Not kinda happy about the Paruru thing...I don't know if i'm getitng my products mixed up here but I know AKB does CMs for for Glico like they did a whole song for one and a murder mystery which was F-ing awsome but, I don't know Paruru is pretty bland to me.