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Okay! Musume Digest #59

Minna? Digest Dayoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

This week, in Digest News!

Finally, some news on the SatoUmi units! MoMusu are featured in a Music Jacket Gallery, and are performing at another venue! Kikka to go to the US! Paruru to get a PB, YEAH!!! Sakura Gakuin, Otome Shinto, i☆Ris and Afilia Saga release PV previews! And a little bit more!

This weeks Digest seems to be a little on the scarce side... which is saddening, but what can we do? I was surprised that there was actually PV previews of any kind this week, to be honest with you all! But, we will make do, ne?

In regards to the week itself, how has your week been? This week was actually quite eventful for myself in the fact that I was able to PV Review something by the Idol group Starmarie for Idolminded! It was my first PV review on the site itself, but what is even more awesome about it is that the PV Review was created to promote Starmarie's journey to the US, and to allow more foreign fans, especially those from America, to know about the beautiful group! Another great thing about the post is that it is a cross-post for Pure Idol Heart, a site which I love!

Also, another amazing thing happened this week! From here onwards, I will be a contributor of Pure Idol Heart! When Gaki himself told me of the news, I cried tears of happiness... yes, I am a sap, get over it (haha). To be given this opportunity is amazing, and I never thought that I would be able to write with someone like Gaki, who has become so well known for his ability to write about so many unknown Idol groups... really, I am very grateful that I am able to write alongside him. I don't know how much I will write from here on for PIH, but I hope that I can contribute a good amount in order to aid Gaki and the other PIH staff members!

Please, be sure to check out Pure Idol Heart's site, Facebook and Twitter!

Pure Idol Heart Official Website
Pure Idol Heart Official Facebook
Pure Idol Heart Official Twitter

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Video of the Week

SanSan GoGo by Milky Way

This weeks song is something that I have pretty much been listening to all week now that I have kind of 're-discovered' it. It has actually been a while since I last listened to it, so when I went back to the song I was amazed by how little I have listened to it... seriously, this an amazing song, or at least amazing for Anime-standards. I really can not get over just how good SanSan GoGo is! It's wonderful!

This is also my favourite song by the short-live unit; I think that Milky Way was actually a pretty good trio, with awesome songs and pretty good personalities (Koharu, mostly) and voices to back up these wonderful songs (mostly Kikka, admittedly). Really, when I think of Kirarin Revolution at all, I think of either Mizuiro Melody or SanSan GoGo because those two songs are amazing!!!

It is nice to re-live the reason why I became a fan of Idols in general (Kirarin Revolution - introduced me to Koha who, in turn, introduced to me to MoMusu) and look back at the music and realise just how good it sounds, and how much I enjoy it... as, this song... <3 So much love, guys, so much LOVE!!!

Picture of the Week

Why oh why, Starmarie, must you be Dolls of my Fantasy...?

I feel that Starmarie are quite fitting for this week, haha! Show the girls some love, aye? ;)


Hello! Pro Station #22 is here for everyone to enjoy! This weeks episode is lead by S/mileage's boyish, smiling character, Takeuchi Akari! Enjoy watching~

Included in this weeks episode...

C-ute performances from their Treasure Box tour... pretty epic! More from the Yattaruchan duo Kananananana and Take-chan! Bowling from S/mileage! Kanananana does more promoting to become Yattaruchan! A dance shot from S/mileage's Atarashii Watashi ni Nare! and some comments from Sayumi and Harunan! Also, a comment from Yuka-peach of Juice=Juice!


I think I died and went to Heaven when C-ute's VTR came up... yeah, that was pretty damn epic...

I fell in love with Chissa more, to say the least...

UF Licks #21 is here for everyone to watch! Please take a look!

This weeks episode is once again lead by Tasaki Asahi and Tanaka Reina! Their chemistry is getting better, they seem super close now! Performances from Yossie and Rika! A performance from someone who sounds like he needs to break his voice in... and more performances! Just another week with UF Licks!


The highlight of this episode was just Asahi and Reina getting along... or at least, that's what the camera tella me. Backstage when the cameras are off is a totally different matter.

Hello! Project News

(Left to Right: Single ver. and DVD ver.)

The SatoUMI inits HI-FIN, Dia Lady and Mellow Quad will release their first single on August 7th. Three songs will be contained on one CD. On the same day, a DVD release containing the PV's will also be released.

The track list has also been released.

Track List:

1. Lady Mermaid (Dia Lady)
2. Eiya-sa! Brother (Mellow Quad)
3. Kaigan Shisou Danshi (HI-FIN)

DVD Track List:

1. Lady Mermaid (Music Video)
2. Eiya-sa! Brother (Music Video)
3. Kaigan Shisou Danshi (Music Video)
4. Lady Mermaid (Karaoke ver.)
5. Eiya-sa! Brother (Karaoke ver.)
6. Kaigan Shisou Danshi (Karaoke ver.)
7. Lady Mermaid (feat. Saxophone ver.)
8. Eiya-sa! Brother (Stalls LIP ver.)
9.Kaigan Shisou Danshi (Another ver.)
(+ Making ofs)


Oh my good lord, FINALLY THEY ARE RELEASING SOMETHING!!! YAY!!! Thank goodness!!! URGH!!!

Dia Lady, HI-FIN and Mellow Quad will perform together with Berryz Kobo, C-ute and Tasaki Asahi at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO on August 27th, it has been announced.


Can they perform at an Aquarium, please? That would just be AWESOME!!!!

Morning Musume

It has been announced that Morning Musume will perform at the FNS Kayou Matsuri on July 31st. Other acts include SMAP, AAA, T.M Revolution and Kis-My-Ft2.


Holy crap!!! Is this... is this real? Someone, please, pinch me, because MoMusu are going to perform at a venue with other acts... PINCH ME!!!!

It has been revealed that Morning Musume will be showcased as part of the Music Jacket Gallery 2013 exhibition. It will be held from July 18th until the 28th, and will showcase other acts such as Nakagawa Shoko, Matsuda Seiko and AKB48.


Seems like a pretty cool exhibit that takes a look at Idols through the ages, in a way... any chance I can go there?

There will be a Michishige Eleven Soul Live Tour Photobook released on August 10th.


Re-living Reina's demise... I mean graduation... through pictures!!!

Berryz Kobou

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou will perform at the Endurance Marathon at Ajinomoto Stadium on November 9th.


Hopefully there won't be any annoying Momochi business that will halt a persons performance, urgh...


It has been announced that C-ute will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Ikebukuro Sunshine City on July 10th.


Will Tsunku halt their performance once again and announce something else? Like, say... more Budokan?

C-ute will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Laforet Museum in Harajuku on July 14th.


Looks like a certain group is getting busy... YAY!!!!

It has been announced that Hagiwara Mai will release her second photobook, titled Mai 2, on August 5th. There will be a regular cover, and a limited cover available through Amazon.

The covers have also been released.


Yeah... I kinda did not expect this news, but holy crap, MaiMai! I want to see you in your new 'sexy' stage in this PB!!! Please, give us wonderful shots, okay? ;)

An article about Hagiwara Mai appearing on Enjoy Network Japan has been released. The article talks about what MaiMai is discussing on the show.


I am surprised that an article popped up... but, it does show the power of MaiMai!


Tamura Meimi voices an audio guide for the World Dino 2013 Exhibition. Be sure to take a look!


Wait, what? I have no idea what's going on here... XD


It has been announced that S/mileage are the image characters for Starlanes Strike Jumbo Bowling!


Holy cow, congrats to the girls on becoming image characters!!! TIS THE POWER OF YATTARUCHAN!!!



Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari will throw the first pitches at the July 16th Orik-Buffaloes-Rakuten Eagles game.


And Yattaruchan shall be playing in the background, whilst the players dance along to it.

S/mileage News


Juice=Juice's profile page has been updated.


Holy fuck, this makes it official ;______________;

Up-Front Promotion News

Tasaki Asahi Documentary #12 is here, so be sure to take a look!


It seems that this episode's comments took a bit longer... also, footage from what seems to be a fan event!? Or a release event!? AMAZING!! YES!!! I WANTED THIS!!!

It has been announced that Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Tanaka Reina and Okada Marina will perform at the Odaiba Folk Jamboree organised by FujiTV on August 8th.


It looks like Ebichuu will be there, too... They would honestly be the only reason why I would go.

FOLKMURA Official Website

It has been announced that Takahashi Ai will attend Japan Festa 2013 in Bangkok.


It has been announced that LoVendoЯ will attend the J-Pop Summit Festival in San Francisco on July 27th and 28th!


Holy crap, AMERICA? 'MUREIKA!!!! But why this group? WHY NOT C-UTE? DX

Actually, wait, MoMusu, C-ute and Ju=Ju can come to England. Yeah, that'll work...

J-Pop Summit Festival News

It has been revealed that Kikkawa Yuu will be attending Japan Expo in Santa Clara, California from August 25th until the 28th.


Yes, I am jealous of the people who get to see Idols. It doesn't matter which Idols, I am still seriously jealous...


Japan Expo Blog

Here is a preview of Mano Erina's appearence in Weekly Playboy!


I was hoping for a cute and sexy bikini shot, but instead I get an ugly-ass shirt.

Shueisha Official Website



It has been announced that Shimazaki Haruka, aka Paruru, will be releasing her first photobook titled Paruru, Komaru on July 19th. The photo's were shot in Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo, and show Paruru travelling to each city during one week.

The photobook contains 144 pages, and will come with an A2 size poster of Paruru randomly selected from five kinds.


PARURU!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY *^*

... Oh wait, I have no money... -cries-

J-Pop Idols | Nihongogo Forums

Misc Idols and Groups News

The covers for Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's second major single has been released. The single is titled Bishoujo Mokushiroku.


These covers look very H!P... and by very H!P, I of course mean lazy. And terribly photoshopped.

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited Edition, CD+DVD and Regular Edition)
It has been announced that Idoling!!! member Endo Mai will make her solo debut on her birthday, July 31st, with the single Today is the Day. It is said to have the concept of Piano Pop Rock, and was composed Koide Yusuke of Base Ball Bear, and written by Koide and Arashida Hikaru. The song has been picked up as the image song for the online RPG Dragon's Prophet.

The single will be available in three editions, with the Limited edition coming with a photobook and a cover of MONKEY MAJIK's Lily. The CD+DVD edition will include Prologue of 'Today is the Day', which contains performances of the song.


Idol group Niimo (sister unit of Chiimo) will release their second single titled Natsu Koi Speed on July 14th, it has been revealed! There will only be one edition available, and the single will include to songs plus the instrumental versions.

It has also been revealed that the group will hold a release event at Oita Ongaku Kan on the same day.

Track List:

1. Natsu Koi Speed
2. Zenryoku  Koi Moyou


Holy cow, this group is pretty cute! I might have to take a closer look at Niimo, and see what they are all about! Also, sailor costumes... yes, yes please!!! <3 Kyaaa!!!

Pokemon & Misc News

A new Pokemon has been revealed! The Pokemon has been named Honedge, a steel-ghost type Pokemon that was born from a sword possessed by a departed spirit. The new Pokemon can use the move Sword Dance, and is said to wrap its blue ribbon around anyone who tries to hold it, and will drain their energy away!


Holy crap...

That is pretty damn shit o-O Still, the concept behind the Pokemon itself is pretty cool.

PV/Song Previews

Sakura Gakuin have revealed the MV Preview for their new single, Hana*Hana! The single is set to release in Autumn, and will be the groups sixth single release! Be sure to check out this cute, energy-filled son and be charmed by Sakura Gakuin!


It is songs like this that make me wonder why I stopped paying attention to the group... it is just so. darned. CUTE!!!

Otome Shintou have released the short MV for their new single 2 Gakki Debut Daisakusen!! so be sure to check it out!


A cute summer song from an adorable group! Can I hug them all yet? Onegai!!!! This video is so fun and cute, kyaaa!!!

... Their voices are still horrible, though. Except for Twintails and Yellow, there.

i☆Ris have revealed the TV Edit version of their new song, §Rainbow! Be sure to check out the colourful PV!


They are one member short, but hey... who am I to question how many colours a rainbow should have? You make that Rainbow, girls!!!

Afilia Saga have released the Incomplete MV for their 10th single, Neptune☆Sagashite! The ingle is set to release on August 7th, and the title song will be used as the ending theme for Hyperdimension Neptunia anime series, and its coupling song will be used as the opening theme for the PS Vita game of the same name.

This will be the groups 10th single release.


The song is not one of my favourites, in fact I have a feeling I won't be able to loop it more than twice because it is so horridly sweet... but, the video does make me laugh. A lot. Such a stupid dance! XD XD XD XD

I also like the concept of the PV! Very space-like, but sadly, it is a pretty damn simple PV, even for Afilia Saga's standards... oh well, I guess the location and some snazzy effects makes up for it...

Press Release/Promotional Videos

MAiDiGi TV and JIJIPRESS have released footage from S/mileage's recent release event at Venus Fort. Please take a look!


Rinapuu loks as interested here as she does anywhere... Oh wait, she never looks interested. That said, all of their legs (especially Rina's) are gorgeous o-O


And that is all we have for this week! Hopefulyl next week will bring more Idol news, but hopefully the little bit I have managed to muster will satisfy your needs for now! But until next time, Chimian's... ja ne!!!!!



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