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Join the LinQ Matsuri, we have Lanterns!!! LinQ's 'HANABI!!' PV Review!

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It really feels like July has just been about news and depressing Graduation announcements on here, recently... I think that it's about time for a review, don't you?

This is a summer song I had been waiting for... I had seen the preview on a Faebook fanpage that I am a part of, I think Steve of Selective Hearing had posted it, and I immediately fell in love with the sound and look of the video, and really anticipated the full MV when it eventually came out. Luckily, a day later, the full MV was out, and I have been enjoying it since. Seriously, other than Tsuribit's new summer song, this is one that I have wanted to listen to a lot, and since I listened to it I have been looping the hell out of it, and enjoying it thoroughly. It's a really nice tune!

Anyway, I decided to review it (finally!) because my blog this month has seriously been lacking in reviews, and has honestly been a bit more depressing as of late... and, given that it's July, the month of sunshine, sea and summer, why not review a summer themed PV inspired by Matsuri? It's perfect, right?

So, that said and done, let's head into the LinQ Matsuri and see what these girls have in store for us with their Summer-themed PV, HANABI!! Are you ready to celebrate the summer season with a festival?

Paper Lanterns? I used to adore paper lanterns! I even have one around my bedroom, somewhere...

Ooooh, legs! Showing legs within the first few seconds of a PV is always a good thing, I say!

And butts, too!? Well, maybe I should start paying more attention to LinQ...

Holy crap, that rhymed!

"You will eat this mother-fucking shaved ice, and do as I say, or I will eat your intestines slowly, and painfully..."

Those eyes, and that deranged smile, tell me that I should never say no to this girl...


"Dur hur hur hur..."

Girl, if you are gonna put that on your face, be sure to pay for the consequences of just how damn cold it will be...

Told ya so.

The one in the front row on the right is asleep.

"I pledge allegiance..."
"I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth..."
"God Bless The Queen."

... yeah, if I knew more, I would surely go on o-O

"... You ain't hasing any~"

Idols and eating always goes hand in hand, it seems~

She has good teeth. Like, the nicest Idol teeth I have seen... and you can't really say that many Idols have pretty nice teeth.


She's excited at the prospect of murdering us if we don't do as we are told, people...


Beach Ball can be a ruthless game...

And this is her I can't wait to kill you, oooh a bunny! face. Don't be fooled by the bunny act, people... it is there to lure you in o-O

This is actually my favourite scene of the entire PV. Don't ask why, it just is... maybe because she does the dead-eyed, soulless rabbit pose really damn well...

Put a couple of plates on their hands, give them a uniform and BINGO, we have waitresses.

I call this move the 'Leaping Grasshopper'.

Now, tell me truthfully... how many of you guys are wishing that she would suck on your straw, aye?

I don't whether she is surprised to see me, or extremely disappointed that I am female. Such mixed signals with this girl...

Trying to cool down the damn corn whilst it is still on the grill is not your smartest move, lady.

You look a lot like Yurina... kinda. Do you have her height gene, at all?

And ooh, a popsicle! Is that the average Japanese size? (Oooh, stereotyping...)

You look a little like Sato Masaki... also, gimme a bit of that watermelon, gurl!

You seem like a Kamei Eri and Ishihara Kaori hybrid... And you seem to be impersonating Nakky...

"Turn Left at the next Junction..."

These girls may work well as traffic wardens.

This girl looks a bit like Odagiri Nana... I also quite like this girl, she has a cute, nervous look about her... like when a wolf corners a lamb...

Many men are wishing greatly that their lollipops were held in the hands of these gracious beauties...

Oh wait, was it you who looked like Yurina? I dunno...

I think it was...

"Usa-chan Peace, BITCHES!!!"

You're doing it wrong!

Hm, I believe this scene is missing something...

Yup, seems legit.

This girl scares yet intrigues me... a weird combination.

I think she is trying to evolve into a palm tree... a cute palm tree, at that.


The best damn kind of watermelon!!!

Watermelon Palm-Tree is evolving! YATTA!!!

LinQ want YOU to join their Army of Idoru's!!!

"One day, I will kill you, and it will please me greatly!"

She seems like the type who would kill you whilst explaining happily that it pleases her to see you die by her hands.

Oh my goodness, I didn't see you behind that glass! You are a good hider...

This is legit one of my favourite random dance moves to do in real life.

... Yeah, you can tell I am gonna be an embarrassing parent or relative one day o-O

"Erm... who are you?"

Just your friendly neighbourhood Wota-Woman!

BUTTS!!! Smack dat ass!

"E-excuse me, but wh-when can I get m-more l-lines, onegai..."

Ask manager-san, sweety.

D'aw, gurl... Eye Heart me, two!!


This looks like a replica of one of my families party reunions...

It was pretty damn obvious that the girl did not know what she was doing, and that wasn't really playing the thing...

"Please... please let me kill you slowly and happily!"

It took me a few PV watches, and this scene, for me to eventually realise that this girl might just be a centre member... XD

The LinQ Army wants a hug... but the Killer looks overly happy about it o-O

Mhm, Idols... I mean Ice... o-O

Now, is that brain freeze, or has she been sucking on a lemon?

"I found what I want to kill you all with! YATTA!!!"

Those... look like they could be painful...

Stick a knife in her hand, and she could be The Killer's companion. Stick anything else in her hand, and this PV goes AV...

"So... where shall I stick these first?"

She really does want to kill us all, doesn't she...?


The excitement in this shot is so damn high!

"This is how many solo's I wish I had!!!"

I swear, half these girls only get one solo shot...

Food is, in general, one giant innuendo in Idol PV's, isn't it?

"I can see you!!!"

I have no idea who you are, but hey, I can see you as well!

This could become a very painful combination... or is the drink there to soothe you through the pain? Who knows?

And they are back to being waitresses... also,  a nice and cheap setting!

I had fun with this pic spam, and it's because I went 'free for all' with it. Basically, I screen capped it, and commented straight away with whatever was on my mind at that moment, instead of screen capping and then loading all of them right onto the blog, and taking my time with comments... it is mad how many sexual things I can come up with right off the bat, aye? XD

Anyway, as I said in the beginning of the post, I had really anticipated this PV because I found the song really nice to listen to. It is, by no means, an amazing summer song, but I find it so refreshing, fun and summery, and it has become one of my favourite tunes for the summer! Other than one or two other songs, this has pretty much been all I have listened to this July. It has kept me happy, and has been a great burst of energy and happiness in these dark July days!

I enjoy this fun and flouncy sound from LinQ, it just energises me for the summer so much! It has really given me a lot of spirit and happiness, and I have just enjoyed listening to this song and singing along and para-para'ing my way around the room. It is so easy to get into, and the catchy, infectious tune makes you want to dance around and be a part of this summery, energetic dance and tune. It also makes me really want to go to a Matsuri... not that that will happen any time soon, of course.

Now, the PV itself, in all of its cheap, fantastic glory, is great to watch! The girls all look really energetic and excited to be there, and whilst the set may not be as extravagant as some, it certainly fits the tone of the song. I love the beach backdrop scenes, because it is so nice to see the beach being used in a summer-themed PV and makes us all want to go, but I also like that summer lanterns were used to give off that 'Matsuri' vibe that is traditional to Japan, showing both modern and cultural ways of enjoying the beautiful summer days. I also like that during the 'Matsuri' scenes, the girls have their solo shots in a darker setting, giving off that night time effect and allowing the lanterns to create that feel of being at a summer festival. Also, we can't forget the costumes; the costumes really bring that Matsuri vibe to the entire video, and shows both a graceful and playful summer setting.

This video has a good amount going on it, showing the girls with Uchiwa in their dance, eating iced lollies, shaved ice, corn and watermelon. All of these things symbolise the fun of summer, and the food of summer as well, without going too over the top or showing too little, and allows us to see how great summer is by sowing us these things. It is truly amazing how, despite the few props and scenes given, there can be so much going on in this music video, and what we can do or enjoy in the summer. I feel that LinQ's HANABI!! really caught on the essence of what summer is about in terms of enjoying yourself and relaxing, despite being a very simple PV.

It is a very fun song and video, and I really enjoy it. I find that LinQ have just shown what summer is all about without showing off too much, and have really made me think 'Wow, it really is summer, isn't it?' This bouncy, refreshing song is my Summer Jam, and whilst it may not be everyone's bowl of shaved ice, I do want you all to give it a try, because you never know, it might just surprise you with how simple and nice it is~

Anyone want to head to the beach with me? I have beer!


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